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Abbigail Willis

April 5, 2016
Evenwel v. Abbott, Plaintiff
State your name.
Sue Evenwel.
When did you first become aware of the discrepancies in the voter levels between the districts?
I was made aware of the discrepancies when plan S172 was signed in June of 2013, when I
noticed that the districts were drawn according to total population, with no thought given to the
number of eligible voters within each district (Parenti). These tables show the discrepancies
between the numbers of eligible voters in some of the Texas districts.
Please identify this document.
The tables presented in the document were created by the state of Texas and set forth the total
and voting age populations for each state. This data was gathered from three different American
Community Surveys (Parenti).
Enter Defense Exhibit 1 into Evidence.
Explain what the tables show.
The tables illustrate the stark differences in the numbers of eligible voters between Texas District
One, the district in which I reside, and the Texas District with the fewest eligible voters. In some
cases, the district with the fewest eligible voters has up to 200,000 fewer voters than my district
does. This is a difference of between 40 and 50 percent, depending on the category (Parenti).
Why does your district have more registered voters than some others?
I live in Titus County, Texas, which is in the First Senatorial District. The First District is almost
entirely rural, with no large concentrations of people. Many of Texas districts are located in
urban areas, where much more of the population either does not or cannot vote. This means that
my district has more eligible and registered voters than some others, specifically districts located
in urban areas (Grossman).
How does this affect you as a voter?
Because I live in one of the districts that are overpopulated with voters, my individual vote holds
less weight in electing my State Senator than does the vote of someone who resides in a district
that is less populated with potential voters in electing his or her State Senator (Parenti).
How much is your vote worth compared to a vote in the district with the fewest eligible voters?

Abbigail Willis
April 5, 2016
Evenwel v. Abbott, Plaintiff
According to the statistics, my vote is worth about of a vote in the district with the fewest
eligible voters. (Parenti)
What does this mean for you?
This means that I have less of a say in who represents me than people in certain other districts.
The fact that I dont have as much of an influence in electing my representative leads to
underrepresentation of my views and preferred policies in my state legislature, and it comes to be
that I am less represented than other people who live in my state.
How could the districts be drawn differently to keep both total and voter populations balanced?
According to demographer Peter Morrison, the Census Bureaus Citizen Voting Age Population
(or CVAP) data can and has been used to construct voting districts while keeping both total and
voter populations equal across a state. The this data, along with geographic information system
software, can be used to apportion both relevant populations equally. (McGrath).

Additional Notes:

Abbigail Willis
April 5, 2016
Evenwel v. Abbott, Plaintiff
Critic of illegal immigration (Mencimer)
Very anti-Obama; led the showing of a documentary claiming that Obamas real
father was a communist and shaped Obamas opinions with communism in his youth, and
has supported an article claiming that Obama was not born in America (Mencimer)
Feels that because Republicans control the Texas state legislature, they should
gerrymander Republican districts as opposed to creating districts in which Democrats
have a reasonable chance of election (Evenwel, Dont Give Up!)
Believes that much of the new population counted in the 2010 census must be
illegal and therefore do not deserve equal representation (Evenwel, Dont Give Up!)
Doesnt support Muslims as Sharia law is a threat to usurp the Constitution of the
United States, believes that Muslims require violent and immoral actions as part of that
law which can never be supported by the people of the United States (Evenwel, The
Islamization of America?)