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Support 101

0. Introduction
1.1 General Bet radar settlement rules
1.2 Settlement for soccer matches with
1.3 Manual settlement for next team to
1.4 Settlement for more obscure sports
Trading team hacks
2.1 How to enable/disable live matches.
How to check if we have pre-live odds
2.2 How to increase risk levels/ create
2.3 How to increase user limits and check
risk limits.
3.1 How to check if a bet was credited(how
to work with Gammatrix)

3.2 How to check if a bonus bet has been

4.1 General bonus t&c
4.2 How to add/remove bonuses
Emergency cases and how to handle
6.1 Front end errors and what they mean.
6.2 How to report issues in Jira
6.3 How to report Incidents
6.4 How to remove sportsbook
Other tips and useful info
7.1 How to reset a users password
7.2 How to activate/deactivate account
7.3 How to create a new back office
7.4 How to check why a bet was voided
7.5 Mapping and starting time corrections
7.6 How to create sports account from GM
7.7 Other useful info and links



General rules to be a good support

Always be polite(can you please give me
the username, please ask the user to send
you a screenshot with the error.you get
the point)
When sending emails that other
colleagues need to see, please do not use
Thunderbird (personal email) instead use
Kayako as it will be easier for all of us to
see it when we get a reply.
Always read your email, try to sort the
relevant data (we receive a lot of emails
daily but please learn how to sort the
useful info).
*Pay close attention to Betradar alerts and
always check them.

Please use notes sections in Kayako

there is a section for each ticket where
you can apply a note. I strongly advise you
to leave as much info possible when
moving an email to in progress.
When you see bets settled incorrectly,
please check all the bets placed on that
market for that event. If one is affected
usually all of them are, so please correct
all the bets.
Always create Jira bugs and send the
email to incidents in such cases. That is
where your job ends as from there on,
there is nothing else we can do (there
always needs to be proof that our jobs
were done)
Always ask for screenshots and relevant
info when a client complaints of an issue.
Before reporting an incident please try to
test and reproduce the issue.
When in doubt it is best if you first consult
with a more experienced colleague before
you act. Dont make the mistake and then
try to correct it, make it right from the

When an incident occurs, please do not

panic as your single task will be to report
the issue to incidents and inform
*Always send the email to incidents
*Always inform our customer through a
Campaigner notification (pay very close
attention when sending it)
*Always create Jira tasks in case of P3
Please pay attention to the notifications
sent, they must be very accurate and try
to give as much information as possible.
(Before sending the notification please
read it, if it doesnt make sense please do
not send it, you all know English very well
so if it doesnt sound good to you, why
would it be ok to send to our customers?)
Please try to avoid giving tasks to Trading
Team when you can do the task
-When they ask you to add a live event go
to schedule and first check if we have a
live source for that match and everything
is ok with it (participants in the correct
order, starting time etc.).If there is a live

source please activate it, as usually that is

the issue.
If the match started and there is no live
source there is nothing we can do.
-Risk levels can be increased by you, there
is no need to ask a trader, unless there are
many events with their risk levels reached.
-When a risk level cannot be increased
that means it doesnt have a template so
please create one (all the steps can be
found in Chapter 2.2)
-When settleing outrights please always
consult with trading team first, as there
might be late bets and so on.
Please use the resettlement document
whenever the case(the links can be found
under chapter 7)
When an issue occurs between shifts
always leave as much info as possible to
the next shift, inform them of what still
needs to be done and always inform
incidents that you are leaving and whom
to continue the conversation with.
When reporting issues please gather as
much relevant data as possible and

always update our developers if new

information emerges.
When reporting an issue please check for
follow-ups and updates and always update
the customer as well.
Always try to help a customer in any way
possible, if you cannot assist with the task
he gives you due to different reasons
please think of another way in which you
can help him.
Always try to become better and never be
afraid to ask/call when in doubt!!!

Chapter 1 Settlement
1.1General Betradar settlement

Please always leave events with Betradar

to be settled automatically
In case some bets remain unsettled please
try to settle them manually by voidwon/lost
If the case above is not an option due to
too many bets, then please only save the
part which is needed.
For sources other than Betradar please feel
free to settle the events.(this applies only
for soccer betradar, as only this has
markets that are not correctly settled once
If there are matches with Betradar for
other sports, please check if the scores are
correct and please feel free to settle it.
Never Save a game during live!
If you have goal scorer settlement-Never
leave the field empty(please input a player
from the same team, but please check first
that no bets were placed on him)
Football Manual settlement

1. For Normal bets, we only need to enter

the final score of that period/half/event, also

you can see the score input box shows as

Event Settlement.
Examples: 1x2 / correct score / double chance
/ over under / Odd or Even
1.1 Non-live football bets on 1x2 full time
excluding overtime / over under, full time
excluding overtime...

