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Welcome to Feel Good You!

Happy, happy spring! (Can you tell Im not a winter fan?)
I always feel that this is really the best time of year to make a
commitment to get fit no excuses that its too cold, or too
dark! Thats why weve come up with a brilliant action plan
that holds your hand through a fab walking workout plus
a four-week, 15 minutes a day toning routine. Do try it!
Of course, if fitness isnt your focus, weve plenty of other
feel good ideas, from herbal remedies that will sort all your
wellbeing niggles to brilliant beauty tips that will get you
glowing, to healthy eating made simple to how to beat stress
and find balance, which is so key for us all in this hectic world.
Hope you enjoy the mix, hope to see you for our summer
issue and until then, I hope you feel fabulous every day!

photograph liz mcaulay

Carrie Taylor Editor

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Ramping up my app-tivity. I was really
motivated by our readers who tell (p94) how
using an app has helped them keep fitter.
I already do a short home workout most
mornings (so its done and out of the way),
but now Im going to try Freeletics, which
personalises workouts to suit your fitness
level. Theres one for home, gym and
running too. Ill let you know how I get on!

denotes cover story


Theres a herb for that! The natural

way to tackle common ailments


stay stronger for longer

The number one health must-do
to achieve peak muscle fitness
Q&A The thing with spring
Am I ill or just anxious? A
hypochondriacs health guide 24
Secrets of a sharper brain Boost your
mind power, prevent memory loss
Time to ease the pain Natural
remedies to the rescue
If you only do one thing Be kind
to your ears
3 ways to soothe your gut Restore
digestive harmony naturally
Wellbeing insider Whats new
Wellbeing short thoughts


Cover photograph Neil Marriott. Styling, Julia

May Morgan. Jumper, Pure Collection. Shorts,
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36 No make-up make-up tricks

The invisible way to flawless skin

56 BURN FAT FAST! Switch on your

skinny genes and lose 3lb a week
62 How to get a flatter tum Expert tips
64 Meals in a jar Healthy ideas to prepare
ahead just grab a jar and go!
67 On our shopping list Foodie buys
68 Looking for a diet that really works?
Try the plan that delivers to your door!
69 If you only do one thing Get into
bone broth
70 Latest kitchen must-buys Our pick of
the most useful gadgets, plus those
that will help you stay on track
72 Q&A Solutions to eating healthier
73 Are nuts the perfect snack? Why
a handful is so good for you
74 Diet insider Tips for eating well
75 Diet short thoughts

40 De-age yoUr sKIn!

Best buys to soften those lines
and keep your complexion
looking fresh
42 Nearly time to ditch the tights! Make
sure your bare legs look their best
44 3 ways to get your nails in shape
Fabulous groomed results in no time
46 Have a great hair day!
Problem-solving advice, plus our pick
of the best tools of the trade
49 If you only do one thing
Define your brows
50 Q&A Common little beauty queries
52 Beauty insider Whats new
53 Beauty short thoughts

Dont miss our

summer issue,
on sale 14 July

104 Do you need a health MOT?
Check-ups that make a difference
108 Dont let your teeth give your age
away Smile with confidence
110 The lowdown on lens surgery Latest
advances to improve your vision
111 If you only do one thing Treat your
back pain right

workout to get fitter plus, tone your
thighs, tum and arms in just 15 minutes!
84 Get your balance Stop the wobble
ways to stay strong and steady
86 My fitness story Sophie Ellis-Bextor
shares her journey to looking great
88 3 ways to tone your rear Supersculpting moves for a firm derrire
90 New kit wish list The latest gear
92 If you only do one thing Power
up a weekend walk
93 Q&A Help with getting fit
94 Tech keeps me on track Readers
embrace the latest gadgets to get fit
98 Find the perfect gym for you Your
checklist of what to look for
100 Fitness insider Whats new
101 Fitness short thoughts

112 ease tHat HeaDaCHe Reduce the

pain no drugs required
115 Q&A Your health questions answered
116 Liver damage: what you need to
know Dont let alcohol and fatty foods
harm your health
118 Health insider Whats new
119 Health short thoughts

124 less angst, More lIVIng
How to redress the life balance
128 If you only do one thing Scent your
mood happy
129 MaKe gooD HabIts stICK Easy
ways to eat better, stop the cravings
131 Q&A Relationship queries answered
132 Find the courage to be you
Tap into your inner strength
134 Declutter your brain Lighten the load
and clear your mind
136 Your husband but improved! Alter
his behaviour for the better by
changing your own
138 Self insider Whats new
139 Self short thoughts

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clear winner

fresh herbs

rosy cheeks

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compiled by alison davidson


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health News

round up

1001 Remedies
PurAir Air Purifying
Spray instantly
detoxifies the air and
reinforces natural
defences with
antiviral, antibacterial
essential oils. 24,


News, views, whats on when plus the latest health findings under discussion

whats healthy

right now!
If anyone in your family has
a food allergy or intolerance,
check out Spoon Guru. You
create your profile (for example,
no gluten or nuts, organic, etc),
then the app can find you recipes
and check out products via the
barcode when youre shopping
to confirm if theyre suitable for
you. Coming soon, a restaurant
function to make eating out
much simpler too. Free from
the app Store; find out
more at


of women now stick to

diets during the week
only to overindulge at the
weekends on junk food
and alcohol. The survey,
by Spatone liquid iron,
revealed tiredness is the
biggest trigger for food
overindulgence, with 44%
claiming a busy week left
them feeling exhausted
and more inclined to give
up on being healthy.

My life in exercise

Actress Tamzin Outhwaite, 45, has two daughters,

Florence, eight, and Marnie, four, with ex-husband, Tom Ellis. She lives in London
Sport was my everything
when I was at school; I actually
chose my secondary school
based on the sports facilities!
I loved netball, tennis,
trampolining and rounders.
but my least favourite was
hockey because my shins
took a battering!
These days, my big love
is yoga, preferably the hot
version. Id like to do it every
day, but Im lucky if I get
two classes a week in. When
Im really short of time, I do
Amanda Byrams TBSeen
workouts (the abs workout
is quite brutal!) or a Davina
McCall fitness DVD.

I like to set myself

challenges. When I started
at my yoga studio, Yoga
Centric, I paid 20 for 20
classes, but you had to do a
class a day to get the deal.
I set myself a goal to do one
a day, so it only cost a 1
it was a value-for-money
fitness challenge!
Exercise makes me feel
euphoric. When I want to
congratulate myself, I have a
big glass of wine at the end
of the day which kind of
defeats the object!
one thing Im desperate
to do is join an adult netball
team. Ill play wing defence

or goal attack; they were my

favourite positions at school.
Im a pretty healthy eater
its the volumes of food I eat
thats less healthy! Theres a
joke among the TBSeen girls
that there are varying degrees
of hungry - hungry, really
hungry, starving and Tamzin
hungry. I dont just eat whats
on my plate, I finish off
everyone elses!
Tamzin is working with
celebrity friends including
Kate Thornton, Amanda
Byram and Lisa Faulkner
on cashback shopping

HelP FoR
Yes, the sneezy, itchy season is upon us
and hay fever affects around one in four in
the UK. Sufferers should follow these tips:
Wear wraparound sunglasses
to reduce the amount of pollen or
spores that enter your eyes.
Spread Vaseline around the edge
of each nostril to trap or block pollen.
Also try HayMax Allergen Barrier
Balm, 6.99,
Dry clothes indoors rather than
on the washing line, as damp
clothes collect pollen.
Take those shoes off! Your
favourite wedges might be whats
tracking pollutants, allergens and
toxins into your home. Wipe your
shoes on a mat and store away.
Wash away pollen. When it finds
its way into your hair it can transfer
onto your pillow, causing further
irritation at night; a warm shower
before bed can minimise the impact.
Cut sugar refined sugar triggers
a rise and fall of blood sugar levels,
which causes an adrenaline surge
that activates histamine release.

The TruTh More than
a third seeking treatment
for blemishes are over the
age of 35. Stress, pollution,
hormonal imbalance and
poor diets are the main
factors that ruin our skin. experts
recommend: eat fish three
times a week, top up your
selenium levels with Brazil
nuts, shellfish, wholegrains
and seeds, and go for orange
foods, which contain
betacarotene, a precursor
to Vitamin A, which is an
essential nutrient for proper
skin function. >>


Hycosan Fresh Eye Drops (8.99 in all good pharmacies
and opticians) have a preservative-free formulation of all
natural ingredients, including natural plant extract Euphrasia
to reduce redness and provide natural relief for mild eye
irritation. A.Vogel Pollinosan Tablets (9.15 for 120) and Nasal
Spray (7.50 for 20ml) are a natural way to reduce the
effects of pollen and other allergens, and keep working for
long periods of time. Widely available or from

This I know zoe ball

Ive accepted that Ill

never be a size ten and thats

fine with me. I put on four

stone when I had both my kids,
mainly because I didnt exercise
and ate everything I could!

woman&home fee l

good you

health news

round up


hoW cooL!
A stylish reminder to eat
healthily: the superfood
series of slogan sweaters
includes Chia, Kale,
Coconuts, Cacao, Maca,
Beet, Organic Energy and
Green Goddess. from 40


Motivate yourself to get fitter by signing up to these great events



In aid of: The British heart

Where: Anywhere you like!
What: you pledge to run 26.2
miles in your own time (could
be over four weeks!), at your
own pace, during May.
Sign up: for free at

In aid of: Macmillan Cancer

Where: In eight city locations,
from London to Glasgow.
What: A 5k or 10k course
of obstacle races including
mud pits and zip wires.
Sign up: Entrance fees start at


adrenaline rush


Pink ribbonwalks
In aid of: Breast Cancer Care
Where: Country estate venues
in Oxford, Wiltshire, Surrey and
Derbyshire, plus night walks in
Glasgow and London.
What: 5, 10 or 20-mile walks.
Sign up: for 30 at

On average us Brits take six

painkillers a week, with about a fifth
of us using them as a preventive
measure and most of us only waiting
1-2 hours before popping a pill to
deal with head, back or toothache. So
are we becoming too dependent on
medication to mask the pain instead
of getting to the root of the problem?
family GP Dr Sarah Brewer said,
Oral painkillers should be used in
the lowest possible dose for the
shortest time possible to allow you
to control your symptoms. They
should not be a default option that
we automatically reach for and
we certainly wouldnt recommend
regular use as a preventive measure.
The long-term use can be linked to
nausea, diarrhoea and indigestion,
but in some cases, this can also lead
to stomach ulcers, raised blood
pressure and even kidney problems.
Whats the alternative? Many
people will experience a headache
when theyre dehydrated, so drinking
a big glass of water could be enough
to help relieve the pain. for
backache, heat treatment can help
relax the muscles and with toothache,
a dental gel like Orajel can be used
to numb the area until you can get to
a dentist who can get to the source
of the problem, says Dr Brewer.
Check out our drug-free headache
treatments on page 112.

SenSpa Natural Body

Therapy Range. Three
fragrance collections
Detox, Nourish and Relax,
22 lovely products. From
3.95-10, at Waitrose

cheat sheet

Actress and writer

REbEcca FRonT,
51, is married to
screenwriter Phil
Clymer. They live in
London with their
children, Oliver, 17,
and Tilly, 14.

Ecology and therapy
is that the gist? Sort
of its all about how
nature-based activities
can help instil feelings
of positivity and control
in cancer patients.


Reading Ive just finished
Sarah Waters Affinity, which
was wonderful. I have
another of hers, The Paying
Guests, lined up next, but its
a toss up between that and
Jonathan Coes Number 11.


The good effects of

being outdoors arent
new, are they? No,
but the point is, active
outdoor activities are
not always possible
for people who are
undergoing treatment
for cancer or recovering
from surgery.
What will help then?
During a recent study,
seven women with
breast cancer were
encouraged to cultivate
and care for an indoor
garden bowl for three
months. They were
also asked to record
their daily experience.
Benefits included a
more reflective take on
their cancer journey
and improved positivity.
A good result for
something that doesnt
cost a lot in terms of
effort and outlay.
Research by research by
University of Wales Trinity
Saint Davids (UWTSD)
School of Psychology.


Holidaying in We try to
get away as a family to the
West Country whenever
we can for long walks and
pub lunches.

The eds test

Ive been trying a couple of quirky

better you gadgets
Foreo IRIS Eye Massager
This ergonomically designed
massager uses Alternating
TSonic Technology a
unique, gentle tapping
sensation to boost
circulation, oxygenate the
skin and help moisturiser
penetrate better.
Did it work? very
gentle and soothing;
only takes minutes
and I did feel
I looked less
puffy after.
99, current

Vibrapower Cordless Belt

uses palpitating movements
to help tone your body.
Did it work? I tried it on my
tummy and really liked the
sensation (feels like youve
had a massage), and could
see a difference. It isnt going
to give you a six-pack, but is
a good top-up that reminds
you to work your muscles.
easy to use,
only takes


of us say we never eat a main meal together at a dining

table in a typical week. Heart Research UK and Matalan
have launched the Together at the Table campaign to
encourage more shared meals as evidence suggest they
reduce your chances of being overweight. Download
recipes at (and find more at!)

Visiting The Delacroix

exhibition at The National
Gallery Phil and I love
going there. Im also planning
to see my friend, Sophie
Thompson, in Guys and Dolls.
Exercising Ive taken up
yoga and Im loving it. I feel
great for days afterwards.
Watching I usually go for
documentaries; when its a
drama or a comedy, I find
myself thinking about how
parts have been filmed, so I
cant relax. Even though I do
the voice-over, I often watch
Channel 4s The Supervet
its completely engrossing!
Indulging in A spa day
with my daughter. Manicures,
pedicures, a bit of a swim
and a healthy lunch.
Buying Im really into
florals at the moment; Im
always looking out for my
next shirt or dress.
Listening to I enjoy a lot
of classical music, particularly
Bach; Ive got very into his
Partitas for piano they get
me through train journeys!
Rebecca stars in Doctor
Thorne, available now on
Digital Download and DVD
from Universal Pictures (UK).

woman&home fee l

good you


your wellBeing

Discover the healing power of herbs to sort

a host of health problems
Rejuvenate your muscle tone its never
too late to get stronger, stay stronger
Beef up your brain power, prevent memory
loss today and forever with our expert tips
Find what really works to beat pain with no
pills: the best alternative remedies
Keep your gut healthy give your whole
body an immunity boost


photograph istock by getty images

weLLbeinG Healing Herbs

14 woman&home fEEL


Healing Herbs weLLbeinG

Feeling less than great? Maybe a bit low, achy, stressed,

menopausal, sleepless or just plain worn out? Good news

Theres a

for that!
he whole idea of using herbs
for health and wellbeing may
seem a bit mild-mannered and
folksy, but if youve ever drunk
mint tea to sort your digestion, popped a
dandelion pill to deflate the bloat or taken

How do we
take tHem?
So many ways, but to cut
to the chase, herbalist
Tipper Lewis gives us
a speedy breakdown
FreSh Straight from the
garden, they have an
amazing life force about
them. Add to salads, juices,
smoothies or infused in
tea. Use twice as much
fresh as dried they carry
lots of water.
DrieD Infused in water
and drunk as tea, its often
our intro to healing herbs.
But loose or bags? Brew if
you have the time, bags
if you dont!
TincTureS Liquid extract

ginseng to up your energy, youll know

they have clout maybe not in a kind of
crash-bang-wallop way but definitely a
way that feels gentle and right. Keen to
choose and use herbs for your wellbeing
niggle? The experts can help...

of herbs and water

preserved with alcohol.
Easy to take simply add
2-5ml to a little water and
drink. The alcohol takes it
into the bloodstream quickly
so may often act faster.
capSuLeS Good if you
dont like the taste or if
youre on the hoof. Read
the label to check its pure
herb. Having to digest the
capsule shell makes it
slower than tincture.

effects, says research

herbalist Monica Wilde.
However, some can
conflict with pharmaceutical
medicines. This isnt specific
to herbs after all, many
medicines cant be taken
with each other and even
some foods cant be mixed
with medicines. We
suggest you take advice
from a herbalist if your
problem is more than a
health and wellbeing niggle.

are tHey

do I need
an expert?

Used correctly or
prescribed by a qualified
medical herbalist, its very
rare that herbs cause side

Self-selection and help

from health shop staff
is great if your niggle is
short-term like a cough,

cold, hay fever, etc, but for

a more complex condition
see a qualified herbalist for
a complete consultation,
says Tipper. Online
research may give you poor
advice a book from a
respected author is a better
bet. To find a qualified
herbalist, contact National
Institute of Medical

Create your
own remedIes
Some youll know well,
others might come as a
surprise. Try some of our
favourite experts DIY
remedies or take the easy
route and buy! >>

wellBeinG Healing Herbs

Three for the girls

whatever your age

hot fluSheS? try calminG SaGe

It has to be the herb of choice for those pesky
menopause symptoms. Clinical trials have
shown that sage, along with liquorice root
and anise, all decrease the frequency
and severity of hot flushes, while
camomile and rose help with the
There are two ways to
stress and insomnia side of things,
brew herbs for medicinal
says Monica. Try her calming moves...
effect. Merel Prince from
Sage tea So easy to make as
herbalist G.Baldwin & Co
a DIY menopause tea, suggests
reveals how...
Monica. Just use 1tsp dried sage in
decoction method: Put
a small teapot and pour on boiling
1tsp dried herb into a pan.
water. Leave for 3-4 minutes to
Add a cup of cold water.
brew. Its easy and tastes good.
Bring to the boil and
Sage tincture Add 5ml sage
simmer for 10-15 minutes.
tincture to a little water or camomile
Strain, cool a little and drink.
tea and take three times a day.
infusion method: Put
need more clout? Monica suggests
1tsp dried herb into a pot.
a more rounded herbal tea. Mix
Pour on a cup of boiling
equal parts of dried sage, green
water. Keeping the pot
tea, rose petals and red clover
covered, steep 10 minutes,
then brew in the same way.
strain and drink hot or cold.
find: Dried herbs and tinctures, from
5.99 for 100g. Buy: MenoSage by
Schwabe Pharma, 8.16 for 30 capsules
of dried sage, all from

Brew it

PmS oucheS? Go for cramP Bark

Well-named cramp bark is used in musclerelaxing remedies. A blend of cramp bark,
raspberry leaf and wild yam tinctures can
be used to help ease PMS cramps, says
Tipper. Combine equal amounts of the
three tinctures and take 2-5ml in a little
water three times daily. Simple stuff.
massage often helps too. Tipper suggests
adding a few drops of clary sage and
jasmine essential oils to a little base oil
and massaging over your tum.
find: Tinctures, from 8.50 for 150ml;
essential oils, from 15 for 10ml, all from
PuffineSS? Pick dandelion!
If water retention is the culprit, then dandelion
tea is an easy way to help. Dandelion leaf tea
is a natural diuretic but contains potassium so
its also a safe herb. Infuse 1tsp for 5-10 minutes
and drink up to three times a day, says Tipper.
find: Dried dandelion, 2 for 50g, Buy: Dandelion
capsules, 9.99,

16 woman&home FEEL


Find herBs and more

napiers have a great collection of herbs and tinctures on offer, plus

ready-made blends and herbal medicine practitioners. They have a
help desk to advise if youre unsure about what to take. Go to
G Baldwin are the herbalists herbalist with an amazing array of herbs and
tinctures on sale. Their website features health notes and advice on herbs
and supplements. Go to to buy, find advice and online catalogue.
neals yard remedies a big range of herbs and tinctures as well as
in-store advice and bespoke tincture blending. Plus herbal medicine
practitioners in many of their therapy rooms. Go to
Botanica medica top-notch herbal apothecary in Surrey, who also
have ready-made tincture blends to buy following a telephone
consultation. For appointments with their medical herbalists, call 020 8892
9227 or visit the website
national institute of medical herbalists Find an expert near you at

Healing Herbs wellBeinG

Fight those sneezes

with soothing herbs

wordS lynn cardy PhotoGraPhS alamy, rememBer: iF you have a serious health condition or are pregnant, exercise caution and consult your health proFessional
BeFore taking herBs. *st Johns wort can interact with some medicines. check with your doctor or pharmacist iF you are on any other medication, including the pill

Got a cold? See it off with GinGer

and a few smart extras could kill it fast.
Tipper has a neat way: Grate some ginger
into hot water and add about 10 drops
of propolis (used by bees
to protect the hive).
try: Propolis tincture, 7 for

headache too. I find that rubbing a

capsicum cream into my neck and behind
my ears to relieve tension works a treat
on headaches and avoids paracetamol.
Buy: Napiers Capsicum and Ginger Warming
Cream, 8.50 for 100ml,
niGGly JointS? try St JohnS wort
Surprised? Well, St Johns wort
has great anti-inflammatory
effects. For a soothing massage,
add 20 drops of lavender, 15
of rosemary and 5 drops of
ginger essential oils to 100ml
St Johns Wort Macerated
Oil and rub over joints.
Blend: St Johns Wort Macerated Oil, 8
for 100ml; essential oils, from 6.50 for 10ml.
Buy: Warming Salve, 10 for 45g, all from

when you
Feel a cough
coming on,
try a thyme,
garlic and
ginger drink

PeSky couGh?
Sort it with thyme
When you feel a cough and
cold coming on, try Monicas thyme,
garlic and ginger cold killer drink...
Chop about 1cm ginger root, add a small
bunch of fresh thyme (or heaped tsp of
dried) and a chopped clove of garlic.
Simmer for 5 minutes in 2 cups of water.
Add a squeeze of honey and lemon.
Wrap up warm and drink.
Buy: Napiers Throat & Chest Blend with
thyme tincture 12 for 100ml,

Ease the aches...

rub it better

head PoundinG? chooSe caPSicum

A smart circulation-warmer, capsicum
often used in massage for arthritis and
rheumatism may help sort a tension

Plain exhausted...
herbs help revive you

Burnt-out? make it maca

When your adrenals arent working at peak,
you can feel wiped out. A simple tincture
mixing equal parts of maca, liquorice, rhodiola
and passiflora will help to nourish the adrenal
glands and build stamina and resilience,
says Jo. Blend equal parts of each tincture
and take 20 drops in water 3 times a day.
Buy: Adrenal Tonic, 14.95 for 100ml,

When youre not yourself

anxiouS and Jittery? make it camomile
Heres a groovy homemade tincture from US herbal expert
Tina Sams. Its been a staple in my house for 20 years. I found
that a few drops in any liquid would calm first-day jitters or
exam finals. Fill any size jar loosely with dried camomile
flowers. Cover with 100 proof vodka. Put a lid on the jar and
steep for several weeks. One half teaspoon is equivalent
to a strong cup of camomile tea.
find: Dried camomile, 8.19 for 25g,
loSt your focuS? GraB the GinkGo
Ginkgo, along with the other great memory herbs gotu kola
and rosemary, helps clear the fog. Mix equal parts of all three,
either teas or tinctures. Brew the herbs as before or add
2-5ml tincture blend to water three times daily.
Blend: Herbs, from 3 for 50g; tinctures, from 8.50 for 150ml,
all from

Find great advice...

Books by the herbal experts
Cook, Brew And Blend Your Own
Herbs (DK) From a raft of experts
at Neals Yard Remedies tells you
everything you need to know.
Healing Herbs: A Beginners Guide
to Identifying, Foraging, and Using
Medicinal Plants (Fair Winds Press) Over
100 inspiring remedies by Tina Sams.
Medicinal Herbs: A Beginners
Guide by Rosemary Gladstar (Fair
Winds Press) Americas favourite
herbalist dispenses her wisdom.
Grow Your Own Drugs (Collins)
by James Wong. His enthusiasm
for all things herbal shines through.
Everything from coughs to skincare!

tired out? reach for roSemary

A less-than-perfect diet fuels fatigue
and a smart herb tonic can buck you up.
Helping the liver to clear will refresh
you, says medical herbalist Jo Dunbar.
Take a sprig of fresh rosemary and
another of mint, plus 5 slices of fresh
ginger. Add 1tsp of apple cider vinegar
and a little honey. Pour over a cup of
boiling water. Drink this liver tonic twice
a day between meals.
Buy: Stamina Tonic, 14.95 for 100ml,

get a gentle lift

feelinG low? lift with lemon Balm

Its known as the herbal hug but add St Johns wort* and
lime flower to good old lemon balm and youve a tea with
spirit-lifting potential! Expert and author James Wong
suggests mixing 50g each of the dried herbs and using a
couple of tsp infused in freshly boiled water for 10 minutes.
Strain and add honey and lemon to taste. Joy in a cup!
Buy: Dried herbs, from 1.25 for 25g,
StreSSed out? relax with PaSSion flower
Feeling wound up like a spring? You need a tea with clout.
Passion flower makes a great tea for relaxing mind and
body without making you feel drowsy, says Tina. Perfect to
drink during the day to help you focus. Make in the usual
way and enjoy!
Brew: Dried passion flower, 1.69 for 25g,
Buy: Passion flower capsules, 11 for 60 capsules,

woman&home FEEL



Our muscles lose strength and mass as
we age but researchers have found it
is never too late to rejuvenate muscle
tone. Patsy Westcott talks to the experts

ts a well-known fact that as we

get older, we lose muscle tone and
strength thats the bad news. the
good news is, we can get back to
peak muscle fitness at any age with
minimum effort. Age-related muscle
loss aka sarcopenia is reversible
with exercise and diet tweaks.
We all lose strength and muscle
cells aspart of the ageing process,
explains Gp dr tom margham, primary
care lead at Arthritis Research uK.
However, our research has shown that
many of the symptoms we associate

with ageing, such as tiredness, are

caused by being physically inactive
muscles shrink and fat invades them,
which in turn can lead toproblems.
potential causes include age-related
changes in hormones, being more
inactive, lower protein intake and
inflammation caused by oxidative
stress (a process similar to rusting).
But even small lifestyle changes
can help maintain and even build
muscle that will help you look and
feel better now and for decades
to come, dr margham adds.

What is sarcopenia?
Surprisingly experts still cant agree an exact definition but it involves
both loss of muscle mass, or bulk, and strength.
Muscle mass Muscles shrink by
-1 per cent a year from around the
age of 40 mainly due to loss of the
fast-twitch muscle fibres needed for
high-intensity activities such as lifting
heavy objects or running for a bus.
During your 40s you still have 10 to 15
per cent more muscle than you need
but past 50 you lose this reserve,

18 woman&home feel

good you

and muscle loss can start to affect

function, says Dr stuart Gray, lecturer
in exercise and metabolic health at
the University of Glasgow.
Muscle strength Muscle shrinkage
is paralleled by a downturn in muscle
strength of around 1.5 per cent a year.
as a result, the risk of falls, fractures
and a host of disabilities goes up.

muscle building wellbeing

Soak up
some sun
Research shows that low levels of
vitamin D are linked to a greater risk of
sarcopenia in women although not men.
Build up your D levels by getting 15 to
20 minutes of sun exposure every day
between May and September. Worried
youre not getting enough? Ask your
GP for a blood test and consider a
supplement 10 micrograms
a day should be



Dont get too skinny.As long as youre not actually overweight, now is
not the time of life to diet. Slimming causes muscle loss and you could
end up what US doctor Mark Hyman calls skinny fat slim but lacking
in muscle with excess fat, especially around the midriff a body type
that increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. A healthy low-glycaemic diet
containing leanprotein (chicken, fish and eggs), nuts, seeds, pulses,
vegetables, fruit and wholegrains will help you stay a healthy weight and
provide the fuel your muscles need for that all-essential physical activity.
eat (oily) fish omega-3 fatty acids
found in oily fish can double the benefits of
strength training. As we get older, muscles
are less good at repairing themselves after
exercise, which is what stimulates them
to grow. omega-3s appear to help older
muscles behave more like younger ones,
says dr Stuart gray. In a pilot led by dr gray,
women who did two resistance exercise
sessions andtook fish oils had a 20-25 per
cent increase in muscle strength compared
with just 10-15 per cent increase in those
who did exercise alone. His advice? eat
oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, herring
and sardines, twice a week. If you dont
like fish consider a supplement. Check
the pack and choose one that provides
around 1.7g ePA and 0.4g dHA a day.

power up with protein but not

too much. Amino acids contained in
protein foods are the vital building blocks
of muscle. But despite what you
might think you dont need that much,
observes Professor Michael Rennie,
former professor of clinical physiology
at the university of Nottingham. your
body cant store protein so, once its

been broken down into amino acids, your

body takes what it needs and stores the
rest as fat or flushes it out of your system.
A 60kg woman needs just 48g a day a
boiled egg for breakfast, a tuna sandwich
for lunch and a small chicken breast or
a portion of pulses for supper, will do the
trick. And you can easily top up with a
healthy snack like yeo Valley Bio live thick
and creamy yogurts, made from organic
British milk, which come in packs of four
120g pots. There are five delicious options
Strawberry; Blueberry & Raspberry; fruit
Selection; Cherry; or Strawberry & Rhubarb,
2 per pack, selected supermarkets.

pick up an avocado Why? Theyre

a great source of the amino acid, leucine,
that studies show can help build muscle.
It seems leucine is not just a building block
but also signals when there are enough
amino acids to stimulate the production
of muscle cells, says Professor Rennie.
egg whites, tuna, turkey, chicken and
cottage cheese are other good sources.
TuRN To PAge 80 foR ouR

ITS never Too lATe To

reAcH peAk fITneSS
regular exercise not only slows the
rate of muscle loss, but can also
restore muscle strength and power
to your peak potential no matter
what your age or level of fitness.
Indeed, one study found that just
three months of exercise training
three times a week increased
leg strength by 27 per cent, the
equivalent of turning the clock
back 15 years. Whats not to like?
weight your workout Resistance
(strength) training is what you need to
build muscle and slow muscle loss, says
dr Margham. Two or three 15-20 minute
sessions offree or fixed weights or stretchy
resistance bands a week either at home
or in a class is enough. Build up gradually
to heavier weights or stronger bands. yoga,
tai chi, Pilates and even activities such as
climbing stairs that use your body weight
also enhance muscle growth and strength
as well as helping improve balance, which
can be affected by sarcopenia.

remember cardio While resistance

exercise is the main name of the game,
cardiovascular or aerobic exercise is also
essential. Without it, your bodys ability
to process oxygen declines by around
9 per cent a decade. As a result, strenuous
activities like walking uphill can tire you
out, which can lead to a vicious downward
spiral. But according to a Canadian study,
long-term aerobic exercise can boost
all-over muscle strength. Cardio also helps
the body use insulin and boosts blood flow
to the muscles, both essential for healthy
muscle. So find an activity you like brisk
walking, running, dancing and stick at it.

get up, stand up The more you sit the

worse for both muscles and bones, says dr
Tahir Masud, Professor of Musculoskeletal
gerontology at Nottingham university
Hospitals NHS Trust, another sarcopenia
researcher. In fact the more you build
up your muscles ,the stronger your bones.
Thats because the muscles load the
bones, helping tostimulate the cells that
form new bone. If you lead a sedentary
lifestyle, get up and make a cup of tea, go
and chat to a colleague instead of sending
an email, take the stairs when you can, and
build several ten-minute walks into your day.
woman&home feel

good you


wellbeing questions & answers

the thing with spring

is that we quickly realise how sadly lacking in
zest we are. Hey, lets reclaim our vital spark!
will reV Up My
Q what

Meet the
wellbeing eXpert
Lynn Cardy is
wellbeing editor
for Feel Good You
and woman&home.
Her mission:
to explore new
ways for us to lead
more balanced and healthier lives.

im almost too scared to

look in the mirror: my skin matches how
i feel after winter dull, lifeless and
completely out of sorts. what can i do?
get scrubbing and oiling with some
targets fine lines and revamps the moisture
skin-improving superfoods.
barrier try Sukin Super greens Nourishing
Scrub it with the gunge thats left in
Chia Seed oil+, 15.99 for 25ml, naturisimo.
your juicer! Its packed with vitamin C and
com and also moringa seed oil, for its
rough enough to make a gentle exfoliator,
hydrating and healing action. Try fushi
raves aromatherapist glenda Taylor.
Moringa oil, 13.50 for 50ml,
Work over your face, especially in the
nooks and crannies, then rinse to leave
how can i get My
skin looking and feeling smooth and bright.
grooVe bacK? i know
Add two drops of essential oil. Mandarin
winter hasnt been exactly super tough
would complement the fruity theme and is
but im still feeling totally whacked out!
good for brightening the skin, says glenda.
In the old days, youd be put straight onto
Include fresh ginger said to be good
a spring tonic, and its still a good idea. Try
for skin radiance and anti-ageing benefits.
A green SmOOthie by superfoodist Rick
Oil it Simply the best way to soften
Hay. drink for breakfast for a few days and
and plump winter-weary skin.
notice the boost. morning energy blast
Work a few drops from hairline to bosom.
Blitz avocado, 2 cups spinach,
Increase the amount over the next
5-6 cashews, 1tsp chia seeds
few days as the skin gets used
or linseeds and 200-250ml
to it and can absorb more.
unsweetened almond milk.
Try oils from seeds with
yeo Valleys no added
Its packed with protein
energising nutrients. We
refined Sugar granola goes
from the nuts and
like chia seed oil, which
perfectly with a pot of bio live
yogurt for a crunchy and creamy
avocado, a healthy dose
treat at breakfast or any time! it
of omegas via the seeds
contains rolled outs, raw nuts and
and a kick of energy
seeds as well as dried prunes
im feeling very jealous of my
the chlorophyll in
for good, clean energy and
yoga-loving friends. theyre all so flexible and
is delicious check out the
the greens, says Rick,
recipe at yeovalley.
im stiffening up bending is a real trial! is it too
late to get loose?
A green teA This herby
drink helps cleanse and detox
every size. its latest
those who do sport or want
of course not! and yoga
class, #any age yoga,
to lose weight. hatha the
is still on the cards. the
a sluggish system. nettle and cleavers
is aimed at anyone who
basis of yoga would be
beauty of yoga is that
tea Add 2tsp nettle leaves and 2tsp
wants to get more flexible.
my starting point.
postures can be simple
cleavers to a pot and pour over 300ml
or as complicated as you
pS need a flexible friend?
hate claSSeS?
want to make them, says
boiling water. Infuse for 10-15 minutes. drink
our favourite pharmacist
if youre yoga-class phobic
yoga teacher hilda Silver.
Shabir Daya suggests
(that is, youre not 25, pinhot or cold through the day. Cleavers helps
For me, simple postures
trying terranova tart
thin or super-bendy!), you
reduce fluid retention in the skin and nettles
done regularly is how you
cherry, nettle & turmeric
can still get into the vibe
see improvement.
for one or two months.
nourish the blood and cleanse the body,
with new interactive online
good for stiffness, joint
classes. is
which yoga?
says homeopath Susan Curtis. Herbs from
pain and inflammation, 20
our venue of choice, with
Dont latch onto the trendy
2 for 50g at
for 50g,
classes for every level and
or tricky. theyre great for


20 woman&home fee l

Need pepping up? Find handy diet and health tips for spring at
good you

photograph urbanlip productions

help Me Feel More


health dilemmas wellbeing

Am I ill
...or just

To help you to differentiate

severe conditions from normal
ailments, we asked the
experts to put together a
Hypochondriacs Health Guide
for some common problems

or some reason, when it comes

to your health, something is always
not quite right. A cough is not just
a cough youre pretty sure its a
sign of pneumonia and most of the time
you find yourself diagnosing your serious
illnesses with the help of Dr Google. Due
to our 24/7 stressful lifestyles, anxiety is
one of the most common mental health
conditions in Britain. Hypochondria, which
is a form of health anxiety, makes you
constantly worry about symptoms that
you dont really have.

