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The Panama Papers are a set of 11.

5 million leaked documents detailing

attorneyclient information for more than 214,000 offshore companies associated
with the Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider, Mossack Fonseca.
The leaked documents contain the identities of company shareholders and directors
associated with Mossack Fonseca and illustrate how wealthy individuals, including
public officials, hide assets from public scrutiny
The Mossack Fonseca documents do not name either prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif or his younger brother, Punjab chief minister Shebaz Sharif. They do
however link in-laws of Shebaz Sharif and children of Nawaz Sharif to offshore
companies. Mossack Fonseca records tie Nawaz daughter Maryam Nawaz and her
brothers Hussein and Hassan to four offshore companies, Nescoll Limited, Nielson
Holdings Limited, Coomber Group Inc., and Hangon Property Holdings Limited.
The companies acquired luxury real estate in London during 20062007. The real
estate was as collateral for loans of up to $13.8 million according to the Panama
Papers. The prime minister's children say the money came from the sale of a
family business in Saudi Arabia.
Maryam Nawaz tweeted denial of wrongdoing, adding that she did not own "any
company/property abroad," except as "a trustee" in a brother's corporation, "which
only entitles me to distribute assets to my brother Hussain's family/children if
needed. The leaked documents name her the sole beneficial owner of Nescoll,
created in 1993, and Nielson, first registered in 1994. The two companies
subscribed to Mossack Fonseca services in July 2006. The Panama Papers name
Maryam as the joint owner with her brother Hussain of Coomber Group. Mossack
Fonseca was managing Nescoll, Nielsen Holdings, and Coomber Group when the
three companies obtained a 7 million mortgage from the Swiss bank,Deutsche
Bank (Suisse) SA and purchased four flats in Avenfield House, at 118 Park Lane in
London. Hassan, the other brother, bought Hangon Holdings and its stock in 2007

for 5.5 million; Hangon then bought property, financed through the Bank of
Scotland, at 1 Hyde Park Place in London.

The Game theory over Panama Leaks scandal in Pakistani politics.


Game theory is
a model for making decisions that weighs the benefits of a
choice along with the interaction between participants.

Game theory models strategic behavior by agents who understand

their actions affect the actions of other agents.

A game with just two players is a two-player game

Stakeholders in Pakistani politics

PML (N) current Ruling party
Opponent (opponent in national Assembly)
Pakistan Army apparently the army has no explicit role in pakitani politics but
many believe that the army has important role and key players in Pakistani politics.
From policy making to decision making. After revealing the panama leaks Scandal
Pakistani politics has turning into the multidimensional path in Pakistan there is no
single party politics there is lot of political stakeholder in politics individual party
has own interest politics.
There are five key players in politics over panama leaks scandal

Many believe that PPP party is close Ally of ruling party PML(N) and they
always known as friendly opponent politics and protect each other interest.
Unfortunately Pakistans ruling party and its opposition rule by what in gaming
theory is referred to as the Nash Equilibrium. Namely, that in a confrontation
one party will not take a step that would harm the other partys interest and vice
versa as together they can continue to reap benefits within their own spheres of
influence. With their electoral position secured shying away from reform and
avoiding decentralizing governance, in many ways unfortunately, the political
parties particularly the PPP and the PML-N have contributed more to the demise
of democracy in Pakistan than any prescient Bonapartists.
PTI appear as a real opponent for both parties in politics creating pressure over the
panama leaks for ruling party and demanding the resignation from Prime minister
for the illegal business assets out sides the country which is illegal according to
the constitution of country ruling party perceiving the big threat resignation
demand from the other stakeholder
The Army chiefs statement asking for across the board accountability has been
viewed by many as a response to the Panama leaks.

Assignment #02

Game theory in panama leaks

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