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not asL h,r* fo, tlrit o, tlr"t l;fn lnsnrrn, sam?athy o, ooluoLln in itself, ,or lro* far it is
T" lr;* l;fn
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ters no ice cryshl tlrot sporLles in tlte sun, tears
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,"r"ful not to
any insect o" lrn *"1L". {
*orl"" bg l"*pl;glrt on o summer eaening, lrn prnfers to Lnnp tlre winlrw shut onJ to breailte
i"s"ct foll
stifling air rather than to see insect
o, h;s tuLle witL singnl onJ sirLing wings.


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Fish 8t Pain
qoo erooel @6
Vegetarian Athlets
6q6t o6o0 Qaooro
Voice For the Voiceless
@doa oCIoo
Is Chicken A Healthy Food ?
oo>Geil E0 @q6e oCpO
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Socity News

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Sep. - December 1999


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oe.O. 10.00 - 11.00

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o.O. 3.00 - 4.00 oOe{Ocoao:ce, oCEeies
es.O. 5.00 - 6.00 BoDzacA@ce, @6aoca:

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he Medway report, published in 1980,

and sponsored by he Royal Society for
he Prorcntion of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA),
proved that all vertebrates, warm or cold
blooded, are capable of experiencing pain.
The scientists involved in compiling the
report exposed the farcical idea that fishing is
humane, to be utter rubbish. ln fact Dr.
McWilliams, fish biologist and member of the
National Association of Specialist Anglers, even
admitted, "avoiding subjecting fish to sorne
degree of stress when
fishing is impossible."
The pure barbarity


angling becomes clear on'

examining the process of
hooking, playing and landing a fish. A fish ;s
deceived into impaling itself on a (usuallu)
babed hoo( resulting in the inflictron of an injury.
Ihe angler may then "pl6y" the fish in order to
tire it and allow it to be landed. On leaving the
water, a fish is unable to extract oxygen from
he air and is subjected to estreme stress.
During the handling procss/ a protective
mucous covering which provides the creatures
waterproofing and protects it ftom infections, is
damaged. lf a fish has swallowed the hoo( the
hook's rette.nl is very difficult the suffering is
prolonged and is llkely to result in damage to
the fish's gut and subsequently death.
The moment the flsh leaves the water, it

enters an alien environment in which



- o86L

ill-equipped to cope. The gills collapse and

breathing is virtualJy impossible. After oxygen is
exhausted from the bloodstreary bleeding may
occur fiom the gills. Combined with dre trauma
of capture and handling considerable stress is
inflicted. Following return to the water, an
exhausted fish may remain motionless for a long
period, during which it is at risk from predators
and environmental damage.
Peoplewho say that it cannot be proven
bqyond doubt thqt flsh can feel pain, must also
admit that the same can be
said of any animal olher than
humans. Only the latter can

report in words

sensations experienced.
Howwer, society at large does not accept trat
the reactions and squeals of warm-blooded
animals are pvrety mechanical. Based on our
knowledge of fish biology, there is no logical
reason why iltis widely-held belief should not
be extended to include fish.
It has been convenient for anglers that
fish have been considered in dre past not to
feel pain. The Meduray report noted that the
methods used in angling "if performed in a
laboratory on unanaesthetised fish, without

license, would very probably be in

contravention of the (USA ) 1876 Cruelfy to




Courtes/ : Animal Rights Online

(Electronic Newsletter from USA)


Maltese Vegetarian Festival (also called the Mediterranean Vegetarian
Festival), organised by the Maltese Vegetarian Society, is due to be held
from lst to 4th October, 1999 at the Suncrest Hotel in the capital city of
Malta. The Hotel directly overlooks the Merlitefl:anean and the poolside
re.qtaurant and-kitr.hen will be totally vegetarian Ino animal products whateverl lor the
duration of the festival. Meals will be provided by award-winning French chef Jean-Claude
Juston, formerly of the l.ondon School of Economics Vegetarian Cafe, now of l'Atelier Guest
House and Vegetarian Cookery School in Southern Spain. There wili also be a vegetarian/
environmental exhitrition and f'air at the hotel. The event will also celebrate World Farm
Animals Day, Gandht's birthday and the Feast of St Francis of Assisi - with talks, panels
and workshops on animal and bird protection in the Mediterranean area, the vegetarian
lifestyle and the church, vegan nutrition and health, Mediterranean animal-free cookery
demonstrations, environmental issues and Inany other topics. There will aiso be excursions
to Malta's many places of interest, inciuding 7,000-year-old temples, and plenty of inforrnal
celebrations with local enthusiasts. Media coverage is likely to be impressive, with
government and medla personalities and performers not Just giving talks but taking part
in the festival


999 6[d.

