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30 Most Interesting & Popular PhD Thesis Topics!

With significant effort and time need to be invested in writing the thesis, the
topic must be chosen wisely. There are countless of research papers that can be
your guide, but choosing your own topic that you can prove and prove is
important. Here are some of the interesting PhD topics you can deal with.

Interesting PhD Thesis Topics!
1. Mission rehearsal simulations: An effective evaluation on the training, it is
about skill acquisition, knowledge transfer, special interest, team metrics,
small and large scale user studies, skills and retention. The topic will be
focused on the knowledge as well as skill acquisition of users and teams.
2. Advanced learning and training practices and methodologies in
experimentation and design of new systems and tools: It is about effective
learning and to learn faster and more, for skill acquisition, better knowledge
and raise trainees motivation.
3. Tools and tech systems study and support of effective simulations training:
The topic will be focused on supplementary use of the web logs, video casts,
podcasts, images, text chat, video conferencing, video clips that enhance
training with the use of virtual training simulations.
4. The effective combination of systems, learning tools as well as practices for
certain training objectives: The thesis topic is about taking into consideration
some dimensions like team skills versus individual skills, range of the skills
and knowledge, time available for the training, motivation and knowledge
and skills retention and transfer.


5. What are fragmenting, optimal timing and interweaving training practices: It

talks about optimal time periods that a person must need to dedicate in
virtual training and real training such as physical training in environment? It
is also about maximal time that allowed in passing between 2 for skills
learned in the virtual.
6. Combination of systems, training practices and tools in increasing team and
individual skills in decision making, situational awareness, adaptability,
assertiveness and communication: It is about the tools like high tech and low
text and systems that are specially designed for instructional methodology
and training approaches that gives best results to raise situational awareness.
It is about helping a person to increase his skills in tactical decision making.
7. What combination systems, training practices and tools that have effect on
the leadership skills development of teams: It is about the technologies and
parameters that will enhance the outcomes and process.
8. Role of the trust in a remote collaboration on training session and what
approaches and technologies help to increase it: It will be focused on how it
will affect the training results.
9. Use of the psychological measurements in the evaluation of certain virtual
training system: It will be focus on giving information about objective
measurement and how it helps in evaluating the virtual training system.
10.Virtual training system fine tuning in addressing negative trends in team and
units performance: It is about extension of study that is done by students,
field of view and resolution.
11.Training facilities instrumentation Asynchronous and synchronous support
field training: The thesis topic is focus on the combination of the computer
vision and VR systems. It is also about human system integration.
12.Lap dancers secret weapon: An ovulation: To investigate shift patterns,
ovulatory cycles and much more. Ovulatory has effect on the tip earnings of
lap dancers. It is about economic evidence for important t and existence of
the estrus in human females contemporary.
13.Cat flea or dog flea: Which one jumps higher? Fleas are overachieving when
it comes to long jumpers in animal kingdom. The fleas have 0.06 up to 1.3
inches body lengths; however, they can also leap horizontal distances for
over hundred times. It is about comparison on the jump performances of cat
flea and dog flea.


14.Theft and on ethicists: It can be about demand of ethicists live moral models
will create a distortive pressure on field. This topic is a good thing to deal
with because it is somewhat not common.
15.Wet underwear: It is not comfortable: Babies also know that wet underwear
is not comfortable. This is a question for many years and the thesis topic can
be focus on the impact of wearing it on thermal comfort and
thermoregulatory in cold. It is also about its significance by monitoring
intestinal and skin warmth.
16.Woodpeckers: Do they get headaches? There are people who presume that
dragons do not get sore throats and it is a reasonable assumption that the
woodpeckers do not suffer from a headache. To know more about it, it
should be research. Woodpecker has small brain and it explains a lot.
17.Best of both worlds: Booty calls: According to the Unites States poet at the
same time author McGinley, Phyllis said that what the marriage happy and
nation great is also the backbone of booty call. The thesis topic can be about
the mating strategies.
18.Mosquito like cheese: The mosquito is destructive and formidable pest. The
topic can be focus why Anopheles Gambia is attracted to the Limburger
cheese. It is a cheese that has many characteristics that offer potential use as
synthetic bait.
19.Feathers and weighing up lead: It does not require a degree in philosophy or
physics to understand that the pound of feathers and lead is the same. The
only question is whether the two feel the same or not. In doing the thesis, it
can be about getting perceptions of volunteers on what they say on which
feels heavier whether the pound of feathers or lead.
20.Cat food: It is yummy? It is a fact that cats are fussy eaters. The topic will be
focus on how the cat food affects the industry and what the impact of it is. It
is really yummy because there are people who tried and tested eating it.
21.Sword swallowing: Unhidden dangers: Sword swallowing has unhidden
danger to human. The fact is that it is a hazardous occupation. To establish it,
there is a certain radiologist named Brian that analyzed the complications
and technique of Sword swallowers. The research can be about the side
effects of sword swallowing and what injury that sword swallowers get from


22.Human skull versus beer bottle: There are people saying that beer bottle can
be a good weapon, but it is better to know if an empty or full bottle inflicts
the same damage and if the damage can fracture the human skull. The
research can be about whether the empty or full bottle sturdier and will
inflict the same fracture or break human skull.
23.Pop art and Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga see herself as artist. The thesis topic will
be focus how pop art and Lady Gaga has similar and how she demonstrate
postmodern aesthetic. It can also be about pop art history and the role of
Lady Gaga as cultural criticism voice encountering resistance from
Cambridge history on the department of art.
24.Chickens: Prefer beautiful individuals: it is about testing chicken on how
will they react on images or ordinary female and male face. There is a study
that shows that chickens show preferences for faces that is the same with
human preferences.
25.Photocatalytic systems: Ab intio modelling: Photocatalysis is perspective
process in technology and synthesis. The thesis can be focus on the light
induced that process biomelocules and organic molecules. It can be studied
by using quantum chemical methods as well as molecular dynamics
26.Redox process: Photodynamics is fast evolving. The thesis can be focus on
ab initio modeling and development of redox process in biomolecules. This
is a good thesis because the researcher can find more information about it.
27.Active pharmaceutical ingredients surface and correlation to in-vitro drug:
The goal of the thesis can be about investigating effect of the surface
properties of the API and some other excipients on the in-vitro dissolution
behavior. It is about gaining knowledge on several analytical technique of
mathematic modeling and data treatment with the use of MATLAB.
28.Multi Channel Adaptive methods data analysis: The thesis can be about
adaptive methods of certain multi-channel data analysis which include
rejection of additive noise with the use of general methods of signal analysis
and digital signal processing. The project includes correlations analysis of
GPS and physiological signals that is related to sports activities and ambient
29.Control of the bioprocesses and data mining methods: The aim is to
understand cell activities that is connected with biotechnological production
and high productivity processes. It is about application of measurement


methods generating lots amount of data that contains essential details on

characteristics and behavior of such processes.
30.Control engineering and computing: The thesis is about new methodology of
the data processing as well as control algorithm development. It is about
study of the advanced methods of process control algorithms and signal
There you have the interesting topics that you can choose from for your PhD
thesis. Make sure that you have interest on it so that you can complete the thesis
and present valuable information to your readers. Pick a topic closest to your heart
and pour it onto your research writing for the best results.


Use this guide for the most interesting and popular PhD topics today!