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And Praise God! We caught a few ourselves! THREE BAPTISMS after the week
weekend retreat, March 29-31 in Dunkerque, stories to follow. The theme

of the retreat was:"Jesus...! everyday?'.' Our speakers were Bob Grigg

from Nantes and Robert McCready from Toulouse, both brothers from the
non-instrumental church of Christ. The topics for the weekend were as
follows: Jesus...! everyday?? Jesus, common sense? Jesus and the Bible?
Believe Today; The Death of Jesus, Why?; Christ,Liberator; The True
Disciple. We ended the retreat with a Sunday morning worship in which
everyone was free to share their thoughts. It was really beautiful and
then to top it all off shortly after lunch Charlotte and Tony...
Tony came to me and



Exactly two weeks later,

Carolyn was j-i'muersed in**

The following weekend



Charlotte wants to

to Christ. She had star

baptized. Richard is

be baptized." After
I began to walk on
the ground again,

ted coming to the study

a Christian from the

just before the retreat

and really made her de

Lille congrgation and

he is now serving his
military service time.

we all went in and

talked. As many of
you know, Charlotte
has attended our

Friday night study

since the beginning

cision at the retreat

but wanted to wait and

Jean-Pierre was his

roommate and came with
him to the retreat.

have her family pres

ent for the baptism.
Carolyn had already

Richard had already

had some experience

worked with J-P for

and she was well

with an evangelical

prepared to answer
our questions. That

church but said that

she had never seen

quite some time but

the retreat really

evening back in Lille,

everyday Christianity

touched him. Three

weeks after the re

she was baptized and

like she had with us.

It makes me sad to
think of the times
that I've failed to

visited J-P in Paris

where he lives. He
said he had made his

present a Christian

decision privately at

witness to faj"nily and

the retreat but was

afraid to make a com
mittment because of the
emotion of the time.

has continued to be

faithful in attending
the church reunions.

We started the study

of John's Gospel back
in September and sev
en months later, Char
lotte saw the life in

the Gospel. Has your

Christianity lost its
life? Open the BOOK!

treat, Tony & Richard

friendswe all need to

realize that the world

is watching us! Now,

Carolyn's sister, Cen-

drine is attending the

study and church reunions.

They went to a pool in

the middle of the night
and J-P was baptized.






You will remember Patrick from the Last update, well,he is still with

us. After finishing the "Jule Milleaf " filmstrips, he said that he can
see now why we shouldn't baptize babies according to the Bible. The

retreat was also a great experiencel::or Patrick. During a gathering

we had shortly after the retreat, w^ asked everyone to share what the
retreat had meant to them. Patrick said that it had caused him to

reflect upon his life and his relationship to God. He continues to

study and attend our reunions and he knows what he must do to have

a proper relationship with GOd but l^e also knows there are things he
must change in his life and he's just not ready for the change. The
wheels continue to turn in his thinH+ng and with your prayers they
will turn in the right direction.

The Bible study on Friday evening

continues to.,hold its own. There
is always around 15 Christians
from the Lille congregation and
10 to 15 non-christians. When all

the regulars are there we run up

to 30. Many of the students who
come will be leaving Lille at the

Other news concerning the study

is that I have begun leading
the studies "all by myself" but
of course the Lord has a big
role in using my mouthI Several
have said they enjoy the study
more when I lead because I speak
slower and use a vocabulary much

end of June so be in fervent pray

simpler than Tony & Pierre. It

er for the few studies that are

left. A few are from Muslim coun

is still a big challenge but

each study that passes Joni & I

tries and may never hear teaching

are able to add more and more

as our FRENCH increases in size.

from the New Testament again.

We have completed a distribution for the Bible correspondence course in

a section of southern Lille and receiiv ed immediately four responses.The
copy of the Gospel of Luke with a
guestionnaire covering each chapter. After receiving the response, we
do the same with Acts. Upon completion of both questionnaires, the stu-

course is on Luke and Acts. We send a

dent rec^ives~a" erb^e. we ~mak e~ an appc ininnent to deliver the" Bible in

person which gives us a chance to getj to know the person and to offer
the possibility for further study. This method of evangelism makes guick
contacts with people who already hav^ a interest in "religion". It has
led to several conversions in the past, but the follow-up work has always been the KEY. Pray for the four a dults who have responded and for

others to respond as we continue withj the


April 21st we traveled to Reims,France with the Petronellis for a study

and worship time with four families who meet once a month. They all live
from 45 minutes to an hour away from Reims which is* a central location
for them. Also on May 5th, we were in Beringen, Belgium for a similar
meeting for Italian Christians who nowl live in Belgium & Germany. These

meetings are in Italian and led by Vincenxoand Guy Mayfield. During the
last of May and the first of June, Joni & I will be in Toulouse,France
helping out in a conference given by the non-instr\amental team there.
The conference is called "Bien Dans Sa Peau" which literally means;

