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1. Information about tenderer

2. Form of Nomination
3. General Rules & Instructions to Tenderers
4. Conditions of contract
5. General specification
6. Safety code
7. Drawings
8. Equipment Questionnaire
9. Experience Questionnaire
10. List of Drawing
11.Schedule of work and Approximate Quotation

Last date of submission of Tender :


(To be furnished with tender)
In case of individuals

Name and Address


Name of business/occupation


Whether the business is registered,

if so, Reg. No. & other details

Date of commencement of the


Whether he pays income tax over

Rs-10,000 per year.



In case of Partnership


Name and Address of partners


Whether the partnership is registered, if so,

Regn. No., and other details.


Date of establishment of firm


If each of partners of the firm pays income

tax over Rs-10,000 per year and if not
which of them pays the same.



In Case of limited liability company or company

limited by guarantees.


Amount of paid up capital


Name of Directors

Signature of Tenderer:
Name and address:


I ,_______________________________________do hereby nominate and

authorize Shri/Smt._______________________son/daughter of________________aged
_________years of ________________House________________Village_____________
Taluk______________District, residing at _______________________________________
to receive all or any sums found due to me under the terms of contract agreement No.
_______________and details of contract in the event of my death before the amount has
become payable or having become payable but not been paid.

In the presence of witnesses :













Name of work and


Estimated cost

Sealed item rate tenders are invited by Saleem Groups.

from CIVIL contractors for the work of a Hotel Building Calicut.

Tender form and its

Tender forms can be obtained from the office of the Saleem Groups
Calicut At a cost of Rs 1000/-each.Tenders not
submitted in such forms or submitted incomplete in any respect whatever,
such as unattested errors and corrections in rates, quantities, units or
amounts (Figures not expressed in words) etc., shall be liable to summary
Schedule of work


The items and sub-heads of works to be done are enumerated in the sub
joint schedule. Unless or otherwise specified, the tender must be for the whole
of any individual work and part tenders are liable to rejection.

Directions in


Tenders must be submitted in original and without making any additions,

alterations and as per the details given in other clauses given here under.
the rates shall be filled in the schedule of work given in this tender documents.
reservations/ remarks if any regarding the tender conditions and schedule of
rates should be clearly brought out in a separate letter.



Tender should be submitted complete in every respect including filling up all

the questionnaires attached to the tender paper. Incomplete tenders are liable
to be rejected without assigning any reason.
The tenders thus submitted will consist of the following:



Complete set of tender documents as sold together with aggenda/corrigenda

duly filled in and signed by the tenderer.
Information regarding tenderers in the proforma enclosed.
Declaration regarding the major works carried out by the tenderer in the
Organization chart giving the detailed field management at site, the tenderer
proposes to have for the execution of the work.
Equipment questionnaire.


The tender when submitted shall contain the name residence, place of business


Signing tender

and witness

and address of person or persons submitting the tender and shall be signed by
the tenderer with his usual signature. Partnership firms shall furnish in the
tender the full names and addresses of all the partners. It should be signed in
in the partnerships name by all the partners or by duly authorized
representative followed by the name and designation of the person signing.

All the corrections and alterations in the entries of the tender paper shall be
Signed in fully by the tenderer with date.
No erasures/overwriting are permissible.
All pages of tender documents shall be initiated at lower write hand corner or/
and signed wherever required by the tenderer and all signature shall be
dated before submission of tender.
How to quote rates


The tenderer shall quote rates for individual items given in the schedule of

Works and the amount for each items shall be worked out totaled.
The rates quoted shall be in figures as well as in words and shall be inclusive
Ones, covering all the operations contemplated in the specifications and
Conditions of contract. The rate quoted shall be inclusive of Sales Tax also.
In case the rate quoted in figures differ from that in words, the rate in words will
be taken as the correct one.