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qe> dooS Aaea qr@tlog o@od
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oooao goB @oi @Eo ejo?, ocJI ouGJ E09l(r9


Ye ge tarian

C"rl L.*i. All-Tlr.,e Olyr.rpic M"J"list

in Tlnct fa FielJ
EJ*i, Moses: Consistent Olympic G"lJ
M.J"list in HorJles
Martina Navratilova: Nine Tirrrt

Q%r" sor.eone tolJ yo., tLat you

have to eat rneat to te strong anJ athletic?
Th"r,. t"11 ther.. tLat the foll"wing are some
arnongi the rnany outstanJingi vegietarian

t}r. *orlJ'

. H.nlA,rro*
All Tim. Hornerun CL"-p
' RiJgely At"l"r W'"rlJ Charnpion Karate
' Roger Brown: Pro Foott"ll Pl"y",
' |oy Bosh, Power Li{ting Ch-rr,pion
' AnJr"rs C"hh.rg' Cha.ttpiott BoJyb.rilJ",
. R,th HeiJricL: Ironrnan Tiirthl"t"


R"corJ HolJ.t
DesrnorrJ Ho*rrJ,

H.isrr,trt Ttophy

Kathy Johrrson, Olyrnpic Gyrnnast

W'imtle JonTennis Charnpion

Stan Pric", VorlJ R"corJ HolJer in

B".rch Press
Dave Scott: Six-Tirne Ironrnan ?iathlon

Bill Pearl, Foor-Tirne Mr. Universe

Arril Kr..rtl", IrrJirn Cricleeter
VenLatesh Prrs.J, IrrJi.r, Cricteter
M.A.H. SarnantLa, S.i LrnLa Amateur
"Iron Man" L995

999 cord.


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999 Gord.

The Death

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The first thing that hit me was the smell.

The overwhelming stench of rotting flesh became
stronger as the larnb's lifeless body was brought
into the science laboratory. The huge, innocent
eyes stared at me, still reflecting the horror of its

We were the first class of the day to

witness the dissection, so the lamb's body was
still unmaimed and retaining some dignip. But
as the teacher ripped open the lamb's chest like
a piece of cloth, the once beautiful, soft wool
became splattered with blood, and the last of its
dignity was lost forever.


- 6. od. dcoObOo


With disgust I watched the teacher's

childish enthusiasm as he pointed out the lamb's
organs. My "peers" crowded around the dead
body with interest, but without really absorbing
what the man was saying. I hung back, one side
of me wanting to join in with the fascination of
these students; the caring, ethical side of me
furious at this barbaric act. This moral dilemma
was a feeling that I was alone among these
people, who felt nothing except a little squeamish
at the sight of a lamb's broken body being hacked
at by a teacher.

@ @nararba azA6lA6d......

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qOesd ?lgaJo. qB gzrc EodCB O oOoesp.
- @d. g. AA. sredDOA @es





- oeoil.

Many of my "peers" laughed at the

sickening noise the lamb's jaw made as it was
broken open to expose the teeth. I fought back
tears. This unnecessary waste of life appalled me.
Tears welled in my eyes as the rage inside me

Ogl@al m8aolo66

The lamb had been killed for no reason.

"This is murderl" a voice in my head screamed.

I wanted to shout it out to the class. I didn't care what they thought of me any more. I felt so hypocritical

standing in that room among those people. I did not belong with them.
These people, as I had been, were raised to believe that an animal's life was replaceable and
nothing compared to that of a human life. It occurred to me then that I was the only person in the room
who knew thatwas not true. I felt alone and desolate with the knowledge that I was a minority. I couldn't
condone the way these people treated animals, yet I didn't know what I could do about it.
I looked down at the piece of paper in my hand and saw with shock the diagrams of the sheep's
digestive system that I had drawn. A feeling of self-contempt swept over me as I realised that I too for a
moment had been drawn into the cruel and barbaric frenzy that had infected my "friends".

