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TeSys T

Motor Management System

Manage your critical processes better, increase
your productivity and save energy




Make the most of your energy


TeSys T motor management system

the standard in motor management
and protection

Energy management
Open communication

Predictive maintenance and capabilities

Easy and intuitive commissioning

and out of the box installation

Our markets...
Metal, Minerals
& Mining

Water Wastewater

Oil & Gas

Food & Beverage






Expand capabilities of
motor management
The TeSys T motor management system from Schneider Electric is the only motor management
system available with advanced and integrated control features, which will help you reduce the
complexity of your equipment and save costs. Increase equipment uptime and save energy with
the exclusive predictive capability and full set of intuitive and easy-to-use commissioning tools.
TeSys T seamlessly integrates into your automation system with five major communication
protocols. The most advanced flexible motor management and protection available, TeSys T
combines primary motor protection requirements with optimum operational flexibility.




Easy maintenance

Predictive Capability
Advanced monitoring
Prevention of motor
failure protection

Trusted, reliable motor management with

predictive capability for critical processes
The All-in-One Motor and Protection Management System Includes:

A main controller
features, currentbased protection and
monitoring, statistics
and control features.

An optional
expansion module
adding voltage,
power and energy

A flexible HMI to
quickly monitor,
commission and
control a TeSys T

software that is
extremely easy-touse and user-friendly.

Control and monitor pump motors
Water wastewater
Oil & gas
Power generation (HVAC, cooling liquid
transport and cooling towers)

Motor feedback for SCADA system control
Remote data management for one or several sites via the Internet:
Ethernet Modbus TCP, Transparent Ready
Control and monitor pump motors

Metal, mineral & mining (cement, asphalt,

aggregate, coal/raw metals)
Process industry (chemical, pulp & paper,
pharmaceutical, food & beverage, automotive)

Control load traction and movements

View status and communicate with machines
Process and communicate the data captured
Remote data management for one or several sites via the Internet:
Ethernet Modbus TCP, Transparent Ready

Building infrastructure (hospitals, airports

and terminals)
Baggage handling and other key
supply transportation

Control and monitor pump motors

Transportation of materials and commerce

Flexible motor management

you can count on
Flexible Connectivity
Completely open, providing most of the
communication buses available: Ethernet
Modbus TCP, DeviceNet, ModBus, Profibus,
CANopen, TeSys T can easily and seamlessly
be integrated into your automation systems.
It is the only motor management system
available to offer this wide range of
communication networks.
Retrofit to all competitor MCC equipment
Internet connectivity with web pages on
new or upgraded equipment
Reduce inventory one set of TeSys T
products integrates with all standard
motor control solutions through 1000 A
Integrates into existing iMCCs and is
available in the Square D Model 6 by
Schneider Electric

Flexible Certifications
Use TeSys T anywhere in the world its
certifications are so comprehensive! They
include UL, CSA, IEC and CCC. TeSys T
also holds specific certifications from over
20 countries, and is fully compatible with
NEMA and IEC contactors.
RoHs compliant, the TeSys T is a Green
product, meeting high environmental standards.

Flexible Commissioning

Flexible Control

Easily commission the TeSys T via the very

intuitive, user-friendly PC based PowerSuite
software. Or if you prefer, commission it with
HMI the dedicated TeSys T HMI. Powered
by the base unit so you dont need a separate
power supply youll save money on your
equipment and reduce your inventory.

TeSys T is out-of-the-box ready for most installations and preprogrammed with most common control functions. For even more
flexibility, you can control TeSys T through its terminal strip, through an
HMI or through the PLC with communication. Reduce your equipment
requirements, reduce costs and save space with the TeSys T system.

Over 100 years of trust and reliability


Easy Maintenance

The Square D brand has been trusted for

over 100 years for motor control and
projection. Continuing the tradition of trust
and reliability, the Schneider Electric TeSys T
provides advanced protection to your motors
and processes that youve counted on for
more than a century. Look for the TeSys
trademark for control and protection that
you can count on. And for a MCC, look for
Square D by Schneider Electric to ensure you
have TeSys motor control and protection.

Just as weve made the TeSys T system easy to install and integrate
into your automation systems or MCC, weve also made maintenance
with the TeSys T easy.

Built for long life, the TeSys T system can
be trusted to provide you with exceptional
long service.
With state-of-the-art component selection,
all components used in TeSys T are
carefully selected and tested to ensure
maximum performance in very
harsh environments
Greater than industry standards, extensive
test sequences are run on each firmware
release to ensure maximum reliability
TeSys T is becoming quickly a
worldwide standard

In the unlikely event you need to replace TeSys T, you can relax and
enjoy a very quick product replacement. With limited interruption to your
process, the TeSys T can be replaced with ease snap out the old
product and put in the new one with the smart removal connectors, its
fast and simple to do. If you use the Ethernet version, then match the
product address from the old product to the new product and the new
TeSys T is automatically configured by the PLC. With Fast Device
Replacement (FDR) its easy to replace and youll only need a flathead
screw driver to do it. This feature works with Schneider Electric
Modicon PLCs: Quantum, Premium and M340 to reduce maintenance
cost and time!
The TeSys T system has daisy chain loop capabilities that keep your
system online. If one product goes offline, you wont loose other
products on the network. This enables you to easily conduct your
maintenance tasks and will increase the availability of your process.
To make maintenance even easier, the Ethernet version of TeSys T
has a built in web server, which can provide you with basic diagnostics
data. This service can be used with a simple internet browser
supporting Java.

