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Dear Patrick,

Welcome to the class and thank you for your introduction!

Lets get you started!
Here is a good working list of potential funders to get you started in the
process of researching and organizing good match potential funders for
your environmental program efforts.
Remember, you will need to research each of these potential funders to
find if they are a good match for your organization and program efforts.
You can begin your search for good match potential funders by using
Philanthropy on the Internet or the Foundation Center (links are located in
the Supplemental Materials). You can also complete a web search with
several of the popular search engines on the keywords GRANTS +
I strongly suggest that you plan a visit to your regional funding library (list
under Cooperating Collections in Lesson 1 Supplemental Materials). Their
library contains many useful research tools and resources. Many smaller
foundations and companies do not have websites, so a visit to the library
will be necessary to locate them. Also, only about 50% of all funding
sources have websites, so a visit to the library is essential.
If you copy those potential funder lists containing website addresses and
paste them into a Word Document, you will be able to click on them for a
direct link to the Internet. This will save a good deal of time.
Remember, the more funder application guidelines (in publication and on
the internet) that you read and study the more you will understand how
funder's present themselves, their mission and goals, and application
guidelines; and the documents and materials they expect in a complete
proposal package.
Also, remember a team of funders is needed to support a proposed
program. No single funder will provide 100% of the funds needed to
support any given program or project.
I always say that the 'best way to find out who funds the symphony, is to go
to the best symphony in town and collect the playbill.' You may want to
start your search by looking for other like-minded regional and national
organizations and research where and how they get their funding.
Environmental Protection Agency and Small Business Administration
EPA Department
EPA Grantwriting Tutorial
Environmental Grantmakers
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Environment and/or Animal Conservation and Preservation
Brainerd Foundation, The
Bullitt Foundation, The
Cinnabar Foundation, The
Dumke Foundation, Dr. Ezekiel R. and Edna Wattis
Ferguson Foundation, Hugh & Jane, The
Harder Foundation
Kelley Family Foundation Trust, Lora L. & Martin N.
Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation
Lazar Foundation, The
Montana Community Foundation
Montana Power Foundation, Inc., The
Plum Creek Foundation
Steele-Reese Foundation, The
Taylor Foundation, Ruth and Vernon, The
Wilburforce Foundation, The
The Alton Foundation Westlake Village, CA $0 $58,400
LP and Teresa Anderson Foundation Miles City, MT $517,777 $18,258
The Appleseed Foundation Missoula, MT $530,996 $21,095
The Applied Materials Foundation Santa Clara, CA $24,535,103
The Aurora Borealis Foundation Kalispell, MT $45,738 $21,000
The Avista Foundation Spokane, WA $3,642,355 $510,452
The Beim Foundation Minneapolis, MN $12,789,101 $529,320
Betts Family Foundation Helena, MT $340,441 $20,000
BNSF Railway Foundation Fort Worth, TX $1,808,902 $9,423,238
Louis L. Borick Foundation Houston, TX $88,055,066 $4,097,250
The Brainerd Foundation Seattle, WA $24,811,595 $2,636,790
The Bullitt Foundation Seattle, WA $104,213,661 $5,421,295
Robert Rogan Burchenal Foundation Cincinnati, OH $3,784,513 $710,575
The Cinnabar Foundation Missoula, MT $9,865,800 $370,000
Columbus Community Foundation Columbus, MT N/A N/A
Cordingley Foundation Helena, MT $755,815 $45,386
The Cotswold Foundation Cincinnati, OH $11,336,070 $1,506,129
Cross Charitable Foundation, Inc. Bozeman, MT $27,530,529 $1,002,400
Davis Family Foundation Bozeman, MT $71,772 $9,000
Double F. Foundation Ennis, MT $122,920 $2,100
F Cubed Foundation Breckenridge, CO $2,165,378 $146,750
Callant Family Foundation Detroit, MI $5,553,950 $251,000