Is it an upset stomach or is it Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Any change in your digestion or gut
function can cause anxiety, not to
mention physical discomfort. In some
cases, its easy to identify the cause
and food poisoning isnt hard to
miss. The fever, vomiting, abdominal
cramps and diarrhoea can be severe
but tend to clear after 24-48 hours.
It would be difficult to confuse this
with IBS, explains Shona Wilkinson,
Head Nutritionist at

IBS tends to be a more chronic problem

and can be characterised by wind, bloating
and fluctuating bowel motions, from loose
to constipated. Post-infective IBS is often
overlooked and can go untreated for a long
time. This occurs when the inflammation
and infection responsible for the food
poisoning leaves the delicate bowel lining
oversensitive long after the initial infection
passes. Such super-sensitivity makes
the gut react to its own natural movements,

causing cramping that is often only eased

by passing wind or going to the toilet,
adds Shona.
Getting to the bottom of IBS will require
an accurate diagnosis and the help of a
naturopath to guide you through the good
and bad foods for your bowels. Both
forms, however, benefit from taking a good
probiotic supplement such as Pro-Ven Adult
25 Billion (13.95 for 30, Boots), advises
nutritionist Cassandra Barns. >>

woman&home feel

good you


wellbeing health dilemmas

its not uncommon to hear people

complain that they have a migraine
when they are actually suffering from
a bad headache. thats not to say that
the bad headache is a mere trifle of
a symptom, but a migraine is a true
organic neurological disease.
tension headaches are common
and can be severe. They tend to be
generated by a mixture of physical
and emotional stress and
tension. Muscles in the neck
and shoulders tighten
up and restrict the neck
movement. This, in
turn, causes pains to
be felt over the back
of the head, often
ending up behind
one eye or over the
temple. Some tension

headaches are reported as being like

having a sweatband tightened around
the head, explains Shona.
a migraine, on the other hand, is a
complex mixture of chemical and circulatory
irregularities that ultimately cause head
pain. Migraines can have various
contributing factors. These may include
hormone imbalances or changes (they
often occur around menstruation in women),
a sluggish digestion, an overburdened
liver, nutrient deficiencies, stress, food
intolerances, blood sugar imbalances,
dental problems and even genetic
predisposition, adds Cassandra.
what is the difference?
Migraines follow a
two-phase attack. The
initial symptoms include
flashing lights in the
eyes (this is related
to a reduction in
circulation), which is
followed by a pounding
headache as the

Is it back pain or hip arthritis?

pain that originates across the lower back and is felt to run into the
hip area and across into the groin is a common complaint. the big
question is: is it a back or a hip problem?
Lower back pain is a real
plague. We all sit for far too
much these days and this
does our lower backs no
favours at all. Over time,
the discs thin and the joints
in the spine wear a bit,
causing typical stiff back
and hip complaints,
explains Shona.
However, when the pain
starts to run into the groin,
and sometimes along the
front of the thigh towards
the knee, confusion can
set in for the sufferer.
Typically, if its a
mechanical or degenerative
lower back pain, it tends to
ease up once the person
starts to get moving. You
can imagine the back oiling
up a bit, adds Shona.

22 woman&home feel

good you

THaT HappenS?
Staying active is crucial to
help mobilise the spine and
keep muscles toned. pilates
is an effective way to
manage back pain as it
improves your core stability,
keeps you supple and
enables you to move
mindfully with ease and with
control, says pilates guru
Lynne Robinson, a founder
of Body Control pilates and
the Back4Good programme.
With hip arthritis,
walking tends to aggravate
the situation as the wornout regions of the hip rub
together, causing pain and
a limp. One of the first
movements to be lost in hip
arthritis is the ability to turn

the leg inwards. This is

termed internal rotation of
the hip and is the cause of
groin pain. an X-ray will
confirm it but, as a rule,
consider the hip as the main
cause of pain if its worse
when walking, says Shona.
Glucosamine and
Celadrin are safe and
effective in both situations
but need to be taken for
two-three months before
improvements may be felt.
Try natures plus ageloss
Joint Support (41.75 for 90,, with
glucosamine, hyaluronic acid
and four essential collagen
types that help rebuild and
rejuvenate cartilage and
joints, says Michela Vagnini,
nutritionist at natures plus.

circulation changes again and blood vessels

expand and push on the pain-sensitive
covering of the brain, says Shona.
to help reduce your migraines,

try the following tips:

Balance your blood sugar by eating three
good meals a day. Common foods that may
trigger a migraine include cured meats,
alcohol (especially red wine), chocolate,
citrus fruits and strong cheeses.
Make sure youre drinking enough water
1-2 litres a day is recommended and
avoid sugary drinks, including fruit juices.
eat more magnesium-rich foods such
as pumpkin seeds, beans and pulses, and
green leafy vegetables.
Take a B vitamin supplement. Its thought
that the cause of the pain in migraines is
abnormal nerve activity, and B vitamins
contribute to normal nervous system function.
Vitamin B2, in particular, may be effective
in preventing or reducing the occurrence of
migraines. Try Quest Mega B Complex plus
1,000mg vitamin C (9.29 for 30,,
taking one tablet a day with breakfast.

Is it eczema or psoriasis?
Skin conditions can be notoriously difficult
to identify. Both eczema and psoriasis cause
red, irritant rashes that can appear at any
point in life, and both can be stress related.
However, you can often distinguish what
the skin condition is by just looking at the
places it appears. In the case of eczema, the
rash tends not to follow a regular shape or
distribution. Psoriasis typically has a raised,
disc-like appearance and occurs on the outer
surfaces of the limbs, around the trunk and in
the scalp. eczema tends to be found in creases
such as the back of the knee, groin, armpit and
elbow. The two rashes tend to stick to this
pattern of distribution, which can help when
trying to decide what it is, explains Shona.
Both can be helped by boosting your intake
of omega-3 fatty acids, such as flax oil, and by
applying a good natural moisturiser. Keeping
the skin moist and nourished from the outside
is crucial, as it can bring instant relief from
itchiness and discomfort. emollient creams
recommended by gPs can irritate already
inflamed skin, as they often contain chemicals,
so try a natural cream or balm such as
What Skin Needs Skin Balm (13.99 for 75ml,, which contains a blend
of natural ingredients, says Sonja dymalovski,
skincare expert at What Skin Needs.


Is it a headache
or a migraine?




Boost your mind power and

prevent memory loss. Patsy
westcott shows us how

beat brain fog

ease uP a LiTTLe People with a

positive, outgoing, relaxed personality are

50 per cent less likely to develop Alzheimers
than pessimists. Its hard to beat the habits
of a lifetime but making a conscious effort to
take minor setbacks in your stride and think
positively will make a difference.

BaLancing acT our ability to balance

is a measure of the health of our vestibular
system, whichcontrols movement and our
orientation in space as well as balance.Can
you stand on one leg, eyes open, for 30
seconds?eyes shut is harder so move on to
that and practise each day. Standing up and
sitting down without using your hands is also
good for balance, as is tai chi and yoga. See
our balance feature on page 84.

grow a Bigger Brain We now

know you can grow new brain cells

and pump up the size and function of old
ones in the areas governing memory and
learning. Activity is the key and it has to be
aerobic so walking is excellent. learning,

24 woman&home feel

good you

memory wellbeing

if its demanding, is also good. Taxi

drivers who to take The Knowledge
actually develop a larger hippocampus.

Take care of your TeeTh

Infection that causes gum disease

is thought to give off inflammatory
by-products that travel to areas of the
brain involved in memory loss. Brush, floss
and be sure to see the dentist regularly.

Love Language Being good at

writing essays in your schooldays

or having a talent for foreign languages
may counter Alzheimers symptoms in
later life. Writing courses, book clubs and
learning a language will all stimulate your
brain. free
online language courses.

More brain boosters

Meditatingmay increase brain cell numbers, stimulate the growth of larger brain
cells or even rewire brain circuitry.
Eating berriesthat have a high antioxidant content blocks brain-cell-destroying
oxidative inflammation.
Drinking coffeegives a caffeine boost and also a generous helping of antioxidants.
Walking in a park or countryside has similar effects to meditating and helps memory.
Avoiding omega-6 fat,a vicious source of inflammation and brain cell death,
means cutting processed and fast foods.
Eating nuts, especially walnuts or almonds, is good for your heart and also your brain
but only have a few as they are fattening. See our feature on nuts on page 69.
Enjoying workand feeling excited about projects makes your brain stronger.
Wearing a seatbeltor a sports helmet reduces risk of head injury, which over time
can hasten the onset of dementia.

Check blood pressure

High blood pressure can triple the risk
of developing all forms of dementia.
Your blood delivers essential oxygen,
glucose and nutrients to your brain, so
keeping our arteries flowing is essential
to your brain. Have your blood pressure
checked regularly. If the bottom number
is 90 or over and the top is 145 or above,
talk to your doctor about the best ways
to get it down. These include stopping
smoking, reducing salt intake in the
form of added salt and processed food
(reducing it to less than 6g a day could
cut your blood pressure by 10-15 per
cent), exercising regularly and trying
to minimise stress factors in your
life. If this hasnt worked after a
month, your doctor may
prescribe blood pressurelowering medication.

4 brain-protective
diets worth trying

MediterraneanNo surprise that a

Mediterranean diet, aka a Medi
plenty of fresh veg, fruit, fish, olive oil,
lean poultry, pulses, nuts and seeds
is super-healthy for the brain. Many
studies have found links between a
Medi and a lower risk of dementia.
But few have examined its direct
effects on brain function. one that
did found that a Medi Plus with
googLe iT Surfing the internet
stimulates the brain as we make
either extra olive oil or extra nuts
multiple decisions, which in turn engages
had distinct brain benefits compared
the circuits associated with attention,
with a low-fat diet over six years.
memory and reasoning. So dont feel
JapaneseA study of 1,000 Japanese
guilty about going online but be aware
people over 15 years found those
meeting people, socialising, walking
who ate the most soya think tofu,
and doing puzzles still matters more for
miso, edamame beans, soya milk,
our wellbeing.
soy sauce, vegetables, seaweed,
Patsy westcott is the
milk and dairy, and not much rice
co-author of Healthy Eating
had a lower risk of dementia.
to Reduce the Risk of Dementia
The DASH dietary
(kyle Books). it includes
Approach to Stop
Among countless studies showing moderate
advice and recipes based
Hypertension diet.originally
exercise can decrease your risk of age-related
on scientific evidence on
designed to lower blood
memory loss and all forms of dementia by up
how to protect your
pressure, dASH has recently
to 45 per cent, one in particular from Japan
been linked to slower cognitive
found that walking or running two miles daily
decline in a uS study. Key ingredients?
could lower risk by almost half. The body secretes
Veg, fruits, wholegrains, fish, poultry,
protective chemicals during physical activity, including
beans, seeds, nuts and low-fat dairy
a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF),
products, plus strictly limited salt,
sweets, soft drinks and red meat.
thought to spark the growth of neurons. Staying active should
The MinD dietShort for
be fun, whether youre in a city or enjoying the great outdoors.
Mediterranean-dASH Intervention
You dont have to trudge along a treadmill to feel great the
for Neurodegenerative delay a
team at Yeo Valley have been inspired to invent Yeo-ga, a
combo of key components of
workout with a twist to have fun and burn some energy.
both diets. Its still at the research
Go to and try out Pig in mud
stage but watch this space. >>

caLL a friend A wide social

circle makes your brain more

efficient and helps to build what experts
call cognitive reserve (spare capacity).
Try a new activity or join a course tomeet
new people, and dont forget to keep in
touch with wider extended family who
can get relegated to Christmas meet-ups.

geT waLking

or maybe Mud angel for yourself!

woman&home fee l

good you


wellbeing memory


dish up some fish Put fish and

eat veg and fruit lots

need to know Vitamin e is eight

seafood on the menu once to four

times a week, being sure to make at least
one of these meals oily fish. oily fish, such
as herring, mackerel, salmon and sardines,
are rich in dHA, a long-chain omega-3 fat
abundant in brain tissue. fish and seafood
contain other potential brain protectants,
including vitamin d, selenium, B vitamins,
zinc, iodine and an amino acid called taurine.

Why? for antioxidants, such as

vitamins C and e, which help protect against
cell damage. Plus plant nutrients, some
of which are highlighted for their potential
brain-friendly properties. Include red wine
and grapes (resveratrol), soya products
(isoflavones), cocoa and dark chocolate
(flavanols), citrus fruits (hesperidin), berries
and pomegranate (a range of polyphenols).

different nutrients. Most supplements

contain just one, alpha-tocopherol, but research
suggests others could be important for brain
health. gamma-tocopherol, found in rapeseed
oil, wheatgerm, pecans, cashews, Brazils,
walnuts and sesame seeds, may help quell
the brain inflammation involved in dementia.

B for Brain Theres evidence

that B vitamins, such as B6, folates

and B12, could help stop brain shrinkage
and delay dementia. find B6 in meat, fish,
poultry, wholegrains and veg, folates in
liver, yeast extract, pulses and green leafy
veg, and B12 in meat, offal, shellfish, fish,
milk and eggs. The latest research suggests
that B vitamins and omega-3s work together.

Cook up
a Curry

more mushrooms

Its thought the

plant chemical
curcumin found in
turmeric helps slow
the build-up of protein
plaques characteristic
of Alzheimers. Try Natures
Best High Potency Turmeric, 14.50
for 60 capsules,

Sun-dried shiitake mushrooms,

that is. The reason? Theyre one of
the few foods containing vitamin d.
And low blood levels of vitamin d are
linked to poorer brain function. Its not
yet known exactly why, but vitamin d
may sweep away a protein involved
in Alzheimers from the brain. But
exposing skin for 15 minutes a day to summer
sun is the best way to up your d quota.

understand homoCysteine

Homocysteine is an amino acid found

in blood and created in response to eating
protein. evidence is emerging between high
homocysteine levels and memory loss and
a higher risk of Alzheimers. one Australian
study found that eating folate-rich foods
was associated with faster memory recall.
Helen Bond, state-registered dietitian,
advises: Along with vitamins B12 and B6,
folate is the third nutrient crucial to keeping
homocysteine levels low. It is found in green
veg like spinach, kale, lettuce, asparagus,
Brussels sprouts and broccoli, as well as
brown rice, peas, oranges, chickpeas and
breakfast cereals fortified with folic acid.

eat lots of veg and fruit

Why? As well as being a source of vitamins C and E, which

help protect against cell damage, fruit and veg are also rich
in plant nutrients, some of which, members of the
polyphenol family, are being increasingly
highlighted for their potential
brain-friendly properties. Include
citrus fruits (for the hesperidin),
berries and pomegranate (for
a range of polyphenols).
Aim for at least five
raw or lightly cooked
fruit and veg a day.
26 woman&home feel

good you

and drink
Tea leaves are packed with
compounds able to penetrate the
blood-brain barrier and block neuronal
damage. Black or green tea both have
benefits but green tea has up to four
times more antioxidants. Just dont add
milk, which can reduce teas antioxidant
activity by as much as 25 per cent.
Apple juice boosts a brain messenger
chemical called acetylcholine, lacking
in people with Alzheimers disease.
Apples also contain the plant chemical
quercetin, which may mimic a drug
called Aricept (donepezil) used to treat
early Alzheimers. drink two glasses
of apple juice a day or eat two apples.

Try to limit
Alcohol to two or three units
a day, preferably with meals.
TrAns fATs inpastries, cakes,
pies, fast foods and ready meals.
sATurATed fATs from red meat,
butter, cream, cheese. Many studies,
suggest a low-saturated fat diet
is more brain-protective, so while
these foods contain other important
nutrients its best not to overdo them.
sugAry foods such assweets
and soft drinks.

photographs getty images, istock by getty images

FgY tip
sprinkle on the
vinegar! its acidity sinks
risk factors that may lead
to memory decline such as
high blood sugar, insulin
resistance and diabetes
by reducing blood
sugar spikes.

pain wellbeing

Time to

ease the pain...

with some unexpected natural remedies!

Whether its
the throbbing
symptoms of a
migraine or the
pounding of a
stress headache
like a tightly worn
halo, natural
remedies can
offer relief from
debilitating pain.


Ouch! Joint pain

takes the fun out
of anything other
than sitting quietly
in a chair. Soothing
them isnt always
easy but theres
lots to try. Heres
our experts pick.

Quick-ish fixes

Long-term gains

great theraPY

An old-fashioned
herb like Feverfew

traditionally used to treat

recurring heads?
magnesium and coQ10

could be the duo for you.

Weve heard good

things about cranial

osteopathy. This gentle

headaches is a great
place to start. A few drops
of tincture in cool water
could help the ache. Or a
tea made from the dried
herb. Simmer 2tsp in a cup
of water for 10 minutes,
strain and drink. Try The
Organic Pharmacy Feverfew
Complex Tincture, 11.50
for 50ml, theorganic; or Dried
Feverfew, 4 for 50g,

magnesium acts as a muscle

relaxant and coQ10 is a
powerful antioxidant, says
nutritionist shona Wilkinson.
studies show that people
who suffer from migraines
are often deficient in both.
take 250mg of magnesium
and 100mg coQ10 per
day. try Natures Plus
Dyno-mins Magnesium,
14.95 for 90 tablets; and
Pharma Nord BioActive Q10
Ubiquinol, 46.99 for 60

treatment detects and

releases tension throughout
the body, making it good
for both migraines and
recurring stress headaches.
Find an osteopath at
Find more headache relief
ideas on page 112.

something topical
and easy to use is

a boon. try spraying

Natural eggshell
membrane (NEM)

and cherry extracts are the

acupuncture may
sound a spiky

suggestion for those with

on magnesium oil, which

relaxes muscles and
nerves, and thus alleviates
pain quickly, suggests
pharmacist shabir Daya.
Personally i find an
acupressure device worn
for five minutes between
my thumb and forefinger
works a treat for wrist
pain. try Life-Flo Pure
Magnesium Oil Spray,
16 for 236ml; or Aculief
Acupressure device, 19.95,

buzz ingredients to look for.

NEM displays powerful
anti-inflammatory properties,
and cherry extract is known
to help the removal of acidic
compounds that cause
pain and stiffness, says
Shabir. Try Superior Joints by
Food Science of Vermont,
30 for 60 capsules, they
have NEM and cherry in
the mix.

joint and arthritis pain,

but trust us the needles
are so fine it wont add to
your problems. regular
treatments can help break
the pain cycle and bring
relief. find a therapist at >>

woman&home feel

good you


wellbeing pain

From period pains

to arthritic aches
and inflammatory
problems, its nice
to know there are
natural remedies
out there that can
help ease the pain.


Along with lessthan-adorable

shoulder pain,
its guaranteed
after getting
back into fitness
or gardening
following a donothing-much
winter. Remedies
with a homeopathic
spin are worth
seeking out.


28 woman&home feel

Such as neuralgia,
where you get that
intense throbbing
in the face and
head, or sciatica,
where pain
cascades down
from hip to ankle,
is like having one
giant toothache
another form
of nerve pain!

good you

Long-term gains

great theraPY

Surprisingly, hops are

on our radar. They

have fast anti-inflammatory

turmeric and cherry

extract are natural

soothers. turmeric is said to

Reflexology can be a
top-to-toe treatment.

Using focused massage on

and pain-relieving qualities

comparable to ibuprofen
and aspirin. Studies show
them to be safe and well
tolerated, says research
herbalist Monica Wilde.
Because they are fast
acting, they can be useful
for nerve pain such as
toothache. Try Nutrigold
Nurocyte Hops Extract,
20.95 for 30 caps,

bring down inflammation

and pain fast, making it good
for menstrual cramps, frozen
shoulder any inflamed and
painful conditions. taken
long-term, cherry extract can
help alleviate the pain of
arthritis, osteoarthritis
and joint pain, including
gouty toes. try Pukka
Herbs Wholistic
Turmeric, 15.95 for 30
caps; or Cherry Active
Capsules, 12.95
for 30,

areas of the feet to stimulate

healing, its good for
migraines, back problems,
hormonal imbalance plus
tension and stress. Find a
practitioner at

arnica is the queen of

remedies for stiff and

sore bodies. soothe shoulder

Double your
wellbeing clout

with soothing arnica extras.

pain with a nifty arnica

spray directly spritzed onto
the stiff and tender area.
help relieve a niggly lower
back pain with an easyto-take oral homeopathic
remedy spray of arnica,
ruta grav (used for tendon
injuries) and rhus tox (to
relieve stiffness). try Weleda
Arnica Bumps and Bruises
Spray, 5.95 for 20ml; or
Weleda Arnica Muscular
Pain Relief Spray, 9.95 for
20ml, both

Arcinca balm would be

my go-to for stiffness,
sprains, back pain or frozen
shoulder, says pharmacist
Zoe Smith. Its wonderfully
soothing and can be applied
with a light touch or more
vigorous massage to suit
your pain threshold. Go for
broke and regularly dunk in
a bath laced with arnica too.
Try Weleda Arnica Massage
Balm, 10.95 for 100ml; or
Weleda Muscle Soak, 12.95
for 200ml, both

Body stress release

may be a new one

to you but its ideal for this

Spices are hot stuff

for nerve pains like

neuralgia. Capsaicin,

capsaicin is also good

for sciatica. as well

as working internally, its also

Subtle and lightfingered, the Bowen

Technique uses gentle

the natural compound

found in chillies and
cayenne, can help to
block pain from being
communicated to the brain
via the central nervous
system, says Monica. How
do we take it? Tablets are
your best bet. Try Napiers
Cayenne Tablets, 7.50,

effective when absorbed

via the skin, says monica.
using a muscle rub that
contains a natural capsicum
extract can really help
manage pain. so can a really
strong natural ginger extract,
so a duo of rub plus ginger
tea is a good move. grate a
good knob of ginger into
a pan with a mug of water
and simmer for 5 minutes.
try Capiscum and Ginger
Warming Cream, 7.50 for

rolling movements often

done through clothes
which makes it perfect for
sore to the touch problems
like back pain and frozen
shoulder. Fans love its
pain-relieving effects.
Find a therapist at

kind of pain. after gentle

muscle testing, light and
precise pressure is used
to encourage nerves and
muscles to release stored
tension and relieve the
symptoms of problems
such as sciatica,
headaches and tiredness.
find a practitioner at

words lynn cardy photographs istock by getty images


Quick-ish fixes

one thing wellbeinG

if you only do one thing

Be kind to your ears

K, no one likes earwax,

but its job is to keep
ears healthy, stopping
dust, dirt and bugs from
getting into your ear canal and
protecting ears from infection.
Ear canals are actually selfcleaning. Every time you
chew or move your jaw, youre
helping move old wax from
your ear canal to your ear
opening. The wax then dries
and falls out. Never remove
wax with a cotton bud; they can
puncture your eardrum and
might push the wax further in,
where it can harden and cause
pain and hearing problems.
If earwax is causing minor
problems, try over-the-counter
eardrops from a pharmacy;
these can help soften the wax
so that it falls out naturally.
Contact your GP surgery
if you have troublesome
symptoms or eardrops
havent helped
after three to
five days.


PHOTOGRAPH getty images

Olive oil is great for

softening ear wax but
dont use it out of your
storecupboard; it has to be
sterilised! Try Otex Olive
Oil ear Drops, 3.99 for

woman&home fee l

good you




your gut

When your insides are unhappy then so are you!

Luckily, natural remedies can restore harmony


new yeo Valley bio

live yogurts contain
live cultures and less than
10% total sugars per pack,
meaning you can fuel your busy
day with good, clean energy
without compromising
on taste. 2, selected


Tame an anxious Tum

with a flowery tea

stress always lands in our stomach and creates havoc.

if your tum feels restless and nervy, try a tea that
hugs you better. amy Jirsa, naturopath and author of
Herbal Goddess (storey books), has a soothing recipe.
In a pot, combine 1tsp each dried lavender and
lemon balm. Steep for 10 minutes, strain and sip.
Lemon balm is talented at treating a nervous
stomach and blends beautifully with lavender, says
Amy. try adding some spoil-yourself sweetness
with a little honey. Aaah feels better already.

words lynn cardy PhotograPhs

getty images, istock by getty images


Fix your digesTion

with a herb tincture

a martyr to indigestion, heartburn or acid reflux?
gentian tincture could be your go-to herb. said to
be one of the best for a troubled gut, this bitter herb
ups gut enzymes to sort digestion. add to water
then brace yourself for the taste and the fact that you
need to sip slowly to make it work. look for tinctures
that feature other happy gut herbs like angelica or
fennel. try Gentian Angelica Bitters Tincture, 12.50,; or Viridian Organic Digestive Elixir

sorT your downsTairs

with a fruity infusion

sluggish or loose, when your downstairs gut acts up, life

is sad. We love nici Hofers classic austrian infusion recipes
to help sort things. Prune If nothings happening, prunes
are a natural way to get things going, says Nici. Soak a
handful overnight in 750ml water. Strain and sip slowly.
blueberry This is my nans way to treat diarrhoea, says
Nici. Put 2-3tsp dried blueberries (not fresh) into 250ml water.
Bring to the boil, then simmer for 10 minutes. Strain and drink
through the day. Nici Hofer is co-author of Vinegar Socks:
Traditional Home Remedies for Modern Living (Hardie Grant).

woman&home fEE L



fgy TIP


Be inspired to live your best

life with a Wellness Planner, 48, Use the tabs to keep
track of your wellness, exercise,
nutrition and mental wellbeing,
taking the opportunity to look
back and reflect on your


The best ways to keep yourself

well during the spring

eVeRy bReatH yoU take

taking a few minutes each day to try different breathing techniques
can contribute to the health of elderly people and their carers.

To de-sTress Sit straight

and breathe in slowly and deeply
through your nose. You should feel

your stomach expand. Breathe out

slowly through your mouth. Repeat
for ten minutes or longer.
To aid sleep Breathe out
through the mouth, making a
whooshing noise. Close your mouth,
breathe in and hold for a count of
seven. Breathe out of your mouth
for a count of eight, making the
whooshing sound. Repeat ten times.
To reduce anxieTy Hold one
nostril closed; breathe in through
the other. When you exhale, close off
the other nostril. Repeat ten times.

HoT FlusH relieF

exercise can reduce the amount and intensity of hot flushes
during the menopause, according to a study published in
The Journal of Physiology. exercise that makes you hot and
sweaty reduces the severity of hot flushes by minimising
symptoms such as the amount of sweating, elevations
in skin temperature and blood flow in the brain.


32 woman&home fee l

good you


research by joint health supplement
regenovex revealed that 59 per cent
of us buy anti-ageing cosmetics, but
70 per cent of us do nothing to keep
our joints young, even though a third
had had to stop or reduce physical
activities because of painful joints.
23.99 for 30 capsules, Boots.

sUppLeMeNts for sports

Dual Action
with Back
Relief Gel

spiru-Tein Vanilla WHey

proTein poWder is a
creamy shake packed with
vitamins, minerals, diet aids,
enzymes, spirulina and fibre.
22.70 for 476g,

eleTe elecTrolyTe
supports hydration, muscle
function, energy and heat
tolerance. simply add it
to your water. 22.96 for

solgar l-arginine 500Mg

with amino acids, the
building blocks of protein;
l-arginine for endurance and
strength. 9.10 for 50,
Holland & Barrett.

relaxes tense,
knotted muscles
to alleviate and
prevent pain in the
back and neck.
24.99 from, and
larger Superdrug

photograph istock by getty images

Many older people can spend a lot

of time sitting or lying down, often
because of medical problems; many
also suffer from stress-related
conditions. A few simple
techniques can make a huge
difference, and wed urge anyone
caring for an elderly relative to sit
with them, join in and encourage
them, says Deborah Stone of advice

10 brilliant ideas wellbeing

wellbeing short thoughts...

The glaring light of
a tablet, smartphone or
your computers backlit screen
can throw off your bodys natural
circadian rhythm by suppressing
melatonin, a hormone that helps
regulate sleep and wake cycles.
Its a good idea to avoid all
tech for at least an hour
before bed.

infection? Try Uva
Ursi, a herbal medicine
that combats bacteria with
a compound known as
arbutin. Take 500mg three
times a day until at least
5-7 days after the last
sign of infection.

Can duct
tape get rid of
warts? Studies
conflict, but it may
just help peel away
layers of the skin and
trigger the immune
system to fight off
the wart.

Its the
little changes
that help you live a
healthy, fulfilled life. Like
buying quality well-sourced
food. Yeo Valley produces
dairy products using only
organic milk; their Bio Live
yogurt is made with no
added refined

If you
feel more tired
after meals, you could
have a mild intolerance to
something youre eating
try eliminating foods one at
a time to see if it improves;
think about asking your
doctor about a food
allergy test.

Zinc is vital to
healthy cell division,
so parts of your body that
rapidly reproduce like hair
and nails need a constant
flow to generate strong
cells. A zinc deficiency can
cause splitting nails.

If youre trying
acupuncture for the
first time, wear clothing
that allows easy access to
lower arms and legs where
many points are located;
dont go on an empty
stomach or straight
after a meal.

If you suffer
with psoriasis and
have an itchy scalp, try
apple cider vinegar on your
head a few times a week
either full strength
or with water then
rinse after it dries.

your tummy for as
little as 5 minutes a day
can boost blood flow and
ease tension from period
pain. Start a few days
before youre due

If your
mans overweight, it
could impact his sexual
performance. Obese men have
lower levels of testosterone,
and being overweight is also
linked to high blood pressure
and hardening of the arteries,
which can reduce blood
flow to the penis.

With thanks to;;

woman&home fee l

good you


your BEAuTy

Dare to bare learn the art of applying

nude make-up for a healthy-looking you
Get ready to bare your legs, with our
flawless self-tan technique
Erase lines, smooth and plump with our
best secrets for ageless skin
Have a great hair day every day! Expert
solutions and the latest best buys
Learn the art of a great manicure and get
set to show off immaculate nails

photograph GEtty imaGEs

BEAUTY New treNd

No make-up

You but improved! Learn the art of invisible
make-up with our expert guide only you will
know the secret, reveals Jo Glanville-Blackburn

Fake flawless
Chances are, the older you get, the more blemishes there seem to be: but flawlesslooking skin is actually just a balance between matte and shine, dark and light.


skin with moisturiser. dont expect
any foundation to look good on skin that
hasnt been conditioned beforehand,
says Rebecca Restrepo, New york A-list
make-up artist and global make-up artist
for elizabeth Arden. Then focus primer
on areas of the face (and skin) most prone
to movement: the centre of the forehead,
between the brows, and the lines down
the sides of the nose down to the mouth.

PRO TIP Make pores and fine lines

disappear with a magic primer: FGY
loves Lancme La Base Pro Pore
Eraser, 24; or Sensai Skin Focus
Corrector, 27, in a handy stick.
My favourite tip? Apply with
a brush, says Maybelline UK
make-up director Sharon Dowsett,
then use the same brush for putting
foundation on over the top it
makes it more sheer and wearable.


cream and/or foundation to the centre
of the face where we all have the most
issues redness, discolouration, enhanced
pores and fade it out at the cheeks.
Skin needs to look like skin, not a mask.


concealer to cover stubborn areas of
redness and broken capillaries. Always
use concealer over the top of foundation,
not under, otherwise it will move the base
youve carefully applied, says Sharon. We
love the crayon tip of LOral True Match
Cream Le Crayon Correcteur, 4.99, which
stays put all day.


I dislike powder but theyre getting
super-fine in texture so they really
arent settling in the creases and making
us look older than we are. Keep a light
touch: just where you never want to shine.
Best powder? The super transparent
By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder, 42.


Rumour has it that at least 50 per cent of us

dont like wearing foundation. foundation
has a bad rep, says Clinique make-up
artist florrie White. you want to look
bare-faced, but chances are you still need
to even things out. Check out one of
these lightweight foundations that you cant
feel, can barely see and stay in place for
hours, reducing the need for powder. Try
Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation
+ Concealer, 25, in 21 shades, with new
sensing technology that determines
whether your skin is dry or oily, plus a fab
magic wand applicator shaped like a
fingertip to dip, swipe and tip onto skin; the
faultless Nars All Day Luminous Weightless
Foundation, 32; Maybelline Dream
Flawless Nude Foundation, 8.99, thats
easy to layer up; or for a bit more cover, try
Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly
Satin 24Hr, 29, that truly stays put. >>

woman&home fee l

good you


BeAuty new trend

Eyes right
A naked, neutral eye is anything but!
Just like your skin, its all in the layering

Moisturised highlights are a flattering way to contour. Think tops of cheekbones, the
bridge of the nose, top of the Cupids bow, across the collarbone, for a lovely radiance.

tHe smOky Nude Keep darker

colour on the outer corner of the
eye. Dark on the inner corners
makes eyes look dark and tired; not dark
and sultry! says Rebecca. Use skin tone
eyeshadow to shape and sculpt your
contours, keep dark on the outer corners
and let it fade into the centre of the eyelid.
Then place a paler colour as a highlighter
to the inner corners for a flattering look.

The flush of youth

Add ligHt Look for radiance primers
that make skin gleam: MAC Prep + Prime
Natural Radiance Base Lumire in
Radiant Pink, 29.50, makes skin look and
feel ten years younger; YSL Touche clat
Blur Primer Blurring & Illuminating Fluid
Gel Primer,29.50, with tiny gold flecks that
glimmer; or Lancme La Base Pro Hydra
Glow Illuminating Make Up Primer, 28.50,
which rejuvenates the face in seconds.

Add HeAltH Foundation takes

colour out of skin, so now add a bit
back to the cheeks. A perfect pink
has a hint of raspberry for that cold weather
blood rush to the cheeks, says Terry Barber,
MAC director of make-up artistry. Choose
powder formulas: Guerlain Mtorites
Perles de Blush in Angelic Radiance,
34.50; or go creamy with Maybelline
Dream Touch Blush in Apricot, 6.49.

ONe cOAt One very fab mascara

is all you need. The trick to apply?
Tilt your head back, look down into
a hand-held mirror as if youre looking
down into your nostrils; this is the best way
to apply mascara or eyeliner, says Rebecca.
Saturate lashes at the base, then comb
through. To finish, make sure you catch all
the last tiny lashes at the ends, as this will
dramatically enhance the look. Brush
mascara on lashes inwards first, towards
your nose, so you catch the outer lashes;
then brush straight ahead and out to the
sides. The difference is amazing: youll miss
none! Sisley So Intense Mascara, 39.


