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With News of the Heart of Denver
Hilltop • Belcaro • Bonnie Brae • Glendale • Country Club • Cherry Creek
Volume 8 Issue 4  April 18, 2008
Blueprint Denver fulfilled in
by the Cherry Creek News beacon for the direction Denver is likely
In the six years that have passed to be going in protecting older neighbor-
since Denver’s master planning docu- hoods.
ment, “Blueprint Denver,” became law, The rezoning, which woud change
little has happened to enforce some of zoning in two areas of West Highlands
the plan’s prime goals. The master plan and Sloan’s Lake from R-2 to R-1, is
identified neighborhoods as “areas of hoped by proponents to stop scrape-
change” or “areas of stability.” But the offs of single family homes which are
City, with a very pro-redevelopment being replaced by duplexes and triplex-
Hickenlooper administration driving es. Opponents say the re-zoning harms
the agenda, has done little to protect private property rights.
areas designated for stability from Significantly, Councilman Rick
widespread changes in density and Garcia successfully asked the Council’s
character, as scapeoffs have changed the Blueprint Denver committee to add lan-
landscape. In many areas, duplexes and guage to the rezoning bills, extending
triplexes have replaced single family the effective date until January 1, 2009.
homes, and big scrapeoffs dominate the According to Garcia, the eight months
scale of Denver’s traditional housing would allow projects in motion to be
stocks. Design standards haven’t been concluded. It would also allow a prop-
implemented to protect neighborhood erty owner who have said they have
character, and new zoning hasn’t been plans for a scrape-off to begin. Garcia
created to maintain single-family areas. indicated that those changes were nec-
Jennifer Moulton, the now dead essary to meet objections raised by those
Quiet, efficient, and carbon-neutral, the lawnmowers used by this planning director who crafted Blueprint on City Council.
Denver, described “areas of stability” Garcia said he expects a “legal pro-
Colorado startup are charged throughout workday by specially thusly: “primarily residential neighbor- test” of the re-zoning to be filed. A legal
mounted the solar panels. hoods and their associated commer- protest, if certified, would require ten
cial areas, the goal is to identify and council votes to pass the bills.
maintain the character of an area while
Greening up from accommodating some new develop-
The re-zoing is “symbolic as to how
we are going to deal with the imple-
conventions to lawnmowers ment and redevelopment.” Indeed,
“existing stable neighborhoods should
mentaton of Blueprint Denver (the city
comprehensive plan),” said Garcia.
From lawn care to the Democratic both air pollution and energy use in be reviewed for possible character- The measures are expected to find
National Convention, the zeitgeist is a very local way. preserving improvement and re-invest- stiff opposition from Councilman
very definitely a shade of green. “The 2008 Democratic National ment.” Stability doesn’t mean stagna- Charlie Brown, who previously jammed
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was Convention, like our great party, is tion. But proposed developments must through changes to make rezoning of
recently in Denver, challenging del- about the future--the future of our be character enhancing, not character this sort nearly impossible. Brown has
egates to the national convention country and the future of our plan- changing. teamed with developers, many who are
this summer to offset their carbon et,” said Speaker Pelosi. “That is why A test of the City’s willingness to from outside Denver, to stymie neighbor-
impact of traveling to Denver. At the we are ensuring that this Convention protect “areas of stability” will be before hood activists who oppose scrapeoffs.
other end of the spectrum, a lawn will be the greenest, most sustainable, council this April, as a wide-area rezon-
care company is working to reduce most successful political Convention ing seeks to slow changes in two swaths
in history - and the Green Delegate of North Denver. The issue is likely a
Challenge is a critical part of that
Inside the effort.”



As part of the challenge, delega-

Cherry Creek

tions with the highest percentage of


members offsetting their carbon will

News &

be recognized in their seating section

on the floor of the Pepsi Center dur-
Central Denver ing the Convention. Each delegate,
alternate and super delegate from



that state will also receive a “green”


prize. Progress will be tracked on

Check heidisbrooklyndeli.com for locations

DemConvention.com, with the win-

ning state or states recognized on the
• Cherry website in August.
Creek North Through the DNCC’s partner-
ship with Native Energy, delegates
improvements page 3

