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There are strong rumors that Ivan The arbitration case for the Modified THE GOOD OLD DAYS
Seidenberg's fellow Board Members Absence Control Plan remains in progress. Believe it or not, there was a time
want him off the Board. Ivan only made There have been several hearings already when it was actually fun to be a telephone
$17.3 million last year, u'hich is a 147c with the next date in May. I will keep you employee.
cut from the year before. The Board has posted as this case moves alon-s. There was a time when management
been unhappy with his inability to move Atthis time, we are awaiting the decision just allowed you to do yourjob and supply
the stock price up. Ivan is 63 years ofage on a dismissal case here in Locai 1 104. The telephone service to the customer. As
and has to retire when he reaches 65. The case was concluded in late October and the employees. we had pride in doing a good
question is, "Will he be able to hold on?" decision has still not been rendered. We job and receiving a fair salary for such
Verizon recently announced it has have also secured arbitration dates for three labor. New York Telephone was like a
put a hold on seeking any new CATV other dismissals. Finally, we will get a big family, sometimes dysfunctional, but
franchise agreements. So that means that chance to hear these cases before an a family nonetheless. We were told that
if you are unable to get FiOS now, it is arbitrator. Thesethree members have waited we were one of the most. if not the most,
unlikely you will get it anytime soon. an excruciatingly long time for their day. productive companies in the United
What does that mean to our members? I Along with our lawyers, we will do all we States.
don't believe it's good. Verizon has can to put good cases together and try to get Your foreman would give out work in
already declared some 4000 members these members back to work. the morning and give you whatever new
surplus in New York State, and unless We have had success with the directives he or she had, and you went
you are in one of the areas where the arbitration/mediation process that was along with your day. Did we sometimes
FiOS build is being completed, I think bargained as a trial in the 2008 contract stop fbr coffee more than once a day or
work will be very slow. Fortunately, we bargaining. In the three cases we have had, stop at a store to pick up something not
have job security under our present one was mutually resolved, and we also had job-related? Of course we did. But we
collective bargaining agreement. Verizon two settlements prior to the hearings, where did our jobs and if we didn't, someone
claims they currently have a 207a both members received their suspensions would ask us if we were having trouble
saturation rate in the areas where FiOS is back and the incidents were removed from or needed assistance. No one ever got
available, and they believe that a 307o their records. We have three more cases on suspended or fired, and we took care of
saturation rate is achievable. However, the calendar. I believe it is a good process things in the workplace. Somehow, all of
in a recent conference call Ivan told Wall for handling short suspensions. I handle that has changed, and now, if you're not
Street that we had better reach a 407o these cases, along with our CWA Staff towing the company line, you will be
saturation rate or management's heads Representative and the Business Agent of disciplined or subject to termination. I
would roll. Perhaps the rest of the Board the grievant. The cases are argued and long for the old days.
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A lot has happened recently that one
Kathleen Sims
could write about that potentially will
We wish to thank everYone who have an imPact on us and what we do -
participated in CWA Annual Lobby Day' The Reverse Morris Trust Act passing
As enacting the contract moneys within the through the House' the Health Care
new Collective Bargaining Agreement legislation, the Reconciliation Bill, and
requires State legislative approval and the^ still as of this writing, no off roll dates for
Governor's signature, our strategy or the most recent surplus declaration and
meeting with every Higher Education very little to no detail in regard to Chris Blom
Committee member within both state discussions around the "enhancement'"
houses has successfully readied a base of RecentlY. I've sPenl' much time
support for our bill even before its listening to the radio' watching TV, and NON-STOP ISSUES
intioduction. It is safe to say that the reading various news articles in regard to We are now into another Year with
passage ofthis bill is now successfully 'on Health Care discussions. These talks have more of the same moves thal make no
ihe radar screen' ofall pertinent players in gone on for nearly fourteen months, and sense to the workers in the field or to us
the state house. Such bills are not typically white ttre bill passed is not perfect, it has at the Local.
controversial, bul are sometimes not ooened the door for millions of people to First, the imPlementation of a

