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Commonly used English essay


Mrs. Little saw an ad on television. It was selling trained
chickens, but each chicken cost a lot of money. S o Mrs. Little
decided to train her own. S h e w ent to a farm, bought a chicken,
and began teaching it.
B a Little knew that chickens love to peck. Sh e acquired a toy
piano and put food on the keys. T he chicken would pick at the
piano keys to get the food. Each time the chicken pecked, it
would be playing the piano. S o o n Mrs. Little had the chicken
playing without food on the keys. T he chicken knew it would get
fed after it finished playing.
Mrs. Little had the only piano-playing chicken in Benld,
lllions or anywhere!
1. chicken (n): con ga con
2. to decide (v): q u y e t d in h
3. ad (n): h a n h d o n g t h o n g bao, q u a n g cao
4. to train (v): d a o tao, h u d n g d dn
5. to peck (v): m o
6. to acquire (v): co d u o c



bAi Iuan

t U nq an Ii

Thowq duNq


Mrs. Little da xem mot chifdng trinh quang cao tren ti vi noi
ve nhCfng chu ga con difdc huan luyen, nhung gia cua moi chu ga
do rat dat. Vi the ba quyet dinh tif minh huan luyen con ga. Ba di
den nong-trai, mua mot con ga con va bSt dau day no.
B a Little biet rang ga con thich mo. Ba kiem mot cay dan
difong cam do choi va dat thCfc an tren cac phim dan. Ga con se
md len phim dan de lay thifc an. Moi lan ga con m o, no cung se
choi dan. Chang bao lau ba Little da tap cho ga con chcfi dan ma
khong can de thifc an tren phim. Ga con biet no se difOc cho 3n
sau khi choi dan xong.
B a Little co con ga biet choi dan difOng cam duy nhat b
Benld, Illions va d bat cif noi dau.


Commonly used English cssoy


In February my school organized courtesy cam paign. This
cam paign was to m ake students realize the im portance of being
During that m onth, we had an exhibition on the different
ways of showing courtesy. T h ere was a picture of a young boy
giving up his seat on the bus to an old lady. A nother picture
showed a person saying T h an k you after receiving a gift from
som eone. W e w ere also treated to a film show on the different
ways a person could be courteous.
W e learnt to greet our teachers politely. I also learnt to be
m ore courteous to my friends. I said Thank you when I
borrow ed som ething from them or when they helped me with my
schoolw ork. Most of all, I felt that I had leam t to be m ore
courteous to both people 1 knew as well as to strangers. I thought
the courtesy cam paign in my school was a success.
1. cam paign (n): cu o c van d o n g , chien d ich
2. courtesy (n): th a i d o n h a nhd n , lich su
3. exhibition (n): cu o c t r u n g bay, trie n lam
4. different (adj): k h a c
5. to learn (v): h o c


C a c bAi Iuan t U'n q an U Thong duNq

CUOC VAN O0NG t h a n h lic h

V ao thang hai, tnfdng toi phat dong mot phong trao thanh
lich. Phong trao nay nham giup hoc sinh nhan thifc ditoc tam
quan trong cua phep lich sif va le do.
Trong suot thang do, chung toi co m ot cuoc tRfng bay ve
viec bieu hien phep lich sif theo nhieu cach khac nhau. C o bifc
tranh ve m ot cau be nhifdng ch o tren xe buyt ch o mot ba cu.
BCfc tranh khac la hinh anh m ot ngifdi dang noi C am On sau
khi nhan difOc m on qua cua ai do tang. Chung toi cung di/Oc
xem phim ve nhieu cach the hien thai do lich sif khac nhau cua
m ot ngifdi.
Chung toi da hoc cach chao hoi thay co mot cach le phep.
T oi cung hoc difdc cach lich sif hon vdi ban be. T oi noi Cam cfn
nhe" khi mifdn cua ban m ot vat gi do hoac khi ban giup toi lam
bai tap d trifdng. Quan trong hon ca, tdi hieu minh phai lich sif
hon vdi ngifdi quen cung nhif ngifdi la. Tdi nghi rin g cuoc van
dong thanh lich d trifdng tdi da thanh cong.


Commonly used English essay


Yesterday, my school held its annual Sports Day. It was an
exciting day for all the students in my school. The events were to
be held at two o clock in the afternoon. But all the students were
told to report to school at nine o clock in the m orning."
A lot of things needed to be done so that the event would
run smoothly. A num ber of us helped to arrange the chairs in



schoolm ates





som e

T h e time passed very quickly. Before we realized it, parents
and other visitors had begun to arrive. This was the first time I
would be participating in a race. I felt really excited and nervous.
W hen my race was announced, I went to the track to get ready. I
did not win the race, but it was a good experience. By six o clock
in the evening, all the sports events were over. It had been a very
tiring but happy day.
1. to arrange (v): ui t r i
2. to participate (v): th a m d u
3. nervous (adj): ca n g thang, hoi h o p
4. track (n): d u d n g d u a
5. ready (adv): san sang



bAi Iuan Ticwq

an U

Thong dung


Horn qua, trifdng toi da td chifc ngay hoi the thao hang
nam . D o la mot ngay soi noi nhat doi vdi toan bo hoc sinh cua
trifdng. C ac mon thi dau difdc tien hanh vao hai gid tnJa. Nhifng
tat ca hoc sinh phai co mat tai trifdng luc chin gid sang.
C an phai lam nhieu viec de cuoc thi dau dien ra tot dep. M&t
so hoc sinh sap xep ghe ngoi thanh hang ngay ngan. So khac
m ang theo mot so' do trang tri.
Thdi gian troi qua that mau. Trifdc khi chung tdi nhan ra
dieu do, phu huynh va khach khifa da bat dau den. Day la lan dau
tien tdi tham dif m ot cuoc chay dua. Tdi that sif cam thay kich
dong va cang th in g . Khi cuoc dua cua tdi difOc thong bao, toi di
den difdng dua va chuan bi s in sang. Tdi khong th in g cuoc,
nhifng do la mot kinh nghiem quy bau. V ao luc sau gid chieu,
moi cuoc thi dau deu ket thuc. Do la mot ngay het sifc met nhoc
nhifng vo cung vui ve.


Commonly used English essay


Young people are always active and keen on learning so
m ost of them prefer to live in town.
First of all, living in town they have many chances to widen
their knowledge. Nowadays many language schools and centers
open in town. T hey can go to any evening classes to improve


G erm an,


Ja p a n e se




C hinese.







professors are ready to provide them with what they want to

know. Besides that, they can go to public libraries or English
speaking clubs to broaden their knowledge and drill their English
speaking skills.
Secon d , living in town they can keep abreast of current
affairs all over the world by reading new spapers, magazines or by
watching television or listening to the radio. In the morning, they saw
Kuwait occupied by Irag troops but in the evening, they saw them
driven out of this oil-producing country by powerful allied forces.
Third, our country is open to all foreign investments and
town is the cradle of industrial development. T herefore, upon
graduating from university, they can have favorable opportunities
to m ake full use of their ability.



com m unication




bAi I uan Tieng Awh T h o n g dung


entertainm ent

com fortable


m eans
T hey



anywhere they like and after a hard day's work they can enjoy
minutes of recreation by watching interesting films on a large
screen in a m odem and air-conditioned cinema in town.
For the above-m entioned reasons, an urban life has always
been a fascinating appeal to all young m en in the world.
1. active (adj): n d n g d o n g
2. to be keen on (v): h a m m e

3. chan ce (n): c o hoi

4 . to widen (to broaden) (v): m o ro n g
5. to improve (v): cai th ie n



Gidi tre luon luon nang dong va hieu hoc vi vay ho thich
song cf thanh pho.
Trifdc het, song d thanh pho hp co nhieu cO hoi de md
mang kien thCrc. Ngay nay nhieu trifdng va trung tam ngoai ngCf
difdc m d tai thanh pho. Hp co the den bat ky mot ldp hoc dem
nao de trau doi ngoai nguf nhif Phap, Anh, Nga, DifC. Nhat va
Trung Quoc. NhCfng giao vien va giao sif giau kinh nghiem sin
sang cung cap cho hp nhCfng gi hp can biet. Ngoai ra. hp con co
the den nhCfng thif vien cong cong hay cac cau lac bo noi tieng
Anh de me? rong kien thCfc va luyen tap ki nang noi.
Thif hai, song tai thanh pho hp co the theo kip cac bien co
dang xay ra khap noi tren the gidi bang cach doc bao, xem ti vi

Commonly used English essay

hay nghe dai. V ao buoi sang, ho nhin thay dat nifdc Kuwai bi
quan doi Irak xam chiem nhung buoi chieu ho thay chung bi cac
life lifdng dong minh hung m anh danh bat ra khoi quoc gia san
xuat dau

lira nay.

Thtf ba, dat nifdc chung ta dang m d cite don nhan cac
nguon dau tif nifdc ngoai va thanh pho la cai noi cua sif phat
trien cong nghiep. D o do, sau khi tot nghiep dai hoc, ho co the
co nhieu


hoi thuan loi de tan dung tai nang cua ho.

Sau cung, d tai thanh pho co nhieu phifdng tien thong tin va
giai tn thuan loi. H o co the di den bat ky ndi nao hp thich va sau
mot ngay lam viec m et m oi hp co the thifdng thCfc nhCfng giay
phut giai tri bang cach xem nhCfng bo phim hap dan tren man
anh rong trong mot rap chieu bong co may dieu hoa nhiet do.
Vi nhCfng li do tren, cuoc song noi thanh pho luon luon hap
d in doi vdi dai da so thanh nien tren the gidi.


C a c bAi Iuan TiENq anU th o N q duNq


Dark black clouds in a dull sky m eant one thing only: there
was going to be thunderstorm. Not one of us had brought an
umbrella, or even a raincoat, when Ja c k suggested we should go
to museum, we all agreed immediately. As we had been shopping
all morning and were now feeling very tired, it would be pleasure
to sit down. W e took a bus and arrived just as large drops of rain
to beginning to fall.
The museum was quite deserted and very peaceful. We sat
down in the main hall and listened to the rain beating against the
windows. Suddenly there was a great disturbance at the entrance.
T hen large parties of school-boys were led in by a teacher
T he










Lhreatening to punish them, but they did not pay the slightest

T he






like a wild tribe.

Apologizing for this lack of discipline, the teacher explained that

the boy were "rather excited". But in the end the noise proved
too much for us and we decided to leave. As Ja c k remarked when
we were walking in the rain, the boys had m ore right to be in the


the rain.







com e



visit, while we had simply wanted to get out of

Commonly used English essay

1- thunderstorm (n): con m u a g io n g
2. to desert (v): h o a n g vdng, vdng ve
3. tribe (n): so lu o n g n g u d i ra t d o n g
4. to rem ark (v): d a n h d a u lai
5. rain (n): m u a


May den van vu tren nen trdi u am nghia la sap co m ot con
mua giong. C a bon chung toi khong ai mang theo m ot cay du,
ngay ca ao mua cung khong co. Vi the khi Ja ck de nghi nen den
vien bao tang, tat ca chung toi deu dong y ngay. Vi da di mua
sam suot ca buoi sang va gid dang cam thay rat m et, nen difdc
ngoi xuong han la thu vi lam. Chung toi don xe buyt den vien bao
tang vua luc nhCfng giot nifdc mua nang nang bat dau rOi xuong.
Vien bao tang hoan toan vang ve va yen tinh. Chung toi
ngoi d sanh phong, lang nghe nhCfng tieng mua dap vao cifa sd.
D ot nhien, co tieng nao dong d cua vao. Sau do, mot doan hoc
sinh dude m ot thay giao dan vao.
Ngifdi thay dang thifdng co bao chung giCf yen lang va doa
se trifng phat chung, nhifng chung chang chut chu y. Lu con trai
chay khap noi nhif m ot dam tre mat kiem soat. Thay giao xin loi
vi thai do thieu ky luat cua hoc tro minh, va giai thich rang bon
con trai dang phan khich ". Nhifng cuoi cung tieng on ao da
chifng minh ch o chung toi thay la con hon the nDa, nen chung toi
quyet dinh rdi khdi nOi nay. Khi chung toi bifdc di trong mifa.
Ja c k nhan xet rang bon ;o n trai do co quyen d trong vien bao
tang hdn la chung toi. Vi suy cho cung chung den la de tham
quan hoc h o i, con chung toi don gian la muon tru mua!

C a c bAi Iuan TiENq an Ii T^ONq dw q

W hen the school reopened after the mid-year school holiday,
we had a new class-mate. Her nam e is Cheng Siew Hong and
she has emigrated with her family from Hong Kong to Singapore.
T h e class was excited and I was especially so because she
happened to sit next to me. My form teacher told us to make her
feel at ease with us. Siew Hong is a cheerful-looking girl and an
active athlete. Sh e runs fast, swims well and even takes part in
high-jump com petitions. Siew Hong and I soon becam e very
good friends because of our com m on interest in sports. We never
run out of topics to talk about. W e have lots of fun together, both
in class and out on the field. 1 help Siew Hong cope with the
English language while she helps me out of with the Chinese
Sin ce this was the first time sh es been in Singapore, the
class decided to bring Siew Hong to som e of the local tourist
attractions like Sentosa and Botanic Garden. W e also brought her
to Satay Club to let her try the tasty local speciality. With our
help, Siew Hong fitted into class in no time. Sh e is glad to join
our class and we are glad to have her as a new friend.
1. to emigrate (v): d i cu
2. form teacher (comp.n): g ia o uien chu n h ie m


Commonly used English gssqy

3. run out (of sth): d u n g h e t h odc can het cai gi
4. to cop e with (v): duefng dau, d d i p h o
5. speciality (n): d d c san


Khi trifdng hoc m d cifa lai sau ki nghi giOfa nam , ldp chung
toi co them m ot ngifdi ban mcfi. T en co ban la Cheng Siew
Hong. C o da cung gia dinh di cif tif Hong Kong sang Singapore.
Ldp hoc rat phan khich va toi con phan khi'ch hon nifa vi co
ban tinh cd ngoi canh toi. Thay chu nhiem bao chung toi hay
giup co thay thoai mai, de chju hon. Siew Hong la m ot co gai vui
tifdi va la mot van dong vien tich cifc. C o chay rat nhanh, boi loi
gidi va tham chi con tham gia tranh tai trong cuoc thi nhay cao
nifa. Chang bao lau toi va Siew Hong da trd thanh ban be than
thiet vi deu yeu thi'ch the thao. Chung toi khong bao gid het
chuyen de noi vdi nhau. Chung toi chia se nhieu dieu thu vi, ca
trong ldp hoc lln ngoai san cd. Toi giup Siew Hong difang dau
vdi m on tieng Anh, con co ay giup toi hoc tieng Trung Quoc.
Vi day la lan dau tien Siew Hong d Singapore, nen ca ldp
quyet dinh dlin co di tham vai nOi hap dan khach du lich, nhif dao
S en to sa hoac vifdn bach thao. Chung toi con difa den cau lac bo
Satay de co nem thif dac san cua dia phi/ong. DifOc chung toi
giup d<3, Siew Hong da nhanh chong hoa nhap vdi ldp. C o rat
vui khi difOc hoc d day va chung toi cung vui khi co difOc mot
ngifdi ban mdi nhif co.


C a c b/\i Iuan t icing ANh Thong duNq


I would like to live in a house by the sea where I can see the
sun rise and set every day.
This is how 1 will want my house to be like: after passing the
front gate, there will be a lovely rose garden. Then, the big white
house com es into view. W hen 1 walk through the door, a white
sitting room with a pink sofa set will greet me. Paintings of
beautiful flowers hanging on the walls will make the room look
com fortable and fresh.
T he three bedroom s will be on the second level. O ne is for
my parents, one for my brother and one for me. I will like my
room to be painted pink. Above my bed, 1 will hang a big picture
of a ballerina dressed in white. T he grey carpet on the floor will
be strewn with many cushions to lie reading novels. 1 will do my
homework on the table by the window through which I can see
the stars at night.
On the highest level will be an open space which overlooks
the sea. It will be used for barbecue in the evening.
No m atter how fine this house may seem , it is just a dream.
W hat is reality for me is a three-room flat in Tiong Bahru

Commonly used English essay

1. ballerina (n): nCt d ie n vien m u a ba le
2. to strew (v): tra i
3. barbecue (n): bua tiec ngoai trdi, dn thuc fin n u a n g tren u!
4. reality (n): th u c te
5. dream (n): g ia c m a

NGOl NHA TOl t h ic h s 6 n g

T oi thich difOc song d ngoi nha canh bd bien, d do ngay nao
toi cung co the nhin thay m at trdi m oc va canh hoang hon.
Ngoi nha mO ifdc cua toi la ngoi nha sau khi di qua cong
trifdc se cd mot vifdn hoa hong dang yeu. Tiep do, mot can nha
ldn mau trang hien ra trifdc mat. Khi toi qua cite chinh, mot
phong khach mau trang vdi m ot bo ghe trang ky mau hong se
chao don toi. NhCfng bifc tranh hoa treo tren tifdng se lam can
phong trong d chiu va tifoi mat.
B a phong ngu d tang hai. Mot phong danh cho cha m e, mot
phong cho em toi va m ot cho toi. Toi thich can phong cua toi
son mau hong. Phia tren giufdng toi se treo bifc tranh ve m ot vu
cong bale mac do trang. Chiec tham mau xam dat tren san vdi that
nhieu goi de nam doc tieu thuyet. Toi se lam bai tap ve nha d ban
hoc ke ben canh cite sd de co the ngam sao trdi vao ban dem.
T ang tren cung se la m ot khoang khong nhin ra bien. NhCfng
bCfa tiec ngoai trdi vao buoi tdi se difOc td chCfc d do.
C ho du can nha nay cd dep den dau di nifa cung chi la mot
giac mO. Thifc te thi toi dang song trong mot can ho ba phong d
T iong Bahru.