1.2 Pre-live or Live Football bets on 1x2, 1st

half / 2nd half...

1.3 Pre-live or Live Football bets on 1x2, 1st

half /2nd half // 1x2, overtime 1st half /2nd
half / / Penalty...

2. While if it is NBT (New Betting Types),

the score input box will display as Settle
New Betting Type, also you have to click
that the score tab to expand the input box.

For manual settlement, you need to enter

score with continuous result. Like first half 10, 1-1, second half 1-2.

2.1 Bets on Next team to score / to win rest of

match / both team to score...

2.2 Bets on Goal in time range or Time of

first goal...

2.3 Bets on First goal scorer or Anytime

goal scorer...

2.4 Bets on Time of fist goal or Goal in time

range and First goal scorer or Anytime
goal scorer...

2.5 Bets on Corners

Tennis Manual settlement

1.For Normal bets, we only need to enter
the final score of that set, also you can see
the score input box shows as Event
Examples: Match Winner set / full event //
Game over under, N set / full event // Correct
score, full event // Tie break, N set / full event

2. If one of participant retired, the score input

box will display as Retire, also you have to
click that the Retire tab to expand the input
box. Set score only can input 1-0 or 0-1

3. While if it is NBT (New Betting Types),

the score input box will display as Settle
New Betting Type, also you have to click
that the Goals/Scores tab to expand the
input box.
Before when we settle game scores, we enter
the game and game points accordingly. For
NBT, the settlement should begin with score
0-1 or 1-0, game point enter first game point,
and end with the final game score, and enter
point score as 40:15 or 40:30...
Examples: Who wins game, N set // which play
will win game X and game Y

Ice Hockey Manual Settlement

1. For Normal bets, we only need to enter
the final score of that set, also you can see
the score input box shows as Event
Examples: 1X2, N period / Full Time Excluding
Overtime // Match Winner, Full Time Including

2. While if it is NBT (New Betting Types),

almost the same as Football. Manual
settlement should enter score in a
continuous way.
Examples: Goals home / away team // to win
rest of match // Team score over under...

Basketball Manual Settlement

For basketball, only normal bets at present

Handball and Rugby Manual Settlement

1. For Normal bets, we only need to enter
the final score of that half or full event, also
you can see the score input box shows as
Event Settlement.

2. While if it is NBT (New Betting Types),

almost the same as Football. Manual
settlement should enter score in a continuous
way, but Rugby is a little different from
Football, it no need to input the continuous
score like 1-0 to 1-1 to 1-2

Baseball manual settlement

1. For Normal bets, we only need to enter
the final score of that inning or full event, also

you can see the score input box shows as

Event Settlement.

2.While if it is NBT (New Betting Types),

almost the same as Football. Manual
settlement should enter score in a
continuous way.

Volleyball manual settlement

For Volleyball, only normal bets at present

Table Tennis manual settlement

1. For Normal bets, we only need to enter
the final score of that set or full event, also
you can see the score input box shows as
Event Settlement.
Examples: Points Over under X, N set / full
event // match winner, N set / full event //
correct score

2. While if it is NBT (New Betting Types),

almost the same as Football. Manual
settlement should enter score in a continuous
Examples: Race To X Points set // point X
winner, N set

Snooker manual settlement

1. We only have Normal bets for Snooker, so

need to enter the final score of that set or full
event, also you can see the score input box
shows as Event Settlement.
Examples: Points Over under X, N frame //
Match winner, N frame / full event // Asian
Handicap, full event // Total frames, full event

2. If it is a Non-live Snooker match, and

only bets on Match winner, full event, so it
is not related to each frames score, just
need a total score such as 3-1, so the
score of each frame can be random, you
can input like below:

Or like this, only need make sure that the total

full event score is correct (3-1)

1.2 Settlement for matches with

Lets practice on the bellow match
This event ended 1-0 in regular time(10/0-0 Extra time: 0-0/ Penalties 3-5)
On the following slide it is shown how the
scores should be input in order for the
bets to be settled correctly.
Now lets say some bets remain unsettled
(1X2, Extra time, excluding penalty)
Then please save only the scope Extra
Time with 0-0

If a goal was scored then save only the

same scope with 1-0.(this action will leave
the bets placed only on one half of extra
time open, and then you can settle them

1.3 Manual settlement for Next team to

Sometimes bets will remain open for next
team to score, when they do please never
resave the event as it will see that each goal
was scored in the last minute.
With this being said please always check the
time the goals were scored, and by case
please settle the bets manually.