That one Biology lesson taught me more about human nature than my Psychology classes ever
had. I turned away from the dead animal; but I didn't turn away from the issue, or the anger it provoked
in me. I was not prepared to allow an innocent life to be wasted.
That was the day I truly began to fight for Animal Liberation.

AnimalRights Online Newsletter 7117199)

llalrtna llolland. fear ll. Ilaslrfrurn




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e:ero ceqod gto)cocD qec
3=)3 otrScs
o@ 6ee 6.

999 6rd.

:TE'c,;Vct,,tsrs '

Alex Bourke (38) from London is an activist in the

international vegetarian movement . What follows

is from a self-introduction he sent to delegates of
the 33rd World Vegetarian Congress January 1999.

the age of 74,

dissection in
around 1975, after refusing

became a vegetarian at

biology and receiving leaflets from the Vegetarian

Society and the Vegan Society. I remember walking
in from school one day to a plate of fish. I had a
chess match later on, several km away. "I'm sorry,
I can't eat that," I said to my mother. My father
had to supporL her and said "In that case youll
have to walk to the match." "Then I'd better be
going," I replied and set offto the utter amazement
of my parents. I started running but was lucky
enough to get a ride from a friend and his father.
My parents thought I'd run all the way and reaiised
that I was serious about being a vegetarian.

I didn't "come out" as a vegetarian for the

first five years, apart from an arLicle in a school
magazine. At university I was detighted to finally
meet another veggie and together we started
Southampton University Vegetarian Society. British

university was incredibly boring, but at teast I

learned some languages, martial arts, and to
program computers, all of which would prove useful
iater. I hitch-hiked a lot in France, travelted around
Russia on trains and worked for a summer in New
York selling vegan ices and orange juice on the
street and had many adventures. It's amazing I
got an academic degree at ail, but I think I got a
good one in life.



I went back to university to take

the wortd's first MSc in parallel computer systems,

and became a teacher on that course for the next
two years. During my days as a lecturer I had less
cash but an incredible amount of free time. I wrote
a series of articles for the student magazine about
basic veggie cooking cailed The Hippy Cookbook.
People who hated vegetarianism read them because
they were funny and thus they found out how
great our food is. With two vegan friends we got
vegetarian and vegan food into the canteen, and
these friends pushed me off the fence and into

got a job programming in Paris, sold

everything, started to grow my hair long like I'd
always wanted to. I'd changed countries, jobs,

- oelor.

friends, Ianguages, just about everything in fact

and I was in a country that was unbelievably hostile
to vegans. Somehow I survived the first year in
France and went to the Sixth International Vegan
Festivai in Britain in 1.992, taking 100 copies of
my new booklet The Hippy Cookbook, made up of
my articles pius cartoons by a friend. The festivat
was to totally change my life, like that of so many
others, when a vegan acorn fina\ Ianded on fertile
ground in a vegan forest. I arrived knowing only
five vegans in the world and left knowing dozens,
eight of them French. The second year in Paris
was wonderful, just tike the discovery of
vegetarians at university had been. We were always
having dinners, going to meetings, and we vrrote
the Vegan Guide to Paris. We went to other
countries at weekends, they came to stay with us.

In 1993 I definitively quit as an employed

programmer, went to IW Congress in India, went
traveliing around with vegans in Europe, went to
the fantastic 7th Vegan Festival by the beautiful
Spanish coast organised by Francisco Martin, where
I gave a workshop How to Write A Vegan Book.
People who came to that festival then produced


Amsterdam, Berlin, Edinburgh,

Melbourne, Munich and New York. Now I knew I

was really an activist. I started to edit and produce

the Vegans International Newsletter and with my

new friends we expanded the V.I. network to cover
50 countries.
0ver the next few years I travelled a tot


Europe, putting vegan activists in touch with those

in Britain

and America to get the latest

information, co-wrote and published more
guidebooks for London, France and Britain, worked

for a year with the amazing Juliet GeIIatIey and

Tony Wardle to set up Viva! to promote
vegetarianism to young people, co-wrote an activist
handbook. I found so many incredible people ail
over Europe who had started groups alone and
grown them to create hundreds or thousands more

vegetarians and vegans.

Ihe movement now is like a coiled spring,

with thousands of dedicated activists and teachers
around the world working in a loose alliance that
has no leader. it's time to release more of our
power. I believe that the coliapse of the evil meat
and dairy industries will come within one
generation, through our educating peopte to take
responsibility for their food and stop hurting
themselves and nature.