orioritized. Should we need members' help have access to health care who have scheduling center where they do not have
io attract attention to this matter' I am quite effectively been blocked for years by the a clue about how a vacation schedule
sure members are ready to make all the insurance comPanies. Still' the works or what is in the contract' Then'
noise needed! ! Reoublicans and Tea Baggers vo$' to techs are sent to Buffalo to do routine
Throughout the State, members have repeal this legislation. As a matter- of work. It would have been smarter to not
shown their support for the SB-RA Union fact, senator John Mccain is quoted as lay off techs and give them an option to
contract fight as we have made sure SUNY having said, "There will be no
work in Buffalo. How about temporarily
Chancellor Zimpher and her administrators cooperation between now and the end of transferring techs from one department
do not forget about their unfinished the year." Wow, who knew that what to another department and then back to a
business their responsibility to martial they were doing was cooperating? All different department? The District can't
SUNY's shadow agencies to deal fairly and along, I thought theY were being keep up with all the moves that take
negotiate with our membership. Together, obstructionists. plaie. We also have people loaned in
we will deliver as upcoming RAbargaining One thing that is glaring to me is the irom Suffolk. They don't want to be here
sessions proceed. lack of personai responsibility that and the ComPanY won't Put FiOS into
At the time we go to print, it seems that surrounds us in all aspects of our lives' the town of Brookhaven.
our advocacy for SUNY and its Research Whether it's the people in the news' or Verizon has a sales department that
Foundations has moved the legislative our Senate and Congress. it seems that just can't sell FiOS or correct the billing
conversations about the Chancellor's there's an attempt to either cover up or problems five years later' The Company
proposed Public Higher Education ignore the facts and pretend that we have has decided to put every tech on N-days
b.npo*"t*ent and Innovation Act no ownershiP to our behavior' This and night tours to save money' but won't
(PHEEIA) away from the most detrimental extends to our behavior and treatment of dispatch a tech out to the customer's
proposals. However, we cannot take our fellow workers as well. house until the customer argues enough
unyifring for granted. Sadly, PHEEIA's For example, let's take a work location with them.
immediately proceeding "plan," UB 2020' in which there is not a regular or constant Now let's talk about all the poles that
presence of management we are not
looks like it may be under consideration to - need to be replaced. The Company only
be launched as a pilot program at the quasi-managers. And though we may
does this work when the Public Service
witness behavior that may cause us to be
University at Buffalo. Convincing the Commission harasses them. This work
Buffalo area legislators and their disturbed, it's a manager's job to identify should be done every day to maintain a
increasingly sympathetic colleagues from that improper behavior, and if warranted safe plant for the public and employees'
Long Island will be key to opposing these to take action. It is not for us to sit in Who came uP with the crazY
changes and winning. We cannot express judgment of one another. By feeding into number of 1041 surplus field techs?? It
our opposition strongly enough! the situation we only exacerbate the is easy to write a number down when
We continue to fight to restore funding situation. you're sitting in an office in New Jersey
to SUNY in ProPosed State budgets' (continued on Puge 4)
(continued on Page B)
(continued on Page 8)

say we lost nothing and made some gains.

Your health care stays intact with no cost
to you, your pension is stable, and you
are getting raises.
There was a time I didn't see how we
could avoid a strike. but we did. If you
have any doubts about how bad things
can get, just look at St. Vincent's or the
other hospitals that have closed.
The new cancer treatment cenfer is
underway. This has caused some
problems by using up some Med/Surgical
beds, but it should creale more nursing
positions. The renovations that are going
on should make it a better and more
Mike lppoliti George Magnuson comfortable place to work. The grants
for the new ambulances are bringing in
The hospital is putting out a notice of
SURPLUSES Well. the Ten Little Indians saga
meetin-es abor"rt the change of carrier for
continues in AVAYA as two more Indians
We started the Nen \-ear har ing to medical coverage. This is because United
are sone. Ken Horan and Bob Golden
deal with the Scheduling Center up in Health bought Oxford. There will be no
linalll had enou-sh and retired. And then
Syracuse. The Field Tech: nill send a chan-qe in coverage. We are also working
there u c-re three.
text or an e-ntaii ri ith dar: $ e $ ant off with the hospital on safe patient handling.
It ri as nice to see Iny friends and co- I will probably need a couple of nurses to
and then it's a big nvster\ as to \\ hether
workers at the breakfast for them. get familiar with the new equipment out
or not the)' are -Qranted. The responses Nineteen of us got together and had a lot
are, "You have been denied as per the there and see how we can get these into
of laughs. It was just like old times. It
projected work load," or. "You are being the units where needed.
made me sad to think about how much
put on a waiting list." or. "You have to go As always, for any problems or
ir,'e liked the lvork. but even more. holv
through the appeal process." The process questions. see your stewards or just call
much fun u'e al1 had together.
as a whole is totalll, off the u all. me 516-420-1104.
Ercept fol one or t\\ o grottches. -
The Company can't tell us uhat the
nobodl n anted to be late in the morning
work load is tu'o da1's fi'orn nou'. let
for two reasons. First. you didn't want to
alone three u'eeks from nou'. It is just
miss whatever antics and pranks were
another way to infuriate us. Then they
going on, and second, you didn't want to
wonder why the morale is at an all-time
be the target of such goings-on. Most of TO ALL THE OTHER
low. A committee has been formed on
us older dogs are retired, and except for
the National level to sit with the Company
a few, all the young gllys are in Verizon. COMPANIES I REPRESBNT
to get the issues resolved on the V-Force
If you know any, ask them - they will tell
issues and the contract violations of George Magnuson
you it was the best time of their lives.
Article 23. Congratulations to the members at
Every day was fun.
A surplus of 1047 Field Techs in In closing. I'd like to wish my friends, the North Babylon Public Library! We
Nassau and Suffolk Counties has been
Ken and Bob, all the best. Stay healthy now have a new contract and you should
announced as a process change. The
and enjoy your retil'ement. be receiving your retroactive checks, or
National Union and the Company met in you may already have them by the time
March to talk about an EIPP package. you read this. I wouid like to extend my
The National Union told the Company it
thanks to Susan and Linda, your members
was not adequate and they will meet
on the bargaining team. Although I could
again to see if they can offer something
not achieve all that I wanted atbargaining,
sufficiently attractive so that people will UPDATE AT DOWNTOWN especially on the part-time issue, I believe
be able to retire. The message the George Magnuson it was not for lack of trying. The Library
Company is sending is that they will get
Well, it took a long time, but we have would not give on that issue. However,
rid of bodies one way or another, so be your health care stayed as is, and you will
smart out there and be on yourjob. a new contract. It was a hard fight and
your support was greatly appreciated by get your raises with some contract
On a sad note. last December 20, improvements in these times a major
2009, we lost George Jones, a Field Tech the bargaining team. With the horrible -
state of the economy and all the problems victory.
(contittuetl on page 8) the State is having, it's good to be able to (cotttirtuetl ott puge 8)

