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FutureProof Jobs·



Build a


Fix Auto E.lectrical Problems

Convert Your Old Media To Digital

Inside America's Biohazard Super Lab


Jay Leno's Garage

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MAY 2009 J

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"What if we built a boar 0111 offr028n newspopersr" [amie.Hyneman (le]l) and Adam Savage, page 52.



13 Kepl.er's Eye NASA's newest space telescope will watch a swath of our galaxy for signs of Earth·like planets. Plus: Scientist: Meredith

N ettl es 0 n gla cia I ea rt hquakes; a moon rock reveals dues 8 bout luna r origins. ,

23 Dive Recorder Canon's PowerShot D10 is weter-, freeze- and dropproof. Plus: Hand pruners undergo the PM Abusive lab Test; new ultrawidescreen TVs promise a cinernatic horne-theater experience.

33 Quick Silver The Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe is a powerful, beautifu I blunt instrument. Plus: PM's head-to-head test=infimti G37 versus Hyunda.i Genesis Coupe; we drive Audi's 500·pl.us-hp R8 Vi0.


44 Long-Term Tel Cars The VW .Jetta TDlloya.1 Editionjoins our test Aeet; we check in on the Subaru Fore~er 2.5XT limited and say goodbye to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR.

4 Jay Leno's Garage In a special 10TH ANNilVERSARY ·EDITION of his column, Jay looks ahead instead or back to predict which current cars will become the collectibles of the future.

52 MythBusters Workshop To test: a World War II plan to bulld aircraft carriers out of sawdust and ice, Jam ie Hyneman and Adam SavaKe launch a skiff made of frozen newspapers.

109 Building a Backyard Oasis With the right prep work and IDOls, you can erect the perfect pergola.

112 Staying Cool Amp lip ceutral-air-coudition jug efficiency and save money. 116 Homeowners Clinic Boost curb appeal with a DlY mailbox posr, Plus: Brasspolishing lips; gelling the deck-rail ing h eight Tigll L

1)( AUTO

121 Saturday Mechanic How 1:0 solve el ectri cal problems bychasing voltage drops along the circuit path.

124 Car Clink Repair plastic fill id tanks in five easy s te p s, PI us: Freez ing rus I 0 ff or stuck fasteners; how to "grease" plastic zippers.

)( T E C H

128 Ditch Cable, Save Cash Sever th e pricey coaxial teth er but b ti 11 have.a cce s s to your tavortee TV shows.

130 Digital Clinic How to digitize and preserve old ana log movies and musi c[11 e best methods for vi nyl, cassettes, VHS and II min. Plus: Can YQU damage yom computer's LCD monitor by touching it?





LISTED ON THE COVEr?: 128 Stop Paying for Cable > ~6 50 Tools EVery Man Needs> 92 Biohazard Lab ) 48 Jay l.eno's 10th Armiversary » 96 Future-Proof Jobs


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.bJr~r.1t,rrlie {J,dr'lill' D6v1d' DUrlber Do!::~~gJ1DbJ~U(J.Mjt:haeJ Lawton

JAMES B. MEIGS EditDr-ln-Chi!!!

lJe1Jrtr]J ~dflOrJ~rry BeJtinsori Mil jj fJ.kt1jit Edt tar Ta ra Co it

~DITORIJU. &(iiUJr, 1\u.tQmDti!.l.E.' Ben Stew~rt S~fnfjJ1" edi.tor, AJUo'mot,LVt' Mll<e AU-f:n Sonl., "dil.r, J'/o,I,' Roy Bec""dsohn s~ ,.,tn r' INti tnr, 9,:'1 en [liJ Jennifer SCI go liOnlO' ~d,itQr. l'"hlwlogJ' Glenn D,ercJie O~i.I'fJi~ Fdil{)r Larry W-ebster

~,~,~(U;I(['tr £difOr-S Joe Peppelardo, Seth Porgos, Harry SaWyers. H esee rc h. edi t(1l' En n Sc ottberg' ""j,la"1 Bditor [,hi McCarthy

A-f-1Lffl·;vn· to Ute Hrlit.(I'jI"~la~Chlf!iAIII~ Haake

GiH~lrl.butln£ Bd1'lkh:_' Jim Go.rm an, Chri s Gf\ln dy, Ben Hew; re, Ca ,I Ho Ifm a n, Ale. Hutch lnson, J oel .Jo hnson, S,£ Kramer, Jay Leno, Fred Mackerodt, The MyI::I1 Busters (~ami" Hyneman, Ada rn Savage), Joe Old ham, 61 enn Harlan R ejln olds, N oah Shach~m" n'I Eri k SOfge I Kal~e Thompson, Joseph Trulnl, Jam" s Vlah6<, Lng"n W il rd, Jeff Wi. e


~eltliJ1" AI',r 1JfiQerm' PfoI'ter Herbert t'I.s~~1f·1'nt,l! 1l~1 ninJrffH" Str~'IJi n skl Pferfti:


Din!i;iV, lj/PII Ll'lildr-np b_, Allyson TorrIsi A5.,~(if"~',w~.lJhnllJ StJll(j!, MI.:hele ~ErYln


~','i,"""1 M"""1~"g ~'~iI", Emily M"samllsu COP)' ~dit"r Robi" Tribble


J)if,,1tu' /ri'rGff'i1'l$ Spen~U$1 Anthony VenlL.:I,C:c.

PO·PUU'AMf'tllllHICS CO'" ajrll,.n~ Dlr6'l.ftu Angela Diegel

Oolhld l.'di10t l1;ghe Trimble

fORO JtC'f A,S 51 S 'l'j\N TS

Joe R Hasler, Blaine McEVoy tllITOQIAt. II\!T(RNS

Klrl1berly Grzybal'a, Lindsey Pinkerton

crmtriiJ1tml8 JJ'.omgr.(tpIIl!r;'( i± 'lUI.~~(11"S,'

Bu rcu Avs a r, Tim Bow. r, Gord 011 Chap rn ani Studio Catastrophic FX, Brad Dececco, Dogo,

Ch a dH unt, S co [l Jon" s, [d 1(" a ting, AXel de ROY, Dan S •• lfng.r, Gabrrel Silveira, Sinel'~b,

Art S tra i ber, T>a MI u "z~nt, Dan Winta"

SU 8 sell' P T 10 I'I!S, _..;tlb,f{'ri!J~.paprfl(illrlT~[honf(j$,(ijm


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QrrUM' iVHlp,.rf!lJ;tllg Dm~cflJr MatthIas Wolf M (~r~'t'!l' n~ ~ IlnwJ::er Cia I re R ottl no 1IJr..litJot'iUHi {LHJ/'k.~dljg M{jMt$~i'""JotJanna H-es.sling GF{lIIP PI'l)r.1.riPlo/l.t:N',.ea:of Davld Rose P'fudlJClilln MUn..CJ1:~r Uliana M. Ruiz

G'r",f,lt/ve. f)h-sr;t~'· Glen FUB~rnayor I'.f{J.rk(,/~j\f.aIl.~g.pt Chad Meany

n);tHn.e MlIrt,uffig (;DlJlitlrli!i!fOr Janette Hong vh~ P.~illrh~nt. ortJ.rJr CiGln.!:!.r:m£'i" Math.d.ng

u O'er ro r Rkk Day

~r:tI)fff'U,~ing Cootili1l01(J[ Carolyn Yanoff

NfiW VOI!« ~/1..t1: r;lla~f S{]}~li. Mf.Ln~~1'r Ray Rlenecker ~:1.1/~4f)-;28'6 ~l!ctp.LIljj .'t1r:t.fil~~I'"Colin. Mar~M.a1121215~9-25JVl ~1(,(,lJlJt:I'L MQ.I!Ct.g-el" Matthew Schwagerl· ~.1..2/649'_2SH~F2 S/,eCi{![ ~l!C~nnM S(1.J(If~ Samantha Yareek 212/64928~O Sale, A""toni V"no" Danbunporh :n;1fi49'- .. 853 L I'll LA (1/.1 Man{i.ger spencer J. Huffrnal1 ]1219B4-5191 i'h:mlJl1t ~hljjl)$U Matt Avery 312.1251-5355 ~" I es 4)';",""r 'tv enne VIII. rea 13lll98<1-5195

'D,IRECT R'£SP"IO'$.E 'I DV e It T I S,I M Ii Mgel. Hfo~olioulo'-,~12164~:;!930 11m Fountain lVI549-.J9"9

I.US ~(I/!]I':l •. s s

IIt"CnUI~r- ,'l,ff,lJ1fJ}lf:!f'" Brrtt~riY Marquis 3J O,~iS4~192! S"I .. ~"(,,"nl Carl Nelson 3J 01554,)912


At't~.tlll! MtlfrtJlfcf R03!:hel Mllter-Garcla 4l51:278gJoS:

Solod"";,,,"",Lis. Scheele 415.i2 78-3678


M~""t",.Robert Reynolds ;>4815 1 4·51;it! 8a1~8 AJi',sISU1Nr Tooi stsrrs 24.81614'-6011 Hearst M agazi" es Soles, Inc-


.Il("t'[JJ.jlll ;\{fmager' Pe[ty Rudol.ph 2141Et24-90Q8 We,kG I Med i a

CllI$$!J'lfP jl,DV"IlTl51.HI lUI' ~tSll: InATrltt

Kathleen Gle.~o~ 88$14 73·{J78lJ; ro.; ;"81:J~2·40~q ~Iossrn"'~, 52 W. Elu,ling(D" Ave" La Gnl"ge, IL 60525

G.; org" R. :H "'ars t, J r, r;hl11rmd"

Frank A, Bennadr, Jr.

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C. t~l.s n Blac~ Mkhael Clln to n

PTeside;rr~ sxecuttvo vice PrfJ.'fideflt, L'JJiif M(jrfre'~ljg Ojfif.t!r

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Rich.rd E. Deems


John P. Lough'll;' J1~l.'f tr rI se V1'ce PI't'5daffl ~ &Gt.nl:lrn.llVlt1na/ff!1'

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6 MAY 2009



POPULAR MECHANICS ts 'grateful to these scientists,

I nn ova to rs and I eede rs, who help ensure we cover the most important stories il'\ the 1'110 st a utho ri tativ e way,


Apol/o 111lstronl! u t; co.lo.nel, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) SHAWN CARLSON

Ell,!! cuuve direct or 0 f

the So c iet\lfar

Amateur SeT e nti sts:

MScArthur Fellow DAVID E. CO.L[ Chairman, Center for Auto.mo.tive Researc~ SAUl GRiffiTH Presid e nt and ehl ef

sci ends t, Makani Po.Wer; MacArthur Fellow THOMAS O. JONES Spa ce shu ttle a strona ut; author of SIQI Walking OR. KEN KAMLER Surgeon; author of SlJrvivil1g the Extremes AMV B. SMITH

MIT se Ilia r lectu fer; MacArthur Fellow DANIE:L H. WILSON Robotidst; author of Mod ScIentist Hall of RIme WM. A. WIlLF

President emeritus, National Academy of Engfneermg



Clfmote modeler.

NASA Goddard Institore for Spot» Studies

In an elfart to better understand climate change, Gavin Schmidt uses data from atmospherk chemistry, aerosol levels, plant studies and the known cI in'l a te cycle to prepare detailed Earth system models. His assessments, slated to be part of the. 2014 IPCC Report, use advanced physics and hindcasts going beck to A.D,. 850 to. horne in on the eeus es and likely effects of climate change.

For hot water we can all feel good about. install' a tankless water heater.

This should warm you up r-Ight away: While delivering! endless hot water, a propane tankless water heater can lower water heating bills up to 60 percent compared 10 an electric water heater. In fact, an Energy Star-rated propane tankless water heater is so efficient, It can save 1,0 to 20 percent In dally water use. Plus, it's easier on the environment. with half the carbon ·emm,issions.

You may also qualify for tax Incentives. Start feeling warmer today.

Learn more at uaepropane.com,



Seeing and Believing Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Phil Patton's "Sornettung In the Sky"

about UFO sightings and

the possible explanations. behind them, such as rnilltary craft an d natural lights. It was refreshing to read your story Some people will never accept a rational explanation for a UFO sighting-they would rather believe In little green men. I, however, will remain a skeptic.


do you explain simultaneous visual and radar sighbngs and reports by airline pilots, police and other credible witnesses? There are many legitimate sfghtlngs you could have included to balance out the apparent bias.



Readers responded to an I nvestl gatio n of U I'D signt! ngs, a

duct-tepe test and recommendations for [he Obama ad min i stratio n,


More Tape Abuse Although your multius'e tape "Abusive Lab Test" was informative, It left out one important criterion: temperature. One cold day when I was sledding and needed duct tape for an emergency, I found it completely useless. It may be a

You r investigatlo n of UFOs can hardly be considered objective, The uninformed would certainly draw the conclusion that virtually all sightings are misidentified eircratt, hoaxes, natural phenomena or the product of crackpots. But how

great "warm weather" tape, bur in a cold environm en t it was quite lacking.


Your duct-tape test was great, but one of the best features of standard duct tape is the ease with which it can be torn if no cutting implement is available. I'm sure you couldn't tear the other tapes as easily, if they can be torn by hand at all. Keep up the great work.


Policy Reform

As a New Orleans resident

and avid visitor of Dauphin Island, I was disappointed by "America's To-Do List" and

the comments about reform" ing flood policies. There is nothing "luxury" about Dauphin Island-the only place for groceries is a gas station. It Is home to historic Fort Gaines and a U.s. Coast Guard

station. I am positive you co uld have found a better exam pie of a hrxu r.y enclave.



"Something in the Sky" (March 2009) misidentified military refueling flight paths. The lines represent air-trafficcontrol boundaries.



Write to U$ Include your full name, address and phone number; even if you correspond bye-mail. Send e-mail topopu/armechanics@Jhearst.com. All letters are subject to editing for length, style and format.

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Bennack Jr, ~ Oh~ii'iTlml1!lld 0i1~1' t:.:i'I!Ilb\l'1!-Offimj 6~r!l12' R ~~, Jr~ CliairtTHl,: i.;'at:J;eriM! ~ BIl6t/ll". 5ECRt!Iy, :RiJ(Ia'kl J. [JlloE!"I1l;!Jj Saniuf 'l,fu;iO' preeidem and aYe&:

FTl'lil'"ltNI,OH;:er.He~I"$tMe.mine5-'DI~~~C\litW!~~,'Prt"~t,;.J~P,~hlin~ O;t~ulI.tVlOliP~n~GeDille-J..~eH:: E.'!~~Prfsklfnl;.Jcr.nA.~~all',Jr') \ike f:li1i!Ml!I1t .il1II1: ~ (.(Jntrulil!i, iPerl:H1i~a.Is ~s[~u:e p:!IkJ et New 'tar\" NY, 51d ~ditiorrar rruiing {If1KE:5. CE3da PD.s'!: Irw::rm:,!f1m1 ~r:cati0TI5 Mail Prodoct. (CaIKlGi!f'l Dis1ribIJthnj ~ Agreement tb. 40012499.. 5er'id [I!~ (Canada) tc BB:H::J;rip tn'te:ll~l;.i(JfliiJ,p.o.~}!~S4,1. L..utd""Ont~riQ ~C.ea2.C"'NIl.ME!1II,N~ Jm1 O!HS ~. ~:eol~[.er.ed U~~OOlJ.d:fMUt1"&'[ W P!lst01l1ce ~t ~fL~ [I,r, ~~~ JlIf'It..lO, 19SQJ'[I:;;!OOBhjHe~LC1lrtl~s,rnr..AJJriiPt:s~M.P"qplJl_LrMedi~m::s~ e ~i!fu'!~ 'tl:1r.Il!tMiI( of IistIm (anmllliaJ!jDll[;, loc F'rIntMinlJ5Jl. P05Th1J!iSTER:; SiE!id ad:dR..!.::. dtanges til' P'gpulill" Merlmnic~ Ro. Box H8!5:,Ii!~d Qak,:IA 311591.

~s~~~u1ar~I~P.O.~7f8iRli;l 0iI~.Lrl.:5159J. ";-:>..~ SM~id ~!IDW 81fS jlfDi.'kmwi\l':J)tJtJr:ru!&rtplirfl;j!lM!ewilt-e JDanHarri!.,ClEl:DlTH!r5BJ.'iceD~~


51S·29.HOO7,:ReM~~~~t'f!lII~l4l ~1W'hlJ'lv.riIJ"ngllJUS'lirroffll!v.inQ~lIur


t,.4.'J.OO I"Cf {IJI1)~eEn Caom ee 8i' oil'J!:r tQ,J11J"lej. ~a.:l $115.:.00 'N NP'.:tJ J~,

.. ):>~.AlL.:IN~ U!fTS-: FrOlP'H&:-

Lo 1IIiI! 'Nt! mill:! WI" ~Ub~01IN!i: I~t arailahla te ccmpenlee 'Jj,bJ:5I2I1 ;gl;llll;ls and ~r.ri.::1!S bym~i milt WE! be" w.ookl interest -DlI"treadEn. ~:fDU WQU~ raher ~~ 1"ECt1vt Il.lI:i'Il]1aJlfti,~~uent)'!l.IJr'CIilT~ ~1~1'1i',~ll'I"~~OCtc-l\iri:m:.~r '~di<JIi!3,~\:tIPro=-~,e5-Efli("",p'o.Bm: 7[)111, ~~-O~" ~ 5WJl.oOO1.t We ~nrq, be~p~lUih'i:furID5-Stiun~q~ ~CII"~os.'Frtrtffilr.n,.'IPq'jTilrSl ti1!tKJ:{I".mpmil!d~i!!;j~Qu~~tI~

,~~ AS AStP'III;;£ To ri! f"AO£~5. ~fMPthDtU:SpuL~i!ih~n~".iWurv.; p1Id~"EciriqlfE5,.all!lsriEntb:ar::l ~~~4~rDpmenI;S..I:iU~ta w;;iAA'Iar~nc.:indlequ;tity~ ~nndl[ll)'l·~rli'l~t1'rtals.bl.:lJ,lfliiU'iift,hip. PopjtlrM~~onb C5n)II"-II~me ~ihl~fur~p~r~iC!lti;JTIc..f ..-erf'm]~~ ~ ,p~r ~ ~;le fU!"(t~lin~ rJ,~tul'til<~r.£tlllJW'vreiUler{iJ1l JfIllE'-t"U'·Mllhlng ~"ljiilW"OrrrerJo" ~~:lnthis.m~~Dlinl!...


POPll\!r~llrn~ WlI, unnn fH~~ I'rotll 1ts'~rd~~eWjTI!W(lrll!m!""''lI1 slirmip!ipnonler,urd?rt.:ki!fijfill1::iint oft~1)T(I-er~l!St-D~'i!!ethe~rsI;~ ~~I\rtrt~ii1:'tothtP-o.~al~~.(ir o~r.::s:Itecmr!.wi[!i.ir4~6wti!k.-s.~trA SQ'Jle~n(h'scnlDtl:J.:odonl!,)ruwit:be not1ied ~mp.tt.fdthe issue dete t1Bt wid bpg!i~r$~ptbn.witl].-iI~a;~·f!lran .. fl,tl\lio:l"inSl.n:(DCJti;~ml1)'hWl!eDhUrn1'lg )'(Q"a.rdI!l',pt~~d~~~lmGi:::l~tlt


Cl '" 7l

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_ r


On the water memories aren't made, they're caught. To

discover all the ways boating and fishing can enrich your life, visit takemefishlng.org.

ta k e m l'fi sh I n g. 0 rg

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'10 l.og<l~ rC5k:lon b:; m 1t1c 5IJ U"I!8d States, and the Disulct oi Dolumbia wI1Dha"'BrE8clliJdth!;'.agi3{]lll\i!lio~ 1111be!~ state Or -esdeoec at tll'i"le 1;)1 ellt!':( Vuld II I PIJ.",t~ moo, noo Io"h~ prnhibr.ad by 1:3. ..... _ [JrWef or rental car musa be at leasr :25 yeaJ"-ij:" or a~ and HI_ Ilml!SeSl iii 'L'lIlIrJ' tlc-Ivel II ,ilel:fl:e.. .s~~~ SLJblCGI to rotnlllc'i~ Clfjjdalrul~a v aiI<lbl:e.j]LhllpjJINw'N l=Ioptjlaml00J.8nlJ:!i3.Q;1inJ'superlii

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May ~Or :21)1)ij; o:rt ; ! ~[!,9 PM (ET), OrJd:51 ct wll"ll'li!llil will Oi"p;;o(.ln lipen th.~ :c1I11 nL..lmhl:lr!;lf ~ligibk Dl'llri~!I r~c~i'L'c:d_ Opcm to legnl reerceere -or 1M S{II u.,H.oo S!8[o!IS end D.C. who BII.III'!I ~oI!c:h~d Ih~ lI!3~ I;Ir mOJjcIl11I" 1!1 tlu~ir !l.1I11~ Ilr I~idlllru::a ut !im~ er 1i!I1'I!ry. Void iii PLJerio RI~o- t:lI!tI wt1ri!iii!! 1=i[(JIII"bI1!!d tIo)' 11h\!, Sw~s.1~a ImbjQ.:;:1 to f!l;UT!pl~t.c: []jfici .. t f\JI.c .. n ... llillJl;;I~ YI~ j)O~u[axrnl!lc:AOIj'lII!;B.c:ol'IY!m~IIJI:'i~I!II;SI

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Once the ground thaws and tulip buds make their first appearance, thoughts turn to the garden-and all eyes tum to the backyard shed. PM has dozens of shecd designs, illustrated plans, galleries of the best sheds in America and the experts' answers to frequently asked questfonssuch as When you need a permit, how to choose the foundation site, scrapping old sheds, picking the right style and fixing up an eyesore. Go to




A 50:year-old technol-

ogy makes a resurgenceln the homecat the th eater and even In National Labs. PM

exp lores th elatest new t.e~h behind the emerging 3D trend. popu/arme~hanics

• com/digital hollywood

PM heads out to Las Vegas on May 5 to lind the best and most innovative tools 1'It the

2009 International Hardware Show, We'!1 have hands-on reviews and the winners of the Edltor's Choice AwardS.


• com/hQmeJournal

Visif popuJarmechanics.eom eVl!l)"da,l' for new stories and maga:zme-feature extTlls.

For more information, visit www.power!lrtpwrench.com

The award-winning PQwer Grip" pipe wrench is a patented product from 0 Iymp'ia Tools. Its sell-adjusting design features a cam action jaw mechanism that deli~ers increased torque and can be operated WITh one hand. The product is available in two sizes; the 14" wrench accommodates 1/."-1 'I," pipes and the 10" accommodates 'I," -1" pipes. It Is ass/mple as Artach, Ratchet and Release.







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A team of MIT u ndergra d uates has developed

a hydraulic

sh 0 ck "a bs orber that generates power. The system fortes fluid through a turbine tocreate electricity. Tests suggest that each shock in a heavy truck could generate about 1 kilowatt of energy, while prevtdlng a smoother ride than ccnventlo~al shocks do.

Pod People of England

Personal Rapid Transit uses small, electric-powered pods to take passengers to specific destinations, with no stops. After years of testing, the Idea will finally ~o live when the ULTra PRT system (above) begins operation at Londons Heathrow Airport laterthisyear. Batterypowered electric veplcles will tr.Bnsport people along a 2.7-mile track through th e a I rp ort s new Term I na I. 5. The track ha s been co rn pi eted, and engineers are now adding charging stations.

Studying Beating Heart Cells Becomes Less of a Stretch

+ Cardiac muscle cells expand and contract with each heartoeat, and this "stretcblness" makes them difficult to study under realistic cond itions in labs. Engineers at Purdue and Stanford

un iversiti es have d eve loped anel astic electrode by enclosing lines of fluid indiurn-gatlum alloy between two 'Ia.yers of a flexible plastic to create a "liquid wire." Cardiac cells can be grown on top of the electrode, which is then mechanically stretched to simulate heartbeats. The lines of fluid keep electricity flowing even when they're expanded by 40 percent. The technique can also be applied to study neurons deformed in brain trauma.


Reports From the Edge of Science Cornpsed by Alex H utchl nso n


Rolls·Royce has started

tests of a

supersonic turbine engine designed for cruising at speeds above Math 3. The first of the Y J 102R engine's expected uses

is in a nextgeneration cruise missile built by Lockheed Martin. Other possible applications include airplanes and spacecraft.


Moon Rock So'ives Mystery

+ Researchers are analyzing a tiny rock that Apollo astronaut Harrison Schmitt (above) scooped from the moon 36 years ago for Clues about the moon's magnetic past. Researchers at MIT detennined that the faint magnetic fields in the rock formed over millions of years, suggesting that molten rock was circulating inside the moon's core 4 billion years ago. This supports a theory that the moon was fonned by the impact of a Mars-size object crashing·into the Earth.


+ An lnternational team of scientists has uncovered the. fo.ssll of a 60·million·yearold snake that weighed 2500 pounds and was more than 40

feet long. Aside from the creep

fa ctor, thi 5 is significant because the maximum size of cold-blooded animals is determined by temperature.

The size of the TitanoboCi cerrejonensis

i ndi cats s th e South Americ'an tropical forest.

had average

te m p eratu res of about 90 Fmore than 10 degrees hotter than current norms.

ON THE WEB> FoHow breaking science and technology

news daily at popularmechanic.s. com. -

1.6 MAY 2009



the DAY unfolds

I..IKli II CHAl..l..ltNCl!NG RO,\.iJ



IN 'fOUR IlLO(1) 01\ I, 11' [UlALLY I. N 'fOU II TIfU;S?

PO~E·.~.N' r..,. ",'M.

_ _ • J ~ j ...



brid~es l'Onell rs.ccm tiresofety,corn 1.8DQ,B07.B555

·P,mll'lid r..nll!""llatlil!i!l.b~ IOltl!h ,'''' m., lOll. u,1Id 11'!la!1 wii~ ,I ~1Ij tuII~!II!~i mmlll- no, Card,,!M ~~"'~! ri '!II..Jlllilliillo. roo CPnliI ils!llII by M$Btni ~~,1imll!llh~'IiA IUA .. 1'.!n InillIl' ........ III jlO in!> ~ !!l~mn' III 'II)' .. m~"~1 in" ~II' im~1 m'nl~ n, '\11~ 1lIIi" dllll " Ihn IIIIM MIll ClnI dollUW.UM '!irl d~II.I .. ~rn~II1~1 \'IN' IiIfIlUc wDI~.

tUm! "LfI!liII 'n,tdillllld I,o",'! IIolrlgOlIOOD <U.1Iilcl. III>"m",. bnlWII[t Allil4 IIlII.MIy z.1D~1I. M!i·i, dRli1I1111t 'llIlilrot R~!III" Um~I'"IIII[IIIII' :!!III 1'lU' ~l!Ill'~_1 rmiIII lor.,..plllrliIMIill

Big Projects, Big Waste


1 Supply Chains

Are Hopelessly Tangled

Space and defense contractors have long relied on networks of su bcontractors to make critical parts, But in recent yea rs, they have offloeded more work to their suppliers=forcing those smellercornpsnies to develop sophisticated tech notogy. That has advantages, but more links in the chain can also mean more delays or mistakes=and an error from a single sup plie r can de rail an entire project, Deloitte's Fix: Big firms should exercise more oversight of suppliers and delegate a supply-chain "architect" to integrate th e e ntJre job.



2 Big Contractors Lowball Time and Cost

Large aerospace firms often promise overly optimistic tirnellnes, sincere

or feigned, to win a contract bid,

Then, when the firms do not deliver and costs rise, Congress may cut back on the total order, causing

the cost per item to skyrocket. Further, money from well-run programs is often rerouted to troubled ones, creating a domino effect of i neffici.ency and delay. Deioitte's Fix: Set hard milestones and Stout potential problems from the start; build more slack into timetables to account for unforeseen problems.

3. Officials and Engineers Lack Critical Experience

NASA builds fewer spacecraft

th ese days, denying you ng engineers valuable experience that might Instill healthy skepticism. Modern missions rely on new technology, but mexperl€[1ced staffrnay only see the promise and not the r. isk. (Ihe same is true

in the defense industry, where contractors build tewer=though more prkey=systems)

Deloitte's Fix: Retain baby·boomer engineers and technicians with incentrvE'S; create mentorshos for students; finalize contracts after suppliers prove theirtech actually works as needed.

-to The EFV Is a The unsurprising -to Lockheed first airplanes -to The Mars starting a chain
Marine Corps result; Exp ensive Martin and was 30 percent. Science lab now reaction of
amphibious parts didn't tit Boeing, who R,ising costs are under construe- redesign 0 f othe r
assault vehicle together. After teamed upto one reason the tion is the largest moving ports. The
that can be 10 years, the create this stealth Air Force is rover ever resu Iti ng del a y
launched from a Marines got a Wi! rp la,n e, e nte red buying far fewer designed to caused mission
s hi p and then era It that leaks, production with F· 22 s, bu t that exp lore a n other planners to miss
driven on land, The breaks down an only about half the bumps up the planet, and it thei r I au nch
design changed average of abo u t critical manufec- cost per airplane wlII use nuclear window, and they
during develop- once every 4,5 tu ring pro ces se 5 to about $140 power to do it. must now wait
ment, but General hours and in place. Canopies million. After years of until 2011, NASA
Dynamics sometimes veers cracked while development, ~ffidals say they
neglected to off course, they were being en ginee rs she Ived underestimated
deliver the new installed, and the advanced what It was going
plans to its 01' e raU rewo rk and gearboxes they'd to take" to build
subcontractors, rep air rate of the originally planned, the new rover, 18 MAY 2009 I POPULARMECHANICS,C:OM


Elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis {eg, an inability to perform daily activities due to increased memory loss) taking ABIUFY have an Increased risk. of deather stroke. ABllIFY is not approved for treating these patients.

Antidepressants can lnereass suicidal Ihoughtsand behaviors In children, teens, and young adults. Serious mental Illnesses are themselves associated with an lncrease In the risk 01 suicide. When taking ABlllFY call your doctor right away If you .have neWOT worsening depression symptoms, unusual changes in behavior,· or thoughts of suicide. Patients andthefr caregivers shoUld be especially observant within the flrstlew months of treatment or after a change in dose. APproved only for adults 18 and over with cepresslon

- Alert your doctor II you develop very high lever, rigid muscles, shaking, confusion, sweating., or Increased heart rate and blood pressure, as these may be signs ota rate but potentially fatal condition called rteuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS)

-If you develop atmorrnat oruncontrcllable 'facial movements, nOlily your doctor, as these may be signs of tardive dyskines.ia (TD), which could become permanent

- If you. hev. e diabetes or ha.ve risk factors or symptoms of diabetes, your blood sugar should be monitored, High blood sugar has been reported Wltl1 ABILIFY and medicines li~e It. In some cases. extreme hlgl1. blood sugar can lead to coma or death

- Other risks may Include Iightl1eadedrtess upon standlrtg, seizures, trouble swallowlng, or Impairment

In Judgment or motor skills. Unlll you know how ABILIFY affec1s you, you should not drive or operate macilinery

The common sidee/facts in adults ln clinical trials ~ 10%) include nasea vomiting, constipation, headache, dizziness. an Inner sense of restlessness or need to move (akathlsia), an~lety,. and hsornola, Tell you r doctor abo ut a II tl1 e m ad lei ne s you' re taki rtg, sl nce tl18 re are some rl sks for drug i rneracno [1S.

You should avoid alcohol while taklrtg ABIUFY. .

You are encouraged to report rtegatlve side elfeclS of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visll www.fda.gov/medwatch, or call 1·80D-FDA·1 088.


ABILIFY~ (aripi prazole)

2 .mg, 5 mg Tablet


I!)'OO", "',. .... ,.'l1Iow'MI,~.~" ... ~.<aD lW"PfA rtDWI HIi<!411-1r.r.t). 00 110 10 '--l'I"'''"'I

Please read the Important Information about AB.llIFY on the adjacent page.

'le~aprol!l (escltaJopram o!alale), Zolot('ll (:;8J1raUna Hel), ProzacB' (1luoxeUne Mydrochlo(rdij), Ellaxor :(R1I!(venlataxlna HCO, Paxil CRl!llparo~eUne HCI) are lJadetnllrilS 01 U1eir res pectl VB cempaoles.

@ B",",!.MI,~:;",,'bI> .Ol~uka OUu~"""r~,rllO''''''< •• ''II'''.IO<, 021108 OU;ull!! 1\nl,,1CII Pl1lllmOO!utlCIlI, Incl, .. ROOICYIID. MD 57CllSMA83~llecoQioo':!008 I!308A,IT30 Primed '" USA



[ar i pip ra zo Ie) .,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,=,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,=,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,=,=,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


ThIS summai)' 01 tile PaCkage Insert contains !Is\( and safely Information forpatlanlS about AeIUFY. This su ill mary does not InclUfje all Information .abOut AIltUFY and, doss no! take Ule WIt:e 01 dlscoosiorlS with your hllalU1.cnrn prOlesslonal ahem yoor treatment PII!DS1l read this Importnnt Informallon Cefol'll' you start taking AfHLIFY and d!sou~ any Questions aboUl ABlUFY wHll fOur heallhoare professionaL Name

ABILI FY® (a-Bll-T- fn lariplprDIDleI IDlt~n.PI~·ro'lOlI)



AIlIUFY (arlplprazole) Is a plilsorlP~ori medicine used as an add-on Iroolmlll1llo anM~pf€SSarlts Io! Malor Depressive 0 Isomer In adullS.

What Is depteulon'f

Oepres:;lon ts.8 cot!lmon but serloue medical OOllllI~oo, Sym pklms may IliCIude (ladoess. loSS 01 Interest inactiVIties you once enjoyed,loss 01 energy, dllftcully concentraHng or :maKlng decrsioos, feelings 01 worthiessnssscr Il~CIlSSive guilt, Insomnia or e~_ve sleep, a change In appetite causing w8igllll055 or gain, Qr lhoughls of dealf1 or sulolde. TheSe could be depressloo symptoms II II1ey Interfere, wiUl dally life at hOm e. at work, or wlll\ friends and last most onne ~y, nea~y every daJllor at leas(2 weelui.

What II the· most Important lnfonnatJon that I _ould kIIow about anti· depressant medlclneaJ depression, and other urlou. mental Illnesses?

• AnUdepressan! medlOlne:s may Inr-rease sufCldalthOugttls or actions in some children, teenagers, and young adults

• O~presslon and serrous metltalUlnesses are tne mosl.lmPQr1llnt causes 01 suicidal I nooCl1ts and


For mare Infonnatlon. 500 tM PrllSCriblng Inlol111aUOn and lhi:! Medlcatioo ~ulde called Nilil1eprlJSS8rrJ Medlalm;s, 00pt8ss1M and Other Serious Men/Ill Illnesses, and Suicidal Thoughls Or 4C~bns, Who Ib.ould NO'Ttake ABIUF't'?

People Who am allergic 10 ABIUFY or (Qany su!)stanca tIl:al.ls In ii, AHetglc reactJons !\ave nmged from msh, hives llntll\Chlng to dlfficu Ity breathing Dnd swelling of tna face, Ilps,or tongue. Please tall< with yourhealtncane prul&sslon91.

What Is lhemost important Information tha.t I Ibou'd know'k'" ABIL.IFY?

Etdl1lty,patll!lliS, diagnosed with IJSYC, ,hDSls,as a I1!SIId, Of demen,Ua (IOf,', 8Xam,PIe, ',. l~n,'lllilblUIY 10 perform dally antivl1iesM a :result oI1n~lItI!mory loss), and wIlD are I,lnted with anUpsychoUa med.k:h'las InchldlllfJ ABIUFY,Srtal an Inmased rlsk-ol death wilen compared 10 pallents wIioale !reated with aplacefJO ($blJllt pili) .. AlII UFY Is nGla.P9lO~ed lor ttl, b'ealmenl 01 pallents with dementla..,elatell psychosis;

AnHdepressanls may Increase suicidal thoughtsIII' behavlol's In same chlkll'en. teenagen, and yaung adullll, ospeclally within 1Jw 11m few monlbs 01 "'ealmenl or when the dose Is changed. DapretSlon and olller aeliOlls manlal Illnesses ate 1h&mSllives associated with an Increase In the risk I)f suicide. PiJtlool$ on anlidepressanl:salKlll1elrlamnles or cafeglvl!l'S sIIould watch lor new or worsening depression symptoms,. unllSuBJ chllfl9l!S In behavior,o.r thoughtS OIaulclde. SUCh symptoms should be reported to the paUent's heallflCate professional righl away, especlallv 11 ttley are Sllvere or OCCUf SUddlltlly. ABIU FY Is flUl approved for use In pectJab'lo paHelll!l willi dl!jlreSSlon.

~l1oos side effecls can occur with any anUpsychotIC medicine, Including ABIUFY. Tell )'Our heruUlca~e profssslOilal right away II you IIave anyoonditJons or side effects, Inclualog lIle folloWIng:

Stroke o.rrninlsh'okeln elderly patients With dementia =.M lncreased risk 01 strOKe and mlnlsiTQKe has been reported In cllnlt:al st~dlBs 01 eldMy paUents wllh demenUa. (fat a~mple, Increased memoryl(lSS and 10001111'1 to peMbrm daljyactM~es),AIllUFY Is 1101 aPllm~ed lor lrattlng paUBntB with dementia.

Neurcileptlc millllgnanisyndrome INYS):. Very hlgll lever, rlgkl muSCles, snaking, conlualoo, sweating. or IrIO'fiased heart rote aM bloorJ pressure may be stiRS 01 NMSj a rare butsetious side effect Ihat coold be 1ataI.

Tardive dysklnes'a ITI)): Abnormlll or uncontrollable mOl/emenls 01 faoe, toogue, or othOr parts 01 bodV may lle Signs of a sertous condition known as m. which may be permanent

High blood ILlgarand dIabetes: PallB015 With diabetes andltlOse hal'lng rl'sJ( lactors lor diabetes (for (l);ample. obesity, family history Of dlahetes), a~ well as those wIU1s'YrnplomlJ SUCh as une.q>ected Increases In !111m!, urina~ooJ or hunger should Nave lMlr b~od SLlgijl' levels checked brJlore and duMn; IrcalrnenL Increases In broDa. sugar IllYCls (hYPcl'IJlyoemla),.ln some cages oorlous and assoolated with coma or dlllllll, have been reported In pa~ents taking ~UFY, and medlcrinas Ilila it.

Orthostatic hypotension: Ul1htl1eadedn~5S or faintness caused by s.sudden change In heart rate an~ blood pressure WIlen nSlng too qulO](I~' from a sftting or lying posltlon(orIIlostaUc hypotension) !laS boon reportlid with ABtUFY.

Suleldal thoUghts: If )'Ou have sul~ldal Illoughls, )'Ousllould tell your heallhcare prolessllmal right away.

DysphaS lal Medicinosllko ABIUPi have boon associated with swallowing problems IdysplUlgls), II you had or have swallowing problems, you ahOllld tIlll your healthcara prolesslonaJ.

What .lIould Ii lelk 10 ",y heallhCareprovlder ,about?

Patlllntsand their f'amilies or caregivers SIlDUIO walch lor new or wtlfSenlng de.or~oo Sl'lllplcms, unusual tnanges In behavIOr and lhOuil~!S ~I su iollle, as well as for amlety, agHaliol\ panic attaclui, difficu Ily sleeping, tmtablllty, IIosIillty, aggrssslVenoss., I mpulsMty, restlessness, or extreme hY!lefB~\'ity. C3l1your heallhwa prllvlder ~'ghtaway U you have thOugNlS Of sulctde or U, any Q,r th~se symptoms, are se,vere or occur lI'J(!de,nly .. Be; e~,pooI, al Iy observant wjtJ1ln l!1e ntiil lew mooll1s 01 anUdepressant treatment ofvmeoever thert! is a .change in dose,

ieil yuUf heallheare pnwl(lr;r al)OUt any mooical comlltlona you may haw and all medicines IIlaI \iCtJ 9I'll taking or plnn to 1aIul,Includ ~g presonpfion aod oooprsscnpHoo (over-the·amnte(l medfdlnes. I. sure 10 tell yow heallhCarepl'OvJde..:

• H yuu rtave stlfc1da1 th()lahm

'. II you or QJ1yone In )'Our lam il1 have or had seizures

• H you or anyone In your lam il~ have or had hjgl1 blOOO Jl1.(QRf 1)( diabetes

• I[ you are pregnam.plan' 10 become, pregnant or are breasHeedlng

What Ihould I ayold WIiM tIIklng lBILlFY leriplpruoJet!

• .AVOi~ 1)II~IfI~ng and llehy~mHon

• .Avcld drlvlOQ or operatJng ~ilWllOOs lI1acl11oory until YOUI!nOW hOw ABIUF'laffects yeu

• Av~o CJ10Klng alool:loi

• Avoid Ilreaat·lllIldlr'!Q an Infant

What are the possible aldeeHects 01 A~DILIFY?

COmmon side effects In adults InClude: nausea, vomilJng, constlpanon, hrladllche, dizziness. an Inn&!' sensa Of 'I esllessness or neeO tQ1TI01I!! (al<8lhlsla),.an:dely ana Insomnla.

"Is Imprlltanl to contact your healII1care professional « you e:lIlerience prolOl1ged, ab.rlOI11lal musd<! spasm or conlraction Which may be signs a! a condition called d}'S\Dnla

What percentage of peopl.lt~ taki", otUFY clue '.0 sIde eH&c:I .. 1

Inollnl£~J ~laJs, Ulfll)el'Cllfilags of alfulLS ...mo dlsoontlnl!etll1llifng ASIUPi due 10 sl!le elfOOls was A8IUF'f (6%) and lor pallents· treals(I with sugar 11111(,2%),

Can I Hlel.y take ABILIFV while I'm laking othetmedlcaUons? ABIUF'( can be 1aI<en. wlth most drugs; however.lalling AIlIUFV wl\l1 me medicines may rel!lJlre your .nealtlloare .profeSSIonal 10 adjuSt 1M dosage 01 ABIUFY.

Some medlcinos' Include:

• ketooona:zole lNIZOfW:lUIj

• Q~lnldlne (OUINIDEP)

• IluoxeUne(PRDZAO':i

• parO'i.eline (PAXlL.®)

• oarbamazeP os [1'EG:RETO~"I

nLs ImllOrtant ID tell yourheaIiIK:arB ,profllSSloo1l alloiJl alt !tHl mi;dlcil1es )'Ou're taJI1ng, jL\SlIo bo &trIll. Qenefal 8(Mea aboutA.I.IL.lFY:

• AIlllJF\' Is usual~ tak~n ooca B day, wlll1 or without (ood

• ABIIJFY s!1ouldbe kej)I out al the teach olCl\II~i1I1 and peu

• Store ABIUF'f Tablelll and U1e Oral Solution at ,room femperatum

• FOr pa~enIS whIl mUll! limit II1mr sugarln!ake; baawara 111:1.1 ABILlFYOrai SoiutIfIII contains sugar

• For patients who ~annc! ma!abcnle phenylalanine (those With pllenytkelMUrlll 01 Pi<U);

ABIUFY DlSCMELT' contaillspltell)'lalanlne

• II )'Ou have addlUonal qullS!lcns, Ialk to your !hcaltrlcare fl(Qfessiooal Find out more about AS.UFY:

AddltJonal tnfotmatiOIl can be rOund at www.abllify.com

• NIZ,ORAL Is a registered I:nJdQ mark or Janssen PharmaceuUQa,Olll N I DEX 1$ a regls!Btl!d Iril~em ark of WYethPharmacau!lcels.: PROZAC Is a reglstllred trademarK o! Ell UIIV ROO Com pany: PAl( I ~ ts B rng ISlel1ll Irtl.de marl<; 01 slaxl)Smltnl(Jlne; TEGRETOL Is a registered I raoall1mk 01 NO'varil s Ilhar'mllOOuUca!s.

BB_sed CfI full prescribIng I rrlonnllilon as of 05/0$ I 23955ilA4

• Bristol-Myers Sqyjbb • OlsukaoliUkll M!~tral Ph~rmM\'u~fil!, !nc-

TablB.1lI manu!acWred by OtsuKa PharmaceulJcal CO., Ud., TOI\YO. 101·0035.iB.PlII1 01 lli15101'M~ers Squibb COOlpalW, PrlI'OOtli1, NJGSS43 USA.

Omlly OlslnlejJmrlng Tablets. Orm SolutIOn. and InJection. fI'Ianliractum~ by

llr1!lfol-Myeffl Squibb Com~any, l'iinocton, NJ O~3 USA. ,

OIWlboiedand matke!eo' 'Ol8UkiI J\me~ PharmaCwti,(;a).Inr;" RockvIlle. MD 20850 USA.

Mru1Itllecby ,a~SlDI'Mylll'S ' uillb Company. Prlncoton. NJ 00543 USA.

U,S, £'atent Nos, 5.1)06,528;6.977,257; mla 7,115,587

C2001l Otsuka Arnerlea Pllarm8ceuUOa!. Inc., ROCKlI1l1o. MD

570USI)8CBS01'S01 G30BL, 1141 Printed InllSA Q6·BOOOlO·05·ca-MDD May 2008

~ In modern warfa.re, the

advantage ofte n go es to guerrillas who can attack, then quickly hide among the populati 0 n or disa ppear into the hills. To counter those tactics, the Pentagon since 2001 has been arming unmanned aerial vehicles to identify and destroy targets with missiles. The Defense Department is seeking weapons for UAVs that can strike enemies but limit collateral damage, especially in cities.

The Army's solution is the Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System (ARSS), a small, unmanned helicopter equipped with a powerful .338-caliber rifle. AIl autopilot system handles the tricky business of flying while the operator

lines up the kill shot 0 n a remote monitor.

The Army ground-tested the rifle's

+ Rotor Diameter: 23 feet

+ Top Speed: 117 mph

+ Payload:

150 pounds

+ Fuel Copoc!ty: 36 gaHotls

+ Aighe Time; &plus hours

+ Corciidge: Lapua Magnum.338

+ Weighr:

14 pounds

+ Action:


s ernl a utomef c

"'" Muzzle VelOcity: 3000 Feet per second with 250-grain bullet

"'" Rat.fl of Fire: Up to 10 carefully aimed shots pe r minute

+ AmmIJnition Cost: $4 per round

turret on OJ Vigilante unmanned helicopter to evaluate its accuracy.

The turret-control hardware and flight-control a Igorithms Will be refined

to make shots more accurate before etrborne testing begins in July. The program's heads say the airborne robe-sniper idea was put forward five years ago, but on,ly became practical when Utah State University's Space Dynamics Labo ratory designed a Lightweight, stabilized turret. Users control it With an adapted xbox 360 controller. The same turret could be used on un manned fixed-wing aircraft such as the Predator or Reaper and could also auow ground robots to fire on the move.

Other Possible Weapons for the ARSS

+ M2495.56-mm squad automatic weopon, a srnall-celiber rnachlne gun

+ M240 7;62-mm machine gun, a weapon used by the U.S. and NATO

+ AA-1212-gduge, a full-auto shotgun

+ Peok Beam Immobilizer, a xenon strobe light that stu ns ta rg ets Wlth "psycho-

p hysical effects like disorientetion arid nausea

~ POPULAR MECHAN.ICS has always covered advsnces in tool technology. In January \::J 1953, the magazine pulled together the best DIY implements every home should have in "Shopping fur Tools," covering everything from an adjustable clamp toa watercooled diamond drill that could "cut through masonry, glass or porcelain at Ilherate of 1 inch every few seconds." Some classic tools have barely changed since then, while others have been transformed: The portable electric sander of 1953 gave way to random-orbit models that collect their own sawdust and work with precut, peel-off abrasive sheets. And hex-shank rnultibtt screwdrivers? Those ore new. (See "50 Tools We Can't Uve Without,." page 76.) ~ALUE: HAAKE:


From the company that invented versatility, here's some more.

woog. drywall, metn'-' ..

.- ~Iiinset .. cement. moiLi!I~ .

Theall-new Multi~Max'~ Oscillating Tool System.

Its fast side-to-slde motion and compact design make It the perfect tool for even your most demanding remodeling projects. From cutting a door jamb to removing grout-and every jobln between. It's exactly the kind of versatility you've come to expect from a Dremel tool. Call 1-800-437-3635 today for a free OVO. Or visit dremetccm to vi.ew project v.ideos.

Available where power tools are sold.



Repair. Rem.odel. Restore:




Canon is known as a cautious company, typically eschewing glitzy features

and instead focusing on basics such as improving image sensors and lens glass. And while weterpreof'end ruggedizei;J cameras have been around for years, the camera maker has steered clear-until now. The 12.1-megapixel, 3x-optical-zoomingCanon PowerShot 010 ($330) is the company's first

waterproof ca rnera, and one of the toughest we've see,n-it can be submerged 33 feet, fall 4 feet a.Qil wi thstand temperatures as cold as 14 F. And yea hi we kind of'1Tl'g the.Jacques Co ustsa u-e.sque casing. -SITH PORGES



When shown

in ttl e ir origlna I to rmat on sta ndard definition or HDTVs, most

m 0 vi es on Iy pJay in the bla c k a rea.

Next to a boxy tube, all HDTVs are widescreen. But use a plasma to watch a movie in its original format and often you still have

to deal with pesky black letterboxing bars on the top and bottom afthe screen. The reason: Movie theaters typically have an aspect ratio of roughly

21:9 (mea ning that for every 21 inches the picture is Wide, it's 9 inches talD, while an HDTV's is just 16:9. But those black bars could soon disappear, The new Philips Cinema 21:.9 is the first 1\1 to replicate the ultrawide aspect rat.io of a theater. Philips hasn't announced U.S. availability just yet (the set is coming to Europe this spring), but we expect a similar set to hit the States this year.

Goodbye Gas

The Vectri!( VX 1 Scooter ($10,495) isn't the first all-electric two-wheel vehicle, but it is the first that's highway·legal-it has a top speed of about 62 mph,

accelerates from 0 to 50 In under 7 seconds, and has a, range of up to 55 miles per charge.


Hlgh-Tedt Beam

The 70-lumen LED Energizer Hard Case Tactical 2M Second Generation Handhetd Light (price not set) is waterproof and can survive 15-foot falls. It has an infrared light for night-vision gadgets, as well as tiny red, green and blue LEOs that

can be used for mapreading and medical applications, But Its best feature? If you re short a battery It can still produce a (dimmer) beam with a single AA.

.... <II

Celery's line

struct u re showed how cleanly a blade could cut. Twine and chicken wire

di spe nsed a bu se,

PREC SION Clean cuts help plants heal. We snipped celery and shrubs-.then peered closely.

SJi&..R P J(EJi S

How sharp ~s sharp? For a hard test, we sliced %-inch nylon/poly rope and No, 18 mason's twine.


We cut blode·dulling chicken wire, then sliced mare celery to judge the abused blades' preCision.

Bypass hand pruners, designed to cut branches less than ;J. inch wide, often snip more than stems. They slice rope, twine and even chicken wI,e--or at least, the ones in our test did. Unfair? Maybe-but the results were revealing. And, yes, shrubbery was harmed in the making of this report. BHIARRY SAWYERS

Abusive Lab Test


Fe/co .:1..2 ($55)

Fiskars PowerGear 7936 ($28)

A.M. Leonard 1.286 ($25)

Felco's hendte rotates for easy squeezing, but it has too much play and is difficult to keep under control,

It cleanly cut our celery and branches.


These weren't the sharpest blades .of the batch-they took the most effort to slice twine, a nd I eft the ro pe with frayed edges that made ir look like-

it'd been cut wi.th a saw.


Whi,le chicken wire left the other pruners chipped and dull, the Felco's blades proved durable, surviving with little damage. But celery cuts were more ragged after the wire.

The handle's force-multiplying gear allowed us to make more cuts without t,i ri ng 0 u r hand s. But th e 01 ad es hacked the celery and crushed stem edges.


While these pruners. didn;tcut the ro pe clea nly, they did n't jam and were easy to squeeze.

Twine snipped with two cuts or by twice dragging the line over the' open blade.


The chicken wire proved most darneglngto the Flskars-We could reeleach agonlzlng tru n ch a s the b lades bit through the metal mesh links.

The celery, obviously, suffered.

The test's most precise cutter was slsothe least powerfulits blades made the. smoothest celery slices, but had a tough time biting bran ch bark.


This was the sharpest tool we te.sted-the blade bifurcated the twine in a single pass. And

while chopping rope. toolt severe I sq u eezes, the bla des lett the c lea nest cut.

Although the A.M. Leonerds seemed to chomp through the wife with ease, a postmortem exarnlnatlcn revealed the bl a de s ha d ta ken consldereble damage.


Fiskars' pruners cut with the least effort, and no tool could top Felco's blade durebllity. But the best ell-arou nd performer was also the least expensive: A.M, Leonard's i 286.



/ Take Two

On the a uts ide, the d i ffere nces between the new Nintendo OSi (1170) game system and the older Nintendo OS are slight-a few rearranged buttons and a built-in camera for taking goofy pictures. The real reason to upgrade:

The new system boasts access to a st are fro nt that alia ws users to download low-priced games over Wi·Fl.

... <II



Wrist-Top Widescreen

Once you've filled your cars interior with road-trip gear, there's nowhere to go but up. And most rooftop cargo carriers go way up-often adding 14 to 18 inches of draginducing height to a vehicle. I recently packed the 1S-cubicfoot Yakima Sky.Box LaPra Titanium ($700) for a weekend's worth of driving. Its 11.5-inch height (the lowest weve seen) minimized drag, kept wind noise down and caused no problems inlow-clearance garages. - GLENN O£R£N£


I which

automatically 'tum onwhen the ca rgo box is opened.



tools for finding studs,

tools for detecting live AC wiring (so you can AVOID it),

line of multifunction waH scanners out there. And we have the independent test results to prove it.

Reader Refresh

The Klndle 2's scree n refreshes 20 perce nt faster than th e 0 riginal' s, Unlike its cornpetltors, thi s Kind I e has no touchscree rl-O nscreen selection Is done us! n g a joysti ck,


The Klndle 2' s biggest improvements are ergonomic. With a depth of 0.36 inches, it's one of the thinnest gadgets of any kind, end about half as th iel< as its predecessor.


The Klndle ts

2 GB ofintemal memory is more than seven times its pre decessor' 5 on bo a rd cap a city. Good thing, toothe seco n d-gen

Ki n dl e I acks the origina j! s S D·ca rd expansion slot,


The Amazon Kindle wasn't the first e-book rea der=elect ronic books have been around in one form or another since the 1990s~but it was the product that brought the. category Into the mainstream. Despite an awkward design, the Kindle's integrated 3G cellular access, E Ink screen

and huge selection of downloadable books turned the device into

a hit. The Amazon Kindle; 4 ($36,0) refines the original, It s much thinner, slightly faster, and easier to use. Not

a reinvention, but a smart second act.

Svelter Shelter

Typical three-season, tour-person car-camping tents weigh 10 to 20 po u nds-too he<lvy to do ubi e as ba ckcou n try sbelte rs, The 5 terra Oesigns Lightning XT4 Tent ($450) is spacious enough for road warriors (it has 57.5 square feet of surface space -and a peek height of 49 inches), but it weighsjust 6 pounds 13 ounces, thanks to c:lever pole geometry. That' s not bad for short-haul hiking.



Remote Control

For years, Slingbox set-top box users have been able to watch and control all their home TV channels from Web-enabled computers and phones. But until now, this

pia ce-sh ifti n g magi c has req ul red a separate box. Not anymore-satellite TV

provider EchoStar recently purchased the "-

Slingbox' 5 manufacturer. The brainchlld of

this union: the Dish Network ViP .922 SlingLooded HD DuoDVR (price not set), the first DVR to feature Slingbox-like functionality. One caveat-eit works only with Dish Network satellite subscriptions.

-, A More Noble Gas

Propane is cleaner-burning than gasoline and is better able to endure an idle winter in the shed, But until now, it has been absent from handheld yard tools-a shame, co ns i d eri ng two-strok e gas-guzzl ers a re notorious po II ute [5. Th e reason: It's hard to engineer a propane engine that can be turned upside dow". The Craftsmon Propane Weec;twQcker, powered by LEHR ($;?()Ql, which runs off 16A-ounce canisters, is the first. The string trimmer's four-stroke engine emits a fraction of the pollution of a

two-stroke gas motor. Next up could be a leaf blower.

Is it I)Osslble lhat the mJnd. oj' a. sdeotist can create more beauty and romance than Mother Nature?' he

laboratorle at DJamondAurtl* were

creat cI wtth one mls Jon 'In mind: Create Ilurdllcss

briltiaut Clltlcwelry tha; allow everyon» Gut (58 rru:ClS)

to espertence more "11,,,'ty, IIIOft! scl"tif/t/· Color

tl(m and Ill1'8'1:r carut weL,gllts 1/"1(,111 they CLtnl~

have IJller e,~perltmced. So, we've taken 2 If.!

Dlspers!onlf'l:re 0.044

carats of ourtab-creered Dian1onclAlIr{l~

and set them In the most classic sel.ting- l'n c.t.w l'mg $50,000..

the resul t is our most smnntng, 6ery, process, but will on Iy say that It lnvolv

faceted design yet! In purely sdentiAc the use of rare mlncral heated to an

measurement terms, the refractory tndu IncrdJbly high temp rature of 0\1 r

of the DiamondAl.lTil is very high, and 5000'P' 'Ibis can onty be ac ompUshed

the col r dl perston Is actuaUr sup rIOT in id orne very modern and expen lve

to mined diamonds. laboratory equipment. After everal

Pern'Ction from the labol"iltory. lIdditloO.llJ steps, dentJ. ts finall created

We named our lJrllHaot cut stones a dear marvel that looks even better than

DiamondAlIFO, because, "they dazzle lust the vast majority or m.ined diamond .

like natural diamonds but without the According to tile boole Jtn\'elry (Illd Gem

outrageous cost." We wLU not bore you LI,e BLlylng Guid«, ttle technlque used 1)1

with tile incredl;ble det-aiIs of the seten tific UiamondAllra offers/liThe best clllmwlUi

~::----:-----:-----:---:-:-------.., simulotloll 10 dale, mrd evell onte

Place one of your 0 wn r{nos on lop of MO of rhe Yl>Uf 11

circle diagrams. Your rlnlJ Sl18 Is Ihe clrclo thai ~ i('weIIH3 Iltilie wl5tt/kefl tlu/sf!

match8S the Inside ril8melef oryOllr rlna, Ifyaur umes (or mJrwcl rJl"momi ."

ring falls lJolwoon SIIIlS, ordor 1110 nell/larglJr size. The 4 C's. Our DiilJ1l011dAuTO

_./ 3- tone las tque Ring retains

every leweJer's specitlcation: olor, darity, ut, and UJ"Ilt wight. The tran parent color and clarity fl iamondAI.lrrl emulate the most perfect diamonds-D FI.i1wlc ,aud lJOUI •• g.lIliiiIEl:ia._:='.IIIII!r::!!!!!!!!!!IIII.1 are so hard Uley wlll cut glass.

The brilliant Gut maximizes tile lin! and radiance of the stone chat the light dlspenes Into an e 'quisite rainbow of colors.

Rock 'oUd guaraJltee. This .n-

t ling Ilver ring is prong" t with a

1 v.z arat DiamondA""r/ round brllltanr 1.n the c mer, . howcased between two DiarnondAllIc. round briWants of II.!.

arats each. Adding to your 4 C's, we w1Jllnclude the IJhlnloodAu'I'a stud earrings for FRRE! Try the DiamondAllrtI 3-Stolll' Iasslque Ring for 30 days. If for any rca on you at not satisfied wnh your purchase, simply return it to us for a full refund or the pur ha e price and keep tile ltud carlin's our gift.

ot Availabl ill to res DiamondA"ra- 3·Stone

la sique Rin.g

(Z liz c.t.w) • $14 .. S&tll

f ' stud ctll'rirrgs wllfJ pUl"chasc oJ Cia slque Rlrrg-a 59.95 vulu ,! I\"allable In rln , 117.!!S 5" 10

Call 10 order II n·Crtt!, l'l: ~" n dll , 7 days a week.


t-nm s<mrhcm ... Drive Wo, Dept. DAR601l-02, Burnsville, Minn<:J01lI 55337

\\ v, I.lUt." cmn




, ..... ,,, Z

""·· .. '1

::::::jir ~

::::::J:i ::l::Uir ~


!,! ::~:~ ~r ,~ ....

;:~:::~:t :>

", ... 1" Ii..

ln~mi! we

:::,:::i:r ~

:: ~~~;F~ 'W ;:::::!:[

,<1 .. ~; I, ~'<i"


;.; ~:::l~[:::: :::


::: ~::: l : ~::: ~ : :

.... ,." .... ,"


-,-. "'" "

0- .;

'-", " ' 0-

,'" ,.." r.l:'l 0<0. 0""


'" """i'2:

o I '< 0 " ....



0:, '"


o 2009 Honda ON-Ot ~l 2010 Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro

Future Cruiser

The 595-pound DN-Ol is a twowheeled crossover of sorts-part cruiser, part scooter. At the heart, of this bike is a 680-((; V-twin paired to a unique automatic transmission that shares elements with a Honda ATV.lt provides two fully automatic shift programs along with a manually operated six-speed mode for sporty riding. On our weeklong ride around LA., the $14,599 DN-01 delivered a solid 44 mpg. And it's remarkably easy to ride. It has none of the overwhelming mass one might expect for a bike this size, so you can maneuver the DN-al confidently at low speeds, Stili, the transmission system can't help but lend a slightly appliance-like feel if you're used to a traditional motorcycle, - BARRY WINR£LD

Top Gun

The R8 didn't need much to join the top-tier supercar ranks. The road rocket nearly had it al1~a lightweight aluminum structure and body, midengine layout, all-wheel drive and a design that left bystanders, well,lusting for another look. The missing piece has just been added=e 525-hp version of Lamborghini's Vl0. The alumlncm motor spins to a hair-raising 8700 rpm, resulting in a frighteningly fast 88.3-feet-per-second maximum piston speed. Upshifts pin you to the, seat as the car gallops forward, inhaling ever longer stretches of pavement as the engine howls. We could do this all day. It's certainly a firm-riding car, but the payoff is Ginsu-lIke handling precision. Perhaps the best part is the fact that the car has lost none of its civility in its high-horsepower transformation. It' s as comfortable as it is quick.


We houled our VBOX GP5 test geor to /vIorbello, Sp oin, to tesr o$190,doOR tronic-equlpped 5.2-liter V10

RR We docked the Vl0R8to

60 mph in only 3.81 sec~nd.s. It cleored :1;00 mph in 8.41 seconds and pass1:d the quarter·mile in l1BO seconds at 119.5 mph. That's Corvette :ZR1 territory. Woof.


'"" o



" ,~

':1 never thought It could happen to me.

A heart attack at 53:'

- teve A.

New York, NY

Heart attack: 1/9/2008


" ~'7'0 hosl"'6

"I had been feeling fine. But turns out my cholesterol and other risk factors" increa ed my chance of a heart attack. Now 1 trust my heart to Lipitor, Talk to your doctor about your risk and about Lipitor,"

• Adding Lipitor may help, when diet and exercise are not enough. Unlik some other cholesterol-Iower~ng m~dicati~n ,lipitor i FDA-appro~ed to r~duce~he ri.'ik.of h~art attack and stroke In patients WIth several common risk Iactors.jncluding family history, high blood pressure.Tow good cholesterol, age and smoking .

• Lipitor has been cxt.cllsivelytudi·d wi~.over 16 ~ears of resear h. And Lipitor i backed by 400 ongoing or completedclinleal studies.

"Paucnt's risk fa.d ors include age, gender, smoking,. and high blood pressure.

lMPORJ"ANT tNFORMATION: UPITOR is a prescription drug. It is used in patients with multiple risk factors for heart disease such as ramily history, high blood pressure, age, low IIDL Cgood' cholesterol) Dr smoking to reduce the I"i~k of heart attack, stroke and certain kinds of heart surgeries. When diet and exercise alone are not enough, LIPITOR Is used along with a low-fat diet and exercise to lower cholesterol.

LIP1TOR is not fol- everyone. II is not for those wnh UVCI- problems. And it is not for WQmCJl who arc nursLng. pr~gnant or may become pregnant.tfyou take UPITOR, tell your doctor if you feel any new muse! painor weakness. This could be a sign 01' rare bUL serious muscle side (;'rrects .. Tell your elector about all medications you

take. This may help avoid serious drug interactions. Your doctor should do blood tests to check yOW' liver fu ncti on before and dllring treatment and may adjust your dose. The most common. side effects are gas, constipation, stomach pain and heartburn. They tend 1.0 be mild and often go away.

UPITOR is one of man~' cholesterol-lowering treatment options that. you and your doctor can consider.

Please see uudWonal important J'!iorfflullOn on next pdae.


aiorvastatin calcium


)).re a heart to heart with your doctor about yow- risk. And about Lipitor, Call 1~888-LIPITOR (1-888-547-4867) or visit wwwJipitor.com/stcvc

lou areencc1lJt1geci UJ report flr!(FlLlw side ~eas gfpfl?SC1'iption dnlOS to the R»1.

V'lSit wWI1,:pa.[JOv Imedwutch or caIlI-BOO-FDA-J088.

, IIIIN 1'ff" •• IILL,/III'·lgl'·"!'<""l',1 I 1'11()l)lj~lK~


L.,..-ro,.. atorvestatln caJciurn

... ~



111gb eholesrerol is more thanjust a number, It's a risk factor (hal should nOI be igrlored .. lf your doctor said you have high cholesterol, you may be at an Increased risk for heart arrack. But the good news is, you can take steps 10 lower your choleaerol,

With the help of your doctor and a eholestercl-lowering medicine like UPITOR. along With djel and exercise, you could be on your way to lowering your cholesterol.

Re.1dy to stare eating right IUld exercising more? Talk 10 )lour doctor and visit (;be American Heart Associatlon at www.arnericaeheartorg,


Wn.ocan take LlPITOR:

• People who cannot lower their cholesterol enougb with diet

anti exercise

• Adults and children over 10

Who should NOT take UPITOR:

• Women who are pregnant. may be pregnant, or may beeorne pregnant, LrPlTOR may harmyour Ul100m baby. If you become pregnant, SlOp LfPITOR and call your doctor righl away.

• Women who ure breast-feeding. LIPITOR can pass into your breast milk and may harm your baby.

• People with liver problems

• People allergic to anything in LlPITOR


Tell your dOCIQI·.;

• About all medications you take, including prescriptions, over-ihe-ccuruer medications, vitamin . and herbal supplements

• If you have muscle ~che.s or weakness

• If you drink more than 2 alcoholic drinks a day

• Tfyou have diabetes or kidney problems

• tf you have a thyroid problem


LlPlTOR is a prescription medicine. Along with dj_!!t and exercise. h lowers "bad" cholesterol in YOlJr blood. Itcan also

raise "good" cholesterol ClIDL-C). .

1 JPITOR clln lower the risk of'heart attack or stroke in patien1l; who have risk factors for heart disease such as:

o age. smoking .. high blood pressure .. low HDL-C, heart disease in the family, or

• diabetes willi ris.k factor such as eye problems, kidney problems. smoking, or high b-'ood pres ure

• MU11utoetldcdby Pll~er IleToJ1a Phll!'l!I!lceulieil4. Dubllll.lrelulld ~ 2005 Pl'ize r Ire lU11d Pharmnceu liC!1J~ All rlghlS reserved, Printed in Iln~ USA.


Serious sideeffecls ina small number of people:

• Muscle problems mat can lead 10 lddney problems. including kidney failure, Your chance for muscle problems is higJ1er if you take cen.aln other medicines with LfPITOR.

• Liver problems. Your doctor may do blood tests to check your liver before you start LIPITOR and while you are taking it.

Symptoms of muscle or liver problems include:

• Unexplwned muscle weakness orpIDn.e~pecially If you have

a t:ever or feel v.ery tired

'. Nausea. vomiting. er tomaeh pain

• Brown or dar -colored urine

• Feelil'\S more tired thon usual

• Your skin and the whites of your eyes tum yellow

If you lmve these SYJllplom~. cal I your doctor righL awny.

The most common sIde effects o.f LIPITOR are:

• Headache • Constipation

• Diarrhea. gat> • Upset stomach tmd rom ncb pnin

• R . ash • Muscle and joinlp.ain

Side effects ure u~uuUy mild and may go Ilwny by themselves. Fewer than 3 people OUI of 100 topped uool'Ig LlPlTOR because of Iii de eirecls.



• Take LlPlTOR os prescribed by your deetor,

'. Try 10 eat heart-beallhy lbods while you take LIPrroR.

• 'lake LlPITOR at auy time of day. WiUl er without food

• If you miss a dose, take il as soon as you remember, BUI If II hils been more than 12 hours since your missed dose, Will I. Take the next dose ill your regular time.

Don't; .

• Do net change or stop your dose before wlkinglo, your doctor,

• Do nor slmt new mudiclnes before Ialking 10 your doctor.

• Donol give yOUJ LIPITOR to othoc people. It may barm them even if your problems are tae same,

• Do not break the tablet,


• Ask yout doctor or healthcare provlder,

• T:llk: to your ph armaclst,

• Go to. www.lipitor.comorcrull-888-LlPfTOR.

Uninsured? Need helppaying for PfIZer •

medicines? p. fizer has programs th~l. fie·· Infu .. 1

can help. Cali 1-866-706-2400 or V.ISIt .. "" ,-; ...•

WWw.Pfi1.crHeipfulAnswers.com. o,nswers

Disrribured by Parke-Davis. Division of 1>lher Inc. New YMk. NY won USA

LPTF R~\' 2, Dec 201)5




..., ~

~ 1!\ll!111


~. :::::::::

::... ~ <r.

,... ,.

'" ,...

c, :;;;~:l:~

; lill!l!!~


=: ~! ~::: :~~::! ~

~=::;:=;~;;:!;! ~::~::::;;;;!:l


~ '-
c ...
VI ...
.. "
" :::l
., CO
... ....
e u,
t...: +
.0: Gas vs. Diesel

Recently we got a taste of I at

could be Volvo's future. The eutornaker tossed us the keys to a pair ~'f XC60s-a U.s.·spec 281-hp J.Q-iiter six-cylinderT6,and a 182-hp

2 .. 4-1 iter ftve-cy.linder turbodi sel European version. To see hrn.y a diesel engine could improve the fueteconomy of Volvo's latest crossov.er, wI drove them both on a 662-rnile marthon. On the freeway, the gas engine "j'as clearly more responsive, But on the slow and

steep hilly ro. ad.s, th ... e diesel's!ch torque madeclirnblng easy.~~th XC60s provi~ed sure-foot~d'lev~n sporty handling. So was diesel kmg? Perhaps. The gas XC60 retu1ed 19.7 mpg;the diesel, a healthy 27 mpg. We hope Volvo brings the di 1"1 here soon. - MARK WIWAMS


The hybrid by which all others are measured has officially raised the bar. The $24,000 (est.) third-generation Prius not only saves more fuel than the old one, but it also rolls with l.exus-llke refinement. The Prius loses its quirky and synthetic driving dynamics, too. It feels surprisingly sporty-yes, a sporty Prius-and it's remari<ably quiet. A larger 1.8-.liter four-cylinder replaces the 1.5~iter urut, While this doesn't sound like a recipe for fuel. savings, it makes more torque at a lowerrpm,.so it revs less, and that saves fuel.1l1€ EPA fuel economy improves slightly to 51 mpg city and 48 mpg highway, and the new Prius will run to 60 mph in 9.8 seconds, about a half-second quicker. Luxury options include a "Lane Keep Assist" system that nudges the steering wheel to stay on course, automated parking anda precollision system with partial autonomous braking. - L. W.

On our compan-

so n test drive, we found th e Prius

to have an extra layer of ~ ne sse. The engine is quieter= end quicker. The $19,500 (est)

Han de Is chea per than the Pri usa nd runs a simpler hybrid system that limits electric-on Iy a peration. For 295 miles of mixed driving the Insight returned 40.9 mpg; the

Prius 45.8. Factor in the larger rea r seat and more serene cabin and we'd stretc h 0 u r budget for a Prius. - L.W


"BUill I These two cars are

.. . . ..... stunningly similar when

the technicals ere examined. Dimensionally they're close, but the Hyundai, at 3480 pounds, is about 300 pounds lighter than thelnfiniti. Under the hood, the Intinfti appears to have the edge. Its V6 cranks out24 hp more than the Hyundai does. Both cars have paddleshifted automatics and handling packages. At a mere ~500, the Hyundai's was a deal. The Infinitj's Sport package runs $1850 and includes much of the same equipment. But the G37 has luxury features not included in the Genesis, like the $2200 navigation system, full power seats and a power tilt and telescope steering column. The question is, does the Infiniti feel more expensive from behind the wheel?





*,.,.16') We ran the pair on

. . 300 miles of sinewy

mountain roads near Frazier Park, Calif., and neither car seemed to carry the performance edge. We could confidently dive into a comer in the G37and the Hyundai would be filling our rearview minror with that big chrome "H."The same was true when we switched cars-the lnfinitl was tail-grabbing the Hyundai. On the surface, these coupes appear to be equals. But we noticed: some subtleties. The Infiniti's steering was a tad more fluid, and maybe a tick more direct-call it an overall refinement. On the long ride home from our 300-plusmile comparison test. the lnfinlti proved a 'touch quieter and offered more comfortable seats.


> So do the Infinfti's extra. ref nement a nd features w,arrant the extra dough? The HYl,In ~ai's. straight-Ii ne performa ncs and hand ling prowess make the G37 s premium a bit steep-the Genesis WI ns oy a nose.


3.7·/iterV6 ENG I N.E I T R.ANS 3.8·/lter V6

7A 6A

33007000 HO R S [POWE R 306@6300

5.7 0-60 MPH (SEC) 5.9

13,9 1 14M n, E (S E C ) 14_1

101 1/4 MILE (M,PHl 99

119.3 60-0 ,8 R AKI NG 112.4

23,0 FUEL E C aNOMY (MP G) 22.7

In terms of pure funk, none of the other boxes. on this page can beat the Cube. The design is very simple, very Japanese and very hip. Underneath the skin is Nissan's Versa chassis, and its 122-hp 1.B-liter four-cylinder too. Our $16,385 Cube S was equipped with the CVT transmission. Around town it delivered sprightly acceleration and easy maneuverability; the suspension soaks up large potholes with ease. But once the road begins to curve, the Cube proves it isn't the sportiest box around. The steering feels artificial and less indicative of what those front wheels are actually dolng.lnslde, tile Cube IS an amazingly fun place to spend time. The

experience is like a social club, with coo I details Ilke the "water drop" rippled head liner and pod instru mentation-and the Cube offers a great view from any window. When it comes to utility, we pertlcularly liked the asymm etrical reard oor that offers two detents, one at about 9 inches and the other all the way open. Nissan smartly engineered this rear door to ope n away from the curb, and that makes roadingjust about anything simple, Likewise,

we found com fort in the rear seat, good for three adults thanks largely to the enormous amount of headroom and the flat floor. The Cube may not be the largest or sport, est

in the class, but It does offer plenty of practicality, val ue and fresh, authentically quirky design.

After ene ve.ty long day testing these three boxes back-to-beck over a roundtri p ro u te that stretched from Santa Monica to Solvang, Calif., each car's unique personality bubbled to the surface. The Cube, which delivered 30.8 mpg, was the hip city car made for easy urban living. And though the Scion was the powerfullong-distancehauler with the most. room, it returned only 28.6 mpg. But it was the Kia Soul Sport that emerged as the speedy canyon carver and mileage champ (31.2 mpg) of this group. It was our favorite in this test.


, .

• f--'I :

" .


2010 Persche Panamera GT


:Dodge Ram 2500/3500 HD

Dodge has .brought the new Ram 1500 s aggressive design to the beefv 2500 and 3500 heavy-cf'uty trucks, But don t think Dodge JUst lifted the look verbatim. Nope. The bigger trucks get their own hood, grille and bumpers. The standard 5.7-liter Hemi V8 delivers 383 hp and 400

I b-ft 0 f to rque. Of cou rse, the 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel engine, packing 350 hp and a robust 650 lb-ft of torque at a superlow 1500 rpm.Is the engine for the tough jobs. Tow-friendly features include larger flip-up mirrors with integrated turn signals, memory function and puddle lamps. But the biggest news is thatthe heavyduty pickups will finally be available as a true crewsize cab pickup, providing Dodge with an entry

into the highestvolume part of the heavy-duty pickup segment.

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class


Mazda, Mazdaspeed3


The first Porsche four-door sports sedan will arrive later th i s yea r with a choice of two 4.8-liter V8s-a 400-hp model and a SOO-hp Turbo. Both will use Petsche's amazing new POK gearbox, and ali-wheel' drive will be an option.

A V6 hybrid model is now in the works. The Panamera will arrive here this fall.

The Super High Output (SHO) Taurus r"€tums after a decade-long absence, with ail-wheel drive and a new twin-turbo V6 packing 365 hp. An optional Track Pack with 20-inch wheels should add handling poise.


Ford Teuru s SHO

The new [-Class is mechanically similar to til e cu rrent ca r. So there's a 268-hp V6 and 382"i1p VB as well as all-wheel drive and the hot-blooded E63 AMG version. But Mercedes will debut new tech in the E-Class, like

Attenti 0 n Ass ist, which detects when the driver is drowsy,

The current Ma:zdaspeed3 is by many measures the sport-compact gold standard_ The 2010 model will remain tu rb oeharged and produce around 263 hp. Though some rwals send power to a II fou r wheels, tms hot sedan Will remain front-drive.


It polishes metal. It works with a drill.

What could, be cooler?

Introducinq the PowerCone metal polishing reel from Mothers. Its uruque corneal shape is ideal fOJ;

And lis long tapered side is periec! for polishing broad, curved surfaces. Plus, you get 10 use it with a drill. Life 1S good Visit us at Mothers.com

getting into Ihose Ilghl, diIficulHo-reach areas.

The new shape ofllUne. '11\8 cone's innovative design provides an rrumtte range of Sizes, milkmg 11 the parlee. 1001 for polisrung rims. II!! lapered shape pl'OVl des I1l1l'!UI tehed surface coverage on deep dish wheels., willie its ability 10 conform \0 virtually any urfac:e makes polishing tntricate dmugns and tight spaces a snap.

The PowerCo.De-atlaches to any variable-speed cordles,s drUI.

Just apply a generous amount of yow favorite Mothers metal pohsll to the cone dnd pull the ttigger Sunple as that.

The PowerCoDe~ another 9'l'8at addid.oD to the MothersPower hoduets family.

With ts dw-abl'e eenstruetierand WIde range of po!lslting pesslhilities, jl gives any uncoated, pclishabte metal a deep,nurror-like llhine without a lot of ell:low grease

"Gel,lf/eeli. c'I!rwnil/ry. om} p~IJ'IOII ",illl "IJr flell! Powertlone fmm MQlller.!."

Chip Foose. Aumnlmil'B D~sI8r1l'r(f1Id fiur/tler

motben,c:om' detallgu!de.eoQ\ waxf<>rum.,,,<>m


Adv ced ec nology for

a vance pro ecfie •

Shell Rotellall T motor 011 with Triple Protection™ technology provides advanced protection for your hardworking diesel pick-up. Shell RotellaT Synthetic provides all the performance and

protection you demand from Shell Rot·ello,· T in a synthetic formulation. Both are tested in the real world, the kind you live in. Shel.IRoteliaT. It belong.s in your truck.n.1

Shell Rotellally Heavy Duty Motor Oil

• Tested in six key engine areas and showed on average 50% less wear*

• Provides great sludge control, helps minimize engine maintenance and maximize efficiency

• Advanced protection for hardworking engines

• Meets or exceeds API CJ-4 requirements

"'Range of 27% - 88%

Shen Rotella "r Synthetic Motor Oil

• Up to 36% improvement in scot control**

• Up to 1% belter fuel economy··

• Protects in all climates

HCompared to Shell RO·fello® T lSW·40 oj 3.5% soot


The oil that pulls its weight.

When the one thing standing between you and the job site is long. sleep and dU51'y, ore you going to tackle it with confidence? You will with Shall Rotella® T 15W·40 with Triple ProlecHon "technology end Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W·40 motor 0115. Both meet or exceed API CJ·4 requirements fer protection In extreme environments. Go ahead and haul that heavy load. You/ve got performance to spore. Shell Rotella-T. It belongs in your truck.·

Long-Term, Test Cars




I VW .Jetta TDI LoYal Edition


Fuel-efficient transportation doesn't necessarily have to mean boredom behind the Wheel. Hybri.ds may grab the Headlines, but we're smftten with clean diesel. This sltfuel has reinvented itself recently, providing an excellent

compromise between fuel economy and perrerrnanee, And when it cernes to maximum diesel fuel economy, th·e new Jetta TDI is the reigning champ. In a PM comparison test earlier this year, we pitted a .Jetta TDI a,gainst a

2008 Prius. On our highway rue:l· economy run, the illl actually beat the Prius by 19 small margin, topping 45 mpg. Th19t sealed It-we just Had to add a Campanella. White VW Jetta TDI to the PM long-term test fleet. One

_ VITAL STATISTICS Base price $22,440 : As-tested price $24,190 : Extra-cost options Six-speed DSG gearbox:

Drivetrain 2.0-liter turbodiesell-4, 6/DSG, front-wheel drive: Engine performance 140 hp, 236 Ib-ft of torque :

EPA fuel economy 29 city/40 hwy



Introduc·ng the new FEIN family of dust extractors

Durable, compact and stable.

These great new dust extractors have an optimized shape with six wheels Instead of four for added stability.

Incredibly quiet. At an average 60 decibels, they are far quieter than most other popular dust extractors.

Tremendous static water lift.

Ac 90 to 99 Inches of water nft, 'FEIN dust extractors produce far greater suction than the competition.

New electronic suction control.

All three models come with variable suction control

with an easy to read LED Indicator that saves energy and reduces noise to an absolute mlnlrnum,

Powerful heavy-duty motor.

All FBN dust extractors are designed for heavyduty, continuous use with dual fan turbo cooling to extend motor life.

Can be used wet or dry.

For more InformatloA. a free brochure and a dealer near you, call 1~800·44'-9878 or visit us at www. feinu5.com,


cool trait of the TOI is that it doesn't lOOK like it's trying to be green. Only a small TOI badge on the trunk gives it away. Our Loyal Ed iticn Co me with just Q n e o ption-VW' s Sol a rt-shlfti ng Oi rect Shift Gearbox (OSG), a twin-clutch automated manual transmission .. As much as we enjoy a good manual transrnission, the OSG is far more pleasant tha n rowing through the gears in city traffic. OurTDI has already been on quite a number of road trips so far-the longest from LA to San Francisco. The fuel economy has been a.I.1 over the map too. When we're trying to maximize efficiency, we've covered over 500 miles on one tank and seen north of 40 mpg. However, around town, when using the diesel's deep torque reserves at every stoplight, we've seen fuel economy dip as low as 25 mpg But we've gota full year to play the fuel·efficiency game With our Jetta TOI. This could be the perfect candidate for an LAto-NYC mileage marathon. Any takers? - BEN STEWART

Jettas may seem almost uelqulteu s on the fa ad. But 0 tt,en it's the details of a car that set it apart. This Jetta has a tiny VW logo in the center of the headlarnp. Neat.

We've used the Forester mostly for urban commuting and grocery-getting, 'but it did make one major reed trip, racking up more than 2000 miles in four days to visit femily beck in Michigan. The Subie is a comfortable ride on a long haul, until the wind picks up a little and you realize how sensitive it can be in crosswinds. We used the auxiliary input jacks in the center console to provide entertainment. And it's a good thing we' had them, considering there isn't much in the way of decent radio programming buming alongl-BO in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Too bad those RCA input jacks are so hard to acce-ss. Seriously, the Subia proved to be a stout and reliable road tripper. We used It to haul a fair amount of stuff back and forth too. So we were pleased that the rear seats folded so easily, opening up the rear cargo area for transporting chairs, building materials and a fair amount of ph.oto equipment fur a few Saturday Mechanic photo shoots. And whether we were bumbling around in town or eating up miles on the freeway, the fuel economy was enviable. - MIKE ALLEN



• We dig the surprising gusto from the turbo Four. Ih a Subaru Forester; you can be practical, loading the roof rack full of gear every weekend-and still tap your inner gearnead by burning a little rubber.

I Subaru Forester 2.5XT Lim.ited

There's really not much legroom in the front seats, • The FM radio reception is staticky anywhere except nea r the stati on.


As. tested : $32,420

Previous reports:


See 02109

Miles driven: 5843

Miles since last report: 5602 Fuel economy:

Average--18.2 mpg Worst-14.5 mpg Best-22.0 mpg Maintenance/repaIr: $0

I Nissan

MaXima 3.5 SV


We almost Wish there was more to complain about With our Ma~ima. He-hum design, perhaps? Nope. The Maxima looks razor-sharp. Performance? Well, it's desig'ned more for comfort than for hitting apexes, but Nissan's healthy 290-hp V6 will happily get up and go. Well then, how about the interior? Sorry again. The feel i nsi de is J ust a h a If step below the Inftniti G35 Sport we had in our fleet last year-the Ma~ima is a

"0 :I o

, _,

o OJ ;0 :."tl :I

'" rn



, '" " " '" III

'" '" '" '" :;0

Ui c: ca 1> :;0 C


As tested: $37,550 Previous reports:

See 11108,02109 Miles driven: 7012 Miles since last report :3633

Fuel economy:

Average-21.7 mpg Worst-17.4 mpg Best-26.1 mpg Maintenance/repair: $46,14

I Mitsubishi Lancer Evol.ution MR



• The cloth seat inserts ho.ld you in place for hard driving, Leather seats are for wimps. • The transmission sometimes, "clunks" in hot weather, Mitsubishl says it's normal and happens because the a iii slighte r than conventional transmission fluid to dissipate heat

·lhe touchscreen sound syst'em is annoying to use at speed, We'd prefer an old-school knob to change radio stations, thank you,



.As tested: $41,740 Previous reports :

See 08/08, 11108, 2/09 Miles driven: 10.162 Miles since last

report: 3543

Fuel economy :

Average-1RS mpg Worst-14,4 rnpg Best-23,O rnog Maintenance/repair since last repo rt ~ $0

Overall:. $105

(schedu'led service)


lovely place to spend a few hours, Reliability? Not a glitch, so far, Then, what about mileage? Okay-here, we have to admit, we've been averagingjust under a so-so 22 mpg, But we have coaxed as much as

28 mpg from the Max, so we have only our own right foot to blame. Are We getting bored with all this unobjectionableness?

Not even close, -.JiM MEIGS


• Trunk pass-through comes in handY when packing skis, • The keyless start Is a matter of preference, Some drillers don't like searching every pocket and receptacle For the key fob whenever they leave the car.

• Sche d u Ie d servi ce at 3500 miles was

bl iss fully IJ neve ntfu I.

There is a toggle switch behind the shifter that allows you to select between Normal and Sport transmission settings, But if you're feeling particularly feisty-and you've got miles of clear asphalt ahead-hold that toggle switch forward for a few extra seconds. This move will engage S-Sport mode, "Super Sport." What does it do? Well it's sort of like feeding the transmission a beer bong loaded with Red Bull, 'The shifts become petatlop-quick with a violence that rivals internal combustion itself. The experience leaves you mouthing words we can't print here, And that's just the upshifts, Super Sport will rev-rn arch nearly as high in the rpm band as you need, It's brilliant, Best ofall, you can toggle back to Normal at any point and have shifting as smooth as any automatic. It's this Jekyll-and-Hyde gearbox that sums up the whole Eva experience. Here is a sedan with the soul of a supercar-yet daily docility is just a toggle switch away. The Eva has proven to be stone-reliable too, Downsides? Drive it hard and the tires do wear quickly. But that's about it. We're sad to let this a ne go. - B.S.



About 10 years ago, 1 had the chance to buy a McLaren Ft , A new one was almost a million dollars. This was a secondhand car with less than 2500 miles, and it was $800,000. I thought, it's crazy to spend that much money on a car. So T talked it over with Illy wife. And she ..... '""~ __ ~_ said, "You've worked hard. 1£ you want to get it, get it." And I thought, ohhh ... kaaay! So I bought it.

Last year, a McLaren Fl sold at auction [or $4.1 million! I now realize this is the greatest investment I've ever made. In less than 10 years, J more than quintupled my money. Best o fall , I have a car I really enjoy. But there are plenty of modern cars you can buy at real-world prices that arc fun to own.

People ask me if they should buy a new ear and tuck it away as an investment. I think it's ridiculous to buy something and just squirrel it away. The fuel will eventually go bad, ail the moving parts will still have to be lubricated, and you still have to insure it. Cars should be driven. If you let a car sit, you'll eventually have to flush the fuel system, replace the electronics and more. Buying any ear and putting it into storage for years gets you nothing. It's a bad idea. You won't be buying something YOll like-you're just trying to make money.

There are plenty of guys who bought the original Dodge Viper as an investment. When that car first carne out in 1.992, it produced 400 hp, an incredible level of power for that time. People thought, "That's it. They'll never make a ear more pow' erfuJ. I'll buy one and stick it in my



tock.s and bonds? I don't know much about them. In fact, I don't know anything about stocks and bonds. I've lost money in the stock market; come to think of it, I've lost mon ey in real estate too. But I've never lost money on cars.

The reason is simple: I've always bought cars J really want to own. Tf you buy a car that you like, and it loses its value, at least you still like it. Besides, even if the car's value does go down a little, it wi1l come back up at some point down the road.



* RestDre Compression * Restore Horsepower

* Reduce Oil Consumption *Restore Engine Life


NET 15 FLOZ.(443ml.l


garage." Now, every day people call me: "Hey, I've got a '92 Viper with 800 miles." Sorry, I'm not interested. "Three hundred miles?" Nope. You didn't bu.y it to own it,

But there are some interesting modern cars that are potential collectibles yOU can drive and enjoycars considered co.mmon transportation today. 1 think the flrst-generation Toyota Prius is a future collectible .. Although irwas technically innovative at the time, now itjust seems cute. It's kind of slow, and it doesn't have tremendous range. But it was the first of its kindthe first mass-produced hybrid-and there's an honest simplicity to that. So if you have an original. Prius, in 10 or 15 years, u'll meet peoplewho say,

J bought one of those!" nd they'll want to relive the feeling of watching the little dash board displa jump from charging to consuming. That near feature wilt bring back a flood of those memories.

It's like when 1 talk to people who once owned early and ll1id-1960s pushbutton Chryslers. They say, "I learned to drive in one of those! You press the D button to go, and you press R for reve rse ." They remember that feeling of freedom and American progress-s i rnply pressi ng

burtons to drive down the

the survivors are highly prized.

Once, when I was visiting England, one of my relatives said, "You like motorcycles-you should talk to our vicar. He has one." So I met the vicar, who owned a '66 Honda 160. J asked how long he'd had it. He looked at mc kind of quizzically and said, "T bought it new," He'd had that bike his whole life, and he'd mainrained it. To him it wasn't a collectible. Many of us would say, "Oh, :I had one of those, and my father threw it away," or "We gave it to a neighbor," or "We rode it to death,"

what i~ was worth originally just to get it back-often to recapturewhatever lost youth we thought we had.

That's why I think the Mazda Miata will be the ultimate affordable collectible by, say, 2025. The firstgeneration Miata was extremely simple, and that's part of its charm. Years ago, when we were f(Osto1irtg Mustangs, they seemed so complicated compared [0 a Ford Model A. A brake-light switch? Why do we have to have thaaaati In a Mode! A, you just strung together a couple of yards of wire and boom! You were done. So

The fjrst-g~ner~tion Toyota Prius is a futurecollectible.

It was the first of its krnd-the first mass-produced hybrid-and there's an honest simplicily to that.

road. So cars with unusual features, technology that cars today no longer have, can be collectible.

Years ago, I was told Mustangs would never be collectibles because Ford buil t million s of them. We're a disposable society. But eventually, we want what we used to havethe cars we ran into the ground. we've used most of those old Mustangs up, and now they're gone. So

or "We finally broke it and got som ething else." In other countries, because motor vehicles aren't seen so much as appliances, they're treated with great respect. This vicar had been riding that Honda 160 for 40 years! It was his only transportation. And it was a survivor.

That's the difference. We want what we used to have. We get rid of it, and then we pay 10 to 1.5 times over


the early Miata, with no traction control, no stability control-e-no nothing+will certainly be a collectible.

J think the first-generation Taurus, the forward-lucking aerodynamic sedan, will be collectible too. That was seen as a real. styling triumph in the mid-1980s. Almost anything built before todays government safety regulations could be collectible. In the future, cars lacking these systems

will appear so odd to people.

Obviously, Corvettes and Ford GTs will always be desirable, because they were collectibles from the day they came out. Back in tile '60s, who would have dreamed that a Corvette would have 638 hp and get 20 rupg? That was unheard of!

1 t' S harder to predict the ones you don't necessarily remember off the top of you r head-like the firstgeneration Honda Insight. OnJy abou t 1 B ,.000 we re 801 d warl dwid e. But loa k at them now and you think,

there are any of them left. The Aztek is so odd-looking and weird that peep Ie want to collect them, like the popular "nerd cars"-AMC GremIins and Pacers and Ford Pintos .. Remern her those1f1N vans with all the windows, or even mid-1980s Chrysler K-eats with the fake wood? It looked fake then. It still looks fake. But today people want 'em. These models have personalities. They're not jellybean cars.

Another one to watch will be the most recent version of the Cadillac

might have one of those anachronisms, a Cadillac with astic.k-that'Ll seem un believable.

Despite all the abject scorn and hatred lor the Hummer, it has to go on the collectible list. Hummers are languishing on used-car lots. The brand has become the poster boy for bad environ mental behavior. Bu t when we're all drivi ng hyd rogen ca rs, someone will say, "Look at that thing. What the hell is that?" The Hummer will be the '59 Cadillac of 2025. The Hummer went from being

very desirable tojust being hated. And I think the pendulum will eventually swing back the other way.

You know those Cadillac Escalades, with the big dub whee Isa nd other flashy trim? When tcday's young men are in their 50s and 60s, they'll say, "1 wanna drive one of those again and cruise around like we used to." So, those 'Slades will be collectibles.

On the other hand, buying a modern Ferrari as a collector car is nut a good idea. rf you buy a '50s to '70s Ferrari, you could do the workyourself. But from the rnid-r ssos on, no one can do the work on it except Ferrari. For almost any other car, an onboarddiagnostic machi ne is. $600 to $1000. For Ferrari, it's something like $2'2,500. That's what it costs. Just

the hand held! So so III eonc who does his own maintenanee is simply not capable of repairi ng a latemodel Ferrari-any profit you thiukyou'Il make just isn't going

to happen.

One last collectible? It's any car your girlfriend thinks is cute. A '79 FOId Fiesta? "Oooh, look at that little thingl" It's seen as a cute, desirable city car. The new Smart cars will always be collectible. Minis too. Things don't change. If a worn an was cute 20 years ago, she's cute today. The same is true for cars. PM

Despite all the abject scorn for the Hummer, it has to go on

the collectible list. When we're all driving hydrogen cars, someone will say, "Look at that thing. What the hell is tha:}

wow, it's a. two-seater.It gets up to 70 rnpg, it's got an interesting shape and it's very aerodynamic. Any car that was ahead of its time, or any car that had an interesting .f1awthat's what collectors want.

JUSt as the much-maligned Ford Edsel of the late 1950s is collectible today, so too will be the Pontiac Aztek in the future. No kiddingAzreks will be really collectible if

CTS-Vwith a six-speed standard. In the future, the manual gearbox will almost become a curiosity. People who know how to shift one properly will be seen as skilled individuals who can really drive an old car. In 2025 they'll say, "You can drive a 2009 556-hp Cadillac stick?" By then, everyth ing will be sam e version of a dou hie-clutch, autornatic-synchro, paddle-shifter ... The fact that you






lot of mythology surrounds British inventor Geoffrey Pyke. He supposedly made people come to his bedside to see his designs because getti ng up and getting dressed took too long. It seems fitting somehow th at such a quirky character could convince the British War Office in 1942 to test. the concept of massive floaung platforms made of ice-insulated and cooled "be L"g shi ps" up to 4000 feet long to be u sed as bomb- and torpedoproof aircraft carriers that would protect North Atlan tic shipping lanes.

The following year, Pyke's former professor and his ass istan t discovered that addi.ngwood pul p or sawdust to water before freezingwou ld make far stronger platforms. They named the material pykrete in 110110 r of Pyke, By the time two small-scale prototypes were built, longerrange aircraft were patrollingthe Atlan tic, and th e wi I d sch erne was largely forgotten.

Mythology, strange materials, bombproof stuff-that's all ri.ght down our alley, so r proposed taking on the story as an episode of MythBusters. The problem was, I couldn't convince


Jamie Hy-rneman ~eft) and Adam Savage build a newspaper boat, Yesterday's News,and rig it for an Alaskan launch.

our producers to let Adam Savage and me build an aircraft carrier, A smaller boat, however, would present its own challenges: r was pretty sure its thin pykrete hull wouldn't be strong enough for the job. So 1 started thinking abou t how to bolster it.

If you break it down, pykrete is really a type of particleboard that uses water as the binding agent instead of glue, But it's weak like particleboard, which has limited structural strength. So what would be a stronger alternative? Plywood! Its layers of wood veneer and glue form a stable, sturdy sandwich. And since pykrete can be madewith wood

pulp-wt",ll, newsprine is made from pulp. We thought: What ifwe make a "plywood" boar out of frozen, laminated newspapers? That's what we pitched to our producers, and that's what we did. You may have already seen the episode (scheduled to air April 15 on the Dlscuvery Channel}, B!,1t, as 1,1$1,1<1,1, fI. Iut happenedthat we cculdn'tfit on the show.

~'i rst, we tested whether our newspaper variation was stronger than pykrete, which is surprisingly tough but brittle, You can break it wirhjust a couple of hammer whacks, It turn ed a Ul that our version was off the charts for strength. We stacked 400 pounds of lead on one end of a 2-inch-tbi ck newsprint plan I, clamped to a workbench, and then hammered away. We finally gave up. BasieaJ!y, it was about as strong as z·inch-tllicle plywood. We called the

water to (eSt the boat. Our staff zeroed in on Ketchikan, Alaska, which has ice-free waters in January and <I high school with a wood shop where we could work. But the average temperature at that time of year is 38 degrees, so we had to rent a freezer true k, Go to Alaska to Tent a freezer ... well, it's not the s~~angcstthi ngw!:,'ve done 011 MjlthBu.sters.

The build was pretty simple. We started the mold by making a platform for the bottom-van enclosed box of 2< x lOS and %-inch plywood about B feel wid€ and 20 feet long, Just like the flno r in a house but with plywood 0[1 all sides. It had to be nailed and gl tied so we could forklift it in to the freezer truck. The sides were doubled-up %-inch plywood held in place with ga lvarrized brackets. We lined the mold with Visqueen, a light, flexible polyethel-

to remember to lay down the sheets like shingles on a house: One issue .at a time, starting at the bow and moving aft, so water flows over the layers, not under them. After about four passes, we had a hull 2 inches thick. Another important thing to rem ern her: Water expo nels as it 1'rr;:r;z~S, SQ yo!') 11 ecd to ke e p prCssl,l ~c OJ] the newspaper or else it delaminates. We built an inner mold to hold everything in place and hoisted the skiff j n lO the freezer truck,

While the boat was in cold storage, we mourned the lS.0-hp [ourstroke outboard motor that Yamaha loaned us and installed steeri ng, a gas tank, a battery and running lights. Two days later, we drove the truck down to a breakwater and unloaded the mol d. The boat sli d right off the Visqueen plastic into the water and bobbed around like a normal boat.

Be fore the ski. ff me I ted, we put on Mustang survival suits that the local fishermen wear when scrnethiug bad happens at sea and headed Olll as though it was a normal. day of angling-except that we were in a paper boat in water Just above freezing. r checked to see if Adam was ready and then gunned it, half expecting the lS0-hp outboard to rocket fo rward into us at m~y min ute,

But that didn't happen .. We were soon planing, goIng about 25 mph.

new material super pykrete.

For th e design, I drew on my days as a eornmereial captain and chose the Carolina skiff, a flat-bettcrned boat that's popular on the Chesapeake and throughout the Southeast. The flat bottom makes a stable wo rk platform for clammers and other waterrnen; it also means you can plane with relatively Iittle horsepower. Sin ce super pykrete is on the heavy side, we wanted to make sure we had enough power to go fast withuut resGrting to a massive engine.

The project depended On freezing' newsprint and keepi ng it that way. sowe needed cold-eb utnot frozen-


ene film that would act 2S a water seal and mold release.

Tbe newspaper was the hardest part of the build. We reerulted an army of high school students to unfold WOO-pillS pounds of the Ketchikan Daily News and other fine publications and dunk them in tubs, of water. Lots and lots of'rubs. Newspaper floats before it's wet, so the kids had to keep pushing it down.

If you ever decide to build a boat ou t of wet n ewspaper, it's important

Some Leaks sprang here and there, but a few sprays from carboa-dioxlde fire extinguishers sealed them pretty well, at least [or a little while, Whizzingalong Oil a plane with COl fog roll ing out tn estern-precious.

If I were reading this arti eel e I'd be wondering, why go to all that trouble to make something that will last an huur at most? Here's the thing: It's like c 1 im bi ng a mou ntai n. For Ada m and me, these are adventures .. And anyway, who else gets to do this? PM


M·I ions are scrambling for t e 2009 Silver Eagle ... But you can rave it TODAY for less than$23!

The econornlccrisle has sparked a huge demand [or U.s. Mint Silver Eagles. Collectors. lnvestors, dealers and the public alike

arc scouring the cllunl,ry ,nl ubtal n them ,creal i ng ~ serious nar tonal shortage. Bur wduy, as ;l special offer to new customers you can own these I. LEFTY Si I ver Dollars-fm a.1 littl~ a..~ $22.991

You Cannot Buy This Coin From the Mint!

The U.S. Minx dl1CS nor ~eU Silver Ea.~le Dollars uin:cr to the

pu bllc. You can on ly ubtai n them through an authorised distributor. We have just reserved fl. fresh shipment I.lf 2009 U.s. Mint Sliver Eagles-the Current U.s. Silver Dollar. These massrve and anraeuve coins contain one full tro')' ounce of silver and feature the historic image of M iss Uberty draped in a U.s. flag w\llking boldly inti.'!

rhe future.

No, We're ,Not Crazyl

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Special Advertising. Section

Almost everyone agrees .that hybrid cars are the next big step on our way to an all-electric future. Most of today's compact hybrids use a small electric. motor to supplement the power of an equally small gasoline engine, sacrificing performance and driving fun for

maximum fuel economy.and minimal emissions.

But what if we use two parallel powerirains, gas and electric, either of which is powerful enough to drive a full-size car? That way, we can offer the muscular VB performance that b.uyers crave. yet still produce zero

emissions around fawn.


To prove our point, we've chosen to s tart with a 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T. Why a Challenger? Well. it's an inexpensive full-size, rear-drive VB muscle car, something Detroit car companies know how to build better than anybody in the world. It's also beautifully rem iniscent of the classic 1970 Ch a] len gel', clean an d enticing to a wide cross-section of American drivers.

This month, we're improving the already impressive per formam:e of our Challenger, using a variety of inexpensive parts and some clever ideas we've learned at the racetrack. Our goal is a world-class muscle car that out-runs, out-stops and out-corners superexotics that cost ten times as much. That's the" Muscle" half of

our project.

Next month , we'll add the "Eco.' 'With inexpensive ae rodyn ami c ~1 ids, a stare-of-the-art electric drive system and some other helpful bits, we'll turn om potent Challenger into a parallel hybrid plug-in/solary' electric that burns no fuel at all in everyday driving. We

DFF THE DEALER'S UlT Built 011 the same chassis

as the Dodge Charger/ Chrysler 300 full-size, fourdoor sedans, the Challenger

coupe is big and bulky for a muscle car. It also weighs over 2 tons, which affects every aspect of effici ency and performance.

On the other band, even a.base Challenger R/T features all-independent suspension, electronic stability program, traction control, power everything and Chrysler's high-techMDS VeT engine control unit. The MDS VCT seamlessly deactivates half the cylinders of the VB during highway cruising, reducing rue lconsum ption. Therefore, the trick is to improve the Chal I engel' without losing all the things th at are already so good about it,

think this is a spectacular way to please both environmentalists and enthusiasts. Eco+Muscle. What's not to like?

You'll be able to

examine the Eco+Muscle Challenger in our display at the NASCAR Pocono 500 race in June, at the San Bernardino Route 66 Rendezvous in September and at the Las Vegas S:tMA Show in November. Next Janu a.ry, we'll aucti 011 it off in Scottsdale. Here's your chance to own one of the most innovative vehicles ever built. Eco+Musclel


"2009 Dodge Challenger RfT



Price as Tested:

$30,740.00 (includes $725.00 destination chOirge)


Front·engineirear·drive two· door coupe

Length; 197.8-io.

Wheelbas~ 116.0·ln.

Weight: 40411bs.


90·degree V8, OHV, 2 valves per cylinder, aluminum block and heads


5.7· liters

Compression Ratio:


POwer (hp, SAE net): 370 @ 5800 rpm

Torque Ub-H):

398 @ 4200 rpm

Redline: saoo rpm


Five'speed auternatic

Final drive ratio: 3.06:1

Brakes (f/r):

13.6·.in. vented discl12.6·in. vented disc, ASS


1 ax7;!l-in. cast alloyl P235/5SR-1 BV

EPA Fuel Economy leftyl hi~hway/comblned): 16/:25/19

When It comes to ears, some guys never settle. For them, we recommend Mobil 1 Extended Performance. This fully synthetic motor oil provides exceptional resistanoe to oHoxidation and harmful high-temperature deposits for increased performance - along with 15,000 miles of guaranteed engine protection. Learn more at rnobitt.corn,

Official Motor Oil ot

II~ 11l~~j_1{):1


We bought a new Challenger R/T with 110 options at £111.

Stone White with Dark SI ate interior. with 5.7-liter Hemi V8 and five-speed automatic. it cost $30,740.00.

Straight off the dealer's lot. our new Challenger

averaged a miserable 9.0 mpg in stop-and-go traffic.

Thanks to clever computerized cylinder deactivation, however, this big V8 returned a remarkable 25.4 mpg on the highway.


Haynes has sold over 150 million manuals since the company started in 1 960. Haynes currently offers 500 un ique automotive tear-down manuals in the United Slates, plus over 200 motorcycle and ATV manuals,

To create a Haynes manual,

a new vehicle is completely disassembled and then rebuilt. Every step is photographed, More importantly, the disassembly and reassembly is done, hands-on, by the author of the book.

A new Haynes series covers specific areas applicable to any car. Ellgine performance, su spen Sian and steering. body repair and HVAC syslems are lh ings lhat any horn e mechanic needs to know. There's even a great new manual on OBD·II testers,



Before we started modifying om Challenger, we needed to obtain baseline perform an ce figures. At Virginia Motorsports Park,

we romped from 0

to 60 mph i 11 4.95 seconds and through the quarter-mile ilJ 13.55 sec @ J03.65 mph. Th is is strong acce 1 eration for a 2-ton behemoth on OEM street tires:

The Challenger also stopped from 60 to o mph in all ultrashort III feet,

If the stock Herni V8 and four-wheel

disc brakes are brilliant, the stock suspension is less

than stellar. Ow: showroomfresh Challenger averaged

a mediocre 58.13 mph through a 700-foot slalom

with cones spaced 100 feet

apart and .83 G around the 200-foot skidpad at Virgin ia International Raceway,

On VIR's tight Patriot Course, a demanding test of acceleration, braking and cornering, the stock Challenger was not fun. The body swayed a bit on its too-soft suspension, the steering was numb and the street brake pads faded completely after only three laps.

The best we coul d do was a lap in 63 seconds. To pu t it in perspective, that's 5 seconds a lap slower than a stock Mustang GT with the same driver. In a race at VIR, the Mustang would 1 ap the Ch all en ger after just 13 laps!



4.95 SEC


13.55 SEC @ 103.65 MPH



60-0 111' 'FT





By the time we got home from VIR, we bad a long list of changes to make. The Challenger-needed to be lighter and more aerodynamic, with increased power, better brakes and better handling .. At the same time, we wanted to keep it street-legal, comfortable. fun to drive and

reli able for the everyday commute.


Before we even started to work, we obtained copies of various Haynes manuals including suspension/steering; engine tuning and OBD-IT diagnostic tester. We were planning to make changes to almost every area of our Challenger, and fran kly. especially when it carne to reprogramming the BCD computer, we needed all the help we could get!




Q~ Which is the best fuel system treatment to maximize your fuel economy?



• lOX the detergent

• Cleans 6 of 6 fue.1 s.ystem parts

• Remains effective for 10 fill-ups

Use a sharpened No.2 pencil. 'Time 'limit 60 sec. Answer below.

'0 b,


• Ul0tll the detergent

• Cleans 30f6 fuel system parts

-Remains effective f·o.r 1 fiU-up

'liwouoJa Ian! ~nQIi az!w!xew Ol M04 uo UO!leWJ01U! :<lJOW JO! wo::qnown8 01 o~ '5mua~dVII ue SJe noli 'tillJaJJOJ paJSMSUe noli JI 'slle!aH InownD 'e :J.aMsuy l::laUD:)



Even in 1902, racers knew that

the way to get more power from an internal combustion engine is to allow more air/fuel mixture

ill and put more exhaust out

A simple C&L All' Induction System with a high-flow airfilter replaced the bulky stock air filter housing, greatly increasing the amount of airflow to our Herni V8.

But it's not enough to get more mixture to the cylinders, you need to get tile spent exhaust gases om more quickly, too. We replaced the stock exhaust manifolds with beautiful headers from American Racing, feeding into 2.7S-in. exhaust pipes containing small but efficient catalytic converters. A Corsa Performance "cat-back" exhaust with high-flow mufflers and resonators now replaces

the heavy, and performancecompromised stock exhaust.


For even more power, we installed a ZEX nitrous oxide injection system feeding from a small nitrous bottle in the trunk into the stock intake manifold through all oversize Signature Series 90-l11m throttle body made by Arrington Engines. This billet aluminum plenum flows

an additional 178 cubic feet per minute, Indeed, it flows so much more ai r than the stock throttle body that we had to reprogram the ECU using a Diablo Predator in order to increase fuel flow, too.

Special Advertising Section

The concept of nitrous injection is simple. Nitrous gas provides extra oxygen atoms with every molecule. Forced into the combustion chamber. the extra oxygen combines with additional gasoline to make significantly

more power. Depending on nozzle size, the setup in our Challenger can instantly add up to 175 hp over stock!

Hemi experts.told us, however, that the molded plastic intake manifold of the 5.7-ljter VB is a

There .has never been a better time to sa,ve on '.hebes! shocks

Save up to $115 available for your Save up '0 $95

011" .BlIs/eln 5100 . SUV·· on 4 Bllsleln 4600 Selles

S6l/l1uhocks IDHe/eel .\ truckor... ~ ShD'/is .I/JmIB~ /JJJ~j&

IIfI~d lrock& .8UV B·· •. ·.I'.L. S·y· .. :E·.· 'IN- • .' SUVO.E. r!platBmenl

sppllCilllcnf ,ppllcll/ons

from March 1 thru AprIl 30, 2009. when yOU' buy thr,ell Qua'lllylng BUstain 4600 Senesar 5100 Serie s she cks. yo u '.11 recei ve llie lou rt hone a bSQ I ut ely FR EE 1 Tn Is is not a re bate, you'll rece iva th e free fourth shock altha time of purchase.

So act now. This .spec/aloffer is onlY good as long as supplies last.

Visit 1FreeShock.com for complet.e program detai/sand the Bilstein !elaner nearest you.

I .,' _'

Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers Q

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America DlmEIN

1·800·556·8617 • bllsleln. com

Special Advertising Section

potential weak point. We were unable to find an aluminum replacement in the aftermarket. So we've set lip our system with a No. 40 nitrous nozzle and a No. 21 fuel nozzle. This combination adds a 7S hp 'burst at full throttle ..

The combination of cold -air intake, headers and exhaust adds about 60 hp to the 370 hp of our stoc k Hemi, Add a 75 hp nitrous shot, and our Challenger now has nbout 505 hp to zip 2 tons down the track, That calculates to 7.9

pounds per horsepower: For the sake of comparison. a new Jaguar XK carries about 12.21b/hp, a Maserati GT 10.85 lb/hp and a Ferrari 612 8.0 lb/hp,


We're making severe demands

on our Challenger's fuel system, what with nitrous injection

and increased fuel flow. So to maintain optimum performance, we're using Cumour Regane

Fuel System Cleaner to clean valves, injectors and combustion chamber'S. Gumour Regane maximizes both performance and fuel economy.


Chrysler's J1 ew Hemi V8 requires two spark plugs per cylinder for

a complete fuel burn .. To reliably eke ou t the most horsepower, we used sixteen Puls tar efl Puls e Plugs. Pulstar Pulse Plugs are claimed to be 10 times more powerful than conventional

spark p lugs, shooting a violent pulse of electrical. spark into the combustion cbamber, You can feel the difference.


Oyer the years, we have used various Wix products including air, fuel, and oil filters in our makeover projects. As always, we are confident in their performance,

This year, we installed an inline Wix fuel filter to

keep contaminants from clogging our fuel injectors. Wix #57899 oil filter removes even microscopic contaminants from the oil in our Challenger and holds them in the filter element. Our Wix filter exceeds Dodge's specifications,

and because of its unique design doesn't restrict oil Bow that might rob horsepower.


Enerpulse, Inc. produces the patented Pulstar Pulse Plu.g.

It looks and installs like a conventional spark plug, bu t containa an Inlegrated capacitor pulse circuit that del Ivers len times more peak power than a conventlonal spark plug.

Because of the pulsed power technology of the capacitor, the spark flame grows more qUickly than from a conventional plug, Ignilil19 the fuel mixture in just

'2 nanoseconds, The result is better thro ttle response, better fuel economy, more torque and increased power.

At $24.95 each, Pulstar

Pulse Plugs more than pay for themselves over a lyplcal50,OOO mile service life.



Synthetic motor oil-like Mobil I-is literally slipperier than natural mineral oils because the oil molecules are more uniform in size and therefore slide over one another more easily. Typically, Mobil 1 increases power output, reduces fuel consumption and lasts longer between oi I changes. Indeed, Mobil I Extended Performance needs to be changed only after 15,000 miles.

We poured

Mobil 1 Extended Performance SVV-20 into our Challenger's engine. In our 500+ hp V8, we plan to

change the oil and filter every 3000 miles, even with Mobil 1 in the crankcase. We know we're being overly cautious, but an oil and filter change

is cheap insurance compared to the cost of a new Hemi,

DIFFERENTIAL To improve our Challenger's performance, we removed the stock differential and shipped it to our friends at Richmond Gear. Richmond engineers replaced the stock 3.06:1

ring and pinion with 3.55:1 gears and we added a Quaife limited-slip differential to distribute power evenly to both rear wheels for maximum traction.

What we didn't expect was that changing the rear axle ratio confused our Challenger's ECU. The computer promptly energized the Check Engine light and locked the transmission into second-gear "limp home mode."

After consulting everyone, from engineers at Chrysler to local racers, we discovered that Diablo bad already anticipated this problem. Us ing our Predator, we reprogrammed the ECU with different tire sizes, altered the differential ratio and hardened the shift points.


The Challenger suspension is actually derived from

the Mercedes-Benz E-class, engineered when Daimler controlled Chrysler. It features upper and lower A-arms in the independent front suspension and five separate suspension arms in the independent rear suspension.

WIX. Where it counts ..

No matter where the vehicle is engineered. made or born, WIX~ more than likely has an oil, air; fuel or cabin filter for it. And not just any Filter. one that continues to break typical aftermarket stereotypes for fit, form and function. In this great big world of foreign nameplate products, WIX means quality In any language.

See the WIX distributor nearest you or visit whdllters,com.


AFFINIA A member or (ho Affi~la family (II branCla.


never had a problem. Bilsteins work!

The Pedders/ Bilstein combination lowers the car

and dramatically improves handling and traction. Under hard acceleration, there's still q uite

a bit of axle tramp, but otherwise our Challenger is now extremely well mannered, even when pushed to extremes.

Stock settings for the Challenger front suspension are 9.4 degree left caster!1O.4 degree right caster; OJ degree left camber/-O.25 degree right camber and 0.1 degree toe-ill. Rear suspension settings are -0.5 degree negative camber and 0.1.7 degree toe-in, To us, this indicates that DaimlerChrysler engineers were trying to compensate for the Challenger's weight-distribution and suspension deficiencies.

'We set up our new Pedders suspension "square" as racers say, identical 011 both right and left sides. At the front we dialed in 9.5 degree caster, -1 degree negative camber and 0,1 degree toe-in. At the rear, we have -0.5 degree negative camber and 0.1 degree toe-in. To be honest, we would have dialed in about 11 degree of caster and -2 degree negative camber if the Pedders suspension offered more range. Adjustable camber/caster plates

for the top of the front shock towers would be a useful improvement.

Over the decades Mercedes engineers have had a mantra "soft springs, hard dampers." In Mercedes cars, this combines to give a smooth ride, but flat cornering. The Challenger somehow ended up with both soft springs and soft dampers. The handling is fine for normal street driving, but too flabby to handle 500 hp.

We started by removing the entire sn speus i on, front all d rear. We installed a

BILSTEIN The Bilsteln Company,

now part or ThyssenKrupp, dales back

to 1873, In

1 954, Bils!ein revolutioruzed the car industry when il Inverile and patented the firsl

tubular-steel frontshock tower brace from Razors Edge Performance ill order to provide a more stable platform for the front suspension.

We then installed a complete sus pens i on upgrade from Pedders USA. The Pedders kit includes racing-style bushings, stiff springs and fat antisway bars for both the front

and rear.

We added Bilstein Ultimate Performance shock absorbers front and rear. We've used Bilstein gas pressure shock absorbers in a wide variety of racing and performance cars over the years, and

monolube gas

pressure shock absorber.

Today, 811s1eln Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers provide precise handling, stability, control and comfort. The rising rate design reacts more quickly to road conditions, while high'pressure nitrogen gas helps keep the tires glued 10 the road.

Bllstein Gas Pressure Struts use a twin lube design, with the rod pointing down for greater strength and resistance 10 Iwisting and side loads. Bilstsln shocks and struts typically last four times longer than origInal equipment.


Spending the day with

the family at the lake.

Spending the day w.aiting for a jump from the tow truck,


Start Positive. Stay Positive:"


It's no secret that discount gasoline

can reduce engine performance and fUGI economy. For over

sixt y years. Gumout Regane

has helped millions of owners clean the entire fuel system 01 their cars to restore lost power. maximize fuel economy, prevent fuel system deposns and remove harmful water from fuel.

Gumout Regane is a complete Fuel system cleaner, engineered to be used every 3000 mjlas. You Simply pour a bottle 01 Gumout Into your gas tank before refueling. The Gumout

is transported throughout your vehicle's fual system, cleaning and removmg contaminants as you drive. What could be easier, or better for your engine?



To improve braking, we acquired a set

of exotic Brembo Gran Turismo brakes. These beautifully crafted Italian designs fe ature six - p iston calipers and huge 1S-ill. rotors for

the front plus fOLITpiston calipers and 13.6- ill. rotors for the rear. These brakes 'Ire so big that stock Challenger 18-in. wheels no longer fit!

To ensure the best possible performance du ri ng track testi ng, we Hushed the entire brake system and refilled it with AP Racing 5S1 brake fluid, the industry standard for raci ng cars arcun d the world.

to Michelin. On the front, our Challenger now wears Michelin Pilot SporCPS2 tires, size 26S!30ZR-20 with matching 30S!3SZR-20 PS2s on the rear.

In the case of our Challenger, we're after road racing levels of dry traction under acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as superior traction on wet roads. Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s offer incredible levels of wet and dry traction, good tread life, a surprisingly soft ride and low noise.

These very low aspect ratio, ultra-wide tires have

a sharp edge between the tread and sidewall. It's imperative that the suspension keep the tread flat to the pavern ent for 111 aximum traction. Happily, after extensive track testing, we can report that the Pedders/Bilstein combination does a masterful job. The total system works beauti fu lly to transform both the feel and performance of our Challenger. It's the best aftermarket suspension package we've ever tried.


We fOUHd OUT wheels at Tire Rack. Avarus AV"5 chrome five-spoke wheels, size 20x8.5 on the front and 20xlO on the real', both dress up the car and 1 et the co 1 orfu 1 and impressive suspension and brakes be seen in all their glory.

Wheels are obviously a performance upgrade, but also the si rigle most noticeable cosmetic change you can nuke to any car. We've seen Challengers at the SEMA Show

wi th 22x12 or even 24xl4 wheels, but these extreme wheels require fender flares, foul the suspension arms and actually degrade handli ng and braking.


For high-performance tires, we turned


Actuolly, it's called 0 pulse plug-here's why its technology should be in your engine.

Until now,every gallon 01 gas you boug:ht was ignited by a simple spark plug-an outmoded technology that has barely changed in 1 00 years. :Bu! now you can change to a new aco.friendly pulse plug that uses an advancedlechnology to make every drop of gas burn better and deaner.

This new lec~no'logy-with Its eight patents-is based on plasma research supported by the world famous Sandia Narlona,1 laboratories-and yes, that's deflnlfely rockel selenee,

Su Ino dlfferen<:iI 10 le~hnolo9~' ~ompore IheQrol! 'e,tlon of " typlccl .pork plug ebeve, wlth thol 01 Tn! oew puhe plug below.

Here's how it works: electrical energy from the engine's. power coil Is stored In the pulse plug's bullt-ln wpadlor. At the exact moment needed/that energy is released In anomollngly quick (two nanosecond), powerful, high.energy pulse.

Theresu'lt: ~he Improved combustion efficiency burns fuel sooner and more effectively, whiCh means beller fuel mileage, less C02 based emissions, and better o¥eroll drivability. For example, here is the res1JJtof a recenl, highly. controlled fuel consumpllcnlob lest:

2007 Toyota Prius



Te srra su I Is:

• 4.4 more MPG

• Reduces C02 by a qucrter-tcn ann~aHy

Too good 10 be Irue? Stop wondering and try a set in your engine. With our 10.0% moneybock guarantee,'" you have n01hlng 10 lose:

• Satisfaction In 30. days or your money back

• Pulse plugs last 50.,000 miles and/or 4 yeers

• Will not harm your engine or void 1t5 wo'rranty

Our new Avarus AVS wheels are just the right size and much flashier than the pretty but plain five-spoke alloys that carne on our Challenger. Along with the extremely low-profile Michelin tires and shiny Brembo brakes, we think they "make" the car.


Si~ decades ago, WIX invented the spin-en oil filler, Today, Wix makes high·iech on fillers designed to

fi1 every motor vehicle. The Wi~ secret IS a super· fine filtering medium [hat cleans oil of all contaminant particles larger than 25 microns, plus an unusually high percentage of smaller particles.

For high-performance englnesil'lciudlng 900 hp NASCAR V8s-Wix makes special heavyduly filters with nitrile base gasket, metal end caps and high·strength steel center lube. Wi~ Racing rillers Withstand a burs! pressure of 500 psi and restrict oil now by less than 2 psi at 4 gpm. providing consistent performance under all conditions.



The first thing you'll notice is that we've replaced the hood

and deck lid with lightweight carbonfiber parts from Seibon Carbon, plus redone the Challenger roof in carbon fiber

to match. Seibon. Carbon's parts are beautifully made.

easy to in stall and f t perfectly. Plus, we

th ink carbon fiber gives a futuristic, high-tech look that's very cool.

If you look closely, you may also notice that we've removed the Dodge hood emblem lOU1d the outside rearview mirrors to improve aerodynamics. These are details that will

become important next month, when we get into a more extensive reworking of our Challenger's buffbodywork.


Our hot-rodded Challenger is a blast to drivel It's quick, it's fast, it corners

on rails, the gigantic Brembo brakes will lift YOLI right Oll t of your seat, held only by the seatbelts .. It's smooth and stable even at extreme speeds and feels as safe no matter how crazy you get. It's

a quantum leap better than the stock Challenger with

which we started.

One aspect of performance definitely bears repeating.

Thanks to the cylinder deactivation program, this 4000 pound machine combines 0 to 60 ill less than 4 seconds and the quarter-mile in the 10w-12s with 25 mpg on the highway. lmpressive,

Our Challenger can be tossed around like a lightweight Porsche or Ferrari. But is it an exotic sports car? No.

Special Advertising. Section

0-60 MPH

Stock: 4,95 sec

Modified: 4.50 sec

BRAKING 60-0 MPH Stock: 111 ft

Modffied: 95 ft

ROAD COURSE Stock: 63 sec

Modified: 60 sec

Improvement: AS sec

Improvement: 16 ft

Nitrous Injection: 3.95 sec Improvement: 1.00 sec


Stock: 13,55 sec @ 103.65 mph

Modified: 12.9 sec @

110.50 mph

Improvement: 3 sec

SKID PAD Stock: .83 G

Modified: 1.2 G

Improvement: .65 sec and 6,85 mph

Improvement: .37 G

Nitrous Injection: 12.4 sec @114.0mph

FUEL CONSUMPTION Stock: 9.0 mpg, cijy/25.4 mpg, highway

Modified: 8.8 mpg city/24.6 mpg highway

Dffferen ce: -.2 m pg city / -.8 mpg highway

Improvement: 1.15 sec and 10.35 mph


Stock: 58 mph

Modified: 63 mph Improvement: 5 mph


American Racing Headers Avarus AV5 Wheels Bilstein Ultimate Performance Shocks

Brembo GT Brakes

C&L Air Induction System Corsa Catback Exhaust System Exide Battery

Gumout Regane Fuel System Cleaner

Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5w-20

Pedders Suspension Pulstar Pulse Plugs

Ouaile Limited-Slip Differential Razors Edge Shock Tower Brace Richmond 3.55:1 Differential Seibon Carbon (HoodfTrunk) Wix Filters (Fuel/Oil)

Zex Nitrous System








Mobil 1 E~end6d Performance

is a high-endurance motor oil designed lor longer service intervals. It IS a iully synthellc formulation

that helps extend engine Iile,

reduce 011 breakdown and minimize engine wear - all while helping

to keep your eng jne clean. Its proprietary formulation with 50 percent more SuperSyn helps

keep engines running like new. These improvements can add up to exceptional protection for 15,000 miles. Guaranteed.


It's areally neat American muscle

car, what we all wished our Mustangs and Carnaros and Challengers could have been back in 1970.

On its lowered suspension, with

the fattest tires we could fit under the fenders all d carbon fiber everywhere, this Challenger looks mean and lean, with the brutal stance of

a classic 'l'rans Am racer.

COMING IN JUNE Now that we've successfully completed the

"Muscle" part of this car, we're ready to add the "Eco," In the June issue, we'll make our

classic Challenger body even more aerodynamic, plus add a hybrid electric drive train powered by two dozen Exide batteries. Evolve- It Motors is giving us high-tech advice. Then we'll see if we can't cruise around New York City using no fuel at all.

We'll repaint the body in. a classic Challenger paint scheme using Dupli-Color paints, redo the interior with new COl-beau. bucket seats, Dupli-Color trim and an incredible Kicker Sound System designed specifically for the Challenger with new speakers, twin woofers and auxiliary amplifiers. We'll clean, polish a.nd protect the whole car inside and out using Meguiar's products, and add some more interior features we've sourced at Rockauto.com,


Nobody has ever tried to build a car like this, combining racetrack performance with partial zero emissions. At this poi nt, to be quite honest. we're not sure we can pull it off, either. 'rAre've got the Muscle part down. Now all

we h ave to do is add the Eco part. Check back in the June issue to see if we succeed. A 11 d wish us luck!


_e."-' I~

• Few tools combine brute force and finesse as elegantly as a sledgehammer. Swing it overhead to deliver bombMast d estru ctiveness or to fi re a wood-splitting wedge through a big log. Handle it like a putter to sail/age architectural elements such as a post-and-beam barn frame that needs knocking apart. Most of us are better off with an 8· or to-pound model that we can swing easily, not a

16- to 20-pounder.

tm- Punch

.In theory, you use a center punch to start holes in metal. In practice, it's far more useful than that. You can tighten a loose handle on a knife or shovel by centering the punch on the rlvet and then firmly striking it with a ball-peen hammer, expanding the rivet's head. In a pinch, you can also use a center punch like a

steel pencil to mark a line on wood or metal. Oryou can use it to countersink a large nailhead or drive dawn the stub of a broken nail or staple.

.. e

• The putty knife is more than a single implement. Rather, it's a group of too Is, ranging from knives with flexible, thin blades to heavy-duty models that are ground with a tip like a chisel (which, not surprisingly, are called chisel-edge putty knives). Better tools have a high-carbon steel blade; plastic, disposable ones

are perfect for the no-scuff appllcation of putty on painted surfaces.



5. djusl<\IJJe 1'6: ch • For portability and conveniance, you can't beat the tlrne-honored adjustable wrench, which enables you to tum a wide range of nuts and bolts wIth a single tool. If you're going te ownjust one, make it a 10- or 14·inch model so that it's big enough for residential plumbing fittings .. Pul'l it so the reaction force is applied to the fixed jaw, not the movable one.

the teeth bite forcefully into smooth, round surfaces. While' most pIpe wrenches are cast iron, spring for an aluminum model if you face a long day of plum bing.

• Safety


• DIY projects may come and go, but yo u won't get a second shot at good vision-protecting your eyes should be your first priority. Opt for high-lmpact safety glasses over those rated "basic Impact." For maximum protection, wear high-impact goggles because they cover more of your face and the area around your eyes.

• Reach for a socket wrench when you need to tighten fasteners or loosen frozen ones. The V,-inch drive ls the heavy bitter of the socket wrench kingdom, fol·lowed by a switch hitter, the "/e-inch drive, which is big enough to do light·duty automotive work yet small enough for some appliances. Reserve the 'II.i-inch drive for apptrance and electronics repair.

6. p eb

• A pipe wrench may not be versatile, but when you need to ho.ld a plpe and fittings, nothing else will work. The body is rigid and heavy, and




Will Lee


If the deadly twin-engine Hcin kel 219 had been available in larger numbers, some World War II historians speculate, Germany might have stopped the Royal Air Force bombing that hastened the end of the war. As it was, fewer than 300 of the gun-bristling night fighters were made. Today, one remains, and the Smithsonian National Ai r and Space Museum's Will Lee is slowly pied ng it back together. Along with a rawhide mallet for ham mering aluminum, tile' aircraft restorer's go-to tool is a me tal file. He relies. 0 n four dozen files to fi nesse excess metal-both. single" and double-cut, triangular and those he's cut down to shave rivets. "With a file, 1 can get right down to the Ii nes I've scribed," says Lee, who did electrica I work and bu il t prosth et ic limbs before j oi ni Ilg the Smithsonian in 1990. HI" prefers hand tools for the most preci se fits. "1 seem to have more control doing it the way I've been doIng it for years," he says.

sru t UFE.5 8Y CHA D H IJ NT





9. Combination Square

Used for marking out, measuring and testing the squareness of corners, the combination square is versatile and accurate. For maximum precision, first position your pencil (or the scratch awl stored in the head), then gently slide the square to the pencil (or awl) and strike your line. Che.ck the tool's accuracy

by marking a line

90 degrees to a straightedge. Flip the square and make another mar.k next to the first. If the two lines are parallel, the square is, well, square.


You r wi ie hils tile fa rn i Iy silver tucked awny i 0 a felt-Hued box, and you've goe your set of combination wrenches. The tool's design is prototypically stmple+box-enel 0.11 nne side, open on the other, It has no moving parts and is covered in sh inychrome, If you're lucky enough to have inherited the set fHI rn yuu r dad, that makes it as precious as the silver, while cheaper to i nsure, No one knows who invented the combination wrench or when" but it was popularized in the U.S. by Plotnb.Tnols in I he 193[)s, a period of social and technclogien I ferment. As a urornobl les Ileus me more numerous and soph lsr lea led, SO did the tools to work on them. New steel alloys and forging

methods have ()11 [y;m proved the wrenuh witl1 [he passage of time. Today's wrench Is thi un er; sleeker and st ronger than the bulky ones it replacec1jit weighs halfwhat it did in the ''lOs. While it IS hard to improve on perfectiou, ill 2Q06 Craftsrna n introduced a new twise--: literally-i n its cross-scree Cumbi na tion Wrellthes, turn i ng the handle so your palm presses on the IOO!'S broad face, not [he narrow edge. Back w-hen blaoksmiths r()rged llmls, theywould inscribe tile year ODlO the head as if to announce that it would last decades, maybe centu ries, into all u neerta i 11 fut ure.

A fine set of'wreuehes, bearing dares or nut, exudes the same sense of permanence.

11. • The bow saw isa simple recipe for wood-cutting success: a rlbben-thln steel blade with sturdy teeth tensioned in a steel frame. And it's safer than a chain saw for removing tree limbs while st-anding on a ladder.


• Because ajigsaw cuts with an up-and-down motion and its blade is comparatively narrow, ft excels at cutting curves in wood, metal and plastic. Advanced models have an orbital setting that also moves the blade in a swinging motion for aggressive woodcutting.

13." w

• A hand tool with a thin blade stretched in a C-shaped frame, the coping saw is also adept at intricate cuts: It is named forthe technique of coping, or cutting, joints where two pieces of molding meet. As wrth any saw, choose a blade with more teeth for a liner cut, and one with fewer teeth for faster, somewhat rougher cutti ng. A blade with 15 teeth per inch, or tpl, should do the trick for general use.

II SideCutting Pliers

• Call them side cutters, linesman pliers or electrician's pliers . .By any name, the heavy jaws and shears make them indispensable for cutting electrical, cable and for pulling the steel tape used to fish wires through wall and celllng cavities. Models rated as "high leverage." can cut nails and bolts, while those equipped with a die near the jaws

can press together the crimp connectors used on grounding wires.

15. • The fine-tooth btad e of a hacksaw can cut through lron and steel, as well as through tough materials like hard plastics and cable. With a blade known as a carbide-grit rod saw, it can even sHce ceramic tile. For metal, use a cerbon- steel blade with 14,18,24 or

32 tpl, Opt for a bimetal blade for hlgh-tenstcn pro models, whicn exert tremendous tensile force in order to hold the blade arrow straight in t.ough cuts. The bimetal blade's carbon-steel back, bonded to 11 high-sReed·steel front, can take the tension.

16, ['r cut

• Even if you own an arsenal of power saws,

an eight-poirrt crosscut saw should be somewhere in YOUT shop. It may not

make the finest cut, but rt's the perfectjack-of-alltrades saw forsmalljobs, like the eccastonatz x 4. Hold the saw so that its toothed edge is 45 degrees to the work surface, and start the cut by drawing the saw back very lightly. Use fu II strokes, engaging as much of the toothed surface as possible.


'. You don't have 'fo" be a metalworker to appre ciate snips. This tool cuts sheet steel, copper and aluminum, but also rubber, heavy cardboard and plastic. Pro models have color-coded handles to indicate whether they are designed for left curves, right curves or straight cuts (red, green and yellOW, respectively). Homeowners can get by with a singte, all-pu rpose utility snip.


rnFvr ,In",,'/ J (, .... ,( \ ; I ~, MAY 2009




lilrE mflJfI/lfUCi 6155

Fin.ish1 st™automotive abrasives offe ra comprehensive line of products specially designed for the pro and do-it-yourselfer; With a wide selection. there is no challenge too great for Finish 1stf,". For instance, the AutoZiip"" is one of the most comfortable hand sanding tools on the market today. It is designed to take on those big problem areas that are hard to sand like a door jamb or a body seam. Any award-winning car enthusiast knows that it is areas like these that can make a judge change their mind. Put a Au.toZip"' in your hand on your next restore. Available at your local auto retailer.

One ToughSandp.aper.. One Smooth Finish. «I

ALI INDUSTRIES, INC. • 747 East XeniaDrlve. Fairborn, Ohio 45324 (800) 255~748. www .. goflnishfirst.com

19.. eedJ~ 0


• When you need to fish a dropped screw out of a tight space, when working on electronics for example, there's nothing handier than a pair of needle-nose pliers. Their elegant shape is also perfect for fastenlng a

wire to a switch or outlet receptacle; Grip the wire at the tip of the jaws and roll the pliers to produce a neat hook, then fasten the hook under the terminal' screw.

Drill Bits

• For almost. all general hole dri·.lling, most of us can

• get by with a set of 15 or 18

. . high-speed-steel twist drill

bits. You don't need to upgrad'e to a fu.ll set to deal with special crrcurnstances, such as knocking. a hole through a brick wall 0 r bering through nail-infested lumber. Buy these expensive, single-purpose bits one at a time. As the years pass, the specialty bits add up, allowing you to tackle any job that comes along without a trip to the hardware store.


22. t"ldng'PUers

• An early multitool, locking pliers-patented in 1924-are sometimes known by the brand name Vise·Grip. Th.ey function like ordinary pi i ers but also as a wrench or welding clamp. Their p owerfu I grip works well to remove stubborn nails or fence staples.

app.liances and bookshelves or plumbing posts to support a fence or mailbox . Another bonu s: Long levels make a nice straightedge.

20. rW

• Cordless drills readily combine speed, powe rand portability-so for most of us, they've already replaced the cords d vari ety. They also come with a clutch that disconnects the drive mechanism when it reaches a dialed-in force setting, preventing the user from stripping the screw .. While 14- to l8-volt models can handle mostj obs, some drills have voltages in th e mid-20s or even 305 for power that riva Is that of the corded product.

24. elr ~ull'lJ' Sa '

• Nothing beats a

circular saw fo r speed and convenience when it comes to making straight cuts on a variety of materials. It can crosscut lumber or rip 'plywood, of course. But with a neil-curting blade, a circular saw can also do demolition work; with an abrasive blade, it can saw through masonry and metal.

2.3. Level

• A 9·inch torpedo level IS perfect. for small jobs like hanging pictures, but you need a 2·foot or longer carpenter's model for bigger projects, such as leveling

18. Roundnose Shovel

The roundnose shovel digs, cuts and pries, but, like any too.l, i!seffle ieney depends on you. Start with the shovel perpendicular to the soil, and use your weight and leg muscles, not your arms, to drive it down.

To toss dirt, hold the shovel close and keep your forw!3rd hand on the blade socket. Bend both knees. If you're right·handed, point your left foot in the direction of the toss.


P01'ur,I!'I.II~'1 HANll I.(·(},\' MAY 2009

Don't turn a trip into a trek.

The unique two-handle bag for water conditioning from Diamond Crystalll Pellets. An easy-to-carry innovation that's good for your family and easier on your back. Learn more about how Diamond Crystal makes it easy to give your family clean, soft water by visiting us at www.diamondcrystalsalt.com.

c* _ilam~1 VCI-,"'--




25. . r y 1.

• There are a tot of good spray lubricants, such as Liquid Wrench and Jig·A-Loo, but the most iconic is WD-40_ The name stands for Water Displacement 40th attempt, since it took inventor Norm larsen, founder of the Rocket Chernicel Company in San Diego, 40 tries to find a formule to stop metal corrosion by displacing the water that causes it. WO-40 removes adhesive, cleans bike parts, stops squeaks and loosens ru sted bolts. And it has a few more unusual applications: Police once 'used it to remove a naked burglar stuck in an alc vent.


Eddie Hibbert

MTJST-HAVE rOOL: dll,.-r milS" (28) ~

'For the past quarter-century, Bddie Hibbert has patiently

restored old mantels, doors and.other brownstone artifacts,

becoming a living legend in the New York City salvage

community, Despite the friendly, informal at rnosphere around

h is Brooklyn shop, the work is made hazardous by wood chips,

tlying debri s and lung-choking dust-some of which ema nates

from pieces that predate the 1978 U.S. ban a n lead-based

paint. "That stuff will kill you," Hibbert says. That's why his

crucial tool isn't a seraper or a sander-it's a respirator. The

Natioual Jnstltute lor occupational Safety and Health

recommends a disposable or cartridge-type half mask (no!

picru red] with 11 PlOD rati ng to remove lead dU.SL For Hi bbert,

buying the best respirator he can find is money well-spen t.

Breath ing new life into old architectural pieces is Hibbe rt's

jab-but, he says, protecting his III ugs is mo re i mportam.

Tape Rule

• A measuring tape is a spring-loaded marvel, combining compactness and speed. Poke its tip down to the intersection of floor and wall, then bend it up the wall to measure ceiling height. Extend it horizontally and it's stiff enough to bridge several feet of open air, A 25·foot model is sufficiently long to handle most ho me construction jobs, yet small and .Iight enough to stash in a. nail pouch or clip to your blue jeans.

29.. iISet

• A nall set allows you to countersink nailheads without damaging the surrounding surface, then conceal the holes with wood filler. While you ca n use a set that's one size larger than you need, don't try to use <In undersize one-this can damage the tool's cup-shaped tip. To ens lire you've got the right size, get. <I set of four: ~-, V,6-, 3h.- and 1h.-inch.

30 .

• Whether stationary or swiveling, a vise is like an extra s et of (rea \!y stro n g) hands for securing your work. Cast-iron models function well. for most appllcattons. but buy a forged-steel vise for anything heavy~duty. If you cut a lot of pipe, choose a vise with V-shaped jaws to grip rou rrd material. For mod erate metal pounding, choose one with an anvil behind the jaws. While it's no substitute For a blacksmith anvil, it is handy for small projects.

10 30,000 B.C., someone altered the destin)' of the human rate by lashing a Stick to a rock, a retinernent that iuereased (he user's strike speed and accuracy, The hammer was boru, Later, stone begat bronze, begat iron, begat steel-a material that could be forged into a ruthlessly efficient shape. Yet, after all these millen nia, tbe wond handle remains, preferred by craftsmen Inr its light weight, shock absorbency and balance.It was the post-World War II housing boom

that fi nally transformed the profile of the modern ham mer, Can't-frame-tern-fastenough carpenters 0[1 tile West GmlS[ needed stil I more speed, so they grafted elements cf heavy-rigging hatchets onto claw hammers. The result is the beefy,

al l-business, Califoruia-style framer, a .swift, long-handled striki og tool with a vicious claw. A nail gun might befasr, but uoth ing beats the feeling of sinking a nail in two or th ree clean hits,

32. • As technology goes, the chalk line is incredibly simple-a cranked spool of string that runs through a reservoir of powdered chalk. But for marking a straight line when ripping long boards, or for laying out wall plates. while house framing, nothing fancy works better.

33 . ..;dlen 'Wrehcb

.• Also known as hex keys, Allen wrenches are not wrenches in the conven· tiona: sense but are more like screwdrivers, as they fit inside the fastener head rather than su rround ing it. They're handy for knockdown furniture and setscrews on faucet bodies.


• Hearing damageis permanent, but it's also preventable. E.armuffs, as opposed to earplugs or headphones, provide maximum protection. Really loud shop tools, such as chain saws and circular saws, may operate above


f'nf'ULARMFCHANJr:,~. COM MAY 2009


Keith Fritz

MUST-HAVE TOOL: wood chisel (3JJ

"My favorite tool is a big, Hat 1 O-i nch en isel with a boxwood handle," woodworker Keith Fritz orjasper, Ind., says .. "It's Engli.> h, made in the 19th century and has a good weight to it. That's the tool in my hand the most." Fritz grew up in the no-stopl ight com III unity of Siberia, Irid., when' both his father and grandfather fanned land and worked wood. Asa high school student, he won back-to-back annual statewide competitions, one of them for an intricate Ch ippendale-styte secretary wi th slots, drawers and secret compartments. Planning to study theology, he moved to Wash ingtou, D.C., and attended Catholic Un iversity but heard the call of furniture-making instead. Bill and. Hillary Clinton own one of his dining tables, wh ich set I for up to $30,000. A few years ago, Fritz moved his shop from the seminary'S basement to Jasper. There, he builds furnitu re ins pi red by old designs using mostly hand tools-and never a scrap of sandpaper. "You can tell au antique is real by looking at the tool marks," he says. "Pre-ISSO, there was 110 sanding involved. [ can g'et the same effect with a really sharp chisel."

100 decibels-and noise higher than 85 decibels

begi ns to cause damage. Cboo se a product that has a high noise-reduction rating (NRR)-preferab!y in the range of 23 to 33.

repairing. For truty rugged use, opt for an LED Iight with as higha drcp-test rating as possible: Some industrial-quality flashlights are rated for [alls as high as 25 feet.

35. FI hbght

• A flashlight is useful for more than emergency powe r outages. Select a freestanding swivel-head mode! for brighteni ng dark work areas. Choose one with a built-in magnet to ad here to pip es, steel' beams or the inside of an app liance that you are

36. a i:.ke

• Rugged and simple, the bow rake remains the best device for raking heavy material, such as gravel or tangled sticks. The bow acts as a shock absorber, protecting your arms while you work. If you turn it over, the straight back can also be used to level soil.


• This to o! IS far more versatile than its two-part name suggests. Aside from measuring voltage and resistance (ohms), it also measurescurrent floW (amperage), and most modern versions emit a tone to signa! a co mp!ete circuit (continuity).

One Engine. 13 Attachments. Endless Possibilities.

Need multiple tools for multiple taskslThe STIHL KombiSystem meets your

needs and can save you storage space and equipment costs. Featuring a split-shaft design, the KombiSystem allows you to qulcklv and easily switch between attachments. N ow you can Iri rn, edge, blow, cut, and more - all with

one tool, Get more don e - 9xpa('1d your eptions with the STI H L KombiSystem.

STIHl products are sold only at servicing STIHl Dealers. For detailed KombiSystem information and VOUf nearest Dealer, visit stlhlusa.com/kombi.

KM 56 RC.E KomblMotor

It's Time to Expand Your Options




38. Cold Chisel

Use a cold chisel to chop through bolts, rivets and pins and to cut cold (as opposed to torch- or forge-heated) metal.

Strike it with a ban-peen hammer, preferably one with a head Va inch larger

than the end of the chisel. You can get a better vi ew of t!h e tip by gripping the body

with tongue-andgroove pliers. Always wear safety glasses when striking a cold chisel, and never use it on stone or concrete.

Ball-Peen Hammer

• The face of a ba"'-peen hammer strikes cold chisels and punches, while the dome-shaped end rolls over the edges of rivets (peening) orworks curved sheet metal. The hammer ranges in site from 4 to 50 ounces (With large models serving as blacksmiths' hammers), but the 16-ounce size works well and fits in crowded toolboxes.


I'{WUI,I!'I,\I~'I /lANll 1,1'1),11 MAY 2009

• Because your screwdriver tip should match the head of whatever screw you're turning, a screw' driver with interchangeable tips is a compact, convenient alternative to a drawer full of tools. Plus, a handheld screwdriver often gets smalljobs done faster than a cordless one.

41. OSl!ftell:k D

• This is also called a wrecking bar-for good reason. A curved neck gives the steel tool incredible prying power, perfect for separating two pieces of lumber that are nailed together. Rely on small models up to 18 inches long for light-duty dem.olition, but graduate to a 36~inch bar for the big stuff.

42. U W 'n Ie

• A utilrty knife cuts drywall, slices string and duct tape and .sharpens carpenter's pencils. What more utility could you want? Okay, better blade storage. But advanced designs have swing-cot blade load ing, as opposed to a cranky, hollow, two-piece body.

43. }

• Shorter and flatter than a gooseneck bar, a pry bar Is most useful for removing trim and paneling. Many variations exist, but the' most versatile types have at least one nail-pulling slot (two is better).


• The square-head design makes thIs shovel ideal for scooping debris and measuring material. When using it to place concrete, work the back of the blade against the inside surface of a slab form to consohdate concrete there. The long, flat blad e is also handy for popping drywall off walls during demolition.


45. b1euodon • Ranging in length from 16 to 40 feet, extension ladders put most projects safely within reach. To ensure you don't buy a ladder that comes up short, buy one at least 7 feet longer than the height of the object you need to reach. When in doubt/check the manufacturer's label to compare the ladder's length to its actual reach.

Howard Manning, chief engiueerfor the Champion DeArmenl' Tool Company, invented tongue-and-groove pliers in 1933, improving on standard designs byadding length and leverage and illcreasingjaw wid til. TIle new tool eaught 011 among car mechanics, who used it to ',):epair water pumps. In 1953, the company's engineers redesigned t~le tong.ne a nd grrwvtlj II ndercutri ':g the to,,!gu~ to give the ~ool u rumer oj te-e-a tweak that prevents It from slipping and busting your knuckles, They've made other improvements over the years; but the instantly recognlsa ble grip colcr+proba bly the on Iy hand-tool colo.

ever trademarked=-has remained the same. "Hack in the early 195U5, all the plier manufacturers started putting colored PVC OIl their grips;' says Bill DeAl'ment, great-grandson ufthe company's fOUl1de!', Crescem chase red; Stanley Tools, yellow. DeA rment 's father and uncle picked II beautiful sky blue that no oneelse had-and the company has used thai color since 1956, Tn 1962., Champion changed fts ua me [0 Chaunelloclq DeAnllenc is the preside 0 t and CEO. And today, tongue-and-groove pliers are an essential fur mechanics, farmers, plumbers and averagejoes everywhere,


[ WE CAN'T 1
WITlll1fJT 47, clI

• A pick is. like a pipe wrench-not very versatile, but when you need it, nothing else works nearly as well. If you spend most of your time breaking up hard, rocky soil, get a railroad pick-the type with two pointed end s, or a narrow chisel tlp on one side and a pick on the other. Although using a railroad pick to break soft and mediumhard rock has become a dying art, it can be done when the rock already has a crack into which you can drive the tip of the pi ck.The tool can also be used for chopping through asphal~, and it's effective at severing


roots When equipped with a plckblede on one end and a mattock an the ather.

48. 1:.1.1

The safest V/ay to reach things inside the house is with a properly sized step ladder. Although they range in height from 3 to 20 feet, the most useful ladders are those in the '6- to 10-foot rangetal!1 enough for you to change light bulbs but not so large as to be unwieldy. If you need to gain height in an awkward location, such as on the stairs, a multlposltlon ladder solves the problem with hinged and telescupingiegs that ada pt to uneven footing,

Mark Roeber MUST-HAVE TOOL.: n"jl~ (49) "Everything we do involves some type of tool," says Mark Rcebe r, a fiftb-gelleration cattle-

man who runs a cow-calf operat ion In Paonia, Colo. "U's the lifeblood of how we get things

done." Roeber reproduces and raises cattle 011 a ranch that has been in his family since l8B9.

But for six TIl onths of the year, his 400-odd head graze on 90,000 acres of federal land, 60

percent of'which is roadless wilderness. So Roeber and his partners work on horseback,

relyi rig 011 one of the oldest and most versatile tools known to m an; rope. U~ ing both nylon

a nd colton ropes, Roe ber lashes down packs, leads his horse and, when he's breaking ina

new animal, rigs up a hitless bridle known as a basal hackarnore. He rides with a 35-fu()t

lariat tied to the fork of his saddle. "Out on the range, that's howyou catch livestock for

doc taring or pull them out of bog'S," Roeber says. When he rides off to repair fences, he loads a packhorse with a roll of wire fence, fence-mending tools and afolding pruni ng saw for cleari ng brus h along th e way. A nd be never part~ with h is fold i ng len i fe, "1 use it tu get (Jut of a wreck with a horse jfI gEt caught up in the lead rope, for digging splinters out, sharpeni ng a pencil, even writing on a tree to leave somebody a note."

Extension Cord

• Largejobs require corded tools-s-and an extenslen cord to match. The minimum spec for most D1Yers should be a 1..4-gauge cord rated fa r

15 amps. But a 12·gauge cord is better; and a la-gauge co ntractor-q u a Itty cord better still, because it 'ensures minimum Voltage drop along its length.


MA I' 21J(}9 PlII' ('{ ~ ut« ran I ~'l< \ ( 11 V




TElE INTEGRA'fED llliSEARCH "FACnfT'Y at Fart Detrick, Md., doesn 'f look menacing. The-three-stery glass-mad-b rick.structure, whic11 could fit searnlessly into any suburban office park, Is typical of buildings designed by architects who read studies linking sunlight with worker productivity. The leather chairs in the atrium seem to encourage lounging. T11 e National tnstitute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which operates the rRF, plans to' install a coffee bar in.the atrium,

BtJteocooned witbin the nearly completed $105· million facility is a laboratory built Iike a su.bmar:iI1!;.~11,125 sq uare feet of airtight, carefully pressurized space. As soon as next spring, 30 doctoratelevel scientists wearing protective suits and hoods will conduct gmundbreaking researchin these rooms, trying to determine how lethal infectious diseases km their hosts.

Hemorrhagic fevers.like Ma.rbutg and Ebo}a, which are caused by viruses, are among the world's most horrific afflictions, For about Seven days after infection) patients suffer from Bnlilee symptoms, but as the virus multiplies, blood starts to seep from the skin,

by Joe Pappalardo photographs by Noah Sheldon

A biohnzard snit protects Peter Jahriing, cbiefviros hunter at'fhe mtegratedResearclt Facility ill (lort Detrick, Md.

OPPOl>ite, The ai .... lock entrance t<;> the 13(;'~ hot zone,

rnou th, eyes and ears. internal organs hemorrhage into bloody, shapeless masses. Some of these fevers kill up to 90 pe rcent of those who contract them, and they can he passed along by close contact with bodily fluids, maybe even by a sneeze.

Scientists still don't know much about how these rare but deadly diseases operate. Tfthey take root in America-carried by unsuspecting travelers or by terrorists-the medical community would have no vacci nes to halt their spread. And there are only a handful of laboratories in the world equipped to experi ment with th est' b ighly commu ni cable pathogens: none has the sophisticated di agnostic gear that is being install ed at the IRl<. Lessons learned here could aile day mean the difference between an 0 urb teak and an ep idemic,

The best tim e for an outsider to visit the JRF is before it goes bot-that is, 110W, before the deadly bugs are brought to the site. "It's the only ti me," says Jason Pa ragas, the facflity's associate director for science. Paragas is one of the 30 staffers who will work ill the highly restricted lab .. Quietly friendly, with a stout frame and easy disposition, he talks and moves with deliberation and does not seem to have an impuls ive bone in his body. His dress is tidy and Maryland casualloose burton-down shirts, but never a tie. The 37-year-old researcher has spent nearly three years working on the new facility, so he makes a highly informed tour guide.

Paragas is standing in what will be the dividing line between two labs-an outer lab rated to handle dangerous infectious diseases and an inner lab designed for the WOf6t pathogens in the worl d. The outer area is the medical research equivalent of a maximum-security prisen+Biesafety Level J. The inner sanctum is supermax, or BSL-4. Researchers can study bubonic plague at level 3; Ebola and other killers [bat are transmissible and currently incurable must be quaranti ned at level 4. The institute is so security-eon scions that it as ked POPULAR MECHANICS not to ide ntify the floor 01.1 Which the BSL- 3 and BSL-41abs are located.

To en ter the restri cted BSL-4 la b, Paragas first has to pass through two stainless-steel doors set up as an air lock. He punches in a code that deactivates the magnetic lock on the first door. The keypad also alerts the bu ildi Ilg- automation system [BAS) that the air pressure is about to change. The BAS adjusts the airflow, increasing the pressure in the BSL-3 area and decreasingit in the-air Iock, Once Paragas is ready to enter BSL-4, the BAS will ensure that high-pressure air in th e air lock flows into 'tile low-pressure, high-security lab, trapping airborne pathogens. The deeper the level of contairunent, the lower the pressure. "Biocontainruent sucks,"Paragas says .. "Any breach is sucked in by the negativity. ,.

The air-lock door closes with the sound of an overworked drill, which is caused by the rapid inflation of a rubber bladder that seals the smooth edges of the door. Once the facility is operational, the air lock wi11 also serve as a decontamination shower. For 7 minutes, vertical banks of nozzles will spray water and virus-killi ng chemicals over exiti ng sri enrists' hoods


and suits before the door to BS L-3 will open.

Paragas sees the glow of a greenIlghn The BAS is allowing him to push open the second door and enter BS.lr-4. Fluorescenr 1 ights, h angi ng in ai rtiglu boxes to preven t m icroorganism s from collecting on edges, reflect off easy-to-decouta Tll inate stainless stee i. Til e walls have a gl isten i ng sheen from the l::lyers of epoxy potting' compound th at form a continuous seal across every surface. Light.fixtures and electrical outlets that penetrate the seal are housed in airtight boxes and lathered in epoxy, Construction workers went so far as to strip insulation from the en ds of wires that e me rge fro m the wall s and seal the tips with the compound.

The lRF'sarcb.itects designed everything inside BSL-4 to this level of security. Even fire-spri Ilk! er heads are fitted with va lves to prevent viruses from making an lin likely swim up the pipes. At the conclusion of experiments, lab technicians will ri nse metal eq uipment wi th che In icals and then Furth er pu ri IY the gear witb an autoclave bake. "We are in control of our agents at all time'S," Paragas says,

fresh afr: A labyrinth of duets guides air in the lab througb banks of powerful fillers, each of which removes more t63.O 99 percent of parti c les In rge r than 0.000:1 III rn. St~ff S'ny air' leaves tbe buildi ng cleaner LImo it arrives.

Cle'all wat'er: Water and decontumlnarion chemicals from sinks and ~howe_~. collect in three lSOIl'gallon tanks in the facility, These 'tanks heat waste fluids to 250 F, killing anything that survives the disinfectant (in.se.

Good Views: Staffwill slide infected monkeys into tile tube of this X-roy machine, the' first

10 be-adapted for use in high bieeontainrnent, Scanners Ill0VC around the tube for :l60-deg-ree vi e ws of the pf(igress of a disease,

---------- '. '.

I •• '.

Once the BSL-4Iab goes hot.theanl-

mal testing will begin. Since primates react to diseases In ways similar to humans, they are the subjects for many level-s experiments. The lRF staff is acutely aware of the sen si tivity of using monkeys in medical research, but note that the threat posed by potential plagues demands real-world study, IRF staff say they handl ethe animals with the care they wonl d provide human panents, "We liken this to a rnuukey intensivecare unit," says Peter JaJu:1 ing, the IRP's director,

jahrling has spent more than three decades studying infeetIOLlS- diseases, yet he admits that tile way they work remains a mystery. "The animals die of multlsystem failure," jalarllng says, "hut what initiates the terminal events?' To answer that question, researchers here will rely on medical scanners housed in four adjacent rooms in the BSL·4 bubble. No other bioconta inm ent facility ernp loys til is type of equ i prnent,

Each machin e generates different i nforruadou-va positron emission tomography (PET) scanner measures tissue and

organ damage, while a magnetic resonance (MR) instrument is used to discern details about the vascular system. The X-ray machine will identify abnormal ities in the chest and lu 11gS; CT scans will show whether there is swelling ill the brain, Snapshot by snapshot, the combination can reveal bow hemorr"h.agie fevers "like Ebol a dismantle a heal thy body.

Erlgineers at Philips Medical Systems modified the four scanners for use in th is BS L-4 facil ity by movi ng the bulk of the hard-to-seal electronics outside the hot sections of the lab for maintenance. They also installed I aser and in frared tripwi res that will automatically bait moving parts 011 the scanners before they make contact with barriers between the level e hor woe and the outsi:de world. Architects designed rhe rooms around the scanners; Copper sheets in the floor of the MR room, fOJ example, shield the machine [rom radio-frequency interference. These powerful rnedfcal devices present their own dangers, such as the radioactive materials used in the PET scan n er a nd MR magnets strong en ough to pu Il rings off fingers or metallic replacement h ips out 0 f j ol nts, "In here, ~ Paragas says, "there are hazards ilea ped un hazards,"

Tu gather data on the stages of an infectious disease, scientists in other labs typically expose a n umber of animals to the same pathogen and the n kill the subjec ts at intervals, exnmining the corpses co chart the disease's progress. But thanks to the scanners, lRF staff will follow the course of a disease in a single animal, requiring fewer to be sacrificed, Data from an individual 'primate patient is also more consistent.

The TRF's i-nitial tests will allow diseases to rage unchecked through their animal hoSIS, Researchers will wheel caged monkeys from holding areas into the hot sections of the lab where they will inject them with highly concentrated viral doses, After allowingabout a week for th e vi ruses to take hold, han dlers will sedate The rnon keys and place tbem in the to bes of the imagers. Technicians outside the BSL-4 area will operate the scanners remotely, rotating them around a tube to peer through skin and bone to measure where oxygen and blood [lows 3 re failing, which will indicate what organs the viruses are attacking-and in what order. "Now we are shining a flashlight on the subjects to rind the viruses, " Paragas says. "By using these scanners, we'Il be able to illuminate the whole body, There will be nowhere for the viruses to bide."

Ollce base-line knowledge of a disease's prog;ress has been established, scientists wiU test the ani rnals' reaction to drugs, vaccines and therapies. Researchers want to Identify uifectious diseases that run a similar course, so that (he same vaecines and treatments can be applied to numerous outbreaks. "We can't. afford to make a vaccine for every emerging disease,.",]ahrling says.

Phe first rule in any fight is to [mow the enemy-and that places this outwardly normal office building on the front line of a war against invisible foes that can mutate into more powerful strains.Iahrling, oneof'the nation's most seasoned virus hunters, has no illusions l1-S tu which urg_anisms have the upper band: "l'lle bugs are always one step ahead." PM


Character Concept by Mad Toy Desjgn

Undersea Welder Arc welding underwater with electrodes carrying 185 amps might seem unwise, but deep-diving wet welders do it every day. They build and repair pipelines and cllplatforrns=in .January 2009 there were 313 new bids worth $"484 million

in the western Gulf- of Mexico alone. Dusty Hanison, placement directorfora Florida school called the Commercial

Some houses now being built make as much energy as they consume. They

rely on equipment such

as solar cells to generate power, while using effieient design to keep consumption down. Michelle Kaufmann, an architect in Oakland, Calif., is bringing the zero-en ergy idea and other forms ofsustainable design to prefab houses such as her rukl.otus, a small, one-bedroom horne, (Kaufmann worked for architecture legend Frank Gehry before founding her own fum in 2002.) Kermit Baker, an economist for the American Institu te of Architects (AlA), says, "Sustai n abil ity and architecture are now j ntertwi n ed." In a recen tAlA survey, architects reported that 4 7 percent of their clients in 200B used green building elements. Despite th e housing sl ump, Kau fmann says her 15"perso.n staff is swam ped:

By Claire Martin

Wanta job? . Investment banks aren't hiring right now, hut if you're interested in the new wave of energy exploration (underwater or on wind·swept ridges), in digital tech (like game deSign and 3D sportscasts) or

even in building spaceships, we have some Jeads for you. Welcome to the PM job fair.

Zero-Energy. Home ArchJtect

"We have more projects than ever before."

How to Do It: Earn a master's from one of the 61 U.S. architecture programs that offer classes with a green bent. (Yale bas ajoint degree in architecture and environmental management. ) EantiJ1.g" Potential: Nationally, staff architects earn about $45,000 to $100,000. A rchiteots who


Diving Academy, says, "There's own their .firms can rna ke muck more.

no telling how much work there is," thanks to a decade of hurricanes and a boom in oil exploration. During the Gulf's hurricane season, some welders. work in West Africa and Asia.

How to Do It: Oil companies hire dive outfits with welders certified by the Association of Commercial Diving Educators. Schools such as the Commercial Diving Academy and New Jersey's Divers Academy Intemational have four- to five-month certification courses. SWimming ability and a high school diploma are prerequisites; scuba diving Isn't. Earning Po ten tialt Righ~ aut of school, you'll pull in $17 to $20 an hour.uAfter two and a half or three Years, that typically dOUbles, U Harrison says.





Combined Heat and Power Mechanic

Jim Bondi is an old-school electrician who embraces newschool energy production. After eight years working on projects that included solar Installations, hejoined Pennsylvaniabased E-Finity, designing combined heat and power (CHP) plants. A CHP unit saves energy by burning fuel to: produce electricity and using the excess heat for climate control and producing hot water. "With the nation's rising energy demand and the increase in envrronmental stewardship, CHP Isan economic and erwironmerrtel no-brainer," Bondi says. The Department of Energy hopes the industry will grow enough to add a million workers by 2030. How ,to 00 It: CMP suppliers provide training. Electricians and mechanics With experience on Jet and helicopter engines, which are similar to CHP turbines, find their skills are a natural fit., Earning Potential: Sa/aries are $30,000 out of the gatej they 'top out at $7~,OQO.

Ene{gy EngIneer

When the Coronado naval base in San Diego wanted to shrink its energy consumption, it turned to the consulting firm Tetra Tech, Whose energy-efficiency staff has grown sixtyfold in the past decade. "The naval base is like a small city, with office buildings, a supermarket, bowling alleys," s-ays Unda Hunter, a Tetra Tech energy engineer Who was brought in to, boost efficiency on

the base and its two aircraft carriers. Energy engineers may recommend I:'I€W air-conditloningequipmentor solar-powered streetlights, or they' may design entire renewable-energy systems, such as harnessing methane from a landfill to generate electricity.

Bow to Do It: Earn a degree in cnemi'cal, mechanical, electrical or civil engineering-or a newer specialty called energy resources englneering. A Certhied Energy Manager (CEM) certificat.ion is useFul~ it demands expertise

in subjects liI<e indoor air quality codes and standards, thermal energy storage systems and energy economics. Earnihg POte.btiah Salaries start In the $50,000 range; with a moster's, YOU'll get bumped up to around $70,000. Managers can pull in more than $1:0.0., 000.

3D S-RortS Tee:

Many fans already say they get a better view of sports events watching'TVthan sitting near the action, but 3D cements the argument. At least, that's the view of Steve SchkJair, CEQ of Burbankbased 3ality Digital Systems,a company specializing in 3D teenn.ology and production. "If you've got a camera down low next to the green and the golfer is putting uphill, you can actually see the roll etthe green while he's putting," he says . .Ray Hsnnisian, the company's lead stereographer; uses software running complex sets of algorithms to fine~tune and synchronIze the depth readings otes many as 10 cameras during events. The technology raised its profile during this year's national college football championships, which 3ality shot and broadcast Iwe to 63 movie theaters: ill January. Such broadcasts will soon be coming to a living room near you: American consumers have already bought 1.4 million 3'D-compat1ble televislons,

and every majoreiectronics manufacturer is now preduciog such sets. Of course, the best-known 3D arena remains moviemaking. More mall a. dozen 3D movies are scheduled for release in 2009_ HowtoD"Ir: You can master 3D still phetographycn your own using a program :Iike HumanEyes Capture 3D Soft~ Ware. Also, take classes in digital vjdeography (art schools and university film programs offer them), then look for ajob as a 20 cameraman. "With digital technology, you can learn a lot about 3D while you're actually shooting," Hannisian says. £amlng" Paten fial:

Salaries start at $50,000 andean go as high as $150,000 for television work. For the el/teeamers in 3D

Digital Detective

Red reamers focused on

digital security are hired to hack into computer systems to uncovervulnerabilities. The Department of Homeland Security plans to quadruple

its cyber-security staff this year .. Mark Mateski, a red teamer and the managing editor 0 fRed Team

journal, says, "You'll find a lot of red tearners

workingin war-gaming and cyber security in the

govern men t-contracti ng world." Even bigger growth may be corni n gin the private sector: "If your business's survival depends on eyber security, you're going to start looking for unconventional answers," he says.

How to Do It: Programming skills are a must; a degree in computer science is helpful in Ianding a job. The Center for CyberDefenders Program at New Mexico's Sandia National Laboratories offers specific red-team training. EarnIng Poten rial: $60,000 to start on .the government and go vemmentcontract side; six-figure salaries are common in tile prisate sector.