PRO TIP Take an ivory soft

shimmer eyeshadow and use
this as your highlighter, says
Sharon. Just polish it into
your skin using a big brush,
wherever you want to highlight.
Try maybelline eyeshadow
mono in sultry sand, 5.99.

Prime time An eyelid base makes

colour stay put and may help counteract
uneven tone and crepiness. Try
LOral Revitalift Magic Blur Instant Skin
Smoother Anti-Ageing Eye Cream, 12.99.
How to NOt look tired? Use your ring
finger to apply concealer, says Rebecca,
as it gives the least amount of pressure
on your skin here. Apply concealer into
the inner corner of the inner brow then tap
downwards. This way youre left with less
on your fingertip, so its lighter and less
heavy under the eye.

The ultimate
nude lip
Ask yourself, do I need colour? its
so individual, says Terry. If you think
nude is all about just beige youre wrong.
A beige lip is great for young things that
want festival chic, but it drains the face
if youre older. Get a good pink stain that
brings out the natural tone of your lip
it makes teeth look whiter too!
From top: shiseido Veiled rouge lipstick
in rosalie rd302, 19.50; bareminerals
marvelous moxie in Be Free, 17; este
lauder Pure color envy shine sculpting
lipstick in charmed, 25; chanel rouge
coco lipstick in Adrienne, 26

PrO tiP Pout your lips with a pencil

rather than an injection, says Sharon.
Most women have an uneven lip
line. You dont what anything too
obvious, so use your lip pencil on its
side, not the point, says Rebecca,
this way you avoid leaving a harsh
line as it wears off. try charlotte
tilbury lip cheat in Pillow talk, 16.

woman&home FeeL



bEAUTy ageless skin


Youve got that ageless attitude
heres how to have the skin to match!
Re-evaluate how you treat your skin
today, for tomorrow, to look your
best, says Jo Glanville-Blackburn



Your eyes are the fastest age giveaway there is.

Whats going on? Skin here is naturally thinner and more
vulnerable to external aggressors such as UV and pollution
(smoke), so target daily care to plump, soften and protect.

What can YOU do about it?

THE MINIMUM Massage helps de-puff and

get circulation moving, says celebrity facialist
Debbie Thomas. Hydration is everything so
combine both when you apply eye cream.
Dr Sandeep H Cliff, consultant dermatologist
and dermatological surgeon for Surrey and
Sussex NHS Trust, recommends NeoStrata Skin
Active Intensive Eye Therapy, 51.45, One of
the few creams that can also be applied to the
eyelids too. Or try Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark
Circle Perfector SPF30, 29, which is tinted to
brighten skin underneath.
A LITTLE MORE Hooded eyelids/eyebags? Strategically
placed Botox can lift the brow if you have mildly hooded
eyebags, according to consultant dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe.
THE MAX Surgery is the only effective option to treat heavy
lidded or hooded eyes to give a more open and younger
appearance to the eyes, advises Dr Lowe. Seek out an
oculoplastic surgeon, an expert in blepharoplasty. Its deemed
to be the one facial surgery with the highest level of satisfaction.


The bane of almost every lipstick lover over 50, these lines
become indelible super fast.
Whats going on? Vertical lines above the mouth are often referred
to as smokers lines (even if you dont), and occur because muscles
around the mouth tighten and pull the skin into a puckering state,
says Debbie. Its difficult to treat because it is muscle more than
skin causing the issue.

Golden rule

What can YOU do about it?

THE MINIMUM Try facial exercises that

counteract the pulling in of your mouth,
says Debbie, and be conscious that drinking
through straws, smoking or similar movements
that pull your mouth into this small O shape will
be tightening those muscles even more. The
same ingredients you use around your eyes are
fab for the lips too, says Debbie. Im a huge fan of
Guerlain Orchide Imperiale Eye and Lip Cream, 120,
which softens and plumps those vertical lines.
A LITTLE MORE Hyaluronic dermal fillers are the main solution
for static lines and gravitational folds, says specialist dermatologist
Dr Stefanie Williams. Injected directly beneath a line or fold, it
boosts moisture to help keep the surface smooth, plump and lifted.
THE MAX Laser peels, plumping and smoothing lasers
and micro needling can all help stimulate collagen in this area
softening the lines, says Sandeep.

40 woman&home FEEL



Stay hydrated!
Fine lines deepen
on thirsty


Soft, rounded plump cheeks are the hallmark of a youthful

face, while gaunt, hollow cheeks add on years.
Whats going on? Fat tissue in cheeks is among the first to go
with age, says Dr Stefanie Williams. Collagen production slows
down, so the loss of skin fat pads particularly around eyes and
mid face, plus the pull of gravity, has an ageing effect. Try to
keep a little extra weight on and stay toned, says Debbie
Thomas. Your face will look more youthful.

What can YOU do about it?

THE MINIMUM Try a lifting, plumping facial such

as CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology
Instrument), known as the electronic facelift.
It improves muscle tone so facial features
are more defined, skin is firmer, and
fine lines and wrinkles are reduced
by up to 34 per cent, says Deborah
Richardson, Harrods Urban Retreat
Facialist. Expect to pay 60 for
60 minutes,
Or invest in the CACI Microlift
handheld device, 349,,
which mimics the effect at home.
Try a collagen drink: I have one daily to
plump my skin from within. Aneva Derma,
110 for a months supply, contains minuscule
particles of collagen and hyaluronic acid particles to

wrinkles show a life well lived.

if you are happy with yourself
and confident in your own
skin, this radiates from you
plump from within. Opt for a peptide and/or hyaluronic-based
serum under your day or night cream, such as the much-loved
Este Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery
Complex II, 48; LOral Paris Revitalift Filler Renew Serum,
14.99; or Darphin Exquisge Beauty Revealing Serum, 75, with
a collagen-boosting multi-peptide and algae complex to make skin
more supple and firm to the touch.
A LITTLE MORE One of my favourite regenerative treatments to
gently help plump facial areas is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), says
Dr Stefanie Williams; I regularly have it myself! It involves the reinjection
of part of the patients own blood serum (rich in platelets) back into his/her
skin. These platelets then release growth factors, which stimulate skin cells
to produce more collagen and elastin. Expect to pay from 550.
THE MAX Deep dermal filler injections work while others may consult a
plastic surgeon about facelift surgery or cheek augmentation, says Sandeep.
I always sound a note of caution about fillers offering permanent solutions
as the effects cannot be reversed. What looks good now may not look so
good in ten years time. Try the 8-point lift by Dr Stefanie Williams. Its like a
liquid facelift, she says, creating youthful contours rather than chasing isolated
wrinkles. Small amounts of hyaluronic acid are administered into eight points on
either side of the face to gently recontour to make the entire face look youthful,
but in a completely balanced way so that no one would ever know.

seLF feature name


time to


Healthy, fresh, glowing isnt that how we all want our skin to look as the
weather warms up? Heres how to prep your legs now to show off soon!

xx woman&home feel

good you

credits here


dare to bare beauty

exfoliate yourself smooth

Body scrubs transform skin in minutes.
For a two-in-one quick step under the
shower, we love salt-in-oil scrubs, such
as ESPA Invigorating Salt Scrub, 36
for six sachets, as they leave skin
beautifully soft. If youre using a self-tan
product, choose a wash-off scrub, such
as Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub, 29,
which leaves skin more matte, and then
follow with a moisturising lotion.
Need something with a bit more
kick to reboot your skin? The
Korean Spa Magic Peeling Mitt, 4
(, has one
terrycloth side for cleaning and another
made of rayon (taken from natural
wood pulp), giving amazing exfoliation
for very little effort. While showering,



gradual self-tanners deliver a hint of colour
with added moisture, so you can build the
colour each day to create a natural-looking
glow. Just swap your regular body lotion
for one of these: Rimmel London
Sunshimmer Instant Tan Gradual Glow
in Light or Medium Matte, 6.99; Vita
Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual
Lotion, 15; Bondi Sands Everyday
Gradual Tanning Milk, 11.99 after
a shower, apply in a constant sweeping
motion all over, let it sink
in for a few minutes and
youre done. even with
a gradual, remember to
wash your palms and
in-between fingers and toes
after use, so you dont give
the game away!
Fake it easy: St Tropez
Gradual Tan In Shower
Tanning Lotion, 14.50, does
what it says on the tin it
develops the moment you wash
it off, with no streaks in sight.

Chances are, your legs have been
safely wrapped up in 40-deniers
since September, so the thought of
baring them again can be daunting.
Whether your skin is so fair that the veins
show through, or you have thread veins or
age spots to worry about, theres no reason

stand out of the water and rub the

dampened mitt up and down on skin
the firmer the better, even if it does feel
a little scratchy! Magically (and slightly
strangely), the dead skin on top starts
to peel away then just rinse under the
shower to reveal smooth, soft limbs.
Its a fairly intense exfoliation so once
a week is probably enough, and youll
get about eight-ten good scrubs from the
mitt before you need to buy a new one.
TRy A WEEKLy dETox: Himalyan
pink salt is the purest on the
planet, and can help draw toxins out
of your body. Throw a generous handful
of Roques oNeil Therapie Himalayan
detox Salts, 10, into a hot bath, then
use a body brush to rub off any residue.

why you cant use body make-up to cover

the bits you dont like and enhance the
bits you do. you may not immediately think
of perfecting your legs with make-up the
way you do with your face, but the best
body make-up is hard-wearing,
flattering and so subtle that nobody
would ever know its there.


Whats the Fix?

Sclerotherapy for those small blue
veins, microsclerotherapy for little
red or purple veins, recommends
leading dermatologist dr elisabeth
dancey. The injections can sting a bit,
especially, as our tester discovered,
in the area behind the knee.
But theres numbing cream on
offer if you wish. youll probably
need three treatments at
fortnightly gaps, and veins can
look a bit bee-stung for a while
afterwards. Just keep clean and
dry for 24 hours, and avoid the
sun while you still have treatment
marks, says dr dancey.
the costTreatments cost 220
each at dr danceys Bijoux MediSpa
in london and Southampton; for dermatologists who
practise sclerotherapy in your area, see Prices vary.

NeeD SOMe heLP?

This Works Perfect Legs
Skin Miracle, 37, is
a real treat to use it
feels and smells amazing,
and although the colour
looks scarily shimmery in
your hands, its actually
subtle on, giving just a
wash of glowy colour to
hide minor skin niggles. It
contains arnica and vitamin
C to help fade bruises
and brighten skin. diego
dalla Palma Spray on
Tights Body Foundation, 16
what could be a better substitute
for tights than, er, spray-on tights?
This mixes tiny silk particles with a
foundation pigment for an airbrushlike effect, covering veins and
making skin look flawless.

Mac Studio Face and
Body Foundation, 28, is
a classic for perfecting skin
anywhere on theface
and body. The squeezy
bottle makes it a breeze
to dispense, it blends
beautifully and comes in
13 shades. Make Up For
Ever Face & Body
Liquid Make Up, 27,
was designed to stay put on dancers
limbs, and stay put it does. use your
fingers, or dab on with a blender for
concentrated blemish-covering, with
no transfer onto clothes. Washes off
easily with soap and water. This brand
is definitely one to watch look out
for our Beauty directors pick of the
collection in the June issue of
woman&home, out on 5 May.

Vichy dermablend Total
Body Corrective Foundation,
29 if youre worried about
veins, bruises or even a
tattoo, this will block that
baby out come rain, shine,
sweat or rubbing, for at least
12 hours. Blends well and
comes in three shades.

woman&home feel

good you



get your
nails in shape
Unless youre booking in for a regular manicure,
treating your nails to some TLC is a must. Investing
just a little time will have fabulous results and make
your overall look so much more groomed

FGY tip

use a hand cream

containing sPF and
reapply regularly. once a week,
slather Lancme Nutrix royal
Intense Nourishing & restoring
hand Cream, 22, on before
bedtime and wear a pair of
cotton gloves to wake
up with super-soft

nailcare beauty


This will prevent nails from breaking and help them grow.
The nail bed is made up of several fine layers, so letting
them grow continually means the weakened ends can
start to separate and split. What shape to go for? Nail pro
Jenni Draper recommends the curved nail: a natural and
flattering look shorter than the almond, not as blunt as
a square but more elongated than a rounded nail. It suits
both bold colour and nude. Dont be tempted to over-file
the sides, just gently shape the corners. Shape with a
regular emery board, but use a crystal nail file to smooth
edges. We like Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File, 12.50.

PhotograPhs getty images



Healthy nails start with healthy cuticles, so massaging them with
Jessica Phenomen Oil, 8.95, every night softens and conditions.
Drenched in nourishing vitamin E and jojoba, it heals the sore,
dehydrated skin that tends to build up around the nail bed.
Massaging stimulates circulation to the fingertips and encourages
nails to grow faster too. Once a week, soak nails in warm water
mixed with the oil for five minutes to soften cuticles, then use
Superdrug Cuticle Sticks, 99p, to gently push them back but
not too hard; the cuticle area is extremely delicate and could
cause your skin to bleed. This care will extend your nail plate,
so you have a groomed, even surface to apply polish.


Gently buffing your nails once every couple of weeks
with a four-way buffer will smooth ridges, add shine and
make your polish last longer. Only use a soft buffer and
dont do it more often its a bit like exfoliation and is
just taking away the top layer of nail, but you never want
to overdo it. A good base coat will both strengthen nails
and prevent discolouration, which can occur relatively
quickly if you use deep coloured nail varnish. Sally
Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails, 4.75,,
will protect and strengthen soft, fragile nails, so theres
less chance of splitting it smooths ridges too.

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a great


get your best hair ever with our
expert problem-solving advice

Feeling fragile?

Hair is remarkably strong, says

trichologist Philip Kingsley. A single
healthy hair is stronger than a steel wire
of the same diameter and can stretch up
to 30%: but only if its in good condition!
This strength and elasticity is due to
strong bonds in the hair (disulphide
bonds) that bind the keratin in your hairs
cortex; and this needs moisture for hair
to stay supple and flexible too. Lack
of moisture results in porous hair that
breaks easily and acts in a fragile way.
aVOID Any chemical processing
that may dry your hair out more and
cause it to break more easily, such as

bleaching and highlighting, keratin

straightening treatments, and overuse
of heated styling, says Philip.

tRy tHIS Regular shampoo and

conditioning is key. Try the Pureology
Strength Cure range, from 14.85, which can
help reduce breakage by resisting damage
through a blend of protective antioxidants
and velvety moisturisers. Philip also
recommends using pre-shampoo conditioner
to help boost elasticity and shine, and
so reduce breakage. His Philip Kingsley
Elasticizer, 30, is the ultimate hair hero and
most see a difference after just one use.


Gently remove
tangles with a wide-tooth
comb, starting at the
ends and working up
towards the roots.
Dont pull your
hair back too tightly
into a set style for
too long; or wrap
hair ties too tightly.
Have a regular trim to
keep split ends in check,
otherwise they may break
further up the hair shaft.

hair know-how beauty

Brittle, dull hair


Indoor or outdoor,
damp rain or summer
heat; its humidity and
static electricity in our
environment that causes
frizz. Hair expands, stretches and
changes its protein bonds temporarily
when wet or damp. Thats why hair
sets into the style you want when
you blow-dry and apply heat, but
the moment theres a hint of moisture
in the air it reverts back.

aVOID excessively drying hair out

whenever possible. Always wear a swim
hat in the pool, protect from wind and
sun, and limit your use of heated stylers.

tRy tHIS Smooth with a product

that seals the cuticles and discourages
moisture absorption back into the hair
shaft. We love John frieda frizz-ease
Moisture Barrier firm-Hold Hairspray, 6,
which seems to suit all hair types.


use a deeply moisturising shampoo

and conditioner, such as Trevor Sorbie

frizz free Shampoo and Conditioner,
5.50 each, to repair broken strands and
tame unruly frizz. When washing your
hair, form blades with your fingers and
gently massage your scalp with the
lengths of your fingers, rather than
tangling hair with your fingertips. Be
warned washing your hair every day
can strip moisture and your hairs natural
oils, so try to stick to every other day to
keep it looking and feeling healthy.
Hair that is dry or broken is more
prone to frizz so seek out protein-based
or keratin treatments that will strengthen
and smooth the hair cuticle (much like
your skins barrier), and add suppleness
and moisture back into the hair.
Try Redken extreme Strength Builder
Plus, 21.25, a mask that you leave on for
5-15 minutes for rather distressed hair.

Can you feel that crispy feeling just by

scrunching your hair in your hand?
If so, its time to super-nourish your
hair inside and out. Chances are, your
body (and skin) is lacking vital moisture
and oils such as essential fatty acids,
so ensure you are eating good
nutritious fats such as avocado, extra
virgin oil, flax seed oil, walnuts and
oily fish. Then go condition aplenty!

tRy tHIS A pre-shampoo

conditioning treatment of hair oil on
dry hair, then rinse out with shampoo
and wash as usual. This will smooth
cuticles and make hair more shiny.


gold Collagen forte
beauty drink includes
vitamins and minerals
that will not only assist
in kick-starting your
depleting collagen
but will also help with
hair growth. 40 for
ten x 50ml drinks,

Just fine!

Considered limp, lank and flat on a

bad day, fine hair is one of the most
common hair types there is. It doesnt
mean you have thin hair or less hair
than anyone else, it means the actual
diameter of each hair is just smaller.
Dainty even! Indeed, those with fine
hair often have more hairs than others:
the limp, lanky greasiness is actually
due to the fact that each hair has its
own oil gland. More hairs = more oil
on your scalp = zero body and bounce.

aVOID Putting anything conditioning

or softening near the scalp, as it will
instantly make the roots flop.
tRy tHIS Make dry shampoo your
new best friend if you havent already.
youll need to wash it out well as the
powder does cling to the roots, but
my favourite on a flat roots day (or


Treat your hair to an intensive

conditioning mask twice a week for
the first month. LOral Professionnel
Mythic Oil Masque, 16.80, is a
super-rich yet lightweight treatment
with cotton seed oil and argan oil,
designed to replenish moisture.
Use a leave-in conditioning
environmental protective spray when
youre out and about, such as Joico
K-Pak Color Therapy Dry Oil Spray,
16.95: A finishing spray with advanced
hair repair technology that nourishes,
strengthens and seals hair to instantly
illuminate with brilliant shine, says
LA celebrity colourist Denis De Souza.

even if I just havent blow-dried my hair

well) is still Batiste XXL Volume Dry
Shampoo, 3.99, which instantly lifts,
whatever your hair length.


Look for volumising products such

as John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow
Dry Lotion Root Booster, 5.99. Spray
onto towel-dried hair at
the roots and blow-dry
upside down for
maximum body.
Get your hair cut
regularly, as shorter hair
gives you instant body
because it weighs less.
Colouring and/or
perming your hair
roughens and swells the
hair shaft, giving your hair
more body and volume. >>

woman&home fee L

gooD you


beauty hair know-how

Sleek hair in seconds


T3 SinglePass X, 165
Created by a Silicone Valley tech entrepreneur, this makes light work
of straightening thick hair. Extra-wide plates cover more strands in
fewer swipes, while the tourmaline and ceramic plates retain high
temperatures evenly, with no damaging hot spots. Automatic switchoff after an hour is a nice touch too. Only downside is the price.

Cute curls or bouncy blow-dry? The power
is in your hands with these styling tools

A bespoke blow-dry

Smart Ego, 129

The first ever touchscreen hairdryer, with 15 customisable settings
for heat, speed and ion-releasing condition, make this a winner for
style and substance. Three
nozzles and a diffuser help
create your perfect blow-dry.
Pro TiP Use the unique comb nozzle its
a great way of injecting volume at the root plus
your hair stays tangle-free. Finish with cold air using
the cool shot button, which will set the hair,
says Gary Evans, Taylor Taylor London.

Fast salon style

Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Hairbrush, 18

the brushs special teeth snake gently through
hair while you blow-dry, drawing out surface water
and creating tension without tugging hair for
speedy, smooth results. We shaved five minutes
off our morning regime and had far fewer flyaways.

Pro TiP keep your dryer speed and heat low. the
teeth remove excess water for a quicker drying time,
so your hair neednt be damaged by high heat, says
Shaun pulfrey, tangle teezer founder.


BaByliss Diamond
Waves Wand, 30
there are many ways
tonging goes wrong weird
bends, frazzled strands
but these are practically
foolproof. the curvy barrel
guides hair into a perfect
relaxed wave, the swivelling
cord wont ever tangle, and
the diamond-infused ceramic
coating boosts shine in the
face of 210c heat.
Pro TiP decide which
side you would like your
parting to be before you
start. parting your hair to
one side will mean that
the curl will be formed in
a more glamorous style,
falling onto the face. in the
middle creates a more casual
look, with the curl bending
away from the face, says
paul percival, percy & reed.


remington Silk rollers,

You still cant beat rollers for
big hair, and this highly evolved
set boasts a speedy 90-second
heat up, silky ceramic clips
to smooth frizz and takes just
five minutes to work their
volumising magic in your hair.
Pro TiP These rollers work
especially well on day two hair,
when the hair is less glossy and
the style is more likely to hold. If
you find youre struggling to get
the ends of your hair into the
rollers, then add a light dusting
of hairspray to help them stay
put, says Christopher Appleton,
Remington session stylist.

words jo glanville-blackburn and fiona mckim photographs iain philpott

Heat, Set,

Pro TiP "SPX can also create a smooth wave by wrapping the
hair around the iron from the middle section and pulling down
slowly, holding the iron horizontally to created a tousled look,
says Stephen Glendinning, session stylist and T3 ambassador.

one thing beauty

if you only do one thing

Define your brows

Words jo glanville-blackburn PhotograPh getty images

efining your brows

strengthens and offsets
the rest of your features,
says Florrie White, clinique uk
colour artist. brush hairs up and
along, take a brow pencil and fill
in any gaps, defining the shape
by using little flicks to imitate
eyebrow hairs. this avoids
creating too much of a harsh,
graphic shape. try bobbi brown
Perfectly Defined long-Wear brow
Pencil, 29.50, or the doubleended clinique instant lift for
brows, 16, which has a crayon
one end and highlighter the other.
use the highlighter under the
middle arch to give a lifting effect.
if you prefer a gel cream formula,
illamasqua Precision brow gel in
strike, 18.50, is a great
shade and just doesnt
FGY tip
budge; while the
brush eyebrow hairs
no7 beautiful
down and into an elegant
eyebrow kit,
line to finish. dip a fluffy
12.95, is a fab
brush in translucent powder
and run around the
little indispensable
perimeter of your brows
to make the edges
shape, perfect,
look cleaner.
highlight and tame kit.

woman&home fee l

good you


BEAUTY questions & answers

Jo Glanville-Blackburn gives you solutions
to those common little beauty queries, so
you can look and feel your best every day
Will HElP MY

A beauty journalist
with more that 20
years experience, Jo
is w&hs beauty
director, with 11
books to her name
including Spa Bliss (Duncan Baird) and
A New You In 21 Days (Quadrille), and
her blog

it has recently become

incredibly dry i think its my age!
is there anything i can do to sort it?
Whether its temporary or long-term due
to decreasing oestrogen, there are two
immediate ways Id rehydrate my own
key anti-ageing ingredient in all SK-II products;
hair and skin. firstly, from the inside try
or olay Total effects 7X Mask, 10 for five
a marine-based collagen drink. Research
stretching cloth masks, with niacinamide to
shows that by drinking the tiny fragments
boost the skins moisture barrier.
of collagen (the key to softer, plumper skin)
in these supplements, it tricks our skin into
CHAnGED? My hair has
thinking we have a collagen breakdown and
become increasingly frizzy and
naturally stimulates the fibroblasts in our skin
unmanageable since having my second
to produce more. I love them, especially
child is there anything i can do?
Pure gold Collagen, 35.99 for ten x 50ml
one of the most transformational and longbottles (, with hyaluronic
lasting treatments you could try is a keratin
acid, borage oil and vitamins B and C. And
treatment. Not actually keratin-based, these
secondly, from the outside. get a hydrating
smoothing salon treatments take about
face mask its one of the best ways to give
two-three hours depending on the length of
your skin an intensive moisture boost. Id
your hair, and contain a range of smoothing
recommend a sheet mask, as the occlusive
ingredients such as formaldehyde the
layer means the ingredients have nowhere
original super-smoother, but
to go but deeper into your skin. My
potentially toxic. Id recommend
favourites include the classic
the gentler, formaldehydeSK-II facial Treatment Mask,
free glyoxylic acid (found
60 for ten, which is
Big lashes are in, so
in goldwell Kerasilk),
soaked in Pitera, the
switch to a fat-lash
which lasts only twomascara such as lancme
Hypnse Volume--porter,
three months but wears
23.50, or practise applying
off naturally and doesnt
false lashes! Pop into your
completely flatten your
local beauty salon for advice
or try lash extensions
hair. Treatments vary in
i wear minimum make-up but always
that last three-four
price but expect to pay
feel my face looks tired regardless of how i do
my eyes or lips. Where am i going wrong?
upwards of 200. At home,
invest in an intensive hair
layer of makeapplying any eye or lip
All im going to say
up. For an added
make-up, grab a creamy
conditioner or mask. Try
is blusher. We all
gleam, i rather like a hint
soft blush (i love the
underestimate the
Burts Bees More Moisture Baobab
of Elizabeth Arden Eight
simplicity and ease of
prettiness that a soft
11.99 for 295ml, to deeply
Hour Cream, 26, on the
Clinique Chubby Stick
pink blush (the kind of
tops of my cheekbones
Cheek Colour Balm, 19),
shade that you naturally
nourish and smooth the frizzies; or, after
just above the blush. now
smile and work it into the
turn after a good workout)
washing your hair, pump in John frieda frizz
your skin looks fresh so
apple of your cheek. Then
can bring to your entire
ease forever Smooth Anti-frizz Primer, 9.99
you often dont need
blend in to make sure it
face, with or without any
much elsewhere. Try it.
looks like you and not a
other make-up. Before
for 100ml, comb through and style as usual.


50 woman&home feel

good you

Check out all the latest beauty news at

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feature name xxxxxxxx


A luxury
two-night break at Gilpin
Hotel & Lake House
Weve teamed up with
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two-night break in one of the fabulous new
Spa Lodges at Gilpin Hotel & Lake House

ucked away among the

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each a pure oasis of calm, these are
the latest offerings at gilpin, and every
lodge is the most heavenly setting for a
totally private spa experience.
Each of the picturesque wooden lodges
comes packed with extravagant features
such as an en-suite spa, with rainmaker
shower, outdoor sauna and hydrotherapy
hot tub surrounded by a pretty walled
garden with sublime views.
The one-bed lodges make the perfect
escape for couples wanting total peace
and quiet served with a large dash of


indulgence. From the lavish

bathrooms with freestanding
stone bath, to the remotecontrol fire, mood lighting and convertible
treatment room, every aspect has been
ingeniously designed to pamper guests
to within an inch of their life.
Guests in the Spa Lodges enjoy
luxurious, romantic privacy, all the while
enjoying delicious drinks and delectable
food. These are simply the perfect romantic
spa hideaways.
This fabulous prize gives a lucky reader
the opportunity to experience luxury at its
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spa hamper containing Organic Jetty Spa
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enter to win

This amazing two-night prize, worth

1,500, includes:
Two nights accommodation in a Spa
Lodge Breakfast both mornings Dinner
both evenings One spa treatment per
person Mini spa hamper
Terms and CondiTions The prize is subject to
availability. Stay must be taken Monday-Thursday. Prize
excludes public holidays and school holidays. Prize must be
taken by the end of March 2017. All additional charges must be
settled on departure. Prize is not transferable or exchangeable
for cash. Transport to and from the hotel is not included.

To enTer, visiT



Spring into the new season with

these fresh beauty ideas

ReclaiM Rose
its loved, loathed and a little bit
loaded, but lets not forget pink
is the most flattering make-up
shade around. its also absolutely
everywhere this season, so lets
forget girlish stereotypes and
look all the better for it!

Cheeky flush
Rosy pink cheeks are the most
youthful thing in the world, and the
easiest. Swirl Zoeva Rose Golden
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bit of your cheek then blend
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Happy hands
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Beauty Dictionary

not the kind in a marquee with Mel and Sue.
in beauty terms, baking means applying your
under-eye concealer in a thick layer, dusting
over with powder then leaving it for 10 minutes
to set with your body heat before blending.
Everlasting cover guaranteed.

Exotic spring scEnts

acqua di PaRMa Blu

MEditERRanEo cEdRo
di taoRMina
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Jo MalonE london RaRE

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When the lure of

bed trumps an
intensive cleanse,
MakeUp Eraser,
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Dampen the cloth
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Its reusable too,
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words fiona McKiM photograph iain philpott

Rosebud lips
How to wear pink lipstick now?
Pick a matte formula, just a few
shades up from your normal
nude. Avon Ultra Colour Matte
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10 brilliant ideas beauty

beauty short thoughts...

Make-up sponges
help you apply make-up,
but usually soak up more
liquid foundation than what ends
up on your face. A foundation
brush means you waste less
foundation and it allows for a
more even and precise
application than a

curlier, flirtier
lashes, heat your lash
curler with a hair dryer for
five to eight seconds before
curling them. For fullerlooking lashes, use a cotton
bud to apply a little baby
powder to your lashes,
then coat with

It can be
tempting to
whack your shower
temperature up full
blast but this will
damage your scalp. So
try to wash hair in
tepid water.

your mascara
has become clumpy
even though its
relatively new, add two
drops of eye drops into the
bottle and move around
the wand. This will soften
the mascara. do clean
the mascara brush
after every use

Once youve
applied your
lipstick, try dabbing a
little highlighter into
the centre of your lips
and Cupids bow to
make your pout
stand out.

Before you spritz

fragrance, smear
petroleum jelly on your
skin to help hold the scent
for longer. Apply to your
wrists, neck, inside elbows
even backs of knees
(scent rises!).

Dont fear the

shine: to lift your
face during the day,
press a few drops of face
oil over your cheeks to
refresh your foundation
and create a supernatural glow.

applying your
polish, clean your
nails with a cotton
bud soaked in a little
distilled vinegar. The
clean surface will help
your manicure last.

potato slices
help soothe eyes: they
help decrease water
retention and lighten dark
under-eye circles. Cut two
slices of peeled potato and
place one on each eye for
10 minutes while you relax.
Then rinse gently with
lukewarm water.

your hair with
beer helps restore
moisture to your locks, while
using vinegar will up the ante
in shine. Soak your hair in either
liquid (not at the same time) for
a few minutes, then rinse with
cold water. Dry hair with a
soft, old, worn-in T-shirt
and pat dry.

With thanks to;;;

woman&home fee l

good you


your DIET

Burn fat fast! The 5:2 diet that switches on

your skinny genes for easy weight loss
Make a healthy meal in a jar the simple
new route to nutritious eating
A flatter tum in no time. The foods to avoid
expert tips that work!
Shop the latest kitchen gadgets and foodie
buys with a healthy little twist

photograph iStock by getty iMageS



everY oTHer DAY
This healthy diet, devised by top
nutrition expert Patrick Holford, is
made up of three days of modified
fasting, which means that on three
days each week you will eat fewer
calories, around 800, of low-GL foods.
These fast days are followed by feast
days, where you continue to eat low-GL
foods, but you will be allowed a higher
quantity than you would if you were
following a standard low-GL diet.



Eating a little less carbohydrate

(and only those that release
their sugar slowly).

Always eating protein with

carbs, which further slows
down their sugar release.

Eating little and often by

having three main meals
and two snacks daily.

Understanding the glycaemic load

GL stands for glycaemic load and is
a precise measure of what a particular
food or a meal does to your blood sugar
levels. The glycaemic index (GI) of a
food tells you whether the carbohydrate
in the food is fast- or slow-releasing.
Its a quality measure. Carbohydrate
points, or grams of carbohydrate,
tell you how much of the food is
carbohydrate, but they dont tell you
what it does to your blood sugar. Its a
quantity measure. A foods glycaemic
load is the quantity times the quality.
Its the best way of telling you whether
youll gain weight if you choose a
particular food.

when you follow the diet you should

have no more than a certain amount of
slow-releasing carbohydrate in a day,
measured as GLs. eating a low-GL diet is
the best way to keep your blood sugar
even. If your blood sugar goes too high,
the excess is stored as fat, and if it goes
too low, thats what triggers hunger.
See right for examples of high- and
low-GL carbohydrates to give you an idea
of which kinds of foods to choose and
why the carbohydrate foods in the recipes
have been chosen. Ideally, you want to
eat 5GLs for a snack and 7 to 10GLs for
the carbohydrate portion of a main meal.

lose 3lb a week effortlessly Switch on your skinny genes

56 woman&home A BrAnD new ATTITuDe

At-a-glance GL guide
The low-GL foods are shown in bold, the moderate in ordinary text, and the high in italics.


Serving lookS like



1 large punnet (600g)

1 small (100g)
1 pear
4 plums
1 small


Starchy vegetaBleS

Serving lookS like


Boiled potato
Sweet potato
French fries

1 large serving (185g)

1 large (158g)
2 small
3 small (60g)
1 (120g)


grainS, BreadS, cerealS

Serving lookS like


Quinoa (cooked)
Pearl barley (cooked)
Brown basmati rice
White rice (cooked)
Couscous (soaked)
Rough oatcakes
rye bread
wholemeal bread
Puffed rice cakes
white pasta (cooked)



1 small serving (70g)

serving (66g)
serving (66g)


1 thin slice
1 thin slice
1 rice cake
1 small serving (78g)


BeanS and lentilS

Serving lookS like


Soya beans
Pinto beans
Lentils, cooked
Kidney beans
Baked beans

3 cans
1 can
1 large serving (200g)
1 large serving (200g)
1 large serving (200g)
1 large serving (150g)


Switching on your anti-ageing gene

The key to both slowing ageing
and burning fat is keeping the
amount of insulin in your bloodstream
down. (Insulin is released into the
bloodstream whenever your blood
sugar goes up.) Too much insulin
switches bad genes on and good

genes off. Keep insulin levels to a

minimum and you switch on a gene
called Foxo, which has the effect
of increasing the supply of natural
antioxidants, and boosting compounds
that make sure the skin and musclebuilding proteins are working properly.

add healthy years to your life

Breaking the
Sugar haBit
Avoid sugar, sweets, sweet
desserts, dried fruit and neat fruit
juice. Dilute fruit juice with water
and get used to eating fruit instead
of dessert. Sweeten breakfast cereals
with fruit and have fruit instead of
sweet snacks. If you gradually reduce
sweetness in your food, you will
get used to the taste.

a model
low-gl meal
Protein should make up one-quarter
of your meal. Protein foods include:
fish, meat, eggs or tofu, or a serving
of beans or lentils (soya, pinto, borlotti
and lentils have the most protein).
Another quarter of your plate should
have starchy carbohydrates such
as brown rice, potatoes, wholegrain
pasta, wholemeal bread, quinoa and
couscous. You can also include pulses
such as kidney beans, butter beans,
chickpeas, split peas or lentils as your
carb portion they contain carbs
and protein, so this further lowers the
GL of your meal.
Half your plate should be fresh,
low-carbohydrate veg or salad. >>

Lentils or beans
Soya products
Poultry or meat
Low-fat dairy produce

Wheat (bread, pasta)
Starchy vegetables
(parsnips, swedes)

All green veg
Other non-starchy
vegetables (such as
tomatoes, carrots
and mushrooms)

burn fat fast

You can eat way more flexibly than you
think. Try out these delicious recipes

what to eat on fast days

The goal here is to eat 35GLs in the day and not exceed 800
calories. All the recipes given here are in the right ballpark,
averaging 250 calories and allowing room for one snack. The
simplest way to do this is to have three 10GL meals a day and one
5GL snack. It doesnt matter what you choose and when you eat
it, so long as you choose THREE of the MEAL options breakfast,
salads, soups and main meals and ONE SNACK option.