All works shall be executed in conformity with the Indian Standard

specification and conditions of contract .Tenderer shall examine closely the
Indian Standard Specification and Kerala PWD specifications. He shall also
carefully study the drawing and additional specifications and all documents
which form the part of agreement to be entered into by the accepted tenderer.
The detailed specifications and other documents connected with the contract
such as plans, descriptive specification sheet regarding materials, etc., can be
seen at any time during office hours on office days in the office of the


The site for the work is available.

Time for


The work should be completed in all respects with in 12 months, The work
will be started from the seventh day of the date of the work order issued.

Authority and


The acceptance of the tender rests with the owner and consultant, who does
not bind himself to accept the lowest or any particular tender.
The owner and consultant reserves the right to reject any tender or all the
Tenders without assigning any reasons thereof.

Changes in
scope of work


The right to carry out the work either in conformity with or in a manner entirely
different from the terms of this bid that may considered most suitable before
or subsequent to the receipt of tenders due to the exigencies of work is
reserved with the owner and consultant.

Contractor to
visit the site


Every tenderer is expected before quoting his rates, to inspect the site of the
proposed work and satisfy himself about the site conditions.

Materials and


Work to be carried
out as per working


Drawing listed under schedule of drawing are intended to give the tenderer an
idea of the type of work involved. The drawings as such are only indicative and
for tender purpose only. Work proceed only on the basis of working drawings
issued to the contractor progressively after the award of the work. No claims
shall be entertained if the working drawing are at variance with those issued
for tender purpose.

Work not to be sublet 16.

No part of the contract shall be sublet with out written permission of the owner
and consultant.

Field management.


The field management will be the responsibility of the engineer-in-charge

nominated by the consultant and owner.

Setting out of work.


The contractor shall set out the work and shall be responsible for the true
and perfect setting out, correctness of position and levels, dimensions

The tenderers attention is directed to the requirements for materials under the
clause materials and workmanship in the conditions of contract. Material
conforming to the Indian Standard specification shall be used on the work and
the tenderer shall quote his rate accordingly .In case of variation of
specifications between Indian Standard Specifications and Kerala PWD
Specifications the former shall prevail.

alignments etc., of all parts thereof.



All quantities of item quoted in the schedule of works are approximate, and
Liable to change or omissions.



Any further information necessary can be obtained from the office of the
Consultant on all working days during office hours.


Execution of work.
Understanding and
And scope of


It is understood and agreed that the contractor as careful examination,

Satisfied himself, as to the nature and location of the work, the configuration
of the ground, the character, quality and quantity of the materials to be
encountered, the character of equipment and facilities needed, preliminary
to and during the execution of the works, the general and local condition
Prevailing therein, and all other matters which can in any way effect the works
under the contract. No claims whatsoever in this account shall be entertained at

a later date.
1(a) . The contractor shall execute or supply of materials specified and provided in
in the contract and complete the whole and every part of the work in the best
and most substantial workman like manner using materials conforming to ISI
specification in every respect and in strict accordance with the specifications,
drawings, designs and other instructions issued by the consultant from time to
time. The consultant may in his absolute discretion, and from time to time issue
further drawings and/or written instructions , details , directions and
explanations regarding the following which are hereafter collectively referred
to a consultants instruction.

The variation or modification in the design , drawing , if any, addition,

substitution or omission of any work and the quantity and quality of work.


Any discrepancy in drawing , design, between schedule of quantities and /or

drawings and /or specifications.

Alterations in
and design.


Contractors to visit


The rectification and making good of any defects.

Opening up of any work covered up, for inspection.

The Consultant /Owner may at any time make any alteration in omission from,
addition to or substitution for the original specifications, drawings , designs,
and instruction, that may appear to him to be necessary during the progress of
work and the contractor shall carry out such addition , alteration , omission
substitution etc., on the same condition in all respects which he has agreed to
execute the main work, as if same has been so provided in the original
specification/ schedule/ drawings.

The Contractor should , before quoting his rate inspect the site of work and
satisfy himself about the site condition, soil condition, facility for transport and
storage of materials, their lead ,availability of labour , water electricity etc.,
and no extra claims on these accords shall be entertained later on .