Highlighted in red can be seen the score

1.4 Settlement for more obscure sports

For Cricket: The scores for cricket events

are usually 256-367 for example, please do
not input these scores, but simply put 1-0
for the winning team.

For Fighting: -If the match is completed

(all the rounds are played) and the winner
is declared by points (ex: match is played
in 5 rounds) then the scores should be 3-2
for the winner.
-If the match is completed
by K.O. in the 3 rd. round then the score
should be put 3-0.
For Gaelic football: For this sport you will
see two sets of scores for each team
Ex: 3-11 - 2-13
The first set of points have value 3 so with
this applied you input the scores this way
20(3x3+11) 19(3x2+13)

Chapter 2 Trading team


2.1 How to enable/disable live

matches. How to check if we have
pre-live odds collected
When we receive requests to add a live
match, there is no necessary need to ask
trading team to do it, you can do it yourself by
accessing (Risk Management->OPCSchedule):
You simply put in the date and check for live
The priority of the live source is the following:
1.Betradar (LiveOdds)
So if you find the event on the page then
please make sure to respect the source
priority(if a match has LiveOdds and Bwin
source always make sure you activate the
LiveOdds source as it has priority 1)

Before activating an event please always

check that:
1 Starting times are correct (please check if
the OM Date and BR Date highlighted in red
are the same, and they correspond to the real
starting time)
2 Participants are not switched (please check
that the eventName and Game tab
correspond-the teams must be in the same
order) highlighted in black
3 Match status is fine (if the game is in the
first period then we must have it the same) highlighted in blue

If all the conditions are met then please feel

free to activate the event.
You can also remove matches from live by
deactivating them.

Another use for this page would be when we

have a live match present on our betting page
but it has no odds-you can always check what
source is active and try to deactivate/activate
the event again.
If a game does not appear on the schedule
page and it has started, then there is nothing
more to do to add it live.
How to check if pre-live odds are
When an operator asks to collect odds for an
event please check if Sports have them
You can do this by accessing:
Username: cig
Pass: cristina

Once you log in please search for the event

from the left part of the page

What to do now:
1.If the match appears there: then odds are
already collected by sports and you just
need trading team to approve them
2.If the match doesnt appear: Please send
an email to sports@betbrain.com ask
them to collect the odds for that event,
and then ask trading team to approve it.

*Other requests meant for sports:

When we have incorrect starting time/
switched participants/ incorrect team nameplease contact them and they can make these
2.1How to increase risk levels/ create
Whenever users receive errors that the max
stake is low (or Artemis says: oran risk
error), then we must upgrade the risk levels.
This can be done by accessing (Risk
Management->Bet risk Monitoring Filter):
You select the operator from the left, and
check for the requested event.
If the event is highlighted in red/orange then
the risk levels have been reached and they
must be increased.

So please click on set risk (highlight in

black) and then increase the risk levels.

Please make sure to increase only the part

that is affected, the risk is split in two parts
(highlight in red)
Single-Non-live/Live and Multiple Nonlive/Live-so please make sure you increase
only what has been reached.
Once you click on Set risk- a new page will
open and you can increase the risk levels
from there.

Make sure you always have User under User

Non-live/Live and Event under Even Nonlive/Live
Always keep track of what events you
increase (so please write the part highlighted
in red in your report)
*After some adjustments were made in
the system the multiple bet risk is also
included in the Single bet risk, so when
increasing risk levels only increase the
Single Non-live/Live part.
Creating templates
Sometimes you will find events on which after
you click on Set risk the normal window will
appear but you will not be able to increase
them as the part with User Non-Live/Live
Event Non-Live/Live will not appear.

When this happens then a template must be

Go to:
user: bc
pass: bc22
Search in the Name field for your event

once found it in the right panel hit the yellow

star and in the new window hit the Create
button, thats all.

Once this is done, please refresh the page

with the risk levels and press Set Risk
button again.

2.3 How to increase user limits and

check risk limits.
First of all go to user search page and search
for the user.
After the user is found open the tab User risk

Once you get there the basic limit will be

found in the top left corner:
General Limit (Global)-this one affects the
user for all operators, so if he is limited
globally every time he opens a new account
then the user will start with that limit.
General Limit (Local) - Affects the user only
for the respective operator.
*Please note that when having one of those
limit with negative value then the positive one
is taken into account.