C a c bAi Iuan t U n q Anh t h o n g duwq


T h e street lamps are shaped like chocolate candy kisses. The
streets have nam es like East Chocolate Avenue. You are in
C hocolate Tow n, U .S.A . Its real nam e is Hershey, Pennsylvania.
In 1 9 0 5 , a man named Milton Hershey opened a chocolate
factory in a cornfield. Today, there are thousands of people living
in the town. Visitors are amazed at the huge vats that hold ten
thousand pounds of chocolate each. It takes milk from fifty
thousand cows every day to help make the candy. There are
barns holding 9 0 million pounds of cacao beans. Chocolate is
made from cacao beans.
If you are ever near Hershey, Pennsylvania, stop at the
world's largest chocolate factory. T here are free samples too!
1. chocolate (n): so co la
2. lamp (n): b o n g den
3. kiss (n): m a u , th o i
4. Avenue (n): d a i Ip, cao oc
5. to am aze (v): la m k in h ngac, la m s u n g sot

6. vat (n): th u n g , be, c h u m

7. bean (n): h at
8. free (adj): m ie n p hi, k h o n g m a t tien
9. sample (n): sd lu p n g n h o san p h a m bieu k h o n g


Commonly used English cssqy



D en difdng co hinh dang giong nhif nhufng thoi keo so co la.

Difdng pho co nhCfng cai ten dai loai nhif la East C hocolate
Avenue. B an dang d thanh pho S o co la, Hoa Ky. T en that cua
no la H ershey, thuoc bang Pennsylvania.
V ao nam 1 9 0 5 , m ot ngifdi dan ong ten Milton H ershey md
nha may so co la tai m ot canh dong ngo. Ngay nay, co hang
ngan ngifdi song trong thanh pho nay. C ac du khach kinh ngac
trifdc nhdng cai thung khong lo, moi thung chifa mifdi ngan can
so co la. Phai lay sCta tCf nam mifOi ngan con bo moi ngay de lam
keo. C o nhieu nha kho chifa chin mifOi trieu can hat ca cao. S o
co la difpc lam tif hat ca cao.
Neu ban co luc nao den H ershey, Pennsylvania, hay ghe lai
nha may so co la ldn nhat the gidi. O do cung co nhting mau
hang difOc phat m ien phi nufa day!


C a c bAi Iuan TitNq aimIi Thomq duNq


A swan was sleeping on a pond one winter. During the night
w eather becam e very cold. T he water turned into ice. The swan
couldn't move, and in time it could die.
T he swan called, but there was no one to help. Suddenly, a
flock of geese cam e flying by. W hen they saw the swan stuck in
the ice, they landed right by it. Soon they were pecking away at
the ice. After a short while, the swan was free. As it winged
through the air it called a thank you. Maybe someday the swan
would be able to help the geese.
1. goose (n): con n g o n g
2. swan (n): con th ie n nga
3. pond (n): cai ao
4. in time (idm): sdm hay m u o n , cu oi c u n g
5. flock (n): dan, bay

6. to stick (in sth) (stuck - stuck) (v): bi ket, bi hoc

7. to land (v): ha cach
8. to wing (v): bay (b d n g d o i canh)


Commonly used English essay


b a g iu p d o t h i n n g a n h u t h nao

Mua dong no, co con thien nga dang ngu tren mot cai ao.
Suot dem , thoi tiet rat lanh. Nifdc dong thanh bang. Con thien
nga khong the cif dong difOc va sdm hay muon thi thien nga cung
se chet mat.
C on thien nga keu len nhifng khong co ai den giup no. Bat
ngd, co m ot dan ngdng bay ngang qua. Khi thay con thien nga bi
ket trong bang, chung dap xuong ngay gan do va nhanh chong
md vang chd nifdc dong bang. Mot luc sau, con thien nga difpc
cCfu thoat. Khi cat canh bay len no keu cam On. C o le mot ngay
nao do thien nga co the se giup dd lai cac con ngong.


C a c bAi Iuan t i in q Awh th o n g dung

After spending the morning in the school library, 1 was
dismayed to find the sky overcast. T he first few drops of rain
were already falling when 1 dashed to the nearby bus-stop. I was
relieved when the bus cam e soon afterwards. A few minutes after
I boarded the bus, the rains feel in torrent. T he bus moved along
the road very slowly.
About one hour later, the bus cam e to a standstill. 1 cleaned
the clouded-up window with my hands. T o my dismay, 1 saw that
we ere caught right in the middle of a flood. T he water cam e up
to the first step of the bus. T he canal beside the road had
A car had stalled in the flood. Som e men were pushing it
through the flood water to a side road so that other vehicles could
pass. After they succeeded in doing so, the traffic continued at a
very slow pace. 1 arrived hom e late that day.
1. overcast (n): bi m ay bao p h u , am u
2. to relieve (v): cam th a y n h e b at su cang th d n g
3. torrent (n): d o n g nuac, u.u.. chay m a n h , thac
4 . standstill (n): su d u n g lai, su d u n g lai
5. to stall (v): (ue m a y m oc) chet m a y
6. pace (n): toe d o (n h a t la d i hoac chay)


Commonly used English essay


Sau m ot buoi ngoi d thif vien trifdng, toi hoang hon khi thay
bau trdi day may u am . Vai hat mite dau tien roi xuong khi toi
chay den tram xe.buyt gan do. T oi cam thay nhe nhom khi chang
may ch oc sau xe buyt da den. Vai phut sau khi toi len xe thi mite
rOi nhif trut nifdc. C hiec xe buyt dich chuyen cham chap tren
Khoang m ot gid sau xe difng han. T oi dung tay lau canh cite
sd b| nifdc mite lam md, va that khung khiep khi thay minh bi ket
giOte m ot cOn lu. Nifdc da dang len den bac thang dau tien cua xe.
Dong kenh ben canh con difdng chim trong be nifdc.
Mot chiec o to bi ch et may giCte con lu. Vai ngifdi dang cd
day no qua dong nifdc lu den ve difdng de nhCfng xe khac co the
chay qua. Sau khi hp lam xong, xe co lai lifu thong vdi toe do vo
cung cham . Horn do toi ve nha muon.


C a c b/vi Iuan titN q an U T^ONq dung


An activity in which we take an interest outside our regular
work becom es a hobby. Som e students make drawing or painting
a hobby, for other collection of stamps or gardening. Shell
collecting on the beach is the hobby of som e children.
Hobby benefits many individuals. For exam ple, a person
who collects stam ps of various countries of the wdrld takes a
special interest in the study of the subject of the stamp as well as
the country w here it is used. He may spend a lot of money
buying rare stam ps for his album and takes a great pride in
owning them. Hobby also teaches a person the value of things or
activity he is interested in.
As for me 1 have had a few hobbies at different stages in my
life. My earliest hobby was stamp collecting. Then it was keeping
pets. I had two pet dogs and a parrot. Presently, my hobby is
gardening. I plant flower and vegetables in my house compound
and water them everyday. 1 nurse the plants by weeding or
putting manure at times. Very often 1 sell my flowers to florists
and get small incom e.
It is wiser to engage oneself in any hobby than it is to idle
away on e's precious time.

Commonly used English essay

1. hoppy (n): s d th ic h
2. collection (n): bo situ tap
3. stam p (n): te m
4. incom e (n): th u n h a p
5. flower (n): h oa

S d thich la m ot dieu ma ta quan tam den ngoai cong viec
thifdng ngay. Mot so hoc sinh co sd thich la ve tranh, sd khac lai
thich sifu tap tem hoac lam vifdn. Sifu tap vo so tren bai bien
cung la sd thich cua m ot difa tre.
S d thich rat cd ich cho nhieu ngifdi. Vi du nhif, m ot ngifdi
sifu tap tem cua nhuftg nifdc khac nhau tren the gidi se dac biet
quan tam nghien cifu ve noi dung cua con tem cung nhif ve quoc
gia li/u hanh con tem do. Anh ta co the bo ra rat nhieu tien mua
nhCfng con tem hiem de lifu vao bo sifu tap va rat tif hao khi sd
hCfu chung. S d thich cung day ta nhan biet difdc gia tri cua do vat
hoac hoat dong ma ta dang quan tam.
V e phan toi, toi co vai sd thich theo tifng giai doan khac
nhau trong ddi. S d thich dau tien la sifu tap tem. Sau do con lai la
thich nuoi thu cifng. T oi co hai con cho va m ot con vet. C on hien
gid sd thich cua toi la lam vifdn. T oi trong hoa va rau cai trong
khu dat tao kin xung quanh nha va tifdi nifdc moi ngay. T oi cham
chut cay coi, nhd co dai va thinh thoang lai bon phan cho cay.
T oi thifdng ban hoa ch o ngifdi ban hoa va kiem difpc m ot khoan
thu nhap nhd.
D im m inh vao m ot sd thich nao do ro rang khon ngoan hon
la lang phi thdi gian qui bau cua minh.

C a c b/\i Iuan TitNq an N Tbowq dumc;


T here is an overhead bridge in front of the block of flats
w here I live. An old lady sits inere selling sweets and peanuts.
S h e told me that she had been abandoned by her grown-up
children. Out of sympathy I buy a packet of peanuts from her
whenever I cross the bridge.
O ne day as I was crossing the bridge, it started to drizzle.
T he old lady packed her things and hurriedly went down the
stairs. Before I could run forward to give her a hand she missed a
step and fell. By the time I reached her, she had already fainted. I
was shocked to see her head bleeding. Unfortunately, there was
no one around to help. Thus, I left her and ran to the nearest
telephone booth to call for an ambulance.
In the hospital, the doctor told me that the old lady would
soon be well as she had not lost too much blood. I was not
relieved as her family would not care for her. I asked my father
for help. S o o n , she was sent to live in an Old Folks Hom e.
I feel glad to have been of help to the old lady. I intend to
visit her often at the Old Folks Home.
1. deed (n): viec da lam
2. to abandon (v): bo roi


Commonly used English gssqy

3. sympathy (n): s u c a m th o n g
4. to faint (v): nga't x!u, b at tin h
5. lady (n): quy ba

m Qt v i $ c lAm t 6 t

C o m ot chiec cau cao qua dau b phia tnfdc khu chung cif noi
toi song. Mot ba cu ngoi b do ban keo va dau phong. Cu ke vdi
toi rang cac con cu nay da tn/efng thanh va da bo roi cu. Vi qua
thifdng cu nen moi khi qua cau toi lai mua giup cu m ot bao dau
Mot ngay no, khi toi dang bang qua cau thi trdi mite lat
phat. Cu gia thu don do dac va voi va di xuong cau thang. Tnfdc
khi toi co the chay den va giup cu m ot tay thi cu bifdc hut va nga
xuong. Luc toi chay den thi cu da ngat di. T oi choang vang khi
thay dau cu chay mau. T h at khong may, chang co m ot ai ben
canh giup dd. Vi vay toi de cu b do va chay den phong dien thoai
gan nhat de goi xe cifu thifdng.

benh vien, bac si bao toi rang cu gia se sdm binh phuc vi

cu khong bj mat nhieu mau. T oi khong an tam vi gia dinh cu se

khong cham soc cu. T oi da nhd cha giup dd. Sau do cu difdc girt
den song b m ot nha difdng iao.
T o i clim thay vui khi giup dd difdc ch o ba cu gia. T oi dif dinh
di tham cu thifdng xuyen b nha difdng lao.


C a c bAi Iu an t U n q an M ih o N q duNq


Every day after school,


Sanch ez would stop her

grandm others apartm ent, Rita and her grandm other both looked
forward to these times together. In fact, .R itas grandmother kept
saying, I wish all my other friends had grandchildren to visit
them like this.
That gave Rita an idea. Sh e talked with friends about it. Kid
Visits was underway. Each day, on the way hom e from school,
Kid Visits kids stop and spend time with older people in the
neighborhood. T he children talk, run errands, or even take the
people to the park.
It's the great for everyone, Rita tells people. People who
live alone get to see other people m ore often. And we get to feel
this we have dozens of grandparents!
1. visit (n): su th a m vieng
2. look forward to (v): m o n g cha, m o n g d a i
3. underway (idm): da bat d au va d a n g tien trie n
4. errand (n): viec Idt vdt

5. alone (adj): m o t m in h , d a n doc, cd d a n

6. dozen (n): td (m u a i hai d a n vi)



Commonly used English essay______ ________________


t h Am v i n g

Moi ngay, sau gid tan hoc, Rita Sanchez ghe lai can ho cua
ba minh. C a Rita va ba deu m ong doi nhCfng giay phut d ben
nhau nhif the. Thifc te ba cua Rita luon noi: Udc gi tat ca ban be
cua toi deu co chau den cham nom giong the nay.
Dieu do lam Rita nay ra m ot sang kien. C o noi vdi cac ban
cua minh ve dieu nay. C h ln g bao lau nhom nhCfng difa tre tham
vieng difOc thanh lap va phat trien. Mdi ngay, tren difdng tif
trifdng ve nha, cac thanh vien trong nhom nay se ghe lai tham
nhCfng ngifdi gia trong xom . B o n tre tro chuyen, lam nhCfng viec
lat vat, hoac tham chi con difa ho den cong vien.
Dieu nay that tuyet vdi ddi vdi moi ngifdi, Rita noi. NhCfng
ngifdi song mot minh se gap gd nhieu ngifdi khac thifdng xuyen
hon. Va chung ta se thay cd den hang ta cac ong b a !


C a c bAi Iuan Titwq ANh ih ow q dung


T ea ch ers Day falls on the twentieth of November. Every
year, our chool will celebrate this day by holding a concert
especially for the principal and teachers. This year was no
O n that day, the whole school proceeded to the hall after
morning assembly. Every class was involved in the concert. There
were dances, sketches, mimes and songs. All the performers did
their best and the concert was a great success.
After the concert, we went back to our classes to have our
class parties. My classroom was transformed into a party hall.
W hen our form teacher cam e into the class, she was very
surprised indeed. We had food, drinks and presents for her.
Som e of us even made cards for her and she was very touched.
- At the end of the day, everyone was in a good mood. 1 felt
that, as students, we should thank our teachers for teaching us
our lessons so patiently and cheerfully. W hat better opportunity is
there for us to show our appreciation than on T each ers' Day?
1. to celebrate (v): la m l i ky n ie m
2. sketch (n): v a hai kich ngdn
3. mine (n): k ich cam
4. touched (adj): x u c d o n g , ca m d d n g

5. appreciation (n): s u cam kich, lo n g b ie t cm


Commonly m cd English essay

Le hien chiiong nha giao la vao ngay 2 0 thang 1 1 . Hang
n5m, tn/dng toi lai td chtfc ngay nay bang mot buoi bieu d iln van
nghe dac biet danh cho thay hieu tnidng va cac giao vien. N5m
nay cung khong ngoai le.
V ao ngay do, toan tn/dng tap hop tai hoi tnidng sau khi da
rmt tinh vao buoi sang. Mdi lcfp deu tham gia vao buoi lien hoan
van nghe. C o cac tiet muc mua, hai kich ngan, kich cam va cac
ca khuc. T at ca dien vien deu cd gang het sufc minh de chuong
trinh van nghe di/dc thanh cong tdt dep.
Sau buoi van nghe, chung toi trcf lai ldp hoc de chuan bi cho
bCfa tiec cua 16p. Lcfp toi bien thanh m ot phong tiec. Khi co chu
nhiem budc vao, co that sU ngac nhien. Chung toi mdi co tham
du va tang qua ch o co. Vai ban con lam thiep de chuc mCfng co
nute, co giao rat xuc dong.
V ao cuoi ngay, moi ngifcfi deu d trong tam trang vui ve. T oi
thay rang la hoc sinh, chung ta phai biet On thay co giao da kien
nhan va vui ve giang day chung ta. Vay thi con dip nao tdt hon
dip nay de chung ta bay to long biet On cua minh ddi vdi thay co.


C a c bAi Iuan TitNq anIi ih o N q duNq

T he Sen to sa cable car in Singapore was known to be one of
the safest in the world. However, on a day in January 1983,
holiday makers on a cable car ride to Sentosa Island were faced
with a disaster.
T he cables supporting the cable cars snapped when a drill
ship was pushed by the strong currents towards the cable car
lines. T he drill tower of the ship hit the cables before anything
could be done to stop it.
Two of the cable cars were plunged into the sea below. The
door of another cable car burst opened and three passengers
inside were thrown out of it. Altogether, five people died in this
disaster. Several cable cars hung dangerously from the cables,
swinging violently in the strong winds. Thirteen people were
trapped in three of these cable cars. At any time, these cable cars
could have plunged into the sea and killed the passengers inside.
Rescue workers embarked on a daring helicopter rescue
operation. All the thirteen people were rescued.
1. cable car (n): toa xe d u p e n a n g len cao ua ducfc keo
b ang m o t day cap ch uye n d o n g
2. to snap (v): la m ch o cai gi gay d o t n g o t b an g m o t tieng
d o n g ldn


Commonly used English essay

3. current (n): chuyen d o n g tha n h d o n g cua k h o n g khf, nude
4. disaster (n): th a m hoa
5. passenger (n): h a n h kh ach

m Qt t a i nan

H e thong xe treo tren day cap Sen to sa cua Singapore co

tieng la he thong an toan nhat tren the gidi. Vay m a, vao mot
ngay thang gieng nam 1 9 8 3 , nhCfng ngifOi di nghi bang xe treo
tren day cap den dao S en to sa da gap mot tham hoa.
C ac day cap nang nhCfng toa xe bong dift phift khi m ot chiec
tau khoan bi nhCfng luong gio m anh day dat ve phia cac tuyen
day cap. T hap khoan tren tau va vao cac toa xe trifdc khi ngifdi
ta co the thifc hien dieu gi do nham ngan chan no lai.
Hai toa xe do nhao xuong bien. Canh cite m ot toa xe khac
bung ra va ba hanh khach trong xe bi nem ra ngoai. C o tat ca
nam ngifdi b| thiet m ang trong tham hoa nay. Nhieu toa xe lo
lifng tren day m ot cach nguy hiem, lac lif dCf dpi trong con gio
m anh. MifOi ba ngiidi con ket lai trong ba toa xe. B a t cif luc nao
cac toa xe nay cung co the roi xuong bien, de doa tinh mang cua
nhCfng hanh khach con d ben trong.
Nhan vien cCfu ho da m ao hiem giai cifu cho hanh khach
bang trifc thang. C a mifdi ba ngi/di deu thoat nan.