1999 Gord.


(81' .lurl1, Miner,

lEu"ry two yeors, the lnternotionol

Vegetorion Union (lVU) o{fers the world's
vegetorions on opportunity to gei ocqucrinted, to
leorn, to celebrote, ond to rechorge their botieries
{or the ongoing iosk of spreoding the word obout
the mony odvontoges o{ vegelorion dieis ond
li{estyles. ln oddition,.the IVU uses the occosion to

deiermine its own direction {or the next two yeoi-s

ond beyond by voting on policies ond electing rts
governing boord, the Internotionol Council. The
most receni World Vegetorion Congress, held lcs'
Jonuory in Chiong Moi, Thoilond, proved to be

wotershed for the IVU ond the worid-w;c,vegetorion rnovement. The lost Congress befoie
ihe yeor 2000, it wos olso the lost Congress io
operote under rules developed when the world vvos
o much less connected ploce. Decisions mode ot
this Congress promise to revitolise the IVU ond its
member orgonisotions so thot we con toke
odvontoge of the communicotions revoluiion to
present the role o{ vegetorionism in deoling with
the severe chollenges 1o heolih, the environment,
the {ood supply, ond ethics coused by whot people

Despite orgonisotionol problems ond the

glitches thot hoppen ot every Congress, repods from
porticiponts hove been neorly oll positive. The

progrom wos interesting. voried, ond i{ onything

too full, but thot's os it should be ot o world
goihering. The preseniotions of Thoi music,
doncing, ond fruit corving seemed io moke
everyone's "fovourites" lisi, olong wilh regionol
excursions during ond ofter the Congress. And o{
course, becoming ocquointed with people {rom oll
over the globe ond linking up with seldom-seen
{riends occupied {irst ploce os highlights o{ the
The evolution o{ the IVU into o moior ployer
in the world-wide odvonce o{ vegetorionism wos
furthered ot ihe Congress. Until recently, ihe iimely
communicotion necessory {or o vitol ond responsive


Genl' CoJfe\', and Kevin Pickard)

orgonisoiion wos o moior hurdle focing o finonciolly

chclienged world body like the lVU. A constitution
ond structure more suited to on English gentlemen's
club thon o diverse, multiculturol, democrotic group
of outonomous orgonisotions odded io the difficulty.
Mony IVU members would hove been hord pressed
to describe whot the orgonisotion does ond becouse
voting took ploce of bienniol Congresses, members
could not hove been involved even if they wonted
to unless they could offord to moke o irip sometimes
holfwoy oround the world. Joining IVU wos o{ten
litile more thon o gesture o{ suppori for the hoped
forworld-wide growth of vegetorionism. Members
neither expecled nor received benefits beyond o

Growth Of lnternet Vitalizes wU,

Leqds Io ReoI Benefits For lllembers
These times o{ genteel irrelevonce hove
now officiolly ended, thonks lorgely to ihe populority
of the lnternet. A sizeoble ond growing moiority o{
IVU member groups hove e-moil oddresses, moking

ropid communicotion possible without huge

moiling expenses. Complete ond timely informotion

con be posted on ihe World Wide Web. The

possibility o{ voting by e-moil or by proxy moy
enoble the IVU to moke decisions more ropidly ond
with ihe involvement o{ oll interesied members, not

iust those who con find the time ond money {or
internotionol irovel. As member orgonisotions ore
olso odopting e-moil communicotions ond putting

up Web - sites, IVU membership now offers on

immensely voluoble benefit: o permonent, eosily
remembered e-moil oddress ond Web oddress for
member groups ond spoce on the IVU server for
group Web poges. An e-moil oddress like
vuno@ivu.org is not only professionol-looking ond
eosy to remember; it olso stoys the some even if
your group chonges its e-moil provider or the
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- 6E6L





-T;,;-;;;il;6;A CLUB

(By }lano Ratwattc)


r,r^. a nice Sunday rvrth a strong rvind

All the children in the neighbourhood had

got together and nere plat,ing happilr, except for

one little grtl rvho hadn't an1'bodv to plar- rvith. She
was Ranjula, an only cl-rild lr,ho had n-ror-ed in here
recently. At the moment she found the holidays
boring, with no friend to 1ar-in 1-rer large garden and


a decision and ran to

l-rer mother velling, "-\mrrue. r-r-ral I go next door
and join those chrldren? Ther- seemed friendly
enough u,hen I spoke to tl.rem tl-re other dali Please,
Iet me go. Ther, har-e -.ucl.r tur-r together." "All right",
her mother said, "But clon't get ir-rto mischief - and
come back soon". Rarr,ula skipped off happill:. As
shc pushcd opcn the gete ne\t door, the screams
Sudder-i11. she rnade

and vells stoppe d. rrnd the re \\'as an as,kr.vard silence

frorn thc chldren 'I ].re',' t-ere nvo girls and three boys
rvho looked scruft-,- as r result of some fun filled

