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Ashwini : You have excellent recovering power,u love speed and can do better in
medicine line or anything related to Speed,taking iniciation or racing.
Bharini : The extreme Nakshatra, sudden chances of getting rich and suddenly ban
kcrupt. If venus in this nakshatra then same result in relationship.
Krittika : They are no nonsense people, they will conquer any obstucles comes in
their path.They are the best critic.They have an extreme temper, but it does no
t last for more than a few seconds.Krittika doesn t tolerate imperfections.
Rohini : Most commercial & materialistic Nakshatra who will never move ahead wit
hout being sure about benefit.Their main mantra is creating. Love lots of progen
Mrigashira : Most curious Nakshatra, always searching something or the other in
life.They certainly have the balance between intellectual and materialistic purs
uit.They are charming, spontaneous, enthusiastic types who enjoy meeting and rel
ating with people.They are good conversationalists, advisors and enjoy all vocal
activities like talking and singing.
Ardra : Change is the ongoing process for Ardra native. Ardra natives don't usua
lly verify the facts before they speak.It's having intellectual and electrical a
bility to create or invent.lectrical Engineers and Electrician,Electronic & Comp
uter Industry,Computer Software Developers,Sound Engineers & Technicians all com
es under this nakshatra.
Punarvasu :Punarvasu, the root of Jupiterian energy carrying all the desirable q
ualities like goodness, strength, prosperity etc. Safety measures comes first in
Punarvasu native's life always.They lack foresight. Person with Ascendant lord
in Punarvasu may not have any serious disease, accidents, bodily malfunctions et
c. They very much believe in give and take relation.
Pushya : You will fine full of humanity & kindness in this nakshatra.If any plan
et is afflicted in Pushya then it can make one lethargic, needy, dependent and p
rone to addictions due to a lack of will power.Teachers and Education Experts, C
hild Care professionals, Farmers & Gardeners, hospitality all are the profession
for Pushya.
Ashlesha : Ashlesha is perhaps the most difficult of all nakshatra energies to h
andle and channel correctly. In most of the classics it is referred as sarpent e
nergy.Despite lacking facial attractiveness, people born under this nakshatra ge
nerally have sexually appealing body.They are social climber,their suspicious na
tures make them good observers.
Magha :Achievement is the key word which describes Magha nakshatra well. It is M
agha s job to shape the present using the past. Wherever this nakshatra is placed
in a chart one will experience the positive effects of one s past karmas. They are
not much interested in family lineage or progeny.
Purva Phalguni : Comfort is the keyword for this nakshatra.Purva Phalguni is a n
aturally cruel nakshatra and therefore natives under its strong influence can be
capable of carrying out ruthless acts. If they don t get the requisite amount of
attention from others which they think they deserve in their own minds, they mak
e big issue out of silly things. They are kind of dramatic people.
Uttar Phalguni : No matter what, Uttar Phalguni maintains their individuality in
evrything they do.They are not the types to change their individuality just to
stay in sync with whatever is happening. Uttaraphalguni is aiso a teacher and pr
eacher at heart.Most of the warlike qualities such as anger, valour, aggression,
fearlessness, urge to conquer and competitive spirit are commonly shared by Sun
and Uttaraphalguni. mostly they become very popular due to their helpful nature
Hasta : All sort of activities related to hand, in that even trickery, deceit, p
ick pocket comes under Hasta Nakshatra.Hasta people are obsessed with time keepi
ng, punctuality, repetition and other such robotic traits usually associated wit
h the sign Virgo. Hasta people are shy, timid, passive, never really raise their
voice against injustice., can do same work again and again till the last breath
of their life.
Chitra : Chitra loves to create "magic". Chitra's love for understanding how thi

ngs work and how all the parts fit together, generally place natives under its i
nfluence in scientific, technological and artistic fields. Japanese as a race ar
e governed by this nakshatra, which can easily be seen in their technological ob
ssession and their attention to detail.
