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 year  plan  2008-­‐2013        

Key:    Yellow  highlight=  already  completed.  

Programs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5

2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013
• Parents  pay  yearly     • Parents   • Parents  pay   • Parents  pay  yearly     • Parents  pay  yearly    
Enrichme • Fundraisers   pay  yearly     yearly     •  Grants   • Grants  
nt • TBCC  pays  part  with   • Introduce   • Grants  (in  
Programs tuition   Annual   progress)  
giving  fund  
• Grants  
• Potted  Trees  in  Bike   • Tree  Mural   • Cold  water   • Playground   • put  sink  in  sand  land  
land   on  bike  land   fountains   repaved  in  bike   • Put  automatic  sinks  and  
• Begin  recycling   wall   outside   land  completed  in   air  hand  dryers  in  
G o G reen awareness  and   •  Filtered   • Additional   2009   bathrooms  and  
C ommittee
recycling  program     fountains  in   shading  in   • Plant  grass  in  one   classrooms  
school   bike  land   area  of  bike  land    
• Garden  in   • Plant    plants  in  
bike  land   sand  land  
• Scholastic  Book  fair   • Scholastic   • Scholastic   • Scholastic  Book   • Scholastic  Book  fair  
• Form  Committee   Book  fair   Book  fair   fair   • Continue  with  electronic  
with  parents  and  a   • Put  library   • electronic   • Continue  with   card  catalog  
teacher  in  committee   on   card  catalog   electronic  card   • more  multi  cultural  and  
• Participate  in  week  of   electronic   • Annual   catalog   anti-­‐bias  books  
C ommittee the  young  child   card   giving  fund   • more  multi    
• Participate  in  LA   catalog   to  order   cultural  and  anti-­‐
county  literacy  event   • Annual   more  multi   bias  books  
  giving  fund   cultural  and    
to   anti-­‐bias  
renovate   books  
• Begin  collaboration   • Continue   • Get   • Continue  Self   • Complete  accreditation  
meetings   collaborati Teachers   Study  and   process  
• Begin  Professional   on   permitted   accreditation   • anti-­‐bias  curriculum    
Development  Plan   meetings   • Begin  Self   process   • multi-­‐cultural  ideas  in  
• Introduce  anti-­‐bias   • Require   Study  and   • anti-­‐bias   developmental  centers  
curriculum     Additional   accreditatio curriculum     • Establish  Parent  
• Introduce  multi-­‐ Classes  of   n  process   • multi-­‐cultural   communication  
Five  year  plan  2008-­‐2013        
Key:    Yellow  highlight=  already  completed.  
cultural  in   ECE  units     • anti-­‐bias   ideas  in   • Develop  centers  in  
developmental   • anti-­‐bias   curriculum     developmental   classrooms  
centers   curriculum     • multi-­‐ centers    
• Establish  Parent   • multi-­‐ cultural   • Establish  Parent   • Beautify  outdoor  area  
communication   cultural   ideas  in   communication   and  indoor  classroom  
• Develop  centers  in   ideas  in   developmen • Develop  centers   space  
classrooms   developme tal  centers   in  classrooms    
• Beautify  outdoor   ntal   • Establish   • Beautify  outdoor    
area  and  indoor   centers   Parent   area  and  indoor    
classroom  space   • Establish   communicat classroom  space    
N AEYC Parent   ion    
communica • Develop  
tion   centers  in  
• Develop   classrooms  
centers  in   • Beautify  
classrooms   outdoor  
• Beautify   area  and  
outdoor   indoor  
area  and   classroom  
indoor   space  
Five  year  plan  2008-­‐2013        
Key:    Yellow  highlight=  already  completed.  
• Establish  one  room   • Establish   • Establish   • Establish  one   • Establish  one  room  
parent  per  room   one  room   one  room   room  parent  per   parent  per  room  
• Begin  Room  parent   parent  per   parent  per   room   • Continue  Room  parent  
meetings   room   room   • Continue  Room   meetings  
Improving • Form  Email  lists   • Continue   • Continue   parent  meetings   • Form  Email  lists  
Parent • Begin  committees   Room   Room   • Form  Email  lists   • Continue  committees  
n • Offer  parenting   parent   parent   • Continue   • Offer  parenting  classes  
Awareness classes  by  SMC   meetings   meetings   Committees   by  SMC  professor  
Programs professor  offered  at   • Form  Email   • Form  Email   • Offer  parenting   offered  at  TBCC  in  fall  
TBCC   lists   lists   classes  by  SMC   and  spring  
• Monthly  newsletter   • Continue   • Continue   professor  offered   • Monthly  newsletter  
• Drum  Circle  for   Committee   committees     at  TBCC  in  fall  and   • Drum  Circle  for  Parents  
Parents  and  children   • Offer   • Offer   spring   and  children      
begins  in  January   parenting   parenting   • Monthly  
2009   classes  by   classes  by   newsletter  
SMC   SMC   • Drum  Circle  for  
professor   professor    in   Parents  and  
• Monthly   Fall  and   children      
newsletter   Spring  
• Drum   • Monthly  
Circle  for   newsletter  
Parents       • Drum  Circle  
for  Parents  
and  children      