Michael Presti Stella Pereyra Lindsay Abbate


coNTRACT, CONTRACT, Just when you think You've seen it CAN HELP SAVE A JOB?
CONTRACT, where is the contract? all, Verizon comes along once again and
pulls the rug out from under its employees Do you get a paper phone bill in the
This is what everyone has been asking
and our union members. mail? Do you mail your payment in or
lately. How come the Union hasn't given
With just a few weeks notice, Facilities pay online? Everything has a cause and
it to us yet? What is the Company/Union
Specialists from Wantagh, Brooklyn and effect. The Accounting Department, both
hiding from us? Let me set the record
Upstate and Downstate, is affected by
straight. Ifyou look in the contract books Queens were told to "pack their bags" -
that you currently have and turn to Page their new work location was -soin-s to be your day-to-day decisions. The
Lynbrook. The forced transfers to L1 nbrook Do\\'nstate Accounting -eroup prints and
93, Article 39 Copies of Contract, it
"Effective with this Agreement the have caused quite a hardship for many of mails the phone bills associated with the
these union members. Many of them who New York and New England areas. The
COMPANY shall be resPonsible for
were forcedherefromBrooklyn andQueens Upstate Accounting group handles the
providing a copy of the contract to each
rely on public transportation to get to and payments for those bills. We cannot
Union-eligible employee." Now I will
from work. The move to LYnbrook has depend on the Company to look out for
explain the process of distribution. The
added many additional hours to their daily us, so we need to look out for each other.
Company is supposed to send the
commute. The Company has made itnearly We are losing work to technology. If you
amendments to a printer so the National
impossible for our members with child and do not receive a paper bill or pay online,
Union can review them for errors. Once
elder care issues to attend to them. This is make the switch. By receiving a paper
that is done, the Company then prints
copies for each member. Then they give
hou'Verizon rervards members who have bill you can help save someone's job.
given some thirty plus years of service to Please get the word out to your friends
the copies to the Union and the Union
them. and neighbors who don't realize that this
distributes them to each member. So
They have turned a cold shouider to the work is done by proud CWA members.
what's the holdup? The holdup, from what
union members who helped build the Please remember to wear RED on
I have been told, is the Company wanted
Company and make it as profitable as it has Thursdays.
to use a non-union Printer and the
Union is opposed to this. I would like to thank the Bellmore and
The contracts that You currentlY Freeport Field Techs who donated blood on
have are still in effect nothing in that
book has changed (except for the ACP
March 3 I , 2010. Thanks for helping to save
many lives.
part which is in arbitration). Now what
has been added is as follows:
1. Wages effective 8/01/ 10
- How You Look At It
3.7 5Vo increase; ( corttinued .from page 2 )
2. COLA - 8/01/10 increase; do your actions walk a different talk?
3. CPS Award - minimum $700; When was the last time You thought
about how your actions related to the We all need to take responsibility for
4. Pension Band increase 10/01/
our contributions and actions in a situation
l0 3.7 57o,
outcome of whathappens? Are you voicing
-5. Pension LumP Sum Payout or expressing objective crilicism. or are because we are either part of the problem or
Pension distribution options remain in you just complaining or obstructing part of the solution. Which are you?
progress? Do your actions build or In solidarity.
(corttirtuerl ort page 8) contlibute to the positive growth of unity or