Built for harsh environments, TeSys T will

perform in extreme conditions and will
not be affected by high, low or fluctuating
temperatures, high vibration, moist or
corrosive atmospheres.

TeSys T Predictive capability

means high reliability
Advanced Monitoring Capability

Predicts and Protects

The TeSys T system is able to predict future

events with its advanced monitoring feature.
With accurate current, voltage and power
measurements, even very small drifts in
process conditions can be detected with
TeSys T, indicating on-coming possible
process downtime risks. In addition to
monitoring features, TeSys T also has
comprehensive data collection capability:
fault and different events in the system are
recorded, time stamped and save in nonvolatile memory. And the power monitoring
capabilities of TeSys T makes it a green motor
management system, helping manage your
energy usage better. To fully utilize its energy
management capabilities, TeSys T is fully
integrated into PowerLogic software (SMS and
ION Enterprise).

With its outstanding analytics, TeSys T anticipates failure situations

to minimize tripping actions, to reduce maintenance costs and to
reduce downtime.

Custom Logic

Custom logic in the TeSys T system enables you to

fine tune your monitoring, protection and control
needs for specific applications. This feature will help
you to plan for the future.

Repeat warnings and failures may be indicative of system design

weaknesses or unexpected external factors. TeSys Ts recording
capability can help identify and diagnose outside influences, so
corrective action can be scheduled, protecting the system from
future failures.
By profiling motor operations and performance characteristics,
TeSys T settings can be customized to provide warnings of
upcoming critical conditions prior to actual failures. This will save
time and money by increasing the availability of your process.

TeSys T detailed functionalities

and possible configuration

Motor Control Functions

TeSys T is a flexible motor management

system that supports five major communication
protocols. Modbus, CANopen, DeviceNet,
Profibus and Ethernet Modbus TCP.

A motor managed by a TeSys T controller can be controlled:

Locally, using logic inputs present of the product, or via the
human machine interface (HMI)
Remotely via the network

These communication protocols allow the

TeSys T controller to integrate seamlessly into
your automation system.

Motor Control Modes

Ethernet Modbus TCP provides faulty device

Replacement to reduce maintenance time to
a minimum.

Protection Functions
Thermal overload
Phase imbalance and phase overloads
Thermal motor protection via PTC probes
Phase reversal
Ground fault detection
Long starting time and motor stalling
Automatic load shedding and restarting
Load fluctuations (current voltage, power)
Variations of Cos Phi (power factor)

Metering Functions
Current of the three phases and average
Voltage of the three phases and average
Motor temperature
Ground fault sensing
Power factor, power and energy


Ten predefined motor control modes are incorporated into the controller
(two- or three-wire):
Overload mode: Monitoring of motors whose control is not managed
by the controller
Independent mode: Starting of full voltage non-reversing motors
Reverser mode: Starting of full voltage reversing motors
Two-step mode: Two-step starting of motors (star-delta by auto
transformer and by resistor)
Two-speed mode: Two-speed starting of motors (Dahlander,
pole changer)
A custom mode is available to allow the user to create a specific motor
control mode that is not predefined in the controller.
Custom Logic has the basic functions of a small programmable logic
controller (PLC). Programming can be done in structured text mode
or in block diagrams through PowerSuite v2. 6 software. To ensure
consistency, the same software used to commission TeSys T controller,
is used for custom logic programming.

Statistical and Diagnostic Functions

History of the last five detected faults
Motor statistics
Controller operations
Warning of potential faults

Possible Configurations





Network or bus


PLC (Your






Expansion Modules

Conforming to

IEC/EN 60947-4, -1, UL 508, CSA 22-2 n14

and IACS E10




Solutions beyond motor control

Intelligent Motor Control Centers: TeSys T
and Model 6
As the world leader in motor starters our experience and expertise with
iMCCs is renown. With TeSys T integrated into our iMCC youll benefit
from advanced process control and reliability assurance with a
complete motor monitoring, control and protection system.
With TeSys T, your Model 6 iMCC will communicate and integrate
seamlessly on all communication platforms
The small footprint of TeSys T make it the easy choice for retrofits
iMCC will protect your investment and provide increased
energy management
Realize a quick payback on your TeSys T investment with operation
benefits like advanced process control and reliable motor protection

Energy Management: TeSys T and PowerLogic

If monitoring and managing your power is important to you, TeSys T
can help. While connection to a factory-wide power monitoring system
will allow better energy management at the facility level, you can
with TeSys T measure power usage, energy and power factor at the
load level.
Reduce your energy costs, by combining TeSys T and the
PowerLogic solutions
TeSys T is fully integrated in SMS and ION enterprise to go
beyond just giving you the information, it will also help you make
decisions at the enterprise level
With energy costs continuing to escalate, that means motor
management systems are a green alternative, helping to monitor
and conserve energy while simultaneously conforming to higher
environmental standards

SCADA: TeSys T and Vijeo Citect

Having an open architecture and the ability
to connect to Supervisory Control and Data
Acquisition (SCADA) and power management
systems is critical to successful motor
management. Connection to SCADA systems
will enhance predictive features of your
entire facility.
Its easy to integrate TeSys T into a
SCADA system such as Vijeo Citect by
Schneider Electric or any competitor SCADA
system to gain true energy management
capability, enhance predictive capability
and handle advanced preventative
maintenance routines.

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