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Nebraska 52 Defense BASIC DEFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY . 1, Aggressive and Attacking Defense 2. Simple as possible Checks kept at a.mininua 4. Week to week changes kept to a minimum 5. Involve as any players’as possible in game situations 6. Good communication between players and coaches 7. Stress all phases of the kicking, game”, THE HUDDLE BALL ® @ O00 ©® ©® ® ® ‘The noseman will form the huddle - 24 yards from ball. ‘The front line will have their hands on their knees and heads up. ‘The LB'er will enter the huddle and give the command "READY," then give the down and distance and the defensive front. Safety will make the coverage call and the LB will break the huddle by saying “Ready Break." When in the huddle, if you do not hear the signal, CALL CHECK - DO NOT be a checker.’ Listen! Keep your head up and watch the LB's lips, see what you hear. Do not lean on other men in the huddle. It is necessary that we get out of the huddle as quickly as possible and get set at the line of scrimmage to permit audibles and/or additional Calls. ‘Always be alert for a quick lineup or a no huddle play by the offense. Be ready to go when center's hand is on ball.