A bot'

ar.rd a



io s-cre dressed ahke rn

idenucal shorts and'1 -shirts came runningup to her

u,ith a u,elcoming srrulc, ''-\len't r-or-r the nerv girl
next door? Come ar-rd jorr.r us, tiren s,e u,ill have an
even number", said the gr1 Hndlr. Ranjula was more
than happv to do so. Ti-ie bo-,' rntroduced himself
and thc others. "I'm Nlahen, T}rrs rs mv nvin sister
I{amali. That'-s Neil, the egg-head", 1-rointing to a boy
in specs, "and that'.s his brother Duirp ar-rd that theit
ncighbour Saro". Ranjula took to them at once and
introduced herself too. Ther-plaled various gamcs,
n-rostly rough and tumble. Like Ranjula, the trvins
rvete trveh'e years old, and acted as the leaclers. The
others rvere around ten and cleven.

After an exhausting match of


Cricket, the children ail climbed a large mango tree,

draping themselves on various branches. Ranjula had
a bright idea. "He1, every body, hstenl \Yhy don't rve
form a club - like thc Famous Five or the Secret
Seven? It'll be cxciting and rve could do many things

together". "Yeah", said NIahen, "\\'e'11 call it

something snapp)' and ha-n'e a password as rvell".
The1,held a brainstorm, spilling out exciting.names

rnd other



So many paths that wind and wind,
So many gods, so rnany creeds,
While just the art oJ being kind
Is all the sad world needs.

I arn the voice oJ the


Through me, the durnb shall speak;

Till the dea,f world's ear be rnade to hear
The cty oJ the wordless weak.
From street, Jrorn cage ard Jrorn kennel,
Frorn jungle and stall, the wail
0J rny tortured kin proclairns the sin
0f the mighty against the Jrail.
For love is the true religion,
And love is the law sublirne,
And all is wrought, lVhere love is not
IVill die at the touch oJ time.

0h sharne on the rnothers oJ rnortals

14/ho have not stopped to teach
0J the sorrow that lies in dear, durnb eyes,
The sorrow that has no speech.
The sarne Power Jorrned the sparrow
That Jashioned rnan-the king;
The God oJ the whole gave a living soul
To Jurred and to Jeathered thing.
And I am my brother's keeper,
And I will Jight hi Jight;
And speak the word Jor beast and bird
Till the world shall set things right.
was conccfned. "Let's collect money to saYe a caif
from slaughter", was her suggestion.. "Good idea",
said Duhp. Neil nodded lus head in agreement, saying
sagclri "not onlv will rve be doing something kind,
rvc will be sar.ing thirh'or forry people ftom getting
heart disease and cancer by eating the poor animal!"
Nlahen rvho had gir.en up eating beef after a r.isit to
the slaughterhouse some ycars ago, said that they
should pass a subscription paper to tr1- to save a
buffalo from being krlled for food.

In the midst of this, Saro, rvho was a

vegetarian, dropped a bombshell, as far as Ranjula

- oe6r,.



15 D

]999 6rd.




8; 9gS

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ffiao 006rt @oa 5566 ffi60
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oecoco @a eq6esda: @Eeocod 88acs 8o:co E69o

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@oJeorcocod S8nco Er:co E6Oo q E8O4o q8Ecod

