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The chilime hydroelectric project has been envisaged to

develop power utilizing about 352m head of water. Chilime
hydropower plant is the first hydroelectric plant of Nepal
constructed with the investment of Nepali business holder. So it
is the pride of Nepal and Nepal hydroelectric power
development era. It has been known that all the management
committee were Nepalese while constructing the power plant.
The project was commissioned in 2003 and constructed by the
chilime power company limited which the renowned private
power development company of Nepal. It has been noted that
the total commissioned cost of the project is about 232cr.The
plant is operated by chilime hydropower company limited which
is a subsidiary of NEA.

The chilime hydroelectric project is located in the central region
of Nepal. The power station is situated about 4.5km southeast
of local bhotekoshi river or on the bank of the local langtang
river about 133km north of Kathmandu, at Rasuwa district. The
power plant is underground. The headwork of the power plant is
located near chilime village which is about 5km northeast from
the power station.

The hydroelectric power development of the Chilime River was
first envisaged by the private company of the Nepal named
chilime hydroelectric company limited. As for the first time
Nepalese investor were intended to invest for the hydropower
development. Due to the high head, it has been assumed to
have low cost for the development of the project. In order to
facilitate the rapid increase in load demand, this project has
been started. Also it is said that chilime hydropower project was
the first project with Nepalese investors.

The chilime hydropower plant is run of river type
plant. The head of the power plan is about 352m high. This
power plant belongs to high head low discharge power plant so
that pelton turbine has been used. The power house building of
the chilime hydroelectric project is of underground type
accommodating two 11.28MW turbine generator units with
11KV switchyard and control equipment. The plant has an
installed capacity of 22.1MW. The generated electricity is fed
into the national grid via a 38km 66kv single circuit
transmission line. Most of the power house facilities are
underground, with the switchyard the only features that
remains on the surface. 24v brushless DC exciter has been
After generating the 11kv output voltage, 3-single unit
transformer has been used to step up the given generating
voltage for transmission. Mainly there are three series of
battery used to supply the different unit of the system.
110v:- For the control room: In the control room, various
switching mechanism has to be performed for this DC supply
is needed. For e.g.: There are so many protective relay to be
used for them auxiliary DC supply is needed. 110v batteries
are connected in series to get required output voltage.
48v:- This battery is used for the communication purpose.
Communication means signal routing from main panel to the
auxiliary panel.
24v:- This is used for the protection purpose.
Mainly all the equipments were made by Francis Company. The
component like transformer, turbine, generator etc.


The main objective of the project is to generate the quality

power and to supply the NEA. NEA will supply to the


To support and enhance the integrated Nepal power


To supply the electricity to local and hence to help in

raising their social as well as economic standard.

To motivate private sector to invest in power development


To enhance the local investors.


Mainly in the system of generation, although there is
certain reserve in the system but it isnt fully utilize. So
in the peak hour it can be used. For this NEA should do
proper PPA with chilime power limited so that certain
load can be managed.
In the system, maintenance of the equipment is done
by the equipment manufacturer labors. If the Nepalese
engineer were trained to do so then the maintenance
and the operating cost of the organization may reduced.
This leads to effective run of the organization.
In this new technological era there isnt perfect use of
the recent equipment such as digital relay. Which may
leads to improper operation of the system so that the
organization efficiency will decrease. So the
management committee of this organization should be
updated with recent technology.