The Contractor shall provide at his own cost all materials ( except such
materials if any as may in accordance with the contract- be supplied by the
owner ) required for the execution of the work. All materials used for used for
the work shall confirm to ISI specification and the contractor should get the
materials approved by the Engineer- in-charge before they are bought to, the
site. Any materials bought on to the site by the Contractor and not approved by
the Consultant will be removed and replaced by the materials acceptable to the
Consultant at the Contractors own cost.
Field management
The field management will be the responsibility of the Engineer in-charge
by the Engineernominated by the Consultant and all the works to be executed under the
in charge.
direction and approval of Engineer in-charge. The Engineer-in-charge shall
coordinate the works of various agencies, engaged at the site to avoid
disruptions of work carried out by different agencies. The Engineer-in charge
may also authorize his representatives to perform his duties and functions as
and when it is required. It shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to comply
with the site instructions, and extent full and faithful co-orperation and
assistance for the smooth execution of work without any hindrance and/or

Extra items/

The Contractor is bound to carry out all the extra items and substituted items
substituted items
as ordered by the Engineer/Consultant.
Items which do not find a place in the original schedule of works attached in
acceptable tender and agreement executed shall be deemed as extra items. If it
is found to be necessary during the course provided in the schedule of works
to replace any of the original item provided in the schedule of the works, with
some other alternative item ,due to alteration in specifications, design etc.,such
items so executed shall be deemed as substituted items. The rates for such
extra or substituted items will be deprived from the rates for similar items of
work provided in the original agreement by making necessary addition,
deductions, or modifications. If rates of such extra / substituted item cannot be
derived from a similar item of work provided in the agreement, this shall be
worked out based on prevailing market rates of materials , and labour plus 10%
profit. The Consultant shall have the discretion to assess the cost of such
materials or labour deemed reasonable and fit in circumstances; and the
decision of the Consultant in this regard will be the final and binding on the

Termination of
contract by the


The Owner and the Consultant reserves the right to terminate the contract at
any time in case of bad work , slow progress or violation of rules, death ,
bankrupt etc.

Right to abandon
the work


The Owner reserves the right to abandon the work at any stage if they found
such a course necessary and the Contractor will be paid only for the actual
executed quantities of the items of the work done.


The contractor shall employ, in the execution of works, only such persons ,as
are skilled and experienced in several trade and the Consultant / Owner shall
be at liberty to object to and require the Contractor to remove from the work any
person employed by the Contractor.

Removal of
Workman from
the site
Other Contractors

The Contractor must extend full and faithful co-orperation with other
Contractors for different works appointed by the owner at the same site so that
the work shall proceed smoothly with the least delay and disruption and to the
satisfaction of the consultant /Owner.

Matters to finally
determined by



The decision, opinion, discretion, certificate (except for payment) of the

Consultant with respect to all or any of the matters, will be final and conclusive
and binding on the parties hereto shall be without appeal.

Settlement of


No arbitration of any disputes on Contractors will be allowed under any

circumstances. In case of any dispute between the Contractor and the Owner/
the Consultant will give the final decision.

1. All works should be carried out in the most substantial and skilled workman like manner in every
respect in accordance with the Indian Standard Specifications, drawings and other instructions of the
2. All materials should confirm to the relevant Indian Standard Specifications.
3. All materials have to be arranged by the contractor except cement and steel.
4. Cement and steel required for the work will be supplied by the owner.
5. Samples of all building materials , doors and windows, fittings, sanitary wares and water supply fittings
and other articles , required for the execution of the work shall be got approved from the Consultant /
engineer in-charge.
6. The work should be completed within 12 months.
7. Mixing of concrete should be done in concrete mixers.
8. Vibrators should be used in R.C.C. Works.
9. Measurements of sand, stone, aggregate and cement should be made by proper measuring box made
for the purpose.
10. Stone aggregates shall be of standard size and should be free from dust, debris, etc.
11. Sand used should be clean and free from silt , dust, pebbles, debris, salinity ,etc.
12. For exposed R.C.C. works, where plastering is not to be done, the surface of the concrete members
should be smooth, level and even plywood or similar shuttering should be used for such works.