may obtain their carbon offsets from

a number of domestic community-

based clean energy projects including

$1 OFF

ews Dispatch
With this coupon Expires 8/07

• Dante’s Inferno Revenue the community-owned, utility-scale

Service page 4 Wray School District Wind Turbine in

Wray, Colo.; a Focus the Nation Wind

Turbine on a family farm in Rosedell

• Exercise as life metaphor Township, Minn.; a fourth genera-

Box 460142

page 8 tion family dairy farm methane proj-

ect in Rockwood, Pa.; and the Des
Denver, CO

Plaines, Ill., Landfill Gas-to-Energy

entral D

• British Soccer Camp page 18


Project. During the coming months,


the DNCC will add more carbon

offset projects to include additional

• Jaida’s gift page 21 see CARBON REDUCTIONon page 7

Page 2 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch April 18, 2008

The Origins of Economic Distress: was the housing bubble, in which home
valuations rocketed up 50% while GDP
lion daily, totaling some $1.5 trillion so
far. As James Fallows has reported, that
Apex and Foundation increased 14%. Eric Janzen, writing in
Harper’s, put the inflated value of hous-
means the poor of China have purchased
$4,000 in U.S. debt for every man, woman
Imagine our economy in three parts. the reality? Energy prices leap ever higher ing due to the bubble at $13 trillion, using and child in America. Put on hold for a
The first is the foundation, upon which daily. Health care costs inflate at double the Federal Reserve’s Flow of Funds. One second what that means in geo-political
everything else rests. In the modern age, digit rates. Even food prices threaten the good way to recognize a bubble? When terms. This represents a huge risk for
that foundation is energy- the vast enter- effective standard of living. The dollar is the cost of an item (like a home) is increas- both China and America. For the Chinese,
prise by which resources are taken from so weak that it may not be the world’s ing far more quickly than people’s ability this is an investment risk. As the dollar
the earth (and increasingly the sun and reserve currency much longer, a possibili- to buy the item. And now we are in the suffers, the commodities that they use for
sky), refined, transported and used. The ty that could literally bankrupt the nation, midst of a commodity bubble, with gold manufacture and the energy they import,
third, the apex, is the financial sector— leaving no buyers for the prodigious debt and oil leading the way, but also includ- get more expensive relative to their huge
the creation of capital and credit, and its we create month in and month out. ing grain, uranium and copper. The com- asset base. As some point, the Chinese
exploitation. Everything feeds the apex, At its peak, the apex, the American modity bubble is currently being inflated will have to diversify (just like your 401k),
every credit card and check transaction, financial sector is in miserable shape, by two factors-- the plunging value of the and unwind this giant dollar position, or
every major purchase (home, car, educa- despite extraordinary efforts by the Federal dollar, which automatically creates price risk getting clobbered as everything they
tion) puts a percentage into the financial Reserve to maintain stability. Highly lev- increases in commodities valued in dol- import goes sky high in pricing. For the
sector, however small. Finance is largely eraged in every market by speculation, lars, and the massive asset rotation out U.S., this is a debtor’s risk. If the Chinese
parasitic, feeding off value and trade creat- from credit card debt to municipal bonds, of stocks and into commodities. Simply call our loan, or begin to sell off their
ed elsewhere. The middle ground between we are seeing a gigantic house of cards put, when stocks and bonds look risky devalued dollar investments, we will be
the apex and foundation is our productive crumble. American prosperity is an illu- and none-too-profitable, investors switch badly hurt. They will be selling into a fall-
economy, where labor and capital com- sion of debt. We borrow, and create money to another asset class or type of invest- ing market, risking a run on Treasuries.
bine to create value and benefit. through leverage, far in excess of the ment. The stock market has been flat for Simply put, the interest cost to taxpayers
This metaphor is purely subjective— cumulative value of economic production a decade, measured by the S&P 500, so will skyrocket, crippling our ability to deal
there is no value judgement in putting (GDP). At every turn, from mortgages, to investors have put their money into, or with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,
banks at the top and oil drillers at the bonds, we put a fraction down and prom- speculated with, oil, gold and the like. not to mention everything else the federal
bottom and everyone else in the middle. ise to pay later. A hedge fund, Carlyle More buyers mean higher prices, yes? government spends money upon. This is
But it is helpful to understand how these Capital, related to the private equity fund Some observers, like William an arrangement that simply can not be
segments interact. the Carlyle Group, failed last month-- it Fleckenstein, put the bubble blame sustained.
Most Americans don’t recognize this was leveraged 32 times to one. In plain squarely upon the Federal Reserve, and a China also invests in America through
structure and the cracks that threaten language, it took $1,000 in collateral and sustained monetary policy that drove the Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF), and they
the stability of the productive economy. purchased $32,000 worth of mortgages-- cost of money to nearly zero for a fifteen buy much more than just treasury bonds.
Our leaders, when aware, won’t discuss good old government insured mortgages, year period. Cheap money also chan- They are giant investors in private equity
it. Interests, from corporate, to labor, to to the tune of $27.1 billion. No bank or nels money from the productive sectors funds, which increasingly, own American
environmental, to bureaucratic, fear a real credit union could ever have done this of the economy into financial specula- corporations, including many companies
debate about our common needs. The 32-to-1 trick, but a variety of pseudo- tion, widening the cracks in the apex. you are a daily consumer of.
media, generally too depthless, won’t dare banks have done the same, essentially Fleckenstein’s book, Greenspan’s Bubbles, As the American financial sector
to tell the story. Academia is too fractured creating phony money through leverage. is a lengthy tour of the effects of the Fed’s cratered this January, Sovereign Wealth
and secularized to grasp the long view And many of them, including the giant actions. Speculation is fueled by cheap Funds from Singapore, China, Abu Dhabi
round it. investment bank Bear Stearns have now money and leverage, and while regulators and Oman raced to the rescue. Or was it a
Regardless, the problems are real. failed. That phony money is now gone, have turned a blind-eye to widespread firesale? Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Morgan
Some measures of it are visited upon taking some $18 billion in shareholder and creative use of leverage, cheap money Stanley, Bear Stearns and UBS, the cream
the vast majority of American families. value with it. is purely the result of monetary policy. of the American banking industry, took in
Real wages (adjusted for inflation) in the We now have seen three financial bub- It seems, however, that bubbles and a total of $30.5 billion from SWFs, accord-
United States are stagnant over the last bles arise and two burst in an astonishing- leverage are only a portion of the prob- ing to CFO Magazine. It’s unclear exactly
seven years, only 0.8% higher in January ly short period of time. The first was the lems besetting the apex of the economy. who all these investors are, and what their
2008 then March 2001. internet/tech stock bubble, which blew The Chinese are purchasing the debt real stakes may total.
Inflation is said to be contained. But up, vaporizing some $7 trillion. Next of the United States at the rate of $1 bil- see FINANCIAL on page 4


Xe[^cXjjf]Z_XdgX^e\X]k\i_\ijgXj\im`Z\%@kj^ff[]fidfdjf]XccX^\j#Xe[Xi\ekpfljn\\k]fik_`eb`e^f]`k% 5.


April 18, 2008 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 3

Creek North
In November 2006, businesses
and property owners in the Cherry
Creek North Business Improvement
District narrowly approved $18.5 mil-
lion in bonds. The issue was strongly
opposed by many small, indepen-
dent businesses in the District, which
lies between 1st and 3rd Avenues,
and encompasses some 300 busi-
nesses. The bonds were for a largely
unspecified set of improvements to
the business district’s infrastructure.
The delay in issuing
bonds will ultimately
cost taxpayers
millions in additional
interest, and the
municipal bond
market is in a near
crisis state after the
meltdown of
subprime mortgages
strangled credit
While no bonds have yet to be
sold, the project now seems to be
THG Hospitality
getting underway seventeen months
later. The delay in issuing bonds will
ultimately cost taxpayers millions in
additional interest, and the munici- host to events, ice skating and mov-
pal bond market is in a near crisis ies in the past.
state after the meltdown of subprime Answering past criticism has been
a part of the job for the District’s
mortgages strangled credit markets.
The district has let two contracts president, Julie Bender, who has FDA Cleared Medical Breakthrough
for $2 million worth of consulting launched a newsletter and monthly
contracts for the design of improve- meetings in an attempt to keep busi- 86% Relief
ments and project management. The ness owners in the loop.
project management deal was worth Receiving contracts Design
$550,000 alone, some three percent Workshop team. Additional team Scientific Discovery
of the total amount authorized by members include CommArts
voters. (design), Desman (parking), Fehr & in the relief of back pain.
Fillmore Plaza, which has seen Peers (traffic), JVA (civil and struc- Now available in Cherry Creek.
several controversial plans for tural) and Patrick Quigley (lighting
changes, may or may not be part of design)..
the project. Cherry Creek residents California’s Nolte Associates for
have been active in opposing some providing program management and
proposals for changes at the location, inspection services for the design
long viewed as a public amenity, and phase of the project.

