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NURS 360 Professional Development Plan Template & Guidelines

Purpose: The purpose of the PDP is to assist you in conceptualizing the development of your professional nursing career in a succinct and
organized manner.
Instructions: Complete each section of the PDP template. Upload the PDP to your eportfolio under goals. You may use bullets and phrases
instead of full sentences to focus on the main points. To help you get started, some examples are included in the template in blue font. There should
be a plan/strategy for each category; strengths in each category, etc. The expectation is that this plan will be approximately 2-3 pages in length,
using an 11 point font. Erase the instructions and blue print before uploading the file.
Goal Statement: I would like to gain experience and improve upon my skills and knowledge as a professional registered nurse in an acute
care clinical setting. I would like to achieve a Bachelors Degree in Nursing, and commit myself to excellence in order to become a highly
functioning, critically thinking, and well-rounded nurse. 4 points

Clinical Practice


Professional Development

Objective(s): Describe what

you want to accomplish in
your first two years in
practice. 3 points


Receive employment as a
professional registered nurse in
the state of Hawaii. If possible, I
would like to participate in a
new-grad program in order to
establish a smooth transition.
Being a new-grad on a medical
surgical floor seems most
realistic. Once on the floor, an
objective of mine is to become
acclimated to the daily routine:
know where everything is, know
how to operate the equipment,
being competent in the phone
and computer system, and be
knowledgeable of the hospitals
policy. I would like to be
comfortable in the clinical

I would like to be aware

leadership opportunities that my
particular unit offers. I would like
to observe and be aware of both
the positive and negative
qualities of the leaders on the
floor including the charge nurse
and nurse managers. I would like
to be a competent nurse and
display leadership qualities that
allow me to be a potential
candidate for a leadership

Apply to UHM BSN nursing

program. Graduate with a bachelors
degree in nursing. Incorporate
professionalism in my practice as a
nurse with all: co-workers, patients,
families etc. Further my education
and improve on my practice as a
professional when opportunities to
do so arise.

Plans/Strategies: Describe
the actions that you will take
to achieve your objective.
4 points

I have to be proactive in
searching for employment.
Utilize NURS 362 and constantly
improve my RESUME and
Cover letter. Be mentally
prepared for interviews. On the
floor I need to ask as many

Write down the positive and

negative qualities of a leader
based on knowledge and
observation. Discuss with the role
models the different ways they
got to their position. Ask the

Manage time well, study, focus on

concepts; turn in all assignments on
time in order to graduate. Attend
professional nursing conferences
when given the opportunity to do so.
Always be mindful of my thoughts
and actions in order to handle all

questions as needed. I need to

set small goals every week and
achieve these goals such as
knowing everyone on my floor,
knowing where everything is etc.
Evaluate myself in everything I
do in order to work on
weaknesses and build upon
strengths. Read and be aware of
hospital policies. Modify routine
as needed in order to be as
efficient as possible. Work on
time-management skills. Make
sure to be resourceful and know
where I need to look. Always ask
Strengths: Describe the
strong points about yourself
that make you such a great
nurse. 3 points

Skills/competencies: Describe
the skills and competencies
you bring to the role.
3 points

I am a compassionate
individual. I think providing
care is more than just
performing skills and doing
what needs to be done to get
someone better. I am
motivated and always looking
for ways to improve myself on
the floor. I believe in the
effectiveness of teamwork. I
prioritize patient safety.
Competent in clinical nursing
skills acquired from Kapiolani
Community College such as
assessments, medication
preparation and
administration, NG Tubes,
and wound care. Great
interpersonal skills.

nurse manager about different

leadership opportunities they
offer. Be a good team member on
the floor. I need to keep in mind
how important it is to be a good
follower and display it in my
practice but to also display
leadership when needed. Be
competent in my ability as a
nurse and be available to help
when help is needed. Always
welcome constructive criticism.

I am always willing to help others

when needed. I believe in leading
by example. I am not afraid to
offer constructive criticism just as
I am always open to constructive
criticism. I believe in lifting up my
team members and refocusing in
order to reach a common goal.

Leadership and professionalism

course taken at KCC; Self and
social awareness, accountability,
honest. I believe that I have great
communication skills as well as
problem solving and goal setting

situations in a professional manner.

Join a professional nursing

I am able to conduct myself in an

appropriate, professional manner. I
always strive for excellence in my
profession. I always look for ways to
further my education and
competency as a professional nurse.

Aware of my thoughts and action

with an ability to be tactful and

Areas targeted for growth:

From your own self
assessment, describe what
areas in yourself that you
would like to strengthen.
3 points

I would like to strengthen my

time management skills and
efficiency. I feel like I can
always improve upon my
ability to be resourceful.

I would like to work on being

more assertive when needed. I
also would like to improve upon
my organizational skills.

I would like to strengthen my

decision making skill especially in
ethical dilemmas. This is something
that we have studied in class but I
believe that it is something that
requires frequent practice and
experience on the unit.