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CELL: (609) 828-3929

E M A I L : S O L A R 1 _ 9 8 @ YA H O O . C O M

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/aaron-c-starr-ms-gis/0/31a/50a


Over twelve years of experience establishing and maintaining excellent client

relations; preparing and delivering presentations; and planning and
maintaining high tech projects. Proven project planner experienced as a
liaison between developers and end-users, analyzing customer needs, and
adhering to complex project specifications. Versatile team member with a
strong background adapting to various work settings including small teams,
large teams, secure environments, and research facilities.


Certificate: Business Analysis

New Horizons Learning Center, Nashua, NH

November 2015

Related Courses: Enterprise Analysis, Creating Business Cases, Eliciting

and Writing Business Requirements, Root Cause Analysis, Business
Process Model Notation, Managing and Communicating Requirements,
Sharepoint Site Owner, Advanced SQL

Masters: Geographic Information Systems

University of Redlands, Redlands, CA

August 2006

Major Individual Project: HAZMAT Releases: A framework for preparationWorked with the City of Redlands to create an ArcReader based HAZMAT query
application for emergency personnel, perform risk analysis and model a release
scenario in ArcScene.

Certificate: Geographic Information Systems With Honors

Holyoke Community College, Holyoke, MA

Spring 2002

Internship: Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

Bachelor of Arts: Psychology

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA


Novara Geosolutions, Norwell, MA

June 2011 Apr. 2015
Geospatial Analyst

PG&E Project Team, OneOk Project Team- required quickly and accurately
researching gas pipeline installation documents to build a Pipeline

Feature List (PFL) spreadsheet. Tasks required reading engineering

drawings and plats, calculating lengths, understanding pipeline
systems and technology, and attention to detail.
Supported peers with various functionalities that can be done in
ArcMap/ArcGIS Explorer/Google Earth to meet other project deadlines
Perform Quality control on analysis comparing survey data to
installation drawings and PFls, make needed corrections, provide
feedback to analysts.
ExxonMobil HCA Analysis Project Team- Perform HCA analysis on
ExxonMobil lines in Intrepid, create summary reports of HCA analysis
and alignment sheets showing HCA analysis results

Quantum Research Int., Newport News, VA

Mar. 2010 Mar. 2011

GIS Engineer- Joint Training Counter IED Integration Center (JTCOIC)

Developed content for the Virtual Battle Space 2 (VBS2) application currently
in use by the Joint Training Counter-IED Operations Integration Center
(JTCOIC) and animated recreations of battlefield events for training. Content
primarily included generating terrain, imagery, road and building data.
Other objectives included indexing existing imagery stores and evaluating
GIS applications

NANA Pacific Corp., Arlington, VA

Apr. 2009 Mar. 2010
GIS Analyst- National Guard Bureau

Provided steady-state and contingency GIS support to enable decision making

of the Joint Force Headquarters State (JFHQ-State) and the National Guard
Bureau (NGB).
Developed a variety of mission-oriented GIS visualizations, analyze spatial
information, and supported incident awareness and assessment to assist NGB
decision making.
Monitored current domestic operations and developing threats using ArcGIS
Explorer as a Common Operating Picture
Completed additional projects such as special request maps and a GIS
handbook for use in state operation centers

The Louis Berger Group, Needham, MA

Oct. 2006 Feb. 2009

GIS Specialist

Served as GIS Lead on several utility projects for gas pipelines, transmission
lines, wind farms, pump storage and near zero coal-fired power plant pilot
projects requiring field data collection and analysis, and map creation.
Contributed to several large transmission line projects collecting field data,
calculating distances, areas and counts of critical data.
Performed novel methods of analysis, map creation and calculation for
several large-scale recreation studies.
Executed other tasks as needed, including: recreation map creation and
project boundary creation for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

(FERC), water quality testing, and writing the recreational resources section of
a hydro dam relicensing environmental assessment.
Rutgers University, Chatsworth, NJ
Apr. 2002 Apr. 2005

Program Associate II

Successfully implemented a precision agriculture/mobile GIS solution

by meeting with farmers to perform needs assessment and gather
requirements, communicating solution requirements to developer,
performing QC/UA testing, installing and configuring solution and
training users.

Collected data and performed statistical analysis field mapping and map
creation using ArcView and Pathfinder Office.
Evaluated mapping applications, created pesticide tracking database,
determined user needs and developed data layers.
Gave project presentations to cooperators, extension agents and NJ Dept. of
Agriculture, created website for agricultural study and created crop-specific
hypertext CDrom-based documents containing important pesticide use and
recommendation information.

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Lakeville, MA (Intern)

Jan. 2002-Apr. 2002

Self Directed Study

Performed self-directed study as part of GIS program to examine fruit tracking

solutions, culminating in a research paper that will help guide the companys
fruit tracking initiative.

State Street Bank, Quincy, MA (Consultant)

Oct. 2000 - Dec. 2000

Project Coordinator

Successfully consolidated a large array of computer images by working

closely with project leaders. This collaborative team-based approach
established a comprehensive image tracking system while simultaneously
eliminating unneeded images resulting in improved overall efficiency and
effectiveness of the banks image tracking system.

Sun Microsystems, Chelmsford, MA (Consultant)

Apr. 2000 - Sept. 2000

Engineering Program Coordinator

Administered an early access program for new software suite by providing

timely and critical feedback to the engineering and marketing departments
from actual clients. This program proved instrumental in plotting the course
of future releases, uncovering unknown issues/functionality and resulted in
the first public sale of the product.

Attended and took notes at engineering meetings. Provided software and

documentation updates to clients.

Fidelity Investments/Veritude, Boston, MA (Contract)

Apr. 1999 - Sept.1999

Space Planner

Coordinated office relocations using specialized facilities management

software. Reduced relocation time and expense allowing greater space
allocation flexibility.
Required organizational and communications skills to track multiple
simultaneous relocations and coordinate with work crews.