C a c b/tf Iuan TiiN q a n U Thong duNQ

Phong had always been a very untidy boy. After playing with
his toys at hom e he would leave them around the living room.
His m other would then have to put them away for him.
O n e day, Phong wanted to visit his friend, Vu. Before Phong
left his house, he took som e rambutans along with him. On the
way to V us house, Phong ate the rambutans. After eating each
fruit, Phong threw the skill on the ground. So o n there was a trail
of rambutan skills behind him.
A policem an on duty saw what Phong was doing. He went
over to the littering boy and gave the boy warning. Phong was
then asked to pick up all the rambutant skills he had thrown. He
was also


to throw

for what



into the dustbin.




T he




policem an that he would not litter again.

1. to litter (v): xa rac, uut rac bua bai
2. untidy (adj): Ion x o n , bi/a bai
3. rambutan (n): q ua c h o m c h o m
4. trail (n): d au vet d u o i d a n g m o t vet seo dai d o a ^c a i gi di
q u a de lai
5. dustbin (n): t h u n g rac
6. to apologize (v): x in loi, n o i ra n g m in h an han


Commonly used English essay

Phong luon la m ot cau be rat i1 bite bai. Sau khi choi xong
do chcfi, cau ta vift chung lung tung xung quanh phong khach.
The la m e cau phai thu don lai ch o cau ta.
Mot ngay no, Phong muon den tham Vu, ban cau. Trifdc khi
ra khoi nha, Phong cam th eo vai qua chdrn chom . T ren difdng
den nha Vu, Phong an chom chom , roi vift vo ra difdng. C hoc
lat, sau lifng cau ta da co m ot vet dai toan v6 chom chom .
Mot vien canh sat dang thi hanh nhiem vu chot trong thay
hanh dong cua Phong. Anh ben di den ben cau be va canh cao
cau ta. Roi anh yeu cau cau phai nhat het so vo chom chom ma
cau da vtit bite bai, sau do phai nem chung vao thung rac. Cau be
xin loi ve viec da lam. Cau cung hite vdi ngifdi canh sat rang cau
se khong vift rac bite bai nute.


C a c bAi Iuan tie n q anIi th o N q duNq


O ne weekend, my aunt organized a two-day camping to
Sen to sa Island. A day before leaving, my m other packed some
fresh food and som e canned food into a box. Then we took the
camping equipment "*.nd sleeping bags out of the cupboard for
the trip. I was afraid of mosquito bites, so I brought along a can
of insect repellent.
Early the next morning, we put all the stuff in the car and left
for the jetty. We w ere to take a ferry to the island.
T he ferry trip was smooth. On our way there, a few of my
cousins and I sang som e songs that we had leant in school. We
reached Sentosa Island just before noon. We went to the camp
site. After pitching our tents, we had our lunch.
T he youngsters decided to explore the island in groups of
three. My m other and my aunt went for a walk, while my father
went for a swim. In the evening, we played som e gam es together.
T he next evening, we made our way hom e. It was really fun
camping but rather tiring.
1. to cam p (v): d i cam trai
2. repellent (n): c h a t hod hoc de c h o n g con t r u n g (ruoi,
m u d i...)
3. jetty (n): cau tau


Commonly used English essay

4. ferry (n): p h a
5. to pitch (v): d u n g , cd m (leu, trai, u .u ..tro n g m o t thefi
g ia n n g d n )


Mot ngay cuoi tuan, di toi td ch u t mot chuyen di cam trai
hai ngay tren dao Sen to sa. Horn tn/dc chuyen di, me toi da
chuan b| m ot it thtfc an ti/Oi va vai do hop vao thung. Sau do
chung toi loi bo do cam trai va tui ngu ra kh6i tu de chuan bi cho
chuyen di. T oi con s o bi muoi dot nen dem theo m ot lo thuoc
chong con trung.
Sang sdm horn sau, chung toi dat tat ca cac vat dung vao xe
va lai ra cau tau, doan di pha ra dao.
Chuyen pha dien ra suon se. D oc dudng di, toi cung cac anh
em hat nhCfng bai da hoc di/Oc d trudng. Trudc 12 gid trua,
chung toi da den dao. Chung toi di den khu vut cam trai. Sau khi
difng trai xong, chung toi dung bCfa trifa.
Dam tre quyet dinh tham hiem hon dao theo tifng nhom ba
ngiidi. Me va di toi di dao, con cha toi di boi. T oi den, chung toi
cung nhau chdi tro choi.
Tdi hom sau, chung toi trd ve nha. Di cam trai vui nhijng
kha met.


C a c bAi Iuan tienc* anIi th o N q duNq


People in Memphis, T en n essee, have a special treat in the
Memphis Zoo. For years they had enjoyed Julie, the zoo twentyseven-year-old hippopotamus, a large animal that lives in water.
Recently, however, Julie gave birth to a set of forty-pound twins.
People around Memphis made quite a fuss about the two
babies. Ju lie s children were, after all, the first hippo twins ever to
be bom in the United States. As a result, they had a chance to
m eet with everyone from city officials to movie stars. Julie,
^however, was not impressed with all the attention or her wellknown guests. In fact, she made sure that no one, not even the
zoo keepers, got close to her young offspring. Now, do you think
anyone is willing to argue with this four-thousand-pound hippo?
1. treat (n): n ie m vui ldn
2. hippopotamus (n): con ha m a
3. twins (n): cap so n g s in h
4. m ake a fuss (idm): d a c biet chu y d en ai/cai gi, Idm rum
5. to impress (v): gay an tu o n g
6. offspring (n): con cua m o t con vat

7. to be willing to (v): san sang, san lo n g


Commonly used English cssqy

Ngi/di dan b M emphis, T en nessee, co niem vui bat ngd dac
biet b vi/dn bach thu Memphis. Trong nhieu nam nay hp rat yeu
thich Julie, con -ha ma 2 7 tuoi b sd thu, mot con vat to ldn song
di/di nifdc. G an day, Julie ch o ra d<M mot cap song sinh nang 4 0
can Anh.
Nhufng ngi/di quanh vung Memphis on ao han len vi hai con
ha ma nay. Du sao thi may dufa con cua Julie cung la cap ha ma
song sinh dau tien di/dc sinh b H oa Ki. Vi the, chung co c o hoi
gap gd moi ngi/di ti/ ca c vien chtfc thanh pho den cac ngoi sao
dien anh. Tuy nhien, Ju lie khong co gi an ti/Ong vdi moi si/ chu y
hoac vdi nhufng vi khach noi tieng cua no. No chi cham cham giuf
cho khong m ot ai, ke ca nhan vien sd thu co the den gan nhung
difa con cua no. Ban co nghi rang co ai muon tranh dau vdi con
ha ma nang bon nghin can Anh nay khong?


C a c b k i Iuan Titwq Anh t h o n g duNq


W hen

was in Primary Four, a new boy joined my class

during the second sem ester. As

I was

sitting next to him,

I was

asked to help him to get used to the new environment. We hit it

off instantly. Two years have passed since.

Now, we have

becom e the best of friends. That boys nam e is Wie Zhiwei.

Zhiwei is much taller and skinier than


He is also very agile.

That is why he has qualified for our school basketball team . He is

also one of our sch ools best athletes. He specialized in the
hurdles and high jump events.
Though Zhiwei is very involved in sports and gam es, he is
very disciplined. He always finishes his homework on time. In
fact, he has always been one of the top pupils in class.
O ne m ajor belief that both of us agree on is that friends
should share their thoughts and knowledge. This enables us to
know each other very well. Thus, in spite of the fact that he is an
extrovert and I am not, we are still such close friends
treasure this friendship and hope that it will last forever.
1. sem ester (n): hoc ky sau th a n g
2. hit it off (idm): an y, ta m d au y h op
3. skinny (adj): ra t gay, gay n h o m
4. agile (adj): n h a n h nhen
5. extrovert (n): n g u o i h oa t bat ua th ic h g ia o du


I really

Commonly used English essay

Khi toi hoc ldp bon, trong hoc ki hai, mot ban tra*i mcfi vao
ldp toi. Vi toi ngoi canh ban ay nen toi di/Oc yeu cau giup dd ban
quen dan vdi moi trifdng mdi. Chung toi ket than vert nhau ngay.
Hai nam hoc troi qua ke ti/ do. Bay gid chung toi da trd thanh
nhifng ngi/di ban tot cua nhau. Ban nam do ten la Wie Zhiwei.
Zhiwei cao va gay hdn toi. Cau cung rat nhanh nhen. Do la
li do tai sao cau du kha nang gia nhap doi bong


trifdng toi.

Cau cung la m ot trong nhOfrig van dong vien gidi nhat tri/dng.
Cau chuyen ve chay vifOt rao va nhay cao.
. Mac du Zhiwei rat quan tam den the thao va cac m on choi,
nhi/ng cau rat co ki luat. Cau luon hoan tat bai tap ve nha dung
gid. Thifc te cau luon la m ot trong nhifng hoc sinh difng dau ldp.
Mot dieu ma ca hai chung toi cung thoa thuan la ban be phai
chia se suy nghi va kien thifc cho nhau. Dieu nay giup chung toi
hieu nhau nhieu hon. Vi vay m ac du tren thifc te cau la m ot ngifdi
cdi m d con toi thi khong, chung toi van la ban than cua nhau.Toi
that sif quy trong tinh ban nay va hi vong no' se keo "dai mai mai.


C ac bAi Iuan Tifrq Awh Thowq dung


A rainy day is disliked by school children because it keeps
them indoor. T hey have little chance to go out and play on a
rainy day.
O n ce I had an unpleasant experience on a rainy day. It was
on Monday and 1 was attending my class. All of a sudden, the
clouds becam e darker, followed by a torrential rain. The rain
started at about 9 .0 0 a.m and continued for m ore than an hour.
T h e rainy water started to creep into our class gradually. Our
shool being in a low land, it took little time fo r'th e whole schpol com pound to get flooded.
Our teachers had little work to do during the rain as thunder
b ecam e deafening followed by a stormy weather. T h e school was
dismissed an hour earlier than usual and we had to walk back
hom e in knee-deep water. 1 did not bring my umbrella, so I had to
share my friends umbrella on my way hom e. By the time 1
reached hom e 1 was drenched. 1 felt miserable as my books were
all wet. 1 had to dry them up for the next day. I saw a few trees
up-rooted in front of my house and it was caused by the rain. A
canal near my house was over-flowing and it took like the whole
place would go under water. We were lucky that the flood water
receded and the sky becam e clearer soon.
I still rem em ber the dreadful scene of that rainy day.

Commonly used English essay

1. deafening (adj): d ie c tai, c h o i tai
2. to dismiss (v): g ia i tan
3. umbrella (n): cai o
4. to drench (v): la m a&t su n g

5. to up-root (v): n h o b at r i


H oc sinh khong thich trdi mite bdi vi chung phai d trong
nha. Chung kho co c o hoi ra ngoai choi trong m ot ngay mite gio.
Cd lan toi da nem trai m ot kinh nghiem kho chiu ve mot
ngay trdi mite. Dd la horn thif hai, toi dang hoc trong ldp. Bat
chdt may mite keo den den kit, roi mite tuon nhif trut nifdc. Tran
mite bat dau vao khoang 9 gid sang va keo dai hdn mot gid lien.
Nifdc mite tif tif chay vao ldp hoc. Trifdng toi nam d vung dat
thap, nen chang bao lau sau ca khuon vien trifdng da bi ngap lut.
C ac thay co chang giang duoc gi nhieu trong luc trdi mite vi
sam set ren vang va mite bao ap den. Trifdng tan hoc sdm hdn
mot tieng va chung toi phai loi ve trong nifdc mite ngap qua dau
goi. Toi khong dem theo du nen phai che chung vdi ban. Khi ve
den nha ngifdi toi da ifdt sung. Toi cam thay dau kho vi sach vd
da bi ifdt sach. T oi phai hong kho chung de ngay mai con di hoc.
Phia trifdc nha, toi thay vai than cay bi bat goc do trdi mite. Con
kenh gan nha nifdc dang tran ngap. Cd ve nhif khap noi deu
chim trong bien nifdc. Cung may la nifdc lu da rut dan va bau trdi
trd lai trong xanh.
T oi nhd mai canh tifdng dang sd cua cdn mite horn ay.



bAi Iuan Titwq Ash Thong duNq


After answering the call, my m other told me that she had to
go and look after my aunt who was sick. Before she left, she gave
m e som e m oney to buy dinner.
I decided, however, that a hom e-cooked meal would be more
nutritious. I searched through the refrigerator and found some
vegetables chicken wings, m eat and fish.
First, 1 took the chicken wings out of the freezer to thaw.
T hen I cut the vegetables and washed them. I also beat some
eggs to m ake om elettes. I had never realized that the preparation
of food before cooking could be so tedious.
W hen the oil was hot, 1 started frying the chicken wings. To
my dismay, there was badly burn because the cooking oil was too
hot. T he vegetables, too. were a little over- cooked. I was only
proud of the om elettes which even my fussy brother said were
Yum m y.
On the whole, dinner was generally all right, considering that
it was my first attem pt at cooking. I believed I could do better with
m ore practice in the future.
1. to attem pt (v): co gang, n o luc
2. to thaw (v): la m tan


Commonly used English essay

3. tedious (adj): q u a c h a m h oac q ua b uo n te
4. dismay (n): s u m a t h e t tin h tha n
5. fussy (adj): k h o tin h , cau k y

6 . yummy (adj): n g o n tu y e t

lA n d Au tin t Oi ta p nAu


Sau khi tra ldi dien thoai, me toi dan rang me phai di cham
soc di toi dang benh. T nfd c khi di, me dua toi m ot it tien de di
mua thOfc an cho bufa toi.
Tuy nhien toi thay m ot bifa an nau d nha se dinh difdng hon
nhieu. Toi luc tu lanh va tim difOc mot it rau cai, canh ga, thit va
Trifdc tien toi m ang canh ga ra khoi tu lanh de cho tan da.
Sau do toi cat va nfa rau cai. T oi dap trifng de lam mon trifng
chien. Trifdc day, toi khong nhan thay viec chuan bi thifc an
trifdc khi nau cd the nham chan den the.
Khi dau da nong, toi bat dau chien canh ga. Toi mat het tinh
than khi thay chung da bi chay khet bdi dau an qua nong. Rau cai
cung vay, chung cung bi nau hoi nhif. T oi chi tif hao cd moi mon
trifng chien, mon ma ngay ca difa em kho tinh cung noi la ngon
Noi chung bCfa an cung tam difdc, cif xem nhif la lan tap nau
an dau tien cua toi. T oi tin rang sau nay toi cd the nau an tot hon.


C a c bAi Iuan TieNq an Ii Tho Nq duNq


I have had this little wooden pencil case with me for about
two years. It is the m ost precious gift that I have because it was
made for me by my late grandfather for my tenth birthday.
My grandfather was a carpenter.

After he

retired, he

continued to spend his time on woodwork. He liked to work in

the garden where it was cooler. I used to sit beside him and watch
him while he ham m ered away.
O ne day, 1 could not find my grandfather in his use place in
the garden. After hunting high and low, I found him in his room.
His head was bent over a rectangular object and his hands were
busy carving som ething.
As soon as he saw m e, he did the object behind his back and
smiled guiltily, like som eone caught in a naughty act.
Ju st before my birthday, my grandfather fell sick. O n the eve
before my birthday, he passed away.
T h e next day, 1 found the wooden pencil case in his drawer.
T here som e words carved on it: Happy birthday to my beloved
grandson. 1 was touched. S o that was what my grandfather had
been so secretive about. Sine that day, I have always cherished
the birthday gift from my grandfather. T o me, it is a priceless gift.

Commonly used English essay

1 . carp enter (n): t h a m o c
2 . to ham m er away (idm): la m (viec gi) m o t cach ti'ch ctfc
3. high and low (pro): kh S p ch o n , k h d p noi
4 . rectangular (n): co h in h c h u n h a t
5. to carve (v): ch a m , kh ac
6 . to pass away (idm): q u a d a i, khua't n u i
7. to cherish (n): yeu th u o n g , g i u g in can than

m Qt m 6 n qu A v O giA

T oi da m ang th eo chiec hop but chi bang go nho be nay ben

minh hai nam nay. D o la m on qua quy nhat cua toi bcri vi no
difdc ngifdi ong qua co lam de tang toi nhan dip sinh nhat lan thif
Ong toi lam thd m oc. Sau khi ve hifu, ong van danh thdi
gian cho nghe m oc. O ng thich lam viec ngoai vifdn vi khong khi
d dd mat hdn. T oi thifdng ngoi ben canh va ngam nhin ong trong
khi ong dang say site lam viec.

