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A nursing theory that fits into the nursing care of families and groups is the Kings goal
attainment theory. According to Kaakinen (2010), the Kings goal attainment theory
relates to family and groups because the family is seen as the vehicle for transmitting
values and norms of behavior across the life span, which includes the role of a sick
family member and transmitting health care function of the family. Family is seen as both
an interpersonal and a social system. The individual cannot be isolated from the family.
The key component in this theory is the interaction between the nurse and the family as
client. This model can be used for socializing the individual in the family and developing
socially approved behaviors.


One family assessment tool is the Friedman Family Assessment Model. The Friedman
Family Assessment Model (Friedman et al., 2003) is based on the structural-functional
framework and developmental and systems theory. The purpose of this tool is to create a
concrete, global family assessment interview guide that looks primarily at families in the
larger community in which they are embedded in. According to Friedman (2003), the
assessment tool form has six categories of interview questions; identication data,
developmental stage and history of the family, environmental data, family structure,
family functions and family stress and coping. All this information helps to create nursing
diagnoses and community interventions to help families.

3. The assessment tool relates to the metaparadigm concepts from the theory because in the
metaparadigm person, the person is the family which both the assessment tool and theory
state as the main the focus and which the nurse is trying to assess. With health, we are
trying to see the wellness of the family in which the Kings goal attainment theory clearly
states that transmitting health care function is one of the values of the theory and that
family functions from Friedman family assessment model includes healthcare functions
to assess health wellness of the family. Environmental can be related in both the Kings
goal attainment theory and Friedmans assessment model because both look at the social
environment that the families are in where King states family is both an interpersonal and
social and the Friedman looks to collect data on environmental data such as familys
association and transactions in the community and the familys social support. Finally, the
assessment tool relates to nursing from the theory because the most important component
of the Kings goal attainment theory is the interaction between the nurse and the family as
a client while in the Friedmans family assessment tool, all the data gathered from the
interview are used to create a nursing diagnoses to develop interventions to help families.

Friedman, M. R., Bowden, V. R., & Jones, E. (2003). Family nursing: Research, theory, and
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