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Page 4 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch April 18, 2008

Dante’s Inferno Revenue Service

Listen closely. Hear that noise? Divine Comedy.” Dante Alighiere’s fifth circle, in the
A low, ominous rumble, growing epic medieval poem accurately swamp-like waters of
in volume and intensity, like an foreshadowed our present-day tri- the river Styx, doomed taxpayers
approaching tornado. What is it? als and tribulations. Open your drown in depreciation and amorti-
The sound of millions of mutinous tax preparation booklet and aban- zation schedules. In the sixth circle
taxpayers, voices raised high, clam- don all hope ye who enter here. are hapless sufferers trapped in the
oring for relief from taxation with- When it’s midnight April 14th and flaming tomb of Farm and Nonfarm
out limitation. Dutiful citizens who the kitchen table is strewn with all Optional Methods. The seventh
once coughed up what they owed manner of receipts, bills and can- circle contains those unfortunates
with minimal complaint now carry celled checks, when beleaguered torn at by the Harpies of Foreign
torches and pitchforks. Squeaky mere mortals are struggling with Accounts and Trusts. In the eighth
clean rules-following good folks mountains of paperwork and inde- circle are the accursed, boiling in the
who once obediently entered their cipherable instructions, they must lake of Profit or Loss from Business
daytime phone and Social Security truly believe they have entered the or Profession. And finally, in the
numbers on their checks, who bowels of the netherworld, never to ninth and worst circle of Hell, in the
would never staple those checks to return. domain of the hideous Alternative
their returns, these people now buy What might Dante expect to find Minimum Tax, the souls here are
assault rifles in bulk. in a 21st century tax inferno? In the encased in ice, immersed so only
Why? What’s going on here? first circle of Hell, he would encoun- half of their faces are visible. As they
What has brought formerly peace- ter the EZ filers. They lack com- cry, their tears freeze and seal their
ful, compliant citizens to the brink plications: no investments, mort- eyes shut, denying them even the
of violent rebellion? Eight decades gages or dependents. They simply comfort of tears.
of additions to the tax code, that’s plug in their salary, withholding Agonized taxpayers can only
what. We’re talking impenetrable and standard deductions, sign the hope that, like Dante, their suffer-
maze here. Most people would form, enclose a check and they’re ings will eventually come to an
rather attempt to crack the genetic done. They are not punished in an end and they will make their way
code than wade through the con- active sense, but rather grieve only up through the seven terraces of
fusing, conflicting hodgepodge of separation from their money, with- Purgatory to the tax-free shelter of
forms and instructions delivered out hope of refund. In the second Heaven.
to our doorsteps each year. After circle are the 1040s, whose souls are
all, the largest chromosome in the blown to and fro by violent storms —Teresa Keegan
human body is a mere 220 million of itemized deductions, residen-
base pairs long, considerably short- tial energy credits and nontaxable
er than the instructions for Income combat pay, without hope of rest.
or Loss From Rental Real Estate Further down, in the third circle, are
and Royalties. Really, why don’t
government agents just stick guns
the tormented independent contrac-
tors, condemned to forever lie in the
More Teresa
in our faces and take our money? mess of their own self-employment
It would be infinitely quicker and
easier than navigating the rocky
tax forms which they shredded in
utter frustration.
Keegan online at
shoals of IRS regulations. In the fourth circle, this group
Yes, taxpayers are in Hell, suf- must forever labor beneath the thecherrycreeknews.com
fering agonies akin to those expe- crushing weight of Schedule D,
rienced by the condemned in “The Capital Gains and Losses. In the

Financial mess spurs downturn

continued from page 2 rapid cuts in interest rates. At some point,
How active these SWFs will be as the world will no longer need the dol-

YOUR AD HERE investors, we don’t know. But just as small

businesses know, when hometown banks
lar, at least as a reserve currency (the
currency assets are held in). And since
America has outsourced its manufactur-
for just $62/month get gobbled up and decision-makers move
to far away cities, loans get harder to come
by. If Americans believe that folks in Abu
ing base, increasingly outsource it high-
value service industry, and is eroding its

303.458.7541 Dhabi and Singapore have their best inter- status as financial titan, what will be left?
ests at heart, they may be in for a nasty Hollywood? Video games? Not a very
surprise down the road. But what we do pretty prospect. With our low savings rate
know is that the American economy no and high consumer debt levels, we will be
longer has the strength or the flexibility to hard pressed to find the funds to invest in
support its own banks and brokers. technology, the area we still hold a global
Increasingly, the dollar is creating a edge in.
new set of hazards for our financial apex. Next month, the cracks in the founda-

TOPS IN THE FIELD The weak dollar hampers our competi-

tive position in the financial sector. No
tion and what you can do

—Guerin Lee Green

one wants to buy assets valued in dollars
when those dollars will be worth less The Cherry Creek News
tomorrow than today, an almost guaran-
teed outcome given the Federal Reserve’s

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April 18, 2008 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 5


North Denver Notions Not Re-Do but ReNew
Interior Home
An easy vine for us to grow is the slats.
clematis. It’s pronounced klem’ a-tis There are others called Nelly ReDesign Staging
or klemat’ is. Either is correct depend- Moser (a white and pink bloomer)
“I saved money and time “Interior ReVisions’

ing on how snobbish you are about Niobe which is a dark red, Mrs. Norm
utilizing Interior ReVisions’ staging works-we got 2

such things. The word Thompson in shades of
comes from the Greek blue with red stripes. services because they offers in a week!”
word klematis meaning Down the These are all hybrids creatively used what
“a kind of vine.” Garden path and will not bloom as I already had." Amanda M.
There is one variety profusely as others. All