Mot ngay no, toi khong thay ong toi d ndi ong thifdng ngoi
trong vifdn. Sau khi tim kiem khap ndi, toi thay ong trong phong
rieng. O ng cui dau ben m ot vat hinh chif nhat va doi tay dang
ban biu khac cham gi dd. Ngay khi nhin thay toi, ong giau vat no
sau lifng va mim cifdi ve cd loi y nhif mot ngifdi bi bat qua tang
dang lam dieu vung trpm.
Ngay tnfdc hom sinh nhat cua toi thi ong toi bi benh. V ao
dem trifdc sinh nhat toi thi ong qua ddi.
Ngay hom sau toi thay chiec hop but chi bang go trong ngan

C a c bAi Iu an TitNq an M th o N q duNq

keo cua ong. T ren do co khSc chCf Chuc miing sinh nhat difa
chau yeu qui cua o n g . T oi that sif cam dong. H oa ra day
nhCfng gi ong da giCf kin. Ke tCf ngay do toi luon ap u mon qu&
sinh nhat ma ong tang ch o toi. Doi vdi toi do la m ot mon qua
vo gia.


Commonly used English essay


Kendras legs felt as if they were going to fall off. It seem ed
as if she and the other dancers had been practicing for hours.
Kendra knew that all this practice was important. After all,
next week was the group's big show. Sh e and the other dancers
would perform from all over Africa. Hundreds of people would
com e to watch.
Kendra had started dancing lessons when she was four. Sh e
had even com e to love the time she spent practicing. Still, all this
was very hard work for a seven-year-old girl. Sondra, her teacher,
smiled at her. Y es, Kendra thought, w ell all be ready. It will be
the best recital ever.
1. to practice (v): ta p luyen
2. to fall off (v): roi x u o n g , nga x u o n g
3. dancer (n): d ie n vien m u a
4. recital (n): b u o i bieu d ie n a m nhac, d ie u m u a
5. im portant (adj): q u a n t ro n g

6 . to seem (v): d u & n g n h a


C a c bAi Iuan titN q an ^ T^dNq dunq


C han cua Kendra co cam giac s ip rcrt ra nhif the la co va cac
dien vien mua khac da tap hang gid lien.
Kendra biet rin g buoi tap nay rat quan trong bcri tuan tcri la
buoi bieu dien ldn cua ca nhom . C o va cac dien vien khac se bieu
d iln khap chau Phi. Hang tram ngifdi se den xem.
Kendra bat dau hoc mua khi co len bon. C o be rat yeu thich
nhCfng gid luyen tap. Nhifng day la cong viec cifc nhoc doi vdi
m ot co be bay tuoi. Sondra, giao vien cua co, dang rmm cifdi vcfi
co. "V ang, Kendra nghi, tat ca chung toi da s in sang. D o la buoi
trinh d iln thanh cong nhat tif trifdc den nay.


Commonly used English essay


I am a sixth grade student in De La Salle School. I enjoy
going to school because I have many friends there. However, I
still rem em ber how frightened and lonely I felt on my first day
at school.
T hat m om ing,

my m other drove me

to school.

I felt

frightened when I saw so many students running about in the

school field.
I joined a queue and was brought into Class 1A by my
teacher, Mrs. Devi. I burst into tears when my m other left. Many
of classmates were also crying and Mrs Devi had a hard time
pacifying us. Sh e played som e gam es with us to make us talk
about ourselves. S o o n , I got to know a few friends.
Suddenly, we heard a bell ringing loudly and we started
packing our things. However, Mrs Devi told us it was only a break
and led us to canteen. I was glad to see my m other waiting for
me with a bowl of prawn noodle. As I ate, I told her about my
new friends.
After recess, another teacher cam e into our class and we
sang nursery rhymes.
At the end of the day, I was no longer frightened or lonely.
My parents were glad when I told them I was looking forward to
going to school the next day.

C a c bAi Iuan m u g an U ThoNg dyNq

1. to pacify (v): Idm n g u o i

2. break (n): su ta m nghi
3. prawn noodle (n): m i to m
4. recess (n): g i d g ia i lao
5. nursery rhyme (n): bai t h a hoac bdi hat d a n h ch o tre em


T oi la m ot hoc sinh lcfp sau trifdng De La Salle. Toi thich di
hoc vi b do toi co rat nhieu ban be. Tuy nhien, toi van con nhd
ro minh da sd hai va co don ra sao trong ngay dau tien den lcfp.
Buoi sang hom ay, me lai xe difa toi den trifdng. Toi cam
thay hoang sd khi nhin thay co qua nhieu hoc sinh chay nhay
xung quanh san tnfdng.
T oi difng vao mot hang va difdc co giao toi, co Devi difa vao
ldp 1A. Khi me toi ra ve, toi oa khoe. Nhieu ban cung ldp cung
dang khoe loc, khien co Devi phai kho s b mat mot luc de chung
toi nguoi ngoai. C o cung chung toi chdi vai tro chdi. va de chung
toi tif gidi thieu ve ban than. Chang may choc toi da biet difdc
mot vai ngifdi ban mdi.
D ot nhien, chung toi nghe mot hoi chuong reo ldn va bSt
dau thu don cap sach. Nhifng co Davi bao rSng do chi la gid tam
nghi va dan chung toi den cang-tin. T oi vui mting trong thay me
dang ddi toi vdi mot bat my tom. Vite an toi vifa ke cho me nghe
ve nhCfng ngifdi ban mdi.
Sau gid giai lao, mot co giao khac vao ldp va chung toi cung
nhau hat nhCfng bai hat danh cho tre nho.

Commonly used English cssqy______ _______________

D en cuoi ngay, toi khong con cam thay so hai hoac co don
ntfa. B o me toi ra? vui mifng khi toi bao ho rang toi m ong den
ngay hom sau de di hoc.


C a c bAi Iu an TiENq ANh Thowq d w q


Dina waved to her mother. T hen, with a push of her
flippers, she moved slowly back to the surface. Sh e came up
directly under the boat. W hat a dive!
Dina had grown up in a family of divers. Almost every
weekend the family gathered its gear and set off for the driving
spot or another. Now it was D inas turn to learn. S h e had been
nervous at first. T he air tanks had seem ed heavy and bulky. The
mask felt tight on her face. Soon , however, she had passed
through all her training. This first dive had been wonderful. The
sea and its cretures had been all around her. Hey, she called to
her brother up in the boat. Can this fish com e aboard9
1. to wave (v): vay tay
2. flipper (n): chan nhai
3. gear (n): d u n g cu, q u a n do
4. nervous (adj): s o hai, cang thd n g, b on c h o n
5. tank (n): th u n g , b in h
6. bulky (adj): c o n g ke n h

7. mask (n): m a t na
8. tight (adj): k h it, ch a t
9. aboard (adv): a tren hoac vao tro n g tau, xe buyt. m ay bay


Commonly used English essay

lAn lAn d Au tin c Oa


Dina vay tay vdi me c.o. S a u do, day cai chan nhai, co tCf tu1
.di chuyen len m at nifdc. C o ngoi len thang difdi chiec thuyen.
That la m ot lan lan ra tro!
Dina ldn len trong m ot gia dinh thd lan. Hau nhif cuoi tuan
nao gia dinh cung tap trung dung cu va bat dau di lan d cho nay
hoac ch 6 k h a c Bay gid den lifdt Dina phai hoc. Dau tien co rat
cang thang. Binh khi qua nang va cong kenh. Cai mat na tren
mat hinh nhif qua chat. Tuy nhien, chang may ch oc co da vifdt
qua difdc ddt luyen tap. Lan dau tien nay that tuyet vdi. Bien va
cac sinh vat bien luon vay quanh co. C o keu len vdi anh minh
con ca nay co the len thuyen difdc chif.


C a c bAi Iuan Tieng Awh Thong duwq


It was a bright Saturday morning. T he school holiday had
just begun and my form teacher, Mrs. Zhang, had promised to
bring whole class on an excursion to the Botanic Garden.
A bus was chartered to take us there. W e assembled at
school punctually and Mrs. Zhang did a head count before we
boarded the bus. It was a long way to the Botanic Garden and we
sang songs merrily on the way.
S o o n , we reached our destination. It was a beautiful place.
We made a short tour round the garden and snapped some
pictures of the whole class. W e then found the spacious piece of
grassland and played som e gam es there. Even Mrs. Zhang joined
in the fun.
W hen it was one o clock, we unpacked the food we brought
and tucked into the noodles, sandwiches, fruits and barley drink.


aftern oon ,


w ent





p erform an ce by National Ju n io r C ollege choir at the garden.

T hey sang very well.
All too soon, it was time to leave. However, we cheered Mrs.
Zhang promised to bring us to an excursion during the D ecem ber

Commonly used English essay


excursion (n): cuoc d i choi ngSn ngay cung vdi m o t so ngudi


to charter (v): t h u e (m o t p h u o n g tien van c h u y e n i

m o t m u c d ic h d d c biet)


to snap (v): c h u p n h a n h (m o t buc a nh )


to tuck into sth (idm): an nga'u n g h ie n


holiday (n): k i n g h i


Horn do la m ot buoi sang thif bay dep trdi. Tnfdng vi/a mdi
nghi le va co chu nhiem ldp toi, co Zhang, da hifa dan ca ldp di
tham quan vifdn bach thao.
Chung toi thue m ot chiec xe buyt de di den do. Chung toi
tap hop d trifdng dung gid va co Zhang da diem danh trifdc khi
tat ca len xe. Difdng den vifdn bach thao kha xa nen chung toi
hat ho suot doan difdng di.
Chang bao lau chung toi da den ndi. D o la mot ndi rat dep.
Chung toi di m ot vong quanh khu vifdn va chup vai bifc anh
chung vdi ca ldp. Sau do chung toi tim thay m ot mang co rong va
choi mot vai tro chdi d do. Ngay ca co Zhang cung tham gia vao
tro chdi.

Vao luc mot gid. chung toi md thifc an mang theo va an uong

ngau nghien nao la mi goi, mi kep thit, trai cay va nifdc lua mach.
Buoi chieu, chung toi nghe mot buoi bieu dien hdp xifdng
cua dan dong ca cua H oc vien Quoc gia trinh dien tai vifdn. H o
hat rat hay.
C on qua sdm nhung da den luc phai ra ve. Tuy nhien, chung
toi deu hoan ho khi co Zhang hifa se d in chung toi di tham quan
m ot noi khac trong dip nghi le vao thang mifdi hai.

C a c bAi Iuan TitNq a s U ThdNq duNq


Bzzzz...zzzz...How do flies make that buzzing noise anyway?
Do they have som ething hidden somewhere that makes the noise?
First of all, flies buzz only when are flying. T hat is because
the noise you hear is the sound of flies wings. T hose wings move
very quickly (almost two hundred times each second). In fact, they
move so fast that they make buzzing sound. Mosquitoes also
make a buzzing sound when they fly. A mosquitoe buzz, however,
is not nearly as loud as fly.
T he cham pion buzz maker, of course, is that very noise
insect called the bum blebee. In fact, the word "Bum ble" com es to
us from an old word that m eans Humming". Isnt that what the
flapping of bees' wings sounds like?
1. to hide (v): g ia u
2. fly (n): con ru o i
3. to buzz (v): tao ra tie n g vo ve, ri ra m , vu vu...
4. mosquitoe (n): con m u d i
5. to hum (v): keu vo ve, keu o o

1 7H

Commonly used English ,ys$qy

NHCTNG c On trung

k u vo ve

B zzz...b zzz...B an g cach nao ruoi lai phat ra tieng keu vo ve?
Phai chang chung co giau b dau do mot thCf co the phat ra tieng
dong nay?
Trifdc tien, cac con ruoi chi keu vo ve khi chung dang bay.
Do la vi tieng dong ban nghe difdc la am thanh dap canh cua
ruoi. NhOfng cai canh nay ctf dong rat nhanh (gan hai tram lan
mot giay). Thifc te, chung cif dong nhanh den noi gay ra tieng
keu vo ve. Muoi cung gay ra tieng vo ve khi chung bay. Tuy
nhien, tieng vo ve cua muoi hau nhif khong ldn nhif tieng vo ve
cua ruoi.
DI nhien, vo dich phat ra tieng vo ve la m ot giong con trung
difdc goi la m ot con ong nghe. Thifc ra, tCf Bum ble bat nguon
tif mot tif cd co nghia Hum m ing. Chang phai tieng dap canh
cua con ong nghe giong nhif the nay sao?


C a c bAi Iu an TicNq anIi ThoNq duNq

Man is described as a social ^ n ijn a l. H e cannot live by
himself. A lonely man is either a samt or a thief. O ne feels the
necessity of com panions constantly at all stages in on e's life.
T here is a famous saying about com panionship: Sorrow shared
is sorrow halved and joy shared is joy doubled. O nes pleasures
will lose half their charm when there are no friends to share
them .
T h e com m on saying is:

Birds of a feather flock together.

S o a m an can easily be judged by the com panies he keeps. If he

is often seen in the com pany of idle m en, he also naturally be
looked down upon as an idler.
A real com panion, however, is difficult to find. Such a
com panion, is one to whom one can turn to for advice, comfort,
encouragem ent and help. He may not necessarily be-learned or
wise, but he will understand his friend perfectly well. He will not
fail to impart to him courage and strength. A good friend is the
balm of our life.
1. com panion (n): ban tot, ban d o n g h a n h
2. saint (n): th a n h
3. thief (n): ke tr o m

4. to judge (v): d a n h gia, p h a n x e t

5. idle (adj): n h a n roi, la d i n hac

Commonly used English essay

6 . to turn (v): k h u y e n rdn, d e n u&i ai
7. com fort (n): s u an ui, n g u o n an ui
8. to impart (v): d e m lai
9. balm (n): d ie u la m x o a d iu ta m t r i

C on ngifdi difOc m o ta nhif m ot sinh vat mang tinh xa hoi.
Con ngifdi khong the song m ot minh difOc. Mot ngi/di co doc
hoSc la m ot vi thanh hoSc la m ot ten trom. T a luon cam nhan
difOc si/ can thiet phai co ban trong moi giai doan cua cuoc ddi.
Co m ot cau noi ndi tieng ve tinh ban: Noi buon chia doi con
phan nifa, niem vui se gap hai lan. T a se danh mat mot nifa
niem vui neu khong co ban be de chia se niem vui do.
Ngifdi ta thifdng noi: Ngifu tam ngifu, ma tam m a. Vi the
co the d l dang danh gia m ot ngifdi qua ban be cua ngifdi do. Neu
ta thifdng thay ngifdi do giao du vdi nhifng ke vo cong roi nghe,
difang nhien anh ta cung bi xem la m ot ten lifdi nhac.
Tuy nhien, rat kho tim thay m ot ngifdi ban thifc sif. D o la
ngifdi ban ma ta co the tim den de nhd khuyen ran, an ui, dong
vien va giup dd. Ngifdi do khong can thiet phai thong thai hoac
khon ngoan, nhifng anh ta hoan toan thau hieu difOc minh. Anh
ta khong the khong m ang lai cho ban minh long can dam va sifc
manh. Mot ngifdi ban tot la ngifdi co the xoa diu n6i dau trong
cupc song cua chung ta.


C a c bAi Iuan t U nc, Anh ThoNq dung







som e




endangered animals are actually growing in numbers.

Y ears ago, for exam ple, people who felt that wolves were
dangerous and killed so many wolves each year that soon they
were alm ost gone. Nature lovers grew worried. No one wanted
the wolves to disappear.
Laws were passed to protect the wolves that were left. Wild
wolves w ere captured in Canada and let ioose in U .S . forests.
Scientists kept track of the wolves to make sure they would live.
S o o n , wolf packs began to form. Now, for the first time in almost
a hundred years, wolves roam the forests of the Midwest.
1. to endanger (v): gay nguy h ie m
2. to disappear (v): bien m a t
3. to kept track of (idm): th e o d oi, n d m t h o n g tin ve
4. pack (n): bay, d an
5. to form (v): h in h th a n h


Commonly used English essay

Ngay nay, nhd nhCtag ngi/di yeu thien nhien, mot so dong
vat co nguy c o tuyet chung tren the gidi dang phat trien trd lai.
Chang han nhi/, nhCtag nam tri/dc day, nhieu ngi/di cam
thay cho soi la loai vat nguy hiem nen m 6i nam da giet chet
chung nhieu den noi chung gan nhif bien mat. NhCtag ngifdi yeu
thien nhien trd nen lo lang. H o khong muon loai soi bi tuyet
Ngi/di ta da thong qua bo luat bao ve nhutag con soi con sot
lai. Nhutag con soi hoang bi bat giCf d Canada va di/Oc tha long
trong cac khu ritag d H oa Ky. C ac nha khoa hoc da theo doi lu
soi de dam bao rang chung van con song sot. Chang may choc,
nhCtag dan soi bat dau di/pc hinh thanh. Hien nay, lan dau tien
trong gan mot tram nam , cac con soi lai di lang thang trong cac
khu ritag d vung Trung Tay.


