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Our group report is base on Harris Tweet proposal for strategic growth on children

wear in Japan. We are Four members in a group and combine work on it. The name
of group members are ( Astrid de Magnienville - Margaux Sall - Shoaib Qureshi Moritz Jeske ). we all work in a group and assign the work to the members of group
and compile the whole data. We all did a lot of research on Harris Tweed and the
products of that company. Also find out the gaps in Japan that why Harris Tweed is
to focus on japan , specially children wear. There are lot of opportunity in Japan for
children clothes. Apply the swot analysis to find out strength weaknesses of the
company. Pestle analysis that focus on the external marketing environment. Apply
five forces analysis and find out level of competition within an industry and business
strategy management. After that concern about the aims to examine the resource
and the core competencies of the form to identify their competitive advantages.
Recommendations that is necessary to farm the strategies of new clothing line.
Branding to make a brand well known. Implementing to expand the new product in
Japan. Also work on the distribution of a company product. In the end of the report
make a conclusion for what strategies use for children clothes in Japan.
On start of the report is introduction of the company and area of findings n
product. Introduction is done by the Margaux. Astrid de Magienville is done with the
conclusion and recommendation section in which branding, implementing and
distributing with help of other group members. Myself ( Shoaib Qureshi ) work on
the Porter five forces and also apply that to find out how the company have to
concern about the analysis of Five forces. Moritz Jeske did the analysis part as well
Swot analysis and Pestle analysis with Margaux Salle. All the group members sitting
in uni for discussion and also communicate with each other through Facebook. All
group members find the whole details of each n every part of the report and bring
the maximum knowledge in report. Everyone contribution and effort is equally and
work hard for the report.
For the presentation all group members gather at one place and work together to
finalize the report and presentation as well. Bring out the main points in the
presentation n divided parts equally. All the group members work well to complete
that project and presentation. With the help of all group members a lot things is to
learn n find out the strategies.
In the end I say thanks to all my group members and total numbers that given from
my side to all group members are:
Astrid de Magnienville: 9
Margaux Sall : 9
Shoaib Qureshi : 8
Moritz Jeske : 9