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Nawa-I-Waqt first came out on March 29, 1940

as a fortnightly periodical. It had a pro-
American and anti-communist stance. The
editors were Hameed Nizami, a student of
Islamia College, and Shabbar Hasan, a student
of King Edward Medical University. They were
influenced by a nationalist periodical Aligarh
Opinion, which was started by Syed Sibt-e-
Hasan, Khawaja Ahmed Abbas and Dr. Ashraf
who were close friends of Dr. Shabbar Hasan.
On December 15, 1942 the fortnightly was
turned to a weekly and finally to a daily on July
19, 1944. Hamid Nizami was interested in
literature from his student life and used to write
stories. Now the papers views itself as the
champion of the ideology of Pakistan.

Waqt News is a Pakistani news channel

owned by Nawa-i-Waqt media group
founded by Hameed Nizami. It was
launched in early 2008 in Pakistan.
Nawa-i-Waqt[1] is considered to be one of
the most vocal media groups in
Pakistan. This group has a long history
for being critical of the Federal
Government. Due to the fame and
popularity of other established
networks such as GEO News, ARY One
World, Dunya News, AAJ TV and
Dawn News, Waqt News has not been
able to gain much popularity among the
Pakistani populace.

Daily Nawa-i-Waqt
Daily Nawa-i-Waqt is a daily newspaper in Lahore, Pakistan covering local
news, sports, business, jobs, and community events.

This newspaper is owned by The Nawaiwaqt Group of Publications Pvt Ltd.

The web site is presented in the Urdu language.


Among the columnists of the newspaper are Muhammad Izhar ul Haq, Dr. Ajmal Niazi,
Salman Ghani, Aftab Iqbal, Bushra Rehman, Rafiq Dogar, Chaudhry Asghar Ali Waraich
and Nusrat Mirza, Dr. Syed Mehboob, and others.

Launched 2008
Owned by Nawaiwaqt Newspapers Group

Slogan Karo Waqt Ka Samna Country


Language Urdu

Broadcast area Pakistan Headquarters 23, Queens Road,

The Nation
The Nation has a special position in Pakistan's media, as the most respected publication
in English, with firm and constructive views, and excellent news coverage. With five
editions published daily from three stations, it is the market leader in the Punjab and
Islamabad areas, and has established a strong presence in Karachi since its inception there
in 2000. It is the newspaper of choice for not only those who make decisions, formulate
policy or are opinion leaders but also for those youngsters who will call the shots in the

The Nation is part of the Nawa-e-Waqt Group, and thus belongs to the oldest newspaper
tradition in the country, which started when Hamid Nizami founded Nawa-e-Waqt the
day the Pakistan Resolution was passed in 1940.

TheNation is internationally the most quoted Pakistani newspaper. This is the result of
efforts by a professionally skilled and highly motivated editorial team, backed up by
state-of-the-art information technology, a huge network of correspondents at home and
abroad, and an excellent syndication and wire service network.

Apart from the main news events on the outside pages, the newspaper provides separate
sections for city, national, sports, foreign and commerce news.

It also provides a special daily feature section, The Nation Plus, which covers the world
of glamour, showbiz, entertainment, the performing arts, and literature, as well as a
special Young Nation section for the younger reader, and a special Log On section for
those interested in IT, whether rank new beginners or hardcore professionals.

Its editorials are acknowledged as the boldest and most influential in the country, while
the wide variety of opinion it publishes by contributing writers, including some of the
country's most prominent figures, is unrivalled. Its exclusive reports in politics, sports,
commerce and on the public sector, have frequently resulted in action by the concerned

The Nation has a separate On Campus edition for the new generation of Pakistanis, while
its Sunday package comprises the Review, which covers politics and society, with a
special section on the environment and science, Life, which focuses on lifestyles, social
issues, leisure hobbies and travel, and Style, which gives a peep into the world of film
and fashion.

Mr. Majid Nizami

Managing Director, Nawa-i-Waqt Group of Newspapers

Mr. Majid Nizami’s name is one that needs no introduction. One of the most powerful
figures in Pakistani media and an eminent and principled journalist, his 46 years in the
print (and now electronic) media have been the most influential of any of his peers. [Read
complete profile]