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Theme: Diabetic
1. Dwi Rahni Maulidah (201110420311113)
2. Khotimah Mulyasari (201110420311115)
3. Sarni J Ishak (201110420311116)
4. Eni Sulastri (201110420311117)
5. Desi Intan Aulia (201110420311118)

The Script
Narator : A mother aged 65 years suffered from diabetes
since 2 years ago. He's been out of the hospital since
one year ago, during the 6 months has been no
recurrence so the family decided to take care of the
mother at home. Because it was a family called the
nurse to perform the treatment at home.
The patient's condition: lower extremity rigid so it can not
perform independently ADL.
Scene 1
Nurse 1 : "Good afternoon , we were from Kasih Ibus Home Care.
From today until the next two days, we will do the inspection and
training on you and your family."
Nurse 2 : " it aims to cure you . Grievances felt by Mrs. Sari, maybe
the family can tell us ? "
Daughter : "Yeah well , if the mother should eat assisted. If she go to
the toilet should be directed. "
Mom : " I can not walk , the foot feels pain when moved and
trembling . "
Nurse 2 : " Ok , so that the mothers how to bathe ? '
Daughther : " I bathed . So we want my mother to be able to move
again and walks in the park."

Nurse 1 : " May I check your blood pressure ? "

Mother : "Yes , please . "
( While checking , TTV , patellar reflexes . Nurse asked . )
Nurse 2 : " How much her last weight? And how much the blood
sugar ? "
Daughther : " a week ago his weight 55 kg. Doctor said his blood
sugar stabilized 125 mg / dl. first was to 200 mg / dl, was critical and
taken to hospital. Very large appetite, but I limit it. hehe "
Nurse 2 : "Hehe, yes it does have to be restricted should not be
eating too many carbohydrates."

Scene 2
Narrator : After nurse 1 and nurse 2 conduct an assessment
to client, they will teach families about Diabetic Foot
Nurse 2 : "Mrs. Sari, after we examine yesterday , now we bring
guidebook that will teach you and your family in order to be easily
applied by your family to train every day . "
Nurse 1 : ( explains the stages of leg exercises )
Narrator : 1 nurse teaches about the step of diabetic foot exercise .
Diabetic foot exercise is an activity performed by diabetic patients to
prevent injury , help blood circulation in the legs , improving muscle
strength, Increase muscle strength and Overcoming limitations of
Nurse 2 : " tell me if you feeling pain. do not be enforced . "
Mother : "Yes , I really want to recover . How many days for do this ?
Nurse 2 : " One day, not too forced . ( talking to a child ) Oh yes ,
there 's also a guidebook for High calorie and High Protein eating .
Here you may be able to read and apply to Mrs. sari eating
schedule . "

Daughter : " ok , I will try to modify . "

Dialog 3
Narrator: One day after the nurse teaches the client, the
nurse to evaluate the results of Mrs. Sari training.
Nurse 2: "Mrs.. sari how to practice? "
Mother: "Yes, I try to train continuously so as not to stiff."
Nurse 1: "Yes, it does need a lot of exercise, Miss enis also could
Daughter: "Ok, hahaha. oy, I've had practice first menu for breakfast
and my mother's love. "
Nurse 1: "Really. it's great. "
Nurse 2: "really important to be often exercise and eat well."
Daughter: "Yes, I really thank you. This is really helpful. "