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Arkansas Wishbone | pone 1) If there is a defender over the center and/or a middle safety the defense is probably balanced. ve mist force the defense to play balanced (53 on each side of the bali). Counting rules for the run: 2) Count perimeter defenders 1-4 from outside-in. 3) In reading a stack the man closest to the LOS is the higher number (HANDOFF KEY). 4) In the perimeter the man with responsibility for the closest area to LOS is the higher number. Basically, defenses can be put in three general categories for our purposes. 1) Sevencman front a. 7 force, 4 deep b, 3 defenders outside tackle area c. #3 aligned in 3 zone 2) Eight-man front: a. 8 force, 3 deep b. 2 defenders outside tackle area c. four defenders inside tackles 6. #2 aligned in 3 zone 3) Qvershi fted: 2, can be frontal or secondary overshifts be one side becomes unbalanced (6-nan side, 5-man side). On option Plays when an overshift occurs we would prefer to run away 0, READING" OTHER DEFENSES READING” OTHER DEFENSES _ ie mit} now examine some of the mind/eye/muscle coordination concepts in dealing with various defenses to be faced. 1) College 4-3 vo < a, By count we would read #4 or the OLB, It is not practical to read the LB since the QB could see the sane picture every time and not be able to make an intelligent decision, Me refer to this as a "soft" read, b, Also, the DE is the man who can effect the play by stunting to the inside to take the FB. c. Therefore, it is best to block #4 and "read" the 3 zone defender (COL) as the Handoff Key. The On Back will be on a seal” course, and should the "read" dictate the disconnect, we now employ outside veer mechanics and option the 2 zone defender, = QB thought process should be: ~ Read the 3 zone (EOL) as Handoff Key = Cam the PSG handle his. block (alignment) - If the block of the PSG looks good, I'1! decide to give but watch #3 in case he comes hard for the fullback (disconnect) 4 ~ If the disconnect looks better because of the alignment on the PSG, I'l} decide before the snap, but give if #3 doesn't tackle the” fullback. This "read" process covers al] looks where #4 is a L8 (reduced defense), except those where two defenders are an the LOS outside of the linebacker and threatening to penetrate. x + ’ fi 8 @ poe Ber ee & 6 Le 900000 ° fe) oO Oo oO 2) This, of course, would include a wide-tackle six type of defense. 1 = The defense calls for a similar thought process ad discussed. (ability to predict guard and tackle blocks by alignment) 2 ~ Read the 3 zone defender as the Handoff Key. 3 Difference in this and reduced look is threat of both #2 and #3 coming hard upfield, When this happens, the ball