Interior Redesign Industry Specialist
Michele Roth, IRIS
that is not a vine but a of the above mentioned Philip C.
shrub that grows four to five feet in bloom on new growth and must be
height. It’s called clematis recta and pruned early the same as the jack- Michele Roth, IRIS Learn more at
blooms most of the summer. manii. interior-revisions.com
Today we are primarily concerned Autumn clematis is fragrant and
with the vining types. The flowers doesn’t start blooming until August COMPLIMENTARY PREVIEWS • 303-394-4340
have no true petals. Its beauty lies and then blooms through October.
the colorful sepals. It’s hardy and has The white flowers are small and not
few to no insect pests in our area. The particularly attractive. This plant
diseases that affect this is primarily for fra-
plant in other areas don’t grance so plant it
occur in our climate. close to a window.
The oldest favorite There’s only one
thing to remem-
303.722.3000 www.ClassicHomeworks.com
and the hardiest clema-
tis is jackmanii. It must ber when planting a Are you considering a
clematis but it is very ¢^aafqflkp
be pruned early in the remodeling project in
spring. If you have a important if you want ¢hfq`ebkp the future?
mature vine and haven’t it to bloom. Put it ¢_^pbjbkqp Start planning now!
pruned it yet, do so now. where its feet will be We can help.
Cut old stems about eight in shade and its head
inches from the soil level in the sun. The roots
and give the plant nitro- must be kept cool Specializing in “One Day Makeovers”
gen and phosphate. The or the plant won’t Using your furnishings and accessories
jackmanii is a vigorous bloom. Garden loam To create a professional, fresh look in your home!
grower so you’ll have to is suitable soil but
watch it throughout the it likes a little lime. COMPLIMENTARY PREVIEWS
Call today for a
summer. Left alone it will sprawl on That’s why they do so well for us. 303-394-4340
the ground and ignore your trellis or Mulch every year and fertilize every Specializing
Michele Roth, IRIS
in “One Day Makeovers”
free in-home
whatever you are training it on. The year. Mulching is important in the UsingSpecialist
Interior Redesign Industry your furnishings and accessories
ties you get in trash bags work very spring if you use compost as it settles To create a professional, fresh look in your home!
nicely to tie this plant to wire or thin in and doesn’t provide the needed
protection for the roots. It’s all right COMPLIMENTARY PREVIEWS
to mulch more than once. Clematis is
Redwine Piano Tuning not like a peony which resents having
dirt piled on top of its roots. EXERCISE RESEARCH
If you would like to start your Michele Roth, IRIS
Musician’s Ear STUDY!
own plants, layering is a good way. Interior Redesign Industry Specialist
Lay a stem down so it runs along the To participate in this study you must www.interior-revisions.com
ground and put more dirt on top of be...
it. Hold it in place with pegs or rocks. • a woman or man in generally good
The stem will root and start new health
plants for you. If you’re doing this • 60 – 75 years of age
Come Celebrate the
for yourself, set the little seedlings
right where you want them to grow.
• not lifting weights regularly but
Artist’s Touch Holidays at
Clematis resents being moved. If
willing to start
• not using aspirin, ibuprofen or simi-
you are buying plants, put the pots New sectionals...
Come Celebrate the
$80 Piano Tuning where you want it to grow and keep lar drugs more than 2 days per month
soil moist. Do this for a week and new bookcases...
Holidays at
$25 OFF! then set in. The best time to do this in
the spring. If you are layering to start
Eligible women and men will receive
at no cost... new colors...
• health screening tests
Call Mike Redwine new shoots, do that in August. If the
seedlings thrive you can plant before • a personalized and supervised exer-
Come Celebrate the
New season!
303-818-6316 our nights get cold. Ifyour classically
not leave, them hipcise furniture
program Holidays at
in place until spring. & decor
Some store, featuring
-Offer ends May 31- watering will keep thempersonalized
alive.*** service
We are&looking at the effects of the
everyday low pricing. pain reliever ibuprofen on changes in your classically hip furniture
muscle and bone due to exercise in & decor store, featuring
303-756-2222 personalized service &
Healthy Women Needed for Cardiovascular Research 2553 Study older adults.
S. Colo.Initial Blvd.screening tests include a physi- everyday low pricing.
Purpose: Benefits for study volunteers include:
/FF/NE)TEM cal exam, bone density scan, treadmill •your classically hip furniture
exercise test, and blood tests. Wom-
classically hip upscale furniture •
The purpose of this study is to in- • Physician supervised exercise stress %XPIRES & decorative,
• fun, decor store, featuring
wonderful gifts •
vestigate how the menopause transi- test en and men who qualify will begin 2553 S. Colo.
personalized Blvd.
• personal service • &
tion and the loss of estrogen impacts • Ultrasound of the blood vessels and planned exercise training for 9 months everyday low prices
at our exercise facility. Participants /FF/NE)TEM
• reasonable •
the health and function of arteries in heart %XPIRES
women. • Blood cholesterol profile will take ibuprofen or an inactive pill 303-756-2222
(placebo) on the days they exercise. New
2553 goods arrivingBlvd.
S. Colo. daily...
• Comprehensive dietary analyses
This study is funded by the National
Qualifications: • Measurements of bone mineral den- Floor models being
Institutes of Health. /FF/NE)TEM
Premenopausal women 21-35 years, sity and body composition
Monetary compensation provided.
reduced to make room!
Perimenopausal women 40-55 years • Compensation for your time Principal Investigator: Wendy Kohrt,
and Postmenopausal women between PhD - - COMIRB #06-0769
the age of 45-70 years If you are interested in participating
Non-smokers Please contact Kalen Abbott at Interested?... please contact Marsha at
Volunteers should NOT currently be (720) 848-6418 or Kalen. 720.848.6461 or
taking Birth Control or Hormone Re- Abbott@uchsc.edu marsha.steirn@uchsc.edu
placement Therapy (HRT) or exercis- Division of Geriatric Medicine University Hills West
ing vigorously more than 2 days per University of Colorado University of Colorado at Denver and
week. Health Sciences Center. MVMVTGVSOJUVSFDPN
Health Sciences Center
Page 6 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch April 18, 2008

NATIONAL Choosing to improve

QUILT FEST rather than move
Denver National
With the mortgage industry more their money, instead, on improving
volatile than at any time in recent property they already own.
memory, the job market uncertain, “I think a lot of people are reticent to
and housing prices flat, for most peo- spend the money and jump into a new

Quilt Festival III

ple this isn’t a great time to be looking home, with a new mortgage, when
at moving into a new, better, more they don’t know for sure if they’re
modern house. And yet, for those liv- going to have a job next week,” says
ing in an outdated home, it can still be Suzanne Klemp, one of the founders

