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The older versions run on flash and slower computers can lag and cause issued wi

th delays etc
The new version on openGL is really much better.
lost position / steps can be because the machine needs mechanical
tuning and it can seem as though its software
Consider the below points to make sure its not mechanical
roller adjustment
pulley adjustment
The best way to check the machine is mechanically sound is to do the following
>>open UCCNC
>>jog machine with shift key and arrows paying attention to the speed
>>now go to configuration
>>Axis step
<< X, Y and Z axes each in turn
Make sure the acceleration is at 350 (not 500)
Change the velocity to 4500mm/min
Hit Apply
<<the axis you just changed should now jog fast at 4500mm/min (as opposed to 300
0mm/min before the setting change)
<<jog axis through extent of travel
<<repeat for other 2 axes.
<<NOTE: before you leave the config tab make sure all are back to 3000 (or whave
ter they were)
<<make sure the accelerations are left at 350.
Close and open UCCNC to make sure the settings are now back as they were before
the test.
A well tuned STEPCRAFT system will run at 5000mm/min rapids across entire travel
in X,Y and Z.
This is the best way to 100% ensure you have a perfectly tuned system.
Y axis is the usualy culprit so the following is aimed at the Y axis
same concept applies for the X and Z axis.

but equally-

You need to study this video with a fine comb the next step is down to tuning. T
he machine does need tuning to get the most out of it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs7OTxZoik4 from 1:56
power down the machine (take out the black plug out of back) and use your hand t
o move the belt. Picture your hand is the motor? So if its stiff the motor will
Sources of friction are
Misaligned ballscrews

Over tightened brass rollers

Over tightened pulleys onto back of ballscrews

Incorrect washer type between pulley and external Y axis ballscrew be

aring (seating on the external race)

Belt too tight

Gantry pillars not square / level

Orange plates seated such that they pinch ballscrews as you tighten. These can f
loat so see below for best method to ensure best performance.

the drive stiffness is the most likely issue

For tuning

Power down the machine

Remove Y axis cover
Use your hand to move the belt on the Y axis
Feel how free the axis is.
It should be free and easy
No heavy and pulsed etc

Wind machine gantry (Y axis) to the motor side

Remove the front plate (with estop)
Remove the belt
Remove the pulleys
Remove the ballscrews from the bearings in the motor side

follow following steps.

Now grab each ballscrew and move the gantry up and down the machine w
ith your hands..
Feel the movement
Is it free?
Is it stiff?
Play with the tension in the brass rollers to get free movmenet (don t
us the turn rule use intuition set screws JUST on the slide so there is no play
but she moves free.
You might need to put some pressure onto the pillar to release the ro
ller and free it up once loosened the screw
sometimes is doesn t release when you
loosen the tuning screw
only with the ballscrews disconnected can you feel if these are c
ausing a problem/stiffness. If you are struggling- only just tighten them to get
going until you find the source of the friction.
Put the ballscrews back into bearings when happy
insert rear bearing also (make sure your washer is the correct size a
nd it seating on the inner race of the bearings and not both. If the washer betw
een the pulley and outer bearing sits on the outer race of the bearing then you
will get friction.
Seat pulleys with grub scews in holes but not tight just so they are
seated in the hole in the ballscrew.
Tighten pulleys with nuts
Just until tight so no play
But test each pulley for friction
Should not be too tight..
Now sink the grub screws square allen key and not round head..
Check gain for friction

Again you want a balance between friction and play. Minimal play
but not such that everything is held in the direction the Y axis moves..
Now check the gantry is level on both sides (only check for pulleys b
eing free to rotate when the gantry is square. As the gantry moves off square (a
s you wind a pulley) you will feel the friction gradually increase.
Apply belt
Check belt is free to move
No pulsing or friction. Should be free by hand
You should be able to move the belt by hand when the machine is s
itting on the table and the machine should not move as you move the belt.

Apply end plate again

Leave all end plate bolts loose.
Jog machine up and down with software (or manually)

Jog machine to end of travel

In and out a few times
Tighten bolts
- better to do this manually. Jog machine to end of travel (eg the front)
then w
ith the machine powered off use your hand to manually move the belt as you tight
en the bolts. Keep her moving up and down with your hand as you tighten the bolt
s and feel what happens. If the bolts sink nice and the belt is still free and a
s it was this is good

Do same for other end of travel

Again Only tighten the bolts to the axis extrusions when the machine is at the ve
ry end of that side of travel at that side.
As before - Loosen bolts jog up and down with the software (or manuall
y) in and out of the last bit of travel then tighten the bolts
If the bolts are catching on the orange plate the holes may need to b
e enlarged a touch.
If the bolts push / move / squeeze the orange plate at all as they g
o in when the machine is at that end of travel then it will pull the ballscrew e
nd a fraction up/down /left/right and it will cause too much friction.

Enlarge the holes if this is the case

IF it can t be sorted using the orange plates then check your ballscrew is aligned
2:09 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs7OTxZoik4 shows this.