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IFTM University, Moradabad

(Following Subject Code and Roll No. to be filled in your Answer Booklet)

Subject Code: EEC501

Roll No.

B. Tech. (EC) Semester -I

Analog Integrated circuits
Time: 03 Hours

Total Marks: 70

Note: 1. The question paper contains two sections A & B

2. Attempt any five questions from Section A
3. Section B is compulsory
4. Figures given at the right margin indicate marks.
(10 5=50)
Section- A
Q1. Explain the working of practical differentiator. Also derives its frequency response.
Q2. Draw a sample and hold circuit. Explain its operation and indicate its uses. Name the circuit which is used
to detect the peak value of sinusoidal waveforms. Explain the operation.
Q3. What are the advantages of Widlar current source? For the circuit shown in fig:1, assuming high of
transistors and VBE=0.7V at 1mA. Find the value of R that will result in Iout=10 A.

Q4. Draw the circuit diagram of an inductance simulation circuit. Find the expression for equivalent inductance.
Q5. Draw the circuit diagram of state variable filter. And find the transfer function of low pass, high pass and
band pass filter.
Q6. Find truth table and CMOS realization of following gates


OR-AND-INVERT (OAI) => F= ( A+ B)(C+
Q7. Explain the working of IC555 timer with block diagram. Draw the circuit diagram of monostable
multivibrator using 555 timer and find the expression for quasi state period.
Q8. Draw the block diagram and explain the characteristics of successive approximation type A/D converter.
For the digital value 1111 with R/2R ladder 4 bit type DAC , find the output voltage and resolution. Assume
V=10 V and R= 10 K

Q9. Explain the working of following circuits and draw its output waveform if the input is 5 V sine. Assume
D1 & D2 to be ideal.

Q10. Define lock range and capture range of PLL. Explain the transfer characteristics of PLL with a neat

(20 1=20)
II. State whether the following are True(T) or False(F)
a. The scale multiplier (factor) of a basic integrator is RC.(F)
b. A mathematical operation for finding the area under the curve of a graph is called differentiation.(F)
c. Third order Butterworth low pass filter has upper cut off frequency of 1KHz.The gain of the filter drops by
20dB if frequency is increased to 2KHz. (F)
d. An operational amplifier is used in oscillators, filters and instrumentation circuits. (T)
e. Frequency response of integrator is same as that of low pass filter. (T)
f. Voltage shunt configuration is nothing but non-inverting configuration. (F)
g. Specified value of CMRR for 741 Op-amp is 90 dB. (T)
h. Open loop configuration of operational amplifier is not need for nonlinear operation. (F)
i. Slew rate is defined by dv/dt (max). (T)

In the above circuit, if Rf is reduced to 8 k , the circuit becomes the averaging amplifier. (T)

The reference voltage for the comparator in the above circuit equals 16V. (F)
l. A Flip flop is a monostable device. (F)
m. The Typical value of bandwidth in IC 741 is 1 MHz. (T)

n. In phase locked loop (PLL) the lock range is always greater than capture range. (T)
o. The frequency of oscillation in phase shift oscillator is f=1/2RC 6 . (T)
p. In an Op-amp the loop gain of the amplifier can be changed only by adding both DC voltage source and
external feedback resistor. (F)
q. The most economical component to fabricate in an IC is resistor. (F)
r. Monostable multivibrator is also called monoshot since it always return by itself to its single stable state. (T)
s. The dependence of current transfer ratio on in base current compensated current mirror is reduced as
compared to basic current mirror. (T)
t. The supply voltage range of IC 555 is 5V to 18 V. (T)

Solution numerical Q3.

Again, taking KVL
0.7+ VBE1 - VBE3 - IOUT.R=0
Or, 0.7+ VT ln(IREF/IOUT)= IOUT.R
Or, 0.7+26 10-3 ln (10-3/10-6)=10 10-6 R
Or, R=(0.7+1.79)10-5=2.49 10-5 =249K