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.__ -Jt
C E N T EsRe t s t h e h u d d l e 7 y d s .
h e I i n e o f s
I , wi th hi s blck
cri ma g e . @ @ E
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@ @
T h e s M w i l l _ b r i l g i l t h e p l a y ; s t e p i n t o t h e h u d d i el o b k ' t h e Q B i n t h e e y e a n d c a l l
t h e p l a v . - T h e Q Bw i l i t h e n c a i t i t r . s n i p - o u l t a n d t h e s M a n d c g d t o t n e - l i ; ; ' . o i " c i i r u g ,

I h . Q B t. h e n . s t q p . :t o t h e b a c k o f t h e h u d d l ea n d c a l l s t h e p l a y a n d s n a p c o u n t a g a i n .
T h e nh e s a y s r e a d Y , . t h e p l a y e r s f a c e t h e l i n e o f s c r i m a g ea n d o n b r e a k t h e y ' a l l i l a p - t o g e t t
a n d s a y ' " 1 - | A RaDs" t h e y g o t o t h e l i n e . T h e p l a y e r g o i n ! t o t n e r i g h t g o e s -f i r s t .


Q T - ? tt. FB - 4 yds fr:ombal I
' M: . 0 s e t 3 y d s fro m Qu i ck T a ckl e
.S a G -I f r . ' yds
I s e t I 0 y d s fro m b a l I S G -2 f t . TB ' ' 2 behi nd F B
A s e t 3 y d s f r o m Q u i E kT a c k l e s T - 2 ft.
l.l i d e s e t s 17 yd s fro m :th e b a l l S E -3 f t . HB - even with F B
a l s o d e p e n d so n s i d e l i n e s

Blocking Rules:

Stroog End' Get Downfietd and Thnow on Free Safcty

Stroof Tackle. Cet Dowofietd eqd Throw on Fir Cor.nerbackor hrlves
Stroog Guard- ScooPand Downfield
Cenfeq Oogide/Backside

$:i:t $l',f; $ffi ,5.* ir uncovered

sooewhere, withtheeG,
'O- Call, ioflueoceand.out on lf{.
T-aii'6ack-. [f .5' Cll DoqbleTeam, ff
Swiogman:Most DangerousLB
Fullback- Take a n-i"" pitU and Kick Out the first man past try butt of the Quick Tackle'
Halfback- Thke ooe step ai ff-1,then.pushoff end hit tight ofr qhedouble team'
il;;"il-RJ;; t,, i"ira the'ball to the HB asi..p "t potqible,then fake ll9'

*5' or'$" call)
Blocking Rules: (the base call is a

*5' CalF.Double-Team with Strong Tackle-'$'Call- Base out #3-

Strong Eod-
*B€verly Hills' or'Or-ershift' - B4se out.
'Railroad'or "Black Calls'- Block l-rrst inside'
*Skull. or *G- Block- Hook influence and out otr #3 end release and cut lf-l- '
'BeJe' Block - AlwaYs hook #3

*5' or "0- Calls - Double'Team Somewhere'

Strong Tackle- Oo a
'Beverl-v H.ills- or *Overshift"- Block oul
'Railroad-, Skull, or'Black'Calts - Block first ioside
*Base-Block - Alwa.vshook #2

'5- or o'0- Base,or *Beverly Hills- calls - Hook #l

Strong Cuard- ,
'0ve rshift"- Btock out
.R-ailroad-, *G'1 or'Skull-- Pull and kick out first man past trkle's butL,
*Biack'- First lnside-

Center- Ooside/Backside

play doesn't get run dowo-

Quick Guard- Scoop hard and down-field block [nsrre that thc

Quick Tackle.Scmp and throw down field oo the play-side corner or safety.
U *Tot-- fake 228, if no Tom, down-field block oo the Fret Safety.

Swingman- Ilowu-field block oo the Free-Safety.

Fulback- Listeu for the call 'S'{uaide hip of Tackle. All other calls - Outside hip of guard.

Halfback- *5- Call- Kick out lirst man past-the Trkle's ButL Alt other calls- easy wey to LB.

uP iu to the tiga
Quarterback- Face Out- Kick op€o yflir hips to 5:0O, ride th€ FB all tb€ way


Blocking Rules:

Strong gqd- rnside releaseand get the Fre'safety cut.

