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Let me start with a bit of honesty: I had never believed in the concept of chakra. I was like a lot
of people out there who thought that it was a little hokey and "woo-woo." Well, at least until I
discovered its incredible healing power firsthand. In fact, I found out it can even be used in the
area of finances and wealth.
To give you an example, for most of my life, I never felt like I had enough money, even when I
was earning a decent paycheck of more than $100,000 a year. I had a problem with increasing
my income, or even keep myself from spending all out it - because I thought that if I had more
money, my lover would leave me. I believed that I didn't deserve to have more. I always looked
at people who had less, who were living a life of lower income but yet appeared way happier
than I was. I often wondered - if I earned less, would I be happier?
For years, I was limited by these awful self -beliefs that kept me broke and depressed. Then, by
complete chance, I ran into my old classmate in a yoga class, and for some reason, I found
myself pouring my heart out to her. She told me how learning about chakra helped her
overcome her own problems, and said that I needed to take care of my root chakra specifically.
She showed me how these techniques helped her ascend from a stressed-out single mom to
the owner of a successful footwear company and is now happily remarried with the man of her
I tried out her methods myself, and the changes were incredible. If you're anything like me, this
eBook is for you. It shows how you can overcome any issues that held you back, even past
trauma and depressing history.
I'm excited for you to discover what the root chakra is, and how you can tune it to activate your
success energy and reach fulfillment in life!

The root chakra (also known as Muladhara in Sanskirt; Mula denoting "root", and Adhara,
meaning "support", or "base") is the inlet for your body to receive universal energy. In
Corresponding to the earth element, the root chakra pulls Sheng Chi (positive energy) from the
earth to our legs. From the legs to the body, our sciatic nerve (the longest and widest
peripheral nerve in the human anatomy) keeps our nervous system supported through
connection with ground and the environment. The root chakra is what keeps us grounded into
the earthly plane. You could liken this to the foundation of a building, which is intended to last
for a long time. In fact, the root chakra is often referred to as the first chakra - it is the base
from which the rest of your body relies on. With a solid foundation set in firm ground, the
building can enjoy years of lasting stability and prosperous permanence.
Chakras are essentially torrents of energy. When you activate your chakras properly, you can
achieve harmony with the universe, and have one of the most amazing experiences of your life.
The root chakra in particular, has the highest density of any chakra level. Picture a stream
flowing with a powerful current; getting form one side to the other would be extremely difficult
with the physical force of the water that would push you further downstream, impeding any
lateral movement. Now, imagine if similar forces flowed from all directions, focused on a single
spot - it would produce an energy field so heavy and dense that it would be virtually impossible
for anything to get through. The root chakra's energy density is of this kind.
Located at the perineum, which is the base of the spinal column, the root chakra makes certain
that the body, mind, and spirit are sustained through basic requirements such as food intake,
rest, shelter and security (emotional and physical). When these needs are not met, imbalance
occurs in the root chakra, which leads to blockage. When this occurs, you may experience fear,
anxiety, insecurity, and frustration. The negative impact of blockage can result in physical
manifestations such as weight issues, obesity, and even knee pain. Body parts closely affiliated
with the root chakra involves the lower back, hips, sexual organs, and legs.

Because this particular chakra is directly related to many of our basic needs, blockages can
result in problems regarding safety, and trust - one may even experience the basic existential
conflict of feeling that you do not have the right to own something. This translates into a classic
issue that numerous individuals struggle with. Earlier, we explained how many people,
especially high-earning professionals, are possessed with the idea that they don't have enough
money. No matter how much they earn, it always feels like they don't "have enough". If you are
experiencing this, or you know someone who does, this is especially critical information for you.
I used to be a victim of this myself.
This paradox of "not having enough", despite earning easily five-figures or more yearly, can be
enlightened by a simple thought exercise - try imagining what it feels like to "have enough".
Take a few moments to experience this reality in the realm of your mental imagination.
Got your answer?
Chances are, your response might sound along the lines of "I'm afraid", "it scares me", "it does
not feel right to want more", or "this thought brings up a lot of feelings". If your reaction is
similar to these, then it is highly likely that you have an issue that is present at the root chakra.
Before my discovery of chakra, I had those very same responses. These "blocks" manifested in
insecurity, self esteem issues, and even paranoia. But fortunately, thanks to a little-known
system, I was able to clear these blocks easily. Click here to learn what I found.
As explained earlier, root chakra blockage results in problems regarding safety, trust, and the
inability to accept that you have the right to have. Blockage of this kind is a reflection of a
central belief; a belief that abundance will cause rejection. Abundance comes in many forms wealth, relationships, purposeful living, new opportunities, love and health. In the case of the
example above, individuals believe that having too much money will cause them to be rejected
in certain areas of their lives.
This idea of "not enough" is a kind of negative spiritual energy that is based at the core of our
being, living in the memories of our experiences it feeds off pessimistic thoughts and limiting
self-beliefs about ourselves. This negative energy will express itself in feelings of deprivation
and scarcity, such as feelings or "never having enough", no matter how much one earns.