C a c bAi Iuan m w q Anh Thowq duNq

Last Sunday, whole my family went to East C oast beach for
a picnic. T h e five of us piled into my fa th e rs car and he drove us
there. W hen we reached the beach, it was already very crowded.
Som e people were swimming, som e were suntanning and some
were wind-surfing. W e chose a shady place on the beach to settle
My brothers and I went for a swim. T he water was very cold.
While we were swimming, we saw our parents unpack the food
which we had prepared at hom e. At about twelve o clock, we
joined our parents for lunch. After the long swim, we were very
hungry. Thus, we tucked into the chicken wings, sandwiches and
tried noodles hungrily.
After lunch, all of us went to collect sea-shells. T here was an
abundance of them on the beach. I found a reddish-brown seashell which looked like a little horn. My brothers said that blowing
it would summon mermaids. O f course, I did not believe them.
By then, the sun was starting to set. Reluctantly, we packed
up and went hom e. Though all of us were very tired, we found it
a truly enjoyable out.
1. to pile (v): vao (cai gi) m o t cach hdn loan
2. to suntan (v): la m ra m n dn g bdng cach phcri ra m d t trd i


Commonly used English essay

3. to wind-surfing (v): lucft tre n uan b uo m

4. ho m (n): cai su n g
5. to sum mon (v): g o i den
6. merm aid (n): n g u o i cd, my n h a n n g u

m 0 t bu 6 i DA ngoai

Chu nhat tuan trifdc, ca nha toi di da ngoai d bai bien phia
Dong. Nam ngifdi chung toi chen chuc nhau vao chiec xe cua cha
toi. Khi den ndi bai bien da dong nghjt ngifdi. Mot so dang bdi
loi, mot so thi nam phdi nang, con so khac lifdt van buom.
Chung toi chon m ot chd co bong ram tren bai bien de ngoi nghi.
Anh em toi ru nhau boi. Nude bien rat lanh. Khi dang bdi,
chung toi nhin thay cha me dc/ thuc an ma chung toi da chuan bi
b nha ra. Khoang 1 2 gid trite, chung toi len bd an trite cung vdi

cha me. Bdi loi lau nen chung toi rat doi. Vi the, chung toi an
ngau nghien nao la canh ga, nao la banh mi kep thit va mi xao.
Sau bCte trite, ca gia dinh di nhat vo so. C o rat nhieu vo so
tren bai bien. T oi tim thay m ot vo so co mau nau anh do trong
giong nhif cai sifng nho nho. C ac anh toi bao rang neu thoi len
thi am thanh phat ra se goi difdc cac my nhan ngif den. T at
nhien toi chang tin ndi nhifng dieu nhif the.
Luc do m at trdi bat dau lan xuong. Chung toi m iln cifdng
thu don do dac va trd ve nha. Mac du ai cung m et nhifng deu
thay rang do qua la m ot chuyen da ngoai rat vui.


C a c bAi Iuan m a g Ash Thong duNq


Generally, children wish they were grown and old people
wish they were young again. Each age has its own pleasures and
pains. And, to my mind, the happiest person is the one who
knows how to enjoy fully what his age has brought to him.
Childhood is the happiest time in o n e s life. If the children
are brought up by good families they will be well-bred, loved and
taken care of carefully. They will becom e useful citizens to
But childhood has its pains, too. They aren't allowed to do
whatever they wish. If they do som ething wrong they will be
punished. T herefore, they aren t quite happy.
W hen

they grow up, they completely get rid of strict

regulations and rules from their parents and schools but they have
to work for their living. They can no longer expect others to pay
for their food, their clothes and their lodging. Now they must
have responsibility towards their families and society.
T he old age has been always considered as the worst age to
be, but its not necessary for the old to be unhappy.

Commonly used English cssqy_______________________

After many years of hard work, when reaching their old age,
the old man accumulated lots of experiences which will be a
valuable treasure for their future generations. T hey are now
entitled to the pride in what they have bequeathed to their
children. They can have the joy of seeing their children and
grandchildren making progress in life or growing up around them.
M oreover, if in their past lives they had great contributions
to society, to their fatherland they would be rem em bered for ever
and ever by the generations to com e.
1. to wish (v): udc m o
2. pain (n): s it d a u k h o
3. to take care of (v): c h a m soc
4. to be allowed to do sth (idm): d itg c p h e p la m gi
5. to punish (v): p h a t
6. to exp ect (v): m o n g d a i
7. to pay for (v): tra
8. to accum ulate (v): tic h lu y
9. to be entitled to (v): co q u y e n d u o c h itd n g

1 0 . to bequeath (v): d e lai

1 1 . contribution (n): si/ d o n g g o p

l Qa tu 6 i d ep nh At

Thifdng thi tre con ao udc chung difdc trifdng thanh va

ngifdi gia ao udc ho difdc tre trd lai. M6i lufa tudi deu co nhifng
vui thu va n6i kho rieng. Doi vdi toi, ngifdi hanh phuc nhat la
ngifdi biet thifdng thifc tron ven nhifng gi m a lifa tudi cua minh da
m ang lai.


b \ i Iuan Titwq ANh Thowq d w q

Tudi thd la tudi hanh phuc nhat tren ddi. Neu nhCfng difa tfe
difdc nuoi difdng trong nhCfng gia dinh ne nep, chung se diflcfc
day d6, thifdng yeu va cham soc chu dao. Chung se trd thanh
cong dan co ich cho xa hoi.
Nhifng tudi tre cung co nhCCng noi kho rieng. Chung khong
difdc phep lam bat cd dieu gi chung muon. Neu lam sai chung se
bi phat. Vi the chung khong hoan toan difdc hanh phuc.
Khi ldn len chung hoan toan thoat khdi nhCfrig quy luat kh&t
khe cua bd me va nha trifdng nhifng chung phai lam vic d i kiem
song. Chung khong the m ong dpi ngifdi khac tra tien an, quan ao
va nha d. Bay gid, chung phai co trach nhiem vdi gia dinh v&
xa hoi.
Tudi gia luon difdc xem la lC/a tudi toi te nhat nhifng ngifdi
gia khong phai luon luon bat hanh.
Sau nhieu nam lao dong cifc nhoc, den tudi ve gia, ngifdi gia
da tich luy difpc nhieu kinh nghiem ma do la kho tang quy gia
cho the he mai sau. Bay gid ho co quyen tif hao ve nhQng gi ho
da de lai cho con chau. H o co the tan hifdng niem vui khi thay
con chau minh vung bifdc vao ddi hay dang ldn dan quanh hp.
Hdn nCte, neu trong qua khif hp co nhCfng dong gop to ldn cho
xa hoi, cho td quoc thi hp se difdc cac the he mai sau nhd mai.


Commonly used English essay


O ne day, my m other had to do som e errands. S h e told me
that she would be back an hour. Sh e left my litter sister in my
care. I was rather reluctant but I had to do it.

left my sister playing in the living-room, I was soon busily

talking to friend on the phone. After a few minutes, I heard my

sister scream ing loudly. I ignored her thinking that she was just
trying to attract my attention. My sister went on screaming. It got
harder to hear my friend. I hung up and went to check on my sister.
T o my horror, I saw a small heap of m atches burning in the
living-room. My sister was rubbing thumb painfully. Immediately, I
rushed to put out the fire. I carried her to kitchen and applied
som e ointm ent on her burnt thumb.
W hen my m other cam e hom e, she saw my sister wearing a
plaster on her thumb. S h e asked me what had happened. 1 had to
tell my m other the truth. S h e chided me for being irresponsible.
1. errand (n): viec vat
2. to ignore (v): p h o t Id, la m n g a
3. to rub (v): xoa, cha x d t
4 . thumb (n): n g o n tay cai
5 . plaster (n): (c u n g s t ic k in g p la s te r) m ie n g bang d in h
6 . to chide (v): la ray, tra c h m d n g

C a c bAi Iuan TitNq Anh ThoNq d w q


Mot hom , m e toi phai di lam m ot vai viec iat vat. Me bao toi
m ot gid sau me se ve. Me de em lai cho toi cham soc. Hoi mien
cifdng nht/ng toi van phai nhan ldi.
T oi de em toi choi trong phong khach vi toi ban noi chuyen
vdi ban qua dien thoai. Vai phut sau, toi nghe tieng em toi la that
thanh. T oi Id di va nghi rang em chi cd lam toi chu y. Em toi van
tiep tuc la het. T hat kho nghe di/Oc tieng ban toi noi. Toi ben gac
may dien thoai va di xem chuyen gi xay ra.
Toi kinh hoang khi nhin thay m ot dong diem quet dang chay
trong phong khach. Em toi dang xoa xoa ngon cai m ot cach dai)
ddn. Ngay tu t thi, toi chay den dap tat ngon lifa, roi dua em sang
nha bep va boi thuoc bong len ngon tay cai cua em.
Khi trd ve, me toi thay em bi bang mot mieng bang tren ngon
tay cai. Ba lien hoi chuyen gi da xay ra. Toi phai ke cho me nghe
het sU that. Ba qud trach toi vi da co thai do vo trach nhiem.


Commonly used English essay


T he school vacation had just begun. 1 thought 1 should m ake
good use of the holidays to read som e books and revise my work.
Therefore, I decided to visit the bookshop in my neighborhood to
see if I could find som e good books.
Though the bookshop is small, it is a fully equipped and wellorganized one. T h e books there are classified according to subject
to facilitate our search. W e can also approach the friendly shopassistants if we need an help.
During that visit, the shop happened to have a special
promotion. It was offering a ten percent discount on all purchase
Sin ce I was w eak in maths, I bought two P SL E m aths books.
1 also bought an English essay-writing guide book. A helpful shopassistant recom m ended a science book too. Besides selling books
and other reading m aterial, the bookshop also has variety of
other things like stationery and board gam es. I bought a set of
files for myself and som e lovely stickers for my little sister.
I frequent visit the bookshop to see what new things they sell
every m onth.
It is certainly convenient to have a bookshop near my place.


bAi I uan TitNq

an U

TboN q duNQ

1. classified (v): da dirg e p h a n loai

2. to facilitate (v): la m c h o de d a n g
3. prom otion (n): s u k h u y e n m a i q u a n g cao ixi cac hoat
d o n g k h a c n h d m td n g viec ban m o t san p h a m
4. stationery (n): vdn p h o n g p h a m
5. bookshop (n): cua h a n g sach

Ky nghi he vifa mdi bat dau. Toi nghi r3ng nen tan dung
nhutag ngay nghi he de doc sach va on lai bai. Vi vay toi quyet
dinh ghe qua hieu sach d gan nha de xem co the tim di/dc mot
vai quyen sach hay khong.
Du nho, nhitag hieu sach difdc trang bi day du va sap xep
ngan nap. NhCtag quyen sach difdc phan loai theo chu de thuan
tien cho viec tim kiem. Chung ta co the nhd nhCtag ngudi ban
hang than thien neu nhif thay can giup dd.
D en cua hieu lan nay, tinh cd co mot ddt khuyen mai dSc
biet. M6i mon hang difdc giam gia 10% .
Vi yeu m on toan nen toi mua hai cuon khao sat ham so toan
hoc P SLE. Toi cung mua m ot quyen sach hifctag dan viet Iuan
van tieng Anh. Ngifdi ban hang an can gidi thieu m ot quyen sach
khoa hoc. Ngoai viec ban sach va cac tai lieu tham khao, cite
hang con co rat nhieu thif khac nhif van phong pham . cac mon
do chdi tren ban cd. Toi mua mot bo bia ditag ho sd ch o minh va
vai cai nhan vd d ! thifdng cho em gai.
T oi thifdng xuyen di hieu sach de xem mdi thang co ban
them gi mcM. T hat la thuan tien khi co mot hieu sach a gan nha.


Commonly used English essay


Everyone sat up expectantly. It was a m aths period and all of
us waited eagerly for our m aths teacher, Mrs Huang, to com e
into the class. S h e is very popular am ong us. In fact, she is my
favourite teacher.
Mrs Huang has short curly hair and wears thick glasses
which make

her look stem .



is actually very

approachable and is always ready to lend an ear to our problems.

She is motherly and cares very much for us. I rem em ber once
when 1 fell and hurt my knee. Mrs Huang helped m e to stop the
bleeding and took me to .the clinic. I was very grateful to her.
I used to dislike m aths when 1 was younger because I found it
far too com plicated. Mrs Huang always m akes m aths lessons

and easy



Sh e

is very patient in

explaining m aths problem s to us and always m akes sure everyone

understands. Under her guidance, my maths has improved by
leaps and bounds.

have grown to love m aths and I always score high marks in

my m aths tests now. And its all because of my favourite teacher.

1. stem (adj): n g h ie m khde
2. approachable (adj): d i gan


C a c bAi Iu a n T ien g m U t h o n g d w q

3. lend an ear (idm): n gh e c h d m chu

4. com plicated (adj): rSc roi, p h ifc tap
5. by leaps and bounds (idm): ra t n h a n h

cO giAo

mA t O i yu mn nhAt

Moi ngifdi ngoi thang chd dpi. D o la gid toan va tat ca chung
toi deu nong long m ong dpi giao vien day toan cua chung toi, co
Huang, bifdc vao ldp. Chung toi rat quy co. T h u t te co la giao
vien m a toi yeu m en nhat.
C o Huang co mai toe ngan Uon cao va cap kinh can day lam
co trong co ve nghiem khac. Tuy nhien, co rat de gan va luon
lSng nghe nhCfrig van de kho khan cua chung toi. C o quan tam
cham soc chung toi. Toi con nhd co lan toi nga bi xifdc dau goi.
C o Huang da giup toi cam mau vfe difa toi den tram xa. Toi rat
biet on co.
Khi con be toi thifdng ghet m on toan bdi toi thay no qua
phifc tap. C o Huang luon la ngifdi lam cho nhtfng bai toan trd
nen thu vi va d l hieu. C o rat kien nhan giang giai cho chung toi
nhCfng bai toan kho va dam bao tat ca moi ngifdi deu hieu bai.
Difdi sif day dd cua co, mon toan cua toi da tien bo rat nhanh.
T oi da trd nen yeu thich toan hoc va gid day toi luon dat
difdc diem cao trong cac bai kiem tra toan. Va tat ca dieu do la
nhd vao co giao yeu m en nhat cua toi.


Commonly used English essay


T here is only on e precious jewel not mined from the earth.
This jewel is the pearl. Pearls are used mostly for necklaces and
rings. They are expensive because it is difficult to get them.
Pearls are found in oysters. Oysters are small sea animals
that live in shells. W hen a grain of sand gets into the shell, the
oyster puts a sm ooth coating on it. T he coating protects the
oyster from the sand. This becom es a pearl. As the oyster puts
on more layers, the pearl grows. Divers go deep into the ocean
to gather oysters. Only on e oyster in thousands contains a pearl.
You can understand why pearls are valuable.
1. precious (adj): q u i gid
2. jewel (n): d d q u i, n g o c
3. to mine (v): d ao , k h a i thac
4. pearl (n): n g o c tra i
5. necklace (n): v o n g co
6. ring (n): n h a n
7. oyster (n): con so
8. sm ooth (adj): m e m m ai, m u o t m d
9. coating (n): lo p m o n g p h u n goai
10. sand (n): cat
11 A o gather (v): th u nhap, tap t r u n g

C a c b/\i Iuan TitNq

an M TliONCj



Chi co mot loai trang sifc qui khong dupe khai thac ti/ long
dat. D o la ngoc trai. Ngoc trai chu yeu difdc dung lam day chuyen
va nhan. Chung rat d lt tien bdi le rat kho ma co di/dc chung.
Ngoc trai difdc tim thay d cac con trai. Trai la nhCfng dong
vat bien nho song trong vo cifng. Khi co m ot hat cat lot vao trong
vo, con trai tiet ra m ot ldp phu ngoai min mang va bao boc hat
cat do. Ldp phu ngoai nay bao ve con trai khoi bi cat lam dau.
Va viec nay da tao thanh ngoc trai. Khi con trai phu cang nhieu
ldp, vien ngoc trai cang ldn. C ac thd lan lan xuong dai difdng de
thu ngoc trai. Trong hang ngan con chi co m ot con chtte ngoc.
Ban co the hieu tai sao ngoc trai lai co gia tri nhif the.


Commonly used English essay


During World W ar II, the people of Freiberg, Germ any,
listened to the geese in their park. T he geese would cry out with
loud squawks w henever enem y airplanes cam e toward the city.
The geese

let the people know that enem y bom bers were

coming, even before the air raid sirens sounded.


Novem ber 2 7 .


the geese began

their noisy

squawks as they always did before an air raid. Hundreds of

people took shelter. A few minutes later, the city of Freiberg was
heavily hit by bombs.
After the war. the people of Freiberg built a statue at the
entrance of the park. T he statue is in honor of the three geese
that had been killed in the raid.
1. squawk (n): tie n g keu q u a n g quae
2. enem y (n): ke th u
3. bom ber (n): m ay bay o a n h tac
4. siren (n): cai coi
5. to sound (v): lo a n bao, bao hieu
6. statue (n): buc tu o n g

7. entrance (n): lo i vao

8. in honor of (idm): ui s it k in h t r o n g d o i voi ai, cai gi


C a c bAi Iuan TitNq anN T h o N q duNq

NGONG COU g i Op M0T t h A nh p h 6

Suot chien tranh the gidi lan II, ngifdi dan d thanh pho
Freiberg, DCfc, thifdng lSng nghe tieng cua bay ngong trong cong
vien. NhCfng con ngong nay keu quang quae that to bat cif khi
nao may bay cua ke thu tien ve thanh pho. Bay ngong bao cho
moi ngifdi biet rang may bay oanh tac cua dich dang den, trifdc
ca khi tieng coi bao dong cua may bay vang len.
V ao ngay 2 7 / 1 1 / 1 9 4 4 , bon ngong bat dau keu quang quae
nhif thifdng le trifdc khi co cuoc oanh tac. Hang tram ngifdi da
tim ndi tru an. Vai phut sau, thanh pho Freiberg bi dpi bom dif
Sau chien tranh, ngifdi dan thanh pho Freiberg xay mot bifc
tifdng d loi ra vao cua cong vien. Bifc tifdng nay tifdng niem ba
con ngong da bi giet chet trong cuoc oanh tac do.


