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Curriculum vitae


Thomas Booth
120 Carlos XII St., Apt. 1409A, 7561253 Santiago (Chile)
(+56) 9 7438 1967

Civil and Environmental Engineer with seven years of experience as a consultant for the mining and
energy industries. My main field of expertise is the study of groundwater systems, understanding the
importance of the consistency between the conceptual and numerical modeling tasks, and that the
decisions based on their results must be advised by someone that fully understands the modeling
process. An enthusiast of scientific computing, I try to continually incorporate the use of programming
languages and different computational tools into the modeling process. In addition, I care about
understanding the real concerns and priorities of the clients, maintaining excellent relations with them.
Dec 2015Present

Independent Hydrogeologist/Groundwater Modeler

Expert knowledge in:
- Groundwater modeling of wellfields and evaluation of potential environmental impacts
- Flow and transport groundwater models for tailing dams and contention systems
- 2D and 3D pore water pressure modeling for open pit and tunnel dewatering
- Flow and transport groundwater models in salars for brine production
- Unsaturated groundwater modeling
- Conservative and reactive transport groundwater modeling
- Variable density modeling
- Hydromechanical coupled modeling
- Uncertainty analysis, inverse modeling and risk analysis in groundwater
Revision of hydrogeology studies and groundwater conceptual and numerical models according to
the Chilean Environmental Agency guidelines (SEA)
Groundwater modeling support during the construction, calibration, validation, sensitivity analysis
and predictive simulations tasks
Programing of scripts and tools for optimizing the modeling process

Sep 2015Dec 2015

Hydrogeologist/Groundwater Modeler
SQM, Santiago (Chile)
In charge of the operation and improvement of the numerical groundwater models that SQM has in
the Salar de Atacama area, which are used to predict the brine production and to evaluate
environmental plans. Implementation of new numerical flow and transport models in exploration areas,
and technical counterpart for hydrogeological studies developed by external consultants.

Feb 2014Sep 2015

Hydrogeologist/Groundwater Modeler
Montgomery and Associates, Santiago (Chile)
Review, improvement and development of conceptual and numerical models related to water supply
and pit dewatering of major mining operations in Chile and South America. Development of flow and
transport models for tailings dams.
In charge of the numerical modeling work in the Santiago office, and direct contact with the principal
groundwater modelers of the USA offices. One month temporary assignment at the Montgomery and
Associates office of Tucson, AZ.



Curriculum vitae

Jun 2011Feb 2014

Hydrogeologist/Groundwater Modeler
Schlumberger Water Services, Santiago (Chile)
Hydrogeology consulting with primary focus on conceptual and numerical modeling for projects
related to contaminant transport, water resources and pit dewatering. Strong knowledge of the
hydromechanical coupled modeling theory and use of coupled codes such as SIGMA/W and
Participation in internal development projects, trying to encourage the use of programming languages
such as MATLAB and VBA. Supervision of hydrochemistry field campaigns. Assistance to the offices
of Schlumberger Oilfield U.K. in order to analyze the convenience of using certain software from the oil
industry for modeling groundwater systems.

Oct 2010Apr 2011

Project Engineer/Numerical Modeler

Centro de Ecologa Aplicada, Santiago (Chile)
Modeling of surface water bodies (lakes, reservoirs and rivers), both in regards to the flow and to the
solute transport processes for environmental assessment studies of major hydroelectric projects.
Monitoring campaigns in rivers, lakes and estuaries.

Dec 2008Oct 2010

Project Engineer/Numerical Modeler

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Universidad de Chile, Santiago (Chile)
Modeling of surface water bodies (reservoirs and rivers), both in regards to the flow and to the
sediment transport processes for environmental assessment studies of major hydroelectric projects.
Development of a methodology to analyze the spread of pollutants in estuaries for the Chilean
Environmental Agency. Participation in field campaigns in rivers and estuaries.


Civil and Environmental Engineer

Universidad de Chile, Santiago (Chile)
Graduated with maximum distinction.
Assistant professor of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics during three years. In charge of the
Fluidynamics Laboratory. Research assistant for projects related to flow and transport modeling.
Thesis related to the modeling of flow and solute transport processes in estuaries.



Spanish, English and German

FEFLOW - Introduction and advanced topics, DHI-WASY, Lima, Peru.

Model Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis with PEST, Watermark Numerical Computing SRK.
Visual MODFLOW Flex and MODFLOW-USG, Golden CO, USA.
Hydromechanical coupled modeling with PETREL/ECLIPSE/VISAGE, Abingdon, UK.
High Performance Scientific Computing, University of Washington AMath 483/583 - Coursera
Summer School on Environmental Fluid Mechanics, IAHR, Santiago, Chile.



Curriculum vitae

Groundwater flow modeling (Visual MODFLOW, Groundwater Vistas, FEFLOW, GMS, SEEP/W,
Groundwater transport and variable density modeling (MT3D, MODFLOW-SURFACT, RT3D,
Hydromechanical coupled modeling (SIGMA/W, PETREL/ECLIPSE/VISAGE)
Uncertainty analysis, inverse modeling and risk analysis in groundwater (PEST, Null Space Monte
Carlo, T-PROGS, mfLab)
Conceptual and block modeling (Leapfrog Hydro, PETREL, GMS, Visual MODFLOW Flex, Hydro
GeoAnalyst, T-PROGS)
Hydrology (WMS, HEC-HMS, HEC-1)
Hydraulic tests analysis (AQTESOLV, Aquifer Test)
Surface water flow and transport modeling (HEC-RAS, CE-QUAL-W2, MIKE 11)
Programming languages (VBA, MATLAB, Fortran, Python, SQL)
Databases (MS Access, SQL, Hydro GeoAnalyst, Tableau)

Diana Espinoza, Senior Hydrogeologist at Codelco Andina,
Jorge Jemio, Senior Hydrogeologist at Codelco Norte,
Daniel Lpez, Senior Hydrogeologist at Codelco DMH,
Julio Vallejos, Senior Hydrogeologist at SQM,
Fernando Lara, Senior Hydrogeologist at Montgomery & Associates,
Rodrigo Gonzlez, Senior Hydrogeologist (ex-SWS),