FROMMYDESK SOLD MY SOUL workers. And let's face it, an empowered

workforce is the last thing an employer
Peter Cirillo TO THE COMPANY STORB wants. Unionization empowers workers,
but ifhealthcare is the focus ofall contract
This is not about your Health Care Anthony Eramo talks, unions are yielding much of their
Benefits. This has to do with whether collective power. Only a government-
It is no secret that something must be
you keep yourjob or not, ifyou have an run healthcare system that covers
done about our healthcare system and
illness or an on-the-job injury.
soon. Even those lucky enough to - have everyone can end the abuse. We need a
single-payer system for everyone, like
I learned long ago that you don't good coverage are aware that the current
Medicare, that successfully runs with
engage a battalion of gooks with a squad system is nnsustainable. The number of
only a 3 percent administration cost. We
of Marines. and expect to survive without uninsured people and the absurd costs of
need to remind ourselves that healthcare
ground. air and artillery support. This our medical needs continue to rise
dramatically. Unfbrtunately, the problem
is as fundamental to our existence as
also pertains to Verizon when you are food and should never be viewed as a
dealing with Metlife, Workers' Comp.. with our entire healthcare system lies in
or FMLA. the very core of its existence: on emplol,sv-
Consider the following exercise. It
based lrcalthcore model, and worse yet.
DOCUMENT, may seem a little ridiculous, but I think it
DOCUMENT, little is said about changing it. Our
DOCUMENT. Save all correspondence emplol'er-based healthcare system is
highiights the flaw in our healthcare
between you and Metlife. Workers' lundamentally flawed and should be system. Suppose we replace health
Comp., or FMLA. including the abolished.
insurance with food. Imagine your
envelopes. For instance. if vou knou r ou employer provided you with a card to
The practice began dulin-t the wage
or your doctor faxed information. save lreeze of the Second World War enacted
brin_s to one of the in-network
the transmission report. This has rital supermarkets when you go grocery
under President Roosevelt by the
information. the time and date it ilas shopping. The nutural organic store is
Emergencl Stabilization Act of 19:+2.
sent. q hat number it u as sent to. and if it out of network, so if you decide to shop
This allor,l'ed emplo1'ers to attract and
was received. Saying. "I sent it." just retain employees because the price there. you are forced to pay the entire bill
won't hold up!ll! controls did not apply to fringe benefits, out of pocket. Keep in mind that food
like healthcare. Almost seventy years would no longer be a big part of your
The letters and envelopes you get later. the system is norv severely outdated
budget. because most of the food your
from FMLA are just as important. For and no lon-ser u orks. Although family, needs rvould be covered through
example: You think you knorv that you l our plan. so any out-of-pocket expenses
eliminating our current svstem ri ould be
sent FMLA the properpaperwork on your ii ill cut into 1 our discretionary spending.
c game chan ser for ull u nion: nesotietin s
recent illness on March 1st. On April 1st. At an approved -erocerl' store you begin
contracts (since these days nost
you get a letter from FMLA stating that your shoppin_s. Nou. the particular plan
negotiations focus on heaithcare related
the information you sent was not filled you have determines not only how much
issues), this is not the thrust of my
out properly and you have 14 days to you can acquire. but also rvhat items you
appeal. Well, guess what? The letter was
An employer-based healthcare system
are allowed to have. A Bi-e-Box retail
dated March 19th, two days before your
grants employers enormous control and clerk's cheap plan may cover all the
2lst day to submit the paperwork and is nothing more than "the company store"
milk, bread, macaroni, rice, and beans
postmarked March 25th. How are you your family needs, but you may only be
reinvented. Employers hold tremendous
going to appeal this if you received the power not just over ou1' lives, but our allowed to have meat once a week. You
denial on April I st, three days before families' lives as weli, through the terms want vegetables? Hope you like frozen,
your appeal can be sent in, and you have because fresh are out of network. Another
of our current healthcare plans. Many
to get the information back to them by consequence is that out-of-network items,
workers toil in low wage. highly
April 4th? Without the letter and the dangerous jobs or in jobs they dislike
like fresh vegetables, will become priced
postmarked envelope we can't prove - benefits they believe
merely for the astronomically high because they are now
anything ! ! -are valuable and good. Good. horvever. considered a luxury. Let's say you are in
a union and are lucky enough to have a
We CAN beat them if we so into is relative. Maintaining power over "Cadillac" fbod plan. You are allowed to
battle PREPARED!!! workers, the foundation of the inherently
have meat three times week, and through
oppressive nature of capitalism, causes
Always, always. follow up a fax with large corporations to remain silent about,
a bitter strike, you won the right to eat
phone call. Remember, D OC U M E NT, steak, but only once a week. I shudder to
a or even worse, speak out against a national
DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT it just healthcare plan. Although corporations think what the Food and Drug
might mean YOUR JOB!!!!!!- would save enormous sums of money, Administration's (FDA) recommended
diet would be if corporate lobbyists were
allowing for wage increases for
employees and the accumulation of more
negotiating our diets instead of our
profits, they would lose powel over their
(torttirttted ott page I5)

For help with your 4Olkl4OSbllRA

Call 51 6-465-5888
John Fietding 'Tim Cheriaparampil o Patrick Gunther

The appointment is free, the advice could be priceless'

477 Jericho Turnpike, Syosset, NY 11791
There Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
are risks inherent in investing.
Some investments are offered by pro{pectus. lnvestors should consider the investment obiectives, risks, charges and
expenses before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the investments and may be
obtained from David Lerier Associates, Inc. by catting 1-800-367-3000. Member FINRA & S/PC.

