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1. What type of tubes used in Air comp cooler?

A. Spring type
B. floating
C. U type
D. fixed type
2. The water from discharge side of the centrifugal pump is supplied as sealing water to the stuffing
box for the pump shaft at:
A. Sealing ring
B. Shaft sleeve
C. Lantern ring
D. Neck bush
3. Which of the following would be the correct way(s) of using a torque wrench?
A. Application of jerk pulls while tightening
B. Using an extension
C. Tightening beyond the characteristic clicking sound
D. None of the above
4. Chromium is a nobler metal when compared to that of steel. In some marine applications
Chromium is electroplated to the steel surfaces. Why?
A. Chromium is a more noble metal so it will not get corroded and thus steel surfaces will
remain protected
B. Chromium plating provides corrosion protection as well as high glossiness and high
hardness for better wear resistance and reduced friction to the steel surfaces
C. Chromium plating is required for providing high glossiness and high hardness for better wear
resistance and reduced friction to the steel surfaces and not for corrosion protection
D. Chromium reacts with steel to form an alloy during electroplating which is corrosion resistant
5. Correct method of greasing a centrifugal pump bearing is:
A. To pump the grease until you feel high back pressure on the Grease pump
B. To pump the greasefor 3-4 pumping strokes of Grease pump for each bearing
C. To pump the grease when the pump is stopped and drain any old grease at the same time
by opening the drain plug, giving only 3-4 pumping strokes on Grease pump for each bearing.
the drain plug should then be replaced
D. To pump the grease when the pump is running and drain any old grease at the same time
by opening the drain plug, until all the old grease is removed and new grease starts coming
out of the drain, repeating same for each bearing. the drain plug should then be replaced

6. Centrifugal pumps cannot handle air and require priming. But you are aware that centrifugal
which on the same principal can handle air very well. Which two properties of air are
responsible because of which the centrifugal pumps cannot handle air:A. Fluidity only
B. Density only
C. Both fluidity and density
D. Compressibility
7. Pump driven clutch type attached vacuum pumps are commonly used for priming ballast pumps
and emergency fire pumps. What is the factor which clutches the vacuum pump clutch to
the pump clutch during start of the pump?
A. Low suction pressure acting against the spring loaded clutching piston
B. High suction pressure acting against the spring loaded clutching piston
C. Low discharge pressure acting against the spring loaded clutching piston
D. High discharge pressure acting against the spring loaded clutching piston
8. It is given that engine room bilge pump has suction manifold on which 3 valves are located. One
valve for the 3 engine room bilge wells suction, another one for Bilge tank suction and the
third one is for sea water suction. It is found that the Bilge pump is unable to take suction
from any of the bilge wells, but is able to take suction efficiently from Bilge tank. What is
the most probable cause?
A. Pump suction filter cover gasket leaking
B. Suction filter cover gasket of one of the Bilge wells is leaking
C. Bilge well suction pipeline leaking between individual bilge well valves and suction
manifold valve
D. Bilge pump suction pipeline leaking between the manifold and the pump
9. Increasing the rotational speed of a cargo pump the pump flow rate will:
A. Increase in direct proportion to the increase in speed
B. Decrease in direct proportion to the increase in speed
C. Flow rate doesnt???t depend upon speed
D. Flow
10. It has been reported that Engine room bilge pump was unable to take suction from Fwd. (P) bilge
well while it taking suction efficiently from Fwd.(S) & aft bilge wells. What could be the
most probable cause?
A. There is leakage in the bilge suction pipeline somewhere between the bilge wells and bilge
B. The Fwd. (P) bilge well suction valve might be leaking
C. The Fwd. (P) bilge well suction filter cover gasket might be leaking
D. The pump needs to be overhauled
11. Which of the following is a correct point for sampling of system lube oil for on board or
shore analysis?
A. Standpipes
B. Purifier outlets
C. Inlet or outlet of L. O. coolers
D. Tank drains
12. Which type of valve is not rotating type....
a) gate v/v
b)butterfly v/v

c)ball v/v
d)plug v/v
13. Emergency steering testing
1. Weekly
2. Monthly
3. At least 3 months
4. Before arrival n departure
14. Rudder is locked at an angle & can be moved by manual change-------1. Follow up
2. Non follow up
16. When securing a centrifugal distillate pump, which of the listed steps should be carried out
1. Stop the pump.
2. Close the pressure gage valves.
3. Trip the three-way solenoid valve.
4. Close the sealing line valves to the pump.
17. Which of the following valves cannot prevent backflow of liquid in a pipeline?
A. Gate valve
B. Globe Check Valve
C. Swing Check Valve
D. Angle check valve
18. After your overhaul a centrifugal pump is not rotating what may be the possible cause:
a. Uneven tightening of casing bolts
b.Gasket thickness very thin
c.More wear ring clearance
d.Only a
e. a and b
f. a and c
19. Pump driven clutch type attached vacuum pumps are commonly used for priming ballast pumps
and emergency fire pump. What is the factor which de-clutches the vacuum pump from the
pump clutch?
A. Low suction pressure acting against the spring loaded declutching piston
B. High suction pressure acting against the spring loaded declutching piston
C. Low discharge pressure acting against the spring loaded declutching piston
D. High discharge pressure acting against the spring loaded declutching piston
20. The main disadvantages of a reciprocating pump over a Gear pump is that:
A. A gear pump is self priming while a reciprocating pump is not
B. Discharge of a gear pump is not affected by the direction of rotation while that of reciprocating
pump is reversed
C. The discharge of reciprocating pump is pulsating and discharge rate is lesser
D. Reciprocating pumps are only available in high capacities and for smaller capacities only gear
pumps can be used

22. After cleaning the sea chest filter you have placed the filter in the body and tightened the cover.
Which one of the following is the best alternative?
A. You can open the filter inlet and outlet valves & directly start using the filter
B. If you do not want to use the sea chest in question, you need not worry and you can open the
valves when required
C. Sea Water inlet valve should be crack opened, the filter body should be purged, any leakages
and thereafter filter can be kept isolated or used as required
D. You will close the other side sea chest valves first and then open this side sea chest filter inlet
and outlet valves
23. In which of the following types of refractory failure, softening of the refractory bricks takes place
due to presence of sodium/vanadium in fuel?
A. Spalling
B. Cracking
C. Shrinkage cracking
D. Slagging
24. centrifugal pump will typically give you a low flow rate at a lower pressure, where a piston pump
will give you more pressure and higher flow rate. Is the statement correct?
C. First Sentence is right. Second one is wrong
D. I dont know
25. You are pumping out sludge to a shore facility using your sludge pump. You find that the
discharge rate of pump is very slow and suction filter is getting clogged frequently. What is the best
alternative to counteract the problem?
A. Remove the pump suction filter and pump out the tank
B. Increase the tank temperature, keep an eye on the pump suction pressure and clean the filter as
soon as it drops
C. As soon as the as the shore facility tells you that they are not receiving any sludge, you stop the
pump and clean the filter
D. Fabricate a bigger mesh size suction filter and use in place of normal filter so that frequency of
filter blockage is reduced and you can get a better discharge rate
26. Pump Start but Motor get overloaded or Trip on overload.
A. Alignment is wrong
B. Gland packing too tight
C. Worn out / Damaged ball bearing
D. Cavitations exists
E. All of the above
27. A ball valve is found leaking in service and needs to be overhauled. What type of repairs can be
carried out?
a. The ball and seat can be lapped together
b. The ball can be machined while the seat can be replaced
c. Normally both the non-metallic seats get worn out and have to be replaced
d. Normally ball gets damaged and has to be replaced
28. The difference between the discharges of a centrifugal pump n reciprocating pump
the discharge of centrifugal pump is ----------while that if reciprocating is --------A) Turbulent, Laminar
B) Intermittent, continuous