A bowl of porridge, made from a small cupful of oats,

150ml water, 75ml milk, plus 3tsp chia seeds and berries.
Yogurt and berries a handful of blueberries, 100g of
natural sheeps, goats or soya yogurt, and 6 flaked almonds.
2 eggs, scrambled, boiled or poached with 2 rough
oatcakes or a thin slice of rye or pumpernickel bread.
Scottish kipper fillet with 1 slice of wholemeal toast.


A substantial serving of any of these salads makes 10GLs.

Or have half a portion for a 5GL snack.
Peruvian quinoa salad Mix 85g cooked quinoa with
fresh coriander and parsley, chopped, spring onions,
chopped, garlic clove, crushed, 6 cherry tomatoes,
some cucumber, sliced, and avocado, sliced, plus
3tsp pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of olive oil.
Season and serve.
Butternut squash salad Toss a handful of thinly
sliced, oven-baked squash with steamed spears of
broccoli, mixed salad leaves, 6 sun-dried tomatoes,
chopped, and 1 slice of grilled halloumi cheese.
Dress with vinaigrette. Serve warm or cold.
Salmon-stuffed avocado Scoop the flesh from
2 halves of a small avocado; mash with 3tbsp
smoked salmon pieces. Add lemon juice and black
pepper to taste. Spoon back into the skins and
serve with a mixed green salad.
Feta salad To a handful of mixed salad leaves,
add 6 Kalamata olives, halved, 2 sun-dried tomatoes,
chopped, 2 fresh tomatoes, chopped, 25g feta
cheese, cubed, plus 3tsp pine nuts and a sprinkle
of dried oregano.


Eat a big bowl of vegetable or

bean-based soup, which gives you
a 300 to 350g serving, and serve
with 2 rough oatcakes.

Beany vegetable soup

(Serves 6)
1 Put 2 onions, chopped, 3 celery
sticks, finely chopped, 3 leeks, sliced,
450g mixed root vegetables, peeled
and cut into bite-sized chunks, 850ml
vegetable stock and seasoning in a
large pan and stir. Cover and bring
to the boil, then reduce the heat and
simmer for 20 minutes.
2 Stir in 2 x 400g cans mixed pulses,
drained and rinsed, then cover and
simmer for 5 to 10 minutes until the
vegetables and beans are tender.
Add 2tbsp fresh parsley, roughly
chopped, then check the seasoning
before serving.

Spicy pumpkin
and tofu soup (Serves 4)
1 Heat 1tbsp olive oil in a large pan.
Add 1 large onion, finely chopped,
and 2 garlic cloves, crushed, and
cook over a low heat until the onion
has softened. Add 2 large butternut
squash, deseeded, peeled and diced,
1tsp cumin, 1tsp ground coriander,
tsp chilli powder, tsp nutmeg,
freshly grated, 1tsp fresh thyme,
chopped, and 3 vegetable stock cubes,
dissolved in 1 litre boiling water.
2 Bring to the boil, then reduce the
heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Leave
to cool slightly. Whizz 1 pack Cauldron
Organic Tofu, drained, in a food
processor or blender and set aside.
Blend the soup and return it to the
pan. Whisk in the tofu, using a balloon
whisk, a tablespoonful at a time, and
gently reheat. Season to taste, then
add 2tbsp fresh parsley and chives,
chopped, and serve.

High-energy lentil
soup (Serves 4)
1 Heat 1 to 2tbsp olive oil in a large pan
and add a splash of water. Cover and
cook 1 large onion, chopped, 1 garlic
clove, crushed, 2 celery sticks,

chopped, and 1 leek, sliced, over a

medium heat, stirring frequently for 8
minutes or until soft and transparent.
2 Add 1 carrot, chopped, 200g
can chopped tomatoes, 1tsp dried
mixed herbs, 200g brown or green
lentils, 1 litre vegetable stock and
ground black pepper, and stir
thoroughly to combine. Bring to the
boil, then simmer, covered, for 30
to 40 minutes until the lentils and
vegetables are tender. Leave to cool
slightly, then transfer half the soup to
a food processor or blender and blend
until smooth. Return the blended soup
to the pan, stir well to combine, then
reheat and serve.

Quick pea and

mint soup (Serves 4)
1 Put 1.5kg frozen peas and 1 large
bunch fresh mint into a large pan and
add 1 litre boiling water. Bring to the
boil, then simmer for 3 minutes. Strain
off most of the liquor and retain it, then
blend the peas and mint until you have
a smooth pure. Gradually add some
of the liquor back into the pan until
you achieve the desired consistency.
2 Gently bring back to the boil. Season
to taste. Swirl 1tsp crme frache into
each bowl of soup and add a mint leaf.
Serve with crispy bacon over the top. >>

woman&home fee l

good You


Burn fat fast

main meals
Eat well the low-GL way! Try these easy
meals the whole family will enjoy

Roasted cod
1 Mix tbsp each of olive oil and fresh
parsley, chopped, and 1 garlic clove,
crushed. rub over a portion of cod
(or haddock or plaice) fillet and leave
for 10 minutes, then bake at 160C fan,
gas 4 for 10 minutes.
2 Serve with a tomato and onion salad
and choose from 100g cooked brown
rice or couscous, or 2 boiled potatoes.

Three-egg omelette
the best kind of fast food! Add a thin
slice of smoked salmon, 2 asparagus
spears or wilted spinach, plus a
sun-dried tomato as a filling. or
try stir-fried shiitake mushrooms.

Garlic chilli prawns

with pak choi (Serves 2)
1 Put 3 garlic cloves, crushed, in a
blender and add the juice of 2 limes,
1 green chilli, deseeded, 1tsp chillinfused oil or a large pinch of dried
chilli flakes, 3tbsp virgin rapeseed oil
and a good pinch of salt. Blend into
a pure. Put 300g large raw prawns,
peeled, into a bowl and add the pure.
leave to marinate for 20 minutes at
room temperature.
2 heat a griddle or frying pan over
a medium-high heat. Cook the
prawns for 1 minutes on each side.
Meanwhile, separate the stems
and leaves of 250g pak choi and
roughly chop.
3 heat 1tbsp virgin rapeseed oil in
a hot wok or frying pan and add the
stems. Stir-fry for 1 minute, then add
the leaves and cook for 3 minutes.
remove from the heat and stir in
1tbsp oyster sauce. Serve with the
prawns, and either quinoa or rice.

Trout with puy lentils

and roasted tomatoes
on the vine (Serves 2)

PhotograPhS AlAMy, tiMeinCukContent.CoM, urBAnliP ProduCtionS PleASe note, All reCiPeS Serve 1 unleSS otherwiSe StAted *offer endS
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1 Put 85g puy lentils, rinsed, in a pan

and cover with cold water. Bring to the
boil, then simmer for 20 minutes or
until the water is mostly absorbed.
2 Add 1tsp vegetable bouillon powder
and 1tsp mixed herbs when the lentils
are soft to the bite. Meanwhile heat
the oven to 170C fan, gas 5.
3 Put 2 small trout fillets (about 100g
each) in a non-stick roasting tin and lay
bunch cherry tomatoes on the vine
around them, then bake for 12 to 15
minutes until cooked through. Put a
dollop of lentils on each plate; lay the
fish on top. Add a slice of lemon and
fresh parsley, chopped, to each fillet,
and put the tomatoes on the side.
Sprinkle with black pepper and serve.

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Pasta with borlotti

Bolognese (Serves 2)
1 heat 1tbsp olive oil in a pan and
fry 1 onion, chopped, 2 garlic cloves,
crushed, and 1tsp mixed dried herbs
for 2 minutes. then add 115g button
mushrooms, sliced, and cook until soft.
Add 1tsp vegetable bouillon powder,
1tbsp tomato pure, 140g can tomatoes
and 400g can borlotti beans, drained
and rinsed, then season and simmer
for 15 minutes. Serve with pasta,
quinoa or courgette pasta.
tip Make your own courgette pasta
by using a grater to slice a courgette
into thin ribbons. Put on a baking tray
in an oven heated to 160C fan, gas 4
for 5 minutes.

Indian spiced chicken

1 Marinate 1 chicken breast in a blend
of the juice of 1 lemon, 1 garlic clove,
crushed, tsp each ground turmeric
and cumin, 1tsp ground coriander and a
pinch of cayenne for at least 30 minutes.
2 Grill for 15 minutes, turning halfway
through the cooking time. Serve with
a large portion of greens, such as
tenderstem broccoli or a salad.


A piece of fruit, plus 5 almonds or

1dsp pumpkin seeds.
A thin piece of bread or 2 oatcakes,
plus small tub of cottage cheese
(150g) or small tub of houmous (50g)
or some peanut butter.
Crudits and small tub of
houmous or small tub of
cottage cheese.
A small plain yogurt (150g),
no sugar, or cottage cheese,
plus berries.

For nonFast days

Your allowance is 50GLs in a
day, so you can be a bit more
lenient and have a 10GL portion
of starchy carbohydrate in a meal.
Alternatively, you could have
one more 5GL snack, or a
double portion of a snack.

woman&home fEE L

Good you


FGY tip
Get screened. if you
constantly suffer from
excess gas, ask your GP or
natural health practitioner
to screen you for food
intolerances and other gut
related disorders.

a flatter
tum fast
Foods to avoid expert tips that work!

ate your bulging tum?

Maybe its not weight loss
you need millions of women
needlessly suffer from
uncomfortable clothes and tight
waistbands because of bloating and
poor digestion. Sound familiar?
There are some effective and really
simple things you can do to beat the bloat
and get your digestive system in tip-top
shape in no time leaving you feeling
fantastic and on fine form to fit into that
dress. dietitian Nigel denby explains all...

62 woman&home feel

good you

Why am I bloated?
A swollen, bloated tummy can be caused
by a number of things but one of the
most common culprits is a sluggish
digestion combined with constipation
and a build-up of gas. This can usually
be sorted without medication; you dont
have to be a saint when it comes to food,
but you need to be kind to your body
and understand what could be triggering
the problem for you. Try our simple
lifestyle-changers and you should
notice results almost straight away.

Hold the sprouts,

the garlic and
the beans go for fruit and

veg that are easy to digest aubergine,

courgettes, tomatoes and peppers, but
hold the onion and garlic. Spinach, carrots
and potatoes are all great. With fruit, stick
to melon, berries and soft fruit. Avoid
pulses, beans and lentils for
a while too they contain a
carbohydrate that people
struggle to digest.

flat tum diet


Ditch wheat for grains Wheat can be problem for some

people too so try spelt or wheat-free bread like genius. go for grains like oats, quinoa,
polenta and rice. Buckwheat is fine too as its a grass and not related to wheat.

Rehydrate to
regulate good hydration

will allow your body to make sufficient

hydrochloric acid, one of the
digestion acids. drink 30
minutes before each meal
to help ensure there is no
water in your stomach to dilute
it. Try to avoid drinking water
with or immediately after
a meal as this will dilute the
acid and make digestion
less efficient.


Love your tummy

A little night-time tummy massage

can help relax your gut and promote
natural, nocturnal digestion. gently massage
your tummy in a circular motion from right to
left for five minutes before you go to sleep.

Keep it shut Talking while

you eat, drinking through a straw, eating

on the run and chewing gum all force air to
enter the digestive tract and it can get trapped,
causing your tummy to bloat so try and slow
down and dont talk with your mouth full!

Ditch diet drinks

If you drink two or more cans

of diet fizzy drinks a day, try
swapping to tap water flavoured with
a little fruit juice or camomile teas, which
is soothing for a bloated tummy.

Pick peppermint

This powerful herb has an antispasmodic and calming effect. Try drinking
a peppermint tea as a tasty alternative to
your usual cuppa! go for daily Cultures
Peppermint Tea (4.75,

Have a few booze-free days each week

PhOtOGRaPhS getty images, istock by

getty images,

And youll probably notice that your bloating and constipation improves. Beer, cider
and fizzy mixers are the worst culprits because of the gas they contain. Some people
find wine can cause bloating and reddening of the face experts dont know why this happens.

Try a supplement


Drink your
food, chew
your soup!

Chew every bite a minimum of 30 times.

Chewing enough not only stimulates
the secretion of digestive juices needed
for proper digestion, but it also ensures
that your food is properly mixed with
saliva and is swallowed with less gas.
unbroken-down food in the gut leads
to many problems, one of which is gas.
dont forget to chew on liquid foods,
such as soups and smoothies. If you
dont chew on them, your body wont
produce adequate enzymes!

steps to help keep you regular

A probiotic like Acidophilus is

Ensuring that you are
worth a try if your gut bacteria is
visiting the toilet regularly
out of synch, gas build-up is almost always a
will go a long way in
symptom. you can try a charcoal supplement
helping to reduce bloating.
too. If you are intolerant to the milk sugar
The backlog of faeces in
lactose, then you might suffer with excess gas
your gut will putrefy, not
and bloating; a lactase enzyme supplement
only making you feel full
may be necessary. The microorganisms
and uncomfortable,
in our gut play an important role.
but also
They especially help with
FGY tip
the digestion of lactose.
Cut out salt. this is your
Try taking a daily culture
worst enemy for water
gas. The
supplement such as
retention! it is unnecessary to
optiBac Probiotics
be added into foods. We need
amount we
one Week flat (8.99,
our water to be inside our cells
should be, an
for hydration, and consuming
visiting the
advanced formulation
a high salt diet draws it
toilet is once
of unique probiotics
out of our cells into
and prebiotics.

a day, but preferably

three times per day.

exercise. Getting
your body moving also
gets your bowels moving.
Exercising helps to move
any trapped gas along on its
way and tighten up stomach
muscles, which help with
abdominal extension.

Oats. Including oats

in your diet provides you
with fibre and an increase
in faecal bulk. Make sure
that you are consuming

7-9 portions of vegetables

and fruit too! Try porridge
for breakfast with flax
seeds and berries.

Relax! Constipation is
a common phenomenon
among the stressed. When
cortisol and adrenaline is
released, our body diverts
its resources into your
brain and muscles, leaving
your digestive system
neglected. Make sure that
you always eat in a relaxed
state, and try to decrease
your life stressors.

woman&home feel

good you


Diet make-ahead

Moroccan Couscous Salad

I love couscous, yet I never make it. When I
was developing recipes for this book, I
thought, There has to be a simple salad
version of this meal. Heres what I came up
with if I say so myself, its pretty awesome.




eAT heAlThIly,
eAT Well WITh TheSe
gRAb-And-go MeAlS

1L mason jar
175ml water
60ml couscous
2tbsp citrus vinaigrette (see Tip)
tsp ground cinnamon
tsp ground cumin
tsp ground ginger
125ml finely chopped carrots
125ml finely chopped courgette
60ml dried currants
60ml chopped dried apricots
60ml chopped dates
125ml rocket
60ml sliced almonds
1 In a medium saucepan, bring
water to a boil over high heat. Stir in
couscous, cover, remove from heat
and let steam for 5 minutes. fluff
with a fork. let cool completely.
2 In a small bowl, combine vinaigrette,
cinnamon, cumin and ginger.
3 Pour spiced vinaigrette into jar. layer
carrots, courgette, couscous, currants,
apricots, dates, rocket and almonds on
top. Seal and refrigerate for up to 3 days.
4 To serve, turn jar upside down in a
bowl and let the dressing coat the salad.

Tip For the citrus vinaigrette, combine 60ml

freshly squeezed orange juice, 2tbsp olive oil,
2tbsp rice vinegar and 2tsp freshly squeezed
lemon juice full recipe in Tanyas book.

here arent a lot of downsides to using mason jars to store your food, but there
are a ton of pluses. its true that you will have to invest in a few different jar
sizes, but the benefits for the minimal cost outlay are truly great.

glass is trendy. In the wake of consumer

reports about the potential health risks
associated with plastic containers, you can
feel confident about the safety of storing and
reheating your food in glass containers. Toss
out all those plastic containers to make room
for glass mason jars. They can be reused
indefinitely, and they go from refrigerator to
microwave seamlessly (just remove the lid
before microwaving).
Meal assembly is efficient. If you
prepare all of your ingredients in
advance, you can pack your meals into
jars assembly-line-style.

64 woman&home feel

good you

Your food will stay fresh. As long as

you layer your meals properly and seal
the lid tightly, your meals will stay fresh for
several days.
Clean up is a snap. Mason jars are easy
to wash at work or at home. If you use
a dishwasher, theyll be fully sterilised too.
Portion control is easy. Mason jars
allow you to manage the size of your
meals, which can be challenging if you
regularly go out for lunch.
Try these tempting and innovative
recipes from US author and broadcaster
Tanya Linton all make 1 serving.

Three-Tomato pasta
Salad with pesto
Dont be fooled by the simplicity of this
salad. Pesto, pasta and tomatoes are an
awesome combination.
1L jar
1L salted water
125ml dried penne pasta
2tbsp pesto
125ml sliced red cherry tomatoes
125ml sliced orange cherry tomatoes
125ml sliced yellow cherry tomatoes
125ml microgreens (see Tip)
60ml freshly grated Parmesan cheese

portable paella
Paella is made with rice, chorizo, prawns
and chicken. This is a deconstructed version,
using similar flavours and layering them.

RepRinted with publisheR peRmission PhotograPh istock by getty images

1L wide-mouth mason jar

250ml water
125ml long-grain white rice
tsp salt
4 saffron threads
1tsp butter
1tbsp olive oil
125ml sliced red onion
250ml chopped seeded tomatoes
tsp smoked paprika
125ml cooked peas
60ml finely chopped dry-cured chorizo
125ml cold shredded cooked chicken
4 cold cooked medium prawns
60ml chopped fresh parsley
1 In a medium saucepan, bring water
to a boil over high heat. Stir in rice,
salt and saffron, reduce heat to low,
cover and simmer for 20 minutes
or until rice is tender and water is
absorbed. Remove from heat and
stir in butter, fluffing rice with a fork.
let cool completely.
2 Meanwhile, in a frying pan, heat oil
over medium-high heat. Add onion
and cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or
until softened. Stir in tomatoes
and paprika; cook, stirring, for 2 to
3 minutes or until tomato juice has
evaporated. let cool completely.
3 layer onion mixture, rice, peas,
chorizo, chicken, prawns and parsley
in jar. Seal jar and refrigerate for up
to 1 day.
4 When ready to serve, remove
lid and microwave on high for 3
minutes or until warmed through.

1 In a medium saucepan, bring

salted water to a boil over high
heat. Add pasta and boil, stirring
occasionally, for 9 minutes or until
firm to the bite. drain, transfer to
a bowl and let cool completely.
2 Add pesto to the cooled pasta
and toss to coat.
3 layer pasta mixture, red
tomatoes, orange tomatoes, yellow
tomatoes, microgreens and
Parmesan in jar. Seal jar and
refrigerate for up to 3 days.
4 When ready to serve, turn jar
upside down in a bowl.

Tip Microgreens are small and

feathery, with a crazy-good flavour.
They are usually sold in high-end
grocery stores and farmers markets; if
you cant find them, you can use any
small leaf lettuce instead. Tomatoes of
any three colours will look beautiful in
this recipe. Use any combination of
colours that appeals to you.

Asian Veg & Tofu Soup

This soup is a fresh take on a traditional
soup in a cup. Bring the jar to work and
just add boiling water. Any crunchy
vegetables will do.
1L mason jar
1tbsp powdered chicken bouillon
1tsp hoisin sauce
tsp hot pepper sauce
125ml julienned carrots
375ml chopped Napa cabbage
250ml bean sprouts
125ml julienned snap peas
60ml chopped onion
1tbsp sliced ginger
75ml cubed firm tofu (1cm cubes)
tsp sesame oil
375ml boiling water
1 Add bouillon, hoisin and hot
pepper sauce to the jar, coating the
bottom. layer carrots, cabbage,
bean sprouts, peas, onion, ginger,
tofu and sesame oil on top. Seal jar
and refrigerate for up to 2 days.
2 When ready to serve, stir in boiling
water and let stand for 2 minutes
before serving.


Its best to pack this soup tightly. If

the jar isnt fully stuffed, the veg will settle
after a day or two in the fridge. With the
back of a spoon, press down to compact
them, leaving a little room at the top. The
tofu should rest right at the top of the jar.
Courtesy of 150 Best
Meals in a Jar by Tanya
Linton 2016 www. Available
where books are sold.

woman&home fee l

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The Ultimate

Clean Eating

3 Apps


3 Apps for the price of 2!

The Clean Eating Bundle

3 Apps
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Riso Gallos 3 Cereali pasta is

gluten free, made from buckwheat,
rice and corn. Spaghetti, penne and
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Natures Finest pots now come

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Newtons appl fizzics contains

40% less sugar than apple juice
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Sin gluten-free cakes come

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Pulsin Raspberry & Goji Raw

Choc Brownie is vegan, dairy free,
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Sanchi Reduced Salt Tamari Soy

Sauce is gluten free with a third
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Minvita Organic Sprouted GABA

Rice, made from jasmine and black
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B1. 5.99 for 500g,

its crunch time

Well&Truly Gluten Free Tortilla Chips contain 40% less fat than the average
tortilla, 1.69, Tesco Kettle Bites are only 95 cals a pack and have 50% less
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diET Jane PLan

Looking for
a diet that

Clients sign up for a

minimum of one month
of meals and snacks
delivered to their door and
we also offer weekly email
and telephone support.

An easy and convenient way

to lose weight, Jane Plan is a
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How it works

Order your plan Jane Plan will create

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Access to support.

Sign up to Jane Plan and save
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68 woman&home fee L

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Jane Michell, founder

of Jane Plan

It worked
for me!
Sarah Cameron, 42, from
London, has two children
aged seven and four.
I first tried Jane Plan
after the birth of my first
baby. I tried to lose weight
on my own but it was a
disaster, then a friend
recommended Jane Plan and
it seemed to make it all so easy. Id
been using a lot of convenience food
and become lazy about cooking. On
Jane Plan you eat healthy meals with
a reduced amount of salt and sugar;
after a while, your body just doesnt
crave those any more. I dont add
sugar to anything now and cook a lot
more fresh foods. It taught me about
portion size and how to eat properly.
Speaking to Jane on the phone was
so reassuring; shes always so positive
and has all the right words to help your
motivation. In eight weeks I must have


Sarah lost over

two stone in eight
weeks and felt
much better

lost over two stone and felt so much better;

Id been exercising before, but suddenly it
was so much easier. After my second baby,
I actually lost most of my pregnancy weight
naturally but I plateaued on the last half a
stone so I went back to Jane Plan again; its
so easy to fit around work and the children.
Ive recommended it to my mother and
sister-in-law because it definitely works!

To sign up or for more information, go to

one thing diet

if you only do one thing

Get into bone broth


FGY tip

dont want the hassle?

Buy daylesford organic
Beef Bone Broth, 3.99
for 500ml,
with pastured beef brisket
and pearl barley

rending now and no wonder: bone broth is important

for healing the gut; the gelatin it contains is a hydrophilic
colloid, which means it attracts and holds liquids,
including digestive juices, so it aids digestion. Bone broths are
also rich in glycine, an amino acid found in collagen, which is
important in maintaining a healthy gut lining.
Whats the difference BetWeen Bone Broth and
stock? not a lot: theyre both made by simmering meat or
bones, veg and seasonings, then its all strained so youre left
with the nutrient-rich liquid. obviously the focus with bone broth
is on the bones, which are generally roasted first to improve
the flavour then simmered over a long time (up to 24 hours!).
store bone broth in the fridge for a week or freeze as ice cubes
for six months. drink neat or add more veg or whatever you like!

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upDate a ClaSSiC
What makes this Russell Hobbs classic so
special is the new built-in re-freezable cool
tube that will keep your favourite smoothies
at the perfect chilled temperature for longer.
Simply fill the bottle with fresh ingredients,
pop it on the blade unit and whizz up a tasty
treat in seconds. The two 600ml bottles are
dishwasher safe and fit conveniently into car
cup holders. 29.99,



levups are a set of four measuring
cups that take precision baking
to a whole new level. Measure
up and level off exactly what you
need. They snap together for
storage. 13.95,

Step into spring with the latest kitchen

gadgets to keep you feeling healthy
one-pot wonDer
The kCook is a time-saving and
hassle-free food processor that
gives you the confidence to
create delicious healthy meals.
It chops ingredients, cooks
and steams food, and can
also heat and stir all this
at the touch of a few buttons.


neatly StaCKeD
A colourful range of nine
essential kitchen tools that can
be bought individually, but all
stack neatly together, called
Mini Tools. The range includes:
four graters, three peelers, a
pizza cutter and a bottle opener.
Made from stylish, jelly-look
plastic with quality stainless-steel
blades. The dexam Mini Tools,
4 each,

gadgets diet

how Do you
liKe your eggS?

aDD & weigh

When you need to measure
multiple ingredients at once,
the Add & Weigh Jug Kitchen
Scale is the perfect tool. Its
zero function enables you
to accurately pour in wet
ingredients after dry or vice
versa and the jug inverts over
the scale for easy storage.

Just pop your eggs in the boiler,

fill with water, set your desired
hardness with the time control
and off you go. getting the
perfect consistency to dip your
soldiers has never been easier!
It has a non-stick hotplate and
removable lid for easy cleaning.

FreShly Cut
Perfect for cooks who like
to use fresh herbs but hate
having to waste bunches
that dont last. This neat
fridge-storage container
has a water reservoir that
helps keep herbs fresh for
up to 10 days. There are
three removable partitions
as well as ventilation holes.

eaSy JuiCing


Know the

Pop fresh fruit or vegetables

into the top of the machine,
guide them into the juicer with
the plunger to make delicious
drinks in a matter of minutes.
The dry pulp goes into a
dedicated jug, and refreshing
juice is poured straight into a
separate one. A book with over
100 recipes is included too.

A new halogen oven and air

fryer from Swan delivers
faster cooking with energysaving and health benefits.
The three methods of
cooking will prepare meats,
fish, potatoes, including
chips and vegetables, up to
40% quicker, with little or no
oil. 49.99,

Counting StiCKS
If you want a healthy snack for
a packed lunch or crudits for a
party, the Quick Stick will do the
hard work for you. Simply place
vegetables into the tube and
press down on the plunger for
instant veggie slices. 10.99,

Compiled by wendy salmon

For a quick and easy
midweek supper, tuck into
a Spanish omelette with
the help of this silicone
microwave marvel. Use it
to cook your fillings first
before adding your eggs.
Both sides cook evenly
no flipping required!

StyliSh Storage
These stackable Hokan Bowls offer a one-stop solution for preparing,
freezing, cooking and serving food. Theyre made from stoneware with
a deep cobalt blue glaze, suitable for roasting and baking in ovens or
microwaves at high temperatures. The set is dishwasher-safe and
includes 1 litre, 600ml and 400ml bowls. 87,

woman&home feel

good you


diet questions & answers

eat well, lose weight

Not sure what healthy eating choices to
make? Our expert Nigel Denby has the
solutions for some of your common problems
i target Weight

im about two stone

overweight and most of the weight i want
to lose is on my hips how can i do this?
If only I had an easy answer for this! your
natural pear shape means your body is
predisposed to lay down fat around your
bottom and hips. Theres no food or diet that
can target fat in any specific part of the body.
If you start to lose weight, it often seems like
you lose it from everywhere other than the
part you want to most. your body wont
exactly cling on to your hip fat, but you may
have to lose a little weight first before you
start to see much change in that area. Some
experts think that because theres a genetic
predisposition to lay your fat down on your
hips, when you diet, your body uses fat from
other parts first to make up the energy deficit.
But hang in there, I promise your hip fat will
reduce, especially if you are combining your
diet with exercise. Id recommend
measuring your hips and
checking monthly to see
the difference.

Meet the
diet expert
Nigel Denby
is a registered
dietitian, author
of ten successful
nutrition books,
and a television
and radio
broadcaster, both in the UK and the
rest of Europe. He runs a private
practice at 132 Harley Street and
Lees Place Medical Centre; for
appointments, call 020 7036 6060.

Food aFFeCtiNg MY

im always getting dry skin,

could it be something to do with my diet?
one of the common causes of dry skin is a
lack of the natural moisturising factor urea,
which helps retain water in the skin. essential
fatty acids (efAs) are used to make urea, but
most of us dont get enough or the right mix
of efAs in our diet. As you age, the way your
body digests and metabolises fatty acids
changes too, so theres a theory that you
need more efAs to keep your skin healthy
the older you get. efAs are also vital in
controlling your metabolism,
building new cell walls and
repairing damage to skin,
and play an important role
in maintaining heart, liver
to help manage your
appetite at mealtimes, chew
and brain health. A lack
slowly and put your knife and
of efAs can be linked
fork down between each
to poorly conditioned
mouthful. Satiety (the feeling
i juice a lot, but im reading more and more that
and nails too.
the sugar in fruit juice is bad. should i stop?
reaction if you slow down
efAs cant be
your eating, youll feel
the juice to
been raised. Fruit (and
Juicing is a really popular
manufactured by your
full sooner.
attack your
some veg) contains natural
way of getting the
body, they must come from
tooth enamel
sugar, which may be more
goodness from fruit and
your diet. There are two types
harmful in juices than in
veg quickly and easily, and
Sugar in fruit juice is
the whole fruit. potentially,
helping you reach your
omega-3 and omega-6. We get
now classified as Free
sugar in fruit juices may be
5-a-day. For a long time,
plenty of omega-6 from olive, sunflower and
Sugar, the same as table
as bad as the white stuff.
nutritionists have worried
corn oils, but we dont get enough omega-3,
sugar; its recommended
When you eat a whole
that relying on juicing
that you only drink one
apple, the fibre stops the
meant that although you
which is found in oily fish, soya beans,
small glass of fruit juice
sugar from attacking your
got the vitamins and
flaxseed oil and rapeseed oil. you need
per day. dont stop juicing,
teeth and also slows down
minerals, you missed out
about 2g omega-3 per day; you can get this
but try making one fruithow quickly it enters your
on the fibre found in the
only juice a day and mix
bloodstream. drink apple
cell walls of plants and left
by eating one-two servings of oily fish every
fruit and veg together to
juice and the sugar is free
behind when juiced.
week and using rapeseed oil in cooking. you
make less sugary juices.
to mix with natural acids in
Now, more concerns have
could also consider an omega-3 supplement.


72 woman&home feel

good you

Want to know more? For the best ways to lose 10lb, visit

photograph urbanlip productions

iS JUiCiNg Bad For Me?

nuts diet

Which nut is best?

Brazil nuts
BEST FOR: Selenium
Why? We need selenium
for a healthy immune
system and to prevent
damage to cells.
hOW many? A portion
of 6-8 nuts (30g) would
provide almost all of a
womans daily needs of 0.06mg.





Why? Iron is needed to make
red blood cells and women
especially need to keep
up their intake.
hOW many? Cashews
are a rich source. A 30g
serving (around 20
cashews) contains 20mg
more than a womans daily
needs of 14.8 mg.


if anything deserves to be called a superfood, it

is nuts. Lucy elkins cracks the nut health code

photographs Getty imaGes, istock by Getty imaGes

f youre looking for a healthy snack,

its hard to do better than a handful of
unsalted nuts. If anything warrants the
term superfood, they certainly do.
So why are they so good for you? Its
thought that one of their main benefits is
helping to lower blood pressure. In addition,
they raise levels of good cholesterol, while
lowering levels of harmful LDL cholesterol
that can block arteries and contribute to the
risk of heart disease or stroke.
They are also of benefit for those with
diabetes or on the verge of being diabetic,
as they have been found to help reduce
and stabilise blood sugar levels, says Priya
Tew, a dietitian and spokesperson for the
British Dietetic Association.
Its true that although nuts are quite
high in calories (a large handful is around
155 calories), eating them wont sabotage
your diet curiously, it seems to have the
opposite effect. A 2014 study of 803 adults
found that those who ate a small portion of

nuts regularly on average 16g a day were

less likely to become obese. So why is this?
Nuts are full of protein and beneficial
fats, says Priya. Protein helps make you
feel full quickly and fat of any kind delays
the rate at which the stomach empties.
They are also quite high in fibre, which
again helps make you feel full. So snacking
on nuts makes you less likely to eat
something unhealthy and makes it easier
to have smaller portions at mealtimes.

When is a nut not a nut?

Think nuts and many people might think:
peanuts. However, strictly speaking, these
arent nuts. The true nuts are tree nuts
Brazils, hazelnuts, walnuts and chestnuts, for
example, which are all the fruit of a tree in a
shell. Peanuts are actually legumes, which
means they ripen in pods underground.
As true tree nuts come in hard shells, some
argue that you dont need to buy organic
as theyre protected from pesticides.

BEST FOR: Vitamin E

Why? Most nuts contain vitamin E
but almonds come out best for this
powerful antioxidant, which helps
prevent damage to cells.
hOW many? A 30g
portion (around 20
almonds) contains 6.8 mg.
A woman needs 3mg a day.

BEST FOR: Omega-3 fatty acids
Why? Walnuts contain alpha
linolenic acid a plant-based source
of omega-3 fatty acids, which help
prevent the risk of cardiovascular
disease and stroke.
hOW many? There is
no recommended daily
amount, but 30g (20 walnut
halves) contains about
2.4g of ALA.

BEST FOR: Copper
Why? This mineral helps make
blood cells and releases iron so that
it can make haemoglobin.
hOW many? A 30g serving (around
50 pistachios) contains 0.4mg.
An adult needs 1.2mg daily.


FGY Fast Fix

Herbamare seasoning sa
is made from
and 12 organica
veg, herbs and iod
kelp. Use less get mo
flavour. 2.40 for 125g,

Advice and food buys
to keep you eating well

kick your sugar craVings

not easy but these tips from experts at slice live will really help:
sweet treats until they become
special occasions that you savour,
rather than an everyday habit.
Increase the amount of fats in
your diet. Using healthy fats such
as butter, olive oil, nuts and avocado
can help you to feel full, eat less and
reduce cravings for something sweet.
Prepare food so that you enhance
the natural sweetness. Try roasting
root veg to get them to caramelise,
or choose seasonal fruit.
If you really need a sweet treat,
stick to natural sugars try dried
figs, coconut sugar and raisins. is the affordable
unlimited fitness class pass website.