Local 1104 has a Scholarship Fund for the benefit of its members Member, for the purpose of these Scholarship Awards, means:
and their families. The number of scholarships awarded each year is 1. Active member: Member in good standing at the time the
determined by the Executive Board based on the funds available. This application is submitted and thereafter.
year we will award thirteen scholarships - ten fbr active members and 2. Retired member: Member in good standing at the time of
their families ($1000 each); two for the retirees and their families retirement.
E. PatMyers Memorial, ($1000each);and one in memory olBob Lilja
- 3. Deceased member: Member in good standing at the time of
($2000), open to active and retired members and their families. death.
There may be only one winner per family per year. An individual The applicant must be either:
may win only once. 1. A college student working tull time toward an undergraduate or
associate degree (matriculating) at an accredited college or
To be eligibte for a regular Local 1104 Scholarship Award you
must be:
1. An active member of CWA Local 1104. 2. A high school student or graduate who has been accepted at an
accredited college or university.
2. Thespouse or child of an active memberof CWA Local 1 104.
Scholarship Fund Application Instructions
For the E. Pat Myers Scholarships you must be: 1. Fill our Section A. Answer all questions.
1. A retired member of CWA Local 1 104' 2. Take or mail form, along with your letter of acceptance or other
2. The spouse, child, or grandchild of a retired or deceased documentary proof from the college or university where you
member of CWA Local 1104. have been accepted or are presently attending, to CWA Local
1104 Headquarters, One Florgate Road, Farmingdale, NY
For the Bob Lilja Memorial Scholarship you must be:
I 1735 between 8:00am and 5:00pm weekdays and have a Local
1. An active member of CWA Local 1104.
2. The spouse orchild of an activememberof CWA Local 1 104' Officer fill out Section B.
3. Final determination on the eligibility of any application will be
3. A retired member of CWA Local 1104.
made by the Local I104 Scholarship Committee. The deadline
4. The spouse, child, or grandchild of a retired or deceased
for applications to be received at the Union Office is 5:00 pm on
member of CWA Local 1104.
Friday, August 13, 2010.
If you have any questions, please call Ed Connelly at the Union
Office (516) 420-1104.
Applicatiott on Page 7


Name of Applicant:
(last) (first) (middle)

Home Address:
(street) (city) (state) (zip)

Date of Birlh: Social Security #:

(month) (day) (yea|

Sex: Home Phone #:

(male or female)

Name of Sponsoring Local 1 104 Member:

(last) (first) (middle)

Home Address:
(street) (city) (state) (zip)

Work Location:

Your relationship to sponsoring Local 1

'104 Member:

ls the sponsoring member in good standing? Retired: Deceased:

(yes or no) (yes or no) (yes or no)
lf the answer to the second or third oart of the a bove question is yes, indicate the date of retirement or death:
Are you attending, or have you been accepted by an accredited college or university?
You must attach a letter of acceptance or other documentary proof with this application, showing acceptance or attendance
at an accredited colleqe or universitv.
Do you fully intend to obtain a college degree?
(yes or no)
lf the answer is NO, explain:

lf selected for this scholarship award, I fully agree to adhere to the rules and decisions that are made by the Local 1104
Scholarshio Fund Committee.

(signature of applicant) (date)


This is to certify: is:
( ) An active member of CWA Local 1 104;
( ) The spouse or child of an active member of CWA Local 1104;
( ) A retired member of CWA Local 1 104;
( ) The spouse, child, or grandchild of a retired or deceased member of CWA Local '1104.

Signature of Local Officer:

Title: Date:

Grievance Update Non-Stop Issues V-Forces and Surpluses

(continued.from page I ) (continued from page 2) ( continued .from page 3 )