C) Continuous, pulsating
D) Pulsating, continuous
29. Purifier is not rotating with desired rpm, reason?
1. Frequency low
2. Bus bar voltage low
3. Friction pads worn out
30. The function of an accumulator on the discharge side of a reciprocating bilge pump is
A. Supply liquid even when the pump is not running
B. Dampen out the pressure pulses and smoothen the flow
C. Increase the discharge pressure by storing liquid under pressure
D. No such device is required to be fitted to modern bilge pumps
31. The most important control measure to prevent boiler tube failure is:
A. Use of proper refractory material
B. Proper maintenance of fuel burning equipment
C. Proper maintenance of boiler water condition
D. All of the above
32. Refer cooling tubes act as self-cooling & expansion by
a) Straight tube
b) U tube
c) Spring tube
33. F.O. transfer pump was working efficiently, but it stopped taking suction suddenly. There is a
sounding of 6.0 m in the F.O. deep tank. The suction pressure gauge was renewed recently
and is
showing a positive pressure when pump is running, but Pump is not transferring any F.O.
What is
the most probable cause?
A. Pump is damaged and needs overhaul
B. Suction filter cover gasket might leaking
C. Pump relief valve might be leaking
D. The pump suction pipeline is blocked
34. A ball valve was found leaking in service. Upon inspection it was found that the PTFE seat had
worn out and was renewed. The valve stopped leaking in closed condition. How do think a
ball valve provides perfect sealing?
A. The seat fitted is slightly smaller than the outer dimensions of the ball, thus providing
interference fit when closed
B. Either a floating seat is pressed onto trunnion supported ball by liquid pressure or floating
ball is pressed onto the seat
C. Ball is not exactly spherical and is shaped such that during closure the surface coming into
contact with seat is of slightly bigger diameter providing sealing
D. Seat is not exactly spherical, but slightly tapered so that during closure the ball sits tightly
on the seat
35. Copper tubing is used in refrigerant system because
A) It has less internal resistance
B) It is cheaper compared to other materials.
C) It is easier to check leaks in copper based system
D)None of the above
36. U R responsible for daily transfers of engine room bilges. U follow the sequences aft fwd (P)fwd(s) bilge well n u have never experienced a problem but 5/E started the transfer n first

transferred forward (s) bilge well n without any problem n u join him later u find that
bilge pump is not taking suction fr f(p) n aft bilge well n then u have checked everything is
normal. What is the cause?
A) 5th engineer made a mistake by 1st transferring the fwd (s) bilge well, normal sequence of
operation for engine room machineries should not b disturbed.
B) Fwd (s) Bilge well suction valve is leaking
C) Bilge pump suction filter cover gasket is leaking.
D) Fwd (s) Bilge well suction filter cover gasket is leaking.
37. The gland packing of centrifugal pump should have
A) Not allow any breakage under the suction pressure.
B) Should only allow drop by drop continuous leakage under positive suction
C) Should allow considerable leakage
38. Which of the following valve is liable to open or close under pressure of fluid, if not locked in
1. Gate valve
2. Globe valve
3. Plug valve
4. Butterfly valve
39. If dew point increases what happens to wet bulb temp and dry bulb temp?
Will be same
40. The dew point is reached when the wet bulb temperature is
Equal to the dry bulb temperature
41. As the amount of moisture in the air increases, the difference between the dry bulb and wet bulb
temperatures will..
Section 2:
1. ESD III refractory
a. Fire
b. Insulation
c. Membrane webs
2. Change in volume in closed cooling system is achieved by
a. Fresh water expansion tank
3. Turbocharger most preferred
a. Cheap
b. Boost air pressure
c. Increase efficiency
d. Reduce nox
4. Microbial degradation
a. Corrosive
b. Stable emission
c. Caustic fire
d. All the above
5. Function of a de-superheater is to.
A. Protect superheater from overheat
B. Control superheater steam outlet temperature

C. Increase the efficiency of the boiler

D. Reduce steam temperature for auxiliary uses after steam superheater
6. Why should combustion blowers left running for while after firing a boiler?
a. To cool the furnace internal
b. To remove the gases
c. To cool tubes
d. None
7. Dezincification of brass can be prevented by introduction of additives like
a. Nickel
b. Cobalt
c. arsenic
d. Tungsten
8. Principle of fire fighting onboard is
a. Watering of fire
b. Starving of fire
c. Cooling
d. Smothering of fire
9. Which of the following used in boiler treatment is an oxygen scavenging
a. Polymer
b. Neutralizing amine
c. Sodium sulphate
d. Filming amine
10. Salinity of distilled water produced depends upon _
a. Amount of feed set
b. Amount of salt water
c. Temp of sea water inlet
11. High pressure differential of a M/E LO filter only can be reduced by
a. Back flushing filter
b. Changing over to standby filter
c. Change M/E
12. The LO temperature
a. Start increases immediately
b. Start decreases immediately
c. Will be maintained at the set point
d. Cant maintain at the set point and decrease slowly
13. Fixed vane type emergency fire pump priming vacuum pump. After one week fire pump not
taking suction. The vacuum pump is engaging, but not developing vacuum in the suction side.
What will be the cause?
a. Suction filter of the pump clogged
b. Suction filter cover gasket leaks
c. Vacuum pump not overhauled properly
d. Sealing water tank is empty

14. Single screw pump used as sludge pump the correct technical name.
a. Snake pump
b. Screw pump
c. Progressive cavity pump
d. Gear pump
15. Excessive lubricator in compressor leads to
a. Decompression
b. Detonation
c. Sticking in valves and
d. Carry over and deposit of all particles in pipe line and reservoir
16. Corrosion occurs in cooling fresh water system of marine diesel engine
a. Stress corrosion
b. Hot corrosion
c. Bimetallic corrosion
d. Selective phase corrosion
17. Purpose of evaporator in domestic refrigeration system
a. To transmit latent heat of evaporation
b. To absorb latent heat of fussion
c. To absorb latent heat of evaporation
d. To transmit latent heat of fussion
18. Sudden closing and opening of valve in sea water pipeline leads to
a. Cavitations
b. Water hammering
c. Steam hammering
d. There is no problem
19. Centrifugal pump change over for pumping liquid of high specific gravity the discharge at the
rated capacity will be
a. Increase
b. Decrease
c. Same
d. Convert 50%
20. Centrifugal pump change over for pumping liquid of high specific gravity what will change?
a. Discharge pressure
b. Discharge head
c. Power consumption
d. Pump speed
21. Weldability steel depends on carbon equivalent
a. CE<= 0.35
b. CE between O.36 AND 0.4
c. CE between o.41 and o.45
d. CE between o.46 and o.5

22. Sea water outlet temperature of LO cooler decreased while main engine load and sea water
inlet temperature not changed this indicates
a. Cooler efficiency has increased
b. Cooler efficiency has decreased
c. Sea water outlet temp nothing to do with efficiency
d. The flow of sea water reduced
23. Ballast pump suction filters during ballast in port purpose of getting blocked frequently you
a. Remove the suction filter
b. Clean frequently as required and also open and check the sea chest filter
c. Stop using the pump and keep fill in gravity
d. Stop the ballast operation
24. When steel components electroplated with chromium are used in corrosive environment
a. Chrome plating prevents corrosion
b. Protection to the steel will be preferentially corroded
c. Zinc plating is used on top of chrome plating for corrosion protection
d. Thickness of chrome plating to increase
25. Steel is an alloy of iron carbon and alloying components what is the carbon content?
a. Less than 1 %
b. Less than 2%
c. Greater than 2%
d. Any % of carbon
26. Tube in air compressors , self compensating for expansion (if multi choice include coil tube
a. Straight line tube
b. U tube
c. Coil tube
d. Floating tube
27. ___________ boiler feed pumps is used in modern ships
a. Reciprocating pump
b. Heleshaw pump
c. Multistage centrifugal pump
d. Single stage centrifugal pump
28. The actuator of ballast valve in duct keel in port to carry deballast open best practice
a. Interchange from another valve.
b. Manually operated
c. Leave the tank full and ask for shore assistance.
d. Portable pump through manhole.
29. To reduce sulphur corrosion of main engine components
a. Run at normal load
b. Atomizing pressure of fuel
c. Rotor in exhaust valve
d. Fuel feed rate in purifier and purifier in series