Lyle and Gail Grimes Charitable Foundation Missoula, MT $106,816

Robert Tucker Hayes Foundation Dallas, TX $219,673 $167,900
Helena Area Community Foundation Helena, MT N/A N/A
Jane S. Heman Foundation, Inc. Missoula, MT $12,808,024 $554,813
The High Stakes Foundation Arlee, MT $1,661,185 $167,000
The Johnson Family Foundation San Diego, CA $2,913,674 $29,935
Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation Seattle, WA $4,633 $458,267
The Elaine and Robert Lang Foundation Viera, FL $277,613 $15,000
LaRue Young Foundation Sheridan, WY $1,155,136 $50,487
Louis Foundation Saint Louis Park, MN $3,753,084 $233,998
Maki Foundation Aspen, CO $3,874,367 $157,500
MDU Resources Foundation Bismarck, ND $5,317,549 $2,071,407
Jerry Metcalf Foundation Helena, MT $501,501 $60,650
Mineral County Community Foundation Superior, MT N/A N/A
Missoula Community Foundation Missoula, MT N/A N/A
Montana Community Foundation Helena, MT $65,095,733 $2,479,697
Montana Trout Foundation Bozeman, MT $0 $12,800
Norwell Fund Chicago, IL $550,787 $27,405
Thomas & Corinne Nyquist Foundation New Paltz, NY $66,651 $8,716 Los Angeles, CA $5,868,529 $5,604,914
The Perkins Charitable Foundation Cleveland, OH $29,754,673
Plum Creek Foundation Seattle, WA $6,142 $1,847,641
Rapp Family Foundation, Inc. Hamilton, MT $1,170,646 $102,402
Sands Memorial Foundation, Inc. Havre, MT $2,910,071 $43,100
Seeley Lake Community Foundation Seeley Lake, MT N/A N/A
The Steele-Reese Foundation New York City, NY $35,974,063 $1,734,525
The Daniel K. Thorne Foundation, Inc. Georges Mills, NH $6,903,843
Twin Spruce Foundation, Inc. Stamford, CT $307,097 $42,600
Union Pacific Foundation Omaha, NE $1,209,888 $6,902,883
The Valentine Family Foundation Palo Alto, CA $18,933,125 $2,406,752
Valley County Community Foundation Glasgow, MT N/A N/A
West Yellowstone Foundation West Yellowstone, MT $864,696 $56,677
Whitefish Community Foundation Whitefish, MT $10,554,400 $3,571,729
The Wilburforce Foundation Seattle, WA $42,980,023 $11,111,430
James H. Woods, Jr. Foundation Clayton, MO $4,138,945 $3,000
Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, LLC Corporate Giving Program | | Youth
development, Adolescents
Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation, Inc. | | Arts and culture, Community and

economic development, Dental care, Early childhood education,
Education, Food banks, Health, Higher education, Human services, Music,
Out-of-school learning, Special Olympics, Theater, Youth development,
Adolescents, American Indians, Children, Children and youth,
Economically disadvantaged people, Homeless people, Low-income and
poor people, People with disabilities, People with physical disabilities
Interbel Education Foundation | | Grants to
Individuals Program; Scholarships to students with a parent or guardian
who is, or has been, a member of InterBel Telephone Cooperative, MT, for
two of the past five years.
PPL Montana Corporate Giving Program | | Adult and child mentoring,
Cancers, Child welfare, Community and economic development,
Education, Environment, Food banks, Housing development, Human
services, Sports and recreation
Enjoy beginning the process of finding the support you need by conducting
a thorough research campaign for 'good match' potential funders.
Remember, the A to Z Course is 'preparing' you to approach potential
funders. You are not expected to approach funders until you have
completed the course and are fully organized for a successful grantwriting
Please be sure to take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at
the end of each lesson to find the answers to many more questions!
Take your time and enjoy the course. We will be covering a lot of ground
and I will be sharing many useful tools and resources.
Many thanks for joining the class and Best of Luck!