or 140 West St. If those people lived here from the Covert Avenue Garage. George
settled within four-hour period. Hopefully,
and saw how bad the plant really is, that was known to many as "Noodles." He
it will free up our lawyers so our members
number would probably be a lot smaller or was a well-liked guy, a gentle giant who
don't have to wait these long periods of
even a plus to bring back laid-off employees. affected the lives of the people he worked
time to get their long suspensions and
The Company has decided to use safety with every day. The Field Techs in the
dismissals heard. But this process is a
as a new tool to discipline the techs. Since Covert Avenue Garage and the rest of his
"Trial," so we'll have to see if this will
this is the case, every tech should go through CWA family will miss him. George, we
become a permanent part of our grievance
procedure. I do wantto thankthose involved every safety procedure every day on every will never forget you and may your spirit
job. There is no reason to cut comers on a live on.
with these cases. Team efforts from
job because accidents will be documented. Also, Frank Goldsmith, known to
Stewards, Chiefs and Business Agents have
Don't be a fool. Think safetY first. many as "Chip," passed away on March
resulted in these wins. I'll say again, the
The list of issues is so long I only gave 24,2010.Chip worked out of the Wantagh
preparation for grievances starts on the
a handfttl for you to read about. While the and Bellmore Garages. I know that Chip
shop floor with our Chiefi and Stewards.
The importance of gathering the pertinent employees come to work every day to eam will be deeply missed, and CWA lost a
a paycheck and work on customer service. good friend on March 24. Chip, may you
information and writing a detailed grievance
Verizon has decided to take a different rest in peace and may your spirit live on.
is paramount in achieving success.
approach. Drive the employees ctazy and Our deepest condolences to both of the
On a lighter note, I would like to send
treat the customers badlY. families.
thanks to those involved with the St.
Patrick's Day Parade. As a Local, we Ivan, go on (Jndercover Boss and see
Mike's Message Work safelY, be
participated in the parade on March 20, what really is going on in this Company ! ! -
safe, and ifthejob is unsafe, it doesn't
2010 in Rockville Centre. It was a great get done. We are not refusing to workl
SAFETY TIP: Do all safety procedures
day, with beautiful weather, and it was a we just don't want to be Placed on a
every day!!
real joy to be a paft of it. I'm alreadY
Safetl' Compliance steP.
looking forward to next year. I rvould love Chris's Quote: Verizon, rl'here are the
to see more of our members turn out for a new contracts??
nice event.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the
families of three Local 1 1 04 members who
recently passed away - Field Techs George
ToAll The Other Contracts
Jones and Frank "Chip" Goldsmith, and Companies I RePresent (continuecl .from pttge 4)
also Retiree Bilt Barci. May they rest in (continued fi'om page 3) contract with no change in the language
To the members of OHS Technologies,
by which the amount is calculated,
available at any time, for the length of
I am bargaining rvith the owners as of
the contract:
this writing and hope to have something
to put to a vote in the next ferv weeks.
6. Medical;
1. Verizon Business issues;
Campus Battlefront Also, I am starting to bargain with
8. 401k. Roth IRA;
(continuetl fron page 2) Creative Cabling and Communications
Installation Corp. We also have just sent
9. Commercial issues (Business
advocating responsible revenue generation Office);
out the new contracts for ALSAB.
over slashing-and-burning economic Let's hope this economy opens uP
10.Accounting issues;
development prospects which SUNY is and makes all of our lives better. 1 l.
LiveSource issues;
uniquely positioned to deliver. 5 16-420-1104 if 12. Plant/TRG issues - These issues
Remember to call me
To get involved, contact us at -
you have any problems or questions.
were to create 70 new COEI positions
www.gseu.org and sign up for e-updates at which was done. Upstate - 24 new Field
http://www.unionvoice.o rgl cw a_l 104 I Tech positions, Molding Trial, Duct
join.html. Work Trail;
Fiscally Speaking 13. TRG Warehouse Issues;
(corttinuetl frottt Page | ) 14. Extend all existing District and
Local Agreements and adjust all dates.
In this edition of Cros'r Zalk you will For the most part, that is all that was
see the application for the Local added to the contract. If anyone has
SUPPORT Scholarships. The form is self- any questions regarding any of these
explanatory and the drawings will be items you can always call the Local Office
OUR TROOPS held in August. Good luck to all entrants.