30. Crude oil or crude oil+ballast water of same specific gravity ________ current in pump with
same discharge pressure
a. More
b. Less
c. Same
d. Does not depend
31. Refrigerant compressor will run continuously
a. Too heavy cooling load
b. Air in the system
c. Insufficient refrigerant
d. Any of the above
32. Protection of zinc protective coating is good at
a. 50 degree Celsius
b. 65
c. 90
d. 115
33. Which anode ICCP
a. Zinc
b. Silicon
c. Lead , silver
d. Platinized titanium
34. Effective suction blowing of exhaust gasket
a. Minium chance of suction fire
b. Increase efficiently
c. Minimum heavy corrosion and leading tube failure
d. All the above
35. High chloride of boiler water is caused by
a. Leaking tube of exhaust steam condenser
b. Excessive steam leak resulting high
c. Poor quality of boiler make up water
d. All the above
36. Hot work onboard
a. Switch alarm
b. Keep fire extinguisher
c. Standby person
d. All the above
37. Exhaust gas boiler fire suitable measures
a. Frequent suit blowing
b. Increase engine speed to blow suite
c. Stop cooling water circulation to avoid leakages
d. None of the above
38. In RT flex engine which of the following comment of main engine made redundant


Fuel p/p
Starting air v/v
Starting air distributor
Auxiliary blower

39. Scale Formation in FWG evaporator side

a. increase in shell temp
b. heat transfer impaired
c. production affected
d. all
40. Refer cooling tubes act as self-cooling & expansion by
a) Straight tube
b) U tube
c) Spring tube
41. Which of the following is an important requirement for proper functioning of sacrificial
anode system?
A. Good Insulation between anodes and ship???s hull
B. Good electrical continuity between anodes and ship???s hull
C. Providing protection of anodes from being painted over during hull painting
D. Presence of an insulating material between anode and the cathode
42. Purifier leaking bowl opened, cleaned n seal ring changed and put back but still leaking what
might b wrong?
A. high temp
B. high density
C. disc size not proper
D. rpm low
43. Increased fuel injection temperature and maintaining recommended viscosity of a new bunkers
fuel oil.
A. viscotherm running fine
B. Problem in viscotherm
C. best quality bunkers
D. None
44. The shortest ram length design is in which tiller arm steering gear assembly
A. Forked type tiller arm
B. Conventional type tiller
C. Round tiller arm
D. none of the above
45. In refrigeration circuit, the data logger will record what? (Multi choice)
1. Room temperature
2. Recharge temperature
3. Liquid line temperature
4. Solenoid valve operation
46. Engaging the turning gear and turning the engine until working temperatures are reduced
A. Blank starting air to the affected cylinder
B. Shut cylinder oil to the affected cylinder
C. Shut all cylinder liner ports of affected cylinder
D. Open relief valve of affected cylinder

47. You as a fourth engineer have taken over watch from third engineer. He said OWS is running in 0
ppm. But after taking over watch you observed that fresh water flushing valve is crack open. After
closing it, suddenly the oil content has exceeded 15ppm. What will you do?
a. shut the OWS & inform CEO.
b. shut the OWS but no need to inform anyone.
c. Don't touch the appratus & inform CEO.
d. Just check that there is no visible colour/oil traces in sea water so don't have to inform anyone.
48. With ref to centrifugal p/p characteristics curves what will be the effect when p/p is started
A. with suction closed
B. with discharge shut
49. Non destructive test is
A. impact test
B. Ultraviolet test
50. Purpose of observation tank
A. to check water level
B. check any oil contaminate
C. to check alkalinity
51. The coating on an electrode used for electric arc welding
A. creates a gas shield to prevent oxidation of the weld material
B. helps the weld formation by shaping the metal transfer
C. provides an electrical insulation for the user
D. All of the above
52. Which vessel is mostly used for carrying NH3/ LPG
A. Semi pressurized
B. Fully pressurized
C. Fully refrigerated
D. All the above
53. Pump, when coupled to constant speed motor , the discharge quantity will not change with
following pumps
A. heleshaw
B. steering gear swash plate type
C. Gear pump
D. None
54. Electrical fire extinguished by
A. Co2
55. over speed trip of generator
a. governor has to be check
b. fuel oil system
56. Purpose of preferential trip to prevent
A. blackout
B. To avoid overload
C. to start heavy machinery

D. all
57. Flooding in E/R,
A. pump out through OWS to overboard
B. pump out through EMERGENCY Bilge pump
C. pump out through General Service pump
D. all
58. Sewage plant efficiency is gauged by
A. suspended solid
B. coli count
D. all
59. In Stern tube, aft of FOREWARD SEAL is leaking then
A. forward tank oil level increase
B. Drop in header tank level
C. Forward tank oil level decrease
D. Increase in header tank level
60. IG System number of no return valve
A. 1
C. 3
D. at least one if deck seal is provided otherwise two
61. Evaporator pressure testing in (multiple choice)
A. Pr. testing in shell
B. Leak test in vacuum pump and fittings
C. leak test in distillate pump
D. Vacuum testing in shell
62. PLATE type heat exchanger is preferred for following advantage
A. high heat transfer
B. easy to clean
C. increased time between clean
D. all
63. For carry out major work in tank
A. First aid in entrance
B. refreshment
C. entry/exit time of personnel
D. all
65. Increasing the rotational speed of a cargo pump the pump flow rate will:
A. Increase in direct proportion to the increase in speed
B. Decrease in direct proportion to the increase in speed
C. Flow rate doesn???t depend upon speed
D. Flow
66. Boiler water level control, controlling swell and shrink of boiler with
A. feed water level

B. steam drum
C. water drum
D. none of the above
Section 3:
1. The pressure produced within the oil wedge of a rotating journal is ____.
the same as the pressure in the lubricating system
less than the pressure in the lubricating system
greater than the pressure in the lubricating system
highest at the oil groove location
2. Which of the main shaft segments listed below, that are connected with the main engine, are
coupled to the tail shaft flange?
Thrust shaft
Stern-tube shaft
Intermediate shaft
Crank shaft
3. Piping cross-sections over 30 cm in diameter are sized by the __________.
inside diameter
wall thickness
outside diameter
threaded diameter
4. The ambient heat in an engine room which is identified by only a change in temperature is
known as
sensible heat
latent heat
total heat
residual heat
5. The usual number of single-acting pistons used in a variable stroke axial-piston pump used for
steering gears is _____________.
3 or 5
5 or 7
7 or 9
9 or 11
6. Heavy soot accumulations in an auxiliary boiler could be caused by _____

water in the fuel oil

excessive cycling

high fuel oil pressure

improper burner maintenance

7. An axial piston pump differs from a radial piston pump, as the pistons of an axial piston pump
are positioned _________.
radially from the shaft

parallel to each other and to the shaft

parallel to each other but at a right angle to the shaft
at an angle to each other and to the shaft

