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No. ADASA/ZC/2016/1

Dated : 30-04-2016
Minutes of the Meeting

The Akashvani & Doordarshan Administrative Staff Association (ADASA) AP & TELANGANA Zonal
Council meeting is held at Hyderabad on 30-04-2016.
The following office bearers and invitees have attended the meeting

Shri Vadrevu Srinivas

Shri P. Ravi Kumar
Shri Bhaskar Rao
Smt. B. Janaki Devi
Shri V. Rama Subba Rao
Shri Charles G Fenandes
Smt Jayasree
Smt. Rekha
Shri Bhaskar
Shri M F Khan
Shri P. Chakraborty
Shri U.V. Nagaraju
Shri S. Nagarajan

Joint Secretary
Joint Secretary (OHQ)Visakhapatnam
Executive Member, DMC,Hyderabad
Executive Member, DDK, Warangal
Executive Member, DDK, Hyderabad
Executive Member, DDK, Hyderabad
Unit Chairperson, ADASA, AIR, Hyderabad Unit
Unit Chairman, DDK, Hyderabad
Unit Secretary, DDK, Hyderabad
Sr. Member, DDK, Hyderabad
Sr. Member, DDK, Vijayawada
Sr. Member , AIR, Hyderabad

And other members from Warangal, Kothagudem and Kurnool have also attended the meeting.
Smt. B. Janaki Devi, Executive Member has welcomed the delegates.
At the outset Shri Vadrevu Srinivas, Chairman, ADASA AP Zonal Council (AP & Telangana States)
welcomed the Zonal Council members, Senior Members, and other members of ADASA to the first Zonal
Council meet after taking over of the new body and explained the activities of ADASA at National Council
level. The Chairman also explained the status of various court cases including (i) Prasar Bharati pay
scales (ii) GP Rs.4800/- to SAO (iii) Implementation of Cadre Review Committee Report (iv) GP Rs.4600/to Head Clerk/ Assistant (v) Patna pay scales case etc., The Chairman also intimated that the issues of
(a) Departmental Examinations (b) Filling up of DR Quota vacancies by Seniority cum fitness (c.) GP of
Rs.4,600/- to HC/ Assistant (d) In-situ promotions to LDC/ UDC (e) Implementation of 7th CPC to Prasar
Bharati Employees etc., are also taken up by National Council and explained the different stages of each
issue. The Chairman intimated that the National Council is intimating their activities to all the Zonal

Council members through e-mail. The efforts of the General Secretary and National Council in bringing
the issues to the notice of the Prime Ministers Office is also noted and all the members have expressed
their solidarity on this initiative. He stressed the need of unity of members. He has categorically stated
that the resignation of Zonal Secretary of ADASA AP & TS that Zonal Council has not accepted the
resignation and requested to him to take over charge to strengthen the activities of the Association.
Shri P. Ravi Kumar, Joint Secretary has submitted status report on the activities of the
Zonal Council. He has intimated that communications were sent to the DDG (E), AIR, and Hyderabad
protesting the recent transfer order issued to LDCs / UDCs for not following the existing transfer policy
in the Zone. He stressed the need to follow the guidelines issued by the DoPT/ Ministry.
The Chairman has requested the members to take up the Agenda points for discussion.
He invited suggestions on transfer policy.
Shri V. Rama Subba Rao, Executive Member, Zonal Council has expressed that the
interest and welfare of the employees must be considered before implementing any transfer policy. He
also pointed out that women employees must be accommodated to the maximum possible extent while
considering transfers.
Shri D. V. Bhaskar Rao, Joint Secretary (OHQ) has expressed that the Administrative
employees of AIR/DD Visakhapatnam were always transferred to Nandyal, Kurnool, Adilabad,
Kothagudem etc. leaving the nearby station Vijayawada. He has requested that employees of
Visakhapatnam to be considered for transfer to Vijayawada and vice-versa after completion of normal
tenure instead of sending them to long distant places. Shri Rao also stressed the need to speed up the
issue of one time relaxation to fill up DR quota and in-situ promotions to LDC/UDC. He also requested to
take up the filling up of the post of AO at AIR, Visakhapatnam on priority basis. The chairman has
accepted to look into these issues.
Shri Charles Fernandez, Executive Member, Zonal Council expressed that the existing
transfer policy is fairly good and working successfully since long. But he felt that somehow some
problems were observed in the transfer order dated 21-04-2016 giving scope that some LDCs/ UDCs are
victimized. He opined that the filling up the DR quota vacancies by giving one time relaxation is very
good and requested to follow up the issue of Departmental Examinations on priority.
Smt. B. Janaki Devi, Executive Member has expressed the opinion that any policy is accepted as
long as the same is followed in letter and spirit. She suggested to interact with the employees before
taking up a decision on transfer matters. She stressed the need of co-ordination between the office
interest and individual interest. The Chairman suggested that the copies of transfer representation or
grievances if any be sent to the ADASA Zonal Council to take up the matters with appropriate
Smt. Jayasree, Executive Member, Zonal Council has made some suggestions to the existing
transfer policy. The Chairman asked to come out with concrete proposals for discussion.