Commonly used English esiqy


Nobody likes staying at hom e on a public holiday especially if
the weather is fine. Last August we decided to spend the day in
the country. T he only difficultly was that millions of the people
had exactly the sam e idea. W e moved out of the city slowly
behind a long line of cars, but at last we cam e to a quiet country
road and after som etim e, stopped at a lonely farm. W e had
brought plenty of food with us and we got it out of the car. Now
everything was ready s o we sat down near path at the foot of a
hill. It was very peaceful in the cool grass until we heard bells
ringing at the top of the hill. W hat we saw made us pick up our
things and run back to the car as quickly as possible. T here was
about two hundred sheeps com ing towards us down the path!
1. path (n): d if d n g m o n , d u d n g n h o


sheep (n): c o n


3. farm (n): n o n g tr a n g
4. to pick up (v): n h a t
5. car (n): o td


C a c b/\i Iuan TitNq an M ThoNq diJNq

Khong ai thich d nha trong mot ngay nghi danh ch o tat ca
moi ngifdi, nhat la khi thcri tiet dep. Thang tam vifa roi, chung toi
quyet dinh di nghi m ot ngay b nong thon. Kho khan duy nhat la
hang trieu ngifdi khac cung co cung y tifdng nay. Chung toi rdi
khoi thanh pho m ot cach cham cham dang sau m ot day o to d&i
dang dac, cuoi cung cung den difpc m ot con difdng que tinh mich
va sau m ot luc chung toi difhg lai d mot nong trai hiu quanh.
Chung toi dem th eo rat nhieu thifc an va bat dau loi chung ra
khoi xe. Moi thif da san sang va chung toi ngoi xuong canh con
difdng m on ngay difdi chan m ot con doi! Chung toi thay that yen
binh khi ngoi tren ldp co diu mat cho den khi nghe chuong reo
lanh canh d dinh doi. Nhifng gi nhin thay difpc buoc chung toi
phai thu don moi thif va chay ve xe cang nhanh cang tot. Co
khoang hai tram con cifu dang di xuong con difdng m on tien ve
phia chung toi.


Commonly used English essay


Last night, my father decided to bring the family out to a
restaurant for a good dinner. W e had a hard time trying to agree
as to which restaurant we wanted to go for this treat. At last, we
decided to go to a nice restaurant in a hotel.
T he place was very grand and the waiters were very polite.
My parents ordered large pepper steaks while I ordered a small
portion of it. T h e food was delicious. We enjoyed the food
very much.
After the meal, my father asked a waiter for the bill. We
were shocked when we saw the amount. T he meal for three of us
cost three hundred dollars! My father asked the waiter if he had
brought us the correct bill. T he waiter replied that it was the right
bill. On further questioning, the waiter explained that the prices
were high because of the food and service. My father paid the
bill. T hen we left the restaurant, feeling very unhappy.
From this, we learnt a lesson. Next time we decided to go
out for a meal, we would select the food carefully and also check
the prices to see if we could afford to eat there.
1. portion (n): kh a u p h a n th u c an, sua't an
2. bill (n): hod do'n t in h tien

3 . to shock (v): g a y ra n d i b an g h o a n g hoac s u n g s o t c h o ai

4 . am ount (n): td n g so h oac t o n g gid tri
5 . to select (v): lu a ch o n


C a c bAi Iuan Tiewq an Ii T^ONq d uNq

m Ot bl /a


d At t i n

Toi hom qua, cha toi quyet dinh difa ca nha di nha hang
dung m ot bda toi that ngon. Chung toi rat kho khan khi phai
thoa thuan ve viec nen den nha hang nao de dung bCfa chieu dai
nay. Cuoi cung, chung toi quyet d n h di den m ot nha hang dep
de trong mot khach san.
Noi day that sang trong va doi ngu phuc vu rat lich thiep.
Cha me toi goi mon thit ran tieu ldn con toi chi goi mot khau
phan nho. ThCfc an ngon tuyet. Chung toi an uong ngon lanh.
Sau bCfa an, cha toi goi hau ban tinh tien. Chung toi rat sifng
sot khi nhin thay tong so tien. Bute an cho ba ngifdi gia nhCfng ba
tram do la! C ha toi hoi ngufdi hau ban lieu anh ta co m ang dung
hoa don khong. Anh ta dap rang day dung la hoa don danh cho
chung toi. Va anh giai thich them rang gia ca cao vi thCfc an ngon
va phuc vu tot. C ha toi thanh toan hoa d on ^ roi chung toi rdi
khoi nha hang, long cam thay rat buon.
Qua viec nay, chung toi da hoc difpc m ot bai hoc. Lan sau
neu co di an ngoai, chung toi se life chon m on an that can than
va cung kiem tra gia ca xem lieu minh co kha nang thanh toan
hay khong.


Commonly used English essay


My hom e is the sw eetest, loveliest and the best place for me
in the world. It is indeed a paradise on earth.
T he child rushes from the school, the market place or the
playground. H e is tied to his hom e with bonds of affection and
love of the family. H e has his m other, always ready to fulfill his
wishes. T here is the father, ever prepared to sacrifice anything to
make him happy and com fortable. He has brothers and sisters to
play with. T hey love one another much. T he child is brought up
in a happy and healthy atm osphere of his sweet hom e. T hat is
the reason why he loves his hom e so much.
H om e

is indeed

the sw eetest place.


em braces


affectionate m other and the care of loving father always loom

large in our m em ory. T he joyous days of childhood spent at our
home com pany with the m em bers of our family and friends can
hardly be forgotten.
1. paradise (n): th ie n d u d n g
2. affection (n): c a m giac yeu m en

3 . to sacrifice (v): hy sin h

4 . em brace (n): h a n h d o n g d m
5 . to loom (v): to ra q u a n t r o n g

C a c bAi Iuan t Ienq an Ii ih o N q duNq


nha than t h u o n g c u a c h u n g


Nha toi la noi than thifcfng nhat, dang yeu nhat va tot dep
nhat doi vcfi toi tren the gian nay. D o that sif la chon thien difdng
ncfi tran the.
Sau khi tan hoc, di chcf hoac choi xong, toi chay ao ve nha.
NhCfng moi day tinh cam va tinh yeu thifcfng cua moi ngifdi da
gSn bo toi vcfi mai am gia dinh. Tdi co m e, me luc n ao cung sSn
sang lam thoa man nhifng ifdc muon cua tdi. Toi con co cha, cha
luc nao cung s in sang hi sinh moi thif de lam tdi hanh phuc va
thoai mai. Tdi con co anh, co chi de chcfi cung. Ca nha rat yeu
thifdng nhau. Tdi difOc nuoi difdng trong bau khong khi lanh
m anh va hanh phuc trong mai am tinh thifcfng cua minh. D o la li
do tai sao toi lai yeu quy nha toi den the.
Gia dinh that sif la mot ncfi than thifdng nhat. S if dm ap triu
m en cua me, sif quan tam cham soc cua ngifdi cha yeu thifcfng
luon hien ra ro net trong ky Cfc chung ta. NhCfng ngay thd au tran
ngap niem vui cf nha, cung ngifdi than trong gia dinh va ban be
kho co the phai md trong tam tri.


Commonly used English essay


T he guard went through carriage after carriage inquiring
whether there was a doctor on the train. He found one at last and
quickly led him to the luggage-van where a tall m an was lying on
the floor stretched out am ong heaps of mail-bags with a cushion
under his head. T h e guard explained that he had discovered the
man in the passage and finding that he was seriously ill, had
dragged him into the luggage-van. T he doctor loosened the m ans
collar and after exam ining him thoroughly, told the guard that the
man was unconscious and should have to be taken to hospital.
When hearing this, the guard answered that the espress train
could not be stopped without first informing the station-m aster of








Meanwhile, the m an's condition gradually got worse.

T here seem ed to be no way of sending a m assage until the
guard had the idea of throwing a note on to the platform of the
small village








som eone picked the note and telephoned the main-line station.
This was a strange way of sending a m essage, but it worked.
Shortly afterwards, the train was stopped for a few minutes at a
small village station several miles further on so that the sick man
could be taken to hospital.

C a c bAi Iuan TitNq A*h ThoNq dyNq

1. carriage (n): toa x e lua c h o h a n h kh a ch

2. luggage-van (n): toa xe lua c h o h a n h ly
3. heap (n): d o n g
4. cushion (n): nem, d e m , cai goi

5. guard (n): th u y e n t r u o n g
6. to loosen (v): n o i lo n g
7. collar (n): co do
8. meanwhile (adv): t r o n g luc d o
9. platform (n): th e m ga
10. afterwards (adv): sau, ve sau
11. unconscious (adj): n g a t di, bat tin h


Vien tnfdng tau di tif toa nay den toa khac hoi xem lieu co vi
bac si nao tren tau khong. Cuoi cung thi anh cung tim difpc mot
ngudi va nhanh chong dan ngifdi nay den toa hanh ly. 0 do, mot
ngifdi dan ong cao ldn dang nam dai tren san giite hang dong tui
bifu kien, dau ke mot cai goi nho. Vien trifdng tau giai thich rin g
anh da phat hien ra ngifdi dan ong nay d giifa loi di va nhan thay
ong ta bi om nang, nen da keo ong vao toa hanh ly. Vi bac si ndi
long cd ao cho ngifdi benh va sau khi kham ti mi. ong bao vien
trifdng tau rang benh nhan da bat tinh can phai difpc difa den
benh vien. Khi nghe noi the, vien trifdng tau dap la khong the
difng chuyen tau toe hanh nay lai neu chifa thong bao ch o vi
trifdng ga thuoc tuyen chinh d cach day gan nam mifcr; dam biet.
Trong khi do, benh tinh cua benh nhan dan dan trd nen tram
trong hon.

Commonly used English essqy

Difdng nhif khong co cach nao de gui thong bao di cho den
khi vien tnrdng tau nay ra sang kien la nem m ot mau thong bao
len them ga cua m ot nha ga dia phifOng nho khi doan tau chay
vut qua. That may, co m ot ai do da nhat mau giay va goi dien
den nha ga thuoc tuyen chinh. C ach gdi thong bao nay that la
lung, nhi/ng l$i co hieu qua. C hoc sau, doan tau da d6 lai vai phut
tai mot tram xe
co the difpc

lifa dia

difa den

phi/Ong b cach xa vai dam de ngifdi benh

benh vien.


C a c bAi Iuan

U nq


th o N g duN q


C an you picture a fish attacking a submarine? It happened.
A submarine, named the Alvin, was near the coast of
G eorgia when it was attacked by a swordfish. T he fish rammed
into the submarine. It struck so hard that its sword went between
the metal plates of the subm arine's body. T he fish was unable to
pull its sword loose.
A flashing light inside the ship showed that the submarine
was leaking. T he captain raised the submarine to the surface. It

two hours

for the



get the


subm arines body.

T hat evening the crew enjoyed a swordfish dinner!
1. swordfish (n): cd m u i k ie m
2. to attack (v): tan co n g
3. submarine (n): tau n gam
4. to picture (v): h in h d u n g , tuo'ng t u p n g
5. to ram (v): d a m vao, d u n g vao

6. sword (n): g u o m , k ie m , d a o
7. plate (n): ta m k im loai m o n g
8. to leak (v): ro, r!
9. captain (n): th u y e n t r u b n g

10. crew (n): thuy th u d o a n , p h i d o i




Commonly used English essay

cA kim t An c Ong tAu ng Am
Ban co hinh dung ra canh mot con ca tan cong tau ngam
khong? Chuyen ay da xay ra roi day.
Mot tau ngam ten la Alvin, dang d gan bd bien G eorgia khi
no bi mot con ca kiem tan cong. C on ca dam vao chiec tau
ngam. No dam m anh den ndi mui kiem xuyen qua ldp kim loai
cua than tau ngam . C on ca khong the rut li/di kiem cua no ve
Anh den trong tau cho thay con tau dang bj ngam ni/dc.
Thuyen tri/dng true chiec tau ngam len m at ni/dc. D oan thuy thu
phai mat hai gid mdi lay di/dc lifdi kiem ra khoi than tau.
Toi hom do thuy thu dude chen mot bite thit ca kiem ngon lanh.


C a c bAi Iuan TieNq Ash Thong duNq


My father was given four free tickets to the

Family Day

gathering for the com panys personel at the Zoological Garden.

We woke up very early that Sunday. At about nine o clock, we
reached our destination. My father went to collect som e coupons
and we were given colourful caps as souvenirs. T hen we walked
around observing the animals.

At about eleven o'clock, we

decided to take part in the Art Com petition. T h e them e of the

com petition was Family D ay.
At about one in the afternoon, my father exchanged the
coupons for lunch and snacks. After lunch, we watched an
interesting variety show. T h e variety show attracted m ost of the
crowded and drew loud applause from the spectators. Later, the
organizers announced the results for the Art Com petition. T o my
surprise, I won first prize. I was given a $ 2 0 book voucher.
W e set off hom e soon after. Although I was tired, 1 was
overwhelmed with joy.
1. personel (n): n h a n v ie n , c o n g ch uc
2. destination (n): n o i den
3. coupon (n): p h ie u
4 . cap (n): m u (d a n h ch o d an ong)
5. snack (n): bua an n h e
6. voucher (n): p h ie u da trd tien


Commonly used English essay

Cha toi co bon ve mien phi tham dif ngay hoi gia dinh danh
cho nhan vien cong ty td chifc d vifdn bach thu. Chung toi thifc
day rat sdm vao ngay chu nhat do. Khoang 9 gid, chung toi da
den ncfi. Cha toi di lay vai tam phieu va chung toi difdc tang
nhifng cai mu sac sd de lam ky niem. Sau do chung toi di long

xem cac con thu. Khoang 11 gid, chung toi quyet dinh

tham du cuoc thi ngay hoi gia dinh.

Vao khoang 1 gid trifa, cha toi di doi may tam phieu de lay
bite trite va bifa chieu. Sau bifa trua, chung toi xem m ot cuoc
trinh dien phong phu va hap dan. Cuoc trinh dien loi cuon hau
het dam dong va dude khan gia hoan nghenh nhiet liet. Sau do
ban td chifc thong b ao ket qua cuoc thi nghe thuat. Toi rat ngac
nhien khi biet minh gianh difdc giai nhat va difdc. hifdng mot
phieu mua sach tri gia 2 0 do la.
C hoc sau chung toi trd ve nha. Mac du m et moi, nhifng
trong long tran ngap niem vui.


C a c bAi Iuan m u g Awh Tho^g duNq


T h e next time you bite a hot dog, you m ight think about
how it got its nam e. T hree hundred years ago, .people in
G erm any were eating long, thin tubes of m eat called Dachshund
sausages. T he sausages had this nam e because they looked like
the famous dachshund dogs.
By the 1 8 6 0 s , the sausages were being sold carts on the
streets of New York. By the 1 8 7 0 s , there w ere stands for selling
sausage at New York C oney Island.
T h en ,

in the early


a person selling dachshund

sausage at a baseball gam e started yelling G et your red hot

dachshund sausages. O n e of the people at the gam e drew a
cartoon of a barking dachshund sausage lying inside its warm
bun. Sin ce then, these sausages have been called hot dogs all
around the world.
1. dachshund (n): cho chon (loai cho nho, minh dai, chan ngSn)
2. sausage (n): x u c xi'ch, la p x u o n g
3. dog (n): con ch o
4. to stand (v): d u n g
5. baseball (n): b o n g ch ay
6. to yell (v): h e t len, la th e t

7. cartoon (n): t ra n h b ie m hoa

8. bun (n): b an h n g o t tro n n h o


Commonly used English essay

Lan sau neu ban an xuc xich, ban nen nghi xem bang cach
nao no lai m ang den cai ten do. C ach day ba tram nam , ngifdi
dan Difc an nhCifrig cay thit mong dai co ten la Dachshund
sausages (xuc xich ch o chon). Xuc xich co ten nay vi chung
trong giong con ch o chon.
Vao nhtfrig nam 1 8 6 0 , xuc xich difpc ban d cac xe ngifa keo
tren difdng pho New York. V ao nhifng nam 1 8 7 0 , da co nhijfrig
quay ban xuc xich b dao C oney b New York.
Sau do, vao dau nhifng nam 1 9 0 0 , co m ot n g iic^ b an xuc
xich tai mot cuoc dau bong chay da het len: Hay mua xuc xich
nong do di. Mot trong so nhifng ngifdi d cuoc thi dau da ve mot
bifc biem hoa m ot thoi xuc xich cho chon dang sua nam trong
mot cai banh nong. Ti/ do nhifrig xuc xich nay di/dc goi la H ot
dog d khap ndi tren the gidi.