May 1 - 4
dreary looking at dated fixtures and of MillTech, Inc., a company that spe-
trim, and feeling like extras in an epi- cializes in custom woodwork design
sode of That 70s Show. and installation. “Our business has
If a new coat of paint isn’t going to always been mostly about new con-
do the trick, it might be time to look struction, but now we’re finding more
Thursday ~ Saturday 10 am - 6 pm at upgrading the home you already and more customers who are calling
have - and indeed, in the current econ- us looking for ways to upgrade and
Sunday 10 am - 4 pm omy, new home construction is down modernize the homes they live in now.
and consumers appear to be spending continued on page 7
Denver Merchandise Mart
I-25 and 58th Avenue, Exit #215
z Over 400 Quilts, Garments &
Works of Textile Art on Display
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April 18, 2008 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 7

Redesign reigns amidst Carbon footprint shrinks with

shaky market travel and lawn care
continued from page 6 service, has allowed the company to continued from page 1 A University of Washington study
We’re still doing a lot of new con- grow in its new niche. The company providers supporting domestic offset found residues of common lawn
struction, but there’s less construction enjoys a five-star rating and great projects. insecticides in toddlers’ urine.
happening, so we’ve started to shift reviews ServiceMagic. Closer to home is a company Clean Air Lawn Care is a lawn
focus a little.” “We’re really enjoying working making lawn care greener. The com- maintenance company that uses
At their 80,000 square foot facility with homeowners, getting more of pany seeks to make commonplace an clean electric and biodiesel powered
on the edge of Denver, there’s little the one-on-one contact with our direct alternative to noise, pollution - even equipment. The vehicles hauling
sign of any diminution in the market. customer. At the end of the day, it chemical applications. They’re seek- this equipment have mounted solar
A gigantic green machine ing to get rid of obnoxiously loud panels which charge the electric
continues cutting and motors and the smell of burning equipment during the workday. The
assembling standard and gasoline, even closing the door on equipment is clean and quiet; the
custom-designed doors, spraying toxic chemicals to control business is carbon neutral. Now a
using expert calibration to weeds and pests. national franchise, the business was
match each door exactly Air pollution, noise pollution, started in 2006 in Fort Collins, CO.
to the specifications of its chemical warfare…. ahhh… spring In addition to mowing, this year
future home, and, in row in Cherry Creek. It is ironic the Clean Air Lawn Care is able to offer
after row, wood, trim, win- amount of pollution we emit caring service that further protects our
dows, hardware, and mate- for our little piece of nature. families and environment - organic
rials truck in and out of The EPA estimates that 5-10% of treatment. There is now a complete
the warehouse with an effi- all air pollution comes from lawn alternative to conventional lawn care
ciency most airports would equipment. protecting our families, pets and the
envy. A custom specialist Each weekend, about 54 million environment.
has his own workshop in Americans mow their lawns, using You can reach Clean Air Lawn
one corner of the facility, 800 million gallons of gas per year Care at 888. 969.3669 and Native
where he designs anything and producing tons of air pollutants. Energy at 800.924.6826.
from custom mantels and
doorframes to recently, of
• Renewable electricity generation capacity reached an estimated 240 gigawatts
all things, “dog gates.” (GW) worldwide in 2007, an increase of 50 percent over 2004. Renewables represent 5
“We like being out there percent of global power capacity and 3.4 percent of global power generation.
in the innovative,” says • Renewable energy generated as much electric power worldwide in 2006 as one-
Klemp. “It’s pretty rare quarter of the world’s nuclear power plants, not counting large hydropower. (And
you hear ‘no’ from anyone more than nuclear counting large hydropower.)
here.” • The largest component of renewables generation capacity is wind power, which
“But there may be a long grew by 28 percent worldwide in 2007 to reach an estimated 95 GW. Annual capacity
lead time on dog gates,” additions increased even more: 40 percent higher in 2007 compared to 2006.
• The fastest growing energy technology in the world is grid-connected solar
she laughs. photovoltaics (PV), with 50 percent annual increases in cumulative installed capacity
With offices in both in both 2006 and 2007, to an estimated 7.7 GW. This translates into 1.5 million homes
Denver and Albuquerque, with rooftop solar PV feeding into the grid worldwide.
and partnership with a • Rooftop solar heat collectors provide hot water to nearly 50 million households
large Texas corporation, worldwide, and space heating to a growing number of homes. Existing solar hot
MillTech has access to “virtually really is all about working as a team,” water/heating capacity increased by 19 percent in 2006 to reach 105 gigawatts-thermal
unlimited options for what people says Klemp. (GWth) globally.
want, something you don’t get by For more information about • Biomass and geothermal energy are commonly employed for both power and
heating, with recent increases in a number of countries, including uses for district
just contacting an installer,” explains MillTech, to tour the showroom, or
heating. More than 2 million groundsource heat pumps are used in 30 countries for
Klemp. This, along with the compa- to schedule time with a design con- building heating and cooling. (data 2007 - REN 21)
ny’s family atmosphere and dedica- sultant, call 303-574-1680 or visit
tion to individual jobs and customer milltechinc.com.
Page 8 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch April 18, 2008