Stroog Tackl,e'Pull and trap the first man pqst the Center's uose.Helmet on up-field hip.

Stroog Guard- Base out #1. If #l is a'1'technique, call grcen and base ouL

Center- Backside dl' to backside Linebacker.

' .
Quick Guard- [f uncovertd, triple team and up. If covered-idluence and ouL
vs. a 1- Passiofluence and ouL
vs. a *2'or 13'- Eook intlueoce and out qn first threat outside-

Quick Tackle. ttlgst dangerousLigebacker.

Tailback- tf iTom- fake 228,if no Tom, releasedown-fieldand cut the Free'SafetyJ

Swingera- Stepout and screeqlAtmomentarily,then it{easedown-fidd to cut Corngrback

Fullback- flll iosideout for pulliug tackle. Make your own 234fake- Rock the baby ind cuL

Hatfback- Take ooe $teptory.erdthe outsidefoot of the tackle,like it is 234with e 15 call Stay low.
hshoff your outsidefoot, and take an aogleover the upfield noscof thc fmtball Take
tb€ ball in froot of th€ QB.

Quarterbxtc- Dropstep deeplike I44, but stay on tbe mid-lioe.Eand tbe bell to the ffi.
Blocking Rules:

- Eod-Semeas518 Pitch-Delay.lbroughthe outsidehip of #3. Go end cut the secondwidest


Stroog Tackle- Bdrc hook #2.

Stmog Guard. Hook #l

Cente r- Oo-side/Back-side

\- Quick Guard- Scmp and down-field.

Quick Tackle' Scoopand down-fieldon playsideCorueror Frelsafety.

. Taitback-Motion to I yard leeper than the F\rllback'sfeet Stay t!1t Do not cut back insidcoo f 2&
' ' ' j-,j

Swingman-Down-fieldblock on tbe Free-Safety.

Fullback- Fake23{ 'like a 5 call'end cut thg onsideLB. Make e great Zf.f f.afce.
Rock the baby/cut.
: .
Halfback-Take ooesteplike 234with a'5'call Crosswer and run flat thrurgh the outsidehip of
th€ widcst defensiveback Ooly cut whcn bmeone is e thrcat. to makc the tackle-Screen
youc-bodyand mn throtrgh everyooe'Joutsideshoulder.

Quarterback- Rock open a little wider, like 23{ with a'5- call 1-2-3 pitch. Make grre the teilback
Leavesyour peripheral visioo-Ilo not pitch the bell if e,qoppfift€ color crosrs ybur
facc. : '

4 I

Blockiog Rules:

Stroog End- Releasedowir-fidd:rnd cut the Free'Safety.

Stroog Tackle'Scoopand throw dowri-fieldon the play sideCorner or Fre+'Sdety.

StnoggGuard- Scoopand throvqdown-field- Make srrrethe play doesnot get rrn dorfo-

Ceqter- Ooside/Backside
Quick Guard- Hook #l

Quick Tackle Base#2 theeasyw'ay.If #2 is.insidgchangetbe play to 147,807,}l9, etc.

Tailback- Rehascinsideof the Tackle, if possible,and blockmiddle liirebacker.

Swingman-If possibledelayon ihe insidehip of #i, theugo end cut #5. (CB)

Fultback- Hit tightlly over the outsidehip of the QG.

Halfback- Fake 23{. Make your own fake' and meke it greal Listen for audible-

Quartcrbac{<-Feceost, rock opcn hipr to 7:(X),and ride the FB in to the line.


