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Good morning fellow delegates,

My name is Mohammad Azmat Imran and I am a representative of the

Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In my speech I shall discuss about the issue
regarding universal access to education; a matter of immense vitality to the
entire world.
Change is the end result of all true learning. Says Leo Buscaglia
Education is the reason behind the innovations around us, it is the key to
As an Erudite, intellect and wisdom hold much value in our society. We aim to
crush the ignorance and darkness that has been overpowering minds of
millions of humans since centuries. As the saying goes, Knowledge is
Power and so we believe.
Education is a right of every child born, but unfortunately due to rising
population around the globe education becomes rare for a common child.
Today, more than 72 million children are deprived of primary education.
Imagine how big an impact that is when those very 72 million children raise
their own families with lack of awareness about hygiene and a healthy
lifestyle. Now imagine the impact on the entire world population who are
affected by this ignorance and darkness prevailing in society. Intense to
handle isnt it?
Rising population and low literacy rates is what concerns Pakistan as well as
many other Third-World Countries. UNESCO reports Pakistans literacy rate at
just 55%.
The issue at hand is not only worrisome for Pakistan but it addresses to all
the countries around the globe to focus on.

Unavailability of resources in Rural Areas

More than 50% of the population in Pakistan lives in rural areas where
trained teachers and school course material is most likely unavailable.

Child Labor

With rising poverty rates, illiterate families hope their children do odd jobs to
raise money for a living. Child labor is what promotes families to raise more
than 3 children. Parents living in rural areas believe that their childrens
earnings may fulfill their familys expenses. The reason? Illiteracy.


Entrenched Gender Roles

In a society where child marriages are a common practice, girls are

discouraged to pursue secondary education. Moreover women are also
threatened to attend school and colleges due to sexual assaults that are
most common in the South East Asia. In some families education is also
undervalued for men, they believe in running the family business through
self-taught expertise.
The issues presented demand resolution. Illiteracy shall not be fostered on
this planet. The Education Systems need to be reformed enabling every child
to receive basic education; the gift of reading and writing at least if not a
PhD in Paleontology.
Workshops for teachers should be conducted to train them according to the
subjects taught at school, while school administrations should ensure proper
safety, hygiene and standard of the education system. No child should be
rejected admission based upon their cast/color/race, disability or medical
reason; schools should actually cater for the disabled by using effective
teaching methods for the blind and deaf. Adults who have missed out on
their education should take short courses that may enable them to explore
higher employment opportunities.
Therefore, we propose a Global Education First Initiative, focusing on three
priorities: putting every child in school, improving the quality of learning, and
fostering global citizenship.
Education is what empowers a child to raise his voice. It is a right, a gift; why
steal it from an innocent child? On this note I shall end my speech; I urge all
delegates of the house to vote in favor of our resolution.
Thank you.