8. In reference to air conditioning, when air attains the maximum amount of moisture it can hold at
a specific temperature, it is said to be _____________.
9. Positive displacement, helical gear pumps are well suited for pumping oil because
stuffing boxes eliminate the leakage problems usually associated with other gear pumps
it is not necessary to closely maintain design clearances this pump
they are essentially self-priming and produce a high suction lift
these pumps are designed with extreme tooth angles
10. The conical steel or composition cone installed on a propeller, known as a fairwater cone,
provides which of the following benefits?
Reduce turbulence
Help with lubrication
Protect against electrolytic corrosion
All of the above
11. It is desirable for an auxiliary boiler safety valve to pop open and reseat quickly to
give warning that excessive boiler pressure has been reached
prevent wire drawing of the disc and seat
prevent valve pounding
provide sufficient blow down
10. The purpose of the programmed purge cycle on an automatically fired auxiliary boiler is to
cool the furnace to prevent pre-ignition
remove explosive vapors from the furnace
evaporate accumulated unburned fuel oil
provide sufficient air in the furnace to allow ignition of the fuel
12. Short cycling of a refrigeration compressor refers to _____________.
Frequently cutting out on over load.
frequently starting and stopping
running too fast
running too slow
13. The emergency bilge suction valve is typically used _____________.
to inject cleaning additives when the bilges are extremely dirty
when the main condenser becomes fouled, in order to provide additional cooling water
to connect the rose box to the independent bilge suction

if the bilges become flooded and they cannot be emptied by any other means

14. The by-products of oxidation, as a result of water contamination of hydraulic oil, are generally
removed by cellulose type filters
gums, varnishes, and acids
always neutralized by oil additives
harmless and have no effect on system components
15. Which of the following describes the purpose of a striker or doubler plate?
Provides a surface for the application of force, or the installation of machinery.
Provides landing surface for the sounding bob of a tank sounding tape.
Absorbs machinery vibration.
Prevents valve stem over travel.
16. Which of the following statements represents the proper relative direction of flow through a globe
Direction of flow through the valve is unimportant.
Direction of flow through the valve depends upon the type of seat design used in the valve.
Direction of flow should be from below the seat.
Direction of flow should be from above the seat.
17. A portion of the cargo of an LNG carrier boils off during each voyage. How the cargo boils off is
normally handled?
Compressed, condensed, and returned to the cargo tanks.
Vented to the atmosphere.
Burned in the boilers.
Mixed with nitrogen and recirculated through the primary barrier.
Burnt off in a controlled manner through a chimney smoke stack from within the funnel.
18. In Vessel construction, beam brackets are triangular plates joining the deck beam to a




deck longitudinal
19. The cylinders and intercoolers of most low pressure air compressors are cooled by _




20. A one ton air conditioning system has which of the listed operating characteristics?

It forces approximately 1000kgs of refrigerant through the evaporator per day.

It forces approximately 1000kgs of air per hour across the evaporator coils.

Its cooling power equals that of melting approximately 1000kgs of ice per day.

It contains approximately 1000kgs of refrigerant.

21. Which of the materials listed is used as the dynamic seal material on mechanical seals installed
on most centrifugal pumps used in water service?


Copper and carbon.


22. When using a handheld hacksaw, you should apply pressure only on the forward stroke

only when cutting thin wall tubing

only when cutting carbon steel

only when cutting conduit

at all times
23. An important consideration in selecting a lubricating oil for use in a refrigeration compressor is
for the oil to ____________.

have a high viscosity index

mix readily with refrigerant

have a high freezing point

have a low pour point

24. If the intercooler relief valve lifts while an air compressor is operating under load, you should
check for ____

a defective pressure switch or pilot valve

a leak in the intercooler piping

leakage through the low pressure unloader control diaphragm

leaking high pressure discharge valves

25. Latent heat can be defined as the heat which must be added to a substance in order to change it
from a
solid to liquid
liquid to vapor
solid to vapor
all of the above
26. The designation "schedule 80 extra strong " refers to ____________.
weight of steel plate
tensile strength of bolts
piping wall thickness
tube bursting strength
27. Tapping threads into a blind hole should be finished by using a ______
short tap
taper tap
plug tap

bottoming tap

28. Distilled water from an evaporator may be discharged into a potable water tank
through a detachable hose connection
after passing through an activated charcoal filter
after chemical analysis shows it is fit for consumption
through a solenoid operated three-way valve
29. The factors that determine the service life of packing in a pump will include which of the
following conditions?
type of pump
condition of the shaft
length of time in use
all of the above
30. Personnel working with refrigeration systems and subject to the exposure of refrigerants should
wear _______________.
face shield
a respirator
rubber gloves
an all purpose gas mask
31. The ability of a metal to be hammered, or rolled out is called its ___________.
32. One characteristic of a lubricating oil adversely affecting the results of centrifuging is
high TBN value
low oil floc point
low oil demulsibility
low oil neutralization number
33. Which of the devices listed prevents water from entering a ship's hull via the propulsion shaft?
Stern tube packing or mechanical shaft seal
Deflector ring and drain
Spring bearings
Oiler rings
34. With reference to a vessel's structural integrity, the most significant characteristic of a cryogenic
liquid is its ______________.
capability of causing brittle fractures
highly corrosive action on mild steel
vapor cloud which reacts violently with saltwater
toxicity at atmospheric pressure

35. The heat required to change a substance from a solid to a liquid while at its freezing temperature,
is known as the latent heat of _____________.
36. Which of the following problems occurring in a hydraulic system can be caused by the use of an
oil having a viscosity lower than specified?
Seal deterioration
Fast response and hunting
Increased power consumption
Oil film breakdown
37. The only means of removing the latent heat of condensation from a refrigerant in the normal
refrigeration cycle is by ________.
passing it through the expansion valve
condensing refrigerant in the system condenser
passing the gaseous refrigerant through the heat interchanger on the suction side of the
maintaining a high pressure on the system's receiver
38. Which of the following statements represents the main difference between a stuffing box gland
and a mechanical seal for sealing the shaft of a centrifugal pump?
Packed stuffing box glands are subject to wear, but mechanical seals are not.
Packed stuffing box glands must be cooled by the liquid being pumped, but mechanical seals do
not require cooling.
If packing fails, the pump can be kept running temporarily by tightening the gland, but if a
mechanical seal fails it must be totally renewed to stop the leakage.
The sealing surface of a mechanical seal is parallel to the shaft, but the sealing surface of a
packed gland is perpendicular to the shaft.
39. In a shell-and-tube type hydraulic fluid cooler, the amount of heat transferred from the hydraulic
fluid to the cooling water depends upon ________________.
the temperature of the hydraulic fluid
the flow rate of both the cooling water and the hydraulic fluid
the temperature of the cooling water
all of the above
40. The presence of scale and dirt on the saltwater side of lube oil cooler is usually indicated by
clogged lube oil strainers
seawater leaking into the lube oil system
decreasing lube oil pressure
gradually increasing lube oil temperature

41. The charging of a refrigerating system should be carried out by adding _____________.
refrigerant vapor to the receiver only
liquid refrigerant to the low side only
liquid refrigerant to the high side only
liquid refrigerant to the high or low side
42. A leaking suction valve in the second stage of a two stage, high pressure, air compressor can cause
excessively high ________________.
second stage discharge pressure
first stage discharge pressure
pressure in the after cooler
compressor final discharge temperature
43. Fabric type packing, such as flax or hemp, is best suited for _____________.
low temperature use
high temperature use
use where alignment is critical
packing valves with badly grooved stems
44. Which of the listed problems is occurring if a coil type high pressure evaporator constantly
requires an increase in the coil steam pressure in order to maintain capacity?
The brine density is improper.
Heat transfer surfaces are being layered with scale.
Impure distillate is being produced.
Shell vapor pressure is constantly decreasing.
45. The terms rough, coarse, bastard, second cut, smooth, and dead smooth refer to the ________.
shape of the file
coarseness of the file teeth
size of the file
cuts of the file
46. A pump is defined as "a device that _____________."
produces pressure
imparts energy to a fluid to move it from level "A" to level "B"
creates a vacuum to move a liquid in all installations
is to develop a pressure differential
47. Restrictions occurring in the small orifices of pneumatic control system components can be
caused by
moisture in the compressed air supply
excessive dryness in the compressed air supply
pressure surging in the compressed air receiver
insufficient lubrication of the system components