13. Bricks should be of approved quality and required standard sizes, and shall be well soaked in water ;
for 24 hours , before used on work.
14. Bricks/ brick tiles for exposed work to be finished with pointing shall not got approved by the
Consultant/ Engineer -in charge before taking work in hand. Only selected bricks/ brick tiles shall be
used and nothing extra shall be paid to the Contractor on this account.
15. Plastering should be done to correct plumb, level and the finished surface must be even.
16. Curing should be done for all concrete, R.C.C. and other cement works as provided for in the relevant
Indian Standard Specification.
17. Any defects detected at any stage should be rectified to the satisfaction of the Engineer-in-charge/
Consultant and the extra expenses incurred for such rectifications shall be born by the Contractor.
18. All exposed brick work / brick tile work and glazing shall be safe guarded against splashes due to
cement work , white washing , distempering and painting etc. Nothing extra shall be paid on this
account. In case of damage caused to any work due to splashes etc., the same shall be made good by
the Contractor at his own cost.
19. All skirting , dada , marble work and floors are to covered adequately with gobr plaster before white
washing distempering etc., is done to safe guard against splashing and have to be completely cleaned
after the work is complete. Nothing extra shall be paid on this account also.
20. The Contractor shall be responsible for the protection of all electrical, sanitary and water supply and
other fittings and fixtures during the period of execution of work.
21. The Contractor shall, unless or otherwise specified , prepare and submit a bill (in triplicate) for every
stages on or before the date fixed by the Engineer -in-charge /Consultant for all the works satisfactorily
executed during the previous two months time after they have been jointly measured and signed by the
Engineer-in-charge and Contractors representatives which shall be scrutinized at consultants office
and certify the bill for the payment on the basis of the measurements and rates quoted by the
Contractor. Only 95% of the value of the bill so certified will be paid to the contractor and the remaining
5% will be retained with the Owner / authority making payment as retention amount. From this retention
amount the TDS and other taxes will be reduced and the balance amount will be released after
completion of works.


1. The Contractor shall be responsible for the safety of the labour employed by him and he shall be liable
to pay the necessary compensation in case if accidents, as per he workmans compensation act.
2. Suitable and strong scaffolds should be provided for workmen for all works that cannot safely be done
from the ground or from solid construction except such short period work as can be safely done from
the ladder.
3. No portable single ladder shall be over 8m in length and width between side rails shall not be less than
30cm (clear). Suitable foot holds and hand holds shall be provided on the ladder and the ladder shall be
given sufficient inclination. When the ladder is used an extra mazdoor shall be engaged for holding the
4. Scaffolding or staging more than 3.60m , above the ground or floor swung or suspended from an
overhead support or erected with stationary support shall have a guard rail , properly attached bolted ,
braced and otherwise secured at least 90 cm, above the floor or platform of such scaffolding and
extending along the entire length of the outside and ends thereof with only such opening as may be
necessary for the delivery of materials . Such scaffolding or staging shall be so fastened as to prevent it
from awaying from the building or structure.
5. Working platform, gangway, stairway etc., should be so constructed that they should not sag unduly or
unequally. Such gangway, stairway etc., should have adequate width and should be suitably fastened as
described in para above.
6. Suitable fencing or railing of 90cm minimum height should be provided for every opening in the floor of
the building or in a working platform to prevent the fall of persons or materials.
7. No floor, roof or other parts of the structure shall be so overloaded with materials or debris as to render
it unsame.
8. Safe means of access shall be provided to, all working platforms and other working places.
9. Adequate precautions shall be taken to prevent danger from electrical equipment.
10. The Contractor shall provide all necessary fencing and heights to protect the public from accident and
shall be bound to bear the expenses of defense of every suit , action or any other proceedings at law
that may be bought by any person for injury sustained owing to neglect of above precautions and to