This negative spiritual energy is the consequence of neglect, lack of basic needs in early
development, or traumatic incidents early in our lives. Long story short, this happens when we
were not nurtured in the manner that we needed to be nurtured. This story is tied to the
individual, and we all carry different versions of our own painful past.
Examples of limiting self-beliefs, with regards to wealth abundance are:
"I won't be loved if I had more money."
"My family rejects people who seem to have more money than they think they do."
"My husband see himself as less manly, and will leave me if I had more money."
"I will be abandoned if I had more money."
"Someone will take my money away if I had more."
"Anything I create will eventually be taken away from me."

These beliefs were internalized into us a long time ago, sometimes longer than we can
remember. However, these beliefs never belonged to us; in fact, they were the second-, third-,
or fourth-hand product of other people in our lives.
Generating more money will not make us feel more secure, or help us with feeling deprived in
our physical reality. This is due to the negative spiritual energy at our core, which produces
limiting beliefs that drive out whatever money we earn and limit us from progressing
financially. We are bound to continue this vicious cycle, because having more money will give
us feelings of "enough", and this negative energy is telling us that bad things will happen if we
bring in more - so we will find ways to throw money out. In a sense, we have wired ourselves to
think that it is unsafe to take in more money - we feed this negative energy by agreeing to its
limiting beliefs, so we subconsciously find ways to stay "broke", or least give ourselves reasons
to feel like we do not have money.
As a result of this, people have a severe tendency for spending more than what their income
allows. We make financial decisions that are in line with the limiting belief that we do not "have
enough", and buy cars that cost way above our salaries, while we have little to no savings for
our healthcare. We spend on holiday trips and our leisure pursuits, even if it leaves us
struggling to pay rent. We keep putting our bank accounts in the red with liberal use of our
credit cards and money we don't have, endlessly creating and recreating the idea that we do
not "have enough", maintaining our subsistent survival in this physical realm.

Symptoms of chakra imbalance are ungrounded-ness, lack of purpose, fear, insecurity and
confusion. When imbalance occurs, its physical manifestations can occur in the form of obesity,
weight issues, knee issues, lower back pain and money problems (such as the example earlier).
The opposite of imbalance are signs of stability, like grounded-ness, security, contentment, and
safety. Here are some key symptoms of root chakra imbalance.
Obesity: Overweight people often have the belief that they don't have the right to do
certain things or be at certain places, or have no idea where they belong. For instance,
the children of broken homes who ended up in orphanages or adopted homes often
experience trauma and a lack of foundation in their lives. These feelings of inadequacy
are further intensified when they go to school and suffer social isolation if they do not
manage to find a group to belong to. Loneliness, disconnectedness, and feeling different
from others pile on to their already traumatic experiences of growing up. These seem to
be simple issues, but in reality, such problems run very deep. It is basic human necessity
to require physical safety and a sense of belonging to social groups. Without such
security nets, it can be extremely harmful to one's psyche and this can manifest itself in
blockage of the root chakra, restricting and unbalancing the flow of energy.
Weight Issues: Similar to obesity problems, weight issues are a reflection of a weakness
in the root chakra. When this occurs, we tend to lose our grounded foundation and
"float" off the earth. Consequently, our subconscious may begin overeating, in an
attempt to increase our body weight. We subliminally try get heavier in order to keep
our feet grounded and secure our position in the physical world. On the flip side of
things, an overactive root chakra can also result in excessive weight gain, which is a sign
of our excessive attachment to material wealth and physical security.
Knee Troubles: An often overlooked but fundamental part of the human body are our
knees. The knees and feet contain the essence of our negative emotions, because of the
low vibration frequency of these feelings. Since these emotions operate at denser and
heavier wavelengths, these feelings tend to fall towards the lower regions of the body.
When we experience problems such as inflammation in these areas, it shows that we
are nursing feelings of hurt, which are often remnants of a difficult history.