"good in his skin" but makes more sens B as "feeling good about yourself '.*
One night might deal with "loneliness^ another "the family",etc. The
idea is to address issues troubling 1 to society today in a non-religous
manner. The key is to show people that the answers to their problems can

be found in the teachings of Christ. Wb really don't know much about the
program but it has really proven succe ssful in Nantes,France so we will
be going down to help out and learn so that we can eventually use the
method ourselves. We are expecting my oarents in June and Joni's in July

so needless to say we are excited to see them after almost a year apart
Continuing in prayer for one another,


& Joni fy

God's Fellow Workers, Inc.


Keith&Bethany Groves

2 Rue Brve

Minerva Park Church of Christ

4938 Westerville Road

Columbus, OH. 43229.

Bat. 11 Appt. 569

59650 Villeneuve D'Ascq
FRANCE (air mail)


B 3Ffllnui Unrkprs, Jinr.





'ts done,



We shared with you in our August Update that we had

just completed a survey trip through the cities of Poitiers,
La Rochelle, Lirroges, and Angoulane in west central France.

O- non-instrunental churches

Since our arrival in France (June 1984) we have been learn-

ingthe language and working along side of the Church of Christ

(non-instrumental) in Lille,

we had chosen Lille as our start

ing Dlace because I had met the Petronelli family, who serve

and worship there, while in Belgium as an intern during the sum

mer of 1980. Our ultimate goal is to start a church(es) in a
city(ies) where there are no Churches of Christ/Christian Churches.
The time we have spent and are snending in Lille is a neriod of

preparation to meet that goal. The survey trio is one way of

seeking God's guidance in choosing a city to work in. We would

like to share seme of our findings with you and ask that you

pray and seek His guidance concerning this matter as well.

The spiritual situation of these three cities is much the
same as most cities in France. Catholicism is the major religon
and it is perhaps more traditionally practiced in these cities as

opposed to seme of the bigger cities because of the lack of out

side or foreign influence that is found in the larger cities.
Although most people are Catholic, the percentage of practicing
believers is very low. The "church" is for "marrying and burying"
and beyond that point it beccxnes an interference in the normal

Limoges In Limoges (population 139,788) there are two Baptist

churches and one Assembly of God.

The ccmbined mem

bership of the three groups is around 300. The French

pastor of the Assembly of God was very open to co
operation as was the American missionary at the Baptist
church. In their opinion, traditional Catholicism is

very strong in Limoges and there is also a very high

activity and interest in the occult. The Assembly nt
nrd has a membership of 240 and seems to be active and

growing. The Baptist church was started in 1983 and

has an American worker.

They seem to be stmqgling

but certainly developing.

The other Baptist church we

were unable to contact but according to the others it

is very ultra-conservative and exclusive.

Poitiers- Poitiers (population 77,964) has three churches which

is a bit deceptive because the Protestant Temple and
Reformed Church are pastored by the same man. In France,
the other "church" (not Catholic) is usually recognized
as one of the above. Other groups are still looked upon
as sects or cults although evangelical groups are be

coming more and more recognized. The Reformed Church is

in about the same situation as the Catholic Church, huge

buildings and few strong members to fill them. The other

church is a Baptist church pastored by a frenchman with a
irembership of around 100. It appreared to be fairly
active but rather closed in attitude.

cities visited

God's Fellow Wokors. Inc.

Financial .Statement

Complete Statement Through August 198S

Total Contributions


Total Interest


Total Expenditures


Net decrease

Fund Balance 1984


Net decrease


Fund Balance
August 1985 .



French Account


Cash on hand


BankOne Account


Diamond Savings Acct.


Total Assets - Aug.1985



debt of(200-300
3000 iloll.-irr..
projects include
a building
nor monthl
Of printing eguipment (2000-5000 dnli.nroj

firvice) -

dale DUNCAN (future mission

In the Total Contributions, 105 dollars of Petty's personal

money was deposited so this viill be corrected in OCTOBER.
Expenses through August 1985



FrenchSLducation mat.



Health insurance



Bank Chg/Exchange


Returned Check

camp, meetings,etc. 1045.42


Bible Study

187 .51








S881 .82



God's Fellow Workers,' Inc.