Retirees Corner our health and benefit plan with Verizon sympathy of all our members goes out to
(continued from last page) and he fielded questions from those Bill's wife, Barbara.and the entire Barci
present. Pete does a greatjob at the Local family.
for both the active and retired 1 104 That's about enough of me for now. I
In addition to the doughnut hole members. In addition to Pete speaking, do hope to see you at one of our upcoming
changes within the next six months we had Patrick Inscrimb from the Nassau events in the near future "Chapter
alone, the- new law: County Veterans Affairs Office bring us Two" in May or the cruise -to the Statue
Provides a $5 billion reinsurance fund up to date on veterans' issues. of Liberty in August. Whateveryourplans
to help employers who provide health December brought the people from are, enjoy the spring and summer.
benefits to early retirees ages 55 to 64 David Lerner to speak to us. No, "Poppy" Be well and enjoy your retirement.
(goes into effect in 90 days); didn't come, but the team of people he
Eliminates pre-existing conditions for sent was very good in explaining the
non-dependent children up to age 26; various types offinancial tools available.
Prohibits insurers from placing lifetime With the start of the New Year, our
limits on coverage; next speaker spoke about a subject that
Restricts new plans' annual limits on
Is Ivan Surplus Too?
has been infiltrating our schools for some
(continued from page I )
coverage; time and increasing. Patricia Rykert from
Provides $5 billion to states to create the L.I. Council on Alcohol and Drug
a high risk insurance pool for those denied Dependence spoke on the increasing use of Directors in Verizon is right; Ivan just
insurance due to pre-existing conditions and availability of drugs in our schools. doesn't have it anymore. It seems his
and who have been without insurance for She also spoke about prescription drugs answer to everything is to cut jobs. I
6 months; and our dependence on them. guess at 63 Ivan is having difficulty
Prohibits rescission. or dropping At the membership meeting in remembering back when he was a
covera_se. u,hen individuals become sick: Februarl . \\'e \\'ere a captive audience to Splicer's Helper in the Bronx. Yes, that's
Creates a public health and wellness Nassau County Police Officer John right. he was a little guy once who was
fund. and requires new private insurance Doxwell. No, he wasn't giving out given the fast track, one where he sat at
plans to offer preventive services without parking tickets, but he did enlighten all the top of the manhole and did his
co-payments; of us on the many issues that the homework on Company time and left
Provides up to 35 7c tax credits to homeowner must be aware of and the almost everyday at,2:30 PM so he could
small businesses that offer health care work of your locai police force. go to school. Just think how times change.
coverage; and Finally. in March. we had Dr. Linda If you did this, you would be suspended
Creates a nerv and independent health Cocchiarella from the L.I. Occupational immediately or worse. Hey, Ivan, you
insurance appeals process for consumers. and Environmental Health Center. The need a walk down memory lane to remind
Of course. like anything else, this good doctor spoke about the many job- you what a dirty manhole looks like and
Bill rvill have its ups and downs and will related illnesses from asbestos, lead and what the little people have to do to make
have to have corrections made to it along high pitch tones that we have encountered ends meet.
the u'ay. But it is something that was over the many years as employees in the Recent negotiations fell apart because
badly needed. Bell System. Verizon wanted to crush the little people.
Chapter members will be going to see So, as you see, we have had a variety They offered some people a little money,
the play "Chapter Two" in May and we of guest speakers at our meetings. And, kept some of their pets, and wanted to
will take our annual cruise down to the of course, our master chefs always continue contracting out our work. They
Statue of Liberty in August. prepare a good lunch before we send you wanted us to agree to bargain away our
For those of you who haven't been to on your way. jobs for the present and the future, and
any of our Chapter meetings lately, you So stop by, we meet the first Monday then threaten us with massive layoffs
have missed out on some very good guest of each month at 10 AM at the same spot, this year. The press release they have put
speakers. the Knights of Columbus Hall in out is far from the full story and only
At our October meeting, we had two Levittown. those who are self-serving would ever
speakers, one from the L.I. Blood Finally, in February, we lost one on believe it's true.
Services to remind us that many of us are our original charter and committee Your union is in the business of
still eligible to give blood and the members. Bill Barci passed away after a representing people and putting them to
importance of giving back to our long illness. Bill was our V.P. at Large work, not giving away their jobs. Stand
community. We were also fortunate to and served in that capacity from the very strong, stand tall, and tell them if you
have a U.S. Postal Inspector talk to us beginning of this Chapter. When Leo want to negotiate, bring us a deal like you
regarding fraud in the mail and what to Dick was installed as the first President gave Ivan when he was one of the little
do to prevent this. In November, we also of this Chapter, the first person he tapped people. He is still little, but he's very rich
had two speakers, Pete Cirillo from the to be on the board was Bill. He served our because the people he worked for gave
Local spoke to us regarding changes in Chapter well over many years. The him a break.


President George K. Bloom
Executive Vice Presidents:
Telecommunications Div. Thomas Benedetto
Operator Services Div. Kim Young
Education Div. Kathleen Sims

Secretary/Treasurer Edward W. Connelly

Business Agents Telecommunications Division:

Construction & Real Estate Christopher Blom
Installation & Repair Michael Ippoliti
Avaya and Non-Tel George W. Magnuson
Clerical Stella Pereyra
Central Office Michael Presti

Director/Member Assistance Program Edward W. Connelly

Assistant Director/Member Assistance Program Nancy Stock
Medical and Insurance Problems Peter Cirillo
Retirees Chapter President Daniel S. Parisi
Legislative and Political Director Anthony Eramo
Organizer James McAsey
Defensive Driving Eugene Lanza

Business Agents Operator Services Division:

At-Large - Evelyn Kluczynski
Northeast Area Denise Cummings
Western Area Mary M. Bagen
Accounting Lindsay Abbate

Business Agents Education Division:

At-Large - Monazir Khan
Albany Arindam Mandal
Binghamton Dan Johnson
Buffalo Mia Jorgensen
Stony Brook Marcelo Disconzi