Exercise as a metaphor
for life
by Angela Sasseville, MA,NCC took mental stock of the setbacks that
At the time I started Jazzercise, I had occurred in my life that week, the
was struggling with the recent death situations that had required courage
of my brother, Jake. His terminal or tenacity. Then something would
illness left me disconnected from shift as my body and my attitude fell
the fact that my physical body was in sync with one another. I would
still alive and still vital. As a mother step into the knowledge that I hadn’t
of two very young children, find- given up at class or in life because I
ing time for myself for things like had more strength and determina-
exercise was a constant challenge. tion than I had recognized. I left each
There was a dialogue going on inside class feeling confident and alive.
my head, one voice telling me to be In the field of psychology we call
patient and appreciative of my post- these “mastery tasks.” Any hobby
partum body, and another voice beg- or form of exercise that we partici-
ging me to find my way back to my pate in with regularity allows us to
fit pre-motherhood body. My busi- observe our own improvements and
ness was brand new and required proficiencies over time, increasing
intense amounts of labor and invest- our self-esteem, connecting us to the
ments without many rewards. In knowledge held inside our bodies.
short, my stress level was high and Adults and children alike can apply
I became discouraged from time to this self knowledge to other areas
time. of their lives. The boy who’s come
At the beginning of each hour-long to believe he’s dumb because he has
class my body would get warmed
up, my lungs would open and I’d
enjoy the physical sensations of exer-
poor grades can use the skills and
persistence he’s groomed from soc-
cer practice to recognize that he’s
Fan Acupuncture Clinic
cise. But as class continued and the talented and determined enough to 20 Years of Clinic Practice
cardiovascular intensity increased, I succeed. As my exercise mentor said, & Teaching in China and America
would hit the wall. My lungs heaved “Have hope. MAKE tomorrow bet-
trying to take in increasing amounts ter than today.” She added, “I believe Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs
of oxygen, my muscles fatigued and people can change their lives. But • All kids of Pain • Spinal Cord Injuries • Auto & Sports Injuries
• Stroke • Depression • Insomnia • Stress • Low Energy
began to ache. I wanted to quit and you have to want it.” • Fatigue • Balance Problems • Headache • Migraine • Acne
there were still 35 minutes left! And Psychotherapist Angela Sasseville, MA, • Cough • Asthma • Allergies • Heart Disease • Cancer
that’s when the real workout, the NCC supports adults, couples, families • Diabetes • Menstrual Problems • Morning Sickness • Infertility
• Impotence • Breast Lumps • Menopause • Endometriosis
battle to overcome discouragement, and kids of all ages at Flourish Counseling, • PMS • Arthritis & other difficult cases
Fan, Dongming Cheng, Junou
began. LLC…Because EVERYONE deserves to Ph.D, OMD, L.Ac OMD, L.Ac
I recognized that my exercise rou- flourish! See www.FlourishCounseling. We Accept Medical & Auto Insurance
tine and my life were mirror images com or call 303-875-0386 for more infor-
of one another. Still dancing and mation.*** New location: Grand Opening!
keeping up with the rest of the class, I New Clients receive free consultation (a $30 value!)

Montclair’s invention 90 Madison St. Suite 402 303-570-3053

East of Cherry Creek Mall
Montclair Academy, a co-educa- devices that solve a problem in the
tional preschool to eighth grade inde- community. 
pendent school in Denver, is proud to One student has plans to create an
recognize the achievements of Molly
Casey, 7th grade student at Montclair
“Insta-Freeze Cooler,” while another
has plans to build “Easy-Sliders,”
Academy. Molly recently entered which are essentially skis for baby
her invention idea to the Ruckus strollers to travel over sand.  The 5Υ"#FǑӅҿ̢GӅ͡
Nation Invention competition. As Invention Convention project pushes
category winner Molly was awarded students to their highest potential 3ȢMǣY̢OH4Qǣ
$25,000. Molly’s invention, “Txt It!” while learning about how to run a
is a video game with a cell phone small business, how to create an in-
keypad format that combines texting depth portfolio of their work, and, 4QɂJǑ͡1BD͕BHɚǑOȠ
and exercising. Molly’s motivation is most importantly, how to construct (̢̐$ȪSҿ̢mDǑUɚ
a concern that young people need a a full-size working model of some-
more active lifestyle in their teenage thing new and different.  ˪ΝS.е̙ȪST%BZ
years. The Invention Convention is
Molly, along with all of Montclair’s expected to be a tremendous hit and
7th and 8th grade students, is also
taking part in the school’s first
will display inventions created solely
by the creative and talented students

“Invention Convention” this year.  of Montclair Academy.  The Invention ǑOȪXTѵ̢̢҅ӂD΍ͨ
This convention requires students to Convention will be held on April ce!
ce! 8Ư"WȺ Pri it

focus on the scientific method and Pri

30thLD starting at 10:00 in Montclair
w Un

SO gym in Lowry. Ne
w ȒMΕD͕TFǚґӂέ4̙Ȫ҅JEǑ͸

the process
LD of inquiry and discovery Academy’s L

as they invent new and improved

Brokerage for buyers


2837 West 37th Avenue 30872938

West Denver Place 3329
3337 Grove
Decatur Street 4148 Bryant Street 3311 Bryant Street
2938 Osceola St. Osceola St. 2938 OsceolaStreet
St. 2938 Osceola St. 2938 Osceola St.

$449,900 $349,900 $359,900

$379,900 $337,500 $210,000
 & of$274,900
the "!
century home.
%' Tasteful
" *'2+!'
story Don’t miss this unique
 &turn of the"!
%! century two"
%' story home
+!' Fully
Rare restoredto&own
"!%( remodeled of$274,900
a pieceDenver
 & %!
"! %' duplex,The
" justdarling
*' blocks
Charming turn of the century$274,900
home filled with orginal character. Great 1960’s half duplex, wood $274,900
floors,coved ceilings, solid
addtion w large family rm, updated open kitchen w/ concrete
"'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%& beautiful landscaping. This well maintained home has newer roof,
"'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%& sunburst
from house mixes historic
fine shops, cafes & nightlife.andNewer
updated: exposed
"'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%& brick,kitchen
gourmet pocket Slate"!%(  &
tile entry way, %! "!living
comfortable %'
"'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%& large block"!%(
& location in &
Potter%! "! %'
Highlands, " *' full
brick consruction,
and custom cabinets, large master, lots&'%%""
of natural light, doors, hardwood on both levels, concrete countertops, huge deck,  updated kitchen & baths, inviting front porch with&'%%""
swing, wood  usable")!&(#''!%
basement with good ceiling height, 3313 also available 
counters electrical, plumbing, furnace, and windows. Main level bedrm makes 
")!&(#''!% &'%%"" ")!&(#''!% &'%%""
with custom cabinetry, slab granite, stainless steel appliances, original ")!&(#''!% &'%%""
% ,% *' #'" ! %! % for 199k call,%
Listor. Get*'
in on this rapidly
new deck & pergola, fenced yard, shows great,
%*'*"%!!*(%!! don’t miss!% % ,% *' #'" ! %! % %
great office/den or guest bedrm, great neighborhood!
,% more!*'
All a#'"
& throughout, ! %!
few minutes from
%*'*"%!!*(%!! trim.
& details mantel & tiled lodo.
% %
built-in &
deck% ,% *' #'" ! %! % %
in backyard.
% #'"
% %
Presented by Presented
PresentedbybyRachel Grace Hultin 303-667-0609 Presented by Jordana Lebowitz 303-921-0332 Presented byFilip Boelen 303-910-2072
720.971.1200 Presented byCall
Brad Lewis
Brad 720-971-1200
Lewis 720.971.1200 Brad
Call BradLewis
720.971.1200 Call Brad Lewis 720.971.1200 Call Brad Lewis 720.971.1200

www.BradfordRealEstate.com • 303.433.0211 • 2550 15th Street, Denver

*** %"%&''" -  
-  ''%'!)%
April 18, 2008 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 9

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Since January 1, there has been no smoking at Fortune Valley. If you’ve been looking
for a reason to come on up, now there are no if’s, and’s or butt’s.