Swati : "Balance" is the keyword for natives born under the strong influence of
this nakshatra. Extreme procrastination is one of the worst traits of this naksh
atra. Swati is usually in no hurry to achieve its objectives and this is the rea
son why Saturn finds maximum exaltation here. The emphasis here is on long term
Vishakha : Vishakha is an obsessive, goal-oriented nakshatra with complete disre
gard for the nature of the means.Vishakha has a lot to do with marriage. Most of
Vishakha lies in the sign governing marriage - Libra.After attaining its desire
d goal, it sets itseif another goal and so on and so on.....This is probably the
reason why a lot of Vishakha types cannot give a reason for some of the bad thi
ngs they have done. It is as if some external force grips them and makes them ac
t thoughtlessly without reflection.
Anuradha : It has ability to keep itself pure and sattwic in any surroundings. A
nuradha natives are usually seen making special effort to put people at ease and
love to act as a bridge between people, groups and organizations. They are very
interested in anything to do with the occult and hidden issues in general.The l
ogic oriented approach of this nakshatra accounts for the fact that many Anuradh
a natives are great in mathematics and physics.
Jyeshtha : Keepin up image is everything for Jyeshtha people.Jyestha people seek
to be the best the highest by their own effort, as individuals, not by relying
on others. They often do their best when left alone.The stereotypical mob leader
s, corrupt and unwise politicians, bureaucrats and managers are all Jyeshta char
Mula : Regret is the key word for all the Mula Nakshatra natives, Mula is a very
powerful nakshatra.It is a magical nakshatra helps those in need in sudden magi
cal ways. In Astrology we mostly talk about Will Power, Mula is the only Nakshat
ra which is capable of using the maximum will power in life. Mostly people think
Mula Nakshatra is only good for spiritual activity and has no linkup with the m
aterialistic place. Mula gives worldly status, prosperity etc. The only thing is
that it usually takes it all away from the native at some point.
Purvashada : Undefeated is the word describes Purvashada nakshatra people accurate
ly. They are good in waiting for the favorable time when they can strike hard an
d achieve what they want best. Failure doesn t disturb their psychological approac
h. Purvashadha person knows how to live happily in present without much thinking
of past or future. At least they try to cherish every moment of their life.
Uttarashada : Uttarashada Nakshatra people are constantly active In the Mind. Ph
ysically they are lazy people. They start a new enterprise and fail to complete
them or have to run here and there to complete them. This is the only Nakshatra
in the zodiac which does not have a female counterpart. Some difficulty in early
marriage or sexual incompatibility may occur.
Shravana : This nakshatra gives more emphasization on hearing than speaking. A g
ood listener is always a good learner.Shravana doesn't like to leave things in t
he middle or undone. This is probably the reason why it is said that any activit
y started in this nakshatra always reach its completion.
Dhanishtha : Cause of this abandon of energy in Dhanshitha you can t lock Dhanisht
ha personality into a box. Dhanishtha people are very adaptable in any situation
, they are expressive in everything.Dhanishta lunar mansion have a good sense of
rhythm and enjoy music and dance. It is very easy for them to excel in these fi
elds if they work at it. These people tend to be good at sports because rhythm a
nd timing.
Satabhisha : Secrecy is the one quality which immediately separates Shatabishak
from other nakshatras.Moon in Shatabhisha are harsh in speech, but truthful, wil
l suffer grief, but will conquer their enemies and will thoughtlessly engage in
works.these people lack proper grooming and education in their formative years.I
llnesses due to Satabisha are very difficult to remedy and may require many phys
icians to cure.

Purvabhadrapad : Never take Purva Bhadrapad native at their face value. They are
highly secretive and you may experience later, one side of P. Bhadrapad native
you never even knew.P. Bhadrapad native does not believe in blind principles of
religion. It is said that the native born under this Nakshatra cannot enjoy and
full love and attention of his mother.
Uttarbhadrapad : Its very hard to understand this nakshatra s nature as they have
variety of shades in them and they act according to the need of the situation ra
ther than sticking to their core or behavior. hence Uttar Bhadrapad has the link
with death, dreams and dreamy condition. Native under this nakshtra will be old
matured person who wants to do everything in a controlled manner.
Revati : Communication is the key aspect of this nakshatra., all sort of communi
cation falls under Revati Nakshatra. Revati is the most tricky and clever amongs
t the nakshatras.It has an innate trust in divine power.Keeping blind faith and
being in idle fantasies are the biggest drawback of Revati Nakshatra.