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Total Faraz in all prayers (17)

The punishment for robbery in Islam? (Hand Cut)

Which of the following Rukn-e-Islam is called a shield? (Fasting)
What is the literal meaning of word Qiblah? (In front of)
Meaning of word Soum? (To keep/stay Away)
Holy Prophet (Salllaho Alaihe Wasallam) was born in? (8 June, 571 AD)
Cave Hira is situated near? (Makkah)
First slave of Islam who was accept Islam? (Zaid bin Haris)
In which Hijri, Makkah was conquered? (8 Hijri)
Which companion is known as Sayed us Shuhda? (Hazrat Hamza R.A)
At the _____ age of holy prophet, he was bestowed with reveal? (40)
Which prophet's nation was destroyed by water? (Hazrat Nooh)
Total number of Surahs in Quran? (114)
In which battel Abu Jahal was killed? (Battle of Badar)
Who suggests digging a ditch in the battle of Khandaq? (Hazrat Salman Farsi)
In Islam, _______ is the sovereign who further distribute the powers among nation?
(Almighty ALLAH)
Where did the camel of Holy Prophet S.A.W.W stop in Madina at the time of migration?
(Abu Ayyub Ansari house)
Age of Holy Prophet PBUH when his mother died? (6 years)
Kalma Shahadat is recited on? (Funeral Activity)
Youme Arafat is on? (Hajj Day)
Fitrana to be given on? Before (Eid-ul-Fitar)

Al-Ameen meaning (Trustworthy)

Shortening the prayer during journey (Qasr)
Which Kalma is recited after Wazu? (Kalma Shahadat)
Sidratul Muntaha means (Tree at the end of 7th Heaven)
Hazoor (PBUH) recites which Surah when migrating to Madina Munawarah (Surah Al-Fatah)
Ghazwa in 7 hijri (Ghazwa Khyber)
Most repeated name of Nabi (a.s) in Quran e Pak (Hazrat Musa a.s)
Total Khutbas of Hajj (1)
Al Khumas is a 20% tax that must be paid on all items regarded as (Ghanimat)
Which holy book is called Gospel (Bible)
Abdullah was original name of (Hazrat Abubakar R.A)
Badar war main cause was invasion of (Madeenah)
Ghazwa uhd started in on Saturday, March 19, 625 (3 Shawwal 3 AH in the Islamic calendar)
Ghazwa-e-Khandaq or Ahzab: This Battle was fought near the Sila mountain in Madinah, It
was fought on (8 Dhi Qa'd, 5 AH), took 6 days in digging of trench
One third of Holy Quran consists of teachings (Surah Ikhlas)
Prophet treated the way of exchanging gifts as (Good will)
How many Kuffars (Non-Muslims) were killed in Battle of Badar? (70)
Who was foaster mother of Holy Prophet (SAW)? (Hazrat Haleema R.A)
First slave to accept Islam when freed? (Hazrat Bilal R.A)
First caliph of Mulims? (Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique R.A)
Which prophet is called Kaleem Ullah (Hazrat Moosa a.s)

What is Tawaf? (Rounds of Kaaba)

What is the meaning of Khums? (1/5th)
Share of wife from the wealth of deceased husband? (1/8)
Stages in Quran (7)
First mosque in Islam (Masjid e Quba)
First Wahi consist of how many versus? (5)
Hussain (as) born on which Hijri? (4AH)
Six article of Faith in Islam (1. One God (Allah) 2. The angels of God 3. The books of God,
especially the Qur'an 4. The prophets of God, especially Muhammad 5. The Day of
Judgment (or the afterlife) 6. The supremacy of God's will (or predestination))
Five prayers mandatory in Islam (10 Nabvi)
Meaning of word Islam is? Answer: Submission and Obedience to the will of Allah
Which holy book is protector of previous holy books? (Holy Quran)
Meaning of Bashir is? (Who brings good news)
Quran was Nazool in which month? (Ramzan)
Which Rukan of Islam is key to paradise? (Salaat)
First woman made by ALLAH? (Eve)
Other name of third Kalimah? (Tamjeed)
One who recites Kalimah but not accept by heart is called? (Munafiq)
Magrib is offer when? (After Sunset)
Zam zam means? (Stop Flowing)
Hazrat Suleman was given ability to understand language of? (Animals,Insects,Birds,All)
Before Islam Makkah was famous for? (Archeology) Asaar e Qadeema

Holy prophet saw asked to exchange gifts for which purpose? (Grow mutual Love)
Holy Prophet death on (632 A.D)
Angel responsible for rain (Mikael a.s)
Khalil Ulah is (Hazrat Ibrahim a.s)
12th month of Islamic calendar is (Zilhaj)
Who gave Hazrat Muhammad saw name Ahmed? (Hazrat Amina r.a)
Muhammad name was selected by (Abdul Muttalib)
2nd month of Islamic calendar is? (Safar)
Angels of grave are? (Munkar Nakeer)
Sardar of Ayaats? (Ayatul Qursi)
Sahi Muslim was by (Muslim Ibn e Al Hajjaj)