If both of them are with negative or positive

value-then the local limit is taken into
Sometimes only checking that limit is not
sufficient as our traders might limit a user
only for a sport.
To check this, please access the part
highlighted in blue:
GeneralLimit History- shows you exactly
who set the limit and when.
Set Global limit by detail/ Set local limit by
detail allows you to limit the user globally
on just one sport at your choice Live/pre-live
so this is when we specifically target to limit
the user on Soccer live(for example).
To check if one of these limits were set, please
access these two tabs and if he was limited it
will appear there.
*Last but not least, if an operator asks for a
user to be limited, and its a matter of
urgency and no trader is around please set

the limit yourself by clicking Edit button

(bottom of the page-highlighted in black)
If you resort to this action please go to the
users Notes tab and leave a note with the
chat/ticket id and nevertheless send an email
at trading team informing of what action you
have taken.

Chapter 3 Bets
3.1How to check if a bet was
credited(how to work with
There are 2 situations here:
When the operator has Seamless
If this is the case then you need to do
the following
Step 1
Please go to Gammatrix and search for the
user, once the user is found open the

users profile and go to Transactions tab.

Once there please

transaction monitor





When it is opened check for the bet id there, if

the bet is a winning one, then in Gammatrix

the transaction appears two times. (If the

transaction is void it also appears two times/if
lost once)
First it has D in front, which means funds
were taken (place bet) from the account and
then it should be with C where the winnings
were credited.
If the bet is a winning one and the transaction
with C doesnt appear, than that means that
the bet wasnt indeed credited.

Step 2
What you need to do now is go to
(Administration->Seamless Change Balance
Manager): http://prodnbt.oddsmatrix.com/settlementmain.do

Once there paste the affected bet in the Bet

ID scope (please see below)

If the transaction is indeed faulty then an

error message should appear in the last scope
and should have N under isFinished (or just
one of the case) - if this is the case then
check the trinket on the left side of the page
and press the resend button, this should
credit the funds and create the C
transaction in Gammatrix.

*There are cases when the transaction the

operator gives was credited but money is
missing from his account(this is usually
caused by the fact that a bet he initially had
won was resettled to lost, thus creating a debt
in the users account)
In these types of cases you need to compare
the transactions in Gammatrix with the users
betting history.
If the bet the operator gives you appears as
credited, then above the transaction there
should be another one that deducts funds
from the account-go to the right(please see
below) of the page and take the respective
bet id from there and check in Oddsmatrix if
this was the case.
**Other tips to use Gammatrix

In case you want to know more details about

a transaction then please click on the
corresponding id which is found under

This will take you to this section:

From here you can find out what sort of

transaction this was:
The codes are the following:
CommitBet 102

place bet

Rollback 102
change 201 +
change 201 change 101
change 202 +
change 202 change 302 +
change 303 +
change 304 +

cancel placed bet

resettle from won to lost
release money for refused live bet
resettle by changing status to won
resettle by changing status to lost
reverse initial locked deposit money to Op system when bonus expired
reverse initial locked deposit money to Op system when forfeiting bonus
reverse initial locked deposit money to Op system when removing bonus
deduct initial locked deposit money from Op system when creating
add bonus balance to Op system when amount of bonus balance meets
deduct bonus balance from Op system when bonus turnover failure to
reach because of re-settlement
or reverse a useup
credit bet bonus to Op system when bet bonus turnover is reached
reverse bet bonus from Op system when bet bonus turnover failure to
reach because of re-settlement

change 307 change 308 +

change 306
change 310
change 311

From Postings you can find out what funds the

user had in his account before and after he
placed the bet.

When the operator doesnt have
GM (non-seamless)
If the operator isnt seamless then it is
easy as pie, you need to search for the
user, open My Sports Account and there
you will see a button called Export (see

This action will export all the users
transactions in an Excel document and
from there select the whole Amount
column and make the sum.

If the sum is the same as the users

balance then his balance is fine, if not our
developers need to investigate.
*For the moment only Igame and
Betredkings and 377Bet dont have
seamless wallets.

3.2How to check if a bonus bet has

been credited
These checks are almost the same as
checking the balance for non-seamless wallet
What you need to do is search for the user
and go to his Bonuses tab:

From there click on Turnover bets and a list

with all the bets placed from that bonus will
What you need to do now is see what amount
the user received as bonus (please note that
if the t&c of the bonus has the feature Lock
initial deposit: Yes, then the amount should be

Now you open a new Excel doc and input the

amount he received as bonus first, in a cell.
Select the whole amount row from the pop-up
that opens from clicking the Turnover bets
button and put them below the first cell in the
excel doc.
Then you need to make the sum and this
should be the same as the user has in his
Bonus Balance.
If this is not the case then further
investigation is required.
*Bonus balance bets cannot be seen in
Seamless Change Balance Manager nor
in Gammatrix.

