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Professor; Director, Center for Math & Science Education Research

Curriculum & Instruction

DeAnn Huinker is a professor of mathematics education in the Department
of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) and directs the UWM Center for
Mathematics and Science Education Research (CMSER). She also holds
an adjunct appointment in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Dr.
Huinker teaches courses in mathematics education with emphasis on
current issues, research, and practices in the teaching and learning of
mathematics at the early childhood, elementary, and middle school levels.
Dr. Huinker was a lead writer for Principles to Actions: Ensuring
Mathematical Success for All published by the National Council of
Teachers of Mathematics in 2014. This document defines and describes
the principles and actions, including specific teaching practices, that are
essential for a high-quality mathematics education for all students.
She is actively involved supporting school districts with the implementation
of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and using
research-informed practices to improve mathematics programs. Huinker is
currently directing projects on the development of teacher leaders in
mathematics (Pathways to Teacher Leadership in Mathematics) and on
improving mathematics teaching and learning in grades K-8 (Core
Mathematics Partnership).
Dr. Huinker was the principal investigator of the Milwaukee Mathematics
Partnership, a $20 million National Science Foundation project focused on
developing mathematics teacher leaders, improving teaching and learning
of mathematics in the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), and revising the
mathematical preparation of teachers at UWM and the Milwaukee Area
Technical College. She is an active member of the National Council of
Teachers of Mathematics, having chaired the editorial panel for Teaching
Children Mathematics, and co-authored the Mathematics Assessment
Sampler PreK-2and the and Navigating through Number and Operations in
Grades 3-5. Her professional work has included serving as program chair
for the Annual Meeting of the Association of Mathematics Teacher

Educators, president of the Milwaukee Area Mathematics Council, and

journal editor of Wisconsin Teacher of Mathematics.
Huinker conducts research and writes about mathematics teaching,
childrens learning of mathematics, and preparation of teachers
of mathematics. She earned her masters degree from the University of
Northern Iowa and her doctorate from the University of Michigan, Ann

Connie Laughlin

Associate Lecturer
Curriculum & Instruction