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Introduction to SAP UI5

Introduction to SAP Netweaver Gateway
Introduction to SAP Fiori
Difference between UI5, Webdynpro & other Web Technologies
ABAP Basics:
SE11 ABAP Data dictionary
SE37 Function Builder , BAPI/RFC.
E24 Class Builder ( OO Principles )
Visibility ( Public/Protected/Private )
Static/Instance Variables, Constants
Static/Instance Methods, Method Parameters
Inheritance, Abstract Methods, Abstract Classes, Casting
Interfaces, Interface Methods
Polymorphism, Method Overriding,
Gateway Architecture Overview & Usage
Technical Components Involved
--------------------------Introduction to REST, OData
---------------------------OData advantages
Introduction to OData formats JSON and XML
Structure of an OData Service
Service Document, Service Metadata Document
OData In SAP Solutions
Transaction codes & Tools
EDM data types
SAP NetWeaver Gateway Toolset, Service Builder
Introduction to OData Service Creation
Behavior of Various Runtime Classes
Behavior of Various Standard Methods
Data Model
Entity Types
Entity Sets
Properties , Navigation Properties
Associations ( Referential Constraints, Principal Entity, Dependent Entity )
Status codes, Common Messages and Common Errors Debugging oData ABAP Services
Runtime Artifacts
Model Provider Base
Model Provider Extension
Data Provider Base
Data Provider Extension
With & Without Mapping In Odata Services
BAPI's with Mapping
BAPI's without Mapping
Multiple BAPI's with Single EntitySet
CRUD Operations In Odata Services

GetEntity ( Read )
GetEntitySet( Query )
Filtering and Projecting ($filter, ?search and $select)
Sorting ($orderby) , Counting ($count)
Client-Side Paging ($top, $skip, and $inlinecount)
Inlining ($expand) , Formatting ($format)
Function Imports In Odata Services
Single function import
Multiple function imports
Multiple parameters for function Import
File Handling In Odata Services
File Upload
File Download
MVC Architecture:
Configuration And Maintenance Of Gateway
SPRO related Configurations
SICF related Configurations
-----------------------------------SAP UI5 ( USER INTERFACES 5 )
Installation of SAPUI5 Plug-ins
Development Environment
Configuration & Setup
Documentaion Toolkit, API Reference & Help Links
Types Of Models
Resource Model,
JSON Model,
XML Model,
OData Model
One-way Binding, Two way Binding
Data binding
Model binding
Data Types
SAPUI5 Data Typing, User types
Integers, Floating-Point Numbers
String, Boolean ,Variable, Date and Time
Types Of Views
HTML Views
JavaScript Views
XML Views
Json Views
Themes & CSS
Adapting CSS, Layout Adaption

SAP Theme Designer Tool

I18N Resource Model ,Multilingual Applications
Debugging SAP UI5 Apps
Types Of SAP UI5 Controls
Simple Controls
Complex Controls
UX3 Controls
Value Holders
Various Libraries And Packages In SAP UI5/Fiori
sap.m , sap.ui.commons, sap.me, sap.viz, sap.ushell
sap.ui* ( layout, table, model, unified, etc.....),
SAP UI5 Screen Elements & Controls
Properties, Aggregations
Events, Methods
Application Header, Paginator, Text Field, Text Area, Link To Action
Image, Image Map, Horizontal Divider
Panel, Splitter { Vertical, Horizontal }
Checkbox, Radiobutton, DropDown
HTML, Progress Indicator, Slider, Range Slider
Roadmap, TabStrip, FormattedTextView
Date Picker, Date Range Scroller, Date Range Slider
Dialog Box, Message Box
Table Complex Screen Element
Table with various Screen Elements
Table with Formatter Functions
Row Repeater
Bar, Column, Line, Area
Pie, Donut chart etc.
SAP UI5/FIORI Communication With SAP Backend & Non-SAP Backend
Via oData ABAP Service with CRUD operations
Via oData ABAP Service with RFC/BOR
Via oData HANA Service
Via oData External Services
General Functionalities
Capturing values & Assigning values to Screen Elements
Enable-Disable screen elements
Visible-Invisible screen elements
Creating FORMs
Navigation Between Views
Implementing Code In VIEWs And CONTROLLERs Technique
UI5/FIORI Front End Methods
BindElement, BindRows, BindItems
Create, Update, Remove methods
File Handling
Deploying SAP UI5 Apps To SAP ABAP UI5 Repository

------------------SAP FIORI
Types of Fiori Apps
End-to-End scenarios in Fiori
XML Views
JS Controllers
Mobile Library Screen Elements ( Sap.M )
Label, Button, Input, Link, Image,
Text, Text Area, Check Box, Switch,
Slider, Rating Indicator, ProgressIndicator
Select, Radio button,
DateTimeInput, DatePicker,
Standard Tile, MessageToast, Panel, Carousel,
IconTabBar, IconTabFilter
Table, Table Column
Table with Various Screen Elements
Formatter Functions In Fiori
Debugging SAP Fiori Apps
Adapting CSS To SAP Fiori Apps
I18N & Resource Model In Fiori
Extension Projects & Extensions
Layout Editor For XML Views
Developing SAP Fiori Like Apps
Full Screen APP
Master-Detail App
Deploying SAP Fiori Apps To SAP ABAP UI5 Repository
Fiori Launch Pad Configuration
Catalogs, target mapping, tiles
Lanchpad roles, lanch pad designer
SAP Fiori Mobile Client

------------------------------------------HTML5 ( Hyper Text Mark Up Language )

----------------------------------------Creating Web page
Html Page Structure
Basic tags
Formatting tags

Forms and Input tags

Frames and Image tags
Audio , Video tags
Links, List tags
Table tags
Styles & Semantic Tags
Programming (Script) tag
Html Events
HTTP Status Messages
CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet )
CSS Properties
Types of Style sheets( Internal, External, Inline )
CSS comments
Box model, padding, border, margin
Div and Span
working with colors- Background images
ID's, child selectors, pseudo classes
Styling links, styling lists
Rounded corners
New Tags for the layout
Statements and Comments
Finding Errors
Variables, Scope of Variables, Data Types
Functions, Functions with Parameters
Function with Multiple Parameters
Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, Switch
While loop, for loop
Strings, String Methods
- Arrays, Array Methods
Objects, properties and methods
Referencing elements in JavaScript
Real Time Project Objects
SAP UI5, Netweaver Gateway, Fiori Real Time Applications
Real time Functional & Technical Documents
Support Project Tickets
Complete Material
FAQ s on UI5, Net Weaver Gateway, Fiori etc..
Resume Preparation