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Rape Statistics (over the age of 18)

Rape is a violent and demeaning crime that's existed all around the world for centuries. Over
time, rape continues to be understood as a crime derived for the perpetrator's need for power
and control over the victim more than it's about the sex act itself. Whatever the perpetrator's
reason for perpetrating the crime, rape deprives the victim of any say over what happens to
her or his body. Normally the sufferers are women, but males also fall victim for this
demoralizing crime.
Rape happens once every 2 minutes in America. Of the almost 208,000 victims, over 80
percent are over 30 years of age. Similar to rape among adolescents, the instances of rape
are dropping steadily over time. In 2009 rape fell nearly 3 percent from 2008.
The data were more than 6.5 percent lower than in 2005 and more than 2 percent lower than
2000. So while any quantity of rape cases is disturbing, it is a good hint to see the amounts
of incidents decreasing.
Law officials do offer some uncertainty on the accuracy of these amounts and voice some
concern how tough it truly is to actually understand the extent of the problem. Insufficient
reporting a rape coupled with false reporting cause a distortion in the amounts. A positive
note is that bogus reporting has decreased to 2% since the assigning of female police
officers to rape cases. But if we want to see the amounts really decline, then we desire every
victim to report the crime!
Teenage Suicide to Date Rape - If You See Something Say Something
Teenage suicide Statistics
Teenage Suicide - Suicide among teens is always on an alarmingly constant climb. It's been
discovered that about 1 in 6 adolescents have thought about committing suicide sooner or
later in their life. Of those amateurs, 1 in 12 truly tries the suicide. More females than males
attempt http://inclub.lg.ua/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=687080 ,
but more men than women actually commit suicide. Many girls may attempt suicide within an
effort to require help. Boys try suicide with the intent to end their lives.
Suicide among babes in America improved by 8% in 2004; this is the greatest increase in
decades. A decline was witnessed before 2003 when the rate of suicide was 6.78 suicides
per 100,000 adolescents in comparison to 1990 amounts of 9.48 per 100,000.
Suddenly there was a shift and the numbers began increasing again. In 2003 there were
4,232 suicides, and in 2004 the number jumped to 4,599. Amateur suicide rose from 6.3% in
2009 to 7.8% in 2011. Present data show that nearly 10 in 100,000 adolescents attempt
suicide, and each day there are 11 adolescent suicide victims. 11 dead teens each day!
Teenage Eating Disorders Figures
It was recorded in 1991 that 40% of those diagnosed with eating disorders of bulimia nervosa
and / or anorexia nervosa were adolescents. More than 5 million adolescent girls and
500,000 teenage boys suffered with at least one of the eating disorders. Those numbers
happen to be rising ever since.
In 2004, the amounts were a staggering! There were 12 million adolescents afflicted by
eating disorders!!! The numbers more than doubled in a little over a decade. Current studies
demonstrate that 25,000 per every million adolescents suffer from at least one eating
http://www.m-point.it/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=77127 .

Bullying Statistics (in school)

Bullying among children in school seems to be on the rise, likely due to the various ways kids
can convey in the current technology savvy world. With cell phones, computers, and other
means of reaching an outlet to say cruel and hurtful comments, pupils can say things that
they may not say in a face-to-face situation.
Even while in class, students are taking images, posting opinions on social media and
sending texts with their cell phones. Intimidation occurs within the school or on school
grounds 79% of the time. Intimidation does not have to be done through real physical
interaction, regardless of place.
Present studies suggest that 20.8 percent of students admit to participating in some type of
bullying while at school. This translates into 1 in 7 students either being the bully or being the
victim of bullying. Possibly shocking to many is the fact that intimidation has decreased to 41
% in 2008 from 52 % in 2001. Figures demonstrate that intimidation is steadily decreasing,
but the growing familynudistvideo of the bullying is still an issue.
School Shootings Numbers
It appears like school shootings are all too recognizable news stories in the world today, yet
reports demonstrate that school shootings aren't on nudism nudisum . Hello Kate and nudist
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This fact may seem surprising since the media may often suggest otherwise. The first
shooting in a school was recorded in 1966. Since then there have been 90 school shootings
of 231 deaths.