Report prepared jfor

supporting churc|r)es.
Proposed--Hission Budget .'donthly

Salary&Benefits (Pettys)




French Language training

Present average
monthly income



Furlough fund

^ 60



Educational materials


Bank charges&exchange loss


Proposed budget -2200



Outstanding debts

Toyota Van



As the proposed budget shows, our monthly balance ends up in

the red but at present we are able to balance this situation

by diminishing our salary from time to time and of course the

cost of each item may not necessarily be as high as projected
but we feel that the estimates are conservative based on the

year and a half we have worked in France. For example; the

total JUNE expenes were 2600 but the AUGUST expenses were only
1800. During our furlough{June-Oct. 1986) we would like to
raise monthly committments for support of 2500, in this way
our work and our livlihood will not be hampered due to finances.

Other financial projects scheduled for 1987 are the possible

renting of a building (200-300 per month) and the buying of
copying and printing production material (2000-5000 dollars).
It is very hard for a foreign missionary to estimate a budget .
because of the problem of the exchange rate and I would like
to explain somewhat how this has affected us the past year.
In Feb. the Dollar was being exchanged at the rate of 10 Francs
In Aug. the rate has fallen to 8 Francs.
IVhat this does to the foreign missionary is that it cuts his
buying power or when the rate increases it gives him more
buying power.

In Feb. when we exchanged looo dollars we received 10,000 francs

In Aug. when we exchanged 1000 dollars we received

6000 francs.

What that comes to in dollars is that in Feb. we had the buying

power of 1000 dollars but in Aug. it was more like 800 dollars.
So with the fall or rise of the exchange rate by 1 point we gain

or lose the buying power of 100 dollars. This not only concerns
us but anyone serving in a country where they must exchange their
dollar support for the foreign currency. To give a practical ex
ample; our rent in Feb. was 190 dollars while in Aug. it was 250
dollars - the cost in francs stay the same so you can see why it
is difficult to formulate a budget for the missionary.

' La Rochelle-

Once a Refonration strong-hold, La Rochelle (population

75,754) Protestantism was literally overthrown by the
Catholics and to this day, it-has never held an inportant
position. There are five churches in La Rochelle. Three
that we weren't able to contact v^ile there are:

The Pro

testant Tenple, Reformed Church, and the Brethem Church.

The Protestant Tenple and Refomed Church are probably in

the same situation as the ones in Poitiers.

The Brethem

are a very strict and exclusive group. None of these

churches seem to have a very active program. The other
two churches in La Rochelle were the Pentecostal Church

and an Independent Church. The total membership of these

five groups is around 220. The Pentecostal group seemed
to be sure that they were "right" and weren't open to new
ideas or fellowship. The Independent Church is an off-break
from the Pentecostal group and felt that anybody who men
tioned the name of Christ was a Christian.

They were ex

tremely liberal in doctrine and theology.

Artong the churches visited the Assemblies of God and/or the Pentecostal Churches

were the ones who seeired to be experiencing growth. They attributed this to .two
factors: 1) the supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit (tongues, heal
ings, deliverances) and 2) active church nonbers who bring visitors to witness
these manifestations. They usually had five meetings per week: Sunday worship,
midweek prayer, midweek study, and two evangelistic meetings as well. Due to this
amcunt of activity, they are touching more people than other groups and the results
show it. One of the Assemblies of God has baptized 200 since 1980 and another 70.
Out of the remaining six groups interviewed, 38 have been baptized since 1980.
Unlike in the U.S., most evangelical/protestant churches baptize by immersion,
except for the Reformed Church and the Protestant Tenple who continue to sprinkle.
It was interesting to find that the social group of most contact and success
was couples between the ages of 20 and 40. Every worker but one gave this re

sponse and the other said the ages 60 and over. It was even more interesting to
find that in the last census report 58% of the population of Limoges fell into

that category, 57% in La Rochelle, and a "whopping" 65% for Poitiers. The high

percentage for Poitiers is probably due to their 4000 university students, but even
at that the number is surprising. Poitiers also had the lowest foreign population
of the three at 1.8% .as opposed to 3% in Limoges and La Rochelle.

Concerning meth<^s of evangelism, we didn't encounter anything we hadn't

already heard of.

Items such as literature distribution, correspondence courses,

surveys, films, study groups, personal contact, conferences and the regular church
meetings were rrentioned. Measuring the degree of success in conversions would
show that personal contact and personal home studies are the most successful. For
initial contact two or three night conferences with themes such as "Science and the
Bible", etc. seen to be very successful as well.

And so, we hope that this has pricked your interest. We will be continuing our
research and.possibly returning to rrake a correspondence course distribution to check

the "temperature" further. The ideal would be to have a family or families in a city

that are already willing to start. Perhaps God will provide such a situation and
perhaps it won't even be where we've looked1 Continue to pray for our .present work
but be looking ahead to 1987 as well. There are three individuals (French folk) vho
are thinking of going with us vhen we move: Tony, Lydie, and Pierre. They plan to
continue their careers vhiTe working for the truth with us.