Only 30 minutes from Denver, take

kkee II-70
-70 exit
exitt Hotel
el rese
er v 1-800-924-6646 or
243 at Hidden Valley to get to Fortune
r unnee VValley.
rtune aalley.
lleeyy. 3303-327-2200.
303 -327-2200.
3277- 2000 w www.FortuneValleyCasino.com

08FOVA380_Denver_North.indd 1 01 08FOVA380 Notes: 3/26/08 4:34:00 PM

Production notes go here.
10.25 in" x 16.25" 3/27/08
Page 10 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch April 18, 2008

A Miracle from the Brazilian Rainforest,

rich in polyphenol, powerful
You’ve seen it on
antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids,
phytosterols, fiber and complex carbohydrates. Oprah
Now exclusively
720.480.4861 www.denvermonavie.com
available in
drink it. feel it. share it. today.
order online or inquire about business opportunities
Beautifully Furnished Models Now Open

Luxury Residences at Cherry Creek

333 South Monroe Street

Mid-300’s to $2 Million

900 to 3,000 sq. ft. Single-Level Residences

Heated Underground Parking

Premier Fitness Center

Guest Suites

Entertainment Area

Luxury Living in Cherry Creek Catering Kitchen

Private Outdoor Garden

Starting in the Mid-300’s
Walk to Cherry Creek Shopping & Restaurants

Enjoy all that Cherry Creek living has to offer without spending a fortune. www.monroepointe.com
Luxury residences at Monroe Pointe are exquisitely appointed condominiums
with all the amenities you could want. Best of all,our homes start in the mid-$300s.

Our unique design gives you choices no other property in Cherry Creek can
offer. Visit our models at 333 S. Monroe Street,Tuesday through Sunday. But
hurry, because Cherry Creek’s best address won’t be a secret much longer.

Represented exclusively by

Contact: Barbara Edwardson, Cate Dobson or Rhonda Knop


National Dance Week at South

High - May 2nd
Arts for All, local sponsor for numbers, should attend practice ses-
National Dance Week, April 25 – May 4, sions on April 19 and 26 (Saturdays),
2008, will present “Showcase of Dance”, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m., at the Grant Avenue
Friday, May 2, 7 p.m., at Denver South Community Center, 216 S. Grant. These
High School, 1700 E. Louisiana, featur- practice sessions are free and open to
ing dancers from public schools and any dancer – beginning, intermediate
private studios throughout the Denver or advanced. Dancers and studios
metro area to commemorate National seeking to perform should contact Arts
Dance Week. for All.
Dancers and dance teachers who For further information about
wish to participate in the Showcase National Dance Week activities, phone
of Dance opening and closing dance 303-722-2624.

www.thecherrycreeknews.com -ARISA(ARRIS  
April 18, 2008 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 11

Dining Detective: Pasquini’s, of the juices as the pork cooks, giving

a really delicious, moist and smooth
pizzettas. It’s a very sterile, fast-food
environment, but that shouldn’t matter
GB Fish & Chips and the Spicy texture. The recipe used at GB’s was if you remember that the reason you
purchased by a soldier posted in Britain choose the Spicy Pickle is for the very
Pickle during WWII. After using it himself for fresh, healthy menu with very generous
decades, he has given it to his nephew portions and very fast service. For the
A trip to Denver’s “Antique Row” nephews visit this is
so that the tradition continues here in antiquer on the go, this is the best option.
is great way to spend a sunny spring a “must stop” location
Denver. It is also the healthiest. The menu is
day, but you will never make it through where they can play with raw bread
The décor of GB’s is extremely casu- filled with fresh breads and vegetables
the many blocks of shops and show- dough while waiting for their individu-
al; with people eating at wooden picnic and nothing fatty or fried. I really
rooms if you don’t stop along the way al kid-sized pizzas.
tables with soccer jersey’s hanging over- enjoyed my chicken and apple grinder
for appropriate sustenance. That’s Adult groups will enjoy Pasquini’s
head. You order at the counter then take on chibata bread although it was more
why I am taking some time to outline original rooms, which have a more
a seat until someone calls your name. about the bread and less about the meat.
what I call the “Antique Row Dining eclectic décor, a hip juke box, and fairly
There are no frills. None. Cement I would have preferred a smaller piece
Trifecta,” three restau- decent prices on beer
floors, Xeroxed signs on the walls, and of bread with more stuffing. The small
rants located at the cor- Pasquini's and sangria. This is
squeeze bottles of ketchup on the tables. salads, though, are HUGE and with a bit
ner of South Broadway
and Louisiana that offer
1310 S. Broadway where we sit when my
parents come to town.
That is because people don’t come here of meat added these would make a great
GB Fish & They say it makes them for anything OTHER than the food. Yes, light lunch. My tip: go with a friend,
three very different but
it is that good. share a sandwich and choose your own
equally pleasing dining Chips feel young.
The last member of the Trifecta is the small salads.
experiences. If you’re a foodie
131 S. Broadway Spicy Pickle deli. This is a chain, yes, So there you have it, three options
For leisurely din- then you will surely
Spicy Pickle enjoy the second mem- but it might be one of the best options for three different dining attitudes:
ing in a great atmo-
for people wanting a very quick, light Pasquini’s for the leisurely, GB Fish &
sphere, the best choice 1298 S. Broadway ber of the Trifecta, GB bite. Like many of the other sandwich/ Chips for the foodies, and the Spicy
is Pasquini’s. This piz- Fish and Chips. This
panini shops, their menu is posted over Pickle for people on the go. Pick your
zeria deserves top billing because of is where you are going to find good,
the counter and features a decent ver- style and bon apetit!***
their consistency in both quality and honest ingredients prepared simply and
ity of sandwiches, grinders, salads and
service. They have been an iconic site perfectly. The fish and chips are the
on South Broadway for decades, and best in town with very light and crispy
I have yet to find a single person who batter surrounding thick planks of cod.
doesn’t love their food. The breads and Every bite offers a crunch that is satisfy- >iÃÊ
pasta are made onsite, the portions are ing to the soul (no pun intended!) With
very generous, and the menu – though so many restaurants looking for unique
solidly based in tradition – remains and creative ways to treat the same old
creative and inspiring. If you’re look- ingredients, it’s extremely refreshing to
ing for a light salad, a crispy focaccia find someplace that takes pride in per-
sandwich, or a decadent pizza, this is fecting tradition. +Õ>ˆÌÞÊ
>ÀiÊvœÀʈ}…‡ ˜`Ê,iÈ`i˜Ìˆ>Ê>˜`ÃV>«iÃ
one of the best options in town. It’s also Don’t limit yourself to their hallmark
great if you are eating with a large group item, though, because if you overlook 3PECIALIZINGIN3PRINGAND&ALL#LEAN 5PS3CHEDULED-AINTENANCE
because the menu can serve many tastes the Banger and Mash you’ll regret it. If 0LANTINGS#ONTAINER'ARDENING#ALLFORA&REE#ONSULTATION
and appetites. you google “History of Sausage” you “ÞÊEÊ
Pasquini’s is the best spot on Antique will find that the Brits have a distinc- #ERTIlED#OLORADO'ARDENER)NSURED
Row for kids. The building has a new tion in their traditional pork sausage:
addition and the extra space is more they add something called “rusk” which
appropriate for large groups or fami- is a fine, dried breading. This is not
lies that need to spread out. When my only a binding agent; it absorbs some