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ee@eso' csar OOoco oqee OgaJo:. tJ OOo:o Ezoeos)
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'Odeor eo@ea' coar ooo:<,r ocecQc glaJod eY ol8o
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oda@co: es9cdcs Qc qlzq@ oOo: ozdQ
qqEztJ toc8a oa oescszsJ oeoaJ' doe3 a:@, 2og
6dod A@d q <.1t:r @1OdO ozso?rzQ ec qlEEco aa8
co. ocecd@zo osas65J qE Odq, Eodq zod o1a3@
oIOOOO Bceg9 ezlcoO. 'co@ea' cea OOa:co oOgOO
sOo:d OOorcsd oc,:QO 4@tr3 gdes><ocsd 854 q8Ece
gdd8n8@ es@OrrJoscso} Ogoco EEod SgoocoD.
g4, Sg8ca EQ oqo qE@ I'
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q8Ece q1E Oo ce. S8acs gq 6Od oa: @pexod
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esecoc oq8. s@8 Q e.^, gEocesocd g8ocJe
esaJ8edOca:cod Oo: @Strlqco@z::co oqeeO qoOczlco
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@ dc,:OSoorgd
Scrb Eq>c6ecd roo@c eoo as"eJloaEzo qOlcea:c"ocs, godoocO,
1991, 03 05) 8go.

2. Abhijanna

Sakunrala of Kalidasa, 1.10, edited by Karmakar

Poona, 1952, p.,7

3. qQ:ocdO

6. OA$D. :

E6gc"csceocdo ceo

orocg0, 1992, 32, 33 Oo: 8Q.

oo:lal $8,

4. 8or:Coo(o (a:cod) 107 oqrc^:, rs"c3: @ 6Oca:a{

zoglarOc, 18S6, 39 8gO.

5. OpaJOaE V. 48, 49,

203 06) 8go.


6. gzaoEoczl, 6,doOooc^:O

?rc6c6{5 dc@,


sOc@Oc<,o, 1946,

Oce6 trg@d - ll7, es"eJ

Eg, 1924.
6.OAQD. : gqgdc rso oO:::d 88, ozoceO,

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1977, 49 o?r 8go.

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gacocsO eral nda eE eoc e$zocO8zrJ CEOo oZE<6.

1999 Gord.

(The following is the reply that Neal

rd, President of the inf luentia I

Physicians Committee for Responsible
Medicine gave to a question put to him by


the US magazine Spectrum about the

nutritional value of chicken)
Neal Barnard: Number one/ chicken
is not a health food by any stretch of the
imagination. The poultry industry has been
trying to capitalise on the criticisms that beef
is now getting and they tell people to eat
their products. But there are several reasons
not to.
Number one, chicken has the same
cholesterol content as beef. This always stuns

audiences when I tell them, although it

doesn't stun dieticians who write nutritional
analyses - they've known this for years.
Every four ounce serving of beef has 100
milligrams of cholesterol in it. A four ounce
serving of chicken has exactly the same 100 milligrams of cholesterol. It can be
somewhat lower in fat, but not a lot lower in
The leanest beef has 307o of its
calories as fat. The very leanest chicken is
about 20o/o. Compare that to beans, with 5%
of calories as fat. Rice is even less, maybe
around 7o/o at B%. A 2jo/o-fat food with no
fibre, no complex carbohydrates, and a fair
load of cholesterol is not a healthy food, and
that's what chicken is. Even selecting only
the white meat and taking the skin off, it is
not a low-fat food.
What is worse is that chicken and
meat displace the healthy foods in our diet.
I mean, if you're eating 300 calories of
chicken, that's three hundred calories of rice
or whole grain products or green vegetables
that you're not eating. So it's not just the
bad stuff it gives you, it's the good stuff that
it pushes off the plate.
Another interesting thing, and this is
getting press everywhere, one out of every
three chickens at the retail store has live
salmonella bacteria growing under the
plastic. The reason is that every chicken goes
into the slaughter operation after having lived

its eight-week life in a factory situation - a

big steel building with ten, twenty or thirty
thousand chickens all swimming in chicken
faeces. Nobody sweeps around them during
their entire life. They're just boxed up and
sent to slaughter.


Salmonella lives in chicken faeces,

and the process of slaughter actually tends
to pus[r this faecal contamination in the skin
of tlre chicken. At the end of the slaughter
procedure, their heads are cut off, their
corpse goes through a water bath...it might
be kind of clean for the first thousand or so
corpses that go through it, but eventually it
becomes what CBS News called "faecal soup."
People get the chicken home, slit open
and you know that little bit of
juice that dribbles down on your counter,
people think that's chicken juice. Chickens
are not fruits, they do not have juice. That is
the water bath stuff that the chicken
absorbed, along with a little blood and serurn,
etc. One out of three packaged chickens has
live salmonella. That causes maybe four
million or more cases of salmonella poisoninc
d year, and about nine thousand deaths (in
I think if people can't wean
themselves of chicken, they ought to leave
it on their steps outside their house, and go
outside and eat it, because once you bring it
in, it contaminates surfaces. You can't see
the salmonella bacteria. You can get it on a
sponge, and the contamination of utensils is
the biggest problem. The greatest incidence
of salmonella comes from cross
contamination to infants, Three month old
babies actually get more salmonella than
anybody else.
"We are all a part of the eafth,
And it is part of us.
The perfumed flowers are our sisters;
The deel the horse, the great eagle,
These are our brothers.

