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Karen Paige Application to teach English in South Korea

Submitted to ASK Now Inc. for placement

121 S. Ave 52 Apt. C, Los Angeles, CA 90042

(313) 415-8192

Objective My objective is to obtain understanding and knowledge in everything that I do, both
personally and professionally. More importantly, to spread to others all knowledge that
has been given to me, while learning from them at the same time. Finally, to gain life
experience, by pushing myself out of my comfort zone and exploring new opportunities.

Summary • I am a native English speaker who, as a child caretaker, has been a teacher to young children.
I would apply my experience while teaching overseas.
• Growing up, at the top of my class, I was frequently asked by teachers and students alike to
serve as a student for others. Serving in the role of tutor, as a one on one teacher gave me the
necessary skills to help others excel at a specific subject.
• I am an enthusiastic, patient, driven individual who strives to succeed at whatever task is put
before me.

Education B.A. Degree in Media Arts and Studies 2006

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Career History & Accomplishments

Call Center Operator, Nielsen Media Research 2008
• Duties included making phone calls and conducting phone interviews about
films and related topics.
• Instructing new hires as to the needs of the business, including job training,
office manner, and overall demeanor.
• Experience with keeping composure in adverse situations, and keeping a calm
demeanor with disgruntled interviewees

Crew Member, ArcLight Cinemas 2007-

• Preparing and serving food. 2008
• Directing guest traffic and assisting them to their intended destinations.

• As a select member of the Computer Maintenance Systems Learning Group,

responsibilities include keeping the computers up and running, attending
biweekly meetings, and ensuring that the flow of business is maintained.

Food Clerk, Meijer 2007

• Developed skills in handling both prepared and raw food. Worked extensively
with meat, fish, and poultry.
• Carried, organized, and stocked hefty items.

• Interacting with large volumes of people, and directing guest traffic.

Production Assistant, Making the Band 2007
• Set preparation, crowd control, etc.

• Administrative tasks included transporting information to and from contestants,

and managing throngs of people.
• Directing guest traffic and assisting them to their intended destinations.

• As a select member of the Computer Maintenance Systems Learning Group,

responsibilities include keeping the computers up and running, attending
biweekly meetings, and ensuring that the flow of business is maintained.

Guest Service Representative, Target Corporation 2003-

• Supervised the training of new crew members. 2006
• Applied an innovative procedure that provided quicker results.

• Honed skills on computers, and computer related equipment.

Administrative Assistant, A & B Transmission 2002-

• Obtained quality organizational and administrative skills. 2004
• Managed customers, and directed office traffic.

• Applied new filing organization system that was more effective.

Child Caretaker, Hardy Residence 2001-

• Responsible for the health and well-being of 4 to 6 children. 2005
• Duties included providing meals, helping with homework, disciplinary actions,
and providing a caring environment .

Personal Interests
• Watching movies, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy. Member of Official Star Wars Fan
• Playing/Watching different sports, especially basketball.
• Reading and writing short stories and screenplays.

Writing Section Please answer the following questions.

1. Please explain why you are the right type of person to teach overseas.
I am the right type of person to teach overseas for many reasons. I have always been open to trying
new things in life. I have also wanted to travel, specifically to different parts of Asia since I was a
child. As I got older, I never found a compelling reason to actually do it. However, the opportunity
to teach, to make a difference in someone else’s life, and to essentially have a purpose in my travels,
makes all the difference in the world.

2. Please explain what qualities you think are necessary to be a good teacher.
In my experience, there are several qualities that make a good teacher. First and foremost, I believe
that you have to be good at explaining things. If you can’t give your students a compelling reason
for doing something a certain way, they will be less prone to comprehend and apply it. A good
teacher also has to be confident, because if you don’t believe in yourself and what you are teaching,
your students will most likely do the same. In my opinion, you also have to have an excitement
about what you teach. The best teachers that I have had were always passionate about the material
that they taught. In my job as a child caretaker, I always got the best results when I showed a certain
enthusiasm in the material. One of the most difficult things to balance as a teacher is being firm, yet
caring. Many teachers apply one side over the other, being either to strict and rigid, or being to meek
and passive. Being a good teacher means having compassion for your student’s while at the same
time not being too submissive. The most important quality to have as a teacher is patience. Students
learn at varying speeds. Not everyone will understand the material at the same rate. It is essential to
remain patient and explain things in different ways to help a student respond to the information.

3. Please describe how you would deal with a workplace dispute with another co-worker or supervisor.
The easy answer is to avoid the conflict altogether. However, there are things in life that are
unavoidable and that need to be addressed. I believe that it usually comes down to one key thing:
communication. I would try to have a calm, rational talk with the other person, in private, so as to be
able to talk freely. When talking to the other person that you are having a dispute with, the key is to
not interrupt while the other is talking, and to keep a relaxed demeanor. Even if the two of you are
not on the same page after the talk, calming the situation down is the first measure of action. It may
be necessary, even after this step, to call in a third party.

4. Please describe some actions you could take if you began feeling homesick or lonely while in Korea.
If I began to feel homesick in Korea there are a few things that I know would work well for me.
First of all I would know that before leaving, I would have the support of my friends and family.
Before embarking on a new chapter of my life, in a different part of the world, knowing that people
are behind me every step of the way is essential, and I know that I would have that. I would also
have tangible things to keep my grounded, such as pictures, drawings, mementos, and other material
possessions that have the feel of home. And finally, if I was ever feeling lonely, I know that my
family is just a phone call away, day or night. In addition to that, with the advancement of the
internet and the availability of web cameras, I would be able to both see and hear my family and
whenever I needed to.

5. Do you have any other plans for your time in Korea? (Further study, hobbies to pursue, places to
I do have other plans for my time in Korea. Besides spending my time teaching, I also want to fully
experience the Korean culture. My main goal is to learn to speak fluent Korean. I know some basic
Korean now, but learning the nuances of the language is a challenge that I am ready to take. In
addition to that, I am excited to see the country, specifically Seoul, Jeju Island, and Gyeongbok
Palace. I am also eager to taste the local cuisine; to compare it to dishes of the same name that I
have tried in America. Korea is a place that seems to be very different from America, and I am
excited to see exactly how.