48. The principal purpose of subcooling liquid refrigerant prior to its entering the expansion valve is
to _
increase the refrigerating effect by decreasing the amount of flash gas
allow the refrigerant to enter the throttling device in a saturated condition
increase the refrigerating effect by increasing the amount of flash gas
minimize the temperature drop of the liquid as it passes through the solenoid valve to the outlet
49. If a bilge pump is able to develop vacuum, but is unable to sufficiently pump out the bilges, you
would check for ________.
the circuit breaker
for leaks in the suction piping
relief valve is not properly seated
the suction strainer
50. A first stage unloader installed in a low pressure air compressor is unable to completely retract.
This will result in ____
overheating of the discharge valve
loss of moisture in the air charge in the receiver
frequent lifting of the intercooler relief valve
an abnormally low intercooler pressure
51. The heat removed from the refrigerant in the condenser of a refrigeration plant is the
latent heat of expansion
sensible heat of condensation
heat of compression
all of the above
52. Excessive leakage and premature failure of valve packing is a result of ____________.
opening a valve too quickly
jamming a valve in the closed position
low pressure fluid flow through the pipeline
a scored valve stem
53. The amount of fuel oil atomized by a return flow oil burner is directly controlled by the

header supply valve

burner root valve

oil micrometer valve

fuel oil back pressure

54. Fuses are rated in _
interrupting capacity
all the above

6. When there is excessive ingress of water in the engine room onboard causing dangerous levels of
bilge water,
A. Start oily water separator and pump overboard
B. Start General service pumps and pump bilges overboard
C. Use bilge injection valve and pump bilges overboard
D. None of the above
7. If a radial piston hydraulic pump fails to deliver rated fluid volume, the cause can be
contaminated fluid
pitted thrust rings
worn pintle bearings
obstructed suctions passage
8. A fluctuating and unsteady vacuum in an evaporator may be caused by _____________.
1. wet steam entering the air ejector nozzle
2. pinhole leaks in the evaporator tube nests
3. rapid scaling on the evaporator tube nests
4. high water levels in the last effect
9. A generator has been exposed to water and is being checked for its safe operation. Therefore, it is
necessary to _______________.
check for shorted coils with a explosimeter.
take moisture readings with a hydrometer
test insulation values with a megger
ground the commutator, or slip rings and run it at half load
10. If the pointer fails to return to zero when a megger is disconnected, the_____________.
pointer is stuck
hair springs are burned out
megger is out of calibration
megger is operating normally
11. When replacing ball bearings on an electric motor shaft, you should _____________.
(a) tap the outer race with a mallet
(b) apply even pressure to the outer race
(c) apply even force to the inner race
(d) apply pressure evenly to both the inner and outer races
62. The zipper of an immersion suit should be lubricated with _____________.
vegetable oil

63. An insulation resistance test is performed on a particular piece of electric equipment. In addition
to the resistance reading, what information listed below should be entered in the electrical log?
(a) The maximum allowable operating temperature of the machine.
(a) The temperature of the machine at the time the resistance reading was taken.
(b) The normal temperature rise of the machine.
(c) The complete name plate data from the resistance test instrument used to obtain the reading.
64. When removing the cap from a sounding tube on a MODU, the sound of air escaping indicates.
a. the tank is full
b. the tank may be partially flooded
c. the tank level has dropped
d. the tank is completely flooded
65. A solid stream of water might be useful in fighting a burning oil fire on deck when it is used
a. to wash burning oil over the side
b. to provide cooling for the fire fighters
c. in conjunction with chemical foam
d. to cool the main deck
66. The burner assembly on an automatically fired auxiliary boiler fitted with variable capacity,
pressure atomizing burners, maintains steam pressure by
(a) cycling on and off
(b) changing fuel oil return pressure
(c) changing the speed of a rotary cup
(d) Varying air pressure supplied to the nozzle
67. Galvanic action which of the following is false.
A. only one metal does not initiate corrosion
B. Two metal with electrolyte will not initiate corrosion
68. In Stern tube, aft of FOREWARD SEAL is leaking then
A. forward tank oil level increase
B. drop in header tank level
69. While starting a hydraulic anchor windlass, you observe that hydraulic pressure does not develop
in spite of the proper operation of the electric drive motor. Which of the following actions should you
take FIRST to restore pressure?
Make certain that the hydraulic reservoir is filled to the proper level.
Inspect the disc brake on the electric motor for proper operation.
Check the electric motor for an open overload relay contact.
Check for full voltage supply to the electric motor.
70. A primary element used with flow measurement devices highly suitable for liquids containing
solids in suspension, is a ____________.
a. concentric orifice
b. convergent nozzle
c. venturi tube
d. pilot tube

72. Prior to major overhaul of main engine onboard, the engine room crane is tested by
A. Operating the crane through the normal range
B. Testing of the crane with two sample ???abnormal??? conditions
C. Inspection of the crane hook and other safety arrangements
D. Stress testing of crane wire with peak loads
73. Water carryover from boiler onboard through the steam causes
A. Erosion of the steam plant machinery
B. Low water level inside the boiler
C. Build-up of deposits on the steam plant machinery
D. None of the above
74. A diffuser is provided at the end of a mechanical atomizer in boiler onboard
A. To prevent blow back of the flame
B. To mix the air and fuel properly
C. To prevent blow out of the flame
D. To eject the excess fumes from the atomizer
75. Short cycling of a fridge compressor can occur in which of the following cases?
A. Air ingress into the system
B. A leaking solenoid valve
C. High cooling water temperature going to the condenser
D. Excessive refrigerant charge
76. Steam stop valve is eased of its seat during boiler start up from cold
A. To allow thermal expansion of parts
B. To allow steam flow during start up
C. To prevent water hammer
D. All of the above
77. Duty of standby person at the entrance of the enclosed compartment during enclosed space entry
A. To alert others in case of untoward emergency
B. To provide first aid to injured person
C. To assist for the work carried out in the enclosed compartment
D. All of the above.
78. Which of the following statements about the design of D- type boilers, is false?
A. The heavier water in top drum flows back to the bottom drum through the down- comers outside
the furnace
B. Inside the furnace the water is heated up in the risers
C. The upper drum is the steam/water drum and the lower one is the water drum.
D. The feed water is pumped into the lower drum
79. If the watch keeping engineer encounters a Main Engine Slow down alarm he should__
A. Immediately cancel the slowdown in the control panel
B. If navigation circumstances permit, after consulting chief engineer he should tell bridge to stop
engine ,investigate the fault ,rectify it in consultation with senior engineers and then prepare for
restarting the engine
C. He should raise engineer's alarm and wait for all engineers to reach the engine room
D. He need not take any action and wait for the alarm to resolve on its own and then cancel the
slow down
80. Which of the following types of coatings used in tanks of a chemical carrier provides a
comprehensive protection against most solvents?
A. Epoxy coatings
B. Polyurethane coatings

