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Eduardo A.

Colina Mancheno
Phone: (226)-339-1490
256 Phillip Street
Waterloo, Canada

Summary of Qualifications

One-year experience in web design using HTML and CSS and six moth experience in graphic design
using software from Adobe CS demonstrated by my experience at Hogar Millenium.
Expert in Arduino and Processing proven by my 3-wheeled robot and TPE projects which also
involved circuit design and PCB creation.
Experienced in Python programming acquired via the MITx course and shown in my home
automation project.
Excellent oral and written communication skills in French, Spanish and English.
Perseverant and fast learner.
Strong leadership proven in begin the research leader in school project(TPE)

Technical Expertise

Languages: Python, C++, Processing.

Proficient in web design using HTML and CSS.
Superior knowledge in Adobe CS software.
Growing knowledge of Swift 2.
Experienced in the use, administration and troubleshooting of Mac and Windows.
Certification in Microsoft Excel by the Chamber of Commerce of Quito.

Work Experience
Student Computing Consultant IT Service Desk, University of Waterloo

Attended one-week intensive training that help me increase my technical skills and knowledge
about IT troubleshooting.
Gained experience in the customer service field which improved my interpersonal skills.
Learned to be more punctual.

Web developer at FRAC Recovery in Quito, Ecuador


Built and design the companys website by using minimalist and efficient design.
Increased my knowledge and familiarity with the Adobe CS.
Improved my skills in HTML and CSS.

Graphic designer at Hogar Millenium in Quito, Ecuador


Built and design the companys website from the ground up.
Achieved the process with the use of Adobe Dreamweaver and Illustrator.
Improved my skills in HTML and CSS.

Web developer at Hogar Millenium in Quito, Ecuador



Conceptualized an efficient catalog for the companys sales team but appealing for the customer.
Built the catalog itself with Adobe InDesign and edited the product images with Photoshop.
Learned about product photography.

TPE: Interpretation of the human bodys bio potential in order to improve the quality of life of
the disabled. Date:09/2013-03/2014
In depth research about the nervous system and about operational amplifiers.

Conceptualized and built the differential amplifier for acquisition of bio potential signals.
Presented 48-page report to panel of two faculty resulting in grade of 19/20

Conception of a 3 wheeled robot:

Robot was controlled by an Arduino It had two modes of operation. Autonomous, in which it
followed black lines. And manual, in which it was controlled via a TV-remote control.
Home Automation:
Installed wireless relays on power outlets and switches, that were connected to a Raspberry Pi.
This board hosted a Python-based webserver that received and executed commands from mobile
VHF Radio:
Research about aircraft communication. Found schematic for VHF radio online and created circuit
board via copper etching process.

Independent courses:

Introduction to Computer Science and programming using Python from MITx

LAFF: Linear Algebra Foundations to Frontiers from AustinX
Introduction to Linux from Linux FoundationX
The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course on Udemy


Candidate for Bachelor of Applied Science, Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo,

Waterloo, ON
French Baccalaureate Scientifique with mention Bien, Date: 06/2015
French Brevet des colleges with mention Bien, Date: 06/2012
Lyce La Condamine, Quito, Ecuador

Awards and scholarships

2000$ Presidents Scholarship at University of Waterloo,2015

Mention bien (Magna cum laude) in Baccalaureate, Lyce La Condamine,2015
Mention bien (Magna cum laude) in Brevet, Lyce La Condamine,2012


Played tennis since the age of 4. Participated in several national and provincial tournaments.
Second place in provincial tournament in 2012.
Enjoy daily reading of technology news on Filpboard. Especially The Verge, Mashable, Make
Magazine and Popular Science feeds.
Passionate about aviation and starting in the hobby of airplane spotting.