Kick-start a slimmer, healthier you with Almased, a unique
powdered drink mix that contains important nutrients,
essential amino acids and enzymes the body needs. 22.95
for 10 meals, For more info, go to


74 woman&home fee l

good you


31% of us dont trust the nutrition
labels on pre-packaged food*.
We often dont know the difference
between similar pieces of info, such as
fat and saturated fat, and are confused
that sometimes a serving size is
provided, and sometimes it isnt.

new healthy diet books

NOURISH by Amber Locke

shows how to create big,
beautiful and vibrant raw
vegan salads. Delicious
and super-nutritious too!
14.99, Mitchell Beazley


by Kalpna Woolf has 100
delicious recipes, all under
500 calories, for weight loss
and improved wellbeing.
16.99, Pavilion


by Elly Curshen, of the
popular Pear Caf, has
pescetarian recipes
designed for 5:2 eating.
20, Harper Collins

contains plants
with healthy,
high levels of
antioxidants and
vitamin C. 39.99,

photograph istock by getty images *research by

data label, specialists in label manufacture

Go cold turkey! Your palate will

adjust to less sugar. Try at least three
weeks on a really low-sugar diet. Cut
out all processed sugar in food and
drinks. Cut right down on sweet fruits
and replace with veg. Dont replace
sugar with diet drinks or anything
with artificial sweeteners.
Always read the label! There is
sugar lurking in so many food products.
Change your daily habits. If you are
used to always having something
sweet after dinner, start by replacing
that with something naturally sweet,
like fruit. Then try skipping it
completely every other day. Then try
increasing the gap between your

10 brilliant ideas diet

diet short thoughts...

An iron deficiency
can leave you feeling
sluggish, irritable, weak and
unable to focus. Load up on lean
beef, kidney beans, eggs, dark
green leafy veg and nuts, and
pair them with foods high in
vitamin C (vitamin C improves
iron absorption when
eaten together).

Always keep
fat-free plain yogurt in
the fridge not only is it a
creamy, comforting source of
protein, it also works wonders
as a natural low-calorie base
for dressings and dips, or
as a tangier alternative
to sour cream.

If you
prefer to log your
weight, step on the
scale in the morning
before drinking or
eating, at a consistent
time daily or

got a
late-night sugar
craving? take the edge
off with a sliced apple with
a tablespoon of nut butter
or fresh fig halves spread
with ricotta. then sleep
sweet, knowing youre
still on the right,
healthy track.

You make
poor decisions
when your judgement
is compromised. When
youre famished, you end
up eating anything thats
not nailed down, and
typically, regretting it.
Plan meals and
healthy snacks.

If you eat
white bread, youre
eating vitamin-fortified
starch. Whereas wholewheat
bread has fibre, important
nutrients such as selenium
and copper, and a treasury
of other healthy

Drink a glass
of water when you
brush your teeth
only a third of us get the
recommended eight
glasses daily. signs of mild
dehydration include lack
of concentration and

on carrot sticks is
great but be sure
you eat them with a dab
of dip or a cube of cheese.
Without any fat, you
absorb little of carrots

Make sure
at least half your
plate is full of veg, salad
or fruit and youve got a
combination of colours so
youre getting a range
of nutrients.

Cereal with at
least 7g fibre per serving
is your chance to get lots of
fibre in a small package. Not only
is fibre a cancer fighter, but it
cancels out some calories you eat.
If you eat 30g fibre a day, your
body will absorb 120 fewer
calories thats a 13lb
loss in a year!

With thanks to

woman&home fee l

good you


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Try our four-week spring workout plan

to tone up and feel fitter!
Find your balance the key to keeping
mobile and more flexible
The three simple moves you need to tone
your rear try them today!
Shop the latest fitness kit for more
motivation for your workout
Meet the readers whove shaped up using
the top new technology inspiring!

photograph getty imageS

Your spring

The weathers warming up and
itll soon be time to strip off
Dare to bare more with
confidence by following our
four-week workout plan



Walking is one of the best ways to improve fitness and
burn calories, especially when youre pushed for time.
Weve devised a doable routine that gets results fast.

intensity guide

Slow pace 3-4 out of 10 effort

Moderate pace 5-6 out of 10 effort
BriSk pace 6-7 out of 10 effort
FaSt pace, power walk
8-9 out of 10 effort

walking workout 1
The long, slow fat-burner (40 minutes).
Start at a slow to moderate pace for
5 minutes. Then speed up to a moderate
to brisk pace for 5 minutes. Repeat
a total of 4 times.
walking workout 2
The hilly one (25 minutes).
option 1: outside
Find a route that includes at least
15 minutes of hill walking. Start your
25-minute route with a 5-minute walk
at a moderate pace on a flat part of the
route. Then aim for moderate pace uphill
and moderate to brisk pace on the flat.
option 2: treadmill hill workout
25 minutes, all speeds should be 5.5km/h:
4 minutes on 2% gradient
3 minutes on 5% gradient
3 minutes on 8% gradient
4 minutes on 5% gradient
3 minutes on 9% gradient
2 minutes on 2% gradient
2 minutes on 1% gradient
4 minutes 8% gradient
cool down
walking workout 3
The park bench workout (20-25 minutes).
Select a route with a park bench. Warm up
with a 10-minute brisk-paced walk. Then
complete this top-to-toe workout:

Bum blitzer Position yourself a couple

of feet behind the back of the bench,

hinge forward from the waist, holding onto

the top of the bench. Extend right leg into
the air so thigh is parallel to the ground
and kick your heel a few inches upwards
before lowering to start position. Do
30 reps then switch legs.

Sideways step-up Step up onto the

bench with left leg as you extend
right leg out to the side at hip height.
Lower both feet back onto the ground
and repeat. Do 15 on each side.

Bench balance Sit on the edge of the

bench with hands resting on sides of
legs, feet off the floor. Hinge back from the
waist and extend legs out in front of you.
Return to start and repeat. Do 20 reps.

waist-whittling lunge Standing on

your left leg, rest your right foot on
the edge of the bench. Hinge forward
from the waist and extend arms out to
either side. Bend your left knee as you
sweep your right arm past your left leg
and back again. Repeat for a total of
15 reps before changing sides.

park bench push-up Position hands

shoulder-width apart on the edge
of the front of the bench and take a long
stride backwards on each leg. Ensuring
your body maintains a straight line from
shoulders to ankles, bend elbows and
lower chest to bench until elbows reach
a 90 angle before straightening to start
position. Do 12-15 reps.
walking workout 4
The short, sharp quick fix (20 minutes).
Walk at a moderate pace for 2 minutes
Brisk pace for 2 minutes Fast pace for
4 minutes Slow pace for 1 minute Fast
pace for 4 minutes Moderate pace for
2 minutes Fast pace for 2 minutes
Moderate pace for 2 minutes Fast pace
for 1 minute Stroll to cool down.

tips and tricks

to boost your
step count
keep a spare pair of trainers at
work so if you feel the urge to walk
all or part of your commute home
youre all prepared.
Befriend the step tracker. Gone
are the days of bulky pedometers
apps such as Moves and Human will
clock steps, estimate calorie burn
and basically make getting off the
bus a stop early seem worthwhile.
Make the most of office
opportunities. Use the toilet on
another floor, visit colleagues instead
of emailing, and choose the stairs
instead of the lift on your way in.
Set phone and computer alarms
to get you moving on the hour.
Coffee runs, photocopying, trips
to the post box all add up.
take post-meal walks at
evenings and weekends. Taking
time out with a friend or family
member when you have more
time to spare can be both
relaxing and rewarding.

cardio corner

at the gym Include inte

rval sessions
on the cardiovascular ma
(treadmill, cross trainer
, bike) of 20-25
minutes, combining fas
t speeds/high
resistance with slower,
easier intervals.
Or try a circuits or spinni
ng class.
Short, sharp sessions
Increase fitness
Burn many calories
Boost metabolic rate
and make sure you als
o include:
Slower paced, steady
cardio sessions
at between 5-7 out of 10
intensity of
effort for around 40-45
longer, slower-paced
sessions will:
Maintain good aerob
ic fitness
while preventing burnou
Minimise injury risk
Burn calories >>

woman&home FEE L





Work legs, bum, abs and entire upper body with this
four-week routine. Each week, the moves get tougher!
Week 1
Body weight squat Stand with feet
shoulder-width apart. Push hips back, bend
knees and squat down to the floor. Return
to start position. Do 25 reps, twice.
Core-sit Sit on the floor with legs
bent in front of you, fleet flat, hands resting
on backs of thighs. Keeping the lower
part of your tum pulled back towards your
spine (dont stop breathing), slowly lean
backwards towards the floor, stopping
after a few inches. Hold this position for
5 seconds then repeat, moving a little
further towards the floor. Repeat before
returning to start position. Do 4 reps.
half push-up From all fours, walk
hands a few inches in front of you and
place them just over shoulder-width apart.
Bend elbows and lower chest towards
the floor, lowering hips at the same time.

82 woman&home FEEL


Then straighten arms and push yourself

back up. Do 2 sets of 15-20.
BasiC Bridge Lie on
your back with legs bent,
feet flat on the floor.
Lift hips so that youre
forming a straight line
from shoulders to knees.
Remain in this position
and squeeze your buttocks
for a count of 5. Return to your starting
position. Perform 8 bridges.

Week 2
posh pli Stand with feet wide, toes
turned out in front of hips, arms by side.
Straighten legs and push up onto the balls
of your feet before lowering into a squat.
Then straighten legs again and repeat.
Do 20 reps, rest and repeat.
off-BalanCe push-up Start in week
1 position. As you push up this time, extend
left arm to shoulder height and straighten
right leg to hip height. Engage abdominals
so that you dont rock from
side to side. Do a total
of 16 reps on each side.

Yes, its a month

of effort so have
a goal in mind
to stay focused

the plank Lie face down on the floor,

resting on your forearms. Push yourself
off the floor, rising up onto your toes. Your
body should form a straight line from head
to heels. Contract abdominals and avoid
arching your back. Hold for 15 seconds,
rest for 5 seconds and gradually increase
to a minute. Do 3 planks.

Core-sit 2 As week 1
but keep feet off the floor.

Bridge with marCh

Assume week 1 bridge position. Once hips
are lifted, pull right knee toward your chest,
hold for 2 seconds, then lower and repeat
on your left side. Ensure hips stay lifted
throughout. Do 16 reps in total.
side plank Lie on your left side,
propped up on your elbow with right foot
stacked on top of left, right arm resting
against your side. Raise yourself up,
pressing hips toward the ceiling until your

words LAURA WILLIAms photographs GettY ImAGes



SpRING SHapE-Up fitness

body forms a straight line from shoulder

to hips. Hold for 10 seconds and gradually
build up to 30 seconds. Rest and repeat
twice more before changing sides.

Week 3
marChing squat Assume squat
position as week 1. As you rise up out of
squat extend left leg out in front of you
at hip height. Lower back down and then
repeat on the right. Do a total of 40 reps.
push-up Place hands under shoulders
with legs straight so youre resting on your
palms and the balls of your feet. Bend your
elbows, lowering chest until your elbows
reach 90, making sure your back isnt
arched. Then push back
up to your starting
position and repeat.
Aim for between 8-10
push-ups to start.

leg-sweep push-up Assume week

3 position and perform push-up as before.
As you straighten your arms, this time
sweep your left leg out to the side before
returning to start position. Repeat push-up
and extend right leg. Continue alternating
sides for a total of 12 reps.
ultimate BalanCe Assume week 2
Core-Sit position with knees tucked into
chest, feet off floor, hands resting on knees.
Extend legs out in front of you and arms
out to side for a count of 3. Return to start
position and repeat. Do a total of 8 reps.
advanCed single leg Bridge Lie
face up, arms by sides, with right leg bent,
foot flat on the floor. Lift
left leg into the air at hip
height so that both thighs
are aligned. Lift hips off
the floor until hips are
in line with shoulders,
then, keeping hips straight
and raised throughout,
lower left leg an inch from the floor before
raising to start position. Aim for 15 reps.
Switch sides and repeat.

Its about
building activity
into your
everyday life

russian twist Sit

on the floor as week 2
Core-Sit position, this time with arms
outstretched in front of you at shoulder
height, one hand on top of the other.
Lean back from the waist until you reach
a 45 angle. Hold this position then twist
torso and arms to the right. Return to
centre before repeating to the left.
Perform a total of 12 reps.

single leg Bridge Lie face up, arms

by sides, with right leg bent, foot flat on the
floor. Extend your left leg directly above
your left hip. Lift hips off the floor, pushing
through the right heel until hips are in line
with shoulders. Lower hips until top of
buttocks brush the floor, then push back
up. Do 20 reps then switch sides.
side plank with leg raise Lie
on your left side as week 2. Once youve
raised yourself into the plank position, lift
your top leg to hip height and then slowly
lower the leg back down. Do 8 leg lifts
before changing sides.

Week 4
walking squat Assume squat
position as week 1. Staying in your squat,
keeping arms by sides, take 10 strides to
the right before taking 10 to the left. Repeat.

Jumping plank Assume plank

position as week 1 but rest on hands
instead of elbows. Maintaining a straight
line from shoulders to hips, jump feet apart,
ensuring abdominals are engaged and
back isnt arched. Jump feet back to start
position and repeat. Do 20 jumps.

At A GLA e
workouts + week
week 1 2 walking
cardio workout
exercises x 2 + 1

workouts + week
week 2 2 walking
cardio worko
exercises x 3 + 1
workout + week 3
week 3 1 walking
cardio workouts
exercises x 3 + 2
workouts + week
week 4 2 walking
cardio workouts
exercises x 2 + 2

At home

try 15-20 minute higher intensity

interval-based sessions using
moves such as:
Skipping; jogging/marching on
the spot; garden/hallway runs;
step-ups on the lower stairs.
You can always create a
simple 5-7 minute circuit and
repeat 2-3 times.
Use our suggested walks for
your slower paced, steady
sessions, or intersperse jogging
with walking for 40-45 minutes,
or even take a bike ride.

keep switching up
your routine. As soon as
a session feels too easy,
ramp up gradients, hill
inclines and speeds.
Do the same with your
exercises: add reps,
weights, bands and
tubes to keep challenging
those muscles.
switch up your activity.
If youre spending too

much time on the bike,

ditch it for the cross
trainer; if youre not
feeling the effects of
your breaststroke, switch
to crawl. Both fitness
levels and muscles
will love you for it.
keep adding in new
components of fitness. If
youre working on aerobic
fitness but neglecting

flexibility, try a new yoga

class. If speed is good but
agilitys poor, challenge a
friend to a squash session.
stay active on rest
days. Keep adding daily
challenges even when
youre not working out:
opt to take the stairs
daily and increase your
walking pace even when
youre out shopping.

woman&home FEE L



seLF feature name

G r

y CE


o walk
you to b
alance is a
ot exp
. Try our tips
of keeping
critical aspect
to stop the wobble and stay strong and steady

xx woman&home feel

good you

credits here

aving good balance can help keep you active as you age,
and protect you from fractures and falls in later life a
leading cause of death from injury in older people. Whats
more, it can be a sign of good health. The UKs Medical
Research Council found that 53-year-olds who could stand on one
leg for ten seconds with their eyes closed were the most likely to be
fit and well 13 years later than those who couldnt perform the trick.
As kids, we practised our balancing skills without even realising it
jumping, walking on walls, playing hopscotch, climbing trees. But
as we age, not only do we tend to spend more time on our bottoms
and less on our feet but all the senses and systems that help
us balance (the vestibular system in the inner ear, our eyesight,
strength and muscle mass, reflexes and coordination) deteriorate
too. But its never to late to start preventing the decline, says
physiotherapist Ann Rambaut ( A combination of
keeping active, strengthening your muscles and practising balance
training can help it really is a case of Use it or lose it!

BaLanCInG aCt FitNess

A strong core [the muscles of the
torso front, sides and back] is
essential for balance and postural
alignment, says Pilates teacher
Susie Mermaid (mermaidwellbeing.
com). I think of the torso like the
trunk of a tree. Branches [the arms]
attached to a solid trunk can be
blown around in a gale, but if the
trunk is weak and unsupported, all
stability and balance would be lost.
To strengthen your core, lie on your
back on a mat with legs together
raised upwards, toes reaching to
the sky. Keeping your lower back in
contact with the mat, draw a circle
on the ceiling with your toes. Keep
your core engaged by imagining
pulling your belly button to the floor.
Inhale to begin the circle, exhale to
finish it. Do three in each direction.

Standing on one leg: Do it for 20 seconds looking straight ahead, then
switch to the other leg, says Ann. When you can do this comfortably,
try with your eyes closed. Then, with eyes open, pass a ball around
your body, then over your head while on one leg. You can also practise
everyday activities such as brushing your teeth one-legged.

gripping something with your toes helps
strengthen the foot muscles you use to
balance. Spread a hand towel lengthways
on a tiled or hardwood floor, says fitness
trainer Chris Hall (
Stand at one end of the towel with your
toes just at the bottom of it. Try scrunching
the towel up using your toes to gather
it towards you until you reach the end.
Perform twice a day on each foot.
Alternatively, use your toes to pick up stray
socks from the bedroom floor.


The narrower your base of support,
the more it challenges and stimulates
the bodys balance responses, says
Ann. Try walking heel to toe along a
straight line, looking ahead. If its hard
at first, look down at your feet. Hold the
same weight in each hand for stability
try two carrier bags with a can of
soup in each. Next, sidestep along a
straight line (in both directions), holding
a weight in front, then at the side.

Going barefoot as often as possible is a good

way to keep our balance mechanisms strong


Any regular physical activity can help

improve balance. Pilates, yoga and tai chi
have been shown to be especially good;
many physiotherapists use these in
balance retraining classes, says podiatrist
Steve Bloor (

You can make any balance exercise

more difficult by performing it on
an uneven surface, says Ann. try
wobble cushions or boards or Bosu
balls, or improvise. Fold a thick pillow
or cushion in half and stand on that.


Pretend youre in the middle of
a clock and stand on one leg with
the knee very slightly bent [to
unlock and destabilise it], says
Steve. Gently touch the ground
with the other foot in positions
representing the numbers on
a clock as you move the foot
around the circle, first clockwise
then anti-clockwise, bringing it
back to the centre each time.
Great for stabilising muscles
in the ankle, knee and hip.

Swimming may also be good. Australian

research found that older people who
swam regularly were 33 per cent less likely
to have falls than those who did other
exercise, probably because supporting
your body in the water exercises the core.

Write tHe ALPHABet WitH YOUr Feet Strong, flexible feet and
ankles are vital for good balance. Sit down and cross your left leg over
your right knee so that the lower leg is resting on it. Moving your right
ankle, write the letters of the alphabet, from A to Z, imagining that your
big toe is the pen. repeat with the opposite leg.

Stand like a tree while

watching the TV ads
dont just sit there during the boring ads, strike a pose! yogas classic tree pose engages your
balance through the entire body because it requires downward rooting and upward stretching,
and needs 100 per cent concentration to keep steady, says yoga teacher Roxy Shahidi (see
her free youTube videos at yogaRox). Standing on your left leg, place your right heel above the
side of the left ankle you can keep the toes of the right foot on the floor. Stretch your arms
high and upwards. As you get better, move your right foot upwards to rest on your left thigh.

woman&home fee l

good you



Sophie ellis-Bextor, 36, is married to musician Richard
Jones. They live in London with their four sons, aged
five months to 12 years. The singer, who recently
launched C. Wonder, a brand new clothing range
exclusive to QVC, shares her journey to looking great
i couldnt have been less interested in
exercise growing up; in fact, when we
had to choose what sports we did in pe
lessons at school, my first choice was
table tennis! It took a long time for me to
realise the power of an unhealthy lifestyle
though. When I went on tour with my first
band, I was eating a lot of fast food, not
sleeping enough and drinking far too much
and I didnt feel good at all. Eventually
I came to the realisation
that I couldnt keep doing
that to my body.

trying to reshape my figure; I always remind

myself of the bigger picture.
i feel lucky that dance is part of my day
job, but when i took part in Strictly Come
Dancing two years ago, it was the first
time id ever had a dance lesson! I started
off thinking, Theres no way Ill ever be
able to do that, but with a little bit of work,
I was suddenly saying to myself, Oh actually,
I can! Its amazing what
you can do when you put
your mind to something.
These days, I love getting
up at a party and having
a good dance.

Going to the gym

made me feel capable
and strong it was
a real eye-opener

it was only after i had

my eldest child, Sonny,
that i started going to
the gym and for the
first time, i saw myself as someone
who could be fit. It made me feel
capable and strong; it was a real eyeopener. Now its the desire to achieve
that feeling that motivates me to work
out its not about slimming down or

i find boxing one of the

most enjoyable ways to keep fit; i just
love it. I have to admit, Ive spent a lot of
time in the new mummy cocoon since my
youngest, Jesse, was born last November,
but Im finally starting to emerge from it and
Id like to start again. My husband, Richard,

star secrets fitneSS

now boxes a couple of times a week

and he keeps trying to convince me
to go along with him!
once a month, richard, the kids and
i do a five-mile walk near our house
in london. We walk all along the Thames
and although the kids always grumble a bit
in the beginning, by the end of it theyre
running and finding big sticks and jumping
in muddy puddles. I adore that time with
them. Sometimes Richard and I will go for
a walk alone too not only does it keep us
fit, it can be quite romantic.
My mum never let me use the word diet
or even own scales when i was younger,
and i think that instilled in me a healthy
attitude to food. I try to stick to eating
things like fresh fish, fruit and vegetables,
but I make a Sunday roast every week
and I wont deny myself chocolate if
I want it. And fish and chips is and
always will be my favourite meal of all
time! If your body craves something, why
let it suffer by not letting it have it?
one of the most important lessons ive
learned about looking after your body

What I eat in a day

Sophie revealS her 24-hour

food diary
7.30am The school run means
breakfast tends to be very early on
weekdays. Ill have a cup of tea with
one sugar (it used to be two!) and
two slices of toast one with pea
butter and the other with Marmite
That gives me the energy burst I nee
11am Time for another cup of tea
warning: I drink more tea than wate
My mid-morning snack is a handful
of almonds or some fresh fruit.
12pm I get hungry for lunch very earl
and its usually a toss-up between

is that its oK to relax a bit too. For me,

switching off is all about sitting down with
a good book or watching something silly
on TV. I love contemporary fiction; my mum
[Janet Ellis] has just written a book called
The Butchers Hook and even if she hadnt
written it, Id honestly still love it!

My workout wisdoM

1 Dont go it alone I can probably count on one

wordS nathalie whittle photographS Mikael BuCk/QVC

hand how many times Ive gone to the gym on

my own!If theres someone there guiding me, Ill
always strive to be teachers pet and that means
Ill work as hard as I can to get there!

salad or scrambled eggs with

smoked salmon. If its a salad, Ill mix
spinach leaves with smoked bacon,
a boiled egg, peppers and tomatoe
4pm This is normally when my
sweet tooth kicks in! A Tunnocks
Teacake and (another!) cup of tea
always goes down a treat.
9pm I put the kids to bed at about
7.30pm, so dinner is quite late. Ofte
its a salmon fillet with some roasted
vegetable and new potatoes. Im
not a big pudding person, but if
Im peckish, Ill have a couple of
squares of Cadburys milk chocolate

Get the look

When I was a little girl, I was
obsessed with Mary Poppins and
the film Grease, which is probably
where I get my love of vintage and
tailored fashion. The C. Wonder range
for QVC is very feminine and a bit
playful, like my own style. I especially
love their black short-sleeve lace
dress. Often if youre not feeling
that confident, your instinct is to
put on a tent, but actually, if you
define where your curves are (for
me, its about cinching in at the
waist), its a lot more flattering and
you end up feeling better for it.
Shop the collection at

2 Mix it up As soon as a workout gets too

repetitive (stepping on and off a box, for example),
I know Im just going to switch off. So I make sure
every workout session is a bit different from the
one before and skip the boring moves.

3 Be realistic I was always keen to do a half

marathon or even a full marathon, but now
I realise its about finding things that fit into your
lifestyle or you wont achieve them. And if youre
too busy to work out one day? Life goes on.

woman&home FEEL

gOOd yOu



FGY tip

fire up your glutes every

time you walk up stairs focus
on taking two steps at a time, as
the deeper move will tone that
booty. and avoid using the stair
rail to activate more muscles
in your lower body, which
will help stabilise you.

tone your


Firm your derrire and melt off those

unwanted muffin tops with these
calorie-blasting, super-sculpting moves

he benefit of these moves is twofold not

only are they going to lift and sculpt that
booty before summer, but youll also be
engaging some of bodys biggest muscle
groups. every time you do this, your muscles will
create a big spike in your bodys ability to burn
calories, making it a great way to reduce those
muffin tops and tone at the same time. repeat
this routine three times in total.

tone and sculpt fitness

The BooTy Bridge

start lying down, face up, with your

palms facing upwards, knees bent,
feet flat on the floor and bottom on the
ground. then, in a slow, controlled
manner, push your bottom off the
ground as high as you can. hold at the
highest point for a couple of seconds;
slowly lower back to the ground.
repeat ten times.

WORDs lucy wyndham-read

phOtOgRaph getty images


The Muffin-Top MelTer

step one leg further behind and
move the arm on the same side down,
aiming for the fingertips to touch the
ground. hold, now push straight back
up to your deep squat starting position;
step the other leg back and aim
for the other hand to touch the ground.
come back to your start position. Keep
alternating the leg you step back.
repeat 20 times.

The Calorie CurTsey

stand with good posture and your feet shoulderwidth-distance apart, shoulders pulled back and
tummy muscles pulled in. now, step one leg back
and behind the line of the front foot, as if you are
curtseying. still keeping the upper body straight,
bend low, making sure the front knee does not
go over the line of the toes. hold, then push back
up to your start position; curtsey back on the
other leg. repeat 30 times.

Great fitness wear and equipment will

always make us feel more motivated to
work out. Heres our pick

new kit
wish list
on track Make Every
Second Count with the
latest collection, including
reflective jackets and track
leggings. Jacket, 249, xs-xl;
leggings, 108, xxs-xl,

Supermarket chic Pick up f&fs

fitness range while getting your
groceries. Top, 16; leggings, 12,
both 6-18,
90 woman&home feel

good you

Lighten up A lightweight
waterproof jacket is a must-have for
any fitness fanatic. 29.50, 8-22,

High performing This sports bra

offers support plus features Adidass
signature Climacool technology. 28,
xs-xl, Adidas at

Loose layers These stylish

shorts have two layers for maximum
protection, whatever your sport. 79,

compiled by lucy BoWen


fit kit fitness

And the best


And breathe This cycling

jersey offers super-soft breathable
fabrics plus a lifetime guarantee.
42.99, 8-16,

Snug fit Keep your core

warm with a padded gilet.
225, xs-xl, Peak Performance


Sheer delight This vest has a

sheer panel and racer-back straps
so you can move with ease, 54, xs-l,
lorna Jane at

Keep in touch With

this reflective running
arm band, you can
stay on call every
minute of the day.

On track This
fitness watch can
measure heart
rate, track your
steps and hold
up to 500 songs.
149.99, TomTom
Tech smart These leggings
may look fashion-forward but also
offer compression technology.
17.99, xs-l,

Brighten up Be the
talk of the court with
this bright neon tennis
racket holder with
detachable strap. 210,

No sweat Dont
worry about getting
your headphones
wet these will
see you through
any weather. 79.99,
Mat work This eco-friendly
lightweight yoga mat is slip-resistant
and latex-free perfect for
beginners. 19.95,


Born to run Run in style with these totally flexible

and lightweight trainers. 72, Nike at

In the saddle
created by
olympic Gold
medallist Victoria
this hybrid bike
has sevenspeed Shimano
gearing. 279.99,

woman&home feel

good you


fitness one thing

if you only do one thing

Power up a weekend walk

amp up the action and

youll boost calorieburning! First think
about your feet. Instead of
moving through heel-toe,
heel-toe step, lead with your
heel and roll through your
entire foot before pushing
off with your toes.
Pump your arms youll pick
up the pace, which means
youll build upper-body
strength and get a better cardio
workout. Bend your arms at a
90-degree angle and punch
them forward and back, close
to rather than across your body.
Suck your abdominal
muscles in and up like youre
zipping a tight pair of jeans.
This helps tone your tummy
and maintain better posture.
Your glute muscles are the
engine that puts power in your
stride. Make them work even
better by holding them taut
and contracted as you walk.
Raise your chin up and look
10ft ahead of you. This will give
you peripheral vision to see the
path ahead yet still keep your
neck and head in line.
Pick up your pace to the
point where youre just
about ready to
break into a jog.

92 woman&home fee l

good you

photograph istock by getty images

FGY tip

to go faster, dont take

long strides instead,
take faster, smaller steps.
Concentrate on landing on your
heels, rolling through your
instep, then propelling
yourself with a push
off your toes.

questions & answers fitness


Our expert Lucy Wyndham-Read is here
to motivate you and help you sort out some
of your common fitness problems
AM i nOt LOsinG

Meet tHe
fitness exPeRt
Ex-army Lucy
Wyndham-Read is
a YouTube fitness
expert with more
than 20 years
experience. She
is the author of
several bestselling fitness books
and apps, and appears on TV and
radio. For more see

Why is it that even

after workouts and eating well, the scales
still say the same?
What I recommend you do with your
weighing scales is place them in front
WHAt WiLL sHift
of your car and drive over them several
CeLLULite? its really quite
times then throw them in the bin, as they
bad around my thighs and i hate it; is
can be so demotivating and, in an instance,
there anything i can do about this?
can crush your motivation. And they dont
Cellulite affects most women and you dont
tell it like it is weighing scales dont tell
necessarily have to be fat; you can often
you how much body fat you have lost.
see supermodels caught by the paparazzi
When we work out, we burn off calories,
with dimply thighs (which actually makes us
which in turn reduces body fat, then
feel more human), so striving to be thin does
we also increase our muscle tone; both
not exclude you from the problem. The way
these tissues are very different in their size,
you can reduce cellulite (which is simply
so you could have 1lb of fat and 1lb of
toxins and fatty deposits that get trapped in
muscle and they will weigh the same
the cells beneath the skin and pull on it) is
(obviously) but they are very different
to do three things: firstly, swap processed
in size. Imagine a big stick of candy floss
food for clean eating, so in other words eat
(this is the fat) then a small ball of wool (this
natural foods and have a well-balanced diet.
is the muscle tissue) understanding this
Secondly, keep moving be sure to get
is key, and your scales cant tell you this
active at least five times a week as
but a tape measure can, so every
this helps stimulate the blood
week simply measure around
flow, which helps remove
the narrowest part of your
toxins, plus exercising will
waist and watch those
Measure the narrowest
burn off excess body fat.
inches come off.
part of your waist. Then
measure your widest part of
lastly, keep drinking
your hips. Divide your waist
water and aim for
measurement by your hip
between 6-8 glasses
measurement. A ratio of less than
0.85 means you are in healthy
a day as drinking the
proportions: higher than 0.85
clear stuff will again help
or is it impossible to get
means you are carrying
to flush out any toxins.
a sculpted look with just gym work?
too much weight.
Another good tip to
own weight, or
Youtube its all based
As a female personal
reduce cellulite is to try my
if you want a
on just using the weight
trainer i always want to
stronger look then
of your arms and not
maintain a toned, fit and
homemade anti-cellulite body
grabs those weights. the
weights, and women
healthy body, and for me
scrub. you need 1tbsp ground coffee, 1tbsp
Video is a called 3 Minute
all over the world have
i personally never ever use
oil and a big pinch of salt, then mix it all
Arm Workout Get Rid of
had great results and lost
weights, and find that you
Bingo Wings and tone
inches without bulking up.
can sculpt and tone your
together and store in an airtight jar. Apply
so it goes down to personal Your Arms on the Youtube
own body simply by using
the mixture once a week where you have
LWR fitness channel.
taste if you want to be
your own bodys resistance.
cellulite, making sure skin is slightly damp,
toned and feminine then
i created a three-minute
stick with just using your
arm-toning routine on
massage in then rinse off with cold water.
This is enough for about four applications.

PHOtOGRAPH urbanlip productions


CAn i tOne WitHOUt


Want to know more? For inspiration on how to get walking for weight loss, visit
woman&home feel

good you


Tech keeps

me on track
Incorporating gadgets into your fitness regime monitors progress and
helps motivate. Five women talk to Alice Wilkinson about how technology
has helped them achieve their fitness goals

Running a marathon
taught me that anything is possible
when you put your mind to it
my asics app

Ellen Manning, 33,

is a journalist. Shes
married and lives
in Birmingham.
Hearing that
Huntingtons Disease
Association a charity
thats supported members of my family who
have suffered with the hereditary disorder
were asking for volunteers to run the
London Marathon, I thought, Ive got to
apply! Ive always loved running and this
was a chance for me to raise money for
a cause so close to my heart. So, I was
ecstatic to open the email confirming
my place in the 2014 London Marathon.
It was nine months until race day, and
the pressure was on. After tapping the date
of my race into the My Asics app, which Id
used before, and inputting how far and fast
I needed to run, a day-by-day training plan
appeared and I thought, Im really doing this!
Getting up to train at 5am two mornings
a week before work, going to the gym three
times and doing a long run each Sunday
was a shock to the system. But I started
feeling more alert at work on days that Id

trained and, when pestering friends

I hadnt seen for a while to sponsor me,
theyd say Wow, look at you! because
my physique had changed so much.
Feeling my body toning up felt great
my legs felt so firm but I had to keep
training if I was going to be able to run
for 26 miles. Pushing myself was really
tough but working towards the little
targets that the app was giving me in
the getting faster and getting further
stages of its programme gave me the
motivation I needed to do a little bit more
each day. Even if it was just running for
one more minute or one more kilometre,
competing against myself to beat my
times and distances kept me focused.
Crossing the finish line on race
day, knowing that all that training
had paid off, felt truly amazing
with the help of the My Asics
app, Id achieved something
I never thought I would
and raised over
2,500 for charity,
and it felt so


My Asics app, which is free to download from
the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

94 woman&home feel

good you

real life fitness

QaRdioBase + appLe heaLth app

Using smart scales helps me

see beyond my weight
Betty peng, 34, works
in pR and lives in
London with her
fianc scott.
Being techy, I was
really excited when
I got an Apple Watch
last year, but I never imagined that it would
be the start of a new fitness regime.
Although I wanted to work on my
muscles a bit, I considered myself fairly
fit Id go for a jog a few times a week
and follow exercise videos at home. But
I suddenly became aware of how much
time I spent sitting down at work when
the Apple Fitness app, which came on
the watch, sent a gentle vibration to my
watch every time I hadnt moved in a
while. So, every time it gave me a nudge,
Id get up for a quick walk.
Not long after Id got the watch, I was
chatting to my colleague, who also
has one. She told me about
the QardioBase
smart scale she
had been

syncs with the Apple Health app, and I

thought, That would be perfect to help me
tone! Theyre smart scales that track your
fat and muscle composition as well as your
weight and, being obsessed with gadgets, I
had to try it for myself!
It was really encouraging when, after
two weeks of meeting my daily target by
doing fat burning and toning exercises,
I stepped on the scales to see a smiley
face appear on the screen because my
body fat percentage had decreased from
30 per cent body fat to 27 per cent, and
my muscle percentage started increasing.
I could already really feel the difference
around my mid section it felt tighter
and looked more defined but seeing
it reflected on the scales felt amazing!
The circle on my watch represents my
daily target of walking or running two miles
a day now if I see that its nowhere near
complete, Ill walk home from work instead
of getting the bus, or take my dog out
for an extra walk. Im not caught up in
counting the number of steps Ive taken
or calories Ive burned instead, I focus
on completing the circle on my watch and
getting a smiley face on the scales!

