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Continuous Writing

Sample Answer Continuous Writing

Write about an incident you will never forget.
Sample Answer
Certain incidents so impress us that they leave an indelible mark on our memory.
I was once involved in an incident of which I shall always have vivid recollections. The
incident occurred when I visited a village in India together with my parents, sometime
during my holidays last year.
Early in the morning on the day the incident occurred, I was talking with a few of
my new friends in that village. All of a sudden, a boy of my age came rushing towards
us to break the news that violence had broken out in the neighborhood. Alarmed at this
news, we began to protect ourselves, and before long the violence spread like wild fire
throughout our area.
I was a little confused at first for I had no idea about the cause of the outbreak of
violence there. One of my friends told me that the area had been notorious for such
occurrence owing to rivalry between two parties. Each party tried to destroy the
influence of the other in that area, and the bad blood that existed between them had
caused several deaths and great misery to innocent people for a long time. Official
influence could not be exercised effectively in this area owing to its remoteness from
the centers of authority. The members of the rival parties therefore enjoyed almost
complete freedom of action. The police arrived only when there was news of violence,
and often long after the damage has been done.
While I was listening to this account of facts and events, the situation suddenly
took an ugly turn. A man who had been standing a short distance away from us ran into
his house most unexpectedly, and within minutes his house was ablaze. My friends and I
then ran towards his house to put out the fire; but we were stopped by a few burly men
who were holding lethal weapons in their hands. They threatened to kill if we offered
any help to anyone. One of them had even struck me on my head with a stick. We
realized instantly that we were no match for them and that discretion was the better
part of valor. We therefore decided to proceed no further.
Soon the fire from that house began to spread and several houses were burning.
There were frantic cries for help. Men, women, and children were running in all
directions in their desperate attempts to save whatever they could from the fire, in spite
of the interference of the gangsters. A few of the unfortunate ones were burned to
death, including the man who had set fire to his own house. We then concluded that the
man must have been so disgusted with what we had seen for so long that he had no
more desire to live, and this was his way of putting an end to himself. It was indeed a
pathetic sight.
Then, after several hours, the police arrived when more than a quarter of the
village had already been burned to ashes. They asked us several questions to find out if
we had ourselves participated in the violence. As I was foreigner who would be leaving
that village the following day, I had the courage to answer all their questions and to
point out the men who had threatened to kill us. Those men were then arrested
together with other suspects.

Early next morning, my parents and I left the village with no more desire to revisit this place; but my memory of this incident will remain fresh forever.

Describe a village scene.

On a fine morning, Kampung Pantai Cenang lies slumbering in the sun. From a
distance, the village against a backdrop of rolling hills and lush green forests fringed by
the golden beaches and the emerald sea is a pretty sight to behold.
The peace and quiet of the village is broken only by the twittering of birds, the
sound of waves splashing on the sandy shores or on the sea battered rocks. Then,
from inside the wooden shacks come the clatter of pots and pans and the aroma of
freshly brewed coffee and nasi lemak.
The houses on stilts and with thatched roofs are arranged in a linear fashion
behind barbed wire fences. The sea is just a stones throw away and is lined by tall
swaying coconut trees.
The village, with about 100 families has a predominantly Malay population with a
sprinkling of Chinese and Indians. It is located about 27km to the west of Tumpat, a
coastal town in Kelantan.
At the first break of daylight, the village comes to life and is a constant throb of
colour and activity. For most of the villagers, the sea has been the main source of
livelihood for generations. The men with their shirt drenched with perspirations and
clinging to their backs settle down to mending their fishing nets and repairing their
boats. Meanwhile, the women tend to their children and household chores. From the
beaches, shouts of laughter ring out continuously as children play in the water. The
blazing morning sun does not deter the young ones whose special, life- long affinity for
the sea can come as a surprise to many.
In the afternoon when the sun is high up in the sky, the village men have a quiet
siesta in shady spots with the melodious sea breeze whispering into their ears. The
women folk in their vermilion sarongs gathered around, chewing betel leaves and
exchanging latest gossips. Once the sun goes down, there is another flurry of activity at
the beach as the fishermen get ready to go out into the sea. The sky is now a mixture of
orange, yellow and golden hues. The sun retreats majestically and its fainting rays
slowly disappear. The moon peers out of the clouds like a shy bride. In moonlight, the
sea glistens. A chill wind blows. The village women and children retire to their huddled

Write an essay about the day you will never forget.

Model answer :
A day I will never forget is when I lost my best friend, Siti, when I was sixteen
years old. It is a day I will never forget. It was a Friday. I got to school and after
assembly, we went to our classes. I remember asking Fatimah if she had seen Siti
because I was waiting for her to appear in class. Siti and I were best friends.
While sitting there, another classmate ran into our class and shouted Siti just
collapsed at the surau! to which everyone in the class rushed. I remember pushing
through the crowd around Siti who was lying on the ground. My teacher was holding her
and telling everyone to get back to class. My two other best friends were standing there
with us; my teacher told the other teacher to quickly call the teacher on duty.
Our teacher then said that they had called for an ambulance and that Siti was
going to be sent to the hospital and her mom was on her way. At that moment all I
wanted to do was leave the class and go with them to the hospital.
Later, everyone was talking about what had happened, how we were going to
visit her in the hospital, and how we all expected her to be alright. I do not recall much
of what we learned in class that day I was too worried about Siti.
On our way to the library for NILAM, we received news that Siti had passed away.
I fainted. My friends pulled me up to my feet and we walked to the library holding each
other. There were a lot of people in the library. I was not crying I just sat there staring at
the ground. I could not believe it, I did not want to. All I could think was it was some kind
of joke that I would see her the next day and everything would be back to normal. The
day passed like a blur. All I knew that when I got home, I started crying and crying, my
mom was crying as well. We just sat there in silence for a while hugging each other.
Losing a best friend was really rough on me but I have learned to be happy for
her, for the life she had lived. The last time I talked to her was the previous day, she
was so happy. I remember her telling me how much she valued our friendship and that
she loved me. Losing her taught me not to take people or things for granted. Life is too
short to worry about the negative things, to be angry, or to be mean to anyone. The
most important thing for me now is to be happy and grateful for a healthy family and for
my life. I have learned to see what is truly important and what I need to fight for. I also

feel after losing Siti, I became a stronger person. She is a memory I will carry with me
until I die. You will never know when your time is up and if its tomorrow you must be
happy with your life.


1. Identify the main topic.
2. Gather facts and other information relevant to the topic.
3. Write your clear and concise introductory paragraph.
4. Distribute your facts in your body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should
tackle one key idea.
5. Conclude your essay.

Every person loves to be fashionable. The word fashion brings to mind
color with a dash of glamour. Females take fashion in a big way. Fashion
increasingly important role in an individuals life because it is considered as a
self-expression. What people wear helps them to identify with a group of
whether it is a lifestyle, profession, a religion, or an attitude.

a flash of
plays an
means of
others --

Several factors contribute to fashion as a whole. It is an accepted fact that the

rich and the famous, political figures and royalty have influenced fashion. The
advertising media also contributes equally.
Fashion in Malaysia, a land rich in culture and tradition, has evolved through the
centuries. This country, rich in culture represents a kaleidoscope of changing trends and
traditions. Here, clothes perform different functions depending on the occasion. For
example, festivals, parties, profession -- fashion is simply in.
Today, fashion does not necessarily mean glamour, or the urge to follow the
current trends. It is more a way of life. Fashion not only highlights the social history and
the needs of person. The fashion scenario in Malaysia was different in different periods.

During the British rule, the fashion trend within high society was strongly influenced by
the British fashion style and western clothes became a status symbol.