When the knees and joints in the lower body are rigid, inflexible, and sore, it could mean
that we are carrying too much emotional baggage from a heavy past, and could also
indicate that we have made too many "rules" in our life. These parts of our body are
meant to be supple and flexible; the reverse means that something is awry.
Lower Back Pain: Problems during childhood can physically manifest in the lumbar
region, or lower back of the body. Family and security issues when growing up surface in
the form of pain in the lower vertebrae, which directly affects kidneys, bladder, immune
system, hips, large intestine, and even the reproductive organs. Mentally, it can result in
feelings of insecurity and anxiety, and fear of success or failure - which develops a victim
mentality. More specifically, this can come in the form of a feeling of "not enough", in
terms of wealth or trust. Signs of imbalance in the lumbar region are the clasping of
hands in front of this area and routinely crossing one's legs.
Money Problems: As illustrated earlier in the list of limiting beliefs with regards to
wealth abundance, money problems can arise when we are caught in a perpetual state
of limiting beliefs that cause us to overspend, or worse - spend money that we don't
have. This vicious cycle of debts and "broke-ness" is a direct representation of feelings
of inadequacy and never feeling like we have the right to have.
Trust Issues: When trust issues are present, a person may feel worried, anxious,
indecisive, and even isolated because of what is present in the absence of trust: fear.
When this problem reaches critical mass, physical difficulties can occur, in the form of
inflexibility, muscle pain, adrenal fatigue, mental issues, and even spine-related
One of the most important things anyone can do is to love and accept yourself as an entirety,
and not a split between you, and the issues that you have grown to dislike so much. Many
problems, such as obesity issues, resolve themselves quickly and naturally, once you take this
first step.
In your current state, your body is an almost accurate representation of how complete you are,
in this time and space. Therefore, your fat, your issues, your problems, are YOU. It is by no
accident or external factor that made your body into its physical expression of being
overweight. It reveals a great deal about you. It may not be something you desire or aspire to
be, but no matter what, it is a part of you.


But it isn't the end! The good news is that everything can be healed. There is an extremely
simple system that only a handful of people in the world are privy to... but now you can get
your hands on this incredible secret. Find out how.


Your success energy is dependent on how dysfunctional your rook chakra is, and now that you
situation and activate your success energy:

Treat Your Feet Well

The feet is the human body's way of staying connected with the ground, and its earthly
energies, but we tend to give them almost no attention. Our feet are often stuck in
shoes or boots, unmoving for great lengths of time, especially when we work in an office
for most of the day.
Particular reflex points in our feet are directly related to chakras of the body.
Stimulation of these chakra points can promote health and a sense of well-being. It can
be an extremely profound experience, as we human beings are creatures that enjoy
touch. Touching invigorates our immune system, relaxes our bodies, encourages
healing, and forges a deeper connection between others and ourselves. There are three
simple, yet extremely beneficial techniques that you can perform to stabilize the root

Barefoot Technique
After spending a good part of the day trapped in footwear, washing your feet
first is always a good idea. Perform a cleansing by taking a shower or simply
direct water to your feet. In your mind's eye, imagine the negativity as the black,
dirty residue that leaves your body, and watch as the water become clear when
your feet are clean. Concentrate on your feet and nails, scrubbing away the
physical and metaphorical dirt. Afterwards, you can reaffirm yourself with
positive energy as you apply a layer moisturizer.
For this form of therapy, stand barefoot on the ground (grass or soil would be
ideal), with the feet apart by a shoulder's length. In this posture, envision roots
reaching out from your feet and deep into the earth. It may not happen
instantly, but within a few minutes, you should feel a sense of grounded- or
connectedness, once you have linked yourself.
The next step is to start receiving the natural earthly energy - visualize the
energy passing slowly through the ground and into your feet, and into the rest of
your body. When the energy reaches the root chakra, imagine it in a form of
lotus, slowly opening into a full blossom as the energy permeates your body.
Spend some time in this restorative state, strengthening your connection with
the earth and basking in the soothing energies. When you are reading to end the
session, close the chakra by having the lotus close in your mind's eye, and return
the energy downwards, through the roots and into the earth. Extract the roots
from the ground, back into your feet. Take as long as you need until the roots
have been fully retracted.