TRY IT YOURSELF Betty uses an Apple Watch

Sport, 299,; and a QardioBase
wireless smart scale, 129.99, >>

woman&home feel

good you


a fitness tracker has ramped
up my daily routine
jawbone Up2 band

niki hanmer, 41,

is Marketing Lead
at aspire. she lives
in surrey with her
husband nick and
their three children.
Id been telling
Nick about my friend Janes fitness tracker
seeing what a difference it had made to
her lifestyle, I wondered if it might help me
to be more active now that our youngest
is at school and I have a bit more time. So,
when I opened my birthday present from
him a few months ago and saw a Jawbone
UP2, I was thrilled!
I charged up the band straight away,
downloaded the app it syncs with and, as
I slipped the band on my wrist, it was like
flicking on a switch in my mind. Every time
I grab my car keys to drive to the shop,
Ill say to myself, No, Niki, walk instead!
And if Im not on track to reach my daily
target of 10,000 steps, Ill volunteer to
walk the dog and decline Nicks offer to
get the kids from school.
Seeing on the app how many steps Ive

done at the end of the week just

by making those little changes,
I think Wow, its really counting!
And now, when Im sitting working at
my desk and my band buzzes to tell
me I havent moved for 50 minutes,
Ill march up and down the stairs with
ease I feel so much more agile!
I used to think Id want to throw my
Jawbone in the bin if I didnt meet
my target but it was a lifeline when
it gently coached me back to moving
around after I had suffered from a
chest infection.
Its like having a little cheerleader
on your wrist encouraging you all
the time, and theres no better feeling
when you open up the app and it
says, Well done! You met your target
today. How about trying 12,000
steps tomorrow?


wears a Jawbone UP2, 89.99,

Jennifer used the C25K
and Gipis app. Both are free to
download from the iTunes App Store
and Google Play.

96 woman&home feel

good you

real life fitness

c25k and gipis

apps A fitness

photographs istock by getty images

app ignited my
passion for
Jennifer Hamley,
36, is a handbag
designer. She lives
in Bristol with her
husband Ben.
growing up,
people always said
to me i had a runners physique because
im tall and quite slim, but every time id tried
to run for more than a minute, i felt like i was
going to collapse; i thought runners were crazy!
but moving back from the alps three years
ago, where id snowboard most days, i was
craving the outdoors, so i searched on the
internet for ideas and came across the couch
to 5k app. Reading how it gently coached
you into running, i quickly downloaded it.
i felt disheartened when, on my first run,
i hardly did any running at all! after following
the voice on the app, which was telling
me to walk for two minutes then run for a
minute repeatedly, i felt like all i was doing
was walking!
gradually the number of minutes running
increased, and after two weeks, when
i ran for ten minutes non-stop, i thought,
that must be where i was going wrong!
id always just tried to get as far as could,
as fast as i could, but the app taught me to
be patient and ease your body into it.
because i was building up my fitness
slowly, i didnt even get achy legs. and
when, after six weeks, i ran for 30 minutes
without stopping, i was so proud! being able
to run for a bus with ease and feeling my
clothes loosen up a bit motivated me to
keep going, and because my progress
was gradual, i never felt out of my depth,
and i ran my first 5k after three months.
Now ive built up my stamina and i can
run for three hours or more, i use the gipis
app to map my runs, and i love getting
involved in running events. and when i see
people running, im not thinking theyre
crazy, im thinking Let me join in! and
i have the c25k app to thank for showing
me that running really can be fun.

Losing weight has

put the spring back in my step
fitbit sUrge

rachael parker,
38, is a bid
writer for a
company. shes
married with
three children
and lives in the west Midlands.
Like many women, I felt like Id tried
every diet and fitness regime in an
attempt to lose weight but nothing
seemed to be working and I was fed
up of squeezing into size 14 jeans. So
in June last year, when my sister-in-law
Emma was telling me what wonders
the Fitbit Surge had been working for
her, I thought, Maybe Ill give it a go.
As soon as Emma heard that Id got
one, she set up a league table between
the two of us on the Fitbit app and,
after just a couple of days, I started
getting texts from her saying Im 500
steps in front of you! So Id quickly
hop off the couch and walk around the
kitchen for ten minutes to beat her.
Feeling the pressure of a bit of
healthy competition, I started going to
the gym a couple of evenings a week

and attending more exercise classes at my

local gym. Seeing all my hard work displayed
on the Fitbit app, and on my account online,
gave me the motivation I needed to keep
going even when it came to housework.
As soon as I learned that doing two
hours of ironing (done with a bit of music
and dancing!) could burn 400 calories,
I couldnt wait to get to the bottom of the
basket! When I started feeling a bit slimmer
around my middle and my thighs, I became
even more determined to keep going.
Now, Ive dropped three dress sizes and
when I get out of bed in the morning and
put my underwear on, I think Oh wow,
I can actually see my abs, and slipping
on my size ten jeans, I feel so much better
about myself. For the first time in years,
when I go on holiday this summer to the
Costa del Sol with my family, Ill be packing
a lovely bikini instead of a swimming
costume, and I cant wait to wear it!


uses a Fitbit Surge, 199.99,

woman&home feel

good you


seLF feature name

s expert
youTube fitnes
lucy Wyndham
klist for
gives her chec
discovering a
gym and ma
it work for you

xx woman&home feel

good you

credits here


Gym tips Fitness


The first thing you need to assess is what
sort of fitness fan you are I like to divide
people into colours:
White means you prefer more yoga,
Pilates exercise and focusing on the mind
and stretching, so you need to make sure
on the gym timetable they have this kind
of body balance class.
red means you prefer high-energy,
challenging workouts and being
competitive. So make sure the timetable
has circuits and HIIT-style group classes.
BLue means you prefer exercising alone
and like swimming, cycling, running and
walking. for this you need to make sure
the gym has a good pool and plenty of
exercise machines.

Heres what to bear in mind when
you look around:

the first thing i would want to

see is that on the gym floor there
is always a qualified instructor, ready
to help and answer any questions,
but also to be checking everyone
is training safely and effectively.
Are there plenty of water
stations around the gym?
Are all the machines working
and do they have enough cardio
machines? for example, if they only
have 3 bikes, 3 rowers, 3 treadmills,
but have 1,800 members, how do they
cater for this, as you could be queuing
for hours to wait for a free bike.
What are the exercise mats
like? This is a good indication
of how much the gym looks after
the equipment.
Find out what the busiest
times are in the gym peak
times vary with demographics.
Ask whether you get a gym
introduction any good gym will
offer a free personal training session.

credits here getty images


WhaT To WEar
The best outfit is the
one you feel most
comfortable in forget
everyone else around
you, as gyms can be
quite intimidating places,
and you will always see
a mix of different outfits;
some will go to town and
probably spend more
time getting ready to hit
the gym floor than they
do on going out on a

Friday night and then

on the other hand you
will see the off-white
T-shirt brigade with
leggings that have seen
better days and wornout trainers. The most
important message here
is you are not joining this
gym to impress anyone
else you are simply
using this as a facility
to get fit and healthy,

Good GYmis amlways expected

One thing th ed on by your fellow
to always
and will b
you dont, is
u will
fter use. Yo
ttles and
wipe down
infectant bo m, so
the gy
ered around d leave
wipes scatt
your sweat
wipe away
lean for the
it squeaky c
next custom

STAY SAFE If you are not sure

how to use a machine or cant
remember then ask! It is so
easy to injure yourself if you
do it with the wrong form, and
always warm up especially
if you are using weights.

so kit-wise, just go
for comfortable and
practical gear. Always
wear a sports bra, even
if its a low-impact class.
And go for layers so
a T-shirt with a longsleeved top over the top,
and as soon as you start
exercising, your core
body temperature will
heat up so you can just
remove that top layer.

As a personal trainer I can tell you one of the
best ways to get results in your body shape
and fitness is to keep varying your training,
so I would recommend that you ask how
often the instructors change the classes.
for example, if you are doing the Monday
morning legs, Tums and Bums class, it
would become dull if it was the same
routine every single time, plus your muscles
get used to it. So show them you have
fitness knowledge and make sure the
routines keep changing you would be
surprised as to how many dont!

gyms are a big investment so shop around
and dont rush in and sign that contract; read it
and make sure it suits you. Say you are a Red
fitness Colour Personality, you may just want
the membership so you can do the HIIT and
circuits classes, and have no intention of using
extra facilities. discuss this with the manager
as you may find you get a reduced rate.


Our bodies are smart and
when it comes to exercise
they very quickly get used
to what we are doing as
muscle memory kicks in
then it is a bit like going
into autopilot, and they
work less effectively. So
every week change that

routine: for example if

you are in the gym and
using the treadmill for 10
minutes, then one week
do 1-minute bursts of
faster walking, then the
following week work add
incline. Dont forget to
ask the gym instructors

for advice as that is what

they are there for better
still, get them to set you
a challenge, say row 12
metres then power walk
1 mile in under 20 minutes.
Keep changing your
routine and keep
challenging yourself.

woman&home feel

good you




The latest workout moves,

trends and kit to keep you fit

Lace UP yoUR WaLkiNg sHoes

Living streets, the Uk charity for everyday walking, is urging the public
to #try20 for National Walking month this may. the campaign aims to
get people to add 20 minutes of walking to their daily routine and see
the differences it can make. you dont have to go out of your way
does. Many charities need
volunteers to walk dogs or need
temporary foster parents for dogs.
The idea behind Living Streets
is that walking more means less
congested roads, less pollution, plus
youll reduce the risk of preventable
illness and social isolation. The
charity believes that a walking
nation means progress for everyone.
To find out more go to livingstreets.

The Power of PilaTes

Most doctors now advise anyone with non-specific low back
pain to stay active but if working out is the last thing you feel
like doing try Body Control Pilates classes. Theyre small (max
12 people) so you get individual attention and the movements are
performed slowly and with control, increasing flexibility, strength
and mobility, and improving posture. see


100 woman&home feel

good you


Plantar fasciitis, or runners heel,
accounts for 8% of all running
injuries and can often be triggered
by a rapid increase in running
miles. stretching, resting and
using carnation PediRoller (9.99, can help to
relieve soreness.

workout helpers

Power Plate

sTreNGTh TraiNiNG for

woMeN by John shepherd,
shows how to shape up
without bulking up, includes
three 6-week programmes.
14.99, Bloomsbury

JUsT DaNCe 2016 for

Nintendo wii, Xbox one
and Playstation features
current and classic hits
and great new visuals.
24.99, amazon and GaMe

rUN YoUrself fiT

by Christina Macdonald,
has tips and training
plans to motivate and
improve technique.
6.99, Vie Books

a compact
version of the
classic, for
at-home use.
At 995 its not
cheap, but it is
effective; worth
it if youre a fan
of the system.

photograph istock by getty images

Try skipping a stop on public

transport or parking your car that
bit further out and walking the
rest of the way to work.
Always go on foot to local shops
(if you do need to drive, park
furthest away from the entrance).
Enrol colleagues in a lunchtime
walk. Getting outside for a break
will help your afternoon focus too.
If you havent got a dog, offer
to walk with or for a friend who

10 brilliant ideas fitness

fitness short thoughts

youre bending to
pick something up, turn the
move into a squat: extend your
buttocks behind you and pretend
youre about to sit in a chair until
your upper legs are almost parallel
to the ground. Youll build leg
muscles and sculpt your
rear view.

If youre
waiting for a
lift, strengthen
your core: contract
the muscles around
your belly button
then elevate your
upper torso and

Every time you

exercise, whether you go
for a run, take a walk with
a friend or hit the gym, mark
that day with a star in your
calendar. Itll give you a quick
overview of how often
youve been working out
that month so far.

When working
with weights, many
people contract their
muscles slowly and
then release more quickly.
But if you lift slowly in
both directions, you are
maximising each move. Lift
and lower to a 5-second
count in each

If you want
a tighter tum,
dont focus solely on
crunches youll tone just
one muscle group and
exacerbate bad posture.
A full body workout
while engaging your
core is better.

walking shoes
encourage you to move
more and decrease your risk
of injury. A good shoe should
be flexible in the ball of the
foot, but not in the arch, and
the heel should be
cushioned and

the tendency of
some people who
really want to get a lot
out of their workouts is
to spend a lot of time
at the gym, the truth
is that after 30 or 40
minutes, the benefit
isnt as great.

Cooking dinner?
Do standing push-ups
while you wait for a pot to
boil. Stand about an arms
length from the kitchen
counter, and push your
arms against the counter.
Push in and out for
toned arms.

between flat and
bumpy surfaces, and
uphill or downhill
will challenge your
coordination and help
you become a more
efficient runner.

Researchers at
University discovered that
when athletes ate slow-digesting
carbs, such as wholegrains,
they had lower insulin levels and
burned more fat during the day
compared with those who ate
fast-digesting carbs, such
as white bread.

With thanks to;;

woman&home feel

good you



Give yourself a health MOT what tests to

take to cut your risks of developing problems
Dont let your teeth give your age away, try
the latest dental treatments
Could lens surgery improve your sight?
Check out our lowdown
When the pills dont work best solutions
to relieve your headache
Are you drinking too much? What it really
means for the health of your liver

photograph getty images

Do you need a

Private wellness screenings can cost a fortune but the checks that
make a difference are free at your local surgery or hospital

Be skin savvy

Malignant melanoma affects 12,000 people a year, a fourfold increase on 30 years

ago. Catch it early and it can be cured but the story is very different if it has spread.

Risk factoRs you can

check A family history,
overexposure to sunlight, especially
sunburn, using sunbeds and being
fair-skinned. The more moles
you have, the higher the risk.
symptoms to watch foR
Moles that increase in size, with an
irregular edge or irregular pigmentation,

moles that bleed, itch or are painful,

or develop a crusty surface.
test youR Gp can do
A thorough examination of your
skin, including your back. If you are at
particular high risk or have suspiciouslooking moles, you can be referred
to a special pigmented lesion clinic
for screening on the NHS.

Care for your kidneys

Fortunately kidney disease is relatively rare until much later
in life, unless you suffer from diabetes, have high blood
pressure or a history of repeated infections.

symptoms to watch
foR Pain on passing urine,
needing to pass urine more often,
or a change in urine colour. feeling
more tired than usual, loss of
appetite, shortness of breath.

104 woman&home feel

good you

tests youR Gp can do

A simple dipstick test of
a urine sample checks for protein,
white blood cells and glucose.
A blood test checks levels of
chemicals controlled by the kidneys.

check-ups health

Hows your heart?

Its the number one health threat to women, by a long way. Cardiovascular disease
which includes heart disease and strokes claims the lives of one in three women.
And unlike many cancers, it is largely preventable. Its just a question of making
the right lifestyle choices, especially if you are at increased risk.

Risk factoRs you can check

Smoking, being overweight, a high-fat,
high-salt diet, lack of exercise and a family
history of heart disease especially close
relatives being affected under the age of 65.
symptoms to watch foR
Breathlessness on just slight exercise,
palpitations or an irregular pulse, chest
discomfort, especially a feeling of pressure
in the chest on mild exertion.
factoRs youR Gp can check
Blood pressure A healthy
measurement is less than 135/85. The
higher it is over this, the greater your
risk of heart disease or stroke.
levels of cholesterol and triglycerides
Total cholesterol level is only a vague
guide. Whats really useful is to know the
levels of both good (Hdl) and bad (ldl)
cholesterol. Ideally your Hdl level should
be more than, and your ldl level less than
3. And if you divide your total cholesterol
level by your Hdl level, it should be less
than 4.5. oestrogen helps lower ldl
cholesterol so many of us have good levels
in our forties but by late fifties over 60% of
us have high levels. Triglycerides are also
harmful fats that can increase the risk of
heart disease. The level should be less
than 1.7mmol/l. High levels are linked

especially with an increased risk of stroke,

particularly in women. A blood test will
reveal all this ask for your results.
what aBout an ecG? An
electrocardiogram (eCg) is often
included in private health checks. done at
rest its not very useful. It could reveal that
you have an irregular pulse, but you would
probably have symptoms of that anyway.
And it will show changes if youve already
had a heart attack but again, hopefully
youd know about that too. What it wont
show is if you are at increased risk of having
a heart attack. for that you need an exercise
eCg, where your heart is monitored while
you jog on a treadmill. They are only done
on the NHS when your doctor suspects
you might have a heart problem, such as
breathlessness or chest discomfort when
you exercise. If you have no symptoms,
then an exercise eCg is probably a waste
of time and money.
is it in youR Genes? one in 500
people carry a faulty gene, which
means their liver manufactures too much
cholesterol so, no matter how little fat you
eat, levels are high. Its important to know
for your childrens sake if they have the
gene then without treatment they could
start damaging their arteries in their teens.

the deBate oveR mammoGRams

he NHS breast screening

programme offers a
mammogram once every
three years to all women aged 50
and over, though women over 70
currently have to ask to be sent
for screening. The programme
has started to be extended to
women aged 47 and over, with
automatic invitations up to the
age of 73, but this is still not
nationwide. Women with a
family history of breast cancer
can start screening earlier, but

this is done via breast clinics, so

speak to your GP.
There have been concerns
that breast screening has led to
some women being mistakenly
diagnosed with breast cancer and
being given treatment they did
not need. For this reason, a review
of the screening programme is
now being undertaken. On the
other hand, some women are
concerned that they should have
mammograms more often than
once every three years. However,

it is important to
remember that
exposes the
breast to
X-rays, and
exposure can
increase the risk
of breast cancer. If you are
considering paying for a private
mammogram, discuss your risk
factors with your GP as it could
do you more harm than good. >>

woman&home feel

good you


health check-ups

aRe you at Risk

of DiaBetes?
Diabetes affects every part of the body, increasing the
risk of problems with sight, heart and circulation, kidneys
and nervous system. In men, it is also a major cause
of erectile dysfunction. Its reckoned there are at least
a million people in the UK with undiagnosed diabetes,
and the longer its untreated, the greater the risk.

Risk factoRs you can check family history,

being overweight, especially if you are apple shaped,
with a waist measurement greater than 32in (37in for men).
symptoms to watch foR Increased thirst
so you drink more, needing to pass urine more
frequently, tiredness, blurred vision, frequent infections,
especially thrush or skin infections.
tests youR Gp can Do A fasting blood sugar
test means not eating or drinking for eight hours
before a blood test. If blood sugar levels are raised
then a check of your blood level of HbA1c can indicate
if your blood sugar levels have been consistently
raised over the previous three months.

Looking after your

gynae system
Cancers of the uterus and ovary are the fourth and fifth most common cancers
in women. Thanks to smear tests, cancer of the cervix is now less common
but there are still more than 2,800 cases a year in the UK.
Risk factoRs you can check
A family history of ovarian, breast or
colon cancer (the last two can be linked to
ovarian cancer). Smoking increases the risk
of cervical cancer. Being overweight increases
the risk of endometrial cancer (the womb
lining) and so does oestrogen-only HRT
and long-term use of oestrogen cream.
symptoms to watch foR
Bleeding in-between periods, after
intercourse, or after the menopause.
Symptoms of ovarian cancer are persistent
pelvic and abdominal pain, increased
abdominal size or persistent bloating (not
bloating that comes and goes), difficulty
eating, and feeling full quickly.

106 woman&home feel

good you

tests youR Gp can Do

A cervical smear once every
three years from 25-49, then five-yearly
up to 64. After this, you only need one
if you havent had one since you were
50, or following a recent abnormal test.
your gP can also do a basic manual
examination of your womb and ovaries.
ovarian cancer is the fifth most common
cancer, but the average gP sees only
one case every five years. Smear tests
wont detect ovarian cancer but a blood
test for levels of the hormone CA125
can be done in women at increased
risk of ovarian cancer, or those with
unexplained symptoms.

woRDs rosemary leonard and patsy

westcott photoGRaphs getty images

check-ups health

Keep your digestive

system healthy
Almost half of all women with bowel cancer compared with one in ten men visit the
GP more than five times with symptoms before being referred to a specialist, or end up
diagnosed in A&E. Yet bowel cancer is the third most common female cancer (after lung
and breast). Particularly at risk are younger women, and although nine out of ten people
who get bowel cancer are over 50, just over a thousand women and slightly more men who
develop it each year are below this age. Shockingly, according to Bowel Cancer UK, being
younger and female means youre likely to experience the longest delays in diagnosis.

Risk factoRs you can check

age Around one in 1,000 women aged
50-54 get bowel cancer each year, after
which incidence progressively increases.
Genes five have been identified. Ask
your gP to refer you for a gene test if
several close relatives (mum, dad, sister,
brother, child) are diagnosed with bowel
cancer or have a genetic syndrome
such as lynch syndrome or familial
adenomatous polyposis (fAP), which
causes multiple polyps.
Diet A fifth of bowel cancers
are linked to a diet high
in red and processed
meat and low in fibre.
eat red meat no more
than twice a week and
keep processed meat
to a minimum.
alcohol Seven per cent of
cases are linked to heavy
drinking. See our liver
health feature on p116.
a thicker waist The risk is 46% higher if your
waist measures more than 39in a good
reason to lose a midriff bulge.
smoking Smoking is linked to a higher risk
of bowel cancer. In a word: Quit.
symptoms to watch foR See
the gP if you experience one or more
of the symptoms below for three or more
weeks and if necessary ask for a referral:
Bleeding from your back passage
or blood in poo.
a change in bowel habits, especially
going more often or looser stools.
abdominal pain (especially severe)
or persistent indigestion.
mouth ulcers that dont heal.
a lump in your abdomen.
unintended weight loss and fatigue.

tests youR Gp can Do

Screening can pick up bowel cancer
or polyps, which can precede bowel
cancer, at an early treatable stage.
the faecal occult blood (foB) or poo
test kit is sent out every two years to those
age 60+ (50 in Scotland and Wales) but
only 54% actually send back. It can reduce
the risk of dying of bowel cancer by around
16% but its sensitivity is 30-50%, which
means a negative test cant completely rule
out cancer. other medical problems that
cause gastric bleeding,
certain medications and
supplements, what you
eat before doing the test
(including red meat, turnips
or horseradish) and even
recent dental work can all
produce false positives.
the bowel scope or
flexi-test is a one-off test
that it is hoped will be
offered to everyone at age 55. A doctor or
trained nurse uses a sigmoidoscope, a slim
flexible tube with a light and camera on
the end, to look inside the lower bowel
for polyps or signs of cancer. According
to Professor Monahan, medical advisor to
Bowel Cancer uK, it can cut the likelihood
of dying of bowel cancer by 43% because
any polyps can be removed there and then.
on the horizon A newer, more sensitive
test for invisible blood called the faecal
Immunochemical Test (fIT) is already used in
europe and the Irish Republic. less likely to
react to bleeding from parts of the digestive
system such as the stomach and with no
diet or medication restrictions, its currently
being trialled by Public Health england.
Just one stool sample is needed, which its
hoped will improve uptake.

Know the
symptoms as
detected early,
bowel cancer is
highly treatable
and curable

woman&home feel

good you


Dont let
your teeth
give your
age away
leading dentist dr Martina Syron explains
how a few subtle tweaks can add sparkle
to your smile and take off years
age giveaway DiSColouration

you know the obvious culprits for

surface staining: smoking, coffee, tea,
dark drinks, red wine and spicy foods. But
while surface stains can be removed by
cleaning and polishing every three to six
months, left to build up, they make teeth
look yellow and dull. Plus, years of brushing
too hard can wear away the precious
surface of the enamel the whitest and
strongest top layer that gives teeth their
brightness and expose the darker
dentine underneath, making teeth look
yellow. drugs taken as a teenager when
teeth were developing, such as tetracycline
antibiotics for acne or chest infections, may
also contribute to a grey tone to the teeth.
SOlUtION Research shows tooth
whitening could take around ten years off
perceived age, but while laser whitening
is recommended by many dentists, it can
increase sensitivity and dehydrate the
teeth so they could look whiter after the
treatment but can quickly relapse. I prefer
bleaching with a low-dose carbamide
peroxide, which is shown in studies as more
effective long-term. Custom-made trays
containing small amounts of bleach are

worn at home overnight for between

two and eight weeks, depending on the
starting colour (grey-coloured teeth may
take longer), and patients come in for three to
five bleaching sessions at fortnightly intervals.
Matching the tooth colour to the whites of
the patients eyes looks most natural. going
too white can leave the thin enamel at the
edges looking transparent and grey. dont
bleach them more often than every two years.
for people with sensitive teeth, the latest
methods incorporate desensitising agents
within their bleach formula.
COSt Prices vary from about 600
for a course.

FGY TIP If you do nothing else,

avoid brushing teeth after eating
acidic foods. these soften tooth
enamel for about half an hour, so
brushing straight after can cause acid
erosion, thinning the surface enamel.

dental care health

age giveaway late-onSet CrowDing

Patients in their forties often complain

that their bottom teeth are crowding,
even if theyve been straight all their lives. This
can be due to: the lip muscle shortening,
causing the arch of the bottom teeth to narrow,
so teeth are more bunched up; the loss of
back teeth; or teeth moving forward with age.
SOlUtION A permanent retainer is a strip
of wire that can be bonded behind the lower
incisors to stop further movement. But to
make teeth straight again, youll need a
brace. There are many options on offer.
for minimal crowding on the bottom teeth,

custom-fitted, removable clear aligners such

as Invisalign work like a brace in six to 11
months, but teeth may recrowd and you
might need to wear one at night indefinitely.
for severely crooked or rotating teeth,
Incognito is a system of orthodontics
consisting of super-thin, gold-cast braces
that are fitted behind teeth to straighten
them; it takes between nine and 18 months.
COSt Permanent retainers start from
around 250; from 1,500 for aligners
(; and about 8,000 for
gold-cast braces (

Teeth grinders can apply 14 times

the amount of pressure on their teeth
at night as they do during the day
age giveaway
SMile narrowing

from our late twenties, the upper jaw

and teeth can move inwards towards
the tongue, or the cheeks can hollow, leaving
a shadow at the sides of the mouth and
making your smile look narrower. It can also
be caused by large, old amalgam fillings that
show through enamel, leaving a shadow-like
effect at the sides of your smile.
SOlUtION Smile widening is one of the most
effective ways of refreshing your smile. It can
be done by applying bonding over the side
teeth and building this up slightly thicker at the
edges of the mouth. Removing old amalgam
fillings can upset teeth, so I prefer to apply
white bonding over the area.
COSt Bonding costs from 95-250 per
tooth; crowns from 395 per tooth.

age giveaway guM reCeSSion


Between 35 and 44,

80 per cent of us
show signs of gum disease.
left unchecked, it causes
receding gums. Telltale
signs include bleeding
when brushing, abscesses,
dark gaps at the sides of
teeth and tooth loosening.

SOlUtION Periodontal
pockets (the depth
between the tooth and
surrounding gum tissue)
indicate how quickly gum
tissue is wearing. If youre
high risk, a hygienist every
three months may help,
and for inflamed gum

disease, try a chlorhexidine

mouthwash or gel. A gum
specialist (periodontist) can
treat severe cases with
surgery, minor ones with
bonding. find a registered
periodontist at
COSt Surgery from 200
per tooth; bonding 95-250.

age giveaway
unSightly ChiPS

Teeth grinders an increasing

problem in female patients in
their forties can apply 14 times the
amount of pressure on their teeth at
night as they do during the day. over
time, that leaves grinders with teeth
that have thin, jagged edges and
shorter, worn-down front teeth. even
for non-grinders, by the time you get
to 40 or 50, youll have eaten a lot of
hard foods and bitten down on a fork
or two, which can mean tiny chips in
your front teeth, creating jagged,
uneven or serrated edges.
SOlUtION A plastic night guard will
help protect your enamel. Tooth
bonding can repair the damage to the
teeth that are visible when you smile.
using a paintbrush, dentists apply a
white composite made from a mix of
acrylic resin and tiny glass beads. It
can fill gaps, straighten minor rotations
or rebuild a thinning tooth surface or
round edges of jagged teeth. unlike
veneers, bonding requires no filing so
its both pain-free and reversible.
COSt Night guards from 100; tooth
bonding from 95-250 per tooth.

woman&home fee l

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health EyE surgEry

Reduced night vision


whats the cost?

As with laser surgery, lens implant surgery is
not usually available on the NHS. Both types
of surgery can be quite expensive, with clinics
quoting around 4,000-5,000 to treat both eyes.

is it Right foR me?

lens surgery
laser eye correction isnt for everyone, but could lens
implant surgery be right for you? Here are the facts

ens implant surgery involves

implanting an artificial lens into
your eye through a small cut in your
cornea. The lenses are designed to
help focus light more clearly onto the retina
and can be helpful in improving the vision of
people with very severe short-sightedness or
those who have difficulty wearing glasses or
contact lenses.
There are two main types of lens implant:
Phakic implant an artificial lens is placed
into your eye without removing your natural
lens; usually preferred for younger people
whose natural reading vision is normal.
Artificial replacement the natural lens is
removed and replaced with an artificial one.
This may be more suitable for older adults with
cataracts or glaucoma or damage to their eyes.
Both types of implant are usually inserted
under a local anaesthetic and youll normally
be able to return home the same day.

Phakic lens implants may achieve better results
than replacements, in terms of improving vision
on a long-term basis. However, it carries a
higher risk of complications, such as cataracts.
overall, most people will experience a
significant improvement in their vision, and
around one in four may have almost completely
normal vision (20/20 vision) afterwards.
110 woman&home fee l

good you

how does it feel?

The operation itself is short and painless, and
you have one eye at a time done. An hour
beforehand, a nurse will administer eye drops
every 15 minutes to dilate the pupil and numb
the eye, then you lie down with your head in a
cradle to keep it still. your eye will be clamped
open, but you wont really feel it. youll be told
to look up at a bright light. you may feel some
fiddling and pressure, but its all over in about
ten minutes. youll go home with a shield over
your eye and will need to use eye drops to
combat inflammation and infection. your vision
should be improved straight away.

what aRe the Risks?

like all medical procedures, surgery to place
artificial lens implants in the eyes carries a risk
of complications. Posterior capsule opacification
(PCo) is one of the most common this
is where part of the artificial lens becomes
thickened and cloudy, and usually occurs a
few months or years after having surgery.
Treatment for PCo can involve having laser
surgery to remove the thickened part of the lens.
Other possible complications of lens implant
surgery include:
Retinal detachment (where the retina begins
to pull away from the blood vessels that supply
it with oxygen and nutrients)
Seeing a halo of light around objects at night

Questions youR
suRgeon will ask
to help choose
the Right option:
Do you read very small print for
long periods of time?
Do you do a lot of night-time
driving for long periods?
If you want to be glasses free, are
you prepared to compromise (slightly)
on less-than-perfect vision in certain
situations (in dim light, or reading very
small print close up, for example)?
Which is more important to you,
distance or reading vision? For
example, do you play a lot of sport
or do tapestry as a hobby?
Are you relaxed about slight
imperfections in your vision?

Words Lucy ELkins PhotograPh GETTy iMAGEs

The Lowdown on

Professor David Gartry, spokesman for the

Royal college of Ophthalmologists and
a consultant surgeon at Moorfields Eye
Hospital, London, gives this advice:
Beware of marketing hype, cheap prices
and too-good-to-be-true claims from private
clinics. Claims that you can throw away your
glasses or have the vision you had in your
twenties are not accurate for everyone. If
possible, use a recommended eye hospital
and surgeon, rather than a high street chain.
It can be performed on patients who have
had laser surgery in the past, but not on
people with high levels of astigmatism, or
macular degeneration.
Replacement lens surgery or indeed
laser surgery is not for perfectionists or
those who rely heavily on really excellent
close-up vision, such as pilots, architects
or engineers. Although there are great
results for many people, there are always
compromises, whether its less-than-perfect
night vision or a delay in focusing from
near to far objects.

one thing hEaLth

if you only do one thing

Treat back pain right

t used to be thought that

bed rest would help you
recover from a bad back,
but its now recognised that
remaining active is likely to help
you recover more quickly. This
may be difficult if the pain is
severe, but try to move around
as soon as you can and aim to
do a little more each day. Avoid
anything that causes a lot of
pain. Going back to work will
help you return to normal
activity, and candistract you
from the pain. Some people
findnon-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs),
such asibuprofen, more
effective than paracetamol; if
you need something stronger,
you can take codeine in
addition to paracetamol. None
should be taken long-term!
Heat a hot bath or a hot-water
bottle placed on the affected
area; or cold, such as an
ice pack or a bag of
frozen veg, can
FGY tip
be effective.
try changing your

photograph getty images

sleeping position. If you

sleep on your side, draw your
legs up slightly towards your
chest and put a pillow
between your legs. If you
sleep on your back, try
placing pillows under
your knees.

woman&home fee l

good you


seLF feature name

No drugs

credits here

There are many

drug treatments
for headaches
available but
they dont work
for all and some
people may
side-effects. So
if you cant or
dont want to
take a tablet,
what are
your options?

xx woman&home feel

good you

headaches heaLth

hand-held devices

eye masks

Use at home to help cut headache duration or frequency.

transcraniaL magnetic stimULation (TMS) Place
against the back of the head and at the click of a button it emits
electromagnetic waves that are said to help prevent a migraine
attack. In trials, after a week, 98% of patients with medically resistant
migraines had a greater than 50% reduction in symptoms.
I have tried it on 70 of my migraine patients and around 35 have
responded quite well, says dr fayyaz Ahmed, consultant neurologist
at Hull Royal Infirmary, who is also a trustee of The Migraine Trust.
The problem is that few health authorities are prepared to pay for the
150 per month cost of hire. you can get it for three months trial free
and if it works, ask your CCg for exceptional funding, adds dr Ahmed.
VagUs nerVe stimULation This is a device that you apply to the
vagus nerve in the neck. Mainly tested for those with cluster headaches
acknowledged to be the most excruciating of all headaches a
report in the The Journal of Headache and Pain found that 13 out of 14
people said symptoms improved after using it by an average of 60%.
ceFaLy This gadget is applied to the
forehead and produces impulses that
act on the trigeminal nerve, the main
nerve in the face, that is thought to
be implicated in migraine pain. Said
to reduce migraine attacks and may
reduce the amount of medication taken
by 70%. This is much cheaper than the
TMS its around 250 to buy outright,
says dr Ahmed.