C. Zinc silicate
D. Phenolic resins
81. Presence of catalytic fines in fuel oil is significant to engineers on board because_
A. Catalytic fines tend to impair proper operation of purifiers
B. Catalytic fines lead to abrasive wear in liners , piston rings and fuel injection equipment
C. Catalytic fines necessitate increase in injection temperature
D. Catalytic fines necessitate increase in storage temperature
82. A partial opening of which of the following kinds of valves can lead to wire -drawing of its seat?
A. Globe Valve
B. Butterfly valve
C. Gate Valve
D. Full bore angle valve
83. Which of the following types of steam traps uses the pressure energy of the steam to close the
outlet ?
A. Thermostatic trap
B. Thermodynamic trap
C. Mechanical trap
D. Vacuum trap
84. Sequential starting of machineries after black out in engine room is necessary
A. To prevent overload of Generators
B. To quickly restore the failed power supply in order
C. To prevent damage to machinery which has been switched off
D. All of the above
85. Salinity of distilled water produced from fresh water generator onboard depends on
A. Amount of feed set in fresh water production
B. Amount of salt water leaking from condenser if any
C. Temperature of the sea water used
D. Efficiency of brine ejector from the evaporator shell
86. Which of the following is the material used for manufacturing tube plates of a shell and tube type
heat exchanger?
A. Cupro-nickel
B. Aluminum Brass
C. Admiralty Brass
D. Gunmetal
87. How is the water circulated between water and steam drums in a water tube D- type boiler?
A. By the boiler feed water pump
B. By a circulating pump outside the boiler
C. Due to difference in densities of water and steam
D. None of the above
88. The seating material for perfectly sealing type Ball valves is usually made up of
A. Rubber
B. PTFE or Nylon
C. Rubber reinforced with steel wire
D. Stainless steel

89. Air is removed from refrigeration system by (1) ________ at receiver after (2) ________ (3) ___
Gas in receiver.
90. Water leaking from a pump packing gland is kept away from the bearing housing by the use of
shaft sleeves
lantern rings
water defectors
water seals

Which of the following conditions should be used to support the need to change the
lube oil when there has been an increase in the neutralization number?
A decrease in the viscosity of the oil
An increase in the viscosity of the oil
A change in the cloud point
A change in the floc point
2. The purpose of bilge keels as an example is to reduce the amplitude of roll. What arrangements need to
be made on a ship to achieve the following:
lower the center of gravity of the ship
reduce pitching
reduce yawing
3. A casing drain is provided for axial piston and bent axis variable stroke pumps to ___________.
vent off any accumulated air from the system
drain off any accumulated water from the pump casing prior to its being started
assist the complete removal of hydraulic oil from the system prior to opening for major or
minor repairs
prevent damage due to agitation and overheating of oil accumulated in the casing as a result of
minor internal leakage
4. Increasing the speed of a rotary pump above its rated speed will result in most of the following
conditions to occur?
Increased suction
Increased clearances
5. After packing is added to the stern tube stuffing box, which of the following procedures should be
observed to insure even tightening of the gland?
Listen for a smooth, regular sound.
Measure the distance between the gland and the stuffing box with a rule.
Judge by feeling the gland for an increase in heat as it is being tightened up.

Open the drain connection to allow seawater to flow in and make the distance even.

6. The temperature at which water vapor in the atmosphere begins to condense is called the
dew point temperature
condensation temperature
psychometric temperature
absolute humidity temperature
7. One function of the air receiver in a compressed air system is to _____________.
dry the air discharged from the intercooler
minimize the system's line pulsations
receive exhaust air from pneumatic accessories
remove all traces of oil from the air
8. Which of the following statements describes the purpose of the split inflatable seal installed aft of the
primary seal assembly for the propeller shaft?
To serve as a seal when adding packing to the stuffing box.
To allow repair or replacement of the primary seal elements when the ship is waterborne.
To eliminate leakage via the propeller shaft when the shaft is not rotating.
To provide a ready means for the entry of cooling water.
9. Why should a person performing maintenance on an air compressor wire and tag the system valves
To prevent the unexpected.
To protect the equipment.
To protect the operator performing the maintenance.
Each of the above is correct.
10. One of the main differences between the various types of screw pumps is in the __________.
stuffing box diameter
direction of rotation of the screws
pitch of the screws
type of driving gears
11. The FIRST thing to do to ensure that a refrigeration unit will not start while undergoing repairs, is to
secure and tag the electrical circuit
place a crow bar in the flywheel of the unit
inform all persons in the area not to start the unit
make a log book entry
12. At which of the following locations would a duplex pressure gage most likely be located?
Fuel oil service pump discharge flange
Fuel oil strainer
Fuel oil heater

Fuel oil flow meter

13. In any air system a safety device should be placed between any two points where air can be trapped
between any two valves.
(a) Which can be closed manually.
(b) Between a non return valve and a screw down valve.
(c) Between a non-return valve and a U-bend of a pipe.
(d) Between any valve and a nozzle.
14. Some of the following are preferred refrigerants of the future
(a) Carbon dioxide
(b) Refrigerant 11
(a) Refrigerant 502
(b) Ammonia
(c) Bromine
(d) Argon
15. In the air conditioning of a ship a Comfort Zone constitutes
(a) Low humidity, low room temperature
(b) Low humidity, moderate temperature
(c) High humidity, moderate temperature
(d) Very low temperature, moderate humidity
16. The passenger spaces of a passenger ship is protected against major fires by a
(a) High expansion foam system
(b) High density CO2 system
(c) By a mixture of fire detection, fire retardant, A-1 class bulkhead, fire doors, fire insulation and
elabrate sprinkler system.
(d) High pressure steam system.
17. Sand impregnated with chemicals is kept in metal containers with a shovel, in the engine room, for the
following purposes
(a) to cover small oil spills
(b) to use along with cement for doing repair jobs.
(c) for making the floor anti-skid by giving more friction.
(d) for use as grinding paste in case of emergency.
18. Which of the processes listed, consumes the greatest amount of power while producing the greatest
amount of heat?
Overcoming sliding friction
Overcoming rolling friction
Overcoming fluid friction
Overcoming oil wedge friction
19. Which of the following guidelines is considered to reflect good design practices of shipboard steam
heating systems?
Provide constant steam service for equipment operating throughout the year.
Provide either a common or individual reducing station for each group of units requiring the
same operating pressure.
Run all piping so it may be drained by gravity.

All of the above.

20. A distinguishing feature of an eductor, when compared to other pumps, is the ______________.
discharge end being smaller than the suction end
small size of impeller
lack of moving parts
ease at which the wearing rings may be changed
21. When securing a flash-type evaporator for an extended period of time, you should _____________.
fill the unit with saltwater
fill the unit with descaling compound
completely drain the unit
tightly seal the unit to exclude air
22. The portion of a hydraulic hose that determines its overall strength, is the _____________.
inner tube
braided inner layer(s)
outer cover
outer armor
23. Which features of a centrifugal pump reduce the need for renewing worn impellers and pump casings?
Close radial clearance between impeller hub and casing
Low rotational speed of impeller
Removable end plate
Replaceable impeller and casing wearing rings
24. An acceptable method of dealing with accumulated oil found in the pump room bilges is to
transfer the oil to the sea chest
pump the oil into the slop tanks
discharge the oil over the side on an outgoing tide
pump the oil into a clean ballast tank
25. A ship is required to carry an Oil Record Book, and must maintain the book as per rules on board for
1. one year
2. two years
3. three years
4. four years

26. Which of the following actions, pertaining to saltwater lubricated stern tube stuffing boxes, is usually
observed when the ship is expected to be in port for an extended period?
The stuffing box is continually flushed.
The drain connection is left opened.
The stuffing box gland is tightened.

The packing is adjusted for greater cooling or replaced.