Chapter 4 Bonuses
4.1 General bonus t&c
Bonuses are split in 2 types, normal bonuses
where users receive funds and need to
complete a turnover, so that the bonus funds
are passed into his regular balance, and free
Free bets usually consists of one bet, from
which we deduct the stake after the freebet is
Please note that a user cannot have two
active bonuses at the same time nor can he
receive the same bonus offer twice.

What to check for when a user
cannot place bets from his bonus
In order for a user to place bets from his
bonus balance the user must respect a set of
To find the specific t&c of the bonus you must
search for the user and open his Bonuses tab.
Once there please click on the latest bonus
offer and a pop up will appear (highlighted in

In the pop up you will see a set of conditions

the user must respect in order to place bets
from his bonus balance.
Usually the most common mistakes users do
is they dont reach the minimum odds and
they try to place bets on the same event
twice(*if the bonus has the feature Can bet:
No limitation, then the user can bet as many
times as he wants on the same event)
Bonus balance bets cannot be placed on

Other things to check:

-the bonus is not expired-the bonus has
normal status (please note that a bonus can
be expired but if the user still has open bets
placed with bonus balance then the

bonus will change its status once all his bets

will be settled)

*Freebets are subjected to the same set of

rules as regular bonus balance bets and
cannot be placed on
-Asian handicap

-Over/Under and outrights

4.2How to add/remove bonuses

These features can also be found in the

Bonuses tab.

How to remove a bonus

In order to just stop a bonus offer you will find

two buttons Stop all or an individual button
for each bonus offer Stop
Stop all will stop all bonuses from the users
account while Stop will stop a single specific
In order to completely remove a bonus and
the bonus funds from the users account then
you must press the Forfeit button. ( *please
note that after you press this, a new button
might appear Remove if the button is
pressed then the bonus will completely
disappear from the users account and the
same offer can be added again)

*In order to forfeit a bonus all the bonus

balance bets placed from that bonus must be

canceled first.

How to add bonuses

This feature is also found in the Bonuses

To add a bonus the two buttons can be used.
Personalized bonus will let you add a bonus
to a user at your desire, allowing you to
choose what bonus amount you wish to add

to the user and also what turnover he must

*Please note that in order to add this bonus
the operator must have a personalized bonus
offer active. (Deposit bonus offers cannot be
added by Personalized bonus button)
Get bonus this button will automatically
trigger a bonus in the users account, if he
qualifies for receiving a bonus (this option is
to be used when the user made a deposit, but

somehow he didnt get a bonus)

*Other bonus tips

1) Please note that a user can have the

turnover of the bonus appearing with negative
In these cases the user already completed the
turnover but due to the fact that he still has
open bets, placed from his bonus balance, the
users bonus balance was not transfer to his
regular one.
Once all the bets will be settled then the
users bonus is passed to his regular one.

2) To see who added a bonus to a user please

use the Logs button, this will show what
adjustments were made to the bonus, and
who made them.
3)You will sometimes see in the t&c of the
bonus specified a condition Max stake per
bet-this feature doesnt mean that the user is
limited to that stake, he can place bets with

higher values, but only what that condition

stipulates will be counted towards his
Ex: Max stake per bet: 50 Euro the user can
place 100 Euro on the bet, but only 50 will be
taken into account for his turnover.
4) If you see bets placed at exactly the same
time and on the same markets/events, one
from bonus balance and normal balance, it
means that the user try to place a bet
exceeding his bonus balance and thus the
system splits them in two separate bets.

Chapter 5 Campaigner
Sending notifications via Campaigner
In cases of planned maintenance,
internal or third party crashes which
affects more than one OM operator follow
the steps below :
1.1 Login with the username and password
provided (omsupport@everymatrix.com ,

1.2 Start an email campaign

selecting the Full Email Editor


1.3 Depending on the notifications subject

select from the My Templates file on the
left the best suited one for that situation


the header must always be black, when
we inform operators in advance, and
green when sending the notification
informing them that it is finished.

Scheduled Maintenance notification ex

Third party scheduled maintenance ex

In such cases complete the dotted lines

with the correct information.
Ex: Kiron, Bwin, 06:00 07:00 GMT,
affecting (for BWIN) their live odds feed and
(for Kiron) the virtual sports service etc.
Make sure you enter EveryMatrix Support
in the From Name line and that the Subject
matches exactly with the notification header
previously created.