Blockiog Rules:
',StronB,End- Screenthe eqd out, thdn go and cut the insidekneeof ff5'

StroogTackle-Most daggerouslinebacker

' -oGuard-
Strong - vi 50 Triple'Tean end up'
r+even fronts- tlffit fromtbeoutside'
fff:ffiffii.""To"l"TTi *3t
Hook influenc€Ys z-u?-n
o( call'

Center- vs 50 sbotand under-GetmpvemeoL

*l' to backiide LB'
lf uocovered,block backside

Qulck Guard- vs 50 -Tripl€ TP4mT9 U-g

lf covered- Base#i ofr the line
If #l is a'1- techniqui, you may call greeoaod block out.

oq de€pesthip-
Quigk Trckte Trap first men pastthe center'snose,helFet
the QB'
Tailback- Rock of,cn and aim for the noseof the ball Take the batl in froot of

Swiqg$an- Inside releas€'must get the FS cuL


Hatfback- Step.laterellyaqd fake 1'17-

TB, and then fake l{7;'
Quarterback- Rsverscouq no drop $ep, give.theball to

i .
: : . : ; ' . - :r
,-: ..i:.-i: .j

jrrii r: .t ll ..:
i,l.:.:.-i. :,. i-:.....
1,1;1irrl !.1 . J.
:'i :


Stroog End; fnside .elea.f and get ine [ree-Safery cur

Stroog Tackle'hrll an! trap the first man pest the Center'snose.Helmeton up-field
Strong Guard- Ba$ out-#I. U*t is e .1. techniqire,Callgreeoand bascouL

? Center-Backside*1. to backsideLinebacker.

Quick Guard- If uoioveredrriple teamand up. If covereo-ionuencc and oul

vs a l- passinflueoqea4d ouu
vs a *2T or *3-- Hook influence and ouaoo first threat outside.

Quick Tackle. Most dangerousLioebacker.

Tailback- ReleaseCown-fieldand cut the Freqasafety.

Swingman-Step out and screeof#{ momentarily,then releasedown-field

to cut Cornerbaclc
Fullback- titl insideout for putling teckle Make yorrr own 234 fake
Rock the bab-vand cuL
Ealfback- Step toward thc outside foot of ihe guard like on l,l't.
On your third step bcnd back
over the_tpfield noscofthe footbatl

Quarterbrck- Dropstep d.ep like 14{, but stey oo the mid-line. Band rhe ball to the HB.


Blockiog Rules:

Stroog Eud- Releasedowu-fietdand cut the Free-Safety.

Stroog Tackle-Scoopand throw down-fieldon the play sidecorrer o. r.o-sr"q..

Strong Griard- Scoopand throw down-fietd.Meke surethe piay docsnot get run down.

Ceoter- Onside/Backside

Quick Guard- Hook#l

Quick rackle' Base#2 theeasy*ay. If #2 is iasidg changethe play to l{7, g07,3{9, ete

Tailback- Releaseiosideof the Tackre, if possible,and block middtelinebacker.

Swingman-If porsibledela.von the iosidehip of #3,theo go and cut #5. (cB)

Fullback- Fake ll{. Make yorr own fake' and meke it greac Listen for audible.
l :

Haltback- Hit tightlly or.erthe outsidehip of tb€


e l{7. Fake 119.

8 Hole Reverse
Blocking Rules:

Strong End- Base #3, get movemeot, if he fight *triOe, ride him outside-

Strong Tackle- You hook #2, unless a'3- techqiques is called, then you woutd come down og him.

Strong Guard. Pull and kick out oo #4, if uo one is therc then seal

Ceoter- Backside lineman- There is oo goal-line call on this play.

Quick Guard- Pull and seal on tbe playside LB. This turns up tighter than-328.

Quick Tackle'Scoop across the face of the secood down-tioeman on yfirr side, then cut FS.

Tailback- After the snap, aim at the head of tk fullback Follow your guerds, this may dip and go

Swiogmao- Ilownfield oo the FS.

Fullback- Cheat up. Fill the ptayside'A'gap for etry *l'or *2'. Get up in to the tioe and cut,
. without ellowing any peoetratioo-

Halfback- Cheet up, fake l{5 and get up in to the line, end out of the way of the TB. If in'A'set,
cheat oyer end back a little, so that yar cetr get tbere quicker.

Quarterb*k- Take a very short drop step. Scat the balt against your bclly iur you give a hand to the
HR lil(e e 349 fake. Tkn bring th€ ball dowu and give to tbe TB. Tkn fake 8HR K9.
328(TheT.E. and HB are responsibte
for DE and LB)

StrongEnd- First Iniside

StrongTackle- Ar$ Inside

StroogGuard- Kick out #1- r.y-*

l"ll goal-linc block first inside.Any time 32Eor J.t9 is catled; if
th€re k- a ptayside*1. t;hnlqyg pa|l *ggat.ll".1-

Center-onside/Backside-uo^t9q goal{ine is called-If goal-lioeis called,biock brk-side lineman.