Smt. Rekha, Chairperson, AIR, Hyderabad Unit has requested the members not to give
room for others to go against the interests of the members of ADASA. The Chairman welcomed the
proposal and said that we shall be open for discussion and implement the decisions by consensus.
Shri Bhaskar, Chairman, DDK, Hyderabad Unit has strongly stressed the need for unity
among the members. He questioned the criterion for transferring LDCs/ UDCs for local transfers. The
Chairman agreed to the suggestion to have unity among the members and reminded that the
Association will be strong as long as the members have strong personal relations.
Shri S. Nagarajan, Sr.Member has requested the ADASA Zonal Council to come up with
proposals for changes if any in the existing transfer policy in consonance with the DoPT/ Ministry
guidelines. Elaborately discussing about the implementation of the existing transfer policy, Shri
Nagarajan has urged all the members to discuss the matters at Unit level and bring the difficulties if any
to the Zonal level, so that a balance can be achieved between the functional requirement and individual
requirement. He also suggested to bring any genuine difficulty to the notice of ADASA/ Zonal Office,
well in advance, to enable the machinery to address such grievances in the best interest of the
organization and the individual.
Shri U. V. Nagaraju, Administrative Officer, DDK, Vijayawada has congratulated the AP &
Telangana State Zonal Council for conducting the meeting in a free and frank manner. He has urged the
members to be united and be strong. He also requested all the members of AIR and DD to work united
and work to reach the goals of all the members. He reminded the spirit projected at the time the
National Convention is conducted by all the members unitedly during recent past. He has intimated that
the National Council is in constant touch with all the Zones, particularly the AP & TS Zone in taking up
the problems of ADASA with Prasar Bharati/ Ministry/ PMO. He has intimated that the issue of
conducting DPC from Accountant to AO, filling up of vacant AO posts and all important issues as brought
out by the Chairman are under active consideration by the ADASA National Council and at various
stages. He urged that the transactions of JEC be transparent in the best interest of the Organization and
its members. He also suggested that the Zonal AO, as a member of JEC shall try to protect the interest of
the members of ADASA. He also suggested that any differences between the members of JEC may be
brought to the notice of DG, AIR for settlement.
Shri Chakraborty, Senior Administrative Officer, DDK, Hyderabad has congratulated the
members of AP & Telangana Zone for conducting the meeting in a free and fair atmosphere and
requested all the members to be united and work for the betterment of the cadre. He suggested that
the problems if any be solved through discussions.
Other Members Shri Koteswara Rao from Warangal, Smt Ratna Bai, Smt Saroja from
Hyderabad and Shri Muralidhar from Kothagudem have expressed their anguish over the transfer order
issued on 21.04.2016.

The Chairman has requested the AIR, ADASA Unit to nominate Treasurer without any
further loss of time.
It is unanimously decided to pass the following resolution
The ADASA AP & Telangana Zonal Council strongly condemns the recent transfers of
LDCs and UDCs for not following the existing transfer policy and guidelines of DoPT and urged to take up
urgent corrective measures to instill confidence in the minds of the administrative staff.
The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Shri P. Ravi Kumar, Joint Secretary.

( P. Ravikumar )
Joint Secretary

Copy to: President/GS Akashvani & Doordarshan Administrative staff Association, National
Council, New Delhi

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