After clicking Save Draft on the right top

corner, select the recipients entering Staff on
the Search engine and select OM Staff only
and prod selecting both Operators on OM
prod-nbt and Operators on OM prod-nbtmalta.
Finally, make sure that you properly
completed all the necessary information and
click Schedule & Send (then wait for a couple
minutes before closing the window).
*All notifications must be as small as possible,
grammatically correct, times must be
accurate (so please pay close attention to

Time Zones), and also contain as much

information as possible.
Please make sure you respect the color code
in the header:
Black- for scheduled maintenances
Green- when maintenance /crash is complete
Red- in crash situations
Please make sure that you send 3rd party
provider notification in cases when not one of
our services is affected, but one of our
partners (Bwin, Kiron, Betradar, Betbrain).

Chapter 6 Emergency cases

and how to handle them

6.1 Front end errors and what they

Sometimes when users try to place bets
they encounter errors shown it their
betting slips, what appears and what they
mean can be found bellow.
OM Error Code

Error Message



Same odds in one bet

can't place multiple and

system bets on the same
outcome and same event


Too many or no odds

A maximum of 20 selections
can be added to the bet slip
for single and multiple
selections for System bet


Price changed

when placed bet,odds changed

will have this error message


Invalid amount

the stake





Invalid odd data


Can't place odds


Can't place odds-N01


Can't place odds-N02


Can't place odds-N03


Can't place odds-N04


Can't place odds-N11


Can't place odds-N21


Can't place odds-N22


Can't place odds-N23


Can't place odds-N24


Can't place odds-N31


Can't place odds-N32


Can't place odds-N33


Can't place odds-N34


Can't place odds-N35


Can't place odds-N36


Can't place odds-N37


Can't place odds-N38


Invalid bet id

Outcome did not exists/Event

did not exists/if multiple,
must contain more than 1

when get bet, the bet id

does not exist, will have
this message


Invalid bet status

when get bet, input the

wrong status of that bet
will have this error message


Invalid bet data

user not exist in RCM,when

place bet will have this
error message


The multiple


Match was stopped

the match was stopped


The horse is not running

the horse is non-runner




The stake is
minimal stake

The stake





can't place multiple bets

for outrights under the same
country or same tournament


horse racing, can't place

multiple with horse racing



the stake is less than min

stake.For EUR min stake is



the stake is over the max




The odds can't be less or

equal 1.0

can't place bet on

equal or less than 1.0



betting offer
match finished


The match has been suspended

when match suspended,can't

place bet on the match


The match has been settled



odds not








has been settled,we

place bet on that

OM Core disconnected
OPC over 10 minutes



match has been finished and

odds expired

The match was expired


The system




The match has been suspended

by override start time

The match has been suspended

by override start time on
Oddstable risk monitoring


odds not update

due to om core disconnected

with opc,when place bet will
have this error message


Can't get bets

due to some reasons,at this

moment you can't get bet


Winner cannot in same region

or sports

can't place multiple bet for

winner which in the same
location or sports


H2H or H2H2H and

cannot combined


can't place multiple bets

between H2H/H2H2H and winner
when there are same
participant in it


2 H2H2H participant in same


the two participants in

H2H2H can't combine multiple


2 H2H participant in same


the two participants in H2H

can't combine multiple bet


None outrights
same event!



can't place system bet for

these bets(horse racing)

can't place multiple bet on
the same event


Outrights and none outrights

are in same tournament!

can't place multiple bet for

outrights and non-outrights
under the same tournament


Can not combine horse racing

to none outrights

can't place multiple bet

between horse racing and


Winner cannot contain same


can't place multiple bet on

the same participant for


2 participant are same

can't place multiple bet on

the same participant for
winner and the match under
the same country


The EachWay mode of

match isn't enabled


Can't get risk

can't get risk when this

outcome is not exist or RCM
didn't work


There isn't the system bet

when get bet,input the not

existed systembet id,will
have this error message


a horse racing match didn't

provide each way,so can't
place each way bet on that


The player hasn't the

system bet

when get user's bet,input the wrong

system bet id will have this error


Can't place bet due to the

operator API exception

Can't place bet when operator API has



Not enough money for

placing the bet

not enough money to place that bet


Can't place bet due to the

operator API exception

Can't place bet when operator API has



There is an error returned

by operator API for
placing the bet

when placed bet,received error from

operator API


The outcome has been


a match's outcome has been settled,we

can't place bet on that outcome


Events selection is not

matched with systembet

e.g system bet include 3 sub bets,so

systemBettingTypeId should be 300 or

bets requests

301 or 302 instead of 400 or 500


the bet is refused due to

a pending bet, please try

placed live bet,when this bet is in

pending status, you can't place it
again until it was accepted or refused


the bet is refused ,please

try again

you placed bet refused by system


odds is less than 1.01

can't place bet on odds less than 1.01


Outcome is empty

Outcome is empty


Betting offer has delay

over 3miniutes

the betting offer not update over 3



The multiple bet is not

available for free bet

can't use freebet to place that

multiple bet


User account not found

User account not found in OM


User account blocked

User account blocked in OM


User account not active

User account not active in OM


OddsMatrix account blocked

OddsMatrix account blocked


OddsMatrix account not


OddsMatrix account not active


Your loss limit has been


Your loss limit has been reached


Your wagering limit has

been reached

Your wagering limit has been reached

operator API access


operator API access exception


operator API access

exception: read timeout

operator API access exception: read



operator API access

exception: connection

operator API access exception:

connection timeout


This can be useful to discover other bigger

Ex: A user receive the error with code
350(Betting offer has delay over 3 minutes)-in
this case we might have a live odds issue,
causing live odds not to update.
6.2How to report issues in Jira
Jira is used to report and track bugs and
production issues.
You can access Jira by going to:
Once there please click the Create button,
and a pop up will show.

Now complete the corresponding field as

1-Please leave this field as default
(Production Issues)
2-You can chose here from Technical
Investigation or Bug depending on the case

3-Please write a detailed and accurate

description of the issue (can be considered
like a subject)
4-If you click here a drop down list with our
operators is revealed-please select the
affected one or if all operators are affected
please select EveryMatrix Other.
5-The priority will be set in accordance to the
error. A single bet or small issues that not
generate downtime or incapacity to place betuse website, are considered minor.
6-Please use the most appropriate
components-they usually are OMFE and
OMCORE, please asset the issue and try to
categorize it as it should be.
7-Choose the closest thing that is affected
8-it will always be NBT-RO
9-The description will always be completed
with this template:
Operator affected:-write which operator(s) are
affected/ if all please write all

Unique identifier: Leave as many details as

possible, like event name/id, user id/name,
bet id etc.
First reported: When the issue was first
Issue description:-write a full description of
the incident, how it occurs, how it manifests
as many details as possible
10-Always try to leave screenshots with the
issue, they are mandatory so please take as
many as possible.
11-Try to label the issue with what might
cause it
Ex: OMFE, OMCORE, Bonuses etc.
12-Always leave 1
13-Always use OM Support Track
Then press create.
6.3How to report Incidents
Incident Definition: An Incident is any
event which is not part of the standard

operation of the service and which

causes, or may cause, an interruption or
a significant reduction in the quality of
the service, module or infrastructure
component. Mainly when SLA is affected.
Incidents are usually crashes and unexpected
An incident can also be a third party provider
Incidents are categorized in 3 ways, by
P1 (Critical Incident) - Multiple services or
entire Everymatrix platform is down or
considerably slow. Multiple Operators are
down. Other incidents that threatens
EveryMatrix business continuity. (E.g. dDoS
attacks, hardware failure, data center
connectivity loss, other disaster scenarios)
P2 (Major Incident) - One Operator is down, or
one service is down or considerably slow.
Other incidents that have direct financial
impact on Operator's business (e.g. single

operator bonuses malfunctions, users not

being able to login, deposits/withdrawals not
processing, delayed settlements, etc.)
P3 (Minor Incident) - Other production issues,
everything else that could be classified as
incident, as per Incident definition on top of
this page.
Reporting Incidents:
First of all try to correctly asses the
importance of the incident.
If the incident is P1 or P2 immediately call
Incident Management team. (Phone:
Once you have reached them via phone, send
an email towards them (email:
incidents@everymatrix.com) with this form:
-always use the Jira template in the body (and
give as much details as possible including
"First time reported")
-always start with the priority in the subject
[P1, P2, P3] depending on the case
-if the priority is P3 then you should make the
Jira task and write the direct link to the issue

like bellow-please do not call them if not

-always write down the person you talked to
The discussion on the topic shall be held over

Skype (Skype id: incidents.everymatrix)

*Always remember to send notifications to
operators when all of them are affected.
Never report an incident without successfully
reproducing the issue.
For more details on how to report incidents
please access:


6.4How to remove sportsbook

In urgent cases we can put down the
sportsbook and replace it with a
maintenance message.
Please note that this action is only taken in
special cases and permission is needed
from a higher authority. (In cases of live
odds not updating we may remove the
sportsbook as there is risk of losing lots of

To remove the sportsbook you need to

access this link:
Once there please log in with the following
Username: su
Password: Paro1A

Once you log in go to: Downtime>Manage

Downtime Notification

Once there on the top right corner you will

see a group of buttons.

From there you can either remove all the

pages related to sports by simply clicking
Enable all and then Save all, or you can
remove sections by enabling only one
group(ex: Virtual Sports)
*Please keep in mind that when the left side is
marked with green then the Maintenance
message is visible in Front end, not that the
pages are online.
Basically Enable all takes down sportsbook
and Disable all puts the sportsbook back
In order to remove the Maintenance message
simply click on Disable All then Save All.

Chapter 7 Other tips and useful

1) How to reset a users password
First of all search for the user in User
search, once found go to My profile tab and
press the reset button, then please input
the new password and press Enter.

*Please note that this feature must be used

only for operators support accounts, do not
reset the password for users. (If you are asked
to do this ask them do it themselves through
the feature present on the website)
2) How to activate/deactivate account
In order to deactivate an account just search
for the account, then check the box on the top
right (highlighted in red) and then press the
Deactivate button.

To activate an account:
Simply press the Active button.

3) How to create a new back office


Go to User Information tab and select New

user registration, then fill in the spaces as
the screenshot suggests.
Please note that after pressing the submit
button, you must immediately search for the
new account and attribute the respective

For operators:
For support members:

4) How to check why a bet was voided:

For live-bets: live bets are subjected to
pending intervals, and if the odds change too
much or disappear then the bet is
automatically canceled.
To find out if this was the case then please go
to Risk Management->Live Betting>Validation Result(due to a bug once the
page is loaded please access it again):
Once there input the bet id and press query.

If the part under detail is red then the bet

was automatically canceled by our system.
For pre-live bets:
You can search for the bet in chats, tickets,
and the resettlement doc:
But first of all check if the match was not
abandoned/ postponed/walkover etc.

5) Mapping and starting time

*This is done only by Shift 1

Risk Management- OPC schedule

Select FROM: todays date TO: tomorrows
date, then click TO BE MAPPED and Search.

We only need to map the matches that are

LiveScore, LiveOdds and bwin, so click on
Source to make it easier to see these events.

Matches that do not need mapping:

- Matches that have the status: ended,
postponed or interrupted
- Double tennis matches if they are
LiveScore or LiveOdds
(double tennis
matches from bwin require mapping)
- If found, any double tennis matches from
Betradar need to be deactivated
A screenshot of the matches that need
mapping will be sent to
bbdataincidents@betbrain.com, cc:
tradingteam@oddsmatrix.com and


Missing liveodds matches

Filter by SOURCE: LiveOdds and for the

others select ALL.
Then login to the Betradar account and go to
Live - Live Booking Calendar and select Daily
list. Make sure the Configuration Calendar
from the left looks like this:

Now we need to check if the matches listed

here are also present on our Schedule page.
We can ignore the matches marked with a
darker green or marked as yellow under
starting time. If we find any matches missing
from our schedule, an e-mail needs to be sent
(ec@everymatrix.com) and Trading Team
(tradingteam@oddsmatrix.com ) under CC.

The e-mail should include screenshots of the

missing match and Betradar ID.


Checking the starting time

On Schedule page, list the matches by Date

Matched and then check the starting time of
the events marked with NO. Compare with
the starting time displayed on Betradar or
Futbol24 and send mail to sports and CC
Trading Team if the starting time is incorrectly
displayed on our side.

6) How to create sports account in GM

First you need to log in with your GM account
and search for the user.
Once found please copy the User id and go to
Users tab Sports Accounts

Once there please input the User Id in the

single user id section and press the first
Create Sports Account button

*Please note that this is to be used only when

the user can be found in GM and not in OM
7) Other useful info and links
7.1) What to do when an operators SSL
certificate expires.
There is nothing much to do on our side you
ask the operator to renew the certificate and
asked them to send the new one to us.
Once this is done contact Systeam by phone
and asked them to renew the old one. (Send
the new certificate to them via email)

7.2 Important links

Operator list and info:
Here you may find info such as:
-operators account manager
-seamless/non seamless
b) Resettlement doc:
Here it is mandatory to complete once a bet is
resettled/canceled with other reasons than

Betting type closed
Here you may find what markets are
closed for various reasons.
Limits document
Here you may find what automatic limits
are set to users from various countries,
depending on each operator request.

Phone numbers

/d/1QzOZ7-JZVvYGxxbC4Z2KmaXOVgw38y7oJSxbEgl0c/edit#gid=0 this is for support
members phone numbers

w2TMIWaU3NOLbY/edit#gid=1 this is
the usual schedule document, by
changing the sheet on the bottom of the
page, you may find various numbers.
dG_lDFqmHPxEMaq5GKHkKCc1DT_9RcekihyNPz1ggs/edit#gid=0 this is an older
doc, you may try here
ay/PMO/Emergency+Solution+Team here
you may find the numbers for the OM
development team in Changsha.
f)When we have downtime doc
When we have downtimes, or operators
complaint that their website runs slow,
please complete the following doc with the
necessary info.