Cooling masks such as the elasto gel (16.95, may

ease sinus headaches. While dark masks such as the IMAK are
said to help with migraines and general headaches (19.99, painrelief There are also glasses that help reduce the flicker
and glare that can trigger migraines. They look like normal sunglasses
but their lenses filter out the red and blue light that is thought to be
so troublesome to migraine sufferers. from 45,

mouth guards

As many as half the population grind their teeth and for a fifth of
these people it causes symptoms one of the most common of
which is headaches. Sufferers may also have an aching jaw or sensitive
teeth. grinding teeth can trigger migraines in some people, adds dr
Ahmed. A tooth guard worn at night can help as it stops the grinding
that triggers the pain. you can get one made to measure at the
dentist usually at a cost or they can
be bought over the counter at a chemist.

Virtually all of us
will experience
a headache from
time to time
and eight million
people in this
country suffer with
regular migraines

using needles to stimulate points

around the body is a centuries-old
practice and recent research suggests it
can be of benefit to headache sufferers.
A major study in the Archives of Internal
Medicine reviewed trials involving
18,000 people having acupuncture for
various conditions, including chronic
headache, and found it to be effective.
Back in 2004, a study in the BMJ concluded that the NHS should
expand its use of acupuncture, after a trial involving 401 chronic
headache sufferers found that 12 treatments over three months
brought 22 fewer days of headaches a year. Visit


going out for a run or a bike ride

might be the last thing you want
to do when you have a headache but
regular exercise can help cut the number
of headaches you get in the first place
especially tension-style headaches,
which, according to the British
Association for the Study of Headache,
are more common among those with
a sedentary lifestyle. one study found
that three months of exercise was more
effective at reducing tension headaches
than relaxation training or acupuncture.
A very small group of people do
suffer with exercise-induced migraines
which means they get migraines pretty
much only when they exercise however,
for most people, a healthy lifestyle that incorporates exercise is
beneficial for those living with any health condition, says dr Ahmed.

words lucy elkins photograph getty images

improve your posture

Botox injections

Normally thought of as a way to iron out wrinkles on the face,

Botox injections into the scalp have been offered on the NHS
since 2011 to migraine sufferers. I think of all the things that I have
come across in the past 20 years for prevention, these have been
the most beneficial, says dr Andrew dowson, director of headache
services at Kings College Hospital, london. exactly how they stop the
migraine is not clear it is thought they may block chemicals that have
a role in kicking off the pain of a migraine. The drawback is that they
are only given on the NHS to those who have headaches on 15 or
more days a month and have migraines at least eight days a month.
We normally give two injections three months apart, says dr dowson.

Migraines and tension-type headaches that cause a band of

pressure across the head can be linked to problems with posture.
Poor posture at your desk or in a chair can lead to muscle spasms
and that can trigger migraines, says dr Ahmed. Removing triggers
ie, improving the level and placement of your desk at work may
help but sometimes when people do have muscle spasms or lower
back problems that could be related to their migraines, we refer
them to a physiotherapist for help.
osteopathy, which involves gentle manipulation of muscles
and joints, has also been found to be of benefit to those who
suffer with tension-style headaches according to an American study.
A lot of patients ask my opinion about osteopaths and my view
is try it by all means it wont hurt and may help, says dr Ahmed.
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good you


woman&home dating


Sign up to
woman&home plus one
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one-month FREE TRIAL
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Thank you. Lorraine

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your profile

questions & answers health

the trouble with bodies

is that they do have a habit of going wrong
from time to time! Dr Rosemary Leonard
answers your common health questions
Will Stop theSe
Q What

ever since i was a

teenager, ive been prone to fainting
easily for example, at the sight of blood.
My doctor says its nothing to worry
about, but is there anything i can do to
stop it happening?
fainting occurs when theres a temporary
reduction in the blood flow to the brain, causing
a brief loss of consciousness. Its usually due
to a malfunction of the internal nervous system.
Theres nothing you can do, though in hot
weather, keep hydrated to stop blood pressure
falling further. If you feel light-headed, lie down
and raise your legs to improve blood flow to
the upper part of the body and the brain.

Will help eaSe

Q What
the reDneSS?

Meet the
health expert
Dr Rosemary
Leonard works
as a part-time
GP in south
London, where
she has a special
interest in womens
health issues, and is the resident
doctor on BBC Breakfast.

balance of bacteria on the skin, which leads

to inflammation and pustules, which tend to
be worse on exposure to sunlight after eating
spicy foods. Though your skin looks spotty,
anti-acne products and even just ordinary
soap, which is alkaline, can strip the skin of its
natural acid-protective barrier, and are likely
to make inflammation worse. Instead, you
should try to treat your complexion gently. use
a cleanser that is pH neutral the same acidity
as the skin, such as Cetaphil and its a good
idea to only exfoliate very gently around once
a week. Ask your gP about Mirvaso gel, which
contains the active ingredient brimonidine,
which restricts excessive blood flow to the
upper layers of the skin, reducing the flushed
appearance for up to 12 hours after application.

ive recently
developed redness and spots across my
cheeks and nose, which my doctor says
is rosacea. ive been prescribed
antibiotics, but is there anything
else i can do? Would using a
facial wash for acne help?
Rosacea is thought to be
When asked about
due to a change in the

i had high cholesterol

last year and was put
family medical history,
on statins. its now
information about your
back to normal could
extended family (not just
i stop the statins and
immediate) can be very useful.
control my cholesterol
making a health family tree
a careful diet?
my left shoulder has been
youre like to be at risk
It depends on how high
increasingly stiff for the past few months, my
of a problem.
your cholesterol level was,
gP tells me its frozen and itll take a long time
to get better does that mean months or years?
and your diet, prior to tablets.
Some people have high cholesterol
no cure and although
and tends to affect the
a frozen shoulder is
of how little fat they eat. If you
the problem does usually
non-dominant arm.
caused by scar tissue
were eating lots of foods high in sat fat, and your
get better, this can take
physiotherapy and daily
forming in the tissues that
up to two years. if your life
exercises can be helpful,
surround the joint, making
level was only slightly raised, then you may
becomes really difficult, it
and a steroid injection can
movements difficult and
be able to control it by diet. A level over eight
may be worth considering
reduce inflammation and
painful. it usually occurs
keyhole surgery to release
give some relief for a few
usually means you have familial high cholesterol,
after the age of 40, is
the tight joint capsule.
weeks. however, there is
more common in women
which will need lifelong statin treatment.

photograph istock by getty images

i Stop
Q Can
the StatinS?

hoW long Will thiS pain



For expert advice on your health and wellbeing, visit

For more on Dr Rosemary see:
woman&home feel

good you


SELF feature
love your

what you need to know
With many of us
drinking too much and
failing to eat healthily,
we ask, when do
alcohol and fatty
foods start to harm
your health?
The liver performs many metabolic
functions vital to health and, indeed, life.
It processes digested food from the
intestine, controlling levels of fats, amino
acids and glucose in the blood, and storing
iron, vitamins and other essential chemicals.
It combats infections and clears the
blood of particles and bacteria, and
neutralises and destroys drugs and toxins.
It manufactures bile.
It manufactures, breaks down and
regulates many hormones.
It makes enzymes and proteins, which
are responsible for most chemical reactions
in the body, for example, those involved in
blood clotting/repair of damaged tissues.
It breaks down food (carbohydrates) and
converts it into energy (glucose), storing it as
glycogen. When energy is required urgently,
the liver rapidly converts it back into glucose.
It helps the body to get rid of waste
products from the blood.

116 woman&home


If you place your right hand under the ribs
on the right side of your body, it will just
about cover your liver. Its the largest
gland, and the largest solid organ in the
body, weighing some 1.3kg in women and
1.8kg in men; it holds about 13% (roughly
a pint) of your total blood
supply at any given
moment; and is estimated
to have over 500
functions, one of which
is processing alcohol.
If you stick to moderate
drinking habits, the liver can
normally cope. But if you
persistently drink over the recommended
limit (see below), this causes fats to build up
in the liver the first stage of liver disease.
even at this point, the effects are reversible
if you stop drinking for a fortnight or more.
However, if the damage continues, the fat
build-up leads to inflammation, which, over
time, can cause cirrhosis (scar tissue) and the
damage is irreversible and can prove fatal.

But its not just alcohol that can harm the

liver; being overweight or diabetic can also
cause fat to lodge there. Its estimated that
up to a third of the population has nonalcoholic fatty liver disease to some degree.
Infections such as hepatitis B and C also
cause damage.
The good news is that
no organ has the capacity
to repair itself like the liver
does. dr Stephen Ryder,
a liver specialist at
Nottingham university
Hospitals NHS Trust,
says, you can remove
two-thirds and it will grow back.
A blood test is used initially to check liver
health. It measures the levels of enzymes and
chemicals produced by the liver; however,
such tests arent that accurate. Scans to
detect stiffness a sign of cirrhosis, signifying
the build-up of scar tissue are a better
measure. you can also be referred for a
needle biopsy, done under local anaesthetic.

No organ has
the capacity to
repair itself like
the liver does

Help yourself to a healthy liver

In new government
guidelines, which were
announced in January,
the alcohol limit for men
was lowered to be the
same as that for women.
The uK Chief Medical
officers guideline for
both men and women is
that you are safest not to
drink regularly more than
14 units per week: 14 units
is equivalent to six pints of
4% beer, six glasses of
13% wine, or 14 glasses of

40% spirits. If you do drink

as much as 14 units, its
best to spread this evenly
across the week, but
have several drink-free
days each week.
Keep your Body Mass
Index within healthy
limits (see for a
BMI calculator). This is
especially important
after the age of 50, when
the risk of developing
non-alcoholic fatty liver
disease increases. Those

with high blood pressure

or type 2 diabetes
should take special care
as they are more at risk.
get active: 30 minutes
of physical activity can
help cut the fats in your
liver. There is evidence
that exercise can cut the
fat stored in your liver
even if you dont lose
weight, says dr Ryder.
for more info, visit

Top diet tips to

avoid a fatty liver

Oncology dietitian Tara Whyand offers

advice on keeping your liver in shape:
Green tea may stimulate liver
metabolism; its antioxidant and
anti-inflammatory properties may
prevent the build-up of fats in the liver.
Lycopene is a red antioxidant
pigment found in fruit such
as tomatoes, pink grapefruit and
watermelon. Research suggests that
a low level of lycopene in the body
is related to liver disease progression.
Vitamin E is also an antioxidant and
occurs naturally in sunflower seeds
and avocados. High doses of vitamin e
are useful in reducing liver fat content.
Make sure youre not deficient
in vitamin D. discuss with your gP
and treat any deficiency if necessary.
Reduce your sugar intake to under
10 per cent of total calories and use
non-calorific sweeteners instead.
Follow a low- to moderate-fat
diet. opt for polyunsaturated
plant-based oils such as sunflower oil
and oily fish, or monounsaturated fats
such as nuts and olive oil, and leave
only 7-10% of energy from saturated fat.




Garlic you may not want to cook with
it every day, so take a supplement.
Artichoke helps improve the way the
liver breaks down fats, especially
cholesterol. Take as a tincture.
Dandelion root nourishes the liver and
helps it produce fat-metabolising bile.
dig up your lawn or take a tincture!
Milk thistle helps protect liver cells
from toxins and encourages them to
regenerate. Take as a supplement

FGY RECOMMENDS ProfBiotics liver is

a dietary food supplement that supports
liver wellbeing. The formula contains the
equivalent of 6tsp turmeric (curcumin),
6 cooked plum tomatoes (lycopene),
9tbsp wheatgerm oil (vitamin e), 4 cups
of long-grain rice (thiamine) and the
polyphenols found in 3 cups of green tea,
which some may find difficult to consume
each day through diet alone. A months
supply costs 35 from

SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE FAST if you have any of the following

symptoms: yellowing of the whites of the eyes; general
yellowing of the skin; swelling in the liver area (under and just
below the ribcage on the right-hand side); or changes in stool
colour (usually to a chalky or green-like colour).
woman&home fee l

good you



Whats new to help keep
you healthy this spring

go oN make a FUss!
how often they think they
should check.
Nichola Evans, Group Director of
Oncology, BMI Healthcare, says:
While our research showed that
in many cases women know they
should regularly perform self-checks,
too often theyre failing to do so, and
even when they do have a concern,
over a third have put off visiting
their GP. Many women do not fully
understand the risk factors of breast
cancer, or how simple lifestyle
changes such as regular exercise
can actually help to protect women.
For your free Be Breast Cancer
Aware guide, go to

Children with diabetes in the UK can now buy a device that means
they no longer have to prick their fingers continually and be woken in
the night to test their glucose levels. FreeStyle Libre is a sensor you
wear on your upper arm then scan to check readings, which you can
do even under the duvet. You can download readings from the whole
day too. Suitable for over-4s. Starter pack, 159.95,


118 woman&home feel

good you


over 1 in 10 would rather hold a
tarantula than visit the dentist,
almost a third would rather clean
a toilet and 14% say doing their tax
returns would be more desirable!
man up: book in to get a check-up!


Research by dental provider

oasis Dental care


Natural, steroid-free
skincare softens and
soothes sensitive,
dry and eczemaprone skin. Wash,
lotion, balm, cream,
from 14.99, Boots

new buys for teeth

bLaNx WhitE ShOCK

contains actilux to react
to daylight and naturally
whiten teeth for up to 24
hours. 5, tesco and boots

aiRFLOSS PRO makes
flossing easy and removes
up to five times more plaque
than brushing alone. 100,
amazon and John Lewis

COLgatE Max WhitE

tOOthbRUSh plus
Whitening Pen has a 0.1%
hydrogen peroxide gel that
sticks to teeth to whiten all
day. 11.99, boots

photograph istock by getty images

over a third of women have

delayed visiting a gP with a
breast cancer concern, deciding
to self-monitor instead, or
citing lack of time, or not
wanting to cause a fuss. the
research, commissioned by
the Uks largest private hospital
group, bmi Healthcare, of over
1,000 mumsnet and gransnet
members, found that while over
90% of the women correctly
said you should check your
breasts monthly, only 47% were
actually doing so showing a
big reality gap between how
often respondents check and

10 brilliant ideas health

health short thoughts...

Love is a drug?
Physically it is much like
the sensation of feeling
addicted to drugs with the
release of euphoria, including
brain chemicals like dopamine
released throughout different
points of attraction, helping
you bond with your

cancer doesnt
just affect your body
it can affect your scalp
too. Enrol a friend and check
each others heads just
as youd check for moles
anywhere else. Especially
dont ignore any sores
that are bleeding or

Up to 80% of
heartburn sufferers
get symptoms at night;
try sleeping on your left
sleeping on your right
relaxes the muscle that
keeps gastric acids in
your stomach.

are on the rise in
under-45s. Key clues:
sudden dizziness or
severe headache, at times
accompanied by hiccups or
nausea. If you have loss of
language, changes in
vision, strength or
sensation, get

sclerosis strikes
more women than men
but its likely to be more
severe in men. The closer
you live to the earths poles,
the more likely you are to
be at risk probably
because of a lack of
vitamin D.

Women with
asthma may take
longer to get pregnant
and have a lower
pregnancy rate than those
without the respiratory
condition, suggests
new us research.

often flare up in the
morning. So take your
allergy medicine at night
then come dawn itll still be
working. And as many drugs
cause drowsiness, what
If you
better time to lie down
leave the GP and
forgot to ask about
and let the remedy
achy knee or cant
do its job?
remember what she said
about supplements, dont
be afraid to call back;
doctors should be
happy to help.

Inverted nipples
are normal if theyve
always been that way, but
if yours have changed check
with the GP as breast
cancer is one cause
of retraction.

treatment and moving
home? If youre on an NHS
waiting list and the same clinical
commissioning group covers the
area youre moving to, your position
wont be affected. If its a different
CCG, it should take into account
the time youve spent on
the waiting list.

With thanks to;;

woman&home feel

good you


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your SELF

Beat stress, feel happier, find balance in

your life with our simple strategies
Make good habits stick and learn how
self-control can ease your life
Discover the courage to simply be yourself
youre stronger than you think!
Declutter your brain, think more clearly
and ditch the boring stuff
The husband youve always wanted
hes actually the one youve got!


seLF life balance

hen it comes
to the toughest
times, theres
no escaping
stress. If youre
facing divorce
or redundancy, or even just
moving house or caring for an
elderly relative whos had a fall,

124 woman&home feel

good you

stress is going to be unavoidable

and at times it may even provide
the shot of energy and immunity
that carries you through. But
routine day-to-day stress about
the small stuff the lost keys, bad
traffic, lack of time hacks away
at health and wellbeing. Its this
we have more power to control.

credits here

feel everyday pressures are taking

over from the good things in life? Here are
some easy ways to redress the balance

life balance seLF

We all
carry beliefs
that are
to live up to
that cause the
stress surge

Change your thinking,

Change your stress level
The stress reaction follows a standard
sequence. first, the trigger or activating
event. Next, your beliefs about it, which
send signals to the body to create the
consequence, also known as the fight or
flight response that surge of hormones,
adrenaline and cortisol, which raises heart
rate, blood pressure and releases glucose.
Thinking of the three steps as an acronym,
ABC, can help remember the sequence.
now unpick the subconscious beliefs
that are causing your stressed feeling.
Think back over recent stressy moments
and identify your trigger. (your kids had a
massive row? Ignored by a shop assistant
while you stood around feeling stupid?)
How did you feel? (Perhaps upset and
somehow responsible during the family
row? Angry and humiliated as you stood
in the shop.) Next, go deeper. What is the
hidden belief underpinning those feelings?

(My family should always get along. Im

responsible for keeping everyone happy.
Im invisible. I should never be ignored.)
These are your Stress Inducing Thoughts!
we all carry beliefs that are selfdefeating and impossible to live up to
and its these, not the small stuff of life,
that cause the stress surge. Stress Inducing
Thoughts often begin with I must and I
should. I must find solutions to everyones
problems. My house should always be
clean and tidy. life should go smoothly.
identify alternatives Stress Alleviating
Thoughts to counter them. examples
could be I can support my children to find
solutions, I dont have to find solutions for
them or A situation is rarely 100 per cent
my fault or anyone elses.
Read The Stress Cure by Patrick Holford
and Susannah Lawson (Piatkus).

Troubleshooting Try these quick tips to counter stress

smiLe to Lower your heart

rate It may sound crazy but there
is evidence is that changing your facial
expression really can alter your stress
levels. Research where two groups of
participants were given short but stressful
tasks to complete but one group was
asked to smile throughout found the
smilers experienced lower levels of
stress and lower heart rates. good for
confounding anyone who may have
hoped to unsettle you!

credits here

take time out to avoid a

meLtdown A modern alternative to
the count to ten rule, this simple mantra
from brain training expert and health
psychologist laurel Mellin is a damage
control tool for the most testing times. If
you feel on the verge of a stress meltdown,
repeat the following phrases in your mind
ten times to calm you and regain control.
do not judge (thats yourself or others).

Minimise harm (eg, dont lash out or react

badly on impulse). Know it will pass.

Brain dump to switch oFF

our tech devices are brilliant for the
flexibility to keep tabs on work wherever
we are but the other side is that carrying
our work around with us, dipping in and
out at all times, checking emails and never
putting anything down wires us to feel
stressed. A simple good practice rule is
to decide when your working day will
end (particularly if it is out of office hours)
and take five minutes to jot down all
work-related thoughts whirring around
your head, the tasks you didnt tackle,
ideas youre mulling over. When five
minutes is up, leave it behind.

take LiFe as it comes ditching our

perfectionist streak is definitely the
mantra of the moment. Ive given up trying
to be superwoman, insists naturopath

Sarah Bowles-flannery. Now I avoid

making plans and go with the flow each
day. If the need to please triggers anxiety,
Australian Bush flower essences Black
eyed Susan soon encourages a calmer,
slower pace. Strangely enough, the calmer
you feel, the more you get done. Take a
few drops under the tongue and youre
done. 10.95 for 15ml,

FeeL Fit to FLop Interestingly,

simply flopping can help soothe
all things frantic! Whenever theres too
much going on in my head, a simple
Rag doll move helps me get back in
touch with my body, says myofacial
release therapist lynn Breakwell.
Stand with feet hip-width apart, inhale
through your nose, raising arms above
your head. Now exhale audibly as you
swing your arms down and bend your
knees. Swing back up to start on an
inhale; repeat three to five times. >>

woman&home feel

good you


Heart MatH

It isnt hard to understand the power

our thoughts have in initiating the stress
response. Whats more surprising is that
our heart rates also play a part. Studies
show that maintaining a calm, coherent
heart rate allows you to think clearly, see
the bigger picture, and almost trick
your body out of releasing that cascade
of hormones. (Conversely, an irregular,
jerky heart rhythm is more likely to
trigger it.) This forms the essence of
the heart Math solution, which involves
practising these simple steps each day
to reset your physiological reaction.
Take five minutes somewhere
quiet then focus your attention
on your heart area.
Now imagine your breath flowing
evenly in and out of that area, perhaps
inhaling every five seconds, then
exhaling every five seconds, if thats
a comfortable rate for you.

Used in the right way, a little fingertip

pressure can help you out of a tight spot.

When things get on top of me there

are two rescue remedy points I head
for, says ace Bowen therapist Nikke Ariff
( find them on the
mid-line of your face one just below the
septum of the nose (the bit between your
nostrils), the second right in the centre of
your chin. These are important nerve and
blood circulation areas on the face and lie
on two important energy channels in the
body. Press and rotate for just one minute.

I work reflex points on my hands,

says top expert Rosanna Bickerton
( The solar plexus
point and the diaphragm on both hands
are very calming.
1 find the diaphragm by working
underneath the joints of fingers
2-5 below where they join the
palm of the hand.

126 woman&home feel

good you

2 Press upwards underneath the

joints working in a line, from one
side to the other. In the middle
of this line is the solar plexus.
3 Work slowly and think relaxation. Be
gentle, the solar plexus is a powerful
sleep-making spot so best done before
bed. If you tackle it slowly and gently
its like a mini meditation too.

Try this if you wake during the night

with thoughts buzzing round your
mind. Close your eyes and, using the
tips of your fingers with two hands, lightly
touch two points just above your eyebrows.
These areas activate reflexes that
bring more blood to your frontal lobes.
focus on the issue thats causing distress,
recalling as much detail as you can, still
lightly touching these points. Notice
the negative feelings become harder
to hold on to and gradually fade. When
you open your eyes, you should feel
calmer and rebalanced.

Now try to re-experience it as you

breathe in and out, focusing on your
heart area. It may sound simple, but
done daily, this becomes a useful
technique to counter a stressful situation
like sitting in heavy traffic and keep
you functioning well on an even keel.

PhoTograPh istOCK By getty iMages, juMpfOtO.De, urBaNLip prODuCtiONs

A light touch to still a whirring brain

When youve practised, add the third

step recall a positive emotion. This
might be happiness at a special family
occasion, time with your friends when
you all shared a laugh or a beautiful
location where you had a great sense
of peace and contentment.

life balance SELF


If youre straining under your schedule or resenting your

obligations, ask yourself why you have taken so much on.
Maybe colleagues, friends and family make unreasonable
demands, but theyre not to blame. only you have the power
to agree to them or to decline! do you have to be at every
Sunday morning football match to see your son in action? Are
you the only family member who can visit elderly relatives?
examine why youve agreed to do something. No one else
will do it as well as me/other people may think less of me if
I dont/I couldnt think of an excuse are all signs you need to
start asking a little more of others and a little less of yourself.

ThINk TeN yeARS oN

Tune in to your sens
to help stamp out st
ith colours
surround yourself w
light a
that lift your spirits,
ten to
scented candle or lis
wind rustling the tr

Theres nothing like long-term thinking to bring

your priorities into sharp order. When youre
struggling with which tasks to take on and
what to let go, imagine the consequences in
ten years time. Think of yourself as an older
woman being asked by a younger woman
what you have valued most in your life, what
gave you the most joy and energy. What
would your advice be and how is it different
to the way you are currently spending your time?
Now think about how to bring them into line.

Locate your little piece of calm

Becoming more resilient to stress
is like building up a muscle. find
something you can do frequently
that calms you down, gives you
an elevated perspective and puts
you in a feel-good zone. It could
be gardening, walking, sketching,
yoga or simply stroking your cat
anything that removes you
from the noise of life.
Sometimes we say I dont have
time when what mean is were
too exhausted to do anything

Take time out for

self-care as me-time
is the first thing to
go when stressed

else. So nurture your energy. It

may seem counter-intuitive to
take time out for self-care metime is the first thing to go when
were stressed but it keeps
you motivated and able to
perform. Its that aeroplane
disaster rule: Put our own
oxygen mask on first. What
is oxygen to you? Reading
a book, singing in the choir,
a daily run ring-fence it
and build it into your day.
Tune in to your inner rhythm.
from our forties we become
more likely to be most focused
in the morning. So tackle the days
hardest tasks first. Block out the
fun, but less productive things,
such as googling or coffee with a
friend for later when energy saps.

woman&home feel

good you


SELF one thing

if you only do one thing

Scent your mood happy

FGY tip

Discover more on the

psychology of scent, the
art of blending and more,
plus buy a wide range
of essential oils at

eing negative can not only

be stressful to our mind, body
and soul, but can make any
situation seem much worse than
it actually is. Julia Lawless, artisan
aromatherapist, author and owner
of Aqua Oleum, advises how you
can stay happy all year round by
using pure essential oils.

Our sense of smell connects

directly to the part of our brain that
processes our emotions. Research
has shown how different scents
can alter our brainwave patterns,
regulate the systems within our
body and influence our behaviour.
Relax in a bath fragranced with a
few drops of natural essential oils:
Petitgrain and bergamot are
particularly uplifting.
Lavender and camomile soothe
our entire nervous system.

Rose oil is known for its comforting

and heart-warming qualities.
All these oils can also be used as a
simple perfume, a room fragrance
or in a massage/body oil in this
case by adding 6-7 drops of your
chosen essential oil to a tablespoon
of jojoba or sweet almond oil.

128 woman&home feel

good you

photograph istock by getty images

Jasmine and neroli are excellent

oils for creating a feeling of optimism.

change your habits Self

Why are habits

so important?

good habits
Want to make a
change? Gretchen
Rubin, happiness guru

and author of a book

on mastering the
habits of our everyday
lives, tells how

A few years ago, I

become obsessed
with the subject of
habits. To write my
book Better Than
Before, I spent a lot
of time researching
and thinking about
habits and also
trying to change and improve my own.

My smallest habit change? Wear

perfume every day. This may sound very
simple but, while loving beautiful scents,
I saved my bottles for special occasions.
The key to change was pairing it with
another daily habit, in this case the use
of my bathroom washbasin. Every time
I use that washbasin, I give myself a
quick dab of perfume.
My most dramatic habit change? Giving

up carbs I now eat a very lowcarbohydrate diet. There are other changes
that were accomplished with varying
degrees of difficulty. Im much better about
going to bed on time. I have Power Hour
every weekend, when I spend an hour
working on some dreaded, long-delayed
task. Ive managed to stop after-dinner
snacking. I put away my clothes regularly
(mostly). I stopped using salutations and
closings in my emails. I go for a weekly
walk with a friend.
Habits like these are the invisible
architecture of daily life. We repeat about
40 per cent of our behaviour almost daily,
in the same context, so our habits shape
our existenceand our future.
We form habits because when possible,
the brain makes a behaviour into a habit.
This saves mental effort and therefore
gives us more capacity to deal with
complex, novel or urgent matters.

We repeat about 40 per cent of our

behaviour almost daily, so our habits
shape our existenceand our future

Habits make life easier, in two

important ways. First, habits
eliminate the need for selfcontrol. Self-control is crucial;
people with better self-control
are happier, healthier and
more productive. Yet one study
suggests that when we try to use
self-control to resist temptation,
we succeed only about half the
time. With habits, we conserve
our self-control. Because Im in
the habit of going to the gym
every Monday morning, I dont
have to use self-control, I just go.
Second, habits eliminate the
drain of
decisionmaking. A
habit requires
no decision
from me
Ive already
Am I going
to brush
my teeth
when I wake
up? Take
this pill?
I shouldnt
worry about making healthy
choices. I should make one
healthy choice, and then stop
choosing, and rely on habit.
So habits make life easier.
The next question, then, is: How
do we change our habits? Alas,
as we all know from tough
experience, theres no magical,
one-size-fits-all solution.
Some people do better when
they start small; others when
they start big. Some people
need to be held accountable;
some defy accountability. Some
people should keep a habit in
the morning; others do better
at night. No wonder habit
formation is so hard! >>

woman&home fEE l

Good you


selF change your habits

The secret to habit change is that we must

know ourselves. To succeed, we each
must cultivate the habits that work for us.
For instance, to master our habits,
it helps to know where we stand in the
Four Tendencies framework. In other
words, we should ask: How do I respond

to an expectation?
We face two kinds of expectations:
outer expectations (meeting work
deadlines, observing traffic regulations)
and inner expectations (stop napping,
keep a new Years resolution). people
fall into one of the Four Tendencies:

UpHolders respond readily to

both outer expectations and inner
expectations. They form habits fairly
easily, and they embrace habits.


QUesTIoners question all

expectations, and will meet an
expectation only if they believe its
justified so they make all expectations
into inner expectations. They readily
form a habit if theyre convinced that
its a good use of their time and energy.

oBlIgers respond readily to outer

expectations but struggle to meet inner
expectations. To form a habit, they
require external accountability. For instance,
they find it hard to exercise on their own,
but if they work with a trainer, or meet a
friend for a run, theyll never miss a session.

reBels resist all expectations,

outer and inner alike. Rebels dislike
habits because they want to do
what they want to do, at all times.

Help with habits

Make it convenient Were influenced
by sheer convenience. It may involve
more work to start with, like setting up
automatic bill paying or a savings account,
but then it becomes a hidden habit.
Similarly, it helps to make a bad habit
inconvenient or difficult. If I want to stop
using the snooze button, I put the alarm
clock on the other side of the room.
The strategy of pairing I couple two
activities, one that I need or want to do,
and one that I dont particularly want to
do. Its not a reward; its not a treat, its

130 woman&home Fee l

Good you

just a pairing. For example, I love

reading a lot of magazines but allow
myself to read them only at the gym.
(The fact that I can read magazines
easily while Im exercise may suggest
Im not exercising very hard and Im
not. But at least Im showing up!)
Be clear about what you value... and be
specific about what action is necessary to
achieve a habit. For instance, be more
mindful is too vague, but take a photo
of something interesting every day is a
concrete action that can become a habit.

Many things became clear to me
about myself and about other
people when I understood that
Im an Upholder. In fact, my
Upholderness probably explains
why Im drawn to writing about
the subject of habits. I love habits,
and want more of them; they
make me feel free.
But even an Upholder like me,
who finds it fairly easy to form
habits, gets stumped sometimes.
One habit I just couldnt acquire
was the habit of throwing away
any item of clothing with a hole in
it. I kept telling myself to do it, then
said, But I could still wear this
sock/T-shirt/sweater one more time.
Im still working to solidify the
habit of not taking seconds when
I eat. I aim to decide what portion
size I want, dish it onto
my plate, and resist taking
more. Research shows that
when people eat just one
helping off their plate,
they eat about 14 per
cent less than when
they take smaller
servings, and return
for more helpings.
But its tough. The
realities of life, and
the temptations
of food, make this
habit challenging.
Habits like
wear perfume
each day, turn out the light
at 10:30 and dont take
seconds may sound small, but
they can make a surprisingly
big difference in the quality of
our days. When we change our
habits, we change our lives.

And read
Better than Before:
Mastering the
Habits of Our
Everyday Lives
(Two Roads), by
Gretchen Rubin.

pHoTogrApHs GETTy iMAGES, TiMEincukconTEnT.coM

Wh type
are you?

questions & answers SELF


We all have relationship problems from time
to time Phillip Hodson solves your dilemmas
Do I WorK oUt
Q hoW
What hES thINKINg?

MEEt thE
Phillip Hodson
has more
than 30 years
as a sex and
Happily unmarried for 35 years,
he has two stepsons and a son,
and is a grandfather to twin boys.

I am 55 and have recently started dating

a really nice guy. however, after six dates,
he still hasnt tried anything physical.
Should I make a move on him or does
he just not fancy me?
He may be worried about his sexual
performance. Mens testosterone levels
lust after that which we cannot haveand
decline with age and by the time a man
if he is genuinely interested, he will pursue
is 60, he has a 60 per cent chance of
you even more enthusiastically.
suffering from some form of erectile
dysfunction, but that wouldnt be enough to
prevent a man from putting his arms around
ChEatINg partNEr?
a woman he fancied. He might just be shy,
three years ago I discovered that my
but presumably you have created the right
husband had had an affair. It was painful
conditions for intimacy, and the fact that he
but I forgave him and we moved on.
has resisted the bait suggests that although
however, I recently discovered hed
this nice man is interested in you, he is
been meeting an ex-girlfriend for drinks.
not interested enough to make a move.
he is adamant theyre just friends
Have you considered whether he might
and Im overreacting but I feel totally
be seeing someone else? I reckon you
devastated. Is there a way I can
have two options; either have a
learn to trust him again?
full and frank conversation
your partner has a track
with him about everything,
record of lapsing.
or make yourself a lot
No one person can
despite that, he held
less available. It is
meet all of our needs.
a meeting with an
human nature to
So spend time with friends
old flame, which he
and explore outside interests
knew you would hate.
it will strengthen your
hes not
social network and bring
new insights and
a man who goes out
my husband wants me
stimulation to your
of his way to earn your
to tell him naughty things during sex, but
trust. Saying nothing
i have no idea what to say. Help!
happened misses the
point. you need to know why
and hard because you
performing unladylike
If your own imagination
he had the original affair and whether
cannot get enough of his
sexual acts. all you really
wont take you anywhere,
wonderful [fill in the blank].
have to do to create this
you could borrow from
its linked to seeing his old girlfriend again.
remember: this behaviour
role play is: 1) keep a
one of the most enduring
If you can get him to talk great.If not,
is in private; you are
straight face; 2) speak with
male fantasies, which is
Id suggest the help of a relationship
consenting adults and
conviction using anglothat of the well-bred
its all in aid of confirming
Saxon phrases; while 3) at
female, dressed demurely,
counsellor. A far better basis of trust will
that un-mystery of the
the height of his passion,
suddenly resorting to the
develop if he is less restless and you are
universe the underlying
telling your husband you
language of the barracks,
both prepared to face your issues.
rudeness of male libido.
need him to take you long
tormented by lust and

photograph getty images


I DoNt KNoW hoW to

taLK DIrtY

Meet women just like you by joining the woman&home forum and clubs today. Plus, enjoy
our exclusive competitions, offers and events. Go to
woman&home fee l

good you


Self Inner ConfIdenCe

Find the

to be

Life coach and change expert
Lindsey Agness explains how
tapping into your inner strength
is easier than you think

ave you ever found yourself trying

to be something youre not? It
could be at work, where you feel
you have to pretend to be more
experienced than you are. Or
maybe you are reluctant to voice
your true feelings about a
situation. Sometimes its easier to behave in
a way that is against your instincts, in order
to slot more easily into a group. Being truly
authentic can often be a struggle because
were so busy trying to please others that we
lose ourselves. The good news is, its simpler
than you think to refocus and find out who
you are and what you want.

