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February 5, 2016
Sci 5014


Rostows Stage of Economic Growth

Rostows stage of economic growth is one of the best and influential models
to cite and assess development. In the Philippine context for example, we are
having a difficulty in transitioning from the stage of Take-off to Drive to Maturity.
We already launch our country to take off and reach for economic growth and
development. However instead of moving forward to the destination, we are stuck
just like a rocket launch to moon, we stop in space because of some rocket
problems and needed for repair. In our setting we always have these backlogs or
problems that are why we are delaying our development instead of having a
constant movement in the stage of economic growth. Such backlogs or problems
may be caused by our inefficient political and government leaders and corruption in
terms of decision making and bribery.
However Rostows stage of economic growth is somehow bias because of his
assumption that modernization was characterized by the western world which is the
model country for his last stage which is the Age of High Mass Consumption. Also
if we look into the account of the last stage, it seems that the system of a
modernized state is capitalism, that development is highly characterized by mass
production and economic activity. If we look into the Age of High Mass Consumption,
he emphasize the role of capitalism and increase in social welfare system.
Capitalism indeed had corrective elements from its previous stage which is
feudalism and also developed important institutions such as popular selfgovernments and also capitalism brought the age of science if we look into the
industrial revolution however capitalism had within it certain evils. If we look into
Marxs idea, capitalism itself bought many improvements to mankind but there is
something better than what capitalism proposes, where there is still inequality or
rather injustices regarding the class system in which I think capitalism and the
motive for greater social welfare system just cannot ride together. Rostow doesnt
include communist states in his stage of economic growth. If we could compare
communist and socialist countries against capitalistic countries, the left oriented
states highly emphasizes and a great in social welfare while capitalistic countries
have large economic activities and have greater number of production. If you look
into capitalistic states, indeed there are a lot of millionaires however there is a great
gap between the social classes. If we look into socialist states such as in the
Scandinavian countries, the composition of the population is nearly equal to the
middle classes however their social welfare system can be bragged as one of the
best in the world. Cuba for an example, their healthcare system and medical
services beats and shames the United States which some quotes United States as
the role model of modernization and development but their healthcare was beaten
by Cuba which is a communist state. Rostows model is a good model although is
notion of capitalism and western states as a role model of modernization, however
the model only sides with capitalism as the only path to modernization and he not
recognize that modernization can be achieved in different ways in different types of