The door is always open

for others to join us as well, in fact we challenge you to the task.


In September, Yahn Opsitch (n-i missionary) frcm Montpellier,

came and gave a two night conference entitled "Science and the Bible 1 What

Does it N^e?" I had made posters for distribution but found that as soon as

we put one up somebody would taKe it down, but they would leave all of the
political slogans and other advertiserrents. Yahn did a wonderful job showing

vshere in true science and fact there is confirmation of the Scriptures and not

contradiction. The Lille congregation has a regular attendance of around 50 and

we had around 50 each night,' but 15 or 20 were visitors. One couple came as a

result of the correspondence course because we had sent an invitation to all the

applicants so we hope to follow up with these contacts.

Yahn also returned for a week-end in October. This time the subject was
"God and Suffering". One evening we had 60 people and only 20 were members at
Lillw. I didn't make posters this time but small personal invitations that

each person could use to invite people with. This again shows that it's personal
contact that works best in bringing^people to Christ. Seeing the effectiveness of
the conferences for initial contact and stirring of interest we hope to have a

conference every other month or more if we can work it out.



"In search of haooiness" was the theme for a combined retreat at Nantes.


youfig oeople (14 to college age) from Lille, Paris, Nantes and Lyon came together
for three days of study and fellowship {Oct. 26-28) at Nantes. Rob Grigg and
Jacques Jones (n-i missionaries at Nantes) did the teaching. The last evening was
the icing nn the cake with the baptism of Olivier.

Olivier has attended the meetings

and activities of the Nante church for the past two years and his decision dem
onstrates the power of the Gospel. Olivier had no idea what Christianity was before
Nantes, now he is living it.

We have started a discipleship group for the Christians at Lille. Several voiced
tneir interest in deeper study and learning to share their faith so every Sunday we
learn together. We are using the book, Discipling: The Multiplying Ministry written
Dy Milton Lee Jones, printed by Star Bible and Tract Cor. Fort Worth, Tx. 76118.
We recommend this book to young adult and adult groups who are interested in reach
ing out further. Our group numbers around 20 but it is 20 people vt,iio are concerned
about the mission of Christ. We conclude the evening with prayer for those we want
to reach and for specific needs known among the group. Joni and Pascale have also
started leading a ladies group from the church. They are meeting twice a month and
also following a discipleship book. E^ch church should have the three "E.'s":
Edifying, Evangelizing, Equipping. The Lille church is strong in edifying and we're
beginning to see the E's of evangelizing equipping slowly forming. Where do
you and your church stand? Big "Cs", little "e's", or no "e's" at alll
Mid-Winter Rally The MWR is a four day retreat for missionaries and military
personnel stationed in Europe. This year the Rally will be taking on more of a
"European Flavor" because the European Christians have been invited. There will be
three European speakers along with the Anericans doing the preaching and teaching.
This year's Rally will be held in Berlin, West Gernany from Dec. 31st to Jan.3rd.
The 3 "Es" mentioned earlier are a part of the goal of the MWR, but I think its lso
to help missionaries get thxough the lonely Christmas away from home season by being
together with other people in the same situation.
Youth Retreat Frankfort Christian Church is a church like any church except

it's a little different. Ray and Barb Bodley minister there. It is in Frankfort,
West Germany, but is not a Geman church.. The FCC is a Christian Church that pro
vides the opportunity for military personnel stationed in Germany to worship as
they would in their hcme congregations. Ray is a missionary working in the military
culture and not a chaplain. They have asked Joni and I to do a youth retreat in
-January which you will hear about later. There are two churches in Germany 4-ike-the
Frankfort Christian Church, the other is the Landstuhl Christian Church, minister ,

Don Bridges.
Joni and I would like to than)? everyone for the care-packages and letters.


It's nice to know that you think of us. We mentioned last time that Joni's parents
had cancelled their trip to visit us this summer, well I don't knew who missed who
the inost-they offered to pay her way home and she was in the states frcxn Sept.10th
to Oct. 9th. I managed to hold down the fort but was glad to see her when she got
back plus she had brought a suit case full of "goodies" from the homeland. The
timing was great though for another reason as well, nur forwarding agents, the
Groves, had planned to change ministries tro" Columbus, Ohio to Martins Ferrv,

Onio which would mean a change of addresses, banks, etc. so she was able to turn
over the works to Tim adnJanet Miller who minister at the Minerva Park Church of


Cnrist so the names have changed but the addresses have remained the same.



God's Fellow Workers, Inc.

Steve and Joni Petty

Tim Miller

2 rue Breve

Minerva Park Church of Christ

Bat 11


Villeneuve D'Ascq
FRANCE (air mail only)

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