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Developing My Future as a Reservoir Engineer & Senior Manager

My professional career plan is to become an expert in reservoir engineering by obtaining theoretical

knowledge and practical know-how from university, internship and job experiences, and also daily life.
My short-term goals are to be graduated in July 2015 and to work as Apprentice in Conoco Phillips. In the
long run, I wish to hold more responsibility, lead teams of engineers and finally achieve a senior
managerial position. The expertise I have, my social skills and my dedication to my job will help me to
alleviate myself from a fresh graduate engineer into the role of capable engineer and professional
manager. After gaining years of experience and done serving my best for Conoco Phillips, I want to
provide opportunities for future generation by dedicating myself to education and career development as
lecturer and a researcher in the petroleum industry.
In high school, I began to have interest in petroleum while I study geology for National Science Olympic
competition. I realized that in order to sustain life of living things and planet earth, humans need to use
natural resources wisely. After spent some times reading news articles and watching experts talked about
how heavily integrated oil and gas in the global economy, I became more enthusiastic about pursuing
career in the petroleum industry. I finally made my choice to study petroleum engineering in one of the
best engineering university in Indonesia.
Graduate from petroleum engineering on July 2015 to the best of my ability is my first and simple shortterm goals. From what I have already perceived, an undergraduate level petroleum engineering have
cemented a solid understanding of theoretical knowledge I need as a petroleum engineer and reservoir
engineer in particular. During my study however, I have faced challenges and problems that I deliberately
made. My GPA in my second and third year was dropping because I was addicted to films and internet
forums. I skipped classes, and I forgot to study and never did my homework back then. I finally realized
that I was neglecting my responsibility as a student when my friends (two of them) sat me down, asked
me what happened and listened to my addiction problems. I never really have had chances to express my
gratitude to the two of them. Since then, I have worked really hard to catch up with every classes I
skipped, I become more active in class and I never forget to submit my homework. Graduating in July
2015 means I can help myself to become a responsible and reliable person.
My second short-term goals is to further my expertise in the petroleum industry. I managed to secure an
on-the-job trainee in drilling team of Pertamina Hulu Energi Suban I & II. For 5 weeks, I was involved
with the drilling team to conduct thorough analysis of their coal bed methane drilling programs and
projects, I was then charged to improve their drilling programs for their future coal bed methane drilling
programs and I delivered presentation about their drilling projects in the final day as a trainee. Being a
trainee, I was able to improve my organization skill, my discipline, and my confidence when presenting
ideas. I also learned that as a professional engineer, other abilities such as ability to manage myself and
people in my team and economics knowledge are very essential.
Thus, I plan to work at Oil and Gas Company and for now I try my best to secure a position in Conoco
Phillips Apprentice Program. Conoco Phillips have been one of the key players in the global industry and
it will be a great honor for me to join a world class company. To be accepted in the Apprentice Program
will be a very big opportunity to develop my expertise as reservoir engineer because I will deal with real
cases and unique data, I will also meet great mentor and seniors, and learn a lot about management. I,
however, believe the Conoco Phillips Apprentice Program will be highly competitive and Conoco Phillips
only pick the best from the rest. Thus, I also plan to join research groups here in campus to further
develop my theoretical knowledge and practical know-how in reservoir engineering and other areas
within petroleum engineering scope. I choose reservoir engineer because I believe this as the core of
petroleum engineering and very related to my prior focus study of geology back in high school and
second year of my undergraduate. I expect that by the time I will have done my apprenticeship or have

been a year in a research group, I had written papers regarding oil reserve or unconventional gas reserve
My long-term career goals is to achieve a senior managerial position in Conoco Phillips. One of my
highest aspirations is to be one of those who establishes, or significantly advances, Conoco Phillips. To be
a senior project manager, I need to grow my knowledge by reading related papers, to be in workshops and
working with lots of projects. Second, I should to have more responsibility after I finish my Apprentice
Program, meaning in five to eight years ahead I should lead a team of reservoir engineers and become a
mentor for another apprentices. Other requirements, these will not be the last requirements since they are
unquantifiable, would be building strong social relationship with my family, my girlfriend, my friends,
and my future office colleagues. As I already explained, I was saved from addiction and managed to get
back on my feet because I was so lucky to have caring friends. Therefore, not only I wish to succeed to
create a productive working environment in office, I also wish to become person who cares others in
need. Possessing those requirements will automatically make me more reliable person.
Having done my best to serve Conoco Phillips as reservoir engineer and senior project manager, I plan to
become a researcher in Conoco Phillips or become a lecture in my campus once I retire.