Foot Bath
Ideally, you should place your phone some where you cannot see or hear, and
fully commit yourself to this experience.
First, get ready a foot bath (it can be a small tub or basin that is sufficiently large
for you to comfortably fit your feet in. You may want to place a towel between
the foot bath and the ground if you would like to protect your floor; it can also
serve to dry your feet after the session.
Next, fill the foot bath with warm water (just slightly hotter than your
preference, because it will begin to cool) to a reasonable height and mix in a
couple teaspoons of Epsom salts. Alternatively, you can use sea salts, which can
be purchased in bulk at supermarkets and used to the same effect.
Before submerging your feet in the water, use pure essential oil to massage your
feet, one at a time, in preparation of the "foot spa". You can also add a few
drops of pure essential oil in the water to enhance the experience.
Finally, you may immerse your feet in the water, for as long as the water stays
warm, which can be 10 - 20 minutes. During this time, you can enter into
meditation, listen to soothing music, read a book that inspires you (working or
catching the news is not allowed!), or even eat some fruit.
To heal the root chakra, you can use chakra affirmations that are specifically
attuned for it, such as "I am safe", "I am grounded", and "I trust in the process of
life". You may say it out loud or express it in your mind, but allow the words to
flow and affirm your very being.
When you are done, your feet will feel wonderful - the pores are open and ready
to receive positive energy. Before finishing the session, you can also spend a few
more minutes massaging your feet with the oils.


Foot Massage
A proper foot massage is the act of applying acupressure on specific reflex points
to alleviate tension, improve blood circulation, and return balance to the body.
Reflex points are essentially large concentrations of nerve endings that occur in
the hands, ears, and of course, our feet. With over 7000 nerve endings, the feet
are a prime location to perform reflexology.
A session for foot reflexology take 15 minutes or longer, lasting up to an hour.
Requiring two people, both the giver and the receiver should be at ease and in a
comfortable position. Both should also be well hydrated, and a glass of water at
room temperature should be prepared for the receiver once the massage has
The giver should ensure that fingernails are cut short, if possible, and that no
sharp edges are present. A bottle of lotion or scented oil, soft lighting and
relaxing music will also help to put both parties in the right state of giving and
receiving. The temperature of the room should ideally be comfortably warm,
sheltered from cold drafts. As a finishing touch, the ringing of a Tibetan bell can
be used to signal the start of the massage.
The feet should be in a raised position, with the heels overhanging from a
cushion so that each foot can be moved easily. There are seven "release points"
that cab repeated between seven to eleven times per foot:


Top Foot Cradling

Cup the upper half of the foot with hand on either side, and rotate your
hands side to side. It is highly recommended to start slowly, before
progressing to higher intensity. When a foot is stiff or inflexible, massage
should not be forced or injuries may occur. Move your hands back and
forth, allowing both the foot and the ankle to relax.
Bottom Foot Cradling
From the top foot cradle position, lower your hands towards the bottom
half the foot and perform the same side to side motion. This massage will
allow the foot to relax further.
Ankle Rotation
Hold the top of the ankle with one hand, and with the other, rotate the
entire foot in a circular motion that the ankle joint naturally allows. Move
the foot in even, circular motions for 7 - 11 times clockwise, then 7 - 11
times counter clockwise.
Top Foot Kneading
Hold the top of the foot with one hand, and with the other, apply
pressure with the knuckles into the top half of the sole. The intensity can
be adjusted according to the receiver's preferences.
Bottom Half Strokes
Holding the top of the foot with one hand, like Top Foot Kneading, slide
the fingers down the entire length of the foot with smooth strokes.
Counting is not required; simply stroke until the foot feels relaxed.
Toe Clasp
Cup the toes with both hands firmly, for 1 - 2 minutes. The giver can
imagine infusing the toe with warm, subtle energies.
Toe Strokes
In a similar grasp to the toe clasp, hold the toes as you use the fingers to
run smooth strokes along each toe.


Affirm the Energy

Concentrate on where the root chakra is located (around the tailbone area), and take a
minute to visualize the presence of your root, the energy flowing from it and down into
your legs. Feel the love and support that flows between your feet and the earth as you
experience greater grounded-ness.
Now, reaffirm yourself with these phrases:
I am centered.
The earth supports me.
I accept myself.
I am strong.
I am in perfect health.
I am prosperous.
I am grounded.
I support myself.
I am secure.
I am safe.

I am secure.
I am settled.
I am abundant energy.
I am accepted.
I am comfortable in my body.
I belong.
I am allowed.
I allow myself.
I am permitted.
I am satisfied with life.