1. A high pressure differential in a main engine fuel oil filter onboard can be best reduced by
A. Back flushing the filter manually
B. Stopping the main engine to change the filter element
C. Changing over to stand by filter if provided
D. None of the Above

Inert Gas System should be capable of delivering Inert Gas at the rate of at
A. 110% of the maximum rate of cargo discharge capacity of the ship
B. 133.33% of the maximum rate of cargo discharge capacity of the ship
C. 125% of the maximum rate of cargo discharge capacity of the ship
D. 90% of the maximum rate of cargo discharge capacity of the ship
3. The static suction lift of a pump is the
A. distance of the suction liquid level above the center line of the pump
B. distance the suction liquid level is below the center line of the pumps
C. force necessary to overcome frictional losses in the pump and piping
D. amount in inches of mercury the total suction head is below atmospheric pressure
4. When overhauling engines in bad weather onboard
A. Use additional lifting equipments
B. Use heaving line to prevent moving of item
C. Use chain block if required to restrain moving of parts
D. None of the Above
5. Two compressors should not be run in parallel because
A. It is not efficient to run two compressors
B. It will give over capacity in the system
C. There is possibility of losing oil from the compressors
D. A and B
6. The term referring to the number of teeth per inch on a hacksaw blade is known as the
A. Set

B. rake
C. pitch
D. thread gauge
7. The ash content of a fuel oil is significant to the operating engineer because it
A. is an indication of the amount of noncombustible material present in the oil
B. indicates the quantity of energy released by burning a unit amount of the fuel
C. is useful for determining proper atomization temperatures
D. reflects the overall thermal efficiency of the fuel oil service system
8. Air conditioning system air handling units must have their air filters cleaned at regular intervals
in order to prevent______
A. Growth of microorganisms and bacteria harmful to human beings
B. Restriction to air flow and hence reduced efficiency of the plant
C. Growth of mites and other allergens
D. All of the above
9. Amount of distilled water produced in fresh water generator onboard decreases with
A. Increase in vacuum in the fresh water generator shell
B. Decrease in sea water temperature
C. Decrease in efficiency of heat exchanger
D. Increase in sea water temperature
10. Before any work is to be carried out on a burner in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, you
should always
A. block all control system relays closed
B. allow the boiler to cool completely
C. close all manually operated fuel valves
D. lock all safety interlock switches closed
11. Soot blowing of boilers onboard can be carried during
A. Port operations
B. Sailing
C. During indications of a uptake fire
D. Inerting operations in oil tankers
12. Which of the following components in an Inert Gas system ensures that vapours are vented well
clear of the working deck? i) High velocity vents ii) Mast risers
A. Only i)
B. Only ii)
C. Both i) and ii)
D. Neither I) nor ii)
13. Which of the following is most suited to act as a deck air compressor?
A. Lobe type
B. Reciprocating type
C. Screw type
D. None of the above
14. Safety of Gas cylinders used for cutting and welding is ensured
A. By fitting of flash back arrestor
B. By using color codes for gas pipe connections
C. By using trolley???s when transferring cylinders
D. All of the above.
15. Pumps impart energy to a fluid but the energy required to bring the fluid to the pump may be
provided by________________
A. Gravitational Head
B. Atmospheric pressure

C. Another pump
D. Any one or a combination of above
16. Injecting water into the combustion chamber of marine engines is a primary method of reduction
of which of the following air pollutants?
A. SOx
B. Particulate matters
C. Unburnt Hydrocarbons
D. NOx
17. In case of failure of control air supply ,some valves continue locked in the position they were at
the time of failure . They are said to beA. Fail-safe
B. Fail -proof
C. Fail-set
D. Fail -blocked
18. Old machinery space log book are kept in safe custody
A. To refer and clarify in case of any query
B. For purpose of internal and external audits
C. To safeguard the chief engineer???s competence
D. None of the Above
19. If the superheat value of a thermostatic expansion valve is set too low________
A. The suction line of the compressor will be too hot
B. The suction line of the compressor will be too cold
C. The discharge line of the compressor will be too hot
D. The discharge line of the compressor will be too cold
20. Which of the following chemical compounds prevents caking of powder in dry chemical powder
fire extinguisher?
A. Sodium Stearate
B. Sodium Bicarbonate
C. Magnesium Stearate
D. Magnesium Bicarbonate
21. The primary advantage of a central cooling system is______________________
A. A more simplified cooling circuit.
B. Most part of the cooling system being fresh water based,corrosion is minimized
C. It allows better control of temperatures by using fewer controllers
D. All of the above
22. Refractory damage in boiler furnace onboard is caused due to
A. Presence of moisture in the boiler before startup
B. Rapidly fluctuating temperatures inside boiler furnace
C. Overheating of boiler tubes due to lack of heat transfer from tubes due to scale
D. Boiler panting and vibrations
23. Which of the listed conditions can lead to cavitation in a centrifugal pump?
A. Vapor pockets formed in the suction flow stream
B. Rough casing volute surfaces
C. Worn wearing rings
D. Heavy fluid in the flow stream
24. A major controlling factor in the location of the condensate return piping from a heating system
A. the requirement for a gravity return
B. the requirement for short laterals run
C. the requirement to minimize conflict with headroom and other services

D. all of the above

25. To maximize the effectiveness of soot blowing onboard
A. Ensure Boiler is firing at high load
B. Ensure Boiler is firing at low load
C. Ensure combustion parameters maintained normal
D. None of the above
26. Isolation of filters onboard prior to cleaning is done by
A. Closing of inlet and out let valves
B. Switching of the relevant pump and system valves
C. Opening of drains and vent valves
D. All of the above
27. Which of the following type of pumps is most suited to act as Waste Oil Sludge Pump?
A. Centrifugal pump
B. Screw pump
C. Gear Pump
D. Progressive cavity pump
28. In the Alcap principle of centrifugal separation______________________
A. Water is only discharged when desludgeing is activated by the control unit
B. The valve at the water outlet is opened periodically based on timer action
C. The valve at the water outlet is opened on the basis of signal of water content to the control unit
from the water transducer at the clean oil outlet
D. The centrifuge works as a clarifier with no water outlet
29. High pressure cut out of a refrigerant system can activate due to which of the following faults?
A. Improper cooling due to a dirty condenser
B. Overcharge
C. Air in the system
D. All of the above
30. To prevent electric shock during electric arc welding
A. Wear dry clothes
B. Wear insulated shoes
C. Keep first aid equipment ready
D. None of the above
31. A record of the types and strengths of steels used on a MODU must be included in the
A. General plans
B. Builder's documentation
C. Certificate of Inspection
D. Construction portfolio
32. Water hammer in a steam heating system can be caused by
A. filling the auxiliary boiler with cold water
B. steam admitted to a cold pipe
C. filling the auxiliary boiler with hot water
D. draining a soot blower line before cracking the steam supply valve
33. What is a function of the wearing rings used in most centrifugal pumps?
A. Absorb erosion of high velocity discharge stream
B. Seal pump shaft against entry of air
C. Isolate the discharge side from the suction side
D. Dampen the turbulent discharge flow
34. Which combination of the main shaft segments listed below, that are located furthest from the
main engine, are connected by the inboard stern tube shaft coupling?
A. Line shaft and thrust shaft