132 woman&home FEEL


Inner ConfIdenCe Self

Are you just trying to
fit in rather than
attempting to follow
your dreams? Stepping
away from the pack
takes courage because
you have to be true
to yourself and be
prepared to take risks.


Its easy to blame other people because it means we dont have to look at
ourselves. But if you dont feel comfortable being yourself with others, could
it be your own perceptions that are holding you back, rather than theirs?


People will like and respect you more for being yourself. In fact, they sense when
youre not being yourself. You probably have some limiting belief about yourself that
isnt real. Ask yourself why you feel you cant be yourself around them. You think
theyre more qualified than you? Funnier? More charming? Remember, this isnt
something that they necessarily feel its something youre choosing to tell yourself.
Stop worrying about other people and focus on you instead. Every night for a
week, write down three things youve done well that day. It could be finding the
motivation to go to the gym or helping someone with a project at work. Writing down
these positive things will force your brain to concentrate on why its good to be you.
Be your own spin doctor and change what you see as negative descriptions
of yourself into positives. So, if you describe yourself as shy, you could change
it to a good listener, or if you see yourself as unfocused, change it to always
busy. Write down these descriptions and keep looking at them, so your brain
has some empowering language to boost your confidence.

No matter how gregarious we are, there
are some people who can make us feel
eclipsed by the sheer force of their
personality. Having to subdue your own
personality to accommodate someone
elses doesnt make us feel good.


Dont feel obliged

to perform
Perhaps youve got a quieter
partner you feel you have to
speak for, or you cant help filling
empty silences when sometimes
youd prefer to sit back and let
someone else entertain you.



Get real
Ask yourself what the triggers
are that make you feel you have
to perform. Are you trying to
compensate for someone else?
Chat to your friends or partner
about it. Do they think that your
behaviour is sometimes OTT?
Try taking a step back and
letting everyone else get on
with it. If you dont say anything,
someone else will step in.

If you feel overshadowed by someone, try

changing your behaviour and mannerisms to
mimic theirs, so you can build rapport. It could
be speaking louder, offering more opinions
or being bolder with your body language.
Avoid anyone who is bringing you down
and spend your time with people you enjoy
being with and who let you be yourself.

Enjoy honest
Its easy to think that if we say whats on
our minds, well lose a friend/wont get
promoted/upset our partner and so we
dont have the inner confidence to do it.

Get real
Forget about the imagined implications,
ask yourself what you would say or do
in a situation if it were absolutely okay,
regardless of consequence. Often what
we think is going to happen is just all in
our heads. If youre unsure, put yourself in
that persons shoes. How would you feel
if someone said the same thing to you? If
it feels okay to you, go ahead and say it.


Have you always been labelled the shy one, the bossy one or the one wholl
drop anything to help? The longer we tally with labels others stick on us, the
harder they are to peel off.


You can only get pigeonholed if you allow it to happen. But, even if youve
been forced into being the quiet one of your group, you dont have to stay there.
Actions speak louder than words and its only through behaviour that youll
convince people of the real you. So if youre fed up of being the organiser, force
yourself to hang back. Keep up your behaviour over a period of time, so it will
become a new unconscious habit.

woman&home FEEL



sELF clear the clutter



We are inundated with information these days and our brains are busier than ever,
so how can we lighten the load? Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist and author of
The Organized Mind, has some illuminating answers to clear our mind of clutter

GooD enoUGH
2 eMBrACe

We all suffer from decision

overload. A simple trip to the
supermarket invokes dozens of
them (to get cereal with honey/nuts/
apples, with oats or wheat, or all
of it?) A weekend in Paris means
trawling through 200 hotels on
TripAdvisor. yet research shows
our brains are configured to make
a limited number of decisions per
day. After that, neural fatigue sets in,
our minds fog and we show poorer
impulse control and lack judgement.
Try This: save your energy for the
decisions that matter in all other
cases, go straight for the good
enough option. Thats the one
that satisfies you and is deemed
sufficient. it may not be the best
but thats known as satisficing.

134 woman&home feel

good you



pin friends



getting enough sleep is one of the most

important factors for peak performance,
memory, productivity and mood regulation.
A good nights sleep more than doubles
the likelihood that youll be able to solve
a problem requiring insight. Adults need
between six and ten hours.
Try This: sleep in a cool, dark room and,
when possible, go to bed and wake at the
same time (use an alarm if necessary).
Naps can also be helpful for mind and
memory keep them under 40 minutes
and not too close to bedtime.


1 sLeeP

clear the clutter sELF

3 WorK sMArt

The most productive mind also needs

exercise, sleep and holidays. The more
overworked we are, the bigger mistakes
we make a 60-hour week instead of a 40hour week can actually reduce productivity
by up to 25 per cent. This is why the more
enlightened and booming corporations
such as google and Microsoft offer inhouse gyms, ping-pong tables, massages,
yoga, flexible hours and places to nap.
Try This: if youre your own boss, dont
feel bad about stopping work to walk or
daydream. it will boost your mind power.
And if youre the boss of others, long
hours and no breaks wont get the best
from your staff!

50-MinUte rULe

your mind needs at least 50 minutes

to settle into its most focused state.
If you have a demanding task an
exam to cram for, a strategy to plan
set at least this much time aside.
Try This: if you have longer
a morning, a day, a week your
mind will need a break every 90
minutes to clear, and exercise,
such as a brisk 30-minute walk.
But dont make the mistake of
ignoring everything else your
knowledge of the mounting pile
places more strain on your mind.
Each day, set aside a 30-minute
slot to do the things that can be
done in five minutes or less, such as
making a GP appointment, picking
up clothes, putting on a wash.

Words AnnA Moore PhotograPhs Getty iMAGes

FinD sPACe
to DAyDreAM

Also called the resting state, its the opposite

of focused attention the yin to its yang,
and just as important. Have you noticed how
breakthrough thinking, flashes of insight,
strike when youre not trying perhaps in
the bath or sitting on a train staring out the
window? The daydreaming mode is when
thoughts turn inwards to feelings, goals,
relationships. Its your mind at its most creative.
Try This: Dont crowd out all empty
moments by overscheduling and always
have a notebook to capture thoughts
and ideas that come when youre not
expecting them.

Bunch the boring stuff

Youll get it done faster. The temptation to try and

multitask is often an excuse to dot out of something boring
or difficult and have a quick peck at something easier, but it
slows us down and often leaves lots of half-completed jobs.
Try This: To stay focused, bunch chores together
dont mix them up. Pay all the bills, not just one before
switching to something else. if youre cleaning the house,
dont try fixing the door handle at the same time. Unitask,
not multitask, and your mind makes swifter work of it.

7 tAMe teCHnoLoGy 9 Dont

Its the enemy of focus! each time

were distracted from a task by an email,
our IQ drops by 10 points. each email
requires the brain to sift and sort and
decide if this is personal, business, trivial,
junk, funny, important? Texts are worse
the limited characters require you to
double-think what you wish to say. Studying
with the TV on is also ill-advised (tell
your teen!). It sends the information youre
learning to the striatum (a region of the
brain for storing new skills). When studying
without the TV, it goes to the hippocampus
(organised for facts and easier to retrieve).
Try This: When using technology, stay on
task. Filters can block email or browsing.
(Check email once a day, not 50 times.) if
possible, have different devices for work
and leisure so you dont drift from a work
project to browse family photos. if this isnt
possible, plug in separate pocket devices
for work and home that can entirely
change your desktop, the appearance,
the files and minimise distractions.

8 FiX

The key to an organised, less cluttered

mind is minimising the work we ask of it and
for this, effective home storage is essential.
We lose certain things more than others
keys not cars, scissors not knives.
Try This: if its something we use in
multiple places, have duplicates where
possible. (scissors in the kitchen and the
office. Tweezers in the bathroom and the
bedroom.) Key hooks really work get
into the habit of putting them there the
moment you come through the door. if
you need to remember something, use
visual reminders. Need to buy milk?
Leave an empty carton by the front door.

Some of us never shake the habit. Research

suggests this is linked to low self-confidence
we delay putting our reputation on the line.
Try This: First, disconnect your sense of
worth from the outcome of the task. (im
a happy, successful, loved person whether
or not this book is published!) second,
accept that you may fail and that is fine.
The worlds most successful people have
more failures behind them than most.
The difference is, they kept trying, having
learned more with each setback.

An ACtiVe
10 Be

It sounds old-fashioned, but reduce

the brains burden by storing what
you need to remember outside of it.
Preferably on paper doing it digitally
exposes you to more distractions.
Try This: Divide your days tasks
into four categories: important
things to deal with right now,
important things that can wait,
things that are not important but
must be done some time, things
you can do without. The result is
clearer thinking and less pressure.

woman&home fee l

good you


Meet our exPerts

Christine Webber is a
psychotherapist and author of Too
Young to Get Old (Piatkus), How to
Mend a Broken Heart (Bloomsbury)
and ebook Get the Happiness Habit.
harry Benson is the research director
at the Marriage foundation, which offers
relationship courses, and is author of
Lets Stick Together (lion Hudson).


but improved!

ife takes you in new directions;

your values shift and dreams alter.
how couples handle change is
crucial. do you do it together or
move further apart? do you give one
another permission to change? You fell
in love with a penniless rebel. ten years
later, you want a bigger house and more
security, so you try and remould him into
a responsible provider who toes the line.
sometimes the very features that once
attracted us to a partner are the ones we
try to change years later, warns Christine
Webber. But we cant. It doesnt work
and it isnt fair. the only person you can
change is yourself. so what should you
do if you find yourself looking at your
husband and just cant help wishing he
were, well different?

136 woman&home feel

good you

Youd like him

to be
and fItter
He was never into sport and fitness
maybe once you loved that lack of
vanity. (Whod want a husband that
spends five nights a week pumping
iron in front of a mirror?) but now his
middle-aged spread is spreading.
What once seemed like a wonderful
appetite for life (food, drink and fun) is
starting to look more like the fast track
to an early death. one thing is certain

though, anything perceived as criticism

will be ignored and make him feel
hurt and angry.

trY Framing suggestions

collaboratively and non-critically,
starting with I not You. i love you
so much, i dont want to lose you and
im worried about your health. can we
take up tennis/running/rock climbing
together? i could do with getting fitter as
well Alternatively, if you hire a personal
trainer for yourself or join a dance class,
he may see you shed the pounds, find
your shinier self, and hell be inspired
to follow suit. though weight loss in
partners can be contentious, see right.

Words AnnA Moore PhotograPhs AlAMy, istock by getty iMAges

Were often guilty of trying to make partners behave differently, but in fact the way
to alter his behaviour is to change your own

Relationships self

like him
to be
your partners money mindset
was formed before you met and no
amount of nagging will change it. our
early experiences from our parents
financial habits to how money was
viewed in the family home helps
determine whether were spenders,
savers, risk takers or security seekers.

trY Understanding why your

partner formed his attitude will make
you more accepting of difference.
often, the problem isnt the need to
change his money mindset; its the
emotional issues underneath that
require attention. Perhaps his splurges
make you feel you cant trust him, or his
anxiety about money comes across as
control. examine your finances together
and find shared goals whether
thats a new patio, your daughters
university fees or just a weekend away.

Slimmed down? Be prepared

If you shed weight, most husbands will be
delighted. But, be warned, it can sometimes
trigger unexpected reactions, especially
if he needs to lose weight too and hasnt.
Making negative comments is often a
sign of him feeling insecure and worrying
that you may leave him. This jealousy can
also lead to sabotaging behaviour, such
as bringing your favourite junk food or
snack into the house. The counter is to
reaffirm youre still the same loving person
you were before your weight loss and
encourage him to join your fitness regime.
Some men can be resistant to other
changes too. for example, now the kids
are grown youre buzzing with ideas,
want to travel, volunteer, maybe even
start a business. Meanwhile, your
husbands dreaming of more time on
the golf course, pottering in the garden
and enjoying a few more pub lunches.
Heres a few ideas to mesh new
ambitions with a long marriage
Dont assume you know what your
partner is thinking. He will almost certainly
have dreams you dont know about.
Discuss new ideas in a non-hostile,
non-demanding manner. not, i want

Youd like him to be

More lovIng and roMantIC
some men are masters of the grand
gesture others simply dont have a
clue. if your husband falls in the second
category, that doesnt mean he loves
you any less.

trY Recognising we have different

love languages thats the way
we show and feel love. For your
husband, it could be through actions
that support you emptying the bins,
running you a bath, organising the
family holiday. Positives feed on each
other and will send the marriage on
an upward spiral, so rather than
seething because he hasnt bought
you roses since 1992, think about
how he likes to be loved. touch?
time together? cooking him a meal?
the more you show it to him, the
better he feels and the easier
it is for him to reciprocate.

to do this. Ask him what his aspirations

are, and suggest, lets look at the next
five years and surprise each other with a
bucket list of ten things wed like to do.
look at the things you can do together
keep your mind open and think creatively.
Find ways to accommodate one anothers
dreams. (He wants to retire somewhere hot.
youd like to start a business. A b&b in spain?)
Perhaps your dreams simply dont
coincide. this doesnt mean the end of the
marriage. there is no rule that says you
cant spend time apart, or immerse yourself
in separate projects so long as your
partner knows this is not a rejection of him.
try saying: i want to volunteer abroad for a
period and id love it if youd do it with me. if
not, can we agree that ill go on my own?
stay connected. Whatever your hopes
for the future, the past that you and your
husband share and the infrastructure
youve built together can be enough to
keep you connected while you change.
your adult children (and maybe the arrival
of grandchildren), neighbours, anniversaries
and family rituals can all provide an
anchor while you explore new dreams.

Youd like him

to be
and More
this is a common fantasy, but for men,
this can seem a bit nebulous. you cant
ask someone to be spontaneous
without destroying the spontaneity
and theres so much scope for disaster.

trY Redefining it as a change you

want in your life, not a change you
want in your husband. seek out more
spontaneity this could be a surprise
date with him or signing up for weekend
away walking or on a course with a friend.

woman&home fee l

good you



Current ideas to help you
look after your happiness

PUt tHose tHoUgHts to beD

after a busy and demanding day it can be hard to switch off. technology
has a large part to play, and chances are youre experiencing smartphone
overload. this way of living in a state of constant alert, as Neil shah,
director of the stress management society describes it, goes some way
to explaining why so many of us find it hard to switch off in the evening.
Try to squeeze in a couple of
sessions of yoga every week to
increase mind-body awareness and
keep stress levels to a minimum.
Try writing a journal, reading or
listening to relaxing music. The
key is to find something that makes
you feel relaxed then repeat it each
night to help you release tension.
RESCUE Night is a combination
of Bach flower essences to help you
wind down. Drops, 7; spray, 9.45;
melts, 8.45, Boots, Tesco, Holland &
Barrett, Superdrug and


Helping out at your local sports club can help you live happily ever after, shows new research
from sports volunteer charity Join In. The research shows that it gives you a quarter of the
happiness that being married brings with obviously none of the heartache risk! Seemingly, no
one regrets falling in love with their running club (while 42% of relationships end in separation
or divorce!). Find local club that suits you so that you can live happily ever after at


138 woman&home feel

good you


Horse riding is not only a great
way to keep in shape, its also a
fantastic aid to stress relief. The
new Take up the Reins in Great
Britain guide will help you find
the right horse riding experience
for you free from

new self-help books

The MindSpa


dani diPirro, are filled
with inspirational quotes
and affirmations to
inspire you, 5.99,

CALM by dr Arlene
unger, has 50 mindful
exercises to find serenity
wherever you are, 8.99,
Apple Press

has empowering words
on love, friendship,
gratitude, success,
happiness and living in
the moment, 9.99,
CICO Books

uses gentle pulses

of light and sound
to gently guide
you into deep
relaxation. 225,

photograph istock by getty images

Its vitally important for our health

and wellbeing that we reconnect
with our mental on-off switch. Shah
suggests self-imposing a digital
blackout for an hour before bed and
unplugging all devices that could
stimulate the mind. He also suggests:
Lie on the sofa on your back and be
aware of your breathing. Slow it down
and control deep, slow inhalations,
hold for a second, then exhale slowly.
Avoid stimulants in tea or coffee;
swap for a mug of warm milk or
caffeine-free tea before hitting the hay.

10 brilliant ideas self

self short thoughts...

deep down
Stop comparing
yourself to others. You
are not supposed to be like
anyone else. You are you. Your
perspectives, gifts and values are
exclusively yours. If you want
something to measure yourself
by, compare how you were
yesterday to how you are
today, and be kind.

If you catch
yourself saying Im
no good at anything then
rest assured, youre wrong.
Everyone can compose a
sentence, eat without choking
and do a million other things.
Emotion can make things
seem hopeless when
they rarely are.

suggests you
lose time when you
shift from one task to
another. Doing three
projects simultaneously
usually takes longer
than doing them

you can
change the way
you feel by reliving
good times when you
felt really happy. Taking
deliberate control of your
thoughts and emotions will
have a huge impact on
your self-confidence
and other areas of
your life.

If youre
overwhelmed by
negative thoughts,
write them down on a
piece of paper and then
destroy them: tear them
up, throw them in the
rubbish or burn them!
It really helps.

When you
feel rage coming on,
slow down your breathing
and relax your muscles.
Imagine a beach scene
breathe in and out with
the tide, picturing your
stress washing

anxious? step
away from your
worries and get absorbed
in something neutral, like
folding washing or doing
the dishes. the repetitive
actions of these chores
can help you get
with the now.

The moment
you enter a room
is when you expose
yourself to the judgement
of others. So smile when
you enter smile like
you stepped outside
and noticed the sun
was shining.

Create an
uplifting environment
for yourself. This can be
joyful colours, uplifting
music, nature photos, plants,
uplifting posters, open
windows you decide.
Wear clothes that you
feel good in too.

When you feel

self-conscious, choose
something outside of yourself
to focus on. For example,
examine a door, look at its
different textures and shades,
wonder who made it and so
on youre learning how to
keep your attention
off yourself.

With thanks to;;;
woman&home fee l

good you


seLF feature name



f the
ing a
Looki this year? Let us ays and breaks
ordinary erful array of holid
our wond

Barbados: something to sing about

a pretty villa surrounded by exotic gardens.
Stroll out onto a pristine white sandy beach
and swim in the crystal-clear Caribbean.
FeeL good FactorThe Fitts Village
area contains several reefs with clear
blue waters, perfect for snorkelling and
spotting the occasional turtle.
What youLL pay A seven-night stay
costs from 1,149pp based on full-board.
Flights from 467 in October with Virgin
Atlantic or British Airways. Book with
Vidados (020 3750 2445,

credits here

ead for Fitts Village in Barbados,

where as well as sunshine and
sandy beaches, you can improve
your singing voice Your host Mike boasts
15 years in the music industry. He has
worked on BBCs The Voice as a vocal
coach and performed with Lily Allen, so
hes the perfect person to help improve
your singing. Each day youll take part in
the vocal workshops. These are about
learning new skills or improving old ones,
and encouraging group singing.
Fitts Village is just 10 minutes from the
capital, Bridgetown. Accommodation is in

feel good breaks seLF

get away
from it all

Bintan Island: a hidden gem

in exotic Indonesia

credits here

anyan Tree Bintan is a hidden gem

located on the north-west tip of
Bintan Island in Indonesia, just 45
minutes from Singapore. Overlooking the
South China Sea, youll find 64 luxuriously
appointed villas built into the forested
slopes above a secluded bay.
Inspired by the traditional fishing
villages on Bintan Island, the villas are
built on stilts to preserve the towering
100-year-old trees lining the hillside.
As a result, villas soar above the ground,
giving a delightful tree-top experience
in the heart of nature. All private villas
feature a king-size four-poster bed,
en-suite bathroom and sunken bath as

well as a private sundeck and an outdoor

relaxation pooloverlooking the sea.
FeeL good Factor Book a fabulous
high-touch, low-tech massage or body
treatment that celebrates human touch and
the use of natural and native ingredients.

What youLL pay Overnight stays at

Banyan Tree Bintan start from 237pp in
a Rainforest Seaview Villa on a B&B basis.
Book direct (+62 770 693 100, banyantree.
com). Return flights to Singapore start from
530 with British Airways. There are regular
45-minute ferries from Singapore to Bintan,
then its a 10-minute drive to the resort. >>

woman&home fee l

gOOd yOu


seLF feel good breaks


relaxation at
The Galgorm

elcome to the elegant

tranquillity of galgorm Resort
& Spa, located around half
an hour from Belfast. The brand-new
11m Thermal Village and Spa is worth a
visit in its own right. Here you can enjoy
the serenity of the natural landscape and
experience pure relaxation in one of the
dutch riverside hot tubs. Also available
are Jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor
swimming, and treatments by VoyA
and Aromatherapy Associates (created
exclusively for galgorm guests).
FeeL good Factor Reserve one of
galgorms four log-fired riverside hot tubs
for an hour (40) a perfect place to
enjoy a glass of Champagne.
what youLL pay A 24-hour spa
break costs from 160pp (028 2588 1001, london to Belfast flights,
from 60 with easyJet (

Newport Beach, California

142 woman&home feel

good you

FeeL good Factor Join a whalewatching cruise. The pristine waters around
Newport Beach offer a healthy ecosystem
that supports all sorts of marine life,
including whales and dolphins. A two-hour
cruise costs from 20 (
what youLL pay 4,595 per person
for the ultimate indulgence, including
Virgin Atlantic upper Class flights to
lA, private limousine transfers on arrival
and seven nights in an ocean View
Bungalow at The Pelican Hill Resort on
a room-only basis. or choose Virgin
Premium economy and the cost drops to
2,995 per person. Book with Bon Voyage
(0800 316 0194,

credits Here

nly a 45-minute drive from glitzy

los Angeles, Newport Beach
promises epic scenery, waterfront
fine dining, endless beaches, top-range
spas, luxury shopping and watersports
the perfect sun-soaked indulgence
trip. While youre there, try dock & dine
(dining on a boat), a night-time gondola
ride or a paddle-boarding lesson in the
calm waters of the bay.
dont miss a day of exploring at Crystal
Cove, located at the southernmost tip of
Newport Beach. Here youll find more than
three miles of pristine coastline as well as an
enclave of 46 rustic coastal cottages. The
1988 movie Beaches was filmed here and
you can rent the bungalow used in the film.

feel good breaks seLF

Ithaca, Greece

ew in this years olympic Holidays

brochure, tiny Ithaca offers
beaches, sleepy harbours, green
forests and mountain peaks, plus bags
of history. Just a short ferry hop from
Kefalonia, its a paradise if you want to
chill out and wander the goat tracks in
search of beautiful scenery and history.
Accommodation is mainly simple and
typically greek, but Captain yiannis is a
good choice for its modern style and great
location. It is close to Vathy, the island
capital, at the head of a long bay. There

are 20 rooms and studios, built on three

different levels leading down to the pool.
FeeL good Factor Take a walk
around the bay to loutsa Cove, a perfect
swimming spot where you can also
try your hand at windsurfing.
what youLL pay A seven-night
holiday in June costs from 455 per person
(B&B), including flights to Kefalonia, ferry
and hotel transfers. Book with olympic
(020 8492 6792,

Spain: a
weekend of
warmth and

words james luckHurst photograph getty images

ealthouse las dunas is a five-star

luxury health and beach spa near
Marbella, offering a variety of
wellbeing programmes tailored for your
specific needs. Programmes include weight
loss, anti-stress, detox and quit-smoking
among others. The retreat boasts unrivalled
facilities and is surrounded by lush
subtropical gardens with panoramic views
of the Mediterranean and the African coast.
A combination of the latest therapies, relaxing
exercises, world-class food and a range of spa
treatments will leave you feeling completely
revitalised and with a new lease of life.

in style

FeeL good Factor Join a Pilates class

before enjoying a fabulous dinner created
by Michelin-starred chef Andoni luis Aduriz.
what youLL pay Healthouse
las dunas offers the Healthy Weekend
package from 750pp (approximately
580pp) based on two nights full-board
accommodation in a deluxe room with
sea view, personal medical assessments
and spa treatments included. Book direct
(+34 951 082 090, healthhouse-naturhouse.
com). The journey is 50 minutes by car from
Malaga Airport (flights with Ryanair from
99). Car rental from 24 for three days
with Holiday Autos (
woman&home fee l

good you






a day!



in 'ONE'

Vibrostation Home Studio

Gym specication vibration plate



Revolutionise the way you
workout at home, using
only 1 piece of equipment.
Studies suggest vibration training can assist with...


1. Increasing circulation
2. Increasing muscle strength
3. Reducing body fat levels
4. Improving Co-ordination
5. Increasing bone density

Why go to the gym

when you can train at home?
Target all your core muscle groups
by performing a variety of exercise
positions including strength, stretch,
relaxation and massage.

in the past
and this
is by far
the best.

ONLY 249



Vibrostation have incorporated

10 years of experience to bring
you an excellent vibration plate at
an unbelievable price. The Home
Studio works in the same way as our
Studio System range that is used in
Vibration training studios Worldwide.

AR Y B Y *




Simply step-up, hold your position

and let the vibrating plate do the rest
Buy now for only 249,
SAVE 150 (RRP 399)
Suitable for Men & Women,
of all ages and body shapes
Lightweight, compact design
means you can take it anywhere
Use Vibrostation in the comfort
of your own home
Try Vibrostation at home,
risk free for 60 days!
Stylish Black and White design
with press button operation
Used by Professionals in
clubs and sports centres
Easy control -99 Speed Settings/
4 Auto Programs /1 Manual Program
Tendons and ligaments are put
under far less pressure



exercise chart


exercise bands


remote control




Only pay 62.25 a month

No credit check Interest Free


V Pettman

Call and quote FEEL3

Freephone 0800 999 3340

Or visit
and enter discount code FEEL3 at checkout!

- A weight loss diet managed just by the eyes

- Lose up to six times more weight than going it alone
- No special foods, eat what you love to cook
- 40 page booklet included but easy to follow
- Try Diet Plate online a 21st century slimming club
- Available on PC, Tablet or mobile

To advertise here please call 020 3148 2474


Had enough
of being

Having had a weight problem for 35 years, Rachel was desperate to

find a way of being able to lose weight once and for all. I had just
about resigned myself to the fact that I would be overweight for the
rest of my life, when I came across the principles of the Metabolic
Weight Loss Programme. I followed these and to my amazement, I
lost 3 stone in just over 3 months and then went on to successfully
maintain my weight. The relief was enormous to have found
something that finally worked for me.
Rachel became passionate
about wanting to help as many
people as possible with their
weight problems, which led her
to become a qualified weight
loss consultant. In the last 12
years, she has helped over
4,000 clients from all walks of
life to help bring their dieting
days to an end once and for all.
My clients ages range from 8
years to 89 years old, so there is
hope for everyone!

Rachel Ricketts, Weight Loss Consultant

This isnt an open-ended slimming club, says Rachel. We set your
target weight at the beginning and then get on with the business
of helping you lose the weight, addressing any difficulties along the
way, then we concentrate on keeping it off for good!
For those who are not able to visit, a very successful remote support
service is provided throughout the UK - distance is no object!

With an average weight loss

of 7-14lb a month for clients
and hundreds of hand written
testimonials, Rachels results
speak for themselves

Clients often comment on how

impressed their doctors are
with their results. My doctor is
very happy Ive been able to
come off blood pressure and
cholesterol medication, says
one. Another doctor said, All
my lady patients on thyroid
medication are struggling to
lose weight, but youve lost 2
stone despite being on thyroxin
well done!

One of the popular aspects of the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme

is theres nothing faddish about it. There are no meal replacements,
diet shakes or diet pills. All the foods on the programme are easily
obtainable. Clients frequently say just how easy it is to follow, they
dont feel hungry and are not having to constantly battle with
cravings. The four stages of the programme are tailored as necessary
to provide the maximum results for each client.

With an average weight loss of 7-14lb a month for clients and

hundreds of hand written testimonials, Rachels results speak for
themselves. I see real results daily, time after time I see peoples lives
change in front of me.

Rachel and her team give weekly one-to-one consultations, guiding

you through the programme with personalised support, lots of
empathy and total conviction in the success of the programme.
Email support is available in between consultations.

Rachel Ricketts 01342 327396


Rachel offers free consultations for those who

are wanting to lose their weight once and for all.

To advertise here please call 020 3148 2474


Hands up all those who feel theyre in

a constant battle to achieve a healthy
and sustainable body weight. How
many diets have you tried and failed,
feeling totally frustrated and not
knowing what to do next?

simple pleasures

My feel good secrets

Sara Cox

Radio 2 DJ Sara Cox, 41, has three children, Lola, 11, from
her marriage to DJ Jon Carter, and Isaac, seven, and Renee,
five, with her husband, advertising executive Ben Cyzer

my make-up My go-to products are

a Tom Ford tinted moisturiser, a Giorgio
Armani foundation and a Smashbox
mascara. One thing Ive always sworn
by though is Vaseline; my mum recently
bought me a massive collection (the size
of a dinner plate!) of the little tins I
couldnt live without them.
my exercise routine I used to see
exercise as a way of getting into shape, but
now its all about feeling good and Im
actually fitter than ever. I run home from
work (five-and-a-half miles) once or twice a
week and do classes at Frame in Queens
Park too. I like Barre, which uses ballet
techniques, and their Ass and Abs class
really tones you up! I also follow Joe Wicks,
aka The Body Coach, on Twitter; he posts
short workouts you can do at home. Id
like to get into meditation next so I can
sort my head out!
my get-fit tip On days I plan to work
out, I put my workout gear on underneath
my ordinary clothes as soon as I get up
that way, you dont have that wrench
of having to put your sports bra on in the
afternoon when its cold plus, your
mindset is that youre going to exercise
at some point that day.
my diet I try to eat real food as much
as I can; often Ill shove a load of ingredients
spinach, an apple or whatevers knocking
about in my NutriBullet. Nothing beats a
bit of buttery toast though! I think a little bit
of what you fancy does you good.

my health When I turned 40, I noticed

I couldnt read the label on the back of a jar
of food it turned out to be the result of
presbyopia where the lens of the eye loses
its ability to focus on near objects due to
age. So now I wear multifocal contact lenses
and theyve been a real blessing. It means
Ive got one less thing to worry about!
my me time At home, weve got a
summer room, which sounds more posh than
it is (its part of the garage), and when its warm,
I sneak down there with the papers. The
only problem is that its all windows, so when
Bens upstairs, he can see Ive crept off and
left the kids running feral round the house!
my feel good secret A little bit of St.
Tropez goes a long way. Every so often my
friend Jules Heptonstall will give me a spritz;
he says its like bringing me back to life!
my guilty pleasure Lindt chocolate
teddy bears; Ben and I bought some
for the kids for Christmas, but forgot to
actually give them away, so now and
again, I put one in the fridge
and once its gone really cold,
I cant resist snapping off a bit
of its face to eat!
im happiest when
Im in bed! Weve got a
huge super king with a big
heavy duvet and the kids will
pile in with some brioche or
a cheese sandwich and
our dog, Beano, will join too.
I love those moments.
Sara Cox wears 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST
MULTIFOCAL Contact Lenses allowing
her to see near, far and in-between
without reading glasses or bifocals.

My dreaM escape

I love heading to the coast

whenever I can. I recently
took the kids to the Isle of
Wight and it was freezing, but
there were bright blue skies
and deserted sandy beaches.
It was gorgeous!

Enjoyed this issue? Then dont miss out on our fabulous subscription offer on page 76

words Nathalie whittle

photographs bbc, istock by getty images

my beauty regime I love a facial balm;

I use one by Eve Lom and its the one thing
that feels as if it gets my face clean. Then Ill
use an oil by Kiehls or Sanctuary, with a bit
of day cream on top.

Than Just Weight Loss


Whats in Almased?
Our unique fermented formula blends three wholesome ingredients.

Made from premium quality milk; the
calcium present in the yogurt supports
normal function of digestive enzymes.

This plant-based protein can support the
maintenance of essential muscle mass.
The fact that its fermented makes it easier
for your body to digest and absorb.



Almased was easy to

t into my daily lifestyle
and within 10 months I
had lost 5 stones. I feel
tter, healthier and
have lots more energy.
I have recommended it
to everyone. Almased
really has changed my
life! Gayle, Glasgow

Always struggling to reach your target weight? Now is the time to bid farewell
to those previous fad diets and actually achieve your health and weight loss
goals! By combining natures ingredients; high quality soya, yogurt and
enzyme-rich raw honey, Germanys No.1 meal replacement programme
can provide healthy and sustainable weight loss, while supporting overall
well-being. Not only can weight loss improve overall physical appearance, it
can also bring a host of additional health benets.
Almased was rst developed in Germany to help improve energy levels.
Not only did it do this, but it was subsequently found to be effective as part
of a weight loss programme. At the University of Freiburg, clinical studies
observed a signicant difference between Almased and normal low-fat
dieting1. Furthermore, the researchers found that while fat was lost, essential
muscle mass was retained2. Over 25 years of scientic research has shown
Almaseds benets for weight loss, long-term weight management and
overall health and wellness.

The benefits of Almased


Clinically proven weight loss v a normal low-fat diet .

Beyond adding a touch of natural
sweetness, this is carefully processed in
order to optimise the raw enzymes that are
present in Almased.

So simple to use!
Mix 50g of Almased with 200-350ml of
water or 200ml of low-fat milk and 2tsp
of oil rich in essential fatty acids (e.g.
olive, axseed, rapeseed or walnut).


.. .s im p ly be ca u se it w or ks

Reduces body fat without loss of essential muscle mass2.

Nourishes the body with a unique blend of soya, yogurt and honey.
Contributes to weight loss when replacing two daily meals.
Maintains weight after weight loss by replacing one daily meal.
Contains no articial avours, llers, preservatives or stimulants
and only naturally occurring sugars. Non-GMO, Gluten-free,
Vegetarian and suitable for those with Diabetes.
1. Knig, D et al (2008). Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism; 52(1):74-78.
2. Deibert, P et al (2004). Intl. Journal of Obesity; 28(10):1349-52.

Need help with your diet?

Almased nutritionist Katie Hipwell can provide advice on
any part of the programme. You can contact Katie directly
at For more information,
call us on 0207 969 1886 or visit or
Almased UK. Download your FREE Almased Figure
Plans at Please enter code FG1

only at Boots
Order by 8pm and collect free from 12pm tomorrow at a store near you.
Available in larger Boots stores and online, subject to availability. See for full terms and conditions
about the Order & Collect Service. Mon-Sat. Geographical exclusions apply.