An;r time 328 or 349 is catte'c,if there is a prelside;i" tech;iil-:;Ji ;;;;;;-

Quick Guard- Pull and "lSealBlock'the ptaysidelioebacker.Read'theptaysideguerd,s block -- and

Do the oppositethat be does.If he kicks out you seel tf ile s""tr,
lor ti.r. *c'
Quick rackle'Get acrusllg.jlce
9f the sgqonditown-linemdnon your side,rhenget downfield and
throw on the Fre€-Safety.

Tailback-Take the balf and reed the bioct of tne quick guard.
When he hrrns up, so shouldyou-
Swiogman-Dowo-fieldon the Free,Safety.,

Fullback-Make e 328 fakc and fitl tbe backside'A- gap for

the pultingguad, unlessgoel-lineis
dba, -rsoil-line is called,you becometne ptaysioei.i.k*t g""rd
on #{-
Halfback- You are respoosiblefor the man covering the
TE. Aim at the crack of the TE,s butL
When the TE moYeqsttack the outsidc iip of #3. shst tne urtsioe nip
m ri Lo drive. If
the TE has him blocked,comdoo through
hrr hip and block the inside Lin€back;
Quarterback- deep,gather yotrr feet and ride the tailbaclq keeprngshoulderssqqare to the
Lire of scriTT€g B€ paqgsl on the nde, bqforc y* ""-..i-dri " *.y
fake.' , i""o - _pass
. - 319

Blocking Rules:
l .

Stroog End- Throw down-field and get the Free.sdety cuL

Strbng Tackle'Get acrossthe seconddown-linem.a.o

on your sideto get down-fieldand throw.

StnongGuard- Pult and sealblock on the playsideLiuebacker.

Center- Onside/Beckside,unlessgoal-line is called. If goal-lioe is called block brckside lisemen.

Quick Gqard- Pull and kick OutIf{ unlessthere is a playgide*1. iechnique.If therbis a play-side11.
call goal-lineloudly, and block first inside.

Quick Tackle. tirst Isside

Tailback- First loside

Swingman-tirst Inside

Fullback- M*.-yY own 333 fake and fill backside'A'gap for.strong Guerd, untessgoat-lineis
!ilH- If goal-line is celbd, you becomethe kick-out guarC ru. (Arst mei pest

llalfback- Ruh plralhl with the line of scrimmagefoltowingthe StroogGuards block you
turn up
when be does.

Quarterbrk- Take a deepdrop step and hend th€ ball to the Helfbaclc carry o{rt a 3lg Run fake.

li:rr, I ,
aa:il: ri:

Blockiog Rules:

Strpgg End- Eold up #3, then insidereleaseand cut the inside

kree of the Coruerback
StroogTackle- Most dangerousLinebacker

StrongGuard- 'New rule- Rehas€iuside,rr*."o to the far sidelioebackec .If you cao,t get
' tqsi.de'brockdown first
inside,and we win roogt."p'tue.ao p#;;
Center-BacksideLineman.Vs a 50, shot and under the noseguard-

Quick Guard- Pull and tra-pthe first man past the center,snose.

Quick rackle Basethe seconddown-rineme.u

on your sideof the center,suose-
Tailback- If 'Tom' is calted fake 32g. If not farce32Efrom
wherc yflr ere-
Swingman-Releaseinsideand get the FS cuL Make him
think passrirst
Fullback-Aim at the quick-sidecheekof the center, you
oo third step,cut to the stroog side hard.
Halfback- tGo and run your n*te tike on 319 Deep.Let
us know if no ooecovencyflr.

Quarterback- Qqwboy step open-Give the bhlt. Theo get both feet together
and fake 32g.

:'ir .' .

Blockiug Rules:

Strong End- Inside releaseand get the Free-safetycut.

Strong Tackle'Block the seconddo*o-lioe.an on your sideof the center.