B. Line shaft and stern-tube shaft

C. Thrust shaft and stern-tube shaft
D. Stern-tube shaft and tail shaft
35. An auxiliary engine turbo-charger makes strange noises when the load changes. The engine
parameters however are absolutely fine. An external examination of turbocharger parameters as
stated in the manual also reveals nothing. Would you
(a) Continue to run the engine and wait for some time
(b) Stop the engine for a while and make some checks
(c) Reduce the load of the engine
(d) Run it on steady load to make some checks.
36. Which of the following can be done to reduce the cold corrosion of Main Engine cylinder liners
using high sulphur fuel oil :A. Increasing cylinder oil feed rate
B. Using high TBN cylinder oil
C. Increasing scavenge air temperature
D. Decreasing cylinder oil feed rate
37. Which of the following can lead to premature failure of roller bearings?
A. Misalignment
B. Contamination
C. Shrinkage
D. Over greasing
A. Hot plating
B. Electrolysis
C. Explosion bonding
D. Metal spraying
39. Boiler not starting in 2 -3 times, what we do,
A. check fuel ignition system,
B. check fuel burning system
C. check furnace
D. all of the above
40. Sewage Plant Efficiency is gauged by
a) Suspended Solid
b)Coli count
c)Biological Oxygen Demand(BOD)
41. When oil carried over in steam drum
A. overheating of tubes,
B. corrosion of tubes
C. density of water is reduced
D. all of the above
42. Steam drum is used for
A. collecting of steam
B. collecting of water
C. equalising water in the tubes
D. collecting of precipitated salts of water
43. Steam drains should be
A. drained by gravity
B. short lateral length
C. should cover less head space

D. all of the above

44. Which of the group of method are used for priming of centrifugal pumps onboard ships?
A. Gravity tank, attached vacuum pump
B. Attached Vacuum pump, filling pump casing using a fresh water hose
C. Central priming system, attached vacuum pump, sea water priming
D. None of the above
45. The crank web deflection readings of a diesel engine would be erroneous in which of the
following conditions?
A. When the draught of the vessel has changed while readings were being taken
B. When cargo loading and discharging has been too rapid
C. When the crankcase temperature has changed substantially during the process of taking the
D. None of the above
46. Which of the following will be required to be done in order to reduce sulphur corrosion of Main
Engine Components?
A. Increasing the atomization pressure of fuel injectors
B. Fitting exhaust valves with valve rotators
C. Running engine at or near normal sea load
D. Decreasing the F.O. purifier feed rate, running two purifier in series one acting as purifier and
other as clarifier
47. Vacuum priming pumps which work on the principle of fixed vane pumps require ________
for___________ clearance between vane tips and casing.
A. Lube oil, lubricating
B. Lube oil, sealing
C. Water, sealing
D. Gland packing, sealing
48. The common term used for failure of metal and alloys in a corrosive environment , when subject
to high stresses is known as :
A. Fatigue failure
B. Corrosion fatigue
C. Stress corrosion cracking
D. Fretting Corrosion
49. about emergency fire pump...?
A)out of engine room
b)self priming
c)power should be outside e/r
d)all the above
50. Double entry impellers have a distinct advantage over single entry impeller. What is it?
A. They balance out the axial thrust
B. It gives a higher pumping efficiency
C. It is cheaper and easier to manufacture
D. The need of installing line bearing onto the pump shaft is eliminated
51. A refrigerant compressor will run continuously when there is
A. Too heavy cooling load on the system
B. Air in the system
C. Insufficient refrigerant in the system
D. Any of the above

52. Cause why cascade tank water temperature is high? OR What could be the reason why the feed
pump can hardly pump in water to the auxiliary boiler causing the cascade tank water level to rise &
temperature too high?
A. High ambient temperature
B. Clogged condenser water tubes
C. Filter dirty
D. Low cascade water level
53. Where is the location of the backfire valve?
A. Boiler furnace
B. Scavenging area
C. Gas cylinder
54. During departure from a 2 weeks anchorage, the reason why the windlass cannot lift the anchor
up is
A. Low lube oil tank level
B. Windlass defective by pass valve
C. Anchor drag sunken object
D. Too cold hydraulic oil
55. A ballast pump is being used to deballast a fore peak tank which is full. It is seen that suction
pressure is positive and discharge pressure is very low compared to rated discharge head. It indicates
A. Pump is not operating satisfactorily and pumping capacity is too low
B. Pump is not operating satisfactorily and pumping capacity is higher than rated, throttling of
discharge valve is required
C. Pumping capacity is not affected by suction and discharge pressures
D. Pump is operating normally
56. What attachment can you find in air reservoir?
I Safety/Relief valve
II Fusible plug
III Bursting disc
57. Cavitation erosion occurs due to
A. Chemical action
B. Physical action
C. Chemical OR physical action
D. Combination of chemical or physical action
58. The lowest temperature at which a liquid as listed on the MSDS, gives off enough vapor to ignite
in the presence of an ignition source is called its _______.
A. Flash point
B. Fire point
C. Ignition point
D. None
59. Boiler secondary drum pressure ............than primary drum pressure
A. Less
B. More than
C. Equal
60. Hydrophore frequent cut in and out. Why?
A. Air less

B. Air more
C. Setting diff close
61. When main engine is running in emergency condition which of the alarm cant be bypassed.
A. LO low pressure
B. JCW high temp
C. Piston cooling water high temp
D. All
55. Why we do not prefer to run air two compressor together because
A. All below points
B. Too much maintenance
C. Too much power consumption
D. Loss of lube oil
1. The master or person in charge of a MODU is required to log
A. the date and hour of each fire drill
B. the names of all persons on board
C. only casualties which occur while underway
D. every event occurring on board
2. A simultaneous rise in stern tube forward seal tank and drop in level of header tank indicates_
A. Aft seal ring of forward seal assembly damaged or sealing disturbed by foreign object
B. Forward seal ring of forward seal assembly damaged or sealing disturbed by foreign object.
C. Either of the above
D. None of the above
3. Bearing damage in a diesel engine onboard is indicated by
A. White metal in the crankcase
B. White metal in the lube oil filter
C. Knocking sound from the engine crankcase
D. Any of the above
4. In a D- type water tube boiler with a secondary steam drum and super- heater, the steam is heated
above the boiling point of water in the _______
A. Primary steam drum
B. Risers
C. Super- heater
D. Secondary steam drum
5. Which of the following statements is false about corrosion due to galvanic action?
A. Metals close to the anodic end of galvanic series corrode in preference to the ones close to the
cathodic end.
B. When any single metal exists in a system, it cannot corrode due to galvanic action.
C. Zinc is anodic to steel and is often used as a protective coating
D. Corrosion rate is affected by temperature
6. Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding gas carriers?
A. Shipboard generation of inert gas for cargo tanks is a requirement .
B. Shipboard generation of inert gas for inter tank barriers and holds is a requirement .
C. Gas carriers do not use ship's main boilers for generation of inert gas.
D. Gaseous nitrogen is produced on board in many gas carriers
7. Which of the following factors will have the greatest effect on the heating load within a
conditioned space?
A. Solar gain
B. Infiltration and ventilation air

C. Occupants inside the space

D. Entertainment equipment within the space
8. During major repair work in enclosed space onboard
A. Keep log of entry and exit time of personnel
B. Keep adequate first aid equipment at the entrance
C. Provide refreshments
D. None of the Above
9. Before the longitudinal carriage feed of a lathe is engaged, you must be certain the
A. spindle clutch is disengaged
B. carriage clamp screw is loosened
C. carriage stop clamp is tightened
D. thread dial indicator is zeroed
12. In a compression type grease cup, the lubricant is forced into the bearing by
A. gravity flow
B. spring force
C. a pressure gun
D. a zerk fitting
13. Type of the tank is fitted semi and fully pressurized gas carrier
A. Type a
B. Type b
C. Type a and b
D. None
14. Surging indicates
A. Scavenge fire
B. exhaust manifold fire
C. Fault in fuel system
D. All
15. Engine cylinder relief valve lift indicates abnormal of what.
A. Fuel supply
B. Fuel injection
C. Exhaust temp
D. Exhaust pressure
16. Hydride formation in gas carrier can lead to a
A. Contamination of cargo
B. Seize of pump
C. Exothermic reason
D. None
17. Deep well cargo pump used in
A. Chemical carrier
B. Product carrier
D. All

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