All things are connected,

Like the blood which unites one family.
All things are connected."

- Words of Chief Seattle, one of the last

great Amerindian Leaders

"The most dangerous thing that
can happen to a child is to kill or torture

an animal and get away with


Margaret Mead, Famed Anthropologist



Ranjula had been bewildered listening to all
this. "Aren't bulls and cows killed for our benefit?"
she asked.



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6ocsool." rro)sr) ngesrnl6o ecoge8 cs.

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oeoOd og(E O.aa.E e'cs eq6o gedD@) @
eodgd g6ce8eOd *a. eir gro5 oeqooo 016
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Sens e3;og) GOe)q Ogde, @.

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o@ 6cegr ?s.:rg=,35 e_dogloo. erO@ ocd

Oel)cocoe) SrD Ed oge@ Oc660ocu oco
oqoodeo O6oe @oD @6. d o160o 6gEcs
QO 88o n)@e@ d ooq66 8od QoCS. d
o@ood erdeo @o o" 66@ ogoa 6q8@gd
qzSoOodo Onlc. @o O)@d er)6 @6oeod
o@g oOiO roPOd 5to geoo OrodOd ozeoc.
dd qd @O toloo6 o@g toOdoOd Ocoa. @o
O@eE@ ED@gld da @oo ed6o ogOc 6csrO

mean we get strong and healthy by eating

"Hey, hey! That's enough everyone", said

I(amali. "Poor Ranjula, this is a totally new idea for
her. Let her think about it". "See Ranjula", she said,
putting her arm round her new friend's waist. "Don't
you think that bulls and cows and poor litde calves
have a right to life too? Would we like it if some ETs
dropped in on Planet Earth and started slaughtering
us - merely to please their taste buds, for that's what
it is, isn't it? We eat meat because we think it's tasty.
\We shouldn't harm animals, specially cattle who work
in our fields and give us their milk, don't you think?"
Saro appealed to Ranjula, in a voice qtuvering

q6mdo O16 OOd EecoO eoodo

elod o6E. OO @ecsd elodood, @ad@cod
@OdoOd, oe6 gCrr@O e@deo 9O q6delOd

with emotion. "Think of the cow please. She gives us

cheese, creatrt, yoghutt and butter. All our life we
drink her milk and when the poor thing is old, she is

Ornoc. o@oo

dragged to the butcheq despite her tears and screams.

@Oe) @O

Atl6d ooo@6 oglaoocc


killed so that the owner can make some mofley.

It's .. it's .... disgusting!"

o6 Eop edog) 6eooo eDgOuEo@ @O qOloedo

Oz. OAOOG 6csdo Socodoo. q@d Oe

She is


Ranjula did think about it, a good deal. The

way I(amali and Saro had put it went right to her
heart. I must do something about ttris, she thought
fervently. That night at dinner, much to the surprise
of her parents, she announced ftrnly that she had
decided to give up eating beef forever.

@p 6c) Qo) @e,o pg6u @coor qzd

8col oui qo3 eqldtlO eonl6 6co o@l <odod
o. eeqgoo5 el93ef @q Q ooirooc,:d @9 6@
6oc.J ce. gcelo d ou)locg OdoOt <orS5c,r6.

oo Be
ii"oe oe aetoo'6od oieo6'6
ll8"og o6O6ooco
oO : 6do65 godOl 6tdo6rgmellcoeo,




them", she said lamely. Neil was amazed at her notion.

"Of course we don't get healthy by eating them, silly!
In fact we open ourselves to all sorts of horrible
illnesses that could spell even death. As for getung
strong, look at Mahen. He has been off beef for a
good two yeats, but he is the under-fourteen InterSchool Swimming champ, and he is only twelve!"




person who hondles your e-moil. A Web oddress

ike http ://www. ivu. orglvu no is certoi nly preiero ble
io o !ong ossembloge of sloshes, dots, ond tildes.

