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Title: On- the Job Training (OJT) Coordinator

Job Summary: The OJT Coordinator contacts employers to develop job opportunities for WIA eligible
participants in an effort to secure full-time employment through placement in the WIA On-the-Job Training (OJT)
Program. The Coordinator develops job descriptions to serve as training plans for OJT placements; creates
contracts to summarize training and reimbursement to be paid to employer as the training provider; and
monitors training to ensure completion of training assignment. The OJT Coordinator works closely with the
Business Services Team at the Career Centers and the staff assigned to the County Offices located within the
service area.
Work Station: Assigned Career Center and eight county service area.
Supervised By: Employment and Training Director or designee.
Supervises: None
Major Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Provide orientation and information to WIA eligible participants assessed to be interested in and in need of
employer based training. Typically completed in group sessions as part of OJT Workshop.
2. Recruit and market OJT services to public or private employers, who can provide training in marketable
skills, which will lead to employment opportunities for clients.
3. Prepare OJT contract agreements to place participants at job sites to receive formal employment based
training for a specified length of time.
4. Develop training plans or outlines using training activities as indicated by the employers current job
5. Provide orientation and training to the appropriate worksite personnel and maintain a close working
relationship with the work site.
6. Develop jobs on behalf of job seeker to match participants skills to employment opportunities (direct job
placement and OJT).
7. Enroll a minimum of 45 participants in OJT training services of which a minimum 85% must be successful.
8. Complete a mid-term monitoring report on each worksite for all OJT placements.
9. Collect OJT Reimbursement forms; ensure all signatures are on forms and hours have been entered
10. Ensure required payroll documentation is attached to reimbursement forms to clearly match hours and dollar
amount requested on reimbursement.
11. Develop and enter job orders created for OJT eligible positions.
12. Ensure all OJT processes and operations are in accordance with the Statewide OJT Practices and Procedures
13. Collaborate with Veterans Representatives, DWD Business Representatives, and members of the Business
Services Team to ensure communication and a streamlined approach to outreach and marketing for OJT.
14. Prepare monthly performance reports; submit to Employment and Training Director and State OJT
Coordinator monthly or as assigned.
15. Document and track training contract expenditures to ensure OJT budgets are not exceeded.
16. Attend job fairs, Chamber of Commerce meetings, ect. to promote all Missouri Career Center Programs.
17. Ensure professional representation of the Missouri Career Center at all times by demonstrating professional
conduct, appearance and language.
18. Attend meetings as assigned.
19. Contribute to a positive work environment.
OJT Coordinator, 08-12

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20. Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
1. Ability to understand the vision and values of CMCA and to implement the mission, purpose, and goals.
2. Be aware of and comply with all policies and procedures of CMCA, upholding organization values and client
3. Knowledge and respect for diverse cultures/lifestyles and problems of poverty in the community.
4. Ability to handle program and client information in a confidential manner.
5. Ability to work as a team member.
6. Ability to deal with confrontation in a constructive and professional manner.
7. Ability to implement concepts learned from training.
8. Ability to effectively organize time and work priorities and work independently.
9. Ability to attend work site regularly and to perform job duties and responsibilities.
10. Ability to follow written and oral instructions.
11. Ability to accurately calculate mathematical problems related to employer reimbursement, budgeted amounts,
12. Ability to operate data processing equipment and understand software programs used by the agencys
13. Knowledge of the Workforce Investment Act program regulations and ability to interpret these to other
individuals and organizations.
14. Ability to conduct and/or review and interpret all required interview and assessment instruments including
standardized tests.
15. Knowledge of basic techniques of interviewing and assessing a clients situation, utilizing a standard agency
16. Knowledge of workplace readiness skills to assist clients to enhance skills in this area.
17. Ability to do paperwork accurately, completely and timely.
18. Knowledge of assigned geographic area, business community and labor market.
19. Knowledge of the local labor market, occupations in demand and required qualifications.
Qualifications Required:
1. A. Prefer Bachelors Degree in Business, Business Administration, Business Management with emphasis in
management or staffing
B. Sixty(60) hours college credit with course work in above fields, and two (2) years experience in a
business related field with an emphasis in sales or a social service related field.
C. Equivalent combination of the two listed in B.
D. A high school diploma or GED and five (5) years experience in a business related field with an
emphasis on sales or in a social service related field.
OJT Coordinator, 08-12

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5. Demonstrated ability to be a self-starter and work independently of direct supervision.

6. Advanced level and knowledge of Microsoft Office 2007 or newer.
7. Must have a valid Missouri drivers license and daily access to a reliable and licensed automobile.
8. Residence within the eight county area is preferred.

VI Non-exempt


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OJT Coordinator, 08-12

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