Stroog Guard- hrll and trap the first man past the center'snose.

Center- If irocoveredblock backsidelioemen vs- a 50 shotand uoder the nose.

Rememberto calr rNT, if you and the pulriog guafd e.ne

Quick Guard- *New nrle. Releaseinside,if you can get itrsideto backsidelirebacker. If
You caouotget insideof a *l'then block dowo,aod we'[ loog trap. '1

Quick Tackle. Most dangerousLB.

Tailback- Showfirst iosidelike l{9. Go and cut the Free-Safety.

Swiugman-Try and screeoft{ to the outside,then go and cut the corner.

Fullback- Aim at stroogsidecheekof the Center.On the thiqd stegcut beck to tbc quick side
Halfback- Sell a great 3.19Fake to hold the secondary.

Quarterback- CowboyStep and hand the ball, make a greatJ49 fake,then fake 3lg run.


r: ,tt ,


ii:i.:i *;

3 1 8R u n :
Blocking Rules:

Stroog Eod- trirst Inside

Stroog Tickle- First Ingide

Stroug Guard- tirst lnside

Ceoter- B acksideLi nem'an

Quick Guard- Pull and sealos pla-v-side
. l.

Quick Tackle'Scoopacrossthe secooddowulineman then down-fietdand $roi'.

Tailback- Step first ioside like 3{9, get downfield and cut tbe.Fres'Safety-Criticrl Btockj
. . . .i ;

Swiogma4-Showa post route, tbcn throw downfietd-

Futlback- Kick oqt the first penrcn past the TE. Sameanglc as 23{ with a'5'call
Haltback- Make a'great 349 fake.

Takc e kp
Quarterbrk- 'thcQuick droE*tep. Kecp shoulders.square-Be paticnt pn.egrcat 3'19.fake-Follow
Guerd up io to the hole.


Blockiog Rules:

Strong End: Step hard first insidg and then get down-field and cut the Free.Safety.

Stroog Tackle- Get acrossthe faceof the seconddown-lineman,theo get down-fieldand throw-.

Strong Guarq- hI and scefblock on the play-sideLioebacker.

Center- BacksideLineman

Quick Guard; First tnside

Quick Tackle. Ar$ InsidS

Tailback- If *Tom- gr'T Formation' make a great 32g fake, hold the secoodary-.

Swingman-Yur becomqa TL If you are in *A- s€t,cut down your splil You mustget a lirst inside
block on,the first man pest th€ noseof the euick Tackle.

Fullback- Kick otrt fll on the play side,insideout, like your *J- block on l{7, first men past

Ilalfback- tlvlake tbc play look like 319 Deep,make the coruer coyer yoir. U bc docsnrt,GU me.

Quarterbrctt Y"fi. a greet 328 fake, be patieu! kerp your shoulder's squane,es long as possible,
follow your guard-

(Nots'original S Hole Reverrc Rulesco'ld be usedvery wdl for this play) '

t,;,.: '

tsi!',. '. .
!:ii;.r'. . . ,
C satlL

Strone End- Inside releasearrd block the FS.
Strong Tackle- Scoop inside and block the FS.
Strong Guard- Scoop inside and block the FS.
Center- Onside backside.
Ouick Guard- Pull and cut the playsidecorner.
Ouick Tackle- Reach #2.
Tailback- Reach #3 if in tight. Crack if out wide.
Swinsman- Crack if out wide. Reach #4 if in tight.
Halfback- Ham motion, take the ball, and run to the corner.
Fullback- Belly to the Quick side and then fake 433.
Ouarterbaclf- Reverseout and give to the halfback and then fake the belly to the
FB. If there is no fullback, you run the trap fake.
StroneEnd- Reach#3
Strons Tackle.Reach#2
Strons Guard- Pull and block.theonsidecorner.
\-.' Ouick Guard- Scoopand downfield.
Ouick Tackle.scoopand downfield.
Tailback-Tom motion,take the ball and run to the corner.
Swinsman.Downfieldon the FS.
Halfback-If in tight, reach.If out wide,crack.
['ullback- Belly to the strongsideand then trap fake like 333.Deepento 4.5yards.
Ouarterback-Reverseout, givethe ball to thelailback and then fake the belly to the
e, +++

