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1. A room equipped with a shower or bathtub is a _______________.

A. toilet room
C. shower room
B. bathroom
D. washroom
2. Fixture connections that require the removal of an access panel for serving are
considered ____.
A. accessible
C. not accessible
B. readily accessible
D. exposed
3. That part of the lowest piping of a drainage system that receives the discharge
from soil, waste, and other drainage pipes inside the walls of the building and
conveys it to a point 2 feet outside the building wall is a _____________________.
A. building drain
C. waste pipe
B. building sewer
D. soil stack
4. A vertical vent that is a continuation of the drain to which it connects is a
A. circuit vent
C. continuous vent
B. relief vent
D. branch vent
5. A horizontal drain that is sized ton provide free movement of air above the flow
line of the drain is called a _________________.
A. a continuous waste system
C. combination waste and vent
B. durham waste and vent system
D. solvent waste and vent
6. The length along the centerline of the pipe and fittings is the ______________.
A. diagonal length
C. circumference length
B. diameter length
D. developed length
7. A device Integrated within an air accumulator vessel that is designed to
discharge to discharge a predetermined quantity of water to fixtures for flushing
purposes is a (an) _____________.
A. expansion tank
C. flushometer tank
B. surge tank
D. day tank
8. The combination of fittings that may be used to make an offset and is considered
a vertical pipe are ______________.
A. 1-90 degree & 1-45 degree
C. 1-45 degree & 1-60 degree
B. 2-90 degree & 1-45 degree
D. 1-45 degree & 1-45 degree
9. Water that is safe for people to drink is referred to by this code as ____________.
A. potable water
C. soft water
B. industrial water
D. hard water
10. By code definition, a stack is always _________________.
A. straight
C. vertical

B. horizontal

D. exposed

11. A vent that also serves as a drain is a (an) _____________.

A. island vent
C. loop vent
B. vent stack
D. wet vent
12. A pipe that makes an angle of not more than 45 degrees with the vertical is
considered ______.
A. vertical
C. crocked pipe
B. horizontal
D. diagonal pipe
13. The vertical depth of a trap seal is measured from ______________.
A. crown weir to the top of the dip of trap
C. outlet of trap to bottom of
B. inlet of trap to the bottom of trap
D. inlet of trap to the outlet of
For questions 14 through 23. Select the word or term that fits the sketch.

14. A. waste pipe

B. drain pipe

C. dirty arm
D. trap arm

15. A. industrial waste disposal system

B. private sewage retention system

C. public sewage retention system

D. private sewage retention

16. A. relief vent

B. yoke vent

C. fixture vent
D. branch vent

17. A. holding tank

B. catch basin

C. sand trap
D. sump