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OSR Alumni Association presents

The Arts and Change

Creative Fra mes for Organizations

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Student Center – Seattle University
Registration: $99
Conference Plenary Presenters:
Adam Kahane and Jeff Barnum of Reos Partners, the author and illustrator of “Power and Love”

Reserve at osr-nw.org/conference
The Arts and Change Surprise Me : \
A handbook of possibilities
Maryliz Smith, SoundSource
Creative Fra mes for Organizations How to Create
June 19, 2010 at Seattle University Gracious Space —
Plenary Leaders Feng shui tools for change
Beth Schermer, Fundamental Feng Shui
Using the writing and illustrations from the new book, “Power and Love:
A Theory and Practice of Social Change”, Adam Kahane, author, and Jeff
Barnum, illustrator, will illuminate how we can structure and shape our Late Afternoon – Session C
organizations through the arts. Adam and Jeff are members of Reos
Partners, an international organization dedicated to supporting and building Get to the Art of
capacity for innovative collective action in complex social systems. the Matter:
Using art to open the window on
One day of art based learning what we don’t know
• Registration of $99 includes a copy of Power and Love by Adam Kahane, Posy Gering, OSR 14, NextU
continental breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and wine and cheese reception.
• 20 different workshops featuring theater, music, poetry, visual art and more
• Small workshops to promote interaction and experiential learning Strateg y Jazz:
Bringing the artistic mind to
strategy design
Kathleen Hosfeld, Hosfeld & Associates, Inc.
Morning – Session A Afternoon – Session B

Art a nd Leadership: Real Challenges & the Leadership Under F ire:

Strategies of change through Creative Process Tools for managing change, crisis,
and pressure
social artistry
Jeff Barnum, Reos Partners, San Francisco
Skye Burn and Doug Banner, The Flow Project Andrew C. McMasters, Wing-It Productions

Casting a Great Tea m: Ca n Improvisational Da nce New Characters Cha nge the
Using an artistic process for selecting Provide the Creative Boost Sa me Old Story:
the right staff, board and volunteers Y our Orga nization Needs? A muse your-self
Kevin Maifeld, Seattle University, Teresa Beery, MFA Candidate, Brit Poulson and Lismary de Lemos, Reynolds
Director & Professor, Arts Leadership Arts Leadership, Seattle University Poulson Consulting

Harness Ritual for Effective Visual Recording — Artful Cha nge —

Orga nizational Cha nge Tools and techniques to up your game Inviting imagination to the table
Andrea Ramage, CH2M HILL, a Global Consulting Joelle Lyons Everett, OSR 1, Sound Resources and
Patti Dobrowolski, Up your Creative Genius LLC
Engineering & Project Delivery Company Karen McCarthy Casey, OSR 12, Inspired Action
and Steven Wright, Wright Collaborative LLC

Using Art in Orga nizational Rhyth m, Conflict & Belly Intelligence :

Cha nge Made Easy Commu nity — Bringing somatic wisdom into the
conversation of organization
Rose Yu and Renée Smith Nyberg, Organizational What african polyrhythms can teach us
Development Specialists, University of Washington
transformation (women only)
about getting along
Sheila Kelly, OSR 8, Bridges to Peace, LLC
Joanne Lauterjung Kelly, Muse Indigo
Stories That Lead
Doug Nathan, OSR 10, Managing Partner Profou nd Speech: Colla boration Innovation:
of conflict matters Turning creative assets into action
The transformative power of poetry
Lucy Garrick, OSR 12, NorthShore Group and Iris
F ind Y our Voice : David Markwardt, David Markwardt Consulting Lemmer, OSR Midwest 2002, Sound Connexions

Learn to lead through choral singing

Melissa Thirloway and Jeff Thirloway,
Founders MGThirloway & Associates Reserve at osr-nw.org/conference