C a c bAi Iuan TiENq A*h th o N q duNq

I have a diary which has been with me for about half a year.
It is a blue book given to me by my dad as a new year present.
He hoped that I would develop the habit of writing in my diary
and I am glad that I have not disappointed him.
It has b ecom e a habit for me to write in my diary every night
before I go to bed. My diary knows all that happens to m e; its a
silent friend who knows all my joys and grievances.
W henever I am free, I will read my diary like I read my novel.
This enables me to look back objectively at all the things that I
have done. As a reasult, I am able to detect my m istakes and
correct them . Similarly, I will take note of the things which I have
done right and will try to do even better.
I feel that keeping a diary has made me a better person. My
writing skill has improved a lot. Besides, writing in my diary every
night has trained me to be m ore disciplined and I have learnt to
spend my time widely. Thus, I strongly encourage my friends to
keep a diary too.
2. diary (n): n h a t ky
2. grievance (n): su b uo n p h ie n
3. objectively (adv): m o t cach kh a ch q ua n
4. to detect (v): k h a m p ha
5. to discipline (v): ky lu a t

6. to encourage (v): k h u y e n khfch, d o n g vien


Commonly used English essay

T oi co mot quyen nhat ky, no da d ben toi gan nifa nam . D o
la mot quyen sach mau xanh do cha toi tang nhan dip nam mdi.
Ong hi vong toi se phat trien thoi quen viet nhat ky va toi vui
mifng vi da khong phu long ong.
Viet nhat ky moi dem trUdc khi di ngu da trd thanh thoi quen
cua toi. Quyen nhat ky cua toi biet tat ca nhufng gi xay den vdi
toi. No la mot ngifdi ban lang le thau hieu difpc tat ca nhCfng
niem vui, ndi buon cua toi.
Mdi khi ranh, toi lai doc quyen nhat ky nhif doc tieu thuyet
cua chinh minh vay. Dieu nay co the giup toi nhin lai m ot cach
khach quan tat ca nhCfng dieu toi da lam. Vi the toi co the nhin
nhan ra nhCfng I6i lam cua minh va sifa doi chung. D ong thdi, toi
se lifu y tat ca nhCfng gi ma toi da lam dung va se co gang lam
tot hdn.
Tdi nhan thay viec viet nhat ky da lam tdi trd thanh ngifdi tdt
hdn. Ki nang viet cua tdi tien bo rat nhieu. Ngoai ra viet nhat ky
moi dem da ren luyen tdi tinh ky luat va tdi da hoc cach sif dung
thdi gian m ot cach kheo leo. Vi vay tdi cung rat hay khuyen khich
ban be tdi viet nhat ky.


C a c bAi Iuan m u g ANh ThoNg dung


O n e evening, I attended a street perform ance. A crowd had
gathered even before the show had started. A m akeshift stage
had been erected in the middle of the street. Musical instruments
and a m icrophone stood in the middle of the stage. I waited
eagerly for the show to start.
A few minutes later, the com pere for the show appeared.
He dressed quite casually in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. The
audience cheered and clapped. T h e com pere announced the start
of the show. A band cam e on stage. It was m ade up of a
drummer and 4 guitarists. T h e band played two tunes before the
singers appeared.
Even though the audience had to stand throughout the show,
they did not seem to mind. At about 8 o clock that evening, the
crowd was so large that I had difficulty seeing the perform ances.
T he show lasted until midnight. I enjoyed it very much.
1. perform ance (n): si/ bieu d i i n , su t r in h d i i n
2. makeshift (adj): de d u n g tam th a i
3. stage (n): san kh a u
4. band (n): ban n hac
5. tune (n): giai d ie u


Commonly used English essay

Mot tdi no, toi da xem m ot cuoc trinh d iln tren difdng pho.
Dam dong da tu tap lai ngay ca trifdc khi cuoc trinh d iln b it dau.
Mot san khau difdc dung tam len d giufa difdng. Nhac khi va
micro difdc dat ngay giufa san khau. Toi non nong chd doi cuoc
trinh d iln bat dau.
Vai phut sau, ngifdi dan chudng trinh xuat hien. Anh m ac do
rat binh thifdng, ao thun ngan tay va quan jean. Khan gia reo ho
va v6 tay chao don. Ngifdi dan chifdng trinh tuyen bo khai m ac
buoi diln. Ban nhac tien len san khau. Co m ot tay trong va bon
tay guitar. Ban nhac choi hai giai dieu trifdc khi cac ca si xuat hien.
Mac du khan gia phai difng suot buoi d iln nhifng ho khong
cam thay met. V ao khoang

gid tdi, ngifdi xem keo den dong

den n 6 i toi kho khan lam mdi nhin thay difdc cac d iln vien. Buoi
diln keo dai den nifa dem. Tdi rat thich thu vdi cuoc trinh diln do.


C a c bAi Iuan TitNq Awh ThoNq duNq


How could a little canary save som eone s life 9 It happend to
an eighty-year-old lady in T en nessee.
T h e lady lived alone with a canary as a pet. H er niece was
reading at her own hom e w hen she heard a noise at the window.
It kept getting louder and louder. Finally, she went to the window.
T here w as a little canary fluttering its wings against the window.
Feeling there was som ething wrong, the niece drove to her
aunts house. T he lady had struck her head on a table and was
bleeding badly. T he niece called a doctor and the lady was saved
thanks to her pet canary.
1. canary (n): c h im h o a n g yen
2. niece (n): chau gai
3. to flutter (v): d a p c a n h , vS canh
4. to strike (v): va, d u n g
5. to bleed (v): ch ay m a u
6. thanks to (conj): n h d vao


Commonly used English essay


Y^N ecru NGLTOl

Lam the n ao m ot con chim hoang yen nho be lai co the cCfu
mang mot ngifdi? Dieu do xay ra vcfi m ot ba cu 8 0 tudi. d
B a cu song m ot minh vdi mot con vat cifng la chim hoang
yen. C o chau gai cua ba dang doc sach trong nha cua minh thi
nghe tieng dong b cite sd. Tieng dong cang luc cang to hdn. Cuoi
cung co di den cifci sd. O do, con hoang yen nho dang dap canh
vao thanh cifa.
Cam thay co dieu gi bat on, co chau lai xe den nha ba di. Ba
bi dap dau vao ban va bi chay mau tram trong. C o chau goi bac si
va ba cu difdc cOfu song

nhd vao con chim hoang yen yeu qui

cua ba.


C a c b/\i Iu a n m a g A*h T h o n g duNQ


Nowadays, m ost m others work. W hen they com e back from
work, they feel tired but they still have to cook, clean the house
and look after their children. If they are not earning m uch, they
can not afford to ha-

servants. S o children are the best people

to help m others.
Older children can help to do som e household chores. They
can go to the shop or help to look after their younger siblings.
T h e younger children can also help by doing som e light work, like
sweeping the floor and picking up their toys. Children can be
helpful too by not being fussy over food.
My m other is not working but she is not very healthy. I
would prefer to read or play but I help her with the housework
because I care for her.
1. to afford (v): co gdng, n d luc
2. servant (n): n g u d i g iu p viec
3. chore (n): viec vat t h u d n g ngay

4. household (n): ho gia d in h


. to play (v): ch a i


Commonly used English essay

GlOP d o m e v i c n A
Ngay nay, hau het cac ba me deu di lam. Khi ve nha, ho rat
met m 6 i nhifng van phai nau an, lau chui nha cute va cham soc
con cai. Neu khong kiem difcfc nhieu tien, ho se khong du kha
n3ng de thue ngifdi gtup viec. Vi the, con cai la nhufng ngifdi
thich hop nhat de giup cac ba me.
NhQhg dute con ldn co the lam difOc mot so cong viec trong
nha. Chung co the di mua hang hoac trong em . Difa nho hdn
cung co the giup lam vai cong viec nhe nhif quet nha va don dep
do chdi ch o gon. Chung cung co the giup ich bang cach khong

qua ken chon m on an.

Me toi khon g di lam vi ba khong difOc k h o e lam . T oi thich
doc sa ch h ay ch o i dua h on nhifng vi lo ch o m e n en toi thifdng
giup m e lam viec nha.


C a c bAi Iuan T itN q


ThoN q duNq

Thirtyfive unique individuals make up our interesting class.
Of course, there are som e of us who are m ore popular than
the others.
First, there is fat Steven. Fie is the joker of the class. He
cracks all kinds of jokes, even practical jokes. O n ce, he left an
artificial lizard in the chalk box to scare our stem science teacher,
Miss Xiao. Her horrified expressions amused us so much that we
split our sides with laughter. However, the whole class was
punished for that joke. In spite of this, we still like Steven because
he is always brave enough to own up to playing tricks.
W e also have a bookworm in the class. Xiaom ing is a small
boy with thick glasses. W herever he goes, he will have a book
with him. He brings glory to the class by winning the various
language quizzes organized by the school.
T he m ost respected person in our class is our m onitor,
Evelyn. S h e is helpful, friendly and responsible. Without her, our
class would be in chaos.
The teachers who teach us always say that we are in mischievous
but hardworking bunch. I am proud to belong to my class
1. to crack (v): ke ch u ye n d ua
2. horrified (adj): h o a n g so, k h ie p s o


Commonly used English essqy

3. to split o n e s side with laughter (idm): c u o i ud b u n g
4. to own up (v): th u nhan, th u to i
5. bookworm (n): m o t sach
6. quiz (n): cu oc th i d o
7. chaos (n): s u h o n lo an
8. mischievous (adj): n g h ic h n g a m
9. bunch (n): n h o m , ta p the ld p


Ba mifdi nam ca nhan rieng biet tao thanh ldp hoc vui nhon
cua chung toi. Difdng nhien la co vai ngifdi difpc yeu thich hdn
nhQng ngifdi khac.
ThCf nhat, do la ten map Steven. Cau ta la ngifdi hai hifdc.
Cau ke du chuyen cifdi, tham chi con lam vai tro dua vui nhon
nifa. C o lan, cau ta de m ot con than lan gia trong m ot hop phan
de doa co giao day m on khoa hoc, co Xiao, von rat nghiem khac.
Ve mat hoang sp cua co lam chung toi cifdi muon vd bung va vi
tro nay ma ca ldp bj phat. Du vay, chung toi van thich Steven,
bdi le cau ludn dung cam thu nhan toi dua dai ve minh.
Ldp chung tdi con co mot con m ot sach nifa. Xiaoming la
mot cau trai nho nhan deo cap kinh can day cop. Di dau cau cung
mang sach ben minh. Cau dem vinh quang ve cho ldp khi chien
thing trong nhCfng cuoc thi do've ngon ngCf do trifdng td chut.
Ngifdi difdc kinh ne nhat ldp tdi la cd ldp trifdng Evelyn. Cd
la ngifdi rat tot bung, than thien va co trach nhiem. Neu khong
co co, ldp chung toi se trd thanh m ot dam hdn loan.

C ac thay cd day chung toi hay ndi rang chung toi la m ot tap
the nghich ngdm nhifng cham hoc. Tdi rat hanh dien difpc la m ot
thanh vien cua ldp.


C a c b/\i Iuan T ilN q ANh ThoNQ duN q

It was a sunny day. My father drove the whole family to
Clifford pier. We were going on a cruise on board the Equator
Dream. My brother and I were very excited as we had never been
on a cruise before.
T he Equator Dream is a big ship with four storeys. It has a
huge dining room and a lounge. O n the lowest level is a
discotheque which my father said is not a suitable place for
children. On the highest level is a deck w here m ost people will
gather during a day.
We cruised around Singapore. W e are served a buffet lunch
on board. Then we went up on the deck to enjoy the sunshine
and the sea breeze. T h e scenery was beautiful.
In the evening, we were treated to a delicious C hinese meal.
After dinner, we went to the lounge to chat and laze about. Of
course, we went up on the deck again to look at the captivating
night scenery of Singapore. We could see the light on the island
flickering from afar.
Slowly, the light becam e larger and brighter. T h e Equator
Dream docked and we disembarked at World Trade c e n t r e . It had
been an interesting trip and all o f us went hom e feeling satisfied
and happy.


Commonly used English cssqy__________________

1. cruise (n): c h u y e n d ao c h o i tren bien
2. pier (n): ben tau, cau tau
3. lounge (n): p h o n g d a o c h o i tre n bien
4. discotheque (n): p h o n g n h a y disco, n o i m o i n g u o i n h a y
theo cac d ie u n h a c p o p tre n d ia hat u.u..
5. deck (n): b o o n g tau, san tau
6. to flicker (v): n h a p nhay, la p theo

7. to dock (v): ca p ben

8. to disembark (v): ro i k h o i (tau, m a y bay, u.u..)


Do la mot ngay nang. Cha toi lai xe difa ca nha ra ben tau
Clifford. Chung toi sap tham gia mot cuoc du ngoan tren tau
Equator Dream. Anh em toi rat phan khich vi trifdc do chung toi
chifa tifng difdc di chdi tren bien ca bao gid.
Equator Dream la mot con tau ldn co bon tang. Tren tau co
mot phong an va m ot phong ngoi chdi cong cong khong lo.
Tang difdi cung la phong nhay disco. Cha bao rin g ndi do khong
thich hdp vdi tre con. T ang cao nhat la boong tau, ndi hau het
moi ngifdi tu tap vao ban ngay.
Chung tdi di vdng quanh Singapore. Bifa cdm trifa tren tau
difdc phuc vu theo kieu tiec difng. Sau do, chung toi len boong
tau de tan hudng anh nang m at trdi va nhifng lan gio bien. Canh
vat that dep.


C a c bAi Iuan TitNq Ask TkoNq duNq

Toi den. chung toi dUdc an cac mon Trung Quoc ngon tuyet.
Sau bite toi, chung toi len phong ngoi tan gau va thu gian. Tat
nhien la chung toi con leo len boong tau de tan hudng canh bien
Singapore vao dem. Chung toi co the nhin thay anh den dao
nhap nhay xa xa.
Dan dan, anh den trd len ldn hdn va sang hdn. Tau Equator
Dream cap ben va chung tdi len bd d trung tam Thiidng mai T h e
gidi. Do la mot chuyen di thu vi. T at ca chung tdi ve nha vdi tam
trang m an nguyen va vui sUdng.

Commonly used English essay

Tracy G rant's arms were tired. Could she go any farther?
Quickly, Grant told herself that this was no time to quit. Only half
z mile remained to the finish line. Sh e just had to finish!
The long race, called a m arathon, had begun hours earlier.
At the sound of the s t a i r ' s gun, over a hundred people had
started out. Now everyone was stretched out along the twenty-six
miles of the course. However, it looked as if almost all of them
would finish.
Grant pushed harder. Looking back, she could tell she was
getting farther and farther ahead. Her first victory in a wheelchair
m arathon was alm ost hers!
1. farther (adv): o' m o t k h o a n g cach xa ho'n
2. to quit (v): n g i/n g
3. to finish (v): k e t th u c
4. m arathon (n): c u o c ch ay d u a d if d n g dai
5. to start out (v): kho'i hanh, x u a t p h a t
6. course (n): d a i d a t

7. victory (n): s u ch ie n th a n g
8. w heelchair (n): x e lan



C a c bAi Iuan Tit*q Ask ThoNq du


Doi tay cua Tracy Grant da moi nhi/. Lieu co co the di
hon? Rat nhanh, Grant ti/ nhu rin g day khong phai la luc
di/ng lai. Chi con nua d?im la den dich. C o nhat dinh phai d
Cuoc chay dua dJd ng dai, goi la chay m arathon da bat d
cach day may gid. Tieng sung xuat phat vi/a vang len, hdn m
tram ngi/di da lao di. Bay gid moi ngi/di da gian ra doc th<
quang dudng dua dai hai mi/di sau dam. Tuy nhien. co ve nl
moi ngudi deu co the ve den dich.
Grant day m anh tay hdn. Ngoai lai phia sau. cd co the n
rin g cang ngay co cang dan trudc xa hdn. C hien th in g dau ti(
trong cuoc chay dua m arathon tren xe lan nay gan nhi/ da thu<
ve co!


Commonly used English essay


The helicopter is an unusual and useful m achine. It can fly
straight up in the air and stay in the sam e place. People wished
for such a m achine for many years before it was finally invented.
Toy helicopters appeared in France back in the 1 7 0 0 s . A
few years later, an English scientist, Sir G eorge Cayley, tried to
use steam engines m ake helicopters big enough for people to fly
in. By 1 9 1 0 , Igor Sikorsky finally showed the world two such
helicopters. T h ese m achines flew, but they did little m ore than fly
straight up and down. It took Sikorsky until 1 9 4 0 to make a real,
practical helicopter.
1. helicopter (n): m ay bay true th a n g
2. straight (adv): tha n g, the o m o t d u d n g th a n g
3. m achine (n): m ay m o c
4. practical (adi): co the h o a t d o n g duo'c

5. to show (v): t r in h d ie n, chi ra

6. to stay (v): o'


C a c bAi Iuan TitNq anN T k o N q



May bay trifc thang la mot cai may hGfu ich va khac thifdnc
No co the bay theo chieu th in g difng len khong trung va difng 1
lifng d m ot chd. C on ngifdi da ao udc co mot cai may nhif th
trong nhieu nam trifdc khi no difdc phat minh ra.
C ac may bay trifc thang dang do chdi xuat hien d P hap va
nhCfng nam 1 7 0 0 . Vai nam sau, mot nha khoa hoc ngifdi An!
ngai G eorge Cayley, da sif dung dong cd chay b ln g hdi nifdc d
van hanh cac may bay ldn hdn. Trong hdn m ot tram nam , co
ngifdi da co g ln g che tao nhCfng chiec may bay du ldn de co
ngifdi co the bay trong do. Den nam 1 9 1 0 . Igor Sikorsky cu<
cung da cho ca the gidi xem hai chiec may bay trifc thang nb
the. NhCfng cai may nay bay nhi/ng chung c h ln g lam difdc gi he
ngoai viec bay th in g len va xuong. Phai den nam 1 9 4 0 , Sikorslmdi che tao difdc mot chiec may bay trifc thang that sif co th
van hanh difdc


Commonly used English essay


Zhiwie is our scout leader. He is from Fairfield Methodist
Secondary School which is next to the school I attend. He was
chosen to be out scout leader because he is responsible and
Every Saturday,

Zhiwie will be

in our school early


welcome the scouts under his charge. He is like a big brother to us.
I think he sets a good example to the entire scout troop. He is very
knowledgeable and there is so much one can learn from him.
Zhiwie knows how to make own kind of knots. This is
especially useful w hen we go camping. He is also well-versed in
first- aid.

Zhiwie has received many special awards for his

perform ance






courses. He certainly did make his school proud when he was

chosen to be the overall person in charge of the com bined school
campfire last year.
Though he is active in extra curricular activities. Zhiwie never
neglects his studies. Scouts in the troop usually consult him if they
have problem s with their work. He is very helpful and never turns
us away when we need his help. I aspire to be like Zhiwie as I
admire him for being both a good student and a good friend.
1. scout (n): h u d n g d a o s in h
2. charge (n): qu an /y, c h a m n o m

C a c bAi l i


T itN q

a n Ii

T^oNq dtiNc;

3. set an exam ple (idm): lam gucfng. neu gucfng

4. first aid (n): la m cap cuu, s a cuu
5. to neglect (v): xa o lang

M0T n g u o i ban t O i RAT NGUONG M0

Zhiwie la ngifdi chi huy hifdng dao cua chung toi Anh hoc c
trifdng cap hai Fairfield Methodist d canh trifdng toi. Anh difdi
chon lam chi huy doi bong hifdng dao vi anh la ngifdi co tract
nhiem va sang suot.
Moi thif bay, Zhiwie den trifdng sdm de don nhCfng ngifc
hifdng dao sinh thuoc sif quan ly cua anh. Anh giong nhif mo
ngifdi anh trai cua chung toi. Toi cho la anh da neu gudng td
cho toan bo hifdng dao sinh. Anh la ngifdi rat hieu biet va co ra
nhieu dieu co the hoc d ndi anh.
Zhiwie biet lam du moi thif. Dieu nay dac biet hCfu ich kh
chung toi di cam trai. Anh cung rat am hieu ve cap cifu. Zhiwi
da nhan dude rut nhieu giai thifdng dac biet ve nhCfng thanh tich nc
bat trong cac hoat dong ngoai trdi va cac khoa huan luyen. Cha
chan anh da lam tnfdng anh rat tif hao khi difdc chon la ngifdi d;
dien phu trach buoi dot lua trai lien trifdng vao n im ngoa;.
Mac du tich cifc trong cac hoat dong ngoai khoa nhifn
Zhiwie khong bao gid chenh mang viec hoc. Fiu'dng dao sin
trong doi luon luon hoi y kien anh moi khi ho c^p riho kha
trong cong viec. Anh thifdng giup dd va khong bao c . j ;an tran
chung toi mdi khi chung toi can den anh. Toi ifdc a : d f i e
Zhiwie vi toi ngifdng mo anh. anh vifa la mot hoc f.r.h - ; vifa 1
mot ngifdi ban tot.

Commonly used English essay


One Sunday afternoon, uncle cam e to our house for lunch.
My m other cooked a delicious meal for uncle and the family.
After the m eal, m other brought out our favourite dessert banana.
My brother and I were rather noisy. My father told us to
keep quiet as the adults were going discuss som ething important.
My elder brother then decided to take me out for a walk. We
each took a fruit and went out of the house.
I peeled the banana and was just about to eat when a man
knocked my arm . T h e fruit slipped from my hand and fell to the
ground. B efore I could pick it up, the man stepped on it! Then he
continued on his way without saying sorry. I was so upset that I
started to cry.
My brother, who was standing a little distance away from me
saw what had happened. He cam e over to me and told me not to
cry. Then he gave me his fruit. He was really a loving brother.
1. dessert (n): m o n tra n g m ie n g
2. to peel (v): boc vo
3. to knock (v): d u n g , va vao
4. to slip (v): t u o t k h o i

5. banana (n): q ua c h u o i


C a c b ai Iuan TitNq Ask TboNq duNq


anh d An g m n

Mot buoi chieu chu nhat, cau toi den nha toi dung ccfm trifa
Me toi nau mot bifa that ngon dai cau va ca nha Sau bifa 5n, me
toi dem ra mon chuoi trang mieng ma chung toi rat thich.
Anh toi va toi hoi lam on. Cha bao chung toi phai giCf yen
lang khi ngifdi ldn s ip ban den chuyen quan trong. Anh toi ben
dan toi ra ngoai dao chdi. Chung tdi moi ngifdi lay m ot qua chuoi
va ra khoi nha.
Toi bdc vo chuoi vito dinh chen thi co ai dd va m anh vao Lay
tdi. Qua chuoi tuot ra khoi tay va rdi xuong dat. Trifdc khi tdi cd
the nhat no len, ngifdi do da giam bep no. Sau do ong ta van
bifdc di ma khong mot ldi xin loi. Tdi ifc qua da khoe.
Anh tdi difng cach tdi mot khoang khong xa va trong thay
tat ca. Anh tien ve phia tdi va bao tdi difng khoe. Roi anh cho tdi
qua chuoi cua minh Anh ay that la mot ngifdi anh dang men.

Commonly used English essay


Each school has its own set rules and all good pupils should
follow them. T he m ost important rule is that pupils should be
punctual. If they are late, they will interrupt the lesson and also
miss part of it. G ood pupils are always obedient. They obey their
teachers and m onitors. Such pupils do not answer back or refuse
to carry out orders. They help to keep discipline in the school.
A nother important rule is that pupils should be honest. Good
pupils take of school property. They do not paint on the wall or
dirty them , neither do they throw litter about. They also handle
library books carefully and see that gam e equipments are put
back in their proper places after use.
Sch ool rules do not permit gambling or smoking. Gambling
is very bad for a person. Many rich people have lost all their
property through gambling. Gambling also encourages people to
cheat. Sm oking is also bad for a person. It is harmful to health
and may cause lung cancer. T here are many other school rules.
All pupils should follow their school rules to becom e better pupils.
1. rule (n): q u i tac, lu a t le
2. to interrupt (v): la m g ia n d o a n
3. to miss (v): Id, bo m a t
4. obedient (adj): tu a n theo, p h u c t u n r
5. to carry out (v): th i h an h , th u c h ie n


C a c bAi Iuan TitNq an N ThoNq duNq

. to gamble (v): d a n h c d bac

7. property (n): tai san

8. to cheat (v): lua d a o
9. cancer (n): benh u n g t h u


Moi trifdng hoc lai co noi quy rieng va tat ca hoc sinh ngoan
deu phai tuan theo. Quy dinh quan trong nhat la hoc sinh phai di
hoc dung gid. Neu den tre, chung se lam gian doan bai giang
cung nhif se bi mat mot phan bai hoc. H oc sinh ngoan luon vang
loi. Chung vang ldi thay giao va ldp tri/dng. Nhutig hoc sinh nhif
the se khong cai lai hoac khong tif choi cac m enh lenh. Chung
gop phan giuf gin ky luat 6 nha trifdng.
Mot quy dinh quan trong khac la hoc sinh phai trung thifc.
H oc sinh ngoan giCf gin tai san cua nha trifdng. Chung khong ve
bay hoac lam ban tifdng, cung khong nem rac bi/a bai. Chung giCf
gin can than sach bao cua thif vien va de y xem cac thiet bi do
chdi da difdc dat vao dung vi tri sau khi dung hay chifa.
Noi quy nha trifdng khong cho phep danh bac va hut thuoc.
D anh bac la mot viec te hai doi vdi con ngifdi. Nhieu ngifdi giau
co mat het tai san vi cd bac. Danh bac cung khuyen khich ngifdi
ta life gat. Hut thuoc cung rat co hai cho sifc khoe va co the gay
benh ung thu phoi. Con co nhieu qui dinh khac nife de trd thanh
nhCfng hoc sinh tot hdn.


Commonly used English essay


We were engrossed in our M athematics lesson when the bell
started to ring continuously. It was the signal for the fire drill. We
got up from our seats and went out of the classroom .
We lined up in two rows outside our classroom as quickly as
we could. Our teach er told us to be quiet as som e of us were
talking excitedly. Throughout the school, the students streamed
out of their classroom s. Then we descended to the field by the
staircase allocated to the classes for use during such a practice
and in case of a fire. Our teacher, Miss Lien, took our class
register along.
T he pupils walked to the field in an orderly m anner. We
assembled there in the usual order of classes. W hen everyone was
there, Mr. Chien. the teacher in charge of the drill, announced
that we had taken three minutes. He said that he hoped we
would take less time during the next drill. W e then returned to our
1. signal (n): t in h ie u, d a u hieu, hieu lenh
2. to stream (v): ch ay hoac chuyen d o n g n h a m o t d o n g nude
3. to descend (v): d i x u o n g (cai gi)
4. staircase (n): (c u n g s ta irw a y ) cau th a n g gac
5. to allocate (v): ah d in h (ch o ai/cai gi) n h a m m o t m u c
d ich d a c biet


C a c bAi Iuan TitNq Ash ThoNq duNq


Chung toi dang cham chu trong gid hoc toan thi chuong
reo. Do la hieu lenh san sang cho bai thiic tap cifu hoa. Chung
toi dCftig bat day va ra khoi ldp hoc.
That nhanh. chung toi xep thanh hai hang doc ben ngoai
ldp hoc. Cd giao bao chung tdi giOf yen lang vi cd vai ban dang
ndi chuyen mot cach phan khich. H oc sinh ca tri/dng dang do xo
ra khoi phong hoc. Roi chung xuong san qua cau thang gac di/dc
danh cho viec thi/c tap va trong tri/dng hcfp cd hoa hoan that. Cd
giao tdi. cd Lien mang theo ben minh quyen sd ghi danh cua ldp.
Dam hoc trd ra san mot cach cd trat ti/. Chung tdi tap hcrp b
dd theo thu1 tu1 thi/dng le. Khi moi ngi/di da te ti/u day du, thay
Chien. giao vien phu trach viec thuc tap tuyen bd rin g chung tdi
mat dung ba phut. Thay ndi va hi vong chung tdi se nhanh hon.
Sau dd chung tdi di/pc ve ldp hoc.

Commonly used English essay



was walking hom e cffter school one day,

saw a car

speeding along the road. T he next m om ent, I saw the car go off
the road and hit a huge tree. T he impact of the hit was very
intense. T he doors of the car flew open. T he driver was lying
inside the car. H e seem ed to be unconscious. Blood was oozing
profusely from his body.
I ran to a nearby public telephone and called for the
ambulance. Within a few minutes, the ambulance cam e. At the
time, a big crowd had gathered. But no one could help the
unfortunate driver as the car was in flame.
Finally, a male nurse managed to get him out of the car. He
was then rushed to the hospital. I hoped the doctors m anaged to
save his life.
I felt very sad over after the accident as this was the first time
I had witnessed such the sight. I believed driving recklessly is

. im pact (n): sue m a n h va d a p cua hai vat vao n h a u

. intense (adj): ra t lo'n, ra t m a n h

3. to ooze (v): (ve ch a t lo n g set) n ra, ch ay ra

4 . profuse (adj): co n hieu , vo k h o i, d o i dao
5. reckless (adj): th ie u tha n tro n g , lieu lin h


C a c b/vi Iuan t Ien q a n Ji t ^o n q duNq

m O t ta i nan t r

d i /On g

Mot hom , tren dudng tCf tri/dng ve nha. toi nhin thay m ot
chiec o to phong nhanh tren difdng. Tich tac sau. toi da thay
chiec xe do tnfpt khoi mat difdng va va manh vao mot goc cay to.
Sifc dap cua cu va cham rat manh. Cite xe bi bat ra. Tai xe n lm
trong xe hinh nhif da bat tinh. Mau tren ngifcfi anh ta tuon o at.
Toi chay den tram dien thoai cong cong gan do de goi xe
cCfu thi/dng. Trong vong vai phut, xe cifu thifcfng da den. Luc do,
rat dong ngifdi tu tap xung quanh. Nhung khong ai co the giup gi
cho ngifdi lai xe bat hanh va chiec xe dang boc chay.
Cuoi cung, mot nam y ta xoay xd loi anh ta ra khoi xe. Anh
ta nhanh chong difpc difa den benh vien. Tdi hi vong cac bac si
se cifu song anh ta.
Tdi thay buon ve vu tai nan nay vi day la lan dau tien tdi
chCfng kien m ot canh tifpng nhif the. Tdi tin rin g lai xe bat can la
rat nguy hiem.


Commonly used English essay


2. N E W S P A P E R R E A D IN G

3. A B L A C K O U T


4. M IK IL E 'S H U N T


3. A P L E A S A N T D R E A M




-7. W H A T A R E T H E A D V A N T A G E S A N D



9. W E A T H E R V A N E S




11. A T T H E C IR C U S


-1 2 . T H E A D V A N T A G E S O F L IV IN G IN T H E


13. C A T F IS H -U N U S U A L FISH


14. C A U G H T IN A T R A F F IC JA M




16. A F A M IL Y O U T




17. H O N E S T Y IS T H E B E S T P O L IC Y




/ r '-

19. M Y ID E A O F H A P P Y L IF E




bAi Iu a n T itN q

a n Ii

Th oN q duNq

20. U N D E R W A T E R D IS C O V E R Y


21. F R O M W O L F T O D O G




22. T O T H E R E S C U R E


/23. A B IR T H D A Y P R E S E N T


24. T H E S T O R Y O F R O L L E R -S K A T E S




26. IS IT N E C E S S A R Y T O L E A R N E N G L IS H 0


27. T O N Y P R IC E 'S U N U SU A L A R T


28. S P E E D IN G ON S K IS


29. A P L E A S A N T E V E N IN G !


30. M Y SC H O O L S P O R T S D A Y


31. W H A T B A B IE S C R Y M EA N


32. A W E S T E R N M E A L


33. C O O K F O R A D A Y


34. A S T O R Y OF T H E F U T U R E


35. S P R IN G F E V E R s


36. A F IR E





39. A S P E C IA L K IN D O F DOC*,


40 . T H E P L E A S U R E S O F L IV IN G IN A V IL L A G E


41. M Y SC H O O L






1 0]

Commonly used English cssoy

44. A P L E A SA N T S U R P R IS E


45. B A B Y S IT T IN G F O R C O L U M B U S




47. E X A M IN A T IO N D A Y




49. T R A P P E D IN A L IF T




51. AN A D V E R T IS E M E N T


52. M Y A M B IT IO N


53. C H IC K E N T H A T P L A Y S T H E PIA N O


54. A C O U R T E S Y C A M PA IG N


55. S P O R T S D A Y


56. T H E R E A SO N W H Y T H E Y O U N G P E O P L E P R E F E R


57. A T T H E M U S E U M


f 58. A N E W F R IE N D


59. A H O U SE I W O U L D L IK E T O L IV E IN:


60. C H O C O L A T E T O W N


61. H O W G E E S E H E L P E D A SW A N


62. A FL O O D


63. F A V O U R IT E H O B B IE S


64. A G O O D D E E D


65. K ID V IS IT S

14 S



. TEA C H ERS' D A Y :

67. AN A C C ID E N T :




69. A C A M P IN G T R IP




b/\i I u an TitN q A*h ThoNq duNq

70. SP E C IA L B A B Y T W IN S


71. M Y B E S T FR IE N D


A ii K AiW r j &

72. A R A IN Y D A Y


73. M Y F IR S T A T T E M P T A T C O O K IN G


74. A P R IC E L E S S G IF T


75. P R A C T IC E , P R A C T IC E , P R A C T IC E


76. R E C A L L IN G M Y F IR S T D A Y A T SC H O O L


77. D IN A 'S F IR S T D IV E


78. A C L A S S E X C U R S IO N






81. TH E R E T U R N O F T H E W O L V E S




83. TH E B E S T A G E TO B E


84. A L E S S O N L E A R N T


85. A V IS IT T O T H E B O O K S H O P



. M Y F A V O U R IT E T E A C IIE R .

87. THE V A L U A B L E P E A R L

. G E E S E H E L P A C IT Y


89. A V IS IT T O T H E C O U N T R Y S ID E


90. AN E X P E N S IV E M E A L


91. O U R S W E E T H O M E






94. FA M IL Y D A Y







Commonly used English essay

97. A S T R E E T P E R F O R M A N C E


98. A C A N A R Y S A V E S A L IF E





100. M Y C L A S S M A T E S


101. A C R U IS E


102. A M A R A T H O N


103. T H E H IS T O R Y O F H E L IC O P T E R S


104. A P E R S O N W H O M I A D M IR E V E R Y M U CH

105. A L O V IN G B R O T H E R


106. S C H O O L R U L E S


107. F IR E D R IL L


108. A R O A D A C C ID E N T




109 Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi
D T : H C - T H . 0 4 .7 3 3 9 3 6 1 ; P H .0 4 . 8 4 3 9 0 3 4
C a c b a n b ie n ta p : 0 4 .7 3 4 1 7 4 2 . 0 4 . 8 4 3 8 9 5 3 , 0 4 .8 4 3 9 0 3 3



C h iu tr a c h n h ie m x u a t b a n

B ie n tap : N g u y en Q u o c K h a n h
T r in h b ay bia: N S M in h L a m D e s ig n
K i t h u a t vi tin h : H o a n g N am Scfn

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