436 (Railroad or Base)

Strone End- First inside.
Strons Tackle- First inside.
Strons Guard- Baseor Pull on railroad and kick out the first man past the butt of
the Tight End.
Center- Onside Backside.
Ouick Guard- Scoop and downfield.
Ouick Tackle- Scoop and downfield.
Tailback- Fake 428 or get to onsidelinebacker.
Swinsman- Downfield on FS.
Halfback- Arc and cut the outside knee of #4.
Fullback- Belly to the strong side and dive off tackle.
Ouarterback- Reverseout and fake 428 and then ride the fullback. Give the ball and
carry out a fake to that side.


Strone End- Inside releaseand block corner.
Strong Tacklg. Most dangerous linebacker.
Strons Guard- Releaseinside if you can get inside to the far linebacker.If you
cannot releaseinside,then influenceand out.
Center- Against most odd fronts, double the nose.Vs. most Even fronts or a TNT.
go backside lineman.
ouick Guard- same as 332. Pull and trap the first man past the center.
Ouick Tackle- Scoopinside of the seconddown lineman on your sideand then go
downfield and throw at FS.
Tailback- Inside release.Go downfield and block FS.
Swinsman- Inside release. Go downfield and block FS.
Halfback- Make a great 449 fake.
Fullback- Align at 4.5 yards. Belly to the quick side and then run trap like 332.
Ouarterback- Make a great 449 fake and then continue to pivot on around and give
the ball to the fultback like on 122.
433 ,.;
Strons End- lnside releaseand block the FS.
strons Tackle- Scoopinsidethe seconddown lineman and block the FS.
Stronq Guard- Pull like on 333 and trap the first man passedthe center's nose.
Center- Sameas 333. Vs. a nose,double team. Vs. even fronts or a TNT, backside
Ouick Guard- Inside releaseif you can to the far LB. If you cannot, influenceand
Ouick Tackle- Most dangerous linebacker.
Tailback- Make a great 428 fake.
Swingman- Inside releaseto the onsidecorner.
Halfback- Same as 428. Reach if in close,crack if out wide.
{ullback- Belly to the strong side and run trap like 333.
Ouarterback- Fake 428 and cbntinueon uround and give the fullback the ball like

Strone End- Downfield on FS.
Strons Tackle- Scoop inside and downfield on FS.
Strons Guard- Scoopinside and.downfieldon FS.
Center- Onside backside.
Ouick Guard- Hook #1.
Ouick Tackle- Base the seconddown lineman the easyway.
Tailback- Releaseinside of the euick rackle and block the onsideLB.
Swinsman- Inside release,hold up the third linemen, then releaseand block #S.
Halfback- Ham motion, make a great 449 fake.
Fullback- Belly out to the quick side and dive outsideof the guard. Cut offof the
Ouarterback- Reverseand make a 449fake, continue and ride the FB. Give the ball.
5 1 8O p t i o n

Strong End- Releaseupfield through tbe outside shouliler of#3, show a s€am route, end block tbe 2'd
' widest defensive brk

Stroog Tackle'Base any'5'out, otherwiseblock out ou the 2d down lioeman.

Strong Guard- Base a LB vs a '50', otherwise, block ld inside, to the LB on your side-

Center- Protect backside A gap, b.lrs€'aoose vs a 5().

Quilk Guld- Half sffip, stay on a 2 or 3, do not let anyonc nrn the QB down from behind-

Quick Tackle. Half scoop, stay oo a { or 5, do not let anyone run the QB dowo from bedind.

Tailback- Pitch man on 518

Sf ingman- Free Safety

Fullback- Hit right over the crack of tbe QB's TaiL Vs- a trtxe, reect to Centers Block

Halfback- Run Over the pla-vside1,8.

Quarterback- Open and Read thc lirst Down Lineman Play-side. If ne closcs on the dive, pull [f not
give. If yur pull an a defender showg flatten down the Lioe of Scrimmage and Pitch.

Blocking Rules:

Strong Eod- FreeSafety

Strong Tackle-Half Scoopand Stay On any { or 5, don't tet anyooerun down the QF.

