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Marissa Gabino

BSED – 1
Mrs.Liberty Rosario
Psycho 21


I feel so happy as I go with my community service. I choose to have it in our

Parish because I want to help my fellow youth in cleaning the Parish. Because it’s my
time again that I will to go to the parish to clean because I just go home once a month or

Father was busy when I submitted my papers so sister Nancy is the one who
supervised us together with Premadona Martin as my companion. I think I’m done to
clean and it is so very hot, I feel bored but when Dona came atleast I have companion.
We seriously did the work assinged to us. We are only two cleaning on the ground
because the other youth were busy teaching the kids with dance and the others are
busy cooking.

There was a seminar for the renewal of commitment for all the eucharistic
minister. So as they’re having their seminar, we also have our cleaning time.

It’s too hot that day but it’s okey; for us not to feel the hot of the day while working we
chat each other until we finished cleaning the stand. During the merienda of those who
have seminar , I help in serving macaroni soup. I was smiling that time because the
serving spoon that I’m using is very heavy so I feel hard to serve. They gave us also
merienda. After which we proceed to our work, I feel drowsy that time because of the
hot weather but I still continue my work for me to finish my duty until I made it.

So after the work , I came to realize the idea that inorder to finish your work you
need more patient and dedication.

Frequency Percent
Valid BSED 40 50
BEED 40 50
TOTAL 80 100

1)Among the 80 respondents of education freshmen students, the 50% of them were
belong to Bachelors of Secondary (BSED) Which is equivalent to 40 respondents.
The remaining 50% which are also 40 student belong to Bachelor of Elementary
Education (BEED), with the total of 100%.


Frequency Percent
valid Female 63 78.8
male 17 21.3
Total 80 100

2)Among the 80 respondents of education fresshmen students, the 78.8% which is

equivalent to 63 students are females. The remaining 21.3% which equivalent to 17
students are male,with the total of 100%.


Frequency Percent
valid 15 1 1.3
16 30 37.5
17 35 43.8
18 7 8.8
19 5 6.3
20 1 1.3
22 1 1.3
Total 80 100

3)Out of 80 respondents, 1.3% with the frequency of 1 is 15 year old, 37.5% is at the
age of 16 which composes of 30 respondents,43.8% which are with the of 17 have
the greatest which composes of 35 respondents,8.8% were with the age of 18 which
is equal to 7 respondents ,6.3% were 5 respondents with the age of 19, 1.3 is 20
year old same through with 22 year old.


Frequency Percent
Valid Iloko 41 51.3
Ifugao 16 20
Tagalog 22 27.5
English 1 1.3
Total 80 100

4)As you can see with these table that composes of 80 respondents shows their first
language.iloko has the highest in percentage of about 51.3% which equivalent to 41
respondents,20% of the respondents says that ifugao is their language, that
composes of 16 respondents .tagalog language rank second with the highest
percentage of 27.5% that is equivalent of 22 respondents.and the english composes
of 1 respondents that is equivalent to 1.3%.

Title: Grammar Competence Level and Strategies in Learning Grammar of Marian

Education Feshman
Problems: 1)What are the most common in learning grammar strategies of the
students in the following conditions:

a)If they do not understand a new grammar point, they look it up on a grammar book

b)If they want to practice new grammar point, they try to use it in conversation

c)In order to improve their grammar, they mostly ask their friends to correct their

d)If they prefer to practice new grammar by listening to and reading grammar

2)What is the Grammar Profficiency Level?

The grammatical profficiency level of the Education Freshmen Marian students is at

the number 6 which is defined as limited user. Their basic competence is limited to
familiar situations but has frequent problem in the use of complex grammar.

The mean of the grammatical profficiency of the students is 6 which is defined as

limited user. Their basic competence is limited to familiar situations but frequent
problems in the use of complex grammar.
Marissa G. Gabino


Ms. Geraldine Bogatan

Pol- Sci 1

Reaction paper to the “Batas


After the film viewing, I was able to compare “Batas Militar” or Martial Law ERA
(1973 Constitution) with the 1987 Constitution and I found a lot of differences.
During the Martial Law ERA it was military at all times, means militar was powerful
than the civilian. But for the 1987 Constitution civilian authority over military at all
times means civilian is powerful than the militar.

President Marcos abuses all his power military power, the suspension of the writ
of Habeas Corpus will long only for 60 days and apply only for sedition and rebellion.
But President Marcos Suspend it for long years that leads Philippines become
under the Dictatorial Regime. He do what he pleases to do, and those who fight for
him were killed like what he did to Ninoy. Everything was under his control most
especialy when he close the ABS-CBN so that the media will not voice out his plans
and secrets.

During the term of Marcos it seems that he implement “Nepotism” because

almost his relative and the relative of her wife Imelda were given a job and was
promoted. Philippines were put to into other because he extensively abuse his
borrowing power, where in they spent the money for their personal intentions, like
Imelda did she use the money for expensive shoppings and others.
The constitutoin under the Martial Law is very rigid , Marcos tolerate the rights of
the people and he don’t even to consider their feelings . The order is an order. He
never hears the peoples concern.

I came to to realize President Marcos leadership will be compared to chocolate,

where in the top of the chocolates where their conveying colors like yellow, green
and others but under it was color brown. That explain as during his first term he
shows good leadership that impress the people but inside him there are his hidden
plans (to implement martial law).

As a lesson with the past implementing martial law has advantages because the
people comply but abusing the power leads to chios. Everything has an end the
truth shall prevail. Everything that is over is not good like over intelligence make a
man to go beyond the limit.