  • Fall  Festival  to  rent   • Silent  auction   • Silent   • Silent  Auction   •    Silent  Auction  Fall  
  booths   in  fall  festival   Auction  Fall   Fall  Festival       Festival      
  • Online  fundraiser  fall   •  Annual  Giving   Festival       •    Annual  Giving   • Annual  Giving  Fund  
  • Silent  auction  in   Fund   •    Annual   Fund   • Annual  Giving  Fund  
  spring  (moved  to  fall   • Apply  for   Giving  Fund   • Annual  Giving   • Organize  a  fund  
  festival)   grants   • Annual   Fund   development  team  to  
Fundraisin • Introduce  Annual   Giving  Fund   • Organize  a   do  AGF  and  SA  
g Giving  Fund   • Apply  for   fund   •  Continue  to  research      
Grants   • Begin  to  research   grants  and   development   available  grants  
grant  writing  and   secure  grants   team  to  do   • Maintain  and  oversee  
available  grants   • Organize  a   AGF  and  SA   the  grant  writing  team  
fund   •  Organize  a   • Secure  grants  
development   grant  writing  
Five  year  plan  2008-­‐2013        
Key:    Yellow  highlight=  already  completed.  
  • Fall  Festival  open  to   • Fall  Festival   • Fall  Festival   • Fall  Festival   • Fall  Festival  open  to  
  the  public   open  to  the   open  to  the   open  to  the   the  public  
  • Trike-­‐a-­‐thon  to  raise   public   public   public   • Trike-­‐a-­‐thon  to  raise  
  awareness  about   • Trike-­‐a-­‐thon   • Trike-­‐a-­‐thon   • Trike-­‐a-­‐thon  to   awareness  about  
C ommunit children  and  cancer   to  raise   to  raise   raise   children  and  cancer  (St.  
y (St.  Judes  Hospital)   awareness   awareness   awareness   Judes  Hospital)  
Relations • Toy  Drive  for  foster   about   about   about  children   • Toy  Drive  for  foster  
& children   children  and   children  and   and  cancer  (St.   children  
C harity  
• Helping  at  Civic   cancer  (St.   cancer  (St.   Judes  Hospital)   • Helping  at  Civic  Center  
Center  for   Judes   Judes   • Toy  Drive  for   for  Thanksgiving  
Thanksgiving   Hospital)   Hospital)   foster  children   • March  of  Dimes          
• March  of  Dimes  for   • Toy  Drive  for   • Toy  Drive  for   • Helping  at  Civic  
babies       foster   foster   Center  for  
children   children   Thanksgiving  
• Helping  at   • Helping  at   • March  of  Dimes      
Civic  Center   Civic  Center  
for   for  
Thanksgiving   Thanksgiving  
• March  of   • March  of  
Dimes           Dimes        

  • Potted  Trees  in  Bike   • Tree  Mural  on   • Cold  water   • Plant  grass  in   • put  sink  in  sand  land  
  land   bike  land  wall   fountains   one  area  of  bike   • Put  automatic  sinks  and  
  • Ivy  on  walls   • Misters  on   outside   land   air  hand  dryers  in  
    sand  land   • Additional   • Plant  Trees  sand   bathrooms  and  
    • Filtered   shading  in   land   classrooms  
    fountains  in   bike  land      
    school   • Garden  in  bike      
      • New  play      
Beautificatio     structure  in      
n of TBCC
(Maintenance)       bikeland      
• Rock  garden  in  the   • Painting  school        
spring  for  outdoor   • Complete     • history  wall   • history  wall  
area  in  the  front   history  wall    Go  Green  Committee   Collect  artwork   Collect  artwork  of  
• Begin  history  wall   • Collect  artwork     of  children  and   children  and  put  on  the  
• Collect  artwork  of   of  children  and     put  on  the   walls  
children  and  put   put  on  the   • Air   walls  
on  the  walls   walls   conditioning  
Five  year  plan  2008-­‐2013        
Key:    Yellow  highlight=  already  completed.