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As per Kardes (2008), the industrial business has embraced almost totally
the automatization of its activities not only to meet the ever growing
demand for products but also to press the costs and be able to survive .The
packaging machine is one of the innovations that came to the business and
has great benefits such as decreasing labor cost and increasing the
efficiency and the productivity. We can list packing machines, filing
machines, wrapping machines, label machines etc
Packaging machines are getting increasingly more important for the
industrial activity as they are necessary to protect products, and present it in
an attractive way. I
t boosts the work in a great way down blister packing
machine warpping machinery is comparatively more quick than manual
wrapping. One can consider candy packing machine here. In this machine
several thousand candies can be packed in no time. Also it makes sure
proper wrapping particularly for goods that need to be exported. They also
ensure workers health and safety from effects due to toxic chemicals, dust,
harmful things. This also reduces pollution and constantly make sure product
safety by avoiding hand contact with goods and medicines.
Consumer behavior towards it:
Deaton (2010) cited that there are many motivating factors that direct the
consumers choice and reactions towards a particular product .they are
mainly four types: cultural, social, economic and personal. Culture differs and
is related to the needs and expectation of every community and ethnic group
in function of its historic and religious background .While the economic
factors deal with the purchasing power and the revenue which is a key
element in consumption.
The personal factor, age, taste, lifestyle, social status are very decisive in
buying a product or another.
Beliefs, attitudes, learning, selective retention, motivation and perception
are also contributors to the consumers behavior

All Packaging Machinery Corporation.

This gigantic packaging machinery corporation was founded in 1945 and it

was known that time as Errich International Machinery. After almost 40 years,
in 1982 Errich became All Packaging Machinery Corporation and moved its
present headquarters to Ronkonkoma, New York. The company has been
working in the Packaging Industry for over 60 years and its machines are
created for strength, ease of operation and quality of operation.
The corporation .All Packaging Machinery, provides vertical and horizontal
band sealers with conveyors for sealing pouches and bags for a wide range
of products and industries including automotive, bakery, sweets, food,
cosmetic products, electronics, gardening , filling, bottle capping, and
labeling machinery. They also do business for wrap and bundle equipment,
tube filling and sealing equipment, and palletizers. APM products are
available with various features and specifications to meet the diversified
expectations. Also the firm offers used packaging equipment and complete
packaging lines. Industries targeted include medical , pharmaceutical,
beverages, in addition to biomedical industries garments, hardware,
household, toys, hospital and medicines. Each part is made to make sure
smooth operation and need very minimum of maintenance hence it has been
successful for more than 60 years of packaging experience. This quality
machinery brought to the manufacturers pride and gratitude from the side of
its customers.
Vertical Conveyorized Sealing Systems
This is an the best choice for goods packing in sack or bags that can be
wrapped in an vertical position. The model VCBSDM-1/8TX 6x5 includes a
bag top trimmer, vacuum scrap removal, dual motor drive, and synchronized
lower carry conveyor. Also there is an upgrade options and selective
components available such as a stainless steel frame or an embossing coder.
However non-trim models are perfect for stand-up pouches! The model VBS3/8-DH-10-V is supplied with verification ports for process validation of
pressure, speed, and temperature. It also Includes self-contained
compressed air, Seals Tyvek pouches at up to 40 feet per minute.
Horizontal Conveyorized Sealing Systems
It is a very high speed production and absolutely unequalled in the
packaging industry! While the model HCBS-1/8CT 12x8 has a bag up fit
quality along with air scrap ejection and is made to deal with heavyweight
Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior

Many factors decide the behavior and decisions of consumers. That are
generally considered Economical factor or income, ,sociocultural factors,
personal factors, Lifestyle and psychological factors.
1. Occupation factors
Ruppell (2012) mentioned that job profession is nature of work an individual
is doing for living and income that may be a businessman, employee or
student. Someones job and profession has major role on the use of products
and services. Usually a person buys goods as per his profession or
occupation. A person at higher position will prefer to purchase goods that
meet and required for his profession expectation . Likewise a businessman
will purchase goods according to his business requirements.

2. Age Life Cycle

Schwatz et al (2011) cites that Consumer Behavior is impacted by the
stages of the family background and lifecycle. It outlines the cycle through
which a person or a family experience over a period of regular period. With
the proceeding in the person age and phase of life-cycle, their buying
pattern changes. Food, clothes and daily use good are depending on the lifecycle.
3. Economic Conditions
According to McNair et al (2013) the decision to buy and behave of a
customers is right away connected to the economic condition or economic
income sources. A business or person having g higher surplus funds or
income will consider costly products compared to others lesser income.
As per Kardes (2011) a persons activities, daily work, his opinions reflect his
lifestyle. It differs from individual to individual where people of same culture
and society may have different lifestyles.
A marketing policy should be around these traits of consumer behavior. We
can analyse the consumer segments that can be targeted for this packing
and make the strategy based on consumer behavior.

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