The IVU olso o{{ers e-moil discussion lists {or

members who wish to shore thoughts on being
vegetorion or procticol concerns with people o{
common interests oll over ihe world. Thonks io the
IVU's energetic, no-nonsense Webmoster, John
Dovis o{ the UK, ond others, the IVU Web site hos
exponded to become o prime source of vegetorion
in{ormotion ronging oll the woy {rom recipes to

The vitolity o{ the IVU's lnternet presence hos

invigoroted the eniire orgonisotion. At the Chiong
Moi Congress, it wos decided thot oll IVU duties
be shored by Council members, with members
occepting responsibility for speci{ic oreos. lt wos
olso decided thot the IVU Constitution should be
updoted, with every IVU member group oble to ioin

the discussion of suggested chonges through

por-ticipotion in o voters' e-moil list. The proposed

Constitution will be voted on ot the 2000 World
Vegetorion Congress in Toronio ond thonks to input
{rom copoble ond experienced members from mony

world regions, ihe IVU should hove o structure

odequote {or the unprecedented opporlunities for
the growth of vegetorionism we will encounter in
the next century.



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er9<6 g9c<6cod escaarc,s zodp 60z10.

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Poya day Seminars:


10); Life in the Chicken Farm (Sun-

day Times, August 15).By Mrs

May 29:

Bandu Masakorala: The Vegetarian

R.addolugama Meditation Society;

Asokaramaya, Polpitimukalana

Movement in Sri Lanka (Sunday

times, August 8)

June 28:

ri Mahace tiy ar amay a, Kindelpitiya

ayawardha nar amay a, Olabo duwa


June 19 (General); May 8, June 12.

July 10, August 14 (Committee)

is the (Sinhalai

English) bi-lingual Newsmagazine

of Sri Lanka Vegetarian Sociery.
founded by Dr E W Adikaram in 1982. SLVS is
affrliated to the International Vegetarian Union
and promotes the cause of vegetarianism and
animal and environmental welfare, based on ethical considerations of compassion and
interconnectedness of all life. Tojointhe Society
and support the cause of world vegetarianism and
compassion to animals and nature, please contact Secretary SLVS, 310, High Level Road,
Colombo 6.The magazine is issued once every
four months. You can subscribe to it by paying
Rs 66.00 for one year (three issues/ postage included). Cheques should be drawn in favour of
Sri Lanka Vegetarian Society. Money Orders
should be made encashable at Maharagama Post
Office. For more information, please send a SAE
to the Secretar-v at the above address.

Raj amaha Viharaya, Veediyagoda

5U@rorod6 60 0OB0 g5o.r0


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gqmgod ooloOqr

Press Articles:
By Prof. Mahinda Palihawadana: Animal Farm Mal i gnant Tumour of C ivili sation ( S turday Times,
May30); Who Were the First Vegetarians (Sunday Tirnes, June 6); Buddhism and Vegetarianism (Sunday Times. June 20); Life in Factory
Farms (Sunday Observer. June 20)l The N4ost
Vegetarian of A11 Societies (Sundai'Times. Ju11'

Telephone inquires may be directed to 851094, preferably after 3.00 PM.




President: Prof. Mahinda Palihawadana, Vice President: Dr. Praneeth Abhayasundara, /oinf

Secretaries: Messrs. Saman Chandra Ranasinghe, and Chanaka Amaratunge, Treasurer : Mr. Manoj
Krishantha Perera, Assistant Treasurer: Mr. K. M. Nishantha Lal, Other Members of the Executive
committee: Rev. Mawathagama Pemananda Thero, Messrs. Dayananda Adikaram, Premachandra
Godagampala, Nandana P. Perera, Chandika Weragala, Mrs. lndrani Gunatilaka, Mrs.Wasula
Kalupahana, and Mrs. Bandu Masakorala.


1 or two tender cabbages
1 Tea spoon Lemon twice
1 Tea spoon vinegar
1 Tea spoon mustard
3 or 4 Green chillies
Salt & Pepper to taste
Chop cabbage finely whisk
all the dressing ingredients in
a small bowl when serving toss
the shredded cabbage with the
vinai garette, mix the salt &
Pepper & Serve.

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pubtishedbythesri LankaVegetarianBikkhuorganizationonbehalfo{Sri

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lRs' 20'00