Feed The Energy

In today's modern society, one of the biggest
problems we face is a result of ignoring our
body's instinctive wisdom. We read books
that teach us "how to eat", "what to eat",
even "when to eat" - despite having a body
that inherently knows what to do. We regard
food as the enemy, rather than a
nourishment that supports us. When we
neglect the needs of our bodies through
refusing and denying food to ourselves, our
root chakra takes damage. This can result in
external manifestation when we appear to be
no more than a shell of what we truly are
capable of. It's another way we end up with
the limiting self-belief of not having the right
to have, or even exist.
Another way we disrupt our bodies' health is through the way we eat, especially with
protein. Protein is central to our grounded-ness; we either consume too little or too
much of it. As an important nutrient, it gives us structure and anchors us to the earth.
More protein is required for someone who have no found his or her life's deeper
purpose, until they gain strength and find centeredness. However, consuming too much
protein can result in destabilization, where one can find him or herself ungrounded.
Therefore, one's diet is an individual affair, and should be catered to accordingly.


Use Essential Oils

Specific essential oils for the root chakra can promote balance and grounded-ness.
These essential oils exemplify the energies and healing powers of the plants they come
from. While they deliver physical effects, oils can also aid us with issues of the mental,
emotional and spiritual kind.
Revered as a holy oil, Sandalwood possesses calming, sedative, and
antidepressant attributes. When employed during meditative sessions, it has
been reported to help awaken one's life force energy. As this essential oil is mild
on the nervous system, it can stabilize emotions and help one feel grounded.
Another sacred oil, myrrh provides an uplifting feeling that helps one achieve
spiritual awareness. It calms the nervous system, giving rise to feelings of safety
and grounded-ness.
Also considered as a holy oil in Middle Eastern countries, this sacred oil has a
deeply warm, sweet aroma. With sedative and antidepressant properties, it is
effective in calming overactive chakra.
Ylang Ylang
this herb can be used to calm agitation and fear that arises from root chakra
problems. It acts as a sedative, relaxing and easing tension.
Cedar Atlas
With a woody, soothing fragrance and also known as cedarwood, the cedar atlas
can be used to soothe anger and anxiety. It is often used in the practice of yoga
and meditative sessions.
A purifying agent, juniper helps with circulation in the kidney area and can help
release energy that has been restricted.


As a natural sedative, vetiver possesses peaceful and grounding attributes. It is
one of the prime essential oils for root chakra because its effectiveness in
calming down an overactive root chakra, especially after someone experiences
trauma or great shock. Additionally, this herb also can help improve the quality
of one's sleep.
Cinnamon can be used to strengthen adrenal glands, as a tranquilizing agent, and
even combats depression.
As an important herb for improving circulation, ginger can help someone who
often experiences fear, especially the "cold feet" syndrome. Since fear can cause
blood vessels to contract and restrict blood flow, ginger can help by promoting
Improving harmony though the strengthening of blood vessels, cypress has been
known for its ability move vital energies around the body.
Carrot Seed
A little known and little used essential oil, the carrot seed can operate as a blood
cleanser and boosts the nervous system in general.
Clove emanates an aura that generates feelings of security and protection, which
can help insomnia sufferers achieve good sleep.


The root chakra forms the basis from which the rest of your body relies on. And as the
foundation for your basic needs of security and trust, it is important to be aware of the current
state of your root chakra, and to remedy issues that prevents you from being grounded. When
you stabilize your root chakra, you will experience an immense flow of abundance, health, and
prosperity in your life.
Since the root chakra is also known as the first chakra, you may have wondered if there are
other chakras - and yes, there are a total of SEVEN chakras. After this chakra, you have the
Sacral Chakra (affects your connection and ability to accept new experiences and other
Solar Plexus Chakra (affects your confidence and control of your life)
Heart Chakra (affects your ability to love)
Throat Chakra (affects your ability to communicate)
Third Eye Chakra (affects your ability to see the larger picture)
Crown Chakra (affects your ability to be connected spiritually)

These seven chakras make up the energy centers in your body, and any blockages in these areas
can result in illnesses and other issues that you can see in the example of the root chakra. Just
like the root chakra, these other chakras need to be cared for in specific ways, so that one can
achieve full harmony and wholesome health.
To learn how you can align tour chakras and optimize the flow of energy in your body to
achieve harmony in your life, follow this link.