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Dr.T.V.Rao MD
The reforms in Medical education are long awaited since 2010 however the matter went
unidirectional by decision of a Honourable judge IN 2013 or there would have been NEET from 2013
however do not mind late than never, what NEET means to common man and many younger
generation is - it brings in equality, protects the reservation rights, it just means to be India is going
in democratic pattern, and no longer BLACK MONEY can play the game and TOM DICK AND HARRY
cannot become the Doctors, What the law of NEET says
All admissions in MBBS/BDS courses in government and private medical colleges or in deemed
universities will be done only on the basis of National Eligibility Entrance Test.
The court had made it unequivocal that all other admission tests, already held or scheduled for
later, for admission to government colleges, deemed universities, private medical colleges, minority
and linguistic minority colleges, stand scrapped.
Exams by AIIMS, PGIMER will be valid.
NEET II Eligibility: All Such eligible Candidates who could not appear for NEET-I and those who had
appeared but have apprehension that they had not prepared well, be permitted to appear in NEETII, subject to seeking an option from the said candidates to give up their candidature for NEET- I.
The SC has allowed students who have appeared for NEET I to take NEET II.
Supreme Court of India has ordered to conduct the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET)
2016 in Two Phases.
Combined result of both the Tests shall be declared on 17th August, 2016.
The more Information about NEET-Exam will shortly be announced by MCI (Medical Council of
The Supreme Court considered conduction the examination in many vernacular languages

What it means to Society parents and studentsIt just means there is a common entrance test one has to qualify and get a eligibility card, as per the
established pattern of admission, one just walk into the college as per the grade and eligibility ,
As per the constitution the eligible student get the right for admission just pay the fees and not more
and in future courts will intervene on many matters as matters of conflicts of interest will raise in
running the Medical colleges, as costs of running a system have gone up.
Hope Minority and Religious based Medical colleges have a less choice to do anything as they were
doing in the past many poor people in the respective religion raise the voice for their share actually
many of these colleges are established for helping the poor and have many concessions availing and
avoiding the social responsibility to their communities
1 Very few rich people hoarding BLACK money in Private sector comes forward, to start Medical
colleges, and it is no longer possible to amass black money as source of money is cut by NEET

2 The Medical education is no longer money spinning just imagine in the past some Private Medical
colleges are collection 80 lakhs t0 1.5 crores After NEET is it just the prescribe fees, and the private
managements cannot exhort for many things
3 Many private Managements cannot pay the Black money to Teachers or the clinicians in view of
financial crunch unless well-established system generating good amount of money.
4 It is inevitable that Medical council should permit to reduce the teaching staff in particular senior
and Ghost staff who just enjoys the hospitality because of Need for senior teachers as per the MCI
5 Many Non clinical subjects will be managed by Non-Medical Staff like MSc graduates,
6 The Medical Council may allow 10% departments can be headed by Associate Professors with little
experience in teaching,
7 The expenditure will be cut on Library and pay and use library will arise in many private colleges,
8 Every service will charged exuberantly as Hospital facilities, food and shelter,
9 Very few go or expansion of seats which fetches little black money
10 Many substandard Deemed to be Universities face the threat not only from Medical council of
India but from UGC as soon these Universities will face the financial crunch and may not be able to
invest in research, and will have many reasons to wind up the business and fall in line to become just
medical colleges with academic control from recognised bodies
11 Soon or later the Private Managements question the competency of the teachers as a mixed
group of students join with a eligibility card question the role of teachers, managements and
administration and great threat arises from students and parents and society as the matters are not
private as many of these are accountable to the public and legal maladies
12 Above all lesser opportunities for younger Medical professionals as few colleges are
mushrooming in the field Medical education
13 Many private establishments have to go in e-education on many topics in view of crunch of
teachers running with didactic teachings

Tough Times for many a time TO watch

Dr.T.V.Rao MD Freelance writer