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Sold My Soul low-wage workers receive the same works for everyone. Eventually we need
(contintted from page
prevention and options for their to eliminate the employer-based
5 )
healthcare services? If you are wealthy healthcare model;I just wish it was sooner
This all sounds ludicrous, right? Is it enough to afford extra services, great for rather than later. In order to level the
that far off from the healthcare plans that 1'ou and your family, but everyone playing field with corporate interests,
are currently offered? Who gets rvhat deserves proper and robust healthcare. there mnst be a massive uprising led by
and how much? If you are wealthy After all. aren't all men and women the labor movement with support from
enough, it doesn't matter you will created equal? A lot ofour elected leaders all social and progressive movements.
always buy what you need and want (and like to talk about their faith. Ifthey truly Publicly-funded elections would be a
then some). So what happens to the rest were faithful servants, then they know in catalyst to achieving fairness in our
of us? We fight every day for something their hearts that universal coverage is electoral and legislative process. Until
that should be a fundamental right of noble and godly. Unfortunately, the faith that balance is restored, we will all
er ely human being . . . maintaining our
they really have is in capitalism, and they continue to beg for our healthcare and
health I
play the role of obedient servant to the our lives at the "company store."
free market.
Our salary and work title should not
determine our healthcare options. \\-hr The public option is a good start to With great pleasure we welcome three
is a day-care worker's iife ri'orth less be-sin untangling the mess that is our new advertisers to Locai 1104: Mr. John
current healthcare system. Providing Carbonara, a Certified Financial Planner
than a CEO's? A day-care riorke r per fiom Securities America, Inc., and Dr.
hour creates more utilitl for :ocieir in competition and an affordable, dynamic
William J. Mitrus, a Chiropractor. Their
relation to his/her u a-ue ihan anr one in a healthcare option for the American people
ads appear on this page. John Fielding,
corporate boardroom. \\'hr shouldn't should help lead us to a system that Tim Cheriaparampil and Patrick Gunther,
of David Lerner Associates' ad appears
on oage 6.

A Phase sii'.:::
jti::r3 :\! 111):
F,:r:! r516r 71!'Cl;:
iax l51al 7i3-i153
Eera ir JCSll.lXIPJ.aseFS com
i!w* NXTPbaseF fancr:lSeryre; conl


Chiropractic & Massage Therapy
Specializing irt Disc h'tjuries Thomas Frederick Jan, DO
Pain Mcmagenrcnt . Neuronntscular/MLtsctiloskeletal Disorders
Worker's Com1t & FMLA
El e ct rod ia gnostic Te stit g
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TgovtAS P. S.q.rnroN. D.P.M.

DR. RICHARD J. PANVINI ,,, "':,::', Pocliatric Medicine ortd Surgery
P o diatris t- F o o t Sp cialis t e
4230 Hempstead Tpke. 148-B Doughty BIvd.
HOUSE CALLS BY APPOINTMENT Suite 100. West Wing Inwood, NY I 1096
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One Florgate Road
Farmingdale. NY i 1735 TIME -VALUED NON-PROFIT ORG,
Third Class Postage Paid at
Huntington, New York PAID

President George K. Bloom
Executive Vice Presidents:
Telecommunications Div. Thomas Benedetto
Operator Services Div. Kim Young
Education Div. Kathleen Sims
S ecretary/Treasurer Edward W. Connelly

Tel: (516) 420-1104 Nassau

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Tape: (516) 420-9126 Retirees
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Fax: (60'7) 773-5475


George Bloom to all of the business EnCOurageS OOCiLrr> ii ; - - :Jinale Care

agents, you will know all about the surplus and improve qualitr. crcai:iS i::,intives
declaration by Verizon currently on the for providers to work together and reduce
table. It is a disgrace how Verizon plans wasteful care like repeated tests:
on mnning this company. But then again. Removes obstacles to changing Part
when did they really plan anything that D prescription drug plans, allowing Part
was for the benefit of the employees or D enrollees to make a mid-year change in
the customer? I reaily don't know how their enrollment if their olan makes an
they plan on -uetting the work done, both unexpected change;
in the field and inside. But then again. Expands the Medicare Part D low-
when did they really care about their income subsidy. which will significantly
employees? help struggling seniors afford their health
With the Senate passing the Health care costs:
Care Bill strictly across party lines, and Enacts the CLASS Act, creatin-{ new
the opposition trying to sabotage it, along long-term assistance for seniors and the
Dan Parisi with a dozen states appealing it in court, disabled;
one wonders what are we doing and where Enacts the Elder Justice Act.
is this country going. The Bill, as it authorizing new criminal background
THE RETIREES CORNER stands today, will have little effect on checks on long-term care workers who
CHAPTER CHATTER retirees from Verizon at this time. Belou have access to residents or patients: and
are some of the things that will aid seniors: Eliminates wasteful overpayments to
By now, we are all hoping that spring Covers preventive services; in 201 I, Medicare Advantage plans while creating
is jrist around the corner. This winter was seniors in Medicare will receive free incentives for coordinated. high quality
pretty bad for all of us, including many of annual check-ups with no co-payments care across the health care spectrum,
our chapter members living in the Mid- for mammograms, colonoscopies and extending the solvency of the Medicare
Atlantic States. You thought )rou were other preventive screenings: Trust Fund by 9 l,ears and improving
going to get away from the sno$'? Sorry Supports early retiree covelase. Medicare for generations to come.
about that. providing linancial assistance t()
employer health plans that corer elrlr I t'otttirtued on page 9)
If you have read any of the articles in
this issue of Cro.rs Talk. from President retirees: