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The brand Q-Mobile in Pakistan is conveyed to you by Digicom, another contestant in the
business and one with a long and fruitful history of bringing and offering inventive high cell
innovation to Pakistan. The Q-Mobile stands for Quality Mobile and launched in 2009. QMobiles are prevalently known from their mid-ranging cell phones. Q-Mobile scope of gadgets a
few tablets and many phones including touchscreen, QWERTY, Wi-Fi all running with Android
OS and Symbian. A windows phone W1 also launched in this year. Q-Mobile has successfully
earned modern systems that contain and can still revolutionize the particular phone system
consumer area. Before long Q-Mobile can be a brand which often individuals across the sociable
position will certainly bring up and check in place for knowing their own particular person
system inclinations. At this time found across the country, this company ideas with an ambitious
market place to arrive at away their shoppers in the course of Pakistan, every village and every
CEO Mr. Zeeshan Akhtar is a man behind the success of the Q-Mobile as he says Brilliant
people make a brilliant company.
While already you'll find number of telecommunication cell phones like Nokia, LG, Samsung,
Apple and china mobiles etc. so there will be a huge difference in the market. As our services are
new in the sector we will face some challenges to stand in this huge competition. On the other
side we are prefer low cost mobile phones and we have good image in the minds of the
customers, so it is easier to convince our customers to switch our brand. Trouble in drawing in
new clients. Q-Mobile the first Pakistani cell telephone organization has presented telephones
stuffed with top of the line highlights at aggressive costs to the Pakistani market, and it is by all
accounts doing incredible business.

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Continue to make a Q-Mobile trusted market leader among people. The main mission is to
become a number 1. And the product is keep it simple. And stay true to our values and take a
leap of the faith. These are the missions of the Q-Mobile company.

Revenue and Profit:

This Karachi-based organization was set up by Mian Pervez Akhtar of Allied Electronics
Industries a shipper, constructing agent and wholesaler of LG items in Pakistan around five years
prior. Q-Mobile incomes have a remarkable help from that point forward for the year finished
June 30, 2012, its incomes remained at Rs761 million up by a stunning 85.8% over the earlier
year. 1.4 billion (2015) this is the latest data of Q-Mobile.
Product line:
The product lines are bar phone, smart phone and Tablets. These are launched by the low end
users. Stylish Q-Mobile is for tech users.
The goodwill of Q-Mobile can pull in the Bollywood performers to underwrite the brand. Sonam
Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Arjun Kapoor, and Shahid
Kapoor have been connected with brand underwriting of Q-Mobile.

First of all I will use three analysis for the Q-Mobile. SWOT, PEST and Porters five forces.

1. SWOT Analysis:
The main strength is it is user friendly and have long time battery. Brand availability and the
second in the market. Also it has wide model range and extra accessories. Many of the sets has
touch screen. And great Wi-Fi technology.

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The main weakness is small users. The other one is technical weakness. No information in rural
areas. No awareness. The other main weakness is physiological matters. Not a worldwide brand
the only brand in Pakistan.

The main opportunities is a chance to lead the market. The other one is they have smartphones in
which they have (Symbian and Android). It has wide model range. To take all the customers of
Pakistan. To build a trust with customers of Pakistan because this is the only local company.
The main threat is high end customers, (HTC, Apple, and Samsung). Because due to intense
competition. And also have a strong competitors. The other factor is uncertainty in the economic
condition of Pakistan. The other factor is local competitors or other international franchise in
Pakistan. And also a price war between competitors. China assembled mobiles. People more
trusted on Apple, Samsung and HTC.

Justification I use this analysis to see the strengths and weakness of the firm. Because this is the
best way to analyze the firms performance. Because it gives us options for investor and as
customer to give some mind to think whether the company is good or not what are their
drawbacks and advantages.

2. PEST Analysis:
Political factors:
Political elements include authorities regulations along with legal issues along with either
formal or informal laws under that your firm must operate. Some example include,

Tax policy

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Employment laws
Environmental regulations
Trade restrictions
Political stability


Every one of these factors needs to be taken into account while the particular functioning of the
organization develops. For the particular success associated with any corporation political
relations needs to be good so that in the particular favor of the development of the economy.
Economic factors:
Financial factors affect the paying for power of potential customers and the particular firms
expense of investment capital. There are examples of factors within the macro overall economy
are, economic growth, exchange rate and inflation rate.
The present condition of the economy should be kept in mind of the Q-Mobile and should
contribute towards the development of the economy.

Social factors:
Social factors add the demographic and cultural areas of the exterior macro surroundings. These
variables affect customers desires and the size of potential areas. Some social factors include,

Population growth rate

Age distribution
Career attitudes
Emphasis on safety

If Q-Mobile wants to have a huge market share then then they have to learn the condition of the
society. They have to learn the demography of Pakistan society. They should know the needs of
the society and should provide good quality services.

Technological factors:

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Technological factors will lower barriers to entry, less minimum efficient production levels and
influence outsourcing decisions. Technology has a great impact on Q-Mobile because their others
competitors introducing new technology day by day or the world technology has changed day by
day. Lower barriers to entry. Because technology has changed day by day. Some others features
has introduced by others company before Q-Mobile do. Apple has more advanced then all of the
mobile companies now a days.

Political elements include authorities regulations along with legal issues along with either
formal or informal laws under that your firm must operate. The other legal matters are that QMobile have to see in their business. So, basically in legal factors Q-Mobile would have to look
the legal laws of their country. When government impose laws on something they have to follow

In environmental factor companies take decisions accordingly to the environment in which they
are operating. Some people use mobile phones in bad ways. It has a bad impact on young
generations. This is also a factor of environment. One more thing is that as Q-Mobile import raw
material from china. This is also a bad impact on environment and the people thinks that product
is not trust able.
Justification Pestle analysis is used to understand Q-Mobile general environment. I have applied
this analysis on Q-Mobile in order to understand general environment of and its impact on QMobile firms operations. I have come up to a conclusion that how these factors can affect QMobile Pakistan.

3. Porters five forces:

New Entrants threats:

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The cell phone industry is actually highly concentrated. Start-up costs for a cell phone vendor are
really high, your threat of new entrants is actually low. A great sum of cash must possibly be
invested to accomplish the economic climates of range, and it really is difficult to help enter the
market with active firms currently operating upon cost along with differentiation tactics. Threat
of new entrants are high because other multinational companies are working here. And most of
the companies think that they create their own stores and markets or retailers shop. But Q-Mobile
have done a great job in this thing that when somebody enters they introduce their new phone or
lower their some phone prices. It would be very expensive for any new entrant to compete with
Q-Mobile as they have to spend a lot on advertising campaigns.

Suppliers bargaining power:

Cellular phone operators produce such high volume orders that suppliers are actually cautious to
never temper using the relationship and wound up being in a very low bargaining position.
Q-Mobile has high bargaining power of suppliers. Because they have only one supplier and that
is china suppliers and some local electric stores. Because how many suppliers on the key
feedback. Their strengths and the amount of control they have got over a person and what is
important is the purchase price is more after you switch from one to yet another. Fewer amount
of supplier choices means you'll need suppliers guide more. Which means which fewer suppliers
make sure they are more important.

Buyers bargaining power:

Buyers/consumers have got little bargaining power within this end. Should you handle only some
highly effective purchasers, they often times dictate the terms for your requirements. When
assessing buyer strength, you ought to ask yourself how easy it truly is for the customers to bring
prices lower. Q-Mobile has greater number of buyers in Pakistan and all over the Asia. Now they
are expanding their business in Asia as well. Because they have importance of each customer in
the business. Q-Mobile offers some gifts for the new customers to attract them. So, bargaining
power of buyers is high. So that buyers those who looked their earning and then they take step,
then they move towards is economical mobile with great features.
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Threat of Substitute Products/Services:

Threat of substitute is zero because people need this cellphones and they dont have any other
Intensity of Rivalry:
Q-Mobile has many local and internal rivals. It includes Nokia, Samsung, LG, China, and HTC.
Samsung and apple have brand name and quality. Although Q-mobile also has but in peoples
mind it is not good image. People want those mobile because of name any how there is not much
difference the main difference is software.

Justification this is basically use to formulate the strategies. To view the threats and competitors
activity. It is helpful in the rivalry of the companies. We know the bargaining power of suppliers
and buyers.
After that I will choose some strategies of management and advertising to show how Q-Mobile

Marketing Mix strategy:

In this there are 4 Ps of marketing that Q-Mobile are using currently.
There are many different products in Q-Mobile. They have much variety of products that in their
handsets. Some are big and some are small they are targeting different people on different
phones. They change price terms or conditions for a particular products according to situation.
Product price is low and obtain maximum profit on spare parts. Set cost at 10% underneath
business sector rates. Lessens cost of item to augment deals. Furthermore set a cost of new item
at level 30% above past items. Because they sell on a new revolutionary design features and
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benefits. They be arranged to decrease their cost if rivals go into the business sector. Set low cost
for new items to discourage competitors from entering into the market.

Q-Mobile phones are often sold whatsoever established mobile phone dealerships although
they've also been sold from other retailers along with other electric companies. The product
should be only sold in the electrical companies and outlets other and then dedicated cell phone
dealerships as soon as the introducing period. So the particular phones could remain minimal
edition. Some places of dealer are Faislabad, Karachi, Peshawar. They also change their
channels. They set their own distribution direct to stores. Also change distribution for area. And
also increases number of warehouses for products. They also improve services and set up
national service network.

Promotion is a key element of marketing program and is concerned with effectively efficiently
communicating the decisions of marketing strategy. The idea influences the marked consumers
ideas to accomplish exchange involving the marketer as well as the consumer. Some of the
promotional tactics use with the Q-Mobile.

Promotion with TV SET, Stereo

Direct selling
Personalized promoting
Diverse presents
Motivating the channels
Gifts who purchase any Q-Mobile phone.

Introduce performance related gifts scheme for sale force. Increase sales effort to increase sale to
major customers. Increase sales for most profitable products. Change adverting and sales
promotion to start a new adverting campaign. Improve company image advertisement. Increase
advertising with the product within specific current market.

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The actual phones which Q-Mobile produce are generally sold with low prices, especially new
phones. Q-Mobile prices are generally competitors structured. They make an effort to keep the
prices somewhat lower next those of the closest competitors, but not as low as the most basic
competition while consumers usually do not mind paying the other money for your extra top
quality. The normal mobile phone prices starts from 4,000 only.
They change price terms or conditions for a particular products according to situation. Product
price is low and obtain maximum profit on spare parts. Set price at 10% below market rates.
Reduces price of product to maximize sales. And also set a price of new product at level 30%
above previous products. Because they sell on a new revolutionary design features and benefits.
They be prepared to reduce their price if competitors enter into the market. Set low price for new
products to discourage competitors from entering market.

Justification I use this strategy because Q-Mobile currently uses this because this is the most
important marketing strategy for all the companies. Almost all that type of companies uses 4 Ps
marketing strategy. Because they have different products and prices.

Market Product Focus:

Their main objective customer satisfaction is the main part of Q-Mobile. Every organization
must always know what's happening with within their designating market if at all changing
saturation technological advances scaling down or speedily growing being up to date on this
really is essential intended for companies to be able to survive.

Target Market:

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Q-mobile are targeting in many ways. They are targeting youth and those people who are using

more messaging for those they build QWERTY mobiles and they are targeting on these peoples
or customers. They create touchscreen mobiles for those who are interested in Multimedia users.
They create many features in their new sets. They also targeting middle class people or customer
because of the Pakistan economy. They also targeting internet users they also produce some
those type of cells phones in which they have internet, multimedia and SMS.

Point of difference:
They have much point of difference especially quality and software. Most important is battery
time saving. Its handling is very simple and user friendly. All types of multimedia supported.
These are the main point of difference that Q-Mobile has.
Justification I use this strategy because it gives company targeting and objectives to sell their
products to customers. It is very helpful for all companies. Q-Mobile currently uses this
marketing strategy. And it also gives a point of difference in the products.

I have learnt that company is flourishing day by day due to the recession in Pakistan it also
suffering. Companys strategy are very suitable. Corporation should devote more in advertising
for you to retain it is customer. Company ought to pay more care about its issues and may review
that. Improve the market quality and increase its market share. Use cut price strategy to retain its
Now according to Q-Mobiles they are 2nd one in the mobiles industry and want to reach at
number 1 in the next few years. Bur I have learnt from the PESTLE analysis that company has
drawbacks with governments and the environment. Economic reasons are also similar as any
fluctuation in exchange rates would have an impact on the rates of the products of Q-Mobile.
Environmental problems for Pakistan are now becoming real problems and our nation is not
aware of these problems so that could be a great area where Q-Mobile could take a chance and
do something for the society and ultimately increase their revenue. So far they have done a great
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job at competing with them but with the passage of time their revenues are increases. Plenty of

consumers grumble that Q-Mobile Android phones cut way too many corners to offer low cost
devices, and hope it will come up with affordable technology which could challenge your big
guns in the market and hand them over a run with regards to money.

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