Strong Guard- Half Scoopaod Stay On any 2 oi i, doult let anyonerun down the QB.

Center- Protectthe backside*A'gap. Basea nosevs. a 50.

Quick Guard- Basee LB v-sa 50, otherwisefirst iosi&.

Quick Tackle-OutsideReleaseto the lirst LB pastttie readkey.

Tailback- Arc outsideand lead btockon thc widestdefeusireback

. : ,
Swingmao-OutsideRelease, back
showa s€rm r,outeand block the 2d widestdefensive

Futlback- Hit rigbt over the crack of the QB's Tei! Vs a nos€,reectto ihe Cen0er's

Halfbeck- Pitch men on 519

Quarterback- Open and Read tb€ First Dowri Lincmen Playside,If he closcs-oothe.dive,pull. If oot,
gtyg If yo{r pull and e defendershowgflattqn dowu the Line of Scrimmageand Pitch-

FS +

638or 648Truck
Blockiog Rules: @veryone uncovered pulls and seals)

Strong Eod- Reach tb€ first man from your oose out.

Strong Tackle- Reach th€ first man from -'-ouroos€ out

Strong Guard- Reach the first man from your noseout

Center- Reach the first inan playside-

I '
Quick Guard- Pull fight and Seal Playside LB.

Quick Teckle'Stay on any { or 5, do oot let the play get run dowo from behioil

Tailback: lf #3 is e threa! stay on him, if uot, downfield on FS.

Swingmen- Free Safay

Fullback- 6{& Block tk first man off the lioe of scrimmage pait the TE.
63& Carry the footbatl, re-adtbe.HB's block

Halfback- 618- Carry the balt, read tbe FB's block

638- Block the lirst man ofr thc line of scrimmage past the TE

Quarte rbdck- After e'Soft Catchable Pitch' turn up and seal on the playside 1,B.

3 c

649or 639Truck (Everyoneuncoveredpull and seal)

Blocking Rules:

Strong End- Free Sdety

Strong Tackle'Hatf Scoop,sta.voo any { or 5, don't tet the play get run down from behind.

Strong Gpard- hrll and seal the ptayside LB.

Center- Reach the first man playside.

Quick Guard- Reach the first man from your nos€ out. i

Qqict Tackle' Reach the first man from your nose out.

Tailback- Reach the fiist man from your nbse ouL

iwinguran- Reach the first man from -vour oos€ out, If out wide, run olT and cut the widest DB.

Fuliback- 619- 46x"L the outside sboulder of th€ first man past the swingmait-
619= Carr-v the ball, read the ffi's bloctc

Helfback;6{9- Carry the ball, reid the FB's block

639--Attack the outside shoulder sf the first man past the swingman.

Quarterback- soft toss to the ffi, then lead block on the playside LB.


Stroog End- Releaseto the outsideon a route and showpass

StrongTackle-Einge insidehard and invite the rusherupfield,then ride him that way'.

:strong Guard- H.ingeaod get butt to butt with tbe quick Sua$. Immediatelygo and block tbe first
qan frob ''our oos€out at that poinl This is usudly a LB-

Center-Take'{)'either way he wantsto go-

Quick Guard- Hiuge e,rdget but! to butt with the strongguard-At that poiot, immediatelygo and
block the first man from your nos€ouL This is uzudly a'LB.'

Quiqk Tackle-Hihgeiosideand iorite #2 upfield, ride him up.thefield at that poidl

Tailback- Outsiderehaseand showa p:xrsroute-

Swiogman-Outsidercleaseand showa passroute.

Fullback-Take one hard stepto the play-si&, ggt your elbowup and wait for th€ balt to be placed.
Cut off of the center'sblock

Halfback- Snigg {p the sidelioesoo e pais route-

Quarterbrck- Opcn like 06 or 07. Get the ball up and show pass.Look dOwqfield-Wrap the ball
around the fullback and get your hends back up and show pass

Fs $

/t $

3si \
c_ \ c
,e Vl
6 /d,
O -/". 6


Strong End- Outside Releasgand cut the spcondwidest defensivgback If we ary !o "-9oe back set
baclqsoyou would theq cut him. Know.the
therewill often.beonly ooedefbn-si*e
formation,and if we havei lead back or lot


Stroog Guard- Reach#l

Center- oA-

Quick GuaiO- Stay oo aoy 2 or J, or downfield

Quick Tackte Stayon any i or 5,lor dowufield

Tailback- Free Safety

Swingman- Frbe Safsfy

Fullblc\- Pitch men, mainteinyurr pitch relationship

Ealfback- U in the baddeld, arc end cut the widcst DB on pliyside-

Quarterback- Dnopstep.Sprint to tbe inside shoulder of #3 and pitch or turn uP, thgn flatten, and
look to pitcb-
?t +
t\\ c
L | \ . ^ \ - \

) &bE
€ \

7[9 OntionBase
Blocking Rules:

Stroog End- Free lrf.ty

Strong Tackle' EaIf Scoop,stayoo any.4or 5.

StroogGuard: Half Scoop,stayoo any 2 or 3-

Ceoter- ReacL"0'

Quick Guard- Reach#l

Quick Tackte'Reach#2

Tailback- Ou$ide releaseandcut the widestdefensiveback

Swingman-Outside rebaseandc'utthe 2d widest defeosivcback

Fullback- Pitch men, maintaio relati<rnship,and ruo to tbe cortrer.trntbe rc- set you bec0methe
blocker on the pitch ffender, end lhe m becomespitch men-

Ealtback, If lined up on pley siddin ooe back setsgo dowsfield end cut the pitch defender.If io the
'O'seL you becooe the pitch men, aod tbc fullback blocks the pitch dcfender.

Quarterback- Driifstep, sprint to #3's insid€ pad and pitch or turu up, flatten, and look to pitch-

806Stretch .
Blocking Rules:Zooe
Strong End' Reachth€ first man from y(rur nos€out at a {5 degreeangle-If tb{ men fights out' ruo
him to the outside.

Stroog Tackle. Reachthe first man from your noseout et a 45 degreeangle.If uncoveredliull

Strong Guard- Reachthe first riranfrom your noseout at a 45 deg.egangle-tf uncovered:pull,

I Cebter-Reachthe first man to playsideat a45 degreeanglq,if udcovered:pullarouudfiqstmar

playside.U there is a ooseor backside*l' stayon him, so bact<side
guard can (lull,

Quick Guard= Pull and seatl-2 rnenover to pliyside.

Quick Tackle-Scoophard eqd downfield.

Tailback- Cut tbe FS: If alignedon tbe play-side,go attack the outsideshoulderof fAl-

Swingman-Dowo-ftetdon the FS.

Fullback-Aftrck the first m1n past the TE on the ptayside.Rln over hio-

Halfback- Work at a 45 degrceudq read the block of the TE.

Quarterback- Spfint off at e 45 {egree angte.Hand off the 6atf, the4 boot tq the other side


'::.i! i.: .


807Stretch :
Blockiog Rules:

Strong Eod- Dowqfield on the FS.

Stroog TackJe.Scoop haid end downfietd-

Stroog Guard- Pull and seal on the pla-vsider R-

*l' stay on him- [f uocovered, reach the first man to the playside at
Center- If covered or a backside
a {5 degree anqla If uqone is th€re' ygq pull and seal as well

If oo ooe ii there, pull

euick Guerd- Reech the fiist man from your nos€ out at e 45 degr-eeangle'
around ooe man and scal the LB-

Quick Tackle. Reagh the first man from ye1r n6€_out at a .f5 degrec angle If no ode is tbere, pull
around the lirst qan end seal the LB-

Tailback- Reach thehrst man from your ooc€ out at a {5 dcgrt€ angle- If he runs to.the urtside, take
him oo out.

Swingman-Reacbthe frrst man from your noseout at a 45 degrcc atrgle-[f he mus on out' take him

Fullback-attac* tne nrst men pastthe Swiogman-Ruu over him- .

Halfback- Spriot st e 45 degreeaqgle;r-sch the block of thc Swinguan-

Querterbrck- Sprint off at a 45 degrectgle- Hand ofr the bell and fake thc.bootteg.

. : . \ 1 : .

'!1i l1: r' :r ' .1 .

ii::::..:i t: