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FireMon Proactive Security Intelligence solutions provide highly differentiated, marketleading capabilities ranging from firewall management to network security policy
workflow and IT risk assessment. Based on this advanced functionality and ability to
address the widest set of features required by todays enterprise practitioners, the
FireMon Security Manager Platform is frequently chosen by customers as an alternative
to, or replacement for solutions offered by AlgoSec.

Scalability: Enterprise-Wide Assessment

FireMons patented assessment engine is unrivalled in its ability to analyze and map todays
sprawling enterprise security device infrastructure from single firewalls to the entire
network typically returning detailed results in mere seconds. By comparison, AlgoSec
solutions cannot scale to provide rapid, in-depth assessment across large environments.
Customers consistently report that the more firewall data AlgoSec is asked to collect and
process, the more challenging and impractical its use becomes, limiting the scope of realistic

When compared to rival

solutions, specifically the
AlgoSec Security Management
Suite, the FireMon Security
Manager Platform and its
supporting Policy Planner,
Policy Optimizer and
Risk Analyzer modules,
consistently win out for a wide
variety of reasons, including:
Enterprise-Wide Assessment
Data Collection:
Rate and Relevancy

testing parameters and reported results.

Traffic Analysis:
Context and Details

Data Collection: Rate and Relevancy

Change Detection:
Proactive Analysis

FireMon solutions leverage distributed data collection architecture, allowing for rapid

Usage History:
Graphical Representation

aggregation of the most timely, meaningful intelligence regarding the current configuration
of firewalls and overall network security infrastructure. With full data retention, FireMon
offers optimal change detection and trending analysis. AlgoSec solutions utilize only a
single, performance-challenged application server for data collection, forcing customers to
repeatedly reset the appliance and clear its log data to perform ongoing testing, resulting in
lost time, added manual effort and the deletion of valuable historic data.

Traffic Analysis: Context and Details

FireMon solutions offer detailed Traffic Flow Analysis (TFA), providing conclusive visibility
into the data moving through each and every firewall rule, allowing organizations to
identify overly permissive or redundant rules to safely remove access and optimize
policies, without affecting critical services. AlgoSec offers limited visibility into traffic flow
and cannot identify how specific data is being routed, lacking the ability to leverage this
critical information to locate and flag problematic rules, or create a closed-loop workflow to
optimize policies within the context of the overall firewall infrastructure.

Risk Management:
Exposure Mitigation

Change Detection: Proactive Analysis

FireMon solutions provide the industrys only real-time firewall rule and policy change detection capabilities leveraging both syslog and
scheduled analysis to alert relevant officials whenever modifications create gaps in protection or control violations (including for PCI DSS),
along with offering proactive, what-if change impact analysis. AlgoSec offers only scheduled policy change retrieval, creating the opportunity
for unseen exposures to go undetected until the next related assessment is performed, if ever, with no comparable change alerting or impact
modelling, prior to implementation.

Usage History: Graphical Representation

FireMon solutions generate detailed, customizable histograms that provide graphical evidence regarding the specific use of every rule and
object within a policy, informing ongoing comparison and optimization, while also proving useful for sharing related information with access
policy owners. AlgoSec offers no comparable visual representation for rule and object use, while requiring frequent deletion of usage data based
on product licensing practices. This offers practitioners far less ability to review, compare and trend critical rule/object/policy usage and change
data over time.

Risk Management: Exposure-Based Mitigation

FireMon solutions, specifically the Risk Analyzer Module, offer the industrys most effective form of exposure-based IT risk prioritization,
leveraging a comprehensive understanding of the entire network security device infrastructure to facilitate targeted vulnerability mitigation.
AlgoSec solutions offer no comparable identification of access-based vulnerability exposure, further lacking the detailed visibility and risk
mapping FireMon provides regarding potential mitigation steps, including modelling of remediation via device policy change and
virtual patching.

Summary: FireMon is the only solution on the market that provides the scalable firewall device assessment, policy workflow and IT risk
management capabilities necessary to support the real-world requirements of todays enterprise security practitioners. By allowing organizations
to continuously monitor and improve the current alignment of their entire network security device infrastructure, the FireMon Security
Intelligence Platform consistently outperforms all rival solutions that claim similar, advanced capabilities.
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