Normal Disc


Bulging Disc


Thinning Disc

Disc Degeneration
Osteophyte formation


nes) will place pressure on

e nerves that go down the
ms, hand, fingers, and even
e upper back. This ‘pressure’
the cause of numbness/tin-
When left
treated, pain and weakness in
You’ve got a vision. A fresh new look for
e muscles may be the even- $%#%"!"&!'$!#
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#!$""" "&# #
Generally, most of you allow us to help. We’re the owners of the
#!'&" "!"
Denver-based franchise of Kitchen Tune-


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Denver ®
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Whatever your vision, please contact us
)Ǒ҅W˒  'JȢMȠ  
%%/1 *(&2'%%1'#'!,"+-
%%/1 *(&2'%%1'#'!,"+- *#'! 
*#'!  (*1(-
(*1(- today for a free estimate. 720-841-6887.
.',"#'$(-,+-*!*1 (*1(-#,(%#./#,"
.',"#'$(-,+-*!*1 (*1(-#,(%#./#,"
)#'$#%%*+%%-+/ "%)1(-
)#'$#%%*+%%-+/ "%)1(-   




# #$ $"! 720-841-6887

#$# #$ $"!

Dr. Alison Milbauer
Insurance Accepted
Page 12 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch April 18, 2008

Low-hanging fruit on the porch

by Julie Connor Although we still have a ways to
How many neighborhood activ- go -- a Denverite’s per capita emis-
W e s t w o r d 2008
Best of
ists does it take to screw in an sions are about 25 metric tons per
energy-efficient light bulb, thereby year -- the Porch Bulb Project is
reducing Denver’s carbon foot-
e s t M a m m
Voted B
low-hanging fruit that moves us all
print? Just two, and in pursuing in the right direction. CFLs use 25
this easy means to reduce energy percent of the energy an incandes-
consumption in their own front cent bulb uses and can last 10 times
yards, Kevin Suchlicki and Sue as long, consequently reducing
Okerson started the Porch Bulb waste, energy use, and the emis-
The Porch Bulb Project endeav-
sions and pollution that result from
that consumption. Additionally,
You wouldn’t settle for
ors to take a chunk out of resi-
dential greenhouse gas emissions
by replacing incandescent porch
each CFL can save as much as $40
over the life of the bulb.
Groundwork Denver, a non-
last year’s shoe styles.
bulbs with energy-efficient com- profit based in Northwest Denver,
pact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). For
Earth Day 2008, the Porch Bulb
will work to further the Porch Bulb
Project’s accomplishments, expand-
Wouldn’t you also
Project, joining with its new part-
ner Groundwork Denver, aims to
ing the use of CFLs as well as pro-
viding information and resources in
want the latest in
distribute 100 porch light CFLs in
the Sunnyside neighborhood.
reducing residential greenhouse gas
emissions. Groundwork Denver’s mammograms?
The Porch Bulb Project evolved mission is to improve the physical
because Okerson and Suchlicki environment and promote health
wanted to take action in reducing and well-being through communi-
Denver’s carbon footprint. They ty-based partnerships and action.
noticed lots of porch lights on all The Porch Bulb Project is a com-
night -- ideal situations for CFLs. ponent of Groundwork Denver’s
So Suchlicki and Okerson’s bright Climate Change Program. To vol-
idea was to replace incandescent unteer for the Porch Bulb Project, to
bulbs in porch lights with CFLs . . donate bulbs or for more informa-
. for free. tion about Groundwork Denver’s
Okerson and Suchlicki started Climate Change Program, contact
out by donating the CFLs them- Program Director Julie Connor
selves. To this generosity, another at 303-455-5600 or Julie.Connor@
300 CFLs have been added from groundworkdenver.org, or visit
the City’s environmental sustain- www.groundworkdenver.org.
ability initiative GreenPrint Denver
and the City Council offices of Rick For more information about
Garcia and Judy Montero. Denver’s carbon footprint, visit www.
Since its inception, over 70 incan- greenprintdenver.org. For more infor-
descent bulbs have been replaced, mation about the Porch Bulb Project,
reducing Denver’s carbon footprint visit www.porchbulbproject.org. ***
by almost four metric tons per year.

The latest in technology for your overall health.

Faster, simpler and in beautiful surroundings.
You don’t want to settle for second best when it comes to your
health. That’s why we offer the superior technology of digital
mammograms. This state-of-the-art equipment produces a
clearer, better image so we can be more assured of giving you
the best readings and proper diagnosis. Plus, it’s quicker and
more comfortable than a traditional mammogram. Make an
appointment today because taking care of yourself never goes
out of style.

To schedule an appointment, call 303-778-5815.

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