pay damage and cost which may be awarded in any such suit , action or proceeding to any such
persons or in which may with the consent of the contractor be paid to compromise claim by any such
11. All trenches and excavations shall be provided with necessary fencing and lighting. Excavated
materials shall not be placed within 1.50 m of the edge of the trench or half of the depth of the trench,
whichever is more. All the trenches of depth 1.20m or more shall be supplied with at least one ladder for
each 30m length or fraction thereof. Cutting shall be gone from top to bottom. Under no circumstances,
under mining or undercutting shall be done.
12. Workers employed on mixing and handling materials like cement , asphalt, cement mortar, concrete ,
lime mortar ,etc., shall be provided with protective foot wear and rubber hand gloves and protective
13. Workers employed on welding work shall be provided with welders protective eye shield and gloves.
14. Stone breakers shall be provided with protective goggles and protective clothing and seated at
sufficiently safe interval.
15. No paint containing lead or lead products shall be used except in the form of paste or ready made
16. Suitable face masks should be supplied for use by the workers when paint is applied in the form of
spray or a surface a having lead paint dry rubbed scrapped .
17. Over all shall be supplied by the workmen and adequate facilities shall be provided to enable the
working painters to work during the periods of cessation of work.
18. Hoisting machine and tackles used in the work including their attachment encharge and supports shall
be in perfect condition.
19. The ropes and pulleys etc., used in hoisting or lowering materials or as means of suspension shall be
of durable quality and adequate strength and free from defects.
20. All scaffolds, ladders, and other safety devices shall be maintained in safe and condition , and no
scaffold , ladder or equipment shall be altered or removed while it is in use.

21. There shall be maintained , at readily accessible place at work site , first aid appliances including
adequate supply of sterilized dressing and sterilized cotton wood.
22. And injured person shall be taken to a public hospital without less of time ,in cases where the
injury necessitates, the help of a doctor or hospitalization.
23. There shall be provided and maintained at suitable places , easily accessible to labour a
sufficient supply of cold water fit for drinking.
24. Adequate washing and bathing places shall be provided at or near places of work separately for
men and women. Such places shall be kept in clean and drained condition.
25. Separate latrine and urinals for men and women shall be provided at or near the places of work .
Such latrines shall be kept clean and drained condition.
-----------------------------------------------------7. DRAWINGS



Drawing attached herewith the tender are for the general guidance of the Contractor
to enable him to visualize the type of work contemplated and scope of work involved
and are not the working drawings . It is deemed that the Contractor has satisfied
himself as to the nature of the work.

Detailed execution drawing on the basis of which actual execution of the work is to
proceed , will be furnished from time to time during the progress of work , to suit the
latest construction programs to be submitted by the Contractor . The Consultant will
endeavor to supply the drawings in advance of the particular phase of the work. In case
it is not possible to do so due to other reasons , the Contractor is not eligible for any
extra claim what so ever on account of this.

These drawings are subjected to additions , alterations and modifications. The

Contractor shall always carry out the work with the latest issued drawings.


Tenderer should furnish along with his tender the following Performa duly filled in and signed giving the
details of equipment / tools and plant / machineries owned by the tenderer which shall be used for the
work if awarded to the tenderer.
Name and type
of equipment

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Signature of the tenderer :

Name and Address :

(Tender should furnish along with his tender , the following proforma duly filled in and
signed giving the details if similar construction projects carried out and completed by the tenderer
during the last five years.)
Name of Project
Owner of Project
Value of work
Year of
and place
with full address

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Signature of Tenderer :
Name and Address :


(The following drawings issued along with the tender documents are intended to give the
tenderer an idea of the type of the work involved . The drawings as such are only indicative and for
tender purpose only. Work shall be executed only on the basis of working drawings issued to the
contractor progressively